The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 8, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TCE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O» NORTHEAST A]lK AN fl la »x,r> o^,.,,,,^.» A.^.«-« W T *^y VOL. XLII1—NO. 272 Blytlieville Dally Ne»f BlythevUle Courier Blytlieville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Title Transferred To 16,000 Acres To Osceola Men W New Owners Plan to Re-Sell Farm Land In Two Counties A 53,700,000 I'OJil estate deal involving 16,000 acres, one of the largest ever completed in the Mid-South, was an accomplislied fact today after the transfer of stuck in tlie Chapman and Downy interests to the Florida Heal R'itulc Loan Co., of Osocola. About 4 000 acres of the land arc located in Western Mississippi County and the remainder in Poin- selt County. First announcement that the deal was in the process of being closed was made several day. 1 ; ago. TV'.e transfer involved the holdings of Chapman and Dewey Lumber Co. and the Chapman ana' Dr.vey Farms Co. lo the Florida group, headed by George Florida, president, and A'ndrew J. Florida, vice president, both of Osceola. Tlie final steps in the closing of the mammoth business deal were taken in the offices of a Memphis law firm when stock in the two corporations was transferred to the new owners. The Chapman & Dewcy Lumber Cs. includes the Memphis offices, the Memphis b.ox mills and the » 'umber mills al Marked Tree. The Chapman & Dewcy Farms Co. part of the deal represents 10003 acres of land, nn alfalfa dehydration plant, the Bank of Maikcd Tree, the Marked Tree F.irmall Agency, the Marked Tree Ford Agency, three cotton gins and the Chapman & Dewey mercantile .stores al Marked Tree s'.id West Ridge. To Sell Farm band The Chamnan & Dewey mills, gins, and business houses will te operated under the same management with the Floridas in control, but the farm land will be sold out as rapidly as possible. It is probable, however, thai Ihe Floriilas will operate most of Ihc lamt this season, although tracts arc being offered for. sate. Salo of the land will be under the direction of A. L. Stephens manager of the Memphis office of the Fiorida Real Estate Loan Co. which, is cutting the land into plots nf from 4o to 2CK) acres for sale to owner-operators O/ficcrs Kleclert George H. Florida was elected chairman of the board of Chapman & Dewey Lumber Co., Milton Craft long associated with the company was elected president and treai- ^ iireer. Mr. Cralt, president of the • Lumbermen's Club of Memphis, was president of the lumber company before th« sale to the Florida interests. Frank Williams iva? i-lectcd vice president, Andrew J. Florida, vice president and secretary and C. B. Dennis, assistant secretary. George H. Florida was elected pi-ciident. 0 [ the Chapman & Dewey K.-iims Co.: Mr. Wiliiams. vice president; Andrew J. Florida, vize president and secretary, and Mr. Craft, manager. E/fiotf Roosevelt's Radio Comment Leads to Brief, Episode of Flying Fists NEW YORK, Fell. 8.—(UP) -• Everyone apologized today for n one-punch, studio fight following a Mutual broadcast featuring sllloll Roosevelt and 1,1s wife, the former Faj'c Emerson of the movies. Radio Commentator Fulton Lewis, Jr., caught a punch lo ihe jaw delivered by Dick Hardly, representative of Duel), Sloan and Pierce, publishers of Roosevelt's book about his late father, "As He Saw It." The fracas followed the radio broadcast. "Meet the Press," over the Mutual Broadcasting System— i healed discussion paillcip'nled In by Lewis, itoosevclt. Henry j. Taylor of the Scripps-Howard Newspapers; Warren Moscow of the New York Times a nt) ncrt Andrews Of Ihe New York Hciiild Tribune. During ihc program Roosevelt termed "a complete misstatcmenl of fact" a Newsweek Magazine report that he said at a dinner in Moscow lhat the United States was an "aggressor nation." Roosevelt returned recently from British Leaders Fear Disaster Over Coal Crisis Labor Cabinet Faces Test of Ability to End Fuel Shortage LONDON, Feb. 8. (UP)_Tlie ..