The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 4
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(ARK.) COUBIBK HKW8 Collections Shown At Sorority Meeting Antique silver brought rioin Europe by Mrs. Alfred Vise nnd Jewelry handed down for generations In Mrs. Roy. Walton's family were shOTA n niemoeis of the Alpha. Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi lust night at their meeting In the clubroom. ' 'The t^vo guests speakers gave the history *of various pieces of their •/.collections as they displayed them. ; .Among the European coins Mrs. ' Vise displayed ;\as one made in ] 1024. She also, showed the club n ; four-inch miniature copy Of the • first temple, in Germany, where Dr. Vise served as Rabbi. Mrs. Vise '. explained that the four temple • corners represented "tlie four eor- ; ncrs of the earth." i She told them that when she and j ,Dr. Vise left Germany they hud j been required to turn their silver! < over to the German jjovemment. In return they received "claim" pa' pcrs. Dr. and Mrs. Vise hnvo kpet their papers and plan to attempt • to redeem their silver. Her collection Included a enndie- j holder used during the Middle j - Ages. " . . | . Mrs. Walton's collection of family Jewelry Included pieces made from hair and jet black piece* often worn in the two-year mourn. ing period following a member of •the family's death. Upon-his denth, a family member wilted money to) 'his survivors t/i be used for jewcl: ry Explaining the unusual hair Jewelry. Mrs, Walton tokl listeners ; that it,_wa s made from hair O f 'a deceased membe-- of the family. j-Among .the jet ulack, or oiixy 'pieces, was nn ^arrow-shaped pin inset -with a pearl which hart be- .longed to Mrs. Walton's mother. , She also exhibited .some cameos which had been in the family for 'generations, Including a cameo which first had belonged to her great grandmother, and daguerreotype pictures of her great grandmother and groat great iirnndmo- tlier. These type pictures were made only in the years from 1831 Different from many jewelry collectors, Mrs. Walton wears hers. At last night's meeting, she wore an onyx-ring made from car rln'.-s Roriv by her mother. As another part of the proRrain _ Mis. Ted lyster and Miss Betty Boyd spoke on ''The Girl's O.u< Room". Mrs. i,yster discussed pic- ~-lures and fnmitwp of a gilTs room and showed the group pit-lure examples. Miss Boyn spoke biielly _ on windows of the room. - A guest was Miss Georgette Hnifc, Of New Orleans, housci-urst of Jljy< Alice Saliba. The Mirror Will Tell Bits of News Miss Georgette Halk O f New Orleans Is Die (sues; of MiKS Sahba, and her parents. Dr Mr.s. J. A. Snllbn. Mrs. G. E. Keck Is ill nm i 1 Many Agencies Provide Funds For Youth Center i.UXOUA, Feb. 7.—An established Youth Center has grown from a j dream to ft reality for tile young r^-,i j people' of Liixora. ] Through tlie orgaili?.?d, collective ( efforts of committees from the Par- I ent-Tcuchers Association. Rotary j club and churches a goal of $1.00D 1 v.