The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUUIKK NEWS •f^r-r". of Farm Families of Thla ' J , Agricultural. Section. Published Kvwy Friday Jn UM *~ * f . - ,! fl ^v _ J | Soybeans Urged On Poorer Land Group in Memphis Hears, Discussion by Farm Superintendent MFMPHIS, Teiin., Feb. 7 — Planting or soybeans on second- grade sand vvnj recommended for the Midi-South at a meeting of the Southern Regional Soybean Ccjn^ ference here this week. The recominendatloiivwas inndo by p R, Sayre, superintendent of inetDelta Branch Experiment Station in Stpnevme,'Miss.; who'said inc i^cmpTfatlyeiy new cr6p,for the South can be'raised'.wlth profit on Inner that often Is hazardous for cotton "v> appraising-the importance, of rnvlt """s In the MidSouth'too ninny faimers have looked nt historical nciqages and yields, rather .than the potentialities the crop may hold uheii it. is fitted around the cotton, enterprise on Delta farms" Mi'.i Sayre asserted. • ' "Soybeans have been on tlie • third tear* when you consider the ure- jaiirng farming system In much of *™ ¥ idSouth '" he continued. TM S does not detract from lliclr importance as a f fa.vni c)ilei-prise for which Improvement's are needed rroip research." . t Mr Sayre sairT many soybean Producers will flu d it wiu p(iy to give emphasis to Improved 'cultiirnj praetlfes and Increased yields, ra- tnef than t 0 a large expansion' In soybean acreage.' n "? ^ fec l I'Surns t 0 show how lm- proyed cultural,'. practices and im- P ?.ca varieties have' Increased sojcean yields in Tennessee Ar- knn^es and Mississippi. . . Yield Shows 1% Galft Is Tennessee, the 1938-44 aver- rijej produnllon was 9.4 bushels to the'ricic; the Mississippi yield for We. same period was 10 bushels ."IK* the Arkansas yield was 124 bushels. r n 1G40, the average per acr£ soybean production in Ten- nesfee was 18 bushels: Mississippi, 15 hmhlMo--' nnit tLr\fn1\ ' Ye • ArKnnsfts, 18.5 FRIDAY, F10BKUAHY 7, 19-17 For Better Farminir | Featured For This Section's Pn> gressive Farmers. 40-Cent Sugar, 15-Cent Candy Bars Predicted By Government Experts If Controls Are Lifted J conference, nttcndc,! by soy, research specialists and agrl- cuUurai cconomisls. Is meeting to deveT* th ° VCar ' S worlt '" 5 °y bcan cbarg5 Ul " re ' PaUl * R ' Hellson ' in Branch Station, is in charge. PY 8. BURTON HEATH NEA Slatf Corrcsnondenl N'EW YORK, Fob. 4. lN£A>- Fjrty-cent-n-p.rund sugar for S'our coffee, cereals and home cookliii;' —15-cenl cnneiy bars -$3-a-paund chocolates • In lli c plainest bbx.-s , —and a grcetcr ssarrlty. even nt such prices, (Ivan ni any time during the ivar— Tlint Is vvliftt cxpcrls say to expect if rationing nnd price control!, should bj taken off sugar at this time, as there Is danger Diey may bs. Thu 40-3ent-n-pou!id figure for household sugar is « suess. Nobody rcgily kno'« how hlnh the swccl stuff will K o If (lie brakes arc taken off. n»t It is the guess of Jimes Mai shall, head of tlie »•>- pariment, of AgiicuHnre's t.uvi\r b.'a.?ch and of Ear! n. Wilson'ol San 'triiiKlsco, president or me C.-!lfonil« & .Hawaii Sugar Refin- i»B Co. mid M.irshall's wartime ure- deiessor. ' Speakiijg Individually from o;i- pasltc sides of tlic continent en-h answered n •(iiicsilon a s | 0 ' ) 1Ti . n'Sh sugar .would BO, if it w ,, rt . turned loose now, with "40 ccnls -or more." Olhcr Insiders say that mute. "°' "" ^"-oasonabel esti- The sugar situation j s unlcnie •rnvvr.^ <fvw - vboil >- Concerned - ,rouers. processors, Importer.?. deaJ- as. industrial users and housohoi,-.- -rs—all want y e \( 0 control 1 ! nnd longw!"" m ' lllllalncu f»'' « whll; FOUR GHAVK 1UNGKH8 soon: be (o ii tiiken off too the' 5 n'v lt ' VCr h "W |t! " s ll > "'Is 1)111, to cx.e,,, n . l^OPt 11 ricc , s ' (l on^V."'!^ C »»S" «»•<• 1=1 the nciLirt vci! !'" °I M " 1U n " u ' r The se.