The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 5
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HUDAV, KKimUAHY 7, 1947 Chicks Win Rough Bout With Nettleton Cagers In a I'oul-o-niimite, rough and (umble skirmish, that was liard-t'otiglil from tht'opcn- ing tip-off to the final whistle, the Blythovi'lrj Chicks out-battled (ho NoUloton Uaidoisi I!;) to^2:i last night on the high school court. i Kxaclly :J2 fouls wore called on bolh teams, one for each of I ho ;!2 minutes of --ictirit' playing time. * - -- - - BLYTHEVILIyE (AUK.) OOURI&R NEWS iiiB the lorm of gridiron fliciirs that, while providing an "ex-.'iviUL;" ,^.t, denuded t'rom the contest's ^Jrlji as a bnik^lball s&mc. Although- Hie Chicks were ta£Red fur IB fouls compared with 14 for the Itulilm, it lite visllors who launched the evening's rinnjli play and who ile- viatcd more frequently from the usual basketball foul's such as oVLrguardiilff, ehai'^,in;< anil imsh- '• — ." I !•• I4//a i ' ' V" llle High Teams to Plav . "' _ . ' W.vlhcville c.if:as face a loaded schedule tcuiir.hl wllh a lo!:il samcs ID be played here, a I l.caeliville and at Helena. There are four lil> Ihrvillc .school team's and live panics. A li mix-up S'.-luduled Ihe Cliiek "t!" (cam lo Ije in lu-o nlaci's ;il llic ] Mine, thichiunlcd, the lli-i-s will nukx HID hrsl .it II mul lunlci l;ilic I double schedule, half al the squad I ravelins to l.tachvlllc and the o half nn-tliiiK l.uxoru HITS here in the hlsh scho-il tym. ' Joiniim tho Chick lier.s who'stay-1— -. -'— -•">•• i here, will be- the lilytheville Girls, [ Alter a minute or two of dcfen-.vvho encounter ihs I.uxora fiv.i sp.H-rinu, .'.cosine got under in a cirluin-rais-r pt 7-30 way in ih ( . first period when Neat, tall Hi iiier center, .sunk a charity loss for 'N'ettU ion's first snarkjr.! tonisht. when they tangle v.iViY Li! Clm* ]]oiiH-ina*ii:s was launched senior and junior capers u minute laier when io:ward! TIM- Chick -.\- fn-im' «-in , , i c™, annixed tt pair or free [ Hp ^ ^ ci^rs^'lbc''^ ; liardwe.:xl. Forwards StnfToi-d ami ] Hardy ' ' Ihe .ma cunum-rals,,- at 7-30 ' jCKurch CogCrS \»X pir^'iV^r^jTo Ploy Three "'"!Games Saturday Playini; in new while uniforms : C'ildwp'1 eent"i rilll ,-nrl ,.....,,,,..,l- ..., ^,.-T ... U.11U\M .1. Clln.l . the Chicks' offensive showing xs FU'st nrovcd bill Imndling brcak-thronglis to the mid-period, they held and fn>t bucket. Bv wide 23 to night are rjcntrv and JcrniKan.' for- ! ^^'""'f' . „ ,. wards; Allen, center; H:mon and i - " lu , sl IJa i :lls| - " A 'earn is Fitzhugh. guards. : '.' 1 ..' 7 ' . l .' : H r '''' w " !l l ' A ' u wlilli The Dlyth?ville Bills will be nb.y- . The half ended with the Chicks in troiil of i! 2G to 12 count. Way Tightens in .'ird iVriod \veeks later the? local i^u-ls turne<i the tables in another close tilt - winning 23 to 22. Probable starters defensive u:ay marked the i tonight arc C. Wall. B. Whisenlum! canto as Billy "Bob Elliott's! and Wilson, forwards, and E. Overman. " thej . and w. Wp.lseiihunt, two sucicssful losses fioiu ...