The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 8
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JBIGJBT BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, FKBUUAliy 7, 1947 Offers Laor Program ; ' ^ legislative Outline Submitted to Congress By Chamber Spokesman WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. (UP)— The ,U.S. CIVnmber of Commerce ycsU>Ajsij; recommended to Congress n sweeping 4 l6-polnt lalxu- legislation prfagrnm callipg for bans OH couipujsory union membership. In- cUistryXwIde bargaining,. secondary boycotts''and jurlsdlctlorml and sympathy strikes. It also urged "wholesale revision" pi the Wagiier Act. And it called on Co«ei:es5 to outlaw use of union power to -"force the exaction ol royalties on 'production" and violence, coercion, intimidations, umss picketing and sitdown strikes. Ths far-reaching program was placed before llie Semite Labor Convmiltee by \V. .Homer Havtv. of Chicago, chairman of the Chamber's Labor Rclftltons Committee. The Chamber, however, opposed compulsory aibl.trution or labor disputes in all casts where the public interest Is not parnniount. In this connection. It uracd further study and cautioned against liqsly IcfiU- lation. - v - . ,. The Chamber,'through Hartz. said ' it favored'-a minimum reliance on law for settling labor disputes. "The Chamber )ms repeatedly declared itself in favor of n mnxl- mum r.esort to the settlement of labor disputes by jvbluntiiry menus and, n" minimum resort to law." Hartz said. ,,,', He saioV.the Chamber was greatly concerned "about "serious inequities which result,from increasing government; intervention in one : form or another.", '' He opposed establishment of a Federal Mediation Board, bul said the U.S. Conciliation Service should be strengthened und made an independent agency under a single administrator. /Hartz said the Chamber also rec- qnimends that (1) employers should be assured "free speech" In labor relations, (2) unions be required by law IcT bargain, Just as employers arc; (3; unions be suable for breach .of contract; (4) supervisors be excluded-from the Act, nnd (5) errfploye'rs b'e allowed, to' petition for bargaining eiecticms" -whenever a-union asks bargaining ree- .compulsory arbitration. Young Hermits Go to Town • SUNDAY SCHOOL USSON Feeding the Five Thousand Secondly, there Is little value mi trying to rationalize tile miracles.' T!N' notion, for example, that in thi:. feeding of the five thousand what happened wscj thai ninny i:Xjile toc.siGct; ihe small ~oy hud i>rciui;iit provision's, inul lollcv.'Vd Ills 11V WII.UAAl E. GlUtOV, D. i). The feeding of a multitude ol fin; thousand people with five bav- Icy loaves and tv;o small fishes is ninona Hie mott amuzlng slorics of ,U! time. I Miraelcs <jf liealing. Inth anole.nt iisi'l modern, are ivisily believed, for! ixur.plt! "jn proclisjne them \vi> are familiar with many inani-l siirtl in view ot the niai'i record Icsiiuloiis of the power ol mind j Move- intelligible i; thu ::\Cf',".";tiu:i ovo: Uialler, nnd there is always ttml a would have bcei the question ol exact and auUicntl: modlca) dlagiuiiis. \IJut miracles HKc this one tho;,i> tliat involve an over-joining o! physical laws-.^re spirit of this miracle of the fecd- !nx of llie five thousand? In a world in which millions are starving or sadly Ill-nourished, we have the resources lo do today a «rc-i.ter work of fccdint- even than that re,su!line Irom tht niirncuiou!- Inercnse of the little lad's loaves and fishes. Would strong nations and pecpX 1 mi^ht nje in the Master's name the magnificent facilities ol production, IraiBportation. and dls- '.r:;;u'4cin tliev i:essc^! og nit Ion. As._ foY Harlz recognized a possible need for it in disputes affecting public health -and- safety. "VVe favor use, without legal requirement, of arbitration as the final step in the handling of griev- anc^s," he said. The three children in photo above got iheh 1 firsl haircuts when they were brought into San Dieyo, Calif., from the top of nearby Ghost Mountain, where Iheir pai'enls had lived us hermits for 15 years. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Marshiill He! South, they are, Rudyai'd, 8; Hider. 