Daily News from New York, New York on April 5, 1973 · 30
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Daily News from New York, New York · 30

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1973
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M O O N M U L L I N S O t s t 09 Elvis Presley Ann-Margret Presley Tops Ann-Margret On NBC Special Night By KAY CAKDELLA We're still 511111111? as we write this review of the "Ann-Margret When You're Smiling" special on NBC last night, which followed a 90-minute more spectacular. Elvis Presley concert, because we were honestly amused by the whole hour. The singer-actress husband Roger Smith, who was billed as producer as well as lead writer, provided some pretty weak material for his wife to use in her brave comeback from her serious ' accident at Lake Tahoe. And maybe it's in the interest of marital bliss, or maybe just male chau-venism, that the shapely sex kitten always winds up surrounded by members of the Geritol set George Burns and Bob Hope. They claim to have discovered the voluptuous blonde but mother nature had a hand in stacking the cards in the star's direction, too. So bountiful are her gifts that talent, somehow, doesn't seem to matter much. Just as long as the sexy lady is poured into a dazzling dress and her blonde tresses fall excitingly around her head, reminding the world that life can be beautiful, we're usually satisfied. ' Even with this advantage, the lady approached disaster in the opening of her show taped at the Las Vegas Hilton. We're refer-; ring to her ill-advised trip : through the audience singing "Take a Little One-Step" and talking to people. She looked like she was tip toeing through the tulips on eggs. Turn for the Better "Hi! How are you? What's your name?" she squealed in a high-pitched baby voice that slipped gears now and then. One patron said: "My name is Ben Dorsey and I work for Charley Pride." And, before he could say more, he was up dancing with the star, whose movements at times suggested that her injuries are still chipping away at her confidence. The hour, fortunately, got better, not worse it couldn't and viewers who held on tight were treated to some unique special material from the singer. . "The Nights Are Six Months Long," with lyrics by Fred Ebb and music by Marvin Hamlisch, raised some amusing questions about what would happen In Lapland where the nights are six months long, such as an agent saying to a client, "Honey, I got you a one night stand in Lapland." Another, a song-and-dance number, "The Lady in Red," dramatizing the lady who betrayed John Dillinger, with original music and lyrics by Earl Brown, was a different concept, at least, and it gave the star a chance to be sexy in step-ins. She was best in a final med ley of songs about love "How Long Has This Been Going On? "I'm Going to Love You" and "I Don't Know Why." But the moments she talked to the audi- WMCA 570 WABC 770 WICC 600 WNYC 830 WVNJ 620 WCBS 880 WNBC 660 WPAT 830 WOR 710 WWDJ 970 WINS 1010 WHN 10S0 WHU 1100 WNEW 1 1 30 WLIB 1190 WFAS 1230 WGBB 1240 WADO 1280 WGLI 1 290 WVIP 1310 WEVO 1330 WPOW 1330 WBNX 1380 WNJR 1430 WBAB 1440 WVOX 1460 WHOM 1480 WTHE1520 WQXR 1560 WWRL 1600 MORNING News and information features (Continuous 5:00 a.m. WCBS News Radio 24 hours a day). 5:00 a.m. WABC Musicradio 77 (Continuous music 24 hours a day). 