The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

F.1UDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 19-17 BLYTKEVILLB (AHK.) COU1UISU NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate get line ror coueicuUrc i»certloDi: l tUa» p«r UQ« __r"III"II~~~~I iac 19 tiaiOB y«r lUi* per day*""' yc fl limes i>ur lino p«r day I 7c 12 tiniBJi yer Hue y«r day 6c Moutb per line „_ DQC Count five Rveiage words to lit* line. Ad orderej for tntco or aLx tiniua mid •topped before expiration will bo chare •d for the nurubtr of tituea tue M a|> S«*r«d »ad adjiifilttieut of bill made. AM Classified Advertising copy anlj milted by persona residing outside of the city must LO accompanied by cash. Kates may bo easily connoted froiu tbe *bo*e table. ^ Adreitlslux order for irregular Insei- Mtloos takes the ou« time rite. Vo responsibility win be tak«o for more thau one incorrect iuserticu or auj classified ad. For SaJe Coal! 100 U)s. or Carload, We deliver. Phone 1WW). Wheeler Co;il Co. % Cop- pcdge Gin. l-S-pk-2-b i*/if« koyer (or yout louie. 11. O. Gimpliell 1'Kont 4 ifl — '2U80. Uf(u:t 120 Houtk B«co«d. 10|2-ck-lf (J<jod used nruiy coinuai a hues. HIioci- and uxtardi. IlaHonl's fJJjuu Kh<j|. 100 S. Bcc'jml. l|B-ph-2|*- '/. tun Army Dn-l^e iilck up irm-k. $7fiD. Contact lUyttu-vill<! t'urU Mar kel, l[!!£-clM( lcs]icdczi tin ('flit 2'J5S See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like oiu qual- ily chic>;s y halchod right from selected flcdw. Hardy, {ast- tjrov;ers. Lo\v price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Ii Block So. of Depot I'lione 4S3 6-room residence near bus! ness district. S3500. Own cr occupied. Quick possss sion. H. C. Campbell Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ck-tr For Sale les wvU on Un"; Cervices hay. 2 Lro At Jlooro lir IS. os] in inly IJIrtkcjimrt) Mrrtwlierry Mi.iU' Ilimilsli. 17I'J I'li'c I'honi' :!7 lu. • I Ml coal healers at cosl. Good selection. planters Hardware. 2-l-ck-it" instil and Hog Disc. G. A. Hale, liunleUe, ArU., IMi. 702. 2-3-Hi-lW ;iuli,-n-y |i7;inls jfl.f.o IIIIIL.|I,'<| hi-. I.Mi'1 Imnil,',',!. .VII kirL.I- lil iiiJii: _.. \\'e speciati/.e in fruit (vei; spray malcrinls. Ask us what uiul when (« use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 12fi W. Main, phone 515. l-;!l-ck-t[ Case pickup hay hater. International 71J Disc, 2 bottom M" black laml liilornation- al No. S breaking i>linv. li bottom 12" mixed laml Case breaking plow. Call us on what you want— we'll i?el it for you. I'au! 1). Abbott Sales Service, Yar- bn> Koad, phone 05<). 2-G-ck-ti "•'•ihk» Miclilnt utrrico — " •> unnlr *L| t;iH<t »t*hluc mHCklun ''•<«"ll,'.i ,if ktml ul fonillilini Aim MONKY TO LOAN > you need a loan to repair or reniudel? No down pay- inunt, no mortyngc, no red tn|ii'. Kit A approved rate ','<''. Ask for details. Mai , Kraltor, phone 2034. Lynch BMg., IM.vlUi'vitle. 