-;il soon lie readied. The eo.iiinU-' I l.u-s announecd that S67S of this ! amount has been contributed. | The Youth Center was started I" a small way by parents and teacliers who saw the need of a, place for the young people to gath- ! kam Buweti w as high scorer and received a Crystal cnmly ami "tit dish. Mrs. Tom CnlUs received fruit Blasses for second high, l( ml Mrs. Hut-old Hcnurlx Ws Riven l;l-'ncks for low store. Mrs. T. L. .Stanford i-ecelvecl mirror ]>lacc cauls fur cut prize. Miss Langston's pincn ni tli» n«icl table was marked with a coi- sagc of white carnations. At. conclusion of games .she was -m-en cl'slit crystal eoblet.s in her i-hns- t'n pattern. Clara Davis of Blytlieville. Mrs. H. T. Hallow spent the weekend in IJlytlieville with her sister, Mr*. J. s. Dillnhunty. The North PaciiV; onean isn't mi-jiaL'ed fey k-c-iieij-.s cintT 1 the i'! r;oiv Berlin; Strait serves as a mjitleiiecJc to kc-i:j> •hem from ('rilling >ou!h as ti iv do in the Atlf.nllc. React Courier News Wtuit Ads. FRIDAY,'. FEBRUARY 7, 10<! nnd ' | er for' .secured siuiti lor u con- j week. Wain. : Prom this wholesome- the recreation, and Scliool gymna- meeting place onto a 11,,1 L-h , f M , ' >'„, q.M, M "I' """ Ml ' s ' " liy 1 1< ul Sliainlln, ;v ho has been 111 «il. a severe cold, ,„ improved. ' ' «f """'scmonts have been added. The committees )mvc secured Mls s Alice Suliba of Blythevllle n "rccrc- ».m n auvL-ic com, !„ improved. [Alice Saliba of Blytlievllle as recre-1 .Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Caudill nil-I atluiml director. Miss Salib-i ulansi siiemling „ month's vacation 1,1 Kan activities for each inecTi "r whH> Antonio. Texas. i,,,.i,,,i n „„..,„ , /.' "'"-" include games and art craft. Howard Stem Holding Evangelistic Meeting ( Antonio, Texas. ) Blytln-viJlc people who will lie I In Memphis tonight for the Hi ue "of the Union show will be Mr and Mrs. Harry Kirby, Mr . Rn<( ' M| . ; , W. 1» Ilorncr and son, Wlliuun . Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. E W. Howard 1 T. Stom, 17-year-old Klrby, Mrs. Cecil Shane, Mr and evaneciist. h conducing services at Mrs. Chester caldwcil. Mr nnd I l!l " p ' l!i Oos;:el Tabernacle, lilly Mrs. R. D. Hughes n , K l Mrs. j A. " ' Leecli. Condition of Mrs. w. J. Pollard. who nas bee,, ill at , ho- home Bll West Main. i s Improved Mrs. Da,, Tyler has return-d to her home in.Memphis after bavin:: been lh c guest three days of ,„.,• "' DcL °" 8 ' •TANK CiHKKIt: Tonli a rcrf in her waistline. FOAI.S- icralion .J!y AMJ'I M;A KlalT Writer Can your mUl-scclion lake an imvi'llinij by come-apuvl dmiaV Uel-" lor sidle up to \vour mirror m'i-1 check before you settlr' for inklriff- bartng play, lounRiiit; or party clothes. Belter sit while you chrcx. If your exposed mitlrlif bulges ;>ver your waistliLind while ulitlnij, ]iu ;s up duds that, advertise your laik i;f exercise. Or r.tld waistllne-whlttliivs to yc/.ir New Year beauty reform; Even movie i;als admit the necessity of training down for miit- rilT fashions. Jane, Cirecr. -.vlissr rule in •.'They Won't, Believe I.Ie" cnllfd for a feinme faliile g, llml form's a girdle of flesh, wns i-cqtiliTrt to tn!:e a reef in her waistline before dress rehearsal. Usj Ihe daily routine which .she pro' ises will do :i.s mucli for any o sister, family. Condition of Mrs. Daltoi ton, who underwent an < last week at Walls Hosi ^chicSta.^,^^- S^TOk."" 11 mmic l " L ' """'"' i who's willing to devote five- i.iia. l,i sltl.hig-up.-i before . s l>.. ]„,,„ onl of bccl. i ___ i»-^!iS s SS,^l?A R . Cha ^ Luncheon to a siUiiu;. position, iistni! onlii 1 mid-sectiuu muscles d> hoist voi; Ue down, tmlielpcd by arin.