<„.- •rnnicnl warned today that Di'itain facen "complete disaster" if the public fails lo cooperate in cutting electricity use. A government member warned that the labor cabinet would Moscow Premier Josef Stalin ;l nd Russian dignitaries. where he Interviewed other Lawyers Confer On Vote Contest Judge Light to Hold - ! Pro-Trial Conference Here Monday Circuit Judge Charles W. Light of Paragould is scheduled to confer here Monday with attorneys in the litigation brought by "jack Finley Robinson contesting William Berryman's nomination for sheriff in the Democratic last Summer. primary held Former TV A Lawyer Raps Lilienthal WASHINGTON. Feb. 8 (UP) — A Discharged TVA attorney charged today that David E. Lilienllial sought out senators to lobby for ins confirmation as chairman of Ibc Kfricrjil Atomic Energy Committee. L B. Fiolt. former TVA attorney told Senate member.', of the congressional Atomic Energy Committee that Lilienlhal "campaigned" very actively" for the atomb Joii aw. 'actually u-,cri TVA" as a sounding board in seeking the atomic posl. The committee is considering thf nomination of Lilienlhal. former IVA chairman, as top official in the nation's atomic program. N. vTconorT NEW YCRK. Feb. 8. <UP)-Cotlon closed strong. open high low close M-" 3299 3315 3290 3316 May 3203 3225 319-1 3221) J»l.v 3015 3045 3007 3045 Cct 2747 2800 2731 2773 IJcc 20S5 2711 2654 2710 •Beriyman's name appeared on the general election ballot last November as the party nominee and lie was elected and took the oath ot office January ]. In the pre'-tiial conference the attorneys will take up with the judge the procedure to be followed when the trial actually gets under way. The case is pending in the Os- ceoln District of the Mississippi Circuit Court and the trial will be held, in Osceoln. Mr. Robinson polled approximately 250 fewer votes than did Sheriff Bcrryman who was Blytheville's chief of po- Uce when he made the race for the .county • office. Irregularities in voting In several precincts are alleged in the corrnJaiai. and tile plaintiff asked that the court declare him the nominee. Answer to CompJainl The sheriffs answer to the co paint contains a denial of tin allegations, and in a cross com plaint ,s was contended that il .egal votes were cast for the con testanl too. Blld the court l, a been asked to rule out these vote case" " e tcstim °''v i" the find th', 0 t n'™ 1 U ' C C0111 ' t s " oll!(I ItbY M C CO " teSlallt »™ 011- •leton- «i M •"""'•' ""'"""Hion. his Mctors at this time would b c on!v a moral one. • L , . Y. Stocks Closing quotations: A T A T Anicr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gon Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . . N Y central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel I?arfto '..".]' ']'_ Socony Vacuum SUidobaker . ...'....."' Standard of N j Texas Corp, ' ' ' Packard If R .Steel . 173 5-8 82 41 1-2 98 101 101 39 5-8 04 1-8 C4 1-8 21 1-2 81 10 1-8 30 1-8 10 3-4 . 13 24 5-8 69 3-8 59 1-2 . 7 3-8 7R S-8 C °"°" *'"" thc Emmaiuicl Rhln- fall unless It .,..., coal crisis. Fuel Minister well told a press confe'rcncc'That public failure to cooperate in the ordered reduction of electrical usage would mean "complete disaster" within 10 days. At the sinne lime Sir Hartley Shawcro.w, attorney general, suul In n Lancashire speech Unit (lie Inbor government would fall unless it quickly solved Ihc crillcal fuel shortage. The cuts in electrical usage affect more than half of Britain and most of her major industries. They become effective at midnight Sunday Reports from the Nor(h " Shinwell Kahl, "are very bad indeed, nith boih „,,. nroduc ,, on nf coal and its transportation btiiitr affected." Shinwell. who is under sharp nl- tack for the crisis, denied thnt hc would quit the government He snid he would never "contemplate skht- iiif! a duty" and said that the situation could not be overcome "bv oratory and criticism " Shinwell said that, a number of coal plus are unable to work because of the cold weather, that canals where coal J5 normally transported by barge arc and that the whole rail system has been tlis- ruplcd by the unprecedented snows and cold. Asked what would happen if Industry declined to cooperate in the ordered power cuts, Shinwell said- If they decline to cooperate we wi» hnd ourselves within the next ' ; m ^^.!