9-28-ck-tl Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows \vuathcr.4l ripped. C. V.. WiKKins. f)12 N. lOlh. I'lioau 22!):!. i2-:U-pk-li-l . ' iiu'uljidi.T. linrt;,)!!,- ^InlLt'. .o ,-iiifl :] lirtnl.-iiiii n lf «. ,1 I.. j,ti. li^S. (J.^-i-i,].,. Ark. See us fin 1 an estimate he- forr you luivu your Irnclor ovci-lniiilod. W<r ti|>Ck-iali/o in stvaut <-luiuiiH}> mul (in«', ck'i'tric 1 niul iK'Cl- wi.'Ulin«:. Kiisscll IMiiUips Triu'lHr C.!). Iliwu.v (H South. I'lione 2171. 2-.i-d<-i.r Will k;u-|-ifir... Si-.. <ll- ,-:,]! y (i,,r,,i-|l,. Us,lulu ('ml. Mki.. l'.U!i. -J 7-|j^ I I i'i.niiiT I' talilo nmU. [;-|.lv. nine!.' l» fil y.iur lulilfs |.r<-K(.rvc JinMi. OriU-r tli.-iu I .liiiiiuii- i:.l.v;ir.]- :i(ll I-! M.iin High grade blood tested baby chicks. Spcciai SI 2.90 per hundred. Complete line o! feed. Tiliiylock Hatchery, N. (il. " -1-31-ck-ir T.yncli. till III'llUlL ;l A rV:. Fully equipped lire rcniiir shop. liuiictinjr 15x50, ono . 5'/2 h.p. boiler, 2 rccappcrs. i) section molds for all si/es including truck anil tractor fires; one ;iir compressor; 3 buffers; everything else needed for modern tire shop. One piece 01 everything. Also ]!)!! Plymouth pickup with ncs\ motor and new tires; combination adding machine nnd cash register. Locate!' on highway and railroad Wade Coal Co. & Tire Shop, N. Hwy. (il, phone. 2291, ni.urht " phone 700. Keason for selling, ill health. Z-S-pk-Lli 5-room residence located on S. 20th Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second t-2V-t! .Veil- .Inlin Tli'Cr.. Iraclor anil i-qni^inorit; 2 J.!TU'<<!y 111-^- A .l,-,l\ll Iltt-r,. Irac- li.t. v-Flli i-i|vii|, '1 n'-,v li. lii.ill triictnrs vvilh riiltivalnm. 2 r.irmnll Irnn'ori villi i-i'ill'i'v.-ilnrr 2 fivo .irr- fr.nn Kill In i!)-li; riui'l.-K-. I n.-iv It Mnlini. irarlor: 1 II .'r,|m !>nrn tt.inor iv-llli HI I-: inn.!.-l: 1 K Knrmnll Irjclor »iili li.'V n.MiiT. in L-raul AK,, liavo fill l.i;,\ ( ,f miil.'s fur -ill.-. T.-n.iK 1.111 )..- nrrnnirml nil nil llifsc Irnclt.r^. T v.ill InV.- tr.iilf- in r.u il- m.isl an.r<liinc nil llvsc Irai-tnrs. K C. '>..«.•. I mil,- K li of Ilrnviiarln^n Water healers, iuvlhtubs. sinks, closets, lavatories. : Koil pipe & fittings, galv. & copper pipe & fit tin: Orsburn's IMumbing U" Heating, ph. S75. 2-G-pk-29 inn !rv«T*. A. I', •ftjvis. W;oi-| It.i-i- Son!li''Fran Trt^liir Mnlli .l»-.,rl f , rc nil s1,-,,l -on- lUylllnvillf. Muslin- ^'lop SfVon.l Kir-,I. 2' :>ml HVl^.'Tri'r- iil:'"!^; tn:nV. 120S Knlly. I'll. 2« i.«>- ri-ii ft,,.. SPKCIAI. \\", , In Hi.- v.-.-i^i.or. >vn- ,- sir.. :• iif-.v :i i. i o.l l-,- .<|-.'..-,'i rum- ,':l'J M , ,^:.i:i..n. s^ti- l.ii.v. (ijjlji ,ii;ii rullitalnr. li!>rrr«v •. S It. ,li^'\ t MI r I'iA .-Jn" ''h-'' Mny I'a'-l '"I"' ivl t,. .,11. H-r^.L.