-j' or : hands, and no up and duwn as main; tlmt-s us you can. That':; the Ilrsi liwrt of tin 1 exercise. For the SCJ c- 'oiitl. assimic tlje origlii;-.! position and sn ni>, but hitKulm: y»M:-;,-lf with arms folded atross your in,-*! ind Vine Streets. Services are held i-uch nielli at 1:30 o'clock. The public is invited, the Hev. H. D. Hui'mon. pastor, .announced. Church Group Honors Late Mrs. S. M. Hodges OSCEOL'A. Ark., Feb 7 —Tlie Wo man's Society of Christian Service ( cf tlie Methodist Church held ! memorial sorvk-c Monday afternoon Mrs. £ M^Mges 01 ' 0 '' 1 ' 8 "" ' a ' e Mrs. fcmmct Dunn sanp Temiy- sons "Crossing the Bar" and Mrs George u.Uleu gave the tribu'c ' |~ -»"fj«.T Luncheon j Held in Memphis Today vJ o U FiOLA, A i'k Tr^i i Willlom - ' ICIJ ' tcr.s of J>ad a luncheon today PnrkricK' In Memphis Hostesses for lhc':affal, ! Mrs. Alfred Maddux of H Lnxora Society—Personal , MI ES Billic Lnngston. whose mar- I nage to Leonard R Ellison will be 14, Mrs. Halford Hostess To Bunco Club Members Mrs. W. S. Gilliow won liiuh score bunco prize Tuesday nfic;- nc6n when Mrs. H. D. Halford P i>- te:taine ( j the Avalon HUUCD Club . Mrs. George Duvall won lew score prize and Mrs. Hnymjiul fihamlin, bunco. The hostess server! refreshments. Mrs. Shane Hostess •vV;th Bridge Luncheon •Mrs. Cc:il Shane wns hoste.vs with a yctercfKv to mi.'iii- hiri; of the Mid-week 'Cluj aiul three otlicr guests. Mrs R-b—•< Porter. Mrs. Bill McDantcls " nn;l Mrs. L. E. 'Ola Jr. • The two-course iimelicou was sen-ed at small tables. . In afternoon games, high score priza was awarded Mrs. McDanieb anu second high went to Mrs J Lotus pherry. ' ' - * » * Jolly Eight Members Guests of Mrs. Hinson Msnrbcrs of the Jolly Eight CinD •were entertained yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Harold Hinson. When rook was played, high prize went to Mrs. Kliuon. second high to -Mrs. Grover Wren and rooko to Mrs. Heicn Wren. The hostess served a salad plate. Sorority Chapter I ias Meet at Hotel Noble j Miss I/ivoiuic PoiLlock ami Miss ; Wanda arliam were suesls ol Al- I rliii B-'tn Chapter of Ep.silou Sij:• inn A !]>:i ; , sni-ority member's iit ! thei:- monthly business meeting I Tuesday ni^ht in tin- Coloniiil Room of Hotel N'ible. 'Miss Hose Saliba and Miss -Amelia Saliba were hostesses. Reports. V.vrc made on the project of airline needy families which thr orsuniz.-'.ion :s sponsoring. i- - ;ans were also discussed for cn- tcuaininq ;he JonTs.b:)ro chapter with a luncheon. Miss Billie D.\- (> up, Tlil.-; rouliiic of arn-s i ' f ' locn Joncs - Mrs. T. s ii.vx- ' s in front of you as ynu ;,!- I Ml ' s ' s - Dc '™n Dontl. Mrs. p. c -i'-'! '' • til i m ., .,.1 i :„ .!....'._ • Tip. nil nf r 1 i-r\ii«rrtw,i rn _ ' _ ' i tllTfl Bride-elect Honored With Kitchen Shower CZCF.CIA. Ark., Feb. 7. --Miss with .1 surprise kitchen shower n"irl hndve i;irt v w>:npllm;intiinj Miss Cl-arllnc 'Ma:.: ev V i 'e-i-V-t o' Winlord Wr.tsoi'.'in. This was the li:-f\. ot a .icrira ,;f l ,, i rlte.s- to be Bivrti in honor of Miss Massey In bvidse names, hi^i, S j 0 re )>:iz- was awarded Mrs. Dane Fc-ryus and sc:onn high \veni 10 Miss I'-wni- C'j^imlller. ' Hearts and va!cniinei .-arrien out a valcntin,. m o m A desseu rr:m:e was served. msctts Girl 1 JXCRA. Ark.. Fib 7-M' and Mrs. ConstaiUine E. nashios of Wor- cest.-r. MBS.S.. aiuunmce the siu- prca~hm;; marriage ol their naugii- ler M,ss Florence D. nashios,' to Wil.iam Odcl .Butter, son of Mrs Cluucll. Miss Bashiss is employed ton Company. Mr, Butler is games Miss Christine Culvert held high score. Miss Gretchcn Barnes :°»', aiid Mrs. Todd, traveling prixc. T'hc fionorpo, 1 ! were E ion liosc.' X!ic liostcss serve plate. 