^ R J^l?5g^^J-" KAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MI3SOUJU Hl'YTilKVILI.E, AUKAXSAg, SATUU1)_A_Y._ KKHKUAHY 8, J917 Marshall Lists Two Essentials In Move Toward World Peace WASHINGTON. Kcb. 8. (U.I'.)—8iK.TeUi-y of >r«o C. Mnrslmll boldly clnilli.n^.l (;«n K rcs'i, tudav'on two touchy suljjt'uU—government bi'omkastin K nbroud ami univui' niilitai'y training at home. At Jil.'i first iire.i.s conference, >lo+ _. listed both us "musts" 1; lie is to direct a strong u. s. foreign policy. Ho did, kitowiiiK that Congress hud rejected military training and shown little !n?llnaliun to continue the government broadcasting program. "Unless we have universal military training we will not have any real positive military ».iwcr up our foreign policy," to Mat-shit!! said. And supporting his request for government. -In'oatirolling, h c satd, "lo me it is very essential thnt we try to cover the, with truth In the midst of this riot ol prop- Judge Bond Wins Verdict for Libe! Craighcad Jury Gives $500 Damage Award In $10,000 Lawsuit JONESBOnO. Ark.. Peb. 8. — A Jury in Crnlghcad Circuit Court yesterday awarded a $500 judgment lo County Judge C. H. Bond of Crllteiiden County as damages In a. $10,000 libel action brought against the publishers of the West Memphis News involving statements made during n heated political campaign last Summer. Tiie case was tried before Judge Zal n. Harrison of Blythcvlllc nf- ler motion for n change of venue from Crltlendcn Comity had been granted. The jury deliberated nearly two hours before rcjxjrtlng Ihe verdict. John and Paul Coughlln are the publishers of Ihc west Memphis,- „ ,„,„„,.,„„, newspaper. They are war veterans clal Institutions hav . Marshal) made » third inujdr poun which drew cheers on ciip- ilol hill Hit-re can bo no disarm- luiifm or ri'duclton of aimamenu. Including tin; ntunili: bomb, null] the irci.iv uealic.s are sinned. Mavshall's first news confcivnce «s secivtnry of slale was crowded --.-.„,. rf „. .jiniv r, nn \.| U tVlimi with more limn loo rupuriprs—twice Hie normal number. He began by making u | on g siaUmienl on Mcneral policy ami then discussed at length various specific pending forrlun pulley problems. Speaking frequently for quotu- >>«• MAKSIIAU, on rim, •>. Rente! Housing Meeting Called Conference to Be Held Thursday Night in Blythcvillc City Hall A Rental Housing Conference to encourage ' Ihc production of nr.v dwelling units r or , 0 , n u , W orM War II veterans and their fumllies- will be held Thursday, night al 7 :3i) IP. city Hull Municipal Courtroom. |t wns announced today by Worth D. Holder, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. Representative! of the Federal Housing AdmlniFtratlon Slnle Office win |,c urcsjnt to oiillln,. ,je- al!s or President Truman's hous- I»K program for 19.17 n nd changes "lade by the FHA h, Its efforts to lacllltnte rental housing projects Talniadge Opens Way for Possible Contempt Action Rome, Georgia, Judge Inclined, However, to 'Just Consider Source' ATLANTA. Cill., I-Vb, i).— (UP)— Clov. Hrimun Tnlmndgr npimpil himself to possibly contcinpt of court proa'cillnus today by accils- ln« n Kiiucrlor court Judfie of wi'll- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 1»S In (i (ledslon dwliir- va-.,,t Ulc offico bc declared ;, <i " t as a result of the liij»alio-t the vacancy lvo ,, w bc ,„=„ - rnri"",'h" 1CnL " y GOT «»°r r-.ntl the appomtre under /,,*-, ±L"?" k ' ' 10 , t . bc . "'Siblc- to r for the constant, and W Gir! Confesses Slaying Father After Escapade S S^K l ~<^ ?