^, field -.vero the only makers Kiir-i guards. nered bv tl'.e Chicks and a floor; In their first meeting earlier this the \_niiv..T..i .mil a, J ILt'J, i ••• i-jiv. .1 iii.ji ii:L_i_i[i5^ CL1I IH'I 1 threw by Cross and a «ifi shot by! month, the Pap:; rainj)?d over Williams were the only additions' l-eachville Juniors to a 45 to to the Nctileion cc-iiut' ' "•-" ^"~-.- Fast back-ano-:jrth play marred by fouls ;-aced an eveii sLioiin;- huttlc in the final period. Tilr> Chicks p.adod nine to their scare- and the Raiders gathered another eifiht mnikirs before Rlythevillu's .sejQiid victory of Ihe season over Ki'ttlrtou er.deti on a note of thor- tu-'hiy mutual dislike. Team :r,plain Stafford's 13-p=inti Inly': loppcJ the evening's scovinLT.! Rairie.- guaro Cross dropped through i ciyht markers for the visitors 21 win. Starting live tonight will ]>roli- 'ibly be Dser and Wyalt. forwards; Berry, center: and Danner and Percifull, guards. Chick life's also defeated Leachville "B" eagers in an easy 35 to 17 win ;ii a pray: ins lilt. Listed to • •jpsn tho game hro McDaniels and I * Syke-i, forwards: S:nilh. cent;r; Leg-' ijett and Bssharse, guards. ' against no drlr-!i;:-. Tile l.'air.s are composed o> boy.s uiuie;- ; ol ai;e. C hutches 'form _^__ To Proyif/G Recreation Representatives of lo:-a: tlhurches )-.<•'. a; Die "Y" m.-t nii;-u to 'K inter-Chili 1 : 1 !! adult rc:rea- activiiies. The decision was •d to fo-.-;n :i (,.-.;-; bail iea^n, 1 ;. -.vceyy on Tnur:;d:'.y cvi'ii- "i b. ISth in liii- V' reams v.itii imee panics m session si:nu'.laneou-,l -. -.d .;~c;:fi!- tatives dru'.v fi-.r ])u.,U!:ni aim me follov.inv. il'heduic lor She iitsi iveik r:l piny was !onin-vl: . i MelhoCis:. L.iK.: i-.rL--i-t B.H.S. Girls Win From Rfiidereftes Roughness Features Gamo in Which 33 Fouls Are Called The inylhrvJIU" Girls team copped Ilieir .second w ln of the season cvi'v tl'.e N'l-itleinn Uaidc: cites last niehl as Ihev rollcii up a :m In 20 c«uml OUT the viMiors in a home [lamp elimsl^ivl by a HVond-llLllf I'c-iii'm: mi: I. Taking fin rarlv lead which (liny :lm\lv iiierc.iM'd ,.;irh Di-ridd, llu 1 Clilek sexle! moved thrim>;h an cHii'inise even conies', in Ihe first- hiilf. Tho \\ent trum an II to n fiis! pcrlml lead lo ;. )!) to Hi half- limf innreiu a-, (lie till became more hard foutiht. Scoring bo^ued dciwn in (he ihlrd period :\s a rr.U'ih l>r:md (if hull ,milked the .playiny ;-nt! n lively CNrhiinvjf. 1 'of fouls set In. Hoth team's ill llu 1 "i-cond half played ball llk<> nnc.ry liui-k drivers. Hn'.h i-iat-lu's i!.".-ii",| ihe a-: It was nluyi'd l:ut nlfiln. F-Vroiid half pl-iv racked lip most of the 1<I fculs ( --il!ed i.n the Chick Hiyls and ihe 1-1 h.-.ndi'rt the liuld- rrcttes. Fmilir.r;. however, '.(as exaggerated in some instances with Wilson, B'yilir-villc forvvfird, takim? many uuneecssarv pvailfalls. The locals picked up only four tallies in the ihlrd ;;lan/.