01Mr f- Jpl'n Ford of Luxora, Mrs. Elia.s of Osccola compliment- Ed Wednesday afternoon in the Ellas home l n Os- eeola v,-hen they entertained 2 | Bi"ests Jnj>^«essci-t bridge. Mrs. I r,:iate of i ; uxora Hii|, : | served three rears in°iim •• Meets HJiljlL Ul -" il) " Cpn:[)iinj- CljiUon. Mass.' Miss Dolly GoKwiek enlertaineii the Young Matrons Bridr™ O!ub Tuesday night. Mips Qillie Lun-s- ton won high KC01 . 0 ,„.].,,, )|!1(1 Mn «ay Whitmore «„„ sec otirt prize. »"<•' hostess served a siiind plnlo. . Utxorians who left thta vert: to enjoy the Florida sunshine arc- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worsley, wtvi will visit relatives In Sanford, nnd K a . to Davtona Ueaeh and other puinis .of inteicfil, nnd Mr. r,ud Mrs C'e- cil Wright, who have ,.cnr to M'- aini for the winter. Captain Gfover c. D":ve:-. who hrid his furlough extended berr.uv of (he serious Illness or h's (a;hi-' lc!l Sunday for his new post in Alaska. His father, a oatK-ut in Walls Hospital. Is niiu-h "iinpiovrd C. 13. Woo,] ril is u patient in the Baptist Hospital jn Memphis He was accompanied bv his father. O. Ii. Wood, and grandmother, Mrs. \9 I Valentine Gifts GALORE! Ijift \vrapped free Cologne and Sudiels Pei'.fimie and Jewelry for mrn NorcTHKs Vu lun line Caixls 1^ Citme in and make ymil . g | i H selections. On 'CERTAIN DAYS' of The Month! 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Wliitly, Manila. Lo^an Moultric. city. Bern to Mr. and Mrs. James W Enwcn of Dell, twin daughters' this morning. Dismissed: Mrs. C. E. Fowler, Maiden, Mo Patsy CnMwell. city. Sammy Colomnn. city. J. D. Harriett, west,' Memphis Walls Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. c. W. Hogan and babv Osceola, Andrew Richardson, O ity " * MTrs. Waller Fo-.bes. Tyler. Mo. ECONOMY AND FLAVOR WIN YfliiR FAVOR With Miss Francos Little "lie V,V:!rv;),i .Heivi.. t . Guild ,i; he Mist Methqdisi church mot ftilh Miss I-'rancls Little. 01!) West. Main. Monii.-iy WL ,h Mis, Marv Hubler afsisting he,- wilh tho „,„; P'«m which centered around the Eulopia Whllwovth i.s president of |ho guild and 15 members ' aitended the meeting. Tim next j Hireling will^bi: held March :t wiin t .«tss Betty Jane llovri, (;•'•! Wes Mi>'", a s ho^tes-s. NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery SPECIAL free Manicure with each Permanent Hair Set or Facial from Feb. 3rd through Feb. 10th Cold Waves Sin — Sir, - C,'ro(|iiignol,> Permanent iMachincless- 1'ermnnenl House of Shaw $«j.oti Facials Call 3301! for Appointments. ARTIES BEAUTY SHOP •313 N. 2nd APPROVED SERVICE j a dramafized TRUE radio crime story from the fiies of WARDEN LEWIS E. LAWES Contiiuioits Sfiovvs iCvcry U;iy I5ox Office Opens ! M5 Show' Start's 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 8:00 n.m. J2:15 11.111. 4:SO p.m. Last Time Today . Without y ReservoHons ttilh Ciauilvtle Collrerl, John Wayne I'aramount News ami Shorts' Continuous SliowinR Everyday Sal.iirrtnv Serial: "Hop lir.rri-'an" Xo. II and Short • Cnnl'il Shorts Sat. 12:30-1 l::i(l ~"* f «!SB ! S'* ^A^>Si*«aPSf«Swa=M'»» 1 .. - 1 - 1 - •~^^j ...^..^^^sfei^ T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 E. 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