«i, h Zt." <i!BmCCl S "" ««« "he He said that power will be cut oft from most industry at the ,, o , lrce leaving on |y a few industrial plants' which will be forced to shu off their own power. He could not estimate hofr manv "if 1 *?' 3 '' wl '-l *« involved in the shutdown hut unofficial guesses ranged ,/rpm 2,00fl,«)«it« 5,000 OOfl Shawcrftss said flatly that ther'gbv-i crnment must r cope with the crisis and quickly or ndmlt failure 'It is not a question of the labor government or socialism fallinit " he said, "and certainly if we don't succeed in overcoming this situation and improve coal production the In- will ji ovcrn ' nent win f n'l and there Gas Pipeline For Memphis Is Proposed MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Feb. 8—IUP) —flans w nre underway today for construction in 194D o f 'a SG3.000.Oflf) Pipeline to carry natural ga s l\m the East Texas fields to Pittsburgh by way of Mcmphle. An application for permission lo start the proposed l.oao-miie line was filed yesterday with the Federal power commission in Wasli- Oa B s " b> ' " a ' Mcm ' J " ls Natural The Hue. which would be made 01 24-inch diameter pipe, wouM be one of the longest in Ihc nation II probably would have its Soulh- wcsti-rn terminus in the Carthage ly Cl natura E i aSt Tc!tas -. It wo>li(i Ru !'- Thftsn xvould be Ihc Memphis Light. Gas and Water division- the Ixnnsvillc oas and Electric ' Co • the Kentucky N «iiir a | G a 5 Corp'-' the East Ohio Gas Co.; and the Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Officials said scarcity O f pipe would delay ,hc first section of te line until 1349. when it will br run from the Texas source to iouLs- ri i i /' , ThC renlai " rtc r would b c finished She following year Security Zones Set Up Within Holy Land Area tor veterans. Builders, realtors, umteiials dealers and rcprcsenlallves of fjnau- , - • •• —- --- r cll >' Institutions have been invited and were leader., In a political as well as representatives „, ve campaign in which many vclerans craiis' organisations supported candidates opposing 1 The Rental Honshu* confpi-niir,> CHltendcn office holders seeking I <••<• exntorei n.cnra'of n ovlS re-election. rentnl l,ousing alld be £C nt • »^». B. tUP)—Bri- tish troops split Jerusalem into five I "security z >i, OS " today, applying the lirst restrictions cxjiected to precede application of martial law and an all-out drive against, the Jewish Underground. New sandbagged pillboxes were ^, =t , Chd '!,.-:. lrit 'f"'I." 0 '" 1 ? «"«'!"•Poison Found in Beer tlie beer "contained 0 '?" f °".".' 1 thnl tl: nolti ' a Product uscd"°5 o of with h thc Viila hai-ia armored cars equipped loudspeakers announced in nce in three languages Iliat rcsidnus must "ton, special posses to move in the streets within four days Hundreds of light' lanks a-id military vehicles moved t hrouph e rouph •streets and barbed wire p , ande- ments were so frequent thaTciu «ns frequently had lo travel hal a mile or more lo get to rieslin t>ons only a block or t Attorneys fo r t|, c r , u b.... formed the court they plan to ap ~...,.im lum.-t jjj Mrun- with President •miiunu's hoiis- emphasls on luuiitti uie coui'i lacy plan to ap- J'«BUUH cmpnasis on building peal the Jurj-decisloii to the Ari- " le maximum number of veteran.'