- fur ii'-v f M"-- 'liiln <!nitim-l Ijnl.v" widi lilnUr.-^ I.r.-iclicullr nfiv. in:i-l Wcsl Mnin l'|i- sr:iir«. Mr>. II. I.. Tinkrr H'-l-r.k -'-7 l.< fjiuul .il. \Vi- iKl>l.^ fur riuj- sixi- c-liirk. n. *:i K)t, poinuSs, /iKti i-n.1,.1,1 l" ].ni, t 'li-i\ Mill. :«'il S. S<.,-mi,l Our Shop Gives You Your car dcKcrves tho Imst u|ikec'p possil it in Kt'O'l condition! Don't take chance's work—or amateur service; . . . Phillips the bust, l>y i'.x|H'\'l. nii'i'baiucs who lai yJtir car in Up-top shape! ' FASTER-FINER- MOTOR COMP FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Hlythcville, Ark.—Tel. for Rent ;ui No. mil. I'li Wanted r Will it Ads. Distance Aloving WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models Competent Help and aqulpmanl. Ade qaalclj lusiircd Conliict Misc. Services. '•It DoilRc -l-ilmir '•!» IMymuulli 'I'l CIMCI l!i III" DC Koln Truck ~ ! 'H9 liuick '31! t'lievrulcl OTHUIIS TO SKJ.r.CT FKOM BRNETT & ALLEN Walk In Boxes ALLEN SER. STATION Dry Coolers PAGE .ELEVEN Can You Sincr ijiluni; nvcr iinrtlu'rii [>;n-l of Cast I'uissin, foi-iiuii'ly c!i'r- 111:111. Hi<' U.SSIl has brc'n Imsy | vhidijjini,' C'lorniiin naini-,-,-, riiinc'cl i in lii.sloiy. li> lilies-inn niuvi. as .vliown mi iinij!. N,., v ii:in u ...j'ii,.,, "' wliil,. IviU'i's, «Ul onua in l>l;u'k. II vvns at Tllsil, in III'.IV. thin Niipulvon mid Tsui- Ali-x- HIKlcr I IDC'l Oil a I'llfl iirill (Mvld- I'll llHIC'll (if KiU'opl.' , mc l ,\ S J., | H .. IM't'i'n tlu'.-.i. KiH'ni;;slKM-/;, liirt!- fsl i>rt'«'r.i Kuxl l'i-iissi:in cily, WHS UK- nrovimVs raniial. In Time? LETS FIND OUT! FARM LOANS 4 Low Int*r**t J Long Term J Fair Appratial J Prompt Servlc* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving 'I'ltl-s SrcKoii for it I Voars US Ko. 3nl Illyllicvlllv. Ark, AnO*iiM,J u.,t,«,. i w <M,n.,f« 1U Pj u J. n ll.l [„,„.„,. C.,n,,», ,| A»b. TIIIII: In rniilnnUnl rniuniin Snmliiy ul I p.m. over WltKO Let us inspect the brakes on your ca and moke needed re pairs or adjustment RIGHT NOW. I LO Y I CH Ktrby Drug Stores Wanted to BUY >>ONT TAKK A LOSS. Crd the top price for vnnr rar or »ruck fr«rr> PHILI.IPF MOTOR CO. Today. G-S-ck-tl Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and get il. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy <il, phone 37S5. 12-2G-pk-2-2(i 1'ianos -in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2059. ]-17-ck-2-17 "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's' Delicious )IT *i BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G W. Main St. Phone 3M7 HHKHMnHHHMI . wwv WB,« M MHH«MH n «_B.»»l>B»~«v»»«B»B— ••« ^^3^;^iisstysioxs^sii^^izss3S^iK!afissK!SSXfsiart Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any 8:ivn IMontiy 'I'nilay, Any Day STOP AND SWAP IXIIKKT IIUI'I'MAN'S 101 K. Main I'lionc 85!) Vim Aiust Ho liniifyjr or No