5:15 a.m. WOR John Gambling Show. Music, talk. news. 5:30 a.m. WMCA Ken Fairchild Telephone-Talk Show. 5:30 a.m. WNEW Gene Klavan Show. Music, talk, news. 6:00 a.m. WNBC Don Imus Show. Music, talk, news. 6:00 a.m. WHN Jack Spec tor Show. Country music, talk, news. 8:30 a.m. WEVD Joey Adams Show; Father Malcolm Boyd, author. 9:00 a.m. W M CA Bob Grant Telephone-Talk Show. 10:15 a.m. WOR Martha Dear Show; Morris Kline. "The New Math." 11:15 a.m. WOR The McCanns; Dr. George Christakis. "Nutrition and the Adult AFTERNOON 1:00 p.m. WNYC National Press Club Luncheon From Washington, D.C.; South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu, guest speaker (Live). 1:15 p.m. WMCA Leon Lewis Telephone-Talk Show. , 2:00 p.m. WNYC Lee Graham Interviews; Dr. Irving Stuart, others. "Prospects for Success In Interracial Marriage." : 2:15 p.m. WOR Barry Farber Discussion Show (Also at 11:15 p.m.). . 3:00 p.m. WNBC Jim Scott Show Music, talk. news. 4:00 p.m. WLIB Hal Jackson Show. Music, talk, news. 4:00 p.m. WMCA Bill Scott Telephone-Talk Show. 4:00 p.m. WNYC Annual Financial Conference; "U.S. Economic Policy." James Kennedy, Paul W. McCracken, other speakers. x EVENING -7:00 p.m. WNBC Sports Line With Mary Albert. Telephone-talk show. ' 7:00 p.m. WMCA Sports Call With John Sterling. Telephone-talk show. 7:15 p.m. WOR Sherrye Henry Show; Rev. Stewart Grayson. 7:25 p.m. WNBC NHL Eastern Division Playoff Game; Rangers-Bruins. 7:35 p.m. WHN Bill Mazer's Sports Roundtable. Talk. 3:30 p.m. WNYC Meet the Police; Lt Norbert Campbell, others. The Number One Confidence Game in New York." 11:30 p.m. WQXR Casper Citron Program; Faith Popcorn. "Advertising's Responsibility to the Consumer." 12:00 mid. WMCA Long John Nebel Telephone-Talk Show. '12-01 am. WINS-few an inTormatien features (Continwos 24 -tours a day). U.v ence, lorget. Lake so many otner stars today, she doesn t know when to drop the sweet little girl routine and become sophisticated. Elvis From Hawaii: Preceding this musical hour was the XsU(J special, tms: Aloha From Hawaii," produced by Marty Pasetta with true professionalism. For Elvis fans,, it had to be a night to remember. with the handsome, guitar-strum ming singer showing his profile frequently and looking like he landed from another planet in his white bejeweled jump suit. The concert, given for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii, and televised live via satellite to 40 countries around the world last January, effectively used mirrors and lights in the large auditorium (Honolulu International Center) to make the occasion stand out. As for Elvis, he's become a true showman. Quieted down, and using fewer tricks than when he was younger, he delivers a skillfully paced concert, mixing romantic ballads like "My Way," "111 Remember You" and "Welcome to My World," with stirring old rock favorites like "Hound Dog," "Steamroller Blues" and "Blue Suede Shoes" superbly. Blended into the contemporary bill were a few Hawaiian tunes, backed by beautiful location shots, luring weary mainlanders to our 50th state. And there were those moments when Elvis tossed a scarf to the audience, or let a young lady place a lei around his neck, which recalled the old Presley days. This, plus the lights flashing the singer's name in different languages, all added to the excitement. Presley was backed by four guitarists, a chorus and orchestra. He sang a total of 18 songs in- cludnig an American trilogy "Dixie," "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Hush Little Baby." It was all most impressive. TODAY'S PROGRAMS MORNING . " 6:30 2 Sunrise Semester. 4 Education Exchange. 5 READ YOUR WAY UP. 7 Listen and Learn. 