! karisns Supreme Court. It was rcj-'-.'' Wltn ' d'vclllJiRs within the loh.l ported the jury voted to to 2 lot num))e r of homes built In 11)17. the $500 judgment. _ in ArkansaL nine of the 12 Jurors can reach » .verdict. • : ^,; ^ic verdict ended R' four-day ijial which wns interspersed frequently with char«ra Ki-owlng out of the recent CilUenden County political campaign. Several fiery editorials which (Iw Plaintiff said hail,been published in the West Memphis News during the campaign were basis for Ihc suit. They were Introduced nnd discussed nlmost sentence by sentence during the length of the trial here. One of the editorials criticizing Judge Bond a s having corrupted Ihc county ,oarl program drew greatest fire from attorneys for the plaintiff. The case was carried into ni> extra session here Friday when Jurfge Bond unexpectedly reutrned to the witness -stand in rebuttal to defend his road program. The defense presented several witnesses who testified that Judge Bono had used county road building equipment lo make roads in Ihc Mnrlln swamp area near Oil- Jiiorc. where Judge Bond is reported to own considerable farm lauds. Jundgc Bond denied on Ihc witness dtnnu that he hart misused the road program, saying lie had built roads in areas most needed and where they served the people most. Nazi Industrial Leader Accused By War Tribunal NUER.VHERO, IV.) « Fricdrich Flick, German industrialist, and four of hi s assistant.-, were indicted today on charges of war crimes against humanity and tlie plunder of industrial properties In countries overrun by the Nazis. The indictment was filed by ri United States Mililaiy Tribunal. H In Texarkana Ark., Fob. 8, „_ squads today were clearing the wreckage caused by n $200,000 fir/, that swept n small Texarkana theater and spread to two cafes, a doughnut shop' and a nushicss school yeslcrcliiy ,,/tei- Thirlj. patrons In tho theater Mled out to safety as the llnmoa h>K acting Oov. M. K. Thompson Mm U'Kal chief exi'iuillvc- of Oeoi'- r.ln. Talniadge was nsketl, ullei- he made (lie charges at a PI-CM con- 'eri'iiei'. If he expected contempt iciion. ||« replied thai he never ipeeuliiti-d on "what the ollnn- lel- low mlglit do." tin niiiclo (lie elini'iie against !iu- iicrlor .nidgi. Claude Porter, who -uli'd foi' Tliompson'« clulm lo the Koveriioi'.shlji hi Ifomi 1 , Ga., yesterday, wliile Talniadge attorneys WCI-D dolemllnj. his own clulm in cxeciitivr Puivcr in a hemlng In McDonough. Tahnadge issued a written c.'.a(c- ineut Biiylng tin had been Infurmed lhat the Itomc judRi- "rendied In his pocket nnd pulled out an opinion lie had nlrradv Written nnd proceeded lo rend II." Poilor snld h-3 had nn commi'iit > mnlcc on Ti.lmadge's charges cci'tH a'lef!orlcnlly. "Thi> Ktory goes, he said, "that mie limi! a Jnekass kicked nn Irlsli- ninn. The [I'Mnimn lurnp,i unil aald 'I'll just consider Ihe Koiirce'." "c said that the C n»e was Kcl for earlnu bi'forr him In n |- / •! manner. "I lieai'<l Ihe ease, rendered n decision and \ don'i believe even ihe frlt-iidi, of Mr. '['[ilimulge here in this TOimty K aw nnythini' •"long wllh !!.'• Porter Mild. ' Talmudge snld (he eas,. |,nri l^en scl originally for Feb. 12 nnd "for some unknown reason Judge Porter heard it jTs!'>iduy-willirtn •,.,. lite 10 anybody." lalnmdgn s al,| "tin-suit imleiit- 'v collusive. It wns brought by friends, friends. |j e rm- c friends n«d for friends." main court bailie over the ..In governorship . (.oojt nlnce In Ihe old ,-c.l brick nourlhouse ill McDnnoush, but (or a Hmc the decision nvornlinriowcd it. White Russians File Big Claim Billion and Half Asked As War Damages from Defeated Germany LONDON, Feb. (I.— (UP)— While niissla demanded of Ihc foreign ministers' deputies today thnt Cler shot out from behind the motion moon Picture screen. Firemen said the me wns caused Ijy spontaneous combustion, °nl.v one man, retired railroad worker .Jack Mnys. received Injuries Ife wns badly burned n limit the face and nnns when lie responde V' Contributions Go Above $5,000 Nine-Degree Low For '47 Campaign U prp :' rj-U-i Aridltlonol reports brouh h' * "'' ^ ** vUlUCjl,..