The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 7
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FIUDAV, FEBHUAitY 7, 1947 WRA is Critical Of DeWitt Order Agency Which Moved Japs Across Country Says Idea 'Was Wrong' i, u ? Y IIEM!N K MOKBKKG United I'rcss staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 8. — The mass wartime cvacunllon or 110.000 Japanese Americans from Ih'c West Const lo Arkansas and other slates was entirely unjustified act Jklnt established a pattern for "un- "emocrntle behavior in the eyes of freedom-loving peoples.'' Tliat Is the conclusion of the War nelocalioii Authority in its final report op the evacuation pro- Bra m which it W n s charged with carrying out. Tlie report was highly critical of U. Gen. John L. DeWItt, who headed the Wartime Western Defense Command and «-ho recommended the evacuation of the Japanese-Americans. It nairt there "is a Rieat deal of evidence" thai DeWitl wss "by no means free of racial feelings in ordering the evacuation and that he held them long after it had become nn accomplished fact," WRA said DcWill's action was condoned by the United 'States in general because there exists in this country "a marked xenophobic tendency" — a tendency to hale and fear foreigners. Not only were thn Army's reasons for the evacuation "highly arguable or wholly unfounded", the report snld. but the Japanese -a'erc held in relocation camps longer Ilion necessary by any security standards. The report was written under the direction of Dillion S. Mycr. direc- (or of WRA until it w a s abolished m 1946. DeWitt recommended ttie evacuation of West coast Japanese to j&pbc secretary of war on Feb. 14, ^1042. president Roosevelt subsequently approved DcWill's sugpcs- tion. WRA said it recognized that DeWitt was under "heavy responsibility ' for the protection 'of the West Coast, and that feeling was j-un- »»»g high at the time in the areas where u, c jnpaneso were coni« n- trated because of the recent attack on Pearl Harbor. •Nevertheless, the report said. WRA does not believe Ihnt a mass evacuation was ever justified, am! it feels most strongly fliat the exclusion orders remained in effect for months and perhaps for years after there was any real justification- for their continuance." _BLYTHEViLLE (ARK.) COU1UKU This Bird Should Look Familiar Picard Allows U.S. to Enter Pottery Case DETROIT. Feb. 1. (UP)-Fcd(- rnl Judiie Frank A. I'ieiud today itpjHoved entry of Ihe federal government into the Mi, demons (•Midi.) pottery Company I'ortnl S>i\y test case. The decision wilt ciinblo - Die Justice Department to appeal Pl- currt's rnliiu! in tile lo the U. S. Supreme Court. The dejiai't- iiK'nl said it would nwke such at) i.p;wal "whatever the outcome." Picard said he would slun n (01- mnl ret|iiesl that the government b> wnriuon to inilei the case us a "prouer parly" as soon its. It dime to his eVsk. II; said lie ' had arguments .Lialnsl the move by Kdtvuul I.irno, iiUnrney lor tlic plaintiff pottury workers, :uu! that they had not altered his di'dsinn. L/n:-o lias div,-;;-iix>ii the nom'n- incut's request lo enter the case' Its "untimely and Imd decried tin! Justice Uep:ivline!H p s "hostile attitude" toward tlm plaintiffs. "Th'. v |;avcriimrnl seeks to I>S<Y recovery ol llu 1 plaintiffs irrc.ine:- tive of the cvldnu'e adduced,", he said. Running Rune WARNING OIIDKR In the Clioncfry Court, Clilcl-a- suwbii Dislrlet, Mississippi County, Ark:nn.\.i. Frances Foster Clammlll..Plnlntl(r, vs. No. 98i)9 Tliomas lister (liunnill), Jr Dofoiidrint. The defenduut Thomas U-utcr Your feel will feel belter —slay heller if yon lum> those shoes resoled properly at our Quality "Shoe Shop. Longer wear for ! Monoy! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP '21 W. Mnin 8t aainmlll, Jr., \e hereby w»me<l (o npixtnr within tlurty d*/« In the court immctl In tli« caption hereof <md answer the eampUint of the ulnlntm Frances Poster OimirrUU HARVEY MORRIS, Ctetk >' By M»ry Lee Jarratt, IX, O' TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Suv« your prenent c»r Kniwt Mechanical Bcrvlce Alcmlte OH and Lubricant* Yes, we w««li »IK) (Tease cur* too'. Motors? \V> have new onion Overhaul »r rebuild theia Tin* and Tabn Oh, Y«, We patnl Cam Kvpuir and Reflnbh til T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 ins lii Army regulations which You've seen plonly nf portraits of Ihe enKle pirlurcd obuvo. lie ' "t, • ,....