-, and the KniclcreUes added just Ihrrc to their total. Hailed play eonUnueti in I lie liniii o.uartei- us the niythe- vil!<> M-:<i.'t tool: (heir lasl. seven l;i!!lcs MIKI ihe visitors !V>1 iinother lotir. Uounic Hull lonk hli;h-KCOi-inK honors as she .sunk 15 markers for Ihe Chick oil-Is, ilrinnli'v of Ncl- lli-:o]i wns runner-uj) with nine tallies. St:u".Ui-r line-ups anil IXJK .seores Hlythrvilli- i^ri) Pn.s. Nctllcton CJO) I), nnl! urn . F. s. ixuiihitt KD 1). WU'himt illi p.. •/,. Din-ion cti Wirhler ilii .. F... Diuinley CO) E. Overman .. O v. Da'ulhtH W. Wh'lnni! . G cole .Scny C; Fuller Stibsillutifiiis: niytlievlili. .._ M. Hull, wilsnn i. r n. i. Overman. Hul- li'v. Beltleun. Men-lit. i.<inu- UelriTe:-: T lc | 1 islu-l- and C. J. Wilson. Bip'.i.s: vr-. TS Buy C'inftficin ukca Cluh PAGE FIVE Gosnell Wins Cage Games' With Burdette A late stiirl In the season nml conslderiible Inexperience cost, two linrdette cuilnls their first Knme'i fsosnell pirates overwhelmed Die Keillor Hoys OH lo 21 initl Closnrll Juniors copped a crushini! 4n lo 0 victory lasl nlc.hl O n the winners' Cdurl. UuriU'ttc made- Its basketball de- bul lasl nlsht, pntllnt! on the Hoor what Is rr,|xirled to be lh,. first e.iue teams turned out by thai school, The I'iralcs held the Itirger but Incxi ctieneed llurdclto sonlors lo 10 points hi Ihe firs', half while they siariicicd U7. SVoody Harris, I'H'ale forward, lilt a one-mull ieorlnu slreak us he sunk « total "I :iri iioinls. uminir-ui) was plrnli forward While wllh 15 mnrkors WiiiTlnulon. forward. «ol eight foi llurdeltc. The Closiiell junior allo-.vci Urn-drill- only (liivo tiilllos In tin first hnlf lo their 28. 1'revnsl (los nell forward, hit the wicker for 18 polnt.s, iolluwod i>y trnmiimto wllh Hi, Sturllnil llnc-npii and box scoro. follow; Dsceolo, Bojcer / Wihs Memphis ourney Honbrs. The Memphis Golden Olovier* were Mid-south champlona today alter capturing the team title In the're- gional duals before a crowd oi 4.4« hero last, nlghl. Open chuinplons, who will go to the Western Tournament of Chain. pious al Chicago Feh. 24, were; Flyweight,, c. B. Smith, Jr., Memphis; bantamweight, Joe Olmo,- .-•mplilB; [enthorwelght, Sanford iSmiom. Memphis; lightweight, El- I'rson Fowler. Memphis; welterweight, Cnlvln Helton, North Llltle Hock. Ark.; middleweight, Jack llrawlcy, Oscgolu, Ark.; li«ht heiivy^ weiuhl, John Shelby, University 01 Mississippi; hoavyweluht, Buddy Uowen, University of Mississippi.- Stimson Takes Vacation CHARLESTON 1 , s. C,.-Feb. 7. — (Ul'i — Former Secretory of War Kllmson settled doii n -today for ft one month's vacation, gtlmson nnlved yesterday snylnu that, he was vising friends for n rest Ciosiiell (till) Harris arn . wiiito nr>) Swiiin (i(j) , Perkins 18) . CnUhvcll c;i) Reiilor Uniiii* , Wu'det'.,. m> Shaw Wni-rliijilon (8> Aulroy (•!) Wood-.vard (7* Jackson, Johnson UllOllH ~ QOSIlolj nurdctlo-McNalr, linltny. I Clean Clothes Missed ATLANTA. 6a., pel). 7.