The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 29, 1932 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 23

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
Page 23
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FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1832. THE OTTAWA EVENECG JOUIUTAL' 23 CLASSmZD DISPLAY Cash-Loans We Rtflpiwi Your ; freseni Notes " Campbell Auto Finance - Co., Ltd. a Lowest KlUM latffset CWIM SN JACKSON BUKI. Q. i7 . ... Ere. O. T2J AsajiBsrats Te Let Shefford Apartments The iHrtMiti with Itoesellhe it W i SaMet t AaartaMets A Furnished Bachelor Apart ment and Unfurnished -Roomed Apartment Rente n as enable. Saloon y, free Frlaioslre. Hot VilMf. Occupation May 1st. u ll . FOB BENT Apartment -SM Uurter W 4-e-d reoMM. .OwS Bask St. . DweDIan " . 69 Cameron. raonn 1 rwut, awdOTB. roosoe. ? A. IL FITZSIMMONS HKW-lMOTM UfSparkaBt. O.HM AalemiaUss For Sat. Re-Possessed Some Good Beposseued . . v " Cars at Bargain Prices CASH. OR TERMS. ' H.L. Jones 18 Pretoria Ave. Tel C 322 CHARGE 0 PTSMISSED. RXN7BXW. Ont, April . pociaj. la dismissing a charge f a breach of the Llquer antral Act against Chow De- restaurant owner, In Folic ourt yesterday. Ma (titrate ft. T. aid ha would recomraend ncelUtJon of th permiU bald by wah and Jack Prince, who was connected with th case. US. rtXD NOACK. . . PEMBKOKC Out, AprU saWuSpe !. The death occurred yeeterday tarnooa at bar boraa 1 la Stafford wnehlp ef Mr. Fred Nosck. la r (2nd year. Mra. Noetic waa wall .own la that district and waa bald tha highest esteem by bar many rnds. formerly Mary C Bias en thai, aha U born at' Cofdcn Lake, Ont, a Rights of tha 1st Mr. and Mra. Av 1st BieaenthaL . She married Mr. tick at Cermanlcua. Death fel led an Ulna of about four laths. li additloo to her husband, Mr. Ick la survived by four oaugntsra, 1 Albert Hartwlg and Mra. Hsr I Hartwlc Eganvtllei Mra. Ada V and Miaa Martha Nosck. at lot two sons, George and Fred Ik. at home; Are sisters. Mm. I Krone, Alice: Mrs. William Lk, Shadynook; Mrs. Frank 4k Jlouyni Mrs. Charles Jueksch. k mac her, Mrs. James McDonald. I Harbor, N.&. and four brothers. V. of Port Arthur; Oscar, of Stan-J ; Charles, of Toronto, and August Wothal of Fort William, fie funeral will be held oa Sunday jrnooa at L o'clock to Grace hersn Church and cemetery In fc Township. Rv. Mr. fferbet.wul duct the service. TTU.NS-ATLASTIC M.tll..- orreepondence per. SB. "Bremen" 1 Mew Tors will close si see p-m, !rsd. May . I ;orrastoudenor Pr S 8. fteran-efte" la Hew York wtu close at i a p.m., iir "-" - , ... Vorrespondence per SB. '"Puonaal oflAthoU" via Montreal wiu wh tJt pan Thursday, May . if Ottawa. In the Caif af Carss- OratiesM. aei-iewie. . Ion II M ine iTuewe.vo 1M7, Chapter lW)r that all i and Others htrlnf elaima or os sitlnat tha aaiata o the ..11 fianr Oseaio. who died OO J about the 8 1st day f rrusry. .Company, lit WeUlnfton atfOH. Otj itaea. Ontario, toe , anvtiriv, fiwvw -. n4 tMt4mnl of ih 4 Mr tU lumimis, iddwmi ana pwo- st-tarrfc? their aooouiite and th nature as me isvunM w b.'h?ri. .-Mi .v.4 MlA last mentioned data tha said, asaoutor WUl w UWVI 1U MM - - of the said daoeeaed aroonf the par lies fnnun imnw ,t only to tba elaUM of h?h NaKafl exerator will not be liable W th eatd aatta or any part thereof to any per ton or persona of whose claims notice hill not have been r-oet-ed by It at tba time of such dlatributton. . OATSO the 14th day of AprU. IMS. KKXIS, THOMPSON BXTS, - .. Hoyal Bank Chambers, .. .... Ottawa, Ontario. Solicitors (or the aald Satoutor. TONIGHT at 139 tv . r J4 ( ( C J 'a' " - . ' c:rr.o ; ' OTTAWA ' . CTC7 I MO)T14L i a .'