12; sine! Vk'.oria, 6. Their mother, Tanya, riHht, recfjilly divorced her luii!?-baU<.d, poel-Sjcrmit husband foi' ci uc.-lly. very hard for some miiidccl pcorili; to accept. SotiH' .;nd it e:\sy to believe on llie authority of scripture; pihers, dou'otln'i Thomases, do not find :;p|lcl so ca-iv. Will these .who have- no (tillimlty believing in the miracle:, ju'.don me while I address a few v. crcl.s to ihose who do? ol all, we should never al- iov; ury dim'Dts wo im;y have to af- reet our faith In Jesus as moral and .-.pirltua! Master and Saviour. li is i:ot beliel in miracles that savo.s. but belief in Christ as Saviour anii Kcclccmer. i) .stories of i;:eal wonder-working power had not be-some asiwriaKa with the ministry of Jirsut.. •I'nc remaika'ali! ihing alwut the ir.ii iicies recorded in th(j Gospels is ! iliiu iilumsl without exception the jjli;.jira! ui!r:ick's correspond to the spiritual mission of Jesus. They are miracles :>f feeding healing, hle- t'ivini;. [iyiKoali:: o! Jesus the" Bread <;.' l,:ic. Jesus the Healer ol Souls. an-.t Jesus the Saviour and UK- i!ei.'iii<:r, i/ivln:; tr, me:i the new bin!!. •Hov.' mu:!i are Marshall Uses Army /c/eos in His New Office ,« WASHINGTON, Feb. 7—(UP) — Secretary of Slate Gcorijc (J. Mnr- ehfill has ordered revision of Stale department operations nlonj; (he simpler general .slafr lines used by the Army during the war. it was " ihriicd today., Marshall, officials said, has turned ! the reorganization job over lo Acting Assistant Secretary of Hlate John E. pucrlfoy and other stale department administrative experts. plali ToothiMl Whale The killer uhalc Is the only variety of whale \\lth teeth. H is a flesh-eater, has no eommrrchil value, and Is not hunted bv mankind. tentatively formed, their calls for creation of; Seqcrte Committee Okays 1. A -high-level planning board charged with drafting long range U. S. foreign policies. .«.• A secretariat which would handle day-to-day diplomntic problems as they come up ami expedite their .solutions with the board general policies set up Isy the planning board. This system would follow the same general lines adopted during World war II by the Army's general staff, when Marshall was its chief. WASHINGTON, f$t>. v— (UP) -r- Thq Senate Finance Committee itociijy approved Indefinite continuation of high wartime excise tax rate;; on turs/ co.mcetl.cs, HqiiOr and other so-called luxury Items. Sen. Robert A. Tsui, R., o.. ft nieiffcer of the committee, said the •volff was unanimous! Tpe measure, requested by President Truman, already ' has been passed by the House. The higher excise tax rates 'yield an i added $1,130.000.000 revenue •eacB year. i Sleep Tonight, Tou'll like the way' Va-tro-nol works tight where trouble I? to opeii up noseT-rcllevQ slulfy transient" nbh- eesticn. (Alsogrand-for relieving snifily, snc?zy, stx^ffy distress oJ head colds.) 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Vuv-FYuxidPiil IM10NK pi County Bank Building Osccola, Arkansas am vv AMll ©] II i H K.- A Hunch ij'v,*i rk OF WCKEE'S PREDICAMENT, thSS LOCATES H1N\ AMD KE^ES HIS SAD STOR'(. 1 KM KV /...THOSE: KOODl'JMS frRE WHECKIN5 / .W HOUSE, EPSV'. BUTTK5EE'S NO I tESAL «Af TO G6T 'Ef.\ OUT .TJLU V I WIN ,W SUIT FOR POSSE5SWN! / POLICE ARK6STED Y IRONICM.W, x . ' / TTOOFTHE N.SWTES ItrtERES PR03WW \: I ON 010 CHARGES, BUT NOT ONE OF THENV 1 •I HAVE KOTHIM& OM /WHO ISWT WM1TED e A ~ RSSOURCEFUi- CaAP UKS VO'J C\'.i CUTSW^ET THE SCOUNDRELS SOME WAV! HW.\! »R.(JU13BUeiS REMARK SJRT O' GIVES DS AN IDEA,., |«NT t\ BATHINS SEAUM COMTESt HES.O DURINS THE- I'ESTOIM. HURE < WHV'N'CHATBLLTH' AMERICAN MINISTER HOW WE KNEW ALL ABOUT THE LOUISIANA DEAL? THAT WE'RE HERE / WELL.WE'LL LftND FROM THE 2OTH I SMACK IW JAIU CENTURV? WE'D V IF WE AIM'T HAVE Lr>.NOED SNACK ( OUTA FRANCE IM AN ASYLUM.' ,\ TOMORROW! BUT IF WE BOARD [ YEH, \Vt ARE IN A \WHV, IT'G OLD SHIP FOR AMER)CA\ SPOT.. HEY WHAT'S) NAPOLEON / Uf~Sl.-J'l t l*l/1Mh4i IfJl / f~f\\A IM' I~\r'.t -in / II IK,1C^f^| tT / y KOW'LL WONMUG EVER FIND US WITH THE TIME- MACHINE ?

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