-_(UP>— Nut content wltu $05 worth of wet wnsh on the lino thieves made off with the clothespins too. Mrs. Arnold shulnwm told police llml sli(? was the loser. • . Too Late to Cfass/fy For Rent Dixie Walker Signs YCllK. Iv'.i 1. (UP)--AI^•i;:::)in;; ovi-i- an "endorsement outlieldei- -Fi'ed iLlixic) limilly J lined the Drooklyn .. '. iniiny and expressed hlm- a< "plen-;ed wllh Ihe blnu«'Sl i: ! eve: received in any .season.' 1 •i-iitil l,-.r n repolteil 425.000. vMlkr-r. :-. :iii-yrar-nld velcrmi "i Hi:-:nliii'l:iuil. Alii . led Hie j'.',''i.-i al the jilate last .season i! a :U':i li:iUini: averai;c in HK ClosiU'll (4!n Sellers Jmnni- Gamo ST. L'r Y/'-lvlJS, uneven; weights 170 II).-) up lully 2U;: . I'l-evosl. '(Ill) Pos. P . P . C O O nui'cletlo (0' ... . Wlxsoii . llurdon (1) . Tomlln (-1) KKslcy . Adcock ('!> GoKiiell — liasp- llocott <1). Youuu, Dnn- cisni mf.rKcrs lor LUC visitors as: " • —•• i~» Chi-k tenter Hardy and : Nettieton | C pp |, Cj-^ J j • forward Williams each !: ol six ta!- --' l -fc;!<. JKJQIUfTl ID Centra I Arkansa I Gosneli vs. Losf Cane lies. Netllettin iMidsPts "iVin In an opcnur. t!ie Neltleion Midgets tro'.mrert the -Blylheviilcj. tlTTTLE ROCK,'Ark.. Feb 7 lUPi 1 Midgets 30 to 15 Good bail hand-1-The Hoiisi of Rr-preseimuives tci-i lers and ba>k?t marfomen for; day will receive a "do pass" recom-f Jiiz?, the smaller visitors •"»">*•"ni. - «in.Li^*;^ - i-;.. . i outplayed the local lads. i man War ML-monal .st.iihmn Co The Raider mites got olf to an mission. 8 to 2 first period leai. and) The bill, introduced by Rep. Uovd' stretched then- margin in the re-[Darnell of Garland County ' tor a r>\ Ui c-uv,-: L^oi.s anit Liokio The smiihsonian ]: 1 CLIIK- toui-'ii: 'Aliile Manila play bast lo MiiL-u iu.; uay win receive a 'do pass" recom-f lnt! cimunsunuin in.sLUUiioii h: generally j mendation on a hill creating a nine-! ;l collection of ](,0 specie.-; of n j man War Mumoilal .Si.uhuin Com-: 1 ' 5 ' 1 - The..- arc .v>-callni because i olf to an mission. ' ihoir ii-,;-lj!co taih. i.slilu'iion has ral of r:r.v-x:---r.:.r. /,; ;: .. ;-,-, 7 (U , ?) -L'hii!le..v j;.-cv,.-;;r':. hiird-llitlinjf !iiMl:;tui). w;'. pui; iniseil oulris'hi '•'u:n Viiw.nik-'i- it i;\-: Aniciirin ASKO:'i:t'.lon hy Ilii'miu::!:; 1 .!!!, Huron ^en"ip.) :ii:itv!'.'i'i- ]-;d:-u> t,ij'nnrin an- cunci'd !oci;iy. i::rv,-sic- -::>.i'r(l ;?o-j ;<-,-.- Milwuu- /.'•e last- vc-.'.r, .:!';:! fnv Mianta hi 1M1 :i:i(i ,;;;.'.•; foi ."iHshville in 10fJ. lji::l .• ihr Vuls snld him t<> r-.;!la(lf.^iiK'. o- ::io :;:ttional I.raiU'e Tennessee Hits Strikers NASHVII.LK. Tcnn.. Feb. (i. -- (UPi _ 'I')],, •I'cnne.wce House of ncprc.scnlativcs pussed. 