.. IT) Cv5UUti-r -.Jlf FBIDAY, APBIL 29. ' BADIO UCErTrOX. -Bad la raoapuoa last alaht was lust amaaa. . . - 0010--OTTAWA. fM tttryctaa) Ofrmphoala tbsarlud. . t.0l Momeau Muslcala. . I If Tra-aioaue , , - tJO Our Jimmy. rtAonaert Orcheairs, , . I IS Oanee Orchaatra. S 0-Coo Coo Doodle Club. iio Oena Fori any &aooa Orchas- M rimund Bkelnbarg. violin Ut. 44 tiKtu Proeraim. 10.1 Toca mjflon, BcotUah coos odian. -t 1640Danoe Orabastra. ' J1XK Trankiyn Laae. Oramnlat. CKAC M0fTREAL. (TM EUacyctaai atattrei FBLSO rmmaMai tta broad. aaaia at la sally taundare 100 p mJ ana a la conuauoue opera kq tut about mldnlsrht. Included In the preerame ara atTNal "nook-ujie" with WAK. W Orcbaat tra. loma Musi. 00 Musicals. .It Ororiastra. SO iMuateale. Orchaetra. 00 Muaioala. DO Coaoerl Orheatra. i)0 i.w XrenU 1M Kit Kst Orchaatra. .1 Orwan of Bomance. . 110 Don Bomaneiil. fianaa Orehes. 1J.0O Uew to tha Worth. CFCF MONTREAL. - (IMS Klleryctea) Btatlaa CVCT acanmeaoaa tta broad. aa la at 1 iJB daily toundaye 100 s m. ana la la aonuouous operewoa Lu shout 11 bb. Included In the proarsaaa ar aerars "hook-wM" vith Amoa V Andy. 1 Twilifht Hour. 1M Block Beport. Y.lft Mootraai Today, . 7JO Our Jimmy. toConcert rTosrsas. 00 Studio. 10.06 Uule Farum. 10JO Oornberaar Orchestra. 11.00 wYaaklya Ltcsa Orama Musla. WLW CINCZNNATL -t (TM EUacyctaet (Standard Time). I 00 Amoa 'n' Andy. I It Caooe Orchestra. , old Man Sunshine, t 1.00 Peanut Fteuo. , - 1 PTotraaa of Mueie. to Satera of tba BaiUet. 10 Orchaetra. 1.4 Ckekebee, 00 Thoroughbred. SO B-renaoera. 4. Melodies: Jim and Walt. lO OO-rVo Huatane. 10c MarclU unl and Orchaetra. 104ft Haadllnae of Yet tarda, tl.l" Wytm Dutchmen. WEAT-NBC SYSTEM-. (a Kllaryeteat ' (OayUfht STtn T1SM) T OfttWioa Btnwre. j I iceoeoearslto. iooooert Caxnastra and tba Ca Taller I OA Bsktmo Hltht Crab. ' . . Z IX .fi hia Oiiaiastra. 100 OracM-rtra SaneUa. aooduo 8 KV National Oratorio Society. Rues Columbo. v 1 ill Vincent Lopea Orchestra, N 1) 00 Ralph BUrbery. A. iAh.nU Wamm'm nMHaatra li0 Jack Oeany and Danoa Ore has. Loans to. Brokers Show f . Decline of $9,000,000 WASHINGTON. April BL Loans to hrokara and dealers bald by Nw York Federal Reserve member bank (or the week andlcr AprU r.-wr-announced by the' Federal- Rue am Board today aa a decrses af Sl.teejSt from tha prending week. . Praises British CiTilian Administration in India Ksh tribute to th Brttiah ervtUan adminisiraUon of India waa paid by CoL F. rrassr Hunter. DAO. Canadian-bora aoldier. who saw service on 1 different fronts during th Great War, including Russis, la an interesting lecture oa "India and th Port-War Orient" under suspicas of tha United Servic Institute "of Ottawa last night Th masting waa naia in ina quar ters of Th Govarnor GenaraTs Foot Guard and tha speaker Waa Intra duesd by CoL C. M. Edwards, DAO. A.D.C, trreaident of th Institute. CoL Hunter stated that a toaeratoa India would, hsva to be gradually rrolvad. Ha paid tribute to Lord Irwin and Viscount Willlngdoa in th work they wot undertaking to snak eventual self-government possible. Tha speaker thought ma sun ehurian problem would have to be solved by