OL-II! CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phont 571 Texaco Gas & Olb Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes Open 8 a. m. —- Close 5:30 p. m. Tui'.sdiiy and 'riuirsilay Niglits Open Till 9 o'Clock 323 North 2nd St. Our Uiidio Itcpairs nre tjiiiclt and inn- workmanship l'ii\i;r tlian anywhcri; BRING US YOUR POULTRY! We l'ii}- lllclinKl I'llrrs fur nil Ili-ns, Knoslnrs, Ducks and Gees* Suvc 'I'hnl .lliilillciiKni's I'ritlK. , Our I'riccs Rovni llcil liy Alarkcl Vllluc Htglnvav (il North I'hone a7fi2 W T PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down Shcruin Williams Patnls Hlicffiilil Field Fencing Gould's Wntiu- Pumps. Mailcrn Walcr Snflentrs (Ulilitvsun Kitchen Sinks Help Wonted r,imilll:nili,->. II intcrrMril in tr.nrl t.-ivini: jr.l, ftp A K, <'c,oV li,,t-l Xtil.l.'. nft.r n |,.,,i. ,,|j.s Middle aged saleslady willing to ivork long hours. Vlionf 207.1. 2-7-ck-S « niU- >[,.. The car you're driving now may he a death trap r <>r both your family aiul yourself! \Vlio knows ivhal shape it is in ... until given a thorough check by experts. Don't take chances by driving a car th;>t hasn't been inspected for traffic 1 lia/ards . . . brink' it to us now for a complete service check with corrective measures. Idin-I j.lioi- f 0 Re Our Shop Gives. Your s\ L - f g |tpV MI R K «M^ e Delco naileries, any sixc. Don'I crank your car for - want of a good battery. See Slielton Motor Company, 121 W. Ash St. 2-6-ck-I) Tires! Tires! Tires! Extra limpr mileage (ires from Shellon Motor Company give you protection against untimely accidents. 121 W. Ash St., Phone 438. 2-6-ck-!) 1041 noilBf pickup. Kirtt i'la« mn ir.j. »:mi.lnv«..| In- Snifi .(- <:„.'nT. i'. tot* T.*~iVi>r HI'(/,H -fam^'i n. W<-» Heavy Refrigerator fnr Iinmi-(li:ilc Delivery CALL Srecle 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN e'nnl-AIre AHIc Tans Sim-ILi'n Oil llculers O Kleclrlc \Vn(« i;i,I,IS rooi.l-:, Owner HiKlnvay 01 Narlli nl HOLLAND, MO. 106 South First 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK US AUOUT FARMKH'S TRHMS WITH ANNUAL PAYMENTS RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All rypus Rvct-tM Canrtrl DRS. N1ES & HIES Clinic 5H Jl.lln, iilvllii'villc, Arli., I'lionc 29'il t ^f^ HARDWARE CO, Inc. DON EDV/ARDS "The Y ypi".vrller Man" EU)VAT. r SMITH, COKO.VA nnrt UKMiNCITON rOKl'ABI,!! 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE S3t!2 (Every Transacllon MUST BE SATISFACTOKY) \2f» West Mnin St. BOOTS AN'D HKIt BY EDGAR MARTIN i 5Htl?\Vt JliST CHPiSEO HIM MtN OU( OP BVlOCAMWt \ NO PB-3SINC , SIGMS R\_\- BV MKKRU t, Bl.OSSEf ITS GAV NIMETiES )T\VENTY-WREE DAY ci.-irir>nrt ono/ TO «> TO THE BPA.'N Telephone 553 S Sales—BtJICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil \ SEUVICR Walnut & Broadway

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