^.. wus used as the model tor the eagle Dial appears on U. S. currency. J prohibits the purchase o [ BOIIVB- l.ois Jean Mc(.'ulliiui>h admires him in independence, llnll, Phila- ' nlrs. I hnvo no other expliiniillou ___•' di-lphia. wheic he is displiiyea. .of the whole ihlnj,'." H»m> Gustafsson; Sweden's' mitslaiulinj; nllilc'te of ISHO, is in New York lo run In nil castmi major imloor lhroui;li JiMiniary aii<l March, lie wnn •S«'<'ilisli jiiul Kurojicaii (100- MK-tiM- anil sol world 1000. motor record of. 2:21:1. War Vet's $200,000 Diamond Collection ss Termed 'Souvenirs' Tennessee's Bridges Now Free of Tolls NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. Feb. 7. tUPl ~ A traveller can now traverse 'Tennessee for virtually the first . tiinr since pioneer days without having to pay road or bridge tolls. Gov. Jim McCord signed a measure, yesterday which spspcnds payment of tolls on the state's eight remaining toll bridges for four years, effective immediately. The bridges were built in the 1930-s, at which time some toll ronds wcic still in existence in the state. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7.—(UP) —Col. Edward J. Murray, bc-mccl- aieri veteran of both world wars, under technical arrest for attempting to smuggle more than $210.000 worth of diamonds into the United Stales from Japan, nervously admitted today that "I'm in a bud Jam." "t don't feel that I stole ihc diamonds, though." Murray told newsmen In a 30-mimit c interview at the hostess house at Fort Mason. ,"i got them all over Japan and I' consider them legitimate booty' or souvenirs." He said he realized he had violated customs by not declaring the diamonds, but otherwise he didn't mean to do anything wron" and didn't, feel that he had done anything wrong. "I know, though, I'm in a bad jani," he said. He .said he had been advised he will be flown back to Tokyo soon at the request n! Gen. Douglas MacArtlnu- to face questioning there by Army intelligence officers as to where and how he acquired the fortune in diamonds. .The slender; ',55-year-bltf' •combat veteran who served a s custodian of-the Bank- of Japan during the early stages or the occupation, wns askecl what he expected to do with the diamonds. "If I needed a little money." he smiled faintly, "I thought I'd dis- pose of some O ( them." He snld lie hud sold four diamonds but uc refused to say to whom or how much he received for them. Thc United states contains 207 religious bodies, with a combined membership of o;.00o,000 attention welders . . . You can now purchase a complete acetylene welding outfit for SG2. This is (he f latest type medium sue genuine Harris Calorific, the oldest manufacturer ol welding equipment. BLYTHEVILLE Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd Ph. 2328 ( | DELTA'S GOOD FOOD . . . 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If correction I* necessary, we can- put your -wheels in perfect' alignment quickly and al a' surprisingly low cost./ Furnish in the modern manner—and In perfectly good For modem ilr.iBii is Hip (ncr,t functional, livable tnrnlliire tnmlc. The niamciil you step Inlo a properly-styled nioti'iii living room, you'll notice the lightness ami brilliance ot HJ> colors. No morr dark sombre effects. \\v have some truly beautiful llvingroom pieces in s'n'-k ... so liurry down umi sec them, you'll fmti liMtie; with new. inodrrn Inrni- tnrc cheerful anil eiij"Vnl>lc! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 219 So. 2nd. Phone 422 ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 EAST MAIN ST. PHONE 2302 ACCEPT AT NO EXTRA COST This Handy UTILITY PITCHER WITH THE PURCHASE OF 25 IBs. or LARGER PURASNOW FtOUR No kitchen i.s complete without this attractive and practical star bottom pitcher, DvsiKiieil to take up a minimum of space on the table or in the refrigerator; yet, with n capacity of over n quart, it scr\e» man\ useful purpoKCH. ' Of cotirse you'll want one and If you have an eye for a imiKain, you won't wait because >oUr' I'URASNOVV-irrocer has onh a limited supply. So sec him soon . . . buy 25 IDS. or larger of PURASNOW Knriched FLOUR and get your, pitcher at no extra cost. It's a double bargain for valuable coupons are packed in every sack, ttood for luxury premiums or redeemable in casii. PURASNOW FLOUR Buy PurAsnow Flour at Any of These Grocers: CnrlcrK Oroc. Nnrlh Highway Gl "CllickilSUw" Cil'Of. 201(i \V. Main Barney Co/art Snutli l-'r.ifikHri K. I/. Davis Oroc. 123 West Ash Krwl FaughI Kast Alain SI. Kbcrl's (.lalcway (lioc. Highway IK Happy Hour (irot. <t MM. 103 Kast Alain Roger's Oroc. Smith Highway ni (,'ccil I.owe !i32 Nnrlli Sivlh Ayroch's (Jroc. ItKI) llhthcviUo Uamtv's (Jroc. ItFI) Itlyllicvlllc S. K. Whilllc KFII niylllFvillc WliiHlc & Caldwcll Ill'l) Ill.vthcvillc George's (!roc. ' I'llxora T. fll. Daniels Ifilsnn (ioMcn Lake .Store UFl) Wilson Wallace Miller Joiner Cotton's Oroc. KeUer R. 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