China ami Japan without th Intervention ox ta isagua os Nanoca,' Ha emphaaiaed that Japan Had a tight to expand in. Manchuria and wolud do so at all coats, Islam and Christianity, h contended, were tha great bulwark against tn growm w Cormnunisrn ta th Orient. , ' REMANDED FOB TRIAL.' BXNFSXW. AprU (Special) Th ease against Patrick and Martin Ksnnelly. who were cWred with doing bodily harm to John Carty and hia wife, was brought tip for hear ing before Magistral Mc&ay yesier-dsy mftmoon. Tbm two ware re-manded) until th tall aasUaa. wha they will appear, before th County Court la Pembroke. , . ' , T - RICHMOND CWi EUCHRE. atrmmim rw, Awtl 2. fSna eUD Tba Catholic Wornen'i League Bam a eucnre ana nun w wj haU bar Wedhaedar night with manv attending from Ottawa, South March. Dwyer Hia iockvak- sad ..lJT-i r.j ,Uvwt at eww . i w. w tj TO tables whll the music was aup puaa By local ssien, arnaea w, wen by th following: Joe Momghaa, FsllOWflSia: ueraia s-uray, srwyer Hill: Miss Msry Houlahan, Jockvala, snd Mr. W. M. VUlarjetry. Fallow. fialS. Mrs.- v. mewanny-was ooo vener. Money donatiooe were re-..i... Wv La Cavanash and Edward Msloushney. Th annual moetlni and eieetlon af erSosrs wiU be held May S. : .. ... , .; . ... mJ. iafta aUa a the' aehatllUI society ef Bayswater Counefl, Kaightt of CoWmBU. mao vp e s-ornm rttrgersld sad John Madden, Were ad hiAmmA wlMiara over the affinasArr. .rkmA tJ Oaarea ' Tarrv and Jessph t-wtoa. at an araareeuig eaj- i- '- - fh. HavMwatas I U on, 7Ueolved that a system of ursrmploynwTsj usvursnos oa aoopwn (or Canada." Gordon F. DslanT oo 11 ka ahalr a-ut aha hidaod WM Raw. rstner u. wun'T, imm ij.. rvKsiiL anJ 1. 'l.MA Gauvraau. Okttriet Deputy ef the Knights ef Co himbua. roliowtng the debate, banjo M lactic war rrwteros rv i. iien-j . .vii. ww-1 ealartiiina were aentribud by tKe MUs-a Anita Clls- tnn and Gladys Jonas, exxowipanaM at tbs piano by Miss rstncia vswy. WJZ-NBC SYSTEM (is BUecyckMl (Dayiurht Saln Ttana) 1M Amoa V Andy. . l.l t iie JaoJs, aonas anS atorlea. 10 Bwbblns Bora; Parker Pee) i , , neily and Arthur AUaa aom ed sketh. 44 Billy Jones and Krai Hsra. .0U Jack Haley, crooner, gueat ar tiat: Joy's orohesira. 0 Rolf Orchaatra. S 44 aietera of the Skillet. ' 00 rrtenoehip Town. - -f so Ror ooMld'a Orchestra. 1000 Whlteman'a Orchestra. 10.46 Jsne. Helen, and Maria, harmony trio. 1140 kuiu ear Music Ludl Laur ler. -110 tudlo Boa-cable. II Dornberaer's Orchestra. " It 00 Cab CaUoway a Orchestra. It 1 William Stoses and Bai Dutch aseo. . , , " WABC-Coiumbla System. , tU Klloryclea) - (Dayltsht Sa-in Time) 1.00 Myrt and Manie. 1.1 Tun Blendara, Lenny Ross. I JO Csay Aces. .4 Morton Downey. .00 Bath Club. It minf bam. .10 Today and Yesterday. 00 Toscba Setdel. 0 To the Ladles. 4 Oua Voa and Orchaatra. 10 00 Beau Bachelor. 10 1 Adrenturea In rValth. 100 Music that oaUadea. 10.4 The FMncy-bonara. 11.00 Columbia Symphony. . 1 1 0 Redman Orchaatra. 100 Jonas' Orchestra. 0 Specht Orchaatra. I 00 Hopkins' Orchestra. I IP Bumo Orchestra. WCN CHICAGO-. f m KUecycles) rDayllfbt Bavins Time ) 00 Over at tha Hoopers. S 0 Uncle Remua. 4 UtUe Orphan Annie. 100 Blhflnf Lady. S 00 The Bath Club. It Slnfln Sam. 00 Concert Hour. 10.00 Monarch Mstody Man. ! 00 Easy Aces lor Lavuru. 100 The Dream Ship. 10 Morton Downey. 