-. , * . - " ' j- .. For Two Winters Additional reports brought In ... liters In the "Y" campaign boosted the total lo $3.aaj,60 yesterday in, P. D. Foster, clitlnimn ot t.iui drive, s»ld today. Th« oudKel is $ll>.500, Totals reported by Icndei-s of various loams yestfrdoy were: O. K Kmuisen and Qeorge Hubbara Jf.. MS; L. F, Old Jr., Biici Jack Thid, S30; the Ruv. H. Scott Baird and Samuel p. Norils, »10; R. A. Nelson, !'. E. Coolcy and Howard Moore. S33.SO; E. l>. Ferguson and Harvey Morris. »202.; Otjio 8t«n- licid iiiul T. J. nalley, »1K9; Wilson llcmy and Oeorao etilwrll, »1U; Worth Holder, $10; nnd Herman C.irlton and Jack Powell, *OS. Refuses to Talk Clcrlmrd Elsler, alK-Rcd reprcscnta- tiv-D In Uio United States for the (jommimlKl Intcrnnt!oiu\l, picks up nls pnpcra and propnres to Irmvo. the, )!OUKC UixMncrlcaii Activities Cominitlco hearing fin Wn»li'»ijtop F,ls[er i-cfuscd to' ' be sworn In when called n« a witness. He wa promptly cited for contempt, ol Conorcss. (NEA Tclephoto.) many be forced to pay her war reparation., |n kind of $1.500.0(10.00!) In return for the SI5.000.ODt).- 1M> war damage siiffcri-d by White Russia. Tim demand was placed before the deputies b y K. v . Klsclev. white nimlnn /orciifii mlnfafcr. ,, ut ii-.iiiuiiui.-ii t Ir ' cl " ne ""^r Russia had aRteed s owly to the alarm Inside the ° " ITOPona) tluil the Austrian theater. The downtown as border city's second nf tnc „„,.. tarller, two Negroes last their lives When flumes destroyed their frame house. Reid Announces Date for State Bar Convention LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Feb. R. I UP) -The linr Association of Arknn- — jsiis will hold it.s annual convention in Little Rock May 1-3. President the firsl war crimes case- brought against Germanv's industrial lenders. . Max B. Held of Blythcvillc hn, - nounccd. His niiiiouiirvmcnt came following a nicetinj; of the a.iso- ciation's executive committee here yesterfiay. Reid snid that former ConRrfs'i- man Hiitton W. Suinncrs o( Texas and \V. L. van Ucvanter of S]irin>!- fielrl. Mo., Ozirk liumcriM, will speak at a banquet May 2. Arkansas Lawmakers Reach Half-Way Mark of Session LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Fcb. 8 (Uf'i —The 1017 Arkansas Legislative ,-.?s- sion stood today at tlie half-way- mark, after both houses yesterday moved rapidly lo gather up dangling ends of unfinished business nnd adjourned until 2 p m. Monday. Oov. Ben Lancy late yesterday signed into a law a dozen priation measures toUiltng ,. than SI,800.000 and eleven other bills of miscellaneous have approved. In addition they' have placed their 1 stamp of approval on 31 Senate measures, hiiroduerd 'Ivc joint resolutions. 17 concurrent resohilions, 20 resolutions and defeated only four House measures. j To date they huve not disapproved a Senate bill. The senators have inlroduci-d )8r> bills, 82 of which they have rattJlrd while failing to okay two others. ,, ~ -•-,.., ,,!., I^U.IL.I. ^i-t The tipper house has nlso acqui- would set up a Mental Hygiene Di-1 csccd in 12 HOUMC inciisnres and Mslon of the Stale Health Depart- f defeated only two bills from the pu One wo sant Jcnisalcm was injin ugly mood Would Probe~Ra^cket WASHINGTON. Feb. 8. (U P ) — The House Labor Committee today sought S50.000 and broad sub- pena powers for a nationwide investigation of -union rackelcer- In rificMi, ; '* Vl - **'-*nui ivfji.u i- r wo dhta,,, mc ' lt; n " otnpl - would give Ihe stale- I u S h' S moo, !. """Wr h»nd In ,e E u.atin B in- other side of Capitol Hill " Senate "has before It seven Joint surance companies; a third rai-etl i resolution.^ six concurtciit rcsolu- ine pay of jurors in Arkansas f:nmi tlons and ten Senate resolutions S3 to $5 a day; and another would , Governor Signs SS Acts donate free license tags to buses; Gov. Hen Lancy has signet) Into us?d and owned by churches. j law fi3 bills, 23 of which he ap- Hcre. is what the legislature! proved yesterday. He has played accomplished to date: no favorites, signing 26 House and The representatives have intro- 27 Senate proposals. As yet hc Ivis ilurnl :>5!) |,ill r ., 77 ,,f whl( .