-loitsiu'ss ol autliorlty LsjidscHping of the Yarbro, -•ol grounds was chosen by the f^^-H^Club ns its club nro-j .._ ar at a meeting cash |) le situation * "=P««« " e u 1'older .munlmouslv oli o c 0 " prcssiqimi sub-tommitlce thtt- 3 I --- fr °'» The' Yarbro' plub !?^i ; Co "" t5; ^rV'Bure'au; time b;ing. •The onij- witness who leaned at. toward quick release of su , ar controls was John c. "-esldent of the New Yoik nncl Sugar Exchange. HB c r.'jroad would pn-vent iv Pneumonia Endangers Young Calves Firiiicrs v;c:o -A-rvrned lc;i.iv lo 'baoy their calves" and guard avoin.-,'. tlw d-inger of calf paeu- .n-.cnia dining the" harsh ivcutlicr of late Winter :mcl eavl.v Bjirlng. A ailleiln from ihe Amcik'.in .Foundatl'jiY !or -Animal Health em- i!iiiis,2.3tl Unit every provision for! »'«' Ihe I'Oinfoft o.' calves is essential ll 'i if !(.-•.•(.«•« Iroiu this disease arc lo rcrtlv ID drafts when Indcors. "Avoid, overcrowding of young anlnii .:> in siuiiy qjarters anu then mining n,eni out in iiu-!e- inDiit weather. "•Watch for the symptoms of pneumonia—dullness, poor appelite mall fever, cifiicult crealhing.con- .stlpalloii or diarrhea. "When these symptoms occur, obtain a vetcrinaiy diagnosis at cn-e. E;!R01lnie.s iiiiciiinojun occurs ;-.s ' secondary condition asofiaf'l I with other sr: ion's dlscaa-s. Planes Go Up in Smoke c, dm damage Skyways Airport near here W , t>S ist!matctl tolny at $50.001). Six 7 ' ~ I " r!" es ' a llanBar ail<l E °™«1 ma- caro-- chine shops were destroyed. rccaminendnllons for Hie contial ol ealf pneumonia and aa- saeii'.cd diseases were offcre-l bv tlic Foinidaliou: 'If •pneumonia is present, put into client a.1 oiK'e the treatment fp3cUil care prescriuad for . lUiimal. During the rt:ovetv period, provide patalable u:ul casiiy- dlsc'ited feeds." Although no spciiri; preventive fcr certain types of c;ilf pjifiiffionin l»w v.cen developed, veterinarian-) have had some. success with the .orotei't your talvcs :iguinst j u!:e «' thcriipculi; measiuies. Uu Fiovidu trlet 'r ' lo sold wiiuls v;uH-vonti;ulC(l. and d;y, Atr.cri;nii Fauncfrttioii ;:aid. Fish scales are now uatt iif.'tciiirc artificial |M«rts. Officers for'47 Tlic S'mdv Grove Home Demon- Mrotlon c:\::j met wilh Mrs. c. C. Williums Wednesday nnd the fol- Irwiin. offiii-is ware clor-tetl for tills year: Mrs. K .3. Lovcluec. president- Mrs. Mlllard Clilldross. vice wesirlcnt; mid Mrs. Hc:ntan Wil- !lnr.?f>. sccvctury nnd re;::isli!V. Mrs. Ertjia-; Hidsr wo-; c!r;de:l :'|-nlun:> c-liairrean and Mrs Cly !e .ioilBon, health uhnl:in:in, Durlni; lh? ':usincss session Mi's loveless oiiUincd KCr.b for tlie clu'J ttin year and one is that tlic:-e nnist b« a ropresanlntive from the iivdy o.-ovc Home UsmonElratlan tub nt thu coinisii incGlmc eiteh ont)]. , G'pth.lnu' was ihe (•_;:•; i or ( !| S . nur.sicn and i,nd irctr.'ut-'r cx^hanr.fd ideas unrt thowed a: tides that were in the p.-nerss of'oeln;; mud,. irln;: the sorial hour ih (; yrd n samlvvii-ii pialc with hot .Jce. The next meeting -will be liel-l at HIP home of ^rr•! Edtmr Hitler on F<;b. 20. Promised Land 4-H Club Members Plan Projects Club 'flic Promised Land 4-II met Wednesday with Leo president, presiding. Vivian Jones. fotig caplain, led the grcup in sinking, -God Bless AinpiTca.",: ' Shirley 'Mullen, secretary called Hie rail nnd the 4-It men.bci's ani' f-werecl ij leliin;'. Hie yrojjtt liq or she had selected for 1047. M:«s Cum Lje Coieman. h demonstration agent, and w. Hi zr/lrakcr. assistant county a were present at ihis mueting, O. The KitH'.sf Coal There ( s MORE HEAT - LESS ASH We have just received a carload that was ordered last August. Phone 551 LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phonn 55, TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 2—New John Deere B I —1945 Johft Deere A J" 1- 1943 John Deere B 1946 John Deere H A!l these tractors have starters and lights, now ^ cultivarcrs. Also can furnish discs and breakers. See these before you buy! These Tractors ami Equipment Are Priced I,mvec Than Yon Can Buy Elsewhere Phone 31 Mis B A HMO,, o ° B n io v . c re re-elected rf ^v. > d Charles local spon- . for n Valentine In - iri" phich plans part v Mere mode. n,-°L Tl™- swine ber/ , ^ fn " r "' - bers of his B ro»p have purchased P."