1,41 Klaaa Oranestra. XMl HONI C tWICT TOfOGHT AND SATURDAY Edward 0. Robinson The man af a thousand aharao tare reaehea the peak of Cinema Ua greatness 'The Hatchet Manw UDRETTA YOUNG " LESLIE rENTON - Twice kveolags at 1-0 , All sats le Bat. Mats, at O'CloHl fitttr-w .. tag Aderta IV m tsONi ta mnci rUkj SEC What it mean to want Mooaliiht and Rosei and et only LimoHnt and Poet i ' Camera clieltinf your. kie tabloid probinl your past, the world bornin in on your ; honrymoon. Would you ; loae your mind or your brldo or both? Ileres a -tc kind of comedy. There, as much talk about it as there art laughs in it Don't miss itt with 6TABT3 TOircanT .PBE-VIEW 11.15 ! O'Cloc , ... .Hi o : . LAST TIMES .,pf.p (HP A 7 .TODAY -,v-:.lsW-Iil- KemptvUle Selects v NewChlef of Police serial to The JeamaL XnOTVVJX Out, April a -Joseph Mclntyra was appoiatad Chief af FoUoe for K-wiptrlU. aueceodln M. 3. Uraplnf. at a apeclal tasstln ef th Towa CouncU bald lat avaa-inS for th purpeee of eoosiderin pplloaUons for this Aa. Mclntyr will tab aver the) duUee af Chief on May L his salary to be the same a that formerly paid to Lamping. Eleven applications were oa tUa. and Basv MOasiahaa presided at th meeting. . sUCRMOND CU1LP. 1UCHM0ND. Ont- April Spa-(isU Tha Women's Oulld of SL John's Anglican Church bald a spe-Cial meeting Wednesday night at tha noma of Mrs. It C OiaooiAotis. with tha president, Mrs. Dawson Kill la charge. Attar business waa alarums H refraahmanU war aarvad and social half hour enjoyed. . , FAB DDtECTORS MEET. KEMPTVTUX Ont, April t-(Specuin.-The Board of Directors of tha Kemptvllla Summer fair and Horse Show, held a lengthy business session yesterday everting at which reports of several committees war received showing excellent progress is being mad in the arrsnramenU tor this event Tha prise list has been revised and several new spade prises have bean announced this year, which will add considerably to th sttractlveneea tor exJUbitocs. .''' KM7TV OXE W. L KEaTTVILLE. OnU April -'Spscial)-The KemptvUle broach of tha Women's Institute met last waning at tha horn of Mr. Stanley An-nerson. Mra. Driseoll. of Merrick villa, th district president, was a guaat and addressed the meeting th pria ctpWs and work af the W. L Rev. W. J. Huxlow. pastor of St, Paul's Presbyterian Church bora, av aa Interesting address oa Bermuda. Th meeting waa well attended and th president. Mra. C. C Palton. aa aupled tba chair. Attar tha builness simian reireahmenU war served and Mrs. Storey moved a vote af thank U -J V Vnanitallt Tha annual meeting of th branch If la held in May. AXIUSEUEXTS TODAY AND SATURDAY ' WILL E0QEB3 "BUSDtlsSS Miih .PIJsASUREr, A mlrthday party matolUng wtta and wit the sheik si with WIU and sirens of Damascus I New leaw Mate, bally at . Cktldren iae ASaHs BvanlagS at 1 and Udlam tie Orekeetra lie LOIJivjJ-LU A Ill w w his IIAltT BSIAK snd (7r Mother anid Baby Physician Pleased With Progress of Mrs. W. D. Herridge. "Both doing splendidly." was th official medical report today on tha condition of Mrs. W. p. Herridge. wife of Major tha Hon. W. D. Herridge, Canada's Minister to th United State, and sister of th Prim Minister, and aa th stats of health of har Infant aoo. born' yesterday morning. Dr. R. E. D. Car gill, who la attend. Ing Mrs. Herridge, was most as tuned with th progress of bis patients. His Exceileocy the Governor General, in addition to extending personal congratulations to Major and Mrs. Herridge. yesterday sent a basket of flowers to