|, ,[, cv i SI-P I,i:r.lsi,\TtJ|(r; mi »' i ( .|- r. ,.-,,.„.,,.. i lk »u b||(; /lll.-)ll i JLI I treaty contain n cl/mie providing for the wltlidiawal of occupation forces within ni) days niter the Atistrlnn treaty is signed. The Soviets fulled Ir. „ i,i,| for IR Four agreement to a proposal for the forcible repatrtntlnn of dls- Pliicctl persons from Auslriii. Deputies of the I}I K pom foreign ministers ihrcshnl oul several SHB- Brstloji.-. on (he drafting or (lip selllcnienl with Auslrln. Fcodor Gusev 01 Hussia trl;M to Negro Youth Confesses Hotel Slaying Joseph Jones, 15. Blythiivlllii Negro, Is lu the county jail here today following lib ana confession lato ycslerdny In the shotgun slaying O f „ 17-year-nlcl Negro youth identified only as "Tommlo." hi tlie Cade Holcl at 5th and Ash. Arraigned in Mimlclpnl Cv,,.u .,,,„ , thl.s Jiinrnltig, Jones Is slated for, pip?s. a preliminary hearing Monday on charges of first degree murder. Little Rock WeoHi.r Bureau Predicts '•'•'••••• Another Cold Night The .cold \vavp tlmt'swopt the nation yesterday forces tenijierattires down iti'.'3|y7 tl!ft\''i!le until a new low ol' nine degrees wits reached dtirinjf last nljjht, iictonljng lo Holiort K. Biay- lo(,'k. oCfidal weather obsoiy- cr. , .'..,' -. H WHS the coldest, n |ght hore in Die pust two winters A low of 12 degrees was !> forded in .li'.miary, Ifl4(>. ;• The Weather Bureau in Little line!; lias promised rising tmnpor- nlm-t'n lor lomonow but indicat- cd that Noi-lh Arkansas will be In for another cold night tonight Lows of 12 degrees, three, hlahpr thnn Tilythevlllc's reading : this mm-nhig, w cre predicted for this area while in the extreme Southern part of till! state the lo-.v will, be a round 22 degrees. Clenr skle.i prevailed today ovi-c much of the alnlc, but the «iin- shinc miido onlv a dent in the Wn.sls H .))Jcl) swept out of the. North, where really cold weather wns experienced, but (he end'ot the worst cold wave ot th'n winter, ™ s ..l" Bi( ! |lt l«day. Th'c Chicago Weather Bureau promised |?e»eral- ly fair weather and slowly rising temperntures In the north central states by Monday. . .,. Continued cold weather, accompanied by high winds and scattered mow (lurries .was predicted for Ihe remainder of the' wcokend, nwrvcr, nlthnugh the i,tgh w!lu |^ «hid, whipped up snow- and. dusl Into blizzards across the plains tod"' '""' " l:) " tC(l .'* on 'o«'h»t,,early Tim center of the cold'.wave u'oml Eastward during tho nighl. rnvion. O.,. reported three dei-rees Helow xcro at G a.m., Fort' Wayne, H'd.. two below, nnd Jackson, Mloli.' one below, •, Tho coldtsl'pnrt of the eountr w>s sllll WcsUrn North another". nin " W i'° , <1ei ? 1 ""' tl'Rt »» --irowjj.'. pipe business totfay was: the -best In years. . . -. . In tiicV. btisliinss (s so Eo6cf\hai nne plumber rilmi't have to leavo home to find It. For the first, time since he moved Into hts home in f|ii years, a p|j, ( . burst-then an- olhcr burst. Other plumbji-.s snlcl they had been answering the phone -and rushing out to help unhappy peou i c with bursled pipes sinco 6:30o'clock il'ls morning. One company -kept check on calls and by U b'clbcfc fix^i pipes at 15 homea. ' ' "We got started bright and early today and this sure lias been one busy Saturday" is |hc way. another iBslrous cffocls on water According to tho youth's confession and officers' statements, Jrmc.H shot "Tommlc" in Ihc neck 9 with n double-barrel shotgun after an argument over money, .loncs Ihcn hid the body under his beet in the hole!, later moving \>. to another room, again lildin? it under a bed. An unidentified No- discovered the body and called youth next wont lo his fnlher, Wyley Jones, employed at return for soviet acceptance of a proposal to pull 0111 the omiiwlimi forces three months after tlin Austrian treaty h signed. The nrllish. French :ind American deputies opposed the Soviet hii-palnlne stand, and Gusev finally agreed lo tin- withdrawal clause. H Is n duplicate of t'hr wilhdraw- ai in tlic Axl: I'f-icc treaties. Prosecutor Withdraws Controversial Nomination TEXARKANA. Feb. 9 (UP) — The controversial a;-]X)lntnienl of Henry 'Wnods as deputy prosecut- inc; nitnrncy in Miller County lias boo)] withdrawn. Prosecutor James H. Pilkinlnn ot Hcpe announced li:c wllhd:awnl yosiord.iy and the aupointmcnt nf Robert p:. Hal) of Texarkana to the post. PilViinlon .