7:00 2, 3 News; John Hart 4 TODAY; Frank McGee. . 5 Super Heroes Cartoons. 7 A.M. NEW YORK. 11 News, Sports, Weather. 13 Maggie and Her Machine. 7:30 - - 5 Flintstones Cartoon. 9 News, Sports, Weather. 11 Little Rascals. 13 51ST STATE (R).. 8:00 2, 3 Captain Kangaroo. 5 Bugs Bunny Cartoons. 9 Garner Ted Armstrong. . 11 Felix the Cat Cartoons. 13 SCHOOL TV (To 4 p.m.). 8:30 5 Flying Nun; Sally Field. 9 Joanne Carson Show. 11 New Zoo Revue. 9:00 2 JOHN B. TUCKER SHOW. 4 Not for Women Only. 5 Green Acres; Eddie Albert. 7 Movie; "On the Riviera," Danny Kaye. 9 Joe Franklin Show. 11 Fashions in Sewing. 13 SESAME STREET. 9:10 11 Jack La Lanne Show. 9:30 ' 4 Truth or Consequences. 5 Mothers-in-Law. 11 Encounter. ' 25 SCHOOL TV (To 4:30 p.m.). 10:00 2 Joker's Wild; Jack Barry. 4 DINAH'S PLACE; Ricardo Montalban. 5 I Love Lucy; Lucille Ball. 9 Romper Room. 11 BOROUGH REPORT. 10:30 2 $10,000 PYRAMID. . 4 BAFFLE; Dick Enberg. 5 Hazel; Shirley Booth. II Movie; "A Perilous Journey," David Brian. Vi 11:00 2 Gambit; Wink Martindalt. 4 Sale of the Century. 5 Andy Griffith Show. 7 Gomer Pyle; Jim Nabors. ' 9 Straight Talk. 11:30 2, 3 Love of Life. 4 Hollywood Squares. 5 Midday; Lee Leonard. 7,8 Bewitched. AFTERNOON . 12:00 2 Young and the Restless. 4 Jeopardy; Art Fleming. 7,8 Password; Allen Ludden. 9 HERMAN0S C0RAJE. 11 Father Knows Best . 13 Behind the Lines. 1230 2, 3 Search for Tomorrow. 4 Who, What or Where Game. 7, 8 Split Second. 11 Nanny and the Professor. 1:00 2 What's My Line. 4 It's Your Bet 5 MOVIE; "HORSE SOLDIERS." John Wayne. Wil- --..Jianj.qMen. Actiqn-packed. Highlights 1:30 p.m. 1 Afternoon Playbreaki Michael Callan. "A Gift of Terror." 7:30 p.m. 9 NHL Eastern Division Playoff Camel Rangers-Bruins. 8:00 p.m. 7, 8 Undersea World of Jacques Cous- feaui "The Smile of the Walrus (R). 8:00 p.m. 13 "An American Family ... And Real-ityH Margaret Mead, others (Special). 10:00 p.m. 4 Dean Martin Showi Peter Sellers. (Other outstanding programs in bold face) story of a Union cavalry attachment's raid behind " Confederate lines (1959). 7 All My Children. - 9 Movie; "Craig's Wife," Rosalind Russell. 11 Living Easy; Joyce Brothers. 1:30 2,3 As the World Turns. 4 Three on a Match. 7 AFTERNOON PLAYBREAK; Denise Alexander, Michael Callan. "A Gift of Terror." ' Drama of a young girl who discovers she has the power to see into the future. 11 Galloping Gourmet 13 ELECTRIC COMPANY. 2:00 2, 3 Guiding Light 4 Days of Our Lives. 11 Get Smart; Don Adams. 2:30 2.3 The Edge of Night 4 The Doctors. 9 Journey to Adventure. 11 Bachelor Father. 3:00 2,3 Price Is Right 4 Another World. . 5 Casper Cartoons. 7, 8 General Hospital. 9 Candid Camera. 11 Popeye Cartoons. 3:30 2 Hollywood's Talking. 4 Return to Peyton Place. 5 Huckleberry Hound. 7, 8 One Life to Live. 9 Beverly Hillbillies. 11 Magilla Gorilla Cartoons. 4:00 2 Secret Storm. 4 Somerset; Serial. 5 Bugs Bunny Cartoons. 7 Love, American Style. 8 Movie; "Twenty Million Miles to Earth," William Hopper. Hideous monster is found in the wreck of a US. rocket ship. 11 Superman; George Reeves. 13 SESAME STREET. 4:30 2 MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW; James Darren, Jean-Pierre Aumont, ethers. 4 MOVIE; "BRIGAD00N," Gene Kelly, Van Johnson. Good musical fantasy about two Americans who discover a little village in the Scottish Highlands (1954). 5 Lost in Space. 7 MOVIE; "LET'S MAKE LOVE," Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montana. Funny tale of millionaire who hears of show spoofing him and joins the cast (1960). 