tha hasp Hal, and there was another beautiful token from th par tonal staff at Ridaau Hall, aa well si from persons prominent la stale and business affairs. Tha Prima Minister, who waa as delighted with his sister's new status af motherhood as was her husband, spent hours at th hospital yesterday, and even cancelled dinner enga-mant with a party of debaters from Montreal ta be close ta Mra. HerrUge in th early, and most critical, stages of her convalescence. la tha House of Catnsnona yesterday afternoon, tha Leader of tha Opooat. tion. RL Hon. W. L. Jdacfctnzle King, crossed tha floor ta shake tha hand of tha Prima Minister and congratulate him on tha birth of hia nephew. ' HAVRE fC BATCHES, "l Technique. Did She. Cutia Faaa, Black Sheep. Wastys Twinkle. Maria Gets. Super Charge. Eternal Maid. S-Fipe Dream. Prince Ua. Allaaah. Broom patch. Carthusian, Charlie Al Orecn, Fair Jack. S-Ught Pare. Wastys Folly, Autumnal. Miss Kiluna. Mariana. Jaffa. Step Lis. MoneL . Black Forest. I Ltdy Bienville. Moonpriaaa, Jodhpur. Marry Mack, Angry Last. Blue Darter. Harris II. Fair Dawn. Clear, fast. sJrVWrawctwt t-CjaiMf T0N1GRT AND SATURDAY KEN MAYNABO Aad bkt aeaeer-Boras, "TBZAK" wBRsNDED MEN" A' -al treat for lovera of red blooded tales of the wild aad wooiy Wast of yaetorday. with JUNE CLYDE Twtc Evenings at 1-0 AU seats IV . Sat. Mate, at I OTtertl r-MIr lee AdeHa IS m StEP DEHIND THE MHADLINBSJ Share The Love Secrets Of A Famous Hero . .-. .1- '. . . . .. ' in --- '".'V-.-'-.-'"-, I TO DE .1 ttefO'r .1!. trttDin I c vn ,w B aII W w WALTES 0ATLETT I Perth Horticultural Society Names Officers - Naertat ta Tae SearnaJ. PERTH. OnL, AprU .-The follow-Ing officers were elected for tha cur rant year at th annual meeting of the Perth HorttcuHural Sociaty, held la tha library hall bar, yesterday: Honorary president. Mrs. J. A. Stewart and Mra. E. A. Lester; president, Mrs. F. V. Buflsm; first vie prsidenk R. J. Smith; second vke-preaident. Mrs. A. L, Charlton; secretary-treasurer, H. G. Dickson; beard af directors. W. H, Raid. Mra. W. Ima son. Miaa H. WaddelL Mrs, A. H. Scott Miss L. MitcheU. W. S-Kall. Miss M. A. B. Csmpba Mrs, J. Davia, Mrs. W. L. McLaren, Mrs. A. John- Ta Increase tha membership tha following committee waa sleeted: Mua M. A. B. Campbell. Mrs. A. Johnston. Mrs. J. Davis. Miss B. Griflin, Mrs. J. Hoy la. Miss L MitcheU and Mrs. A. U Chartton. During 1K1 the SAambsrship totalled Tl and tha financial report showed that th total re ceipts for that year had been W27.M, and total diaoursemsnls VO.OZ. Tribute waa paid by tha members raasnt to tha memory af th late Rev. Dr. A. H. Scott, who tor many years prior to his death faw months had been on of tha aaoat active mbers af tha local society. FUNERAL OF MICHAEL O'GRADY. RICHMOND. Ont. April (Special) Tha funeral af Michael O'Grady was held front th residence of hi brother. Thomas, of FaUowfleld. Thursday, ta St. Patrick' Roman Catholic Church ht that place, where requiem high mass was chanted by Raw. Father McCarthy, parish priest of fallow Meld Interment waa in th adjoining eem- ry. Those left to mourn ar three brothers. Charles, of Richmond: Thomas, of Fallow field, and Simon, of British Columbia, and twa farters. Mrs. Thomas Hammell. of Bell's Cor ners. and Miss Jans O'Grady, of Fal lowfleld.' - , ENTERTAIN EO AT BAh'QITT. PERTH. Ont, AprU . (Special) Mora than 10 men of th congrega n of SL