7] to I?, lodfiy tin; aennU'-apinovcd bill to in Habit iiuymenl ol' uneinpto.v- mi-nt compensation bcnvjils In .vlrikers. j 'Ihe measure mnv goes to Ciov. , Jim McC'ord for his alrllim 'ivti- ncsseo is now one of only four .slates permltUii(. fi iu h pnyments Livestock I.cdbellcr NA'l'ICNML STOCK-I Wnrd (Ilit 1. (Ul 1 ) — l.lvcslov-k: j Hurt Ml Hulislllnllons ljei-ry. MnfMIIHn .than Thursday's averavi"; nurilelte — Johnson, iitfjile:- \\ciMht.s une\ - cnly weak Lo cnii. 3!!,- liuvi'r; sows steady to '_>5:: illKll- j , . ei; s->mi- ll|'lil wcl|':hls unevenly ! wf.'k u> r,ii : . icwcr; sows steady j Congressmen Defend t(i 2,):- ht|;hi.r; some Ili^ht weltihls I _. •* , .. up SU,; bull; fiiu-.i. anil choice 1701' '""" c lM"mm».r,«« In i3o Illi '.!.).7f> lo M; top 'i<\\ nw.A l.'ll) lo 151) Djs a.'l to 21; l»« 24.U3. 1 (juH: oi ltd to nit) ;;« in.fio i u 22. Uallli' LftllO, .salii'ble l.-ibl); calves ">();:, all subible; tnenaei 1 supply of callle flnrilnt; :i.-live hit|Ulry at fully '.teaciy to slro'ii! pn;c.':. One load lop uiedium to lo,v uood Unlit \M-illlil Meets ?2..10; odd lots medium fi low j.cut, lit in «|; mi'iUum lo low |'nr;.| helfors and mlxsd :,;-:ilir.Hs iiruuml Ifi lo 2(1; com ir.on am) inediiir.i beef cows Kl.VS F.. T. Hi tllt:liwny (II N'orlti. H iriiliiun. 2!7.|,k..ll For Safe quarters. They led 18 to fi at- the half and jumped to a 24 to D lead, by Ihe end of Die third stanza. Talc. NoHIcton suanl. ie;l scov- ,„.,„,...,. Ins with 12 maikers. Hopr-er. Bly-1 proprintion" theviilc forward, an:l Gammill. Net- qiTin f ,- IT.H . , •--; tleton forward, shared runne:n-> r f f >j* ^l,,, ' , ™ sl '.° '° '" r " vor ': . • .'»' the stadium at last night's public give the commission authority to acquire a site and construct a stadium somewhere in central Arkansas. measure would make no np- Secretary of ivuh eight tallies each. Bex scores fellow: Chicks I3!l| Tlavcr -•"• SU-ffcrd CalCvvell . '*-' Hardv '-; Fjs'.er ; ;'; B E'.liott . i*,'. Mullen ... •i" Ttaylor ... ; j:, HOdgC ... :,.f. Jernitian . 'I J. K!li(;tl . •'•' Totals EP layer E. Holmes {•'.Williams W'Neal Cross J. Holmes Wyse Dudley Kins . Too'ej- Johnson . . Pos. p p C 0 G P F C G G IE a id ers Pos. P P C G — n c • o G G P f;; o 1 3 1 2 1 0 2 0 1 1C 123) f? 0 2 1 r) 1 0 1 0 0 0 ft C I 0 0 0 2 0 0 •1 0 7 ft 0 2 3 2 0 o 0 Q a 0 18 3'J f tp 2 U 4 U 3 5: 0 3 : 1 2 i 0 0 i 4 'i' 0 Oi 0 0' 0 0) Totals 8 7 14 23i Referees: C. J. Wilson and Ted' Fisher. | hearing, said suci, an appropriation : bill will be introdured. He e<ii'} mated that S-ilW.OOO a year for t-o years will b^ needed. Warning that Arkansas University cannot remain in ••!)(•» t^ ]n n football- without a stadium °Ra/orI back Coach John Barnhill promised that the University would plav - ls many as three games a year hi the new stadium. He said it would nay for itself within ten .years. Texan Shows Class In San Antonio Open Babe Has Birthday NEW YCRK, Feb. 7. (UP) — 'I here was no cake with 53 candles lociay for Babe Ruth. But his c!os- <st and most confidential friend told of a warm birthday glow created in his liospital room 'jy ti-.c jrood wishes of the great and hutn- ble from near and afar. "The Bcb: is a very sick man: he he.,-, hart a most .serious illness," said tlie. Iriciul. "His oirtiiday brighten.s up this old hospital because folks from everywhere are wishing him well and praying for sfciis recovery." " Ruth