11 Murtsters; Fred Gwynne. 5:00 11 Batman; Adam West 13 Mister Rogers. 5:30 5 Flintstones Cartoon. 9 News; Tom Dunn. 13 ELECTRIC COMPANY (R). EVENING 6:00 2 News, Sports, Weather. 4 News, Sports, Weather. 7 News, Sports, Weather. 9 Bat Masterson. 11 Gilligan's Island. 13 Hodgepodge Lodge. 6:30 5 I Love Lucy; Lucille Ball. 9 Have Gun, Will Travel. 11 Beat the Clock. 13 YOUR FUTURE IS NOW. 7:00 2 News; Walter Cronkite. 4 News; John Chancellor. 5 Andy Griffith Show. -7 News; Smith-Reasoner. 9 The Millionaire. 11 I Dream of Jeannie. 13 ASSIGNMENT NEW JERSEY; "Land Man Needs." 7:30 2 CIRCUS; "Circus of the Teddy Bears." 4 Hollywood Squares. 5 That Girl; Mario Thomas. 7 ANIMAL WORLD; "Protectors." 9 NHL EASTERN DIVISION PLAYOFF GAME; RANGERS-BRUINS. 11 Courtship of Eddie's Father. 13 51 ST STATE; Pat Watson. 8:00 2,3 WALT0NS; Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite. Refugee family from Hitler's Germany comes to live on Walton's Mountain (R). 4 FLIP WILSON SHOW; Johnny Cash, June Carter, Bill Russell, Albert Brooks (R). 5 Hogan's Heroes. 7,8 UNDERSEA WORLD OF JACQUES C0USTEAU; "The Smile of the Walrus." Study of the massive walrus in Arctic waters (R). 11 Twilight Zone. 13 Dateline 13. 1:30 5 MERV GRIFFIN SHOW; Bill Kent, Deborah Hartin. 11 Get Smart; Don Adams. 9:00 2,3 Movie; "Don't Make Waves," Tony Curtis. Spoof of love and life among the body-buliding cultists of Southern California. 4 IRONSIDE; Raymond Burr, Jackie Cooper. A bomb is locked on a scientist who can free himself only by arranging the release of three prisoners (R). 7.8 KUNG FU; David Carra- dine, .Roy Jensen. C a i n e WCBS WTIC WNIC WNEW WABC WTNH WOR i ! . -J 1 2 WPIX 11 WNET 13 WLIW 21 WNYI 25 WNYC 31 WXTV 41 WNJU 47 t battles the power of cursed mine and the fears of the slave laborers who work it 11 Dragnet; Jack Webb. 13 "AN AMERICAN FAMILY . . . AND REALITY"; Richard Gilman, Margaret Mead, others. Discussion on the impact and relevancy of the 12-part series, An American Family (Special). 10:00 4 DEAN MARTIN SHOW; Peter Sellers, Phyllis Mc-Guire. 5 News; Bill Jorgensen. 7,8 STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO; Karl Maiden, Richard Egan. A priest becomes the target of gangsters searching for a cache of heroin. 9 Boris Karloff Presents. 11 News; Joe Harper. 13 CORONATION STREET. 10:30 11 News; Bill Aylward. 13 BILL M0YERS JOURNAL "The 1040 Swindle" (R). 11:00 2 News. Sports, Weather. 4 News, Sports, Weather. 5 Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 7 News, Sports, Weather. 8 MOVIE; "SABOTEUR," Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane. Hitchcock's breathless tale of a young factory worker accused of sabotage and murder (1 942). 13 BLACK JOURNAL (R). 1130 ' 2 Movie; "Lizzie," Eleanor Parker. 4 TONIGHT; Johnny Carson, Foster Brooks, others. 5 Movie; "Secret of Convict Lake," Glenn Ford, Ethel Barrymore. 7.8 JACK PAAR T0NITE; Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville, John Scarne. 13 51ST STATE (R). 12:00 11 Twilight Zone. 12:30 11 News, Sports, Weather. 1:00 1 Movie; "Blood of the Vampire," Donald Wolfit 1:15 2 M 0 V I E ; "LITTLE BOY LOST," Bing Crosby, Nicole Maurey. Tear-jerker set in post-war France with newspaperman looking for his son at an orphanage (1953). 4 Movie; "Front Page Woman," Bette Davis. 8 Joe Franklin Show. ITS 2 Movie, "Beach Ball." Edd Byrnes. Va CHANNEL NUMIEKS 3 t".!l,, SI !llv . .-- VIV 34 Pff ,:jfW tfi L ,Mi' 4

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