The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1947
Page 2
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• PAUE- TWO Prompt Eisler Action is Urged House Committee Members Insist on Charges in .Spy Cose • WASHINGTON, Feb. 8. (UP) — Members of n House committee today threatened a' move to set up the FBI as an independent agency unless the JutUce Department moves sttiftly In the case of aev- hart Eisler, alleged Russian secret agent: Severn! members of the House UnAmerican Activities committee said .they ihight favor such action if the department falls to press charge's of -revolutionary conspiracy against the bald, bespectacled Germon refugee. They included Reps. Karl E Munac, n., S. D., John McDowell, R.. Pa.; Herbert C. Bonner, D. N. C., and John E. Rankin. D.. Miss. I n'.New York, meanwhile, Federal Judge John Bright. gave Hie government until Feb. 14 to show cause why Eisler should not be released from the; custody of Ellis Island £nmlgr«tloh authorities on n «'rlt of habeas corpus. The committee demanded Elsler's .prosecution after he refused to be sworn In ns a committee witness. Several members said they -.verc a!raid the Justice Department would let Eisler slip back to Germany. Mundl said Eisler shouldn't be allowed to leave until it was proved that no atomic secrets were exchanged in his alleged conlacts with Sam Carr. Carr is wanted In Canada in connection with that country's atomic spy trials. Claims Evidence Available ' "We've dumped enough evidence /.i the lap of Attorney General Tom C. Clark to hold Eisler in this country for a long time," Munrit said. "Now: it's up to him to act on It." " Mundt said Congress had several , weapons'.If the. Justice Department failed lo act In Eisler's case. "For one thing, we can lake the FBI, and make It an Independent agency," he said. "This is an 1m- portmit, matter ;to Congress and to the; country. if s a matter that involves the security of every Amer- RankTri said he would Introduce legislation to divorce the FBI from the.Justice Department regardless ol what happens to Eisler. He said this would enable the committee c; uss FBI specialists. "The various branches o[ government certainly are entitled to lh<- ssrvlces of the FBI without going tnroueh the attorney general," Rankin said.....'' : Bonner said he thought Clnrk should act nt once In Eisler's case II ho doesn't, Bonner said he would be "quite glad arid quite willing" to consider removinjr'tbe FBI from jurlsdlc- GOP L6ok-Al ikes Th'ey look like twins, hut they're not even brother.?. Many peojjli.- have noticed resrmbkmcc c( Sen. Kenneth S. Wherry, led, of Ncbniska, ID his cofleaijue, Sen. Stylos Hi kites, of Nnv Hampshire. Tax Experts Seek Way to Save Crop. Curbs Advocated by Farm Leader WASHINGTON, Feb. 8. (UP) — KOwnrrl A, O'Neal, president of the Furm Bureau Pederatlon, COURIER NKWS MARSHALL Continued from 1'age !. lion, Marshall made the folio major points: . f Poland—U. 'S, Ambassador Arthur 17 rir.> Bliss Lane will be recalled from Po I i-it-in land In the near future for con! I ed sullatlon and to report nrsl I on the recent election which' SATUKDAy, FICBKUAKY 8, KM7 ~ ites' propel to place the for-, Cl.lnn-Ma.shall said he i) t:=^^^;f-'s&^ d la the United Na- cause ull felt i h . lt ,. ' ,' "? .«^ and Australia Ihat'UutLut » e toi..iiH)i.. he coll . of those islands :aul ycttfrelay that the; American .,„. , . peopl* will not support farm prices Tri-Li . d . enou " co<i -- -...„.,-. In fiefinltciy iijjlt-s.'i some- production 1<,,,.,,,,, |5"' flrmi;d the pol- curbs arc set up. ! , J sct r<J1 ' 111 'V kccrelary O f Slate Jam™ F. Hynjos on April 8 . TW ° United States cannot hemispheric defense O'Nrr.l outlined the Jcilernltor.'s farm program lo the House Aurl- ciilturf Committee. He demanded (.'renter farmer voice In draftlnc nntlunal farm policies, and expansion of the soil conservation service. R'.'P, Stephen Pace, D., On., sril<l llic conservnllon appropriation for 1918 would be cut to $200.000.000 unit that he understood the program wcnluully would i>c Junked. O'Neal said lhat It was his opinion that permanent supports nre Impossible without companion .slops 'o control production. Ho recalled lhat the potato »ricc support pro that llic negotiate a ... •'—--•-' 'itifii.^.i; Dint, with Amcnlina included until Argentina complies with her inter American coniiniunciits. Hut Mav shall added later i,i response' to Miietlions thai he thought Ihe clian cc.-s were reasonably B ood lhal on inter-American conference ''•• to frani'rf such a pact could be hull Nice Ileai! o f llalr HOPE VALLEY, Ji. J. ( rjp, __ l r kc-ye;>r-ol<i Elaine HitBood Jiacl '••* )«jn"u ijucu support ]>rr>-- 10 Inches o* her hair cut before «rnm last year cost (he government entering kindergaiicn licfo SBO ooo.nnr> >,n,. i™™ „., ,..'.. SBO 000.000. "The American people." he sakl, "will nut continue to pay out cnor- tnmis .sums of money for farm price support WP pet (ills tiling In bnl.ince." 8:cr«tnry of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson already has asked Cou- rtivss for ntitliorlty to restrict production where 11 may he necessary If WASHINGTON. Feb. a. lUl'i --] Congressional tax experts estimated lodav that taxpayers would save 1 Sl.CCO.CCO.OBD a year if community properety ir.y. law? were made nationwide. Wine sfntcs now bavc such laws, Including Lonisiami. Secretary of Treasury John W. Snydcr said Ihe treasury was considering whether to recommend their extension lo ull states as ft relict measure tor income taxpav- irs. 'Under these laws j — -v were an independent agency. "I think the Idea has a rreat deal of merit," he snld. --T-- : y r . Aberdeen 'Angus, Hereford a-d Shorthorn are , the' three most .Prominent breeds of cattle la the United jSfafes. MANHATTAN FINER AMERICAN LAW CANNED FOODS ». ,-.,.- J round of PICKARD'S Chickasawba IS SHE AILING? Bring her in for a check-up now. \Ve II fix her up with genuine IH service parts that will make her run uke neiv. Seriously, if your tractor needs some overhaul work lo keep it going through the rest of the year, bring jt in when you can spare it for a while and let us do the job the way you want it done. Don't mk a breakdown later ... we can work on your tractor ia tiu>n or- »l«r now. and wife are allowed (o divide their earnings 50-5o and pay income :axes separately. This has the effect of reducing surtax payments, D.irtlcularl.v for those In the urn:— Income brackets. 'J.S. and Russian Accord Held Essential to Peace NEW YORK, Feb. 8. (UP)_ Dr. Edunrd Benes, president of Cx»ch- Tslovskla, said today lhat while .Here, was no new war in si ? ht at he present lime "Ihere surely will be • no. pea:e" wltfiotit an aiirc-'- meiit between the United stnlos and soviet Russia. '"ITierc will ^e no war, now or In the near future," ,Bcncs said in an interview published in United •Nations -world, „ nw nlo lh , magazine. "There is no grcat-'pow- er much foiilr! O i would start a new war. " Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Siscmore . her ., . , sses were 27 Inches long and virtually hid her tack when she sat down. lo prevent nM undue drain on (h treasury. CHAH8LIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales —. Service We Iliiy and Sell COOD USE!) CARS j BID ClKimMIii — -IMS Cl| a mli Railroad & Ash Sts. 1'honc i»30 W. Ash SI. ; I'linne 855 or 2231 j WE I PICK UP and DELIVER j Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. 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