-.aid he arto:l "witli iCRivt" but Hint 1!ir notion is in tho h'.-st inicreMs of Ihe criminal rourts o[ hi.s district in view of •i |> KSI'J.'C long. trra;vn out legal b.ittle. The appointment of Woods was opposed by Circuit Judge Dnxtcv Bush who twice rofusod to approve be Judge Green to Hold Common Pleas Court Common . pleas Court wil, u convened here Monday In the Ci, cuit courtroom for Ihe hcnrln.-; ot oivil canes with Kolnml Oiven IDWII. Officers were disixilchixl mi In two directions. Police Chiei Churles Ejliort and Deputy shcrili Krwii) Jones locnlcd the youth and made the arrest In Stec.'e, .Mo., lalo ye.slerday afternoon. "Joy Rides" Prove Quite Expensive for Five Boys Arrested, in Manila Area Five Manila youths were Unco 510 and costs and received 30-day suspended sentences in Municipal court this morning on chaws ol driving cars without the owners' permission. They were Elmer Eugene Cnr- mirlc. Will Frank Jolliff, Oron Junior Johnson, Amos Dean Ctvr- ry and Johnnie Clayton HIUK. Thclr : Heavy i)rmage :n Alaska : - AMCflCRAOE. Alaska; P e V. 8. JP)--)3amage In the. millions of ollar., was estimated today as Alaskn emerged from a cold snap of record duration. With temperatures up lo 28 de- KTCMI for the Ural time iii weeks home owners nnd shippers were counting their losses. Houses thnt have never before been damaged by the cold sustained heavy losses in Fairbanks. Ketchikan and Anchorage. Major properly disaster Was ffi i ail shipments which were frozen ?* Vr. '"" c " ri ' <""'»«•» to 50 in the P.iirS,-ink.s area and" fo" record .owa in other areas. Commercial losses -from trains blocked by Ice and from grounded airplane.? were high in al! areas. Mrs. G B. Peery, Missco Pioneer, Called by Death Mrs. Amanda Kalheritie Peer)-, 00. who hart made her home hero since a child, died this morning at her home O n Armorc] Road. She was the wife of the late G B Pecry. Funeral services will bc Held to- wi.j.iu.i m..->». I? c ! r . r<hv nftcrnc>on ., 2:3» o'clock at . ..uir arrcsus are believed lo Cobb Funeral Home Chapel will, have put an end to a series, ol • lho Rcv - E - C. Brown, pastor of "joy rlde.s" In "borrowed" tars. | First Baptist church, officlattni; which were later abondoncd. They | Burial will be in Maple Grove Ccm- tciok cars on approximately .six ctcry. occasions, officers said, wiring " ~ around the Ignition switch jvhcu no keys were fo'.uid in Die cars. One of the cars was taken twice by the group, it wus alleged. An Investigation conducted bv . pccry v,- Town Marshals O.<car and flv" c Giant and James VanZant result- Rhodes r who adniilted Inking the cars. City, HI, •She Is survived by two ttauqh- lers. .Mrs. clara Pccry and Mrs. Kale Tucker, both of Blythevllle; a son, Fielder Pocry. of Btytherillc. a.htes Door Lett Open by Byrd MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Fcb. a. iUP> George Bugbee. Memphis Press- Similar sporls etillor, today offered thio explanation for tlie current ccld wave: .. , _. Admiral Byrd is In the •Antarc- County Juuge tic and it's obvious that Richard i '""" )>«s opcncrt the dfor," Brown of Greenwood, Miss.. Mro. Ada sharp of Pine Bluff a,/ d AtM. Netlle Wilson of Dyersburg, Miss. Wpothpr * ARKANSAS — Generally-'fair, continued cold tonight;'rising tcm- pptdtiires Sunday. \.ow temperatures tonight 12 extreme North lo 22 extreme South. >

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