? ! "' , the 'f »« projects. Vlr- glriia Burk reported 12 memberg In h« «w,n g Kroup. which were given Instructions by Mrs . Bngc in hSdrS 1 " 8 ° f aPr ° US ^ ^ Oontrlbutions from the K rou D totaling $ have been given £ thc MiWi of Dimes, Jo Alice ' McCh, ^ ported C ' 0iS c ^ airnli <n. re- conn'f °' "^'"aker, assistant county ag e»t. distributed and ex- gamed new project record ''•sheets. He aso d.scussed feeding ^f pigs. OUicers heading the Yarbro Club thi are Bobby House, presl- Franklin Bar he Huntin*ton, ai*U, said to be a greal-greot- grtijl-Brandson o( Benjamin tlm, is pictured in his New home wflcrc h e 's bedrld- n " eed of flmds and m «»1 ^ "embers of the print" . '• who T Inter, *r« -. i - - ---~- o, vice pros««.•"•, Linda Hunch, secrctnrv- treaBUrer; an d Chnrlcne Yarbro, song citptahi. (llsnstrotis motion fc- the \1nrlrt si:,:p!v. lie would like to have txjhnnge bsi;i» tiadliit' Uils sprm,7 1:1 1913 futures. But he thougnl rntioniny nnd pri-e control should a- ecntliuii'tl thrcugh Tlic di-'.-isci- t j( J.0-~ont sui'ar— :i!icl :i i-kyrj:l;cird |)vicln K or fill i-cms in wM;h s« E ; l: is a mnjar i:i!Si-i!c'K-nt- -arise:; from the very .-,-?! in .su,-;;!v stii'l GET ...FAST, ECONOMICAL CAINS, FINE FINISH YOUR GRAIN WOKTH MORE job the i with DO uaneccstar No, the premium you pay (jn't big and it gives sou ihe best possible prol€Clion on your tractor investment, for a (ay-oflf of your equipment adds up 10 important loss lo your food pro- dticiion program You will save all ihe way »round by adopting our regular service check-up. Vou will prevent rroublt, you will t»ve the cost of * breakdown it agaimt > timcljr adjustment and your iractor will give you ihir dependablt performahct means satisfaction and profii. Our Service Shop hai the men, method*, and material 10 keep your equipment in perfect working order. TEiey have the "know how" too be. cnuse lliey arc factory trained. Missco Implement Co. Osccola — Rlj'tlicvillc Many leading hog raisers get 100 Ibs. of pork with 5 ! /2 bu. com and only 50 Ibs. of Hog Chow on the Purina Plan. GIVE 'EM FEED WITH i GROWTH POWER j PurSna Cliick Stattona U | ocionti(ical]y itiadi- (o (ncludo j evciything a chick needs for fasl (jrowlh and high liva- | tflily. ToJccs only two pound? j pot chick. , PURINA CHICK STARTENA I -HLBi L K. Ashcraft Co 14 l«k. D. of Frisco Dcpol I'lione 493 This is a real down-to-earth Farm Welding Clinic. Actual broken gears and pieces of farm machinery will be welded to show you how to quickly and economically make dependable wolds wit h a Marquette Farm Welder. The Marquclte Farm Welder has a wide welding range (20 to 180 Amps.) to take all Farm Welding Jobs in stride. It ia built for R. E. A. re- quirementsandislistwl by Uncle rwrite rs' Laboratories. Sec the handy Marquette Farm Electrode Kit at the clinic. II enables you to "Do the job Right" by using the light v;elding rod for Every Farm Welding Job. FUUI.Y EQUIPfE ' I EXTRAS TO UUY • •«! 11 glMiaiLiLmjuljt, OELTA IMPLEMENTS Monday, Feb. % SEE THE NEW FORD TRACTOR WITH FERGUSON SYSTEM! HAVE YOUR TRACTOR READIED FOR SPRING * EXPERT REPAIRS • STEAM CLEANING 6 PAINTING i,,.ld weather lull Don't lit'.-:."! There's :.v now feason 'H' flono ... so lot us vciuly sprin); sivi.soii ahead with ; you lr;uior's needs. \Vc K i vc tractor? overall so) vice that m;ikes them purr along anew. For repairs, brinjr your (rac.tor to Rtis.sell ; 11'iu'lov Comiwny ; you into t'orgollull- ;,hoac) and work to your Ivaclor I'm- the « complete chccl; ol P) 8 8^9 l\Ui ui TRACTOR COMPANY ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING

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