wanted a cake, but his doctors said no jecause he has been on a rigid diet. Read Courier News Want Ads. ., Tex.. FC'D 7 i ur>—Harry Todd of Dallas. Tex.', a "Johnny come intcly" among the pror, threatened today to miisc'le ir among surh top flicht favorites as Eon Hogan and Jimmy Deinarct. m ;ne sio.nOD Texas Onen Tourna- ;iie!it. Tcdrt was rated with the best as the field of 147 teed off for the i-J-hole medal play m( , elp mn inly hirauso cf his oriliiant shootiii" in Ihe i:ro-nmatcur best ball preliminary yesterday. Todd had a. five under par GC over Ihe tree-lined Bra^kenriclpe course and won the S203 top money with n best ball of 6! with hi; amateur partner. Ji m Dykes of San Antonio, Tex. Itogan. (he defending champion, hnci the Ic.w medal card of l!u day. a six-midcr par 65. Southwestern Schedules Grid Contests for 1947 MEMPHIS. Trim.. Feb. 7. <UP)| Southwestern college's "de-em-! phasized" foot.:.r,i team today an-i nouncctl n 1947 schedule of fivel The schedule: Oct. 4. atetscn .it Memphis- 18. Centre at Memphis: Oct Sswanee at Sewance; 'Nov. 15. jit Miss.; Nov Hcndrix at Memphis. •wunyrosmcn uurcnt Clapp's Nominnimn \VASHINOTON, .r-'cb. 7—iui v > — Kiglil coui-ressmen from (he Ten- nesxei! Valley Aulhoi'ily urea today (IKendcd Clordon II. Clapp against j Charlies that hn had .sholleriHl'; in TVA. •llicy urccd the Senate public Wuiks committee to approve his , „„,„ ,„ „,„ ^ uik lllullw ,„ nomination as TVA chairman. The the caption hereof and answer the congressmen came lo Clnpp's sup- | comiilalnt. of Ihe pln.lntlff, Alvin M, port n Her sen. Kenneth McKelliir, j Ihinly and Maicxle B. Hni'dy. ^ I")., Tcnn.. churned Hint the- mini- ; D.ited this fi duy ot Feb.. 1947. Ince, as personnel dlrcdor mul | • li.'.UVEY MORIUS, Clerk. general mniiucrr, permitteil c»m- ] Holland A; Taylor Read Courier News Wanl Ads. munists In TVA. ' i Atlys. for Plaintiff. 2|7-M'-21-2g innrlilni', W.VIIN1NO r .__ In Hie Civil Court, Chlckimwbii lllslrkl, Mississippi Coimty, 'Ari kansus. i Alvln M. Hnrdy and Maggie B. Hardy plnntlfTs, vs. No. '10-15 T. II. Vim • Dllibcr nnd Velma Louise Van Bibber Defendanls. The rtefundivnls. T. "H. Van Blb- licr and Vclma Ixmlsc Van Bibber, me hcrcliy warned to appear wllhln thirty days In the court mimed In 'i> KEROSENE & FUEL O!L CALL' ANYTIME ay or Night 2089 Old Rciia G. O. POETZ ANYTIME )ay or Night "The Old Reliable 1 Yotr Source ot PETROLEUM Dependable Sen-Ice PRODUCTS Office RR at Cherrj O Hoaitiw and Vi 3 orous! © Grow and Develop Fa»4! • Selected, Firjl Quality! O Have Hi 9 lier Livability] « Trom Blood-Tesled Floclcs! O Rock Bottom Pri<:«i I White Rocks White Giants New Hampshire Reds Rhode Island Reds Barred Rocks Per 100 So Much for So Little! Our Better C: :^Eiffl£«> i>v!?x^M^ "»*^ *rti Our Better Cleaning is in the Finish! Dye Work Tailoring Hat Cleaning Alterations H UD SON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blyth«ville, Ark, Phone 2612

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