Paul s United Church. Perth, were th guests of tha board of stewards Wednesday evening at banquet In that church hall. Following tha dinner th banqueter were welcomed by the chairman. Richard Duffy, and aa address oa "Peru" was given by George Walker, towa angl A weJl-balanred program rounded out th entertainment several Scottish songs and stories being submit I By Utrts. M. rorbsa. who alee introduced the speaker; a male quar tet eompuesd of J. Glrdwood, T. Mc Taviah, R. Thorn bury and W. Grua 1; a violin oe by James Gird-od; vocal aolos by H. Macintosh and Robert McTavish. and a Sing aig oanducted by J. Stevenson. A vot af thanks, ta the speaker of tha evening waa snoved by J. H. Hardy aad aeconded by Norman Mil ter. During the evening, must was supplied by an archastra under th leadership of tleward Wslaon. AJrUSEXENTS ST SwOt far SokMI" TODAY TIL SAT. Marian Alarth . ta "UNDER E1GIITEEN Not aid enough to PBMCTtTt WITH . THOMAS MDGHAN . - CUARLOTTB GREEN . WOOD - " "CHEATERS AT PLAY" ADDKO i L A CHARLEY CHASE COMEDY. iStandishHall . HOTEL DsUKtnf erery cventnf to Ted Gray's Orchestra at f o'clock. Cover Caarga sWrtaraay Oaly Bsarrvs ... tlenst . S. 71. 5 GET READY FOR THE THRILL '' , VSQVtSTlOSASLT ft If tAg BMr at A K THRILL V EVERY MINUTE I . a.1 . .. ' - " ' , V 1 " ' Tha graven . a slepkaats -round. . gravayarg of tha ' DOS SOS I a . 8 Ivor tusxa. Bus aeasai . lurks tbsrsl . - "F A . When ten erase tha near S' ef Hlpvoeotamuaaa, you -take your Ufa m your. -, kandaf 8 The Juog) msttag la tlnir .i . eMiiaft . Ana K 0a- stlnette sbduet lbs tin SQ i The band-ta-haad aatela astwssa Taraaa aad th :, t , Lions) sw ft atsmpeding ei-phaau SSM destroy a vulaga af t ' aosttt Frgmlssl - ' "a' Tarssa asesping from-O- tas rtver ef erecodUset m w W. VAN DTIt ke .I ssede "Tradsr Been di reetsd this- dartag aad. netting eereea advaa-, tursl ; m - ANDMAlfYMORII ' Bx S with JOltNNY WsMSSMTLLFR. Aaoala wtm ChasayJsa, aad N0 sUmUtea, Maarwea O'SaUlvaa. C. Asarty Smith. S ijtarts . . T0r.10R - aaswaawa-aaa-aa--swawaMl gn, sa, W . 4 -awssxsawaj At. Unt The r?X . I LOVDOWH A Y X on who t , act-' I y J uallv happened V C in Jloom 705 "V fLt wheu Uanglaud I j Ethertd to eollwt r " "l I ' $100,000 and 'fjf ws double-croeaed v i hy a worn n' love! IV lg pzscy ffiArinOai I fODA Y 8M1T1I snd DALE 'f ' 'TROUT HSHIXO" I l ' ' tpffh frf Jwtfh I I KRAZY KAT V J KART00X 1 - ' ' ' " II asVfVWWVsVVWVVrVVWr 7ii this MlSIEAMG THE I "-. I With Gargaeaa v .-. '1 . 7" err" ..r J ft: - ' V Handing Drafruitic.snd Jtoinantie ttptritnett tdgw Rice Bvmmgh'i wttt rsrsB fhrCJsr a HEW MOVE GIRLSI WOULD YOU L LIKE EVE I f you f o und dkak mtrth ADAM 7 .0U n U --' f" t. r v w-w . IVE J f 1 v ...... M M . , T m i h TOMORROW MONDAY TUESDAY : " Have You Seen This GIRL? - oa , . - Jhs tried ts mislead a NX-Ms mt : Lee aad get Ureal KIDItAPPtDl . . Cams leant the train eoeat kiyh society miss . . CLAUD ETTE COLBERT; EDUTJKD LOWE STTJABT EBWHf CXTBAt . : Oar Uaag , TaUieesedy rraaey tarteea New Last hewtag 'TODAY! -Racine Youth s T. ATiv , Itt au mtnerpMoir uma vnwiHv-'Mr . O fdlnsf (a mytYy-bacJtr0ud of th ZMrk ' , u-. . al in the. MOVIES C tasvaajf H . ' .IV ' aa aaaaeBm A sws-B I k LUMAVltii UAH V4 i lr . si i f rv- l as . f ' BPFCf All 5.., 7" S: RMdic J '2, C Mattaee fa ti - SwT , O 1 I Mernlng f I at I.. I ChlUtrra lc , ; v av m

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