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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, February 7, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XL III—NO. 271 Blythevllle Dally Ne*P Blytbevllle Courier BlyUievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lvader ULYTlIKVll-LE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, KKBHUAKY 7, 1!)17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Drive Launched In North Missco By Farm Bureau W Community Chairmen Named in Annual Membership Campaign The 1947 Farm Bureau member ship drive got under way today in North Mississippi County, launched by a "push-oft" meeting of drive workers last night on the Charles Rose plantation at Hoscland. Quotas for this year's memlicr- slilp goal of 2100 for the north hall of the counly were assigned the 13 Triple-A communities in the territory. Named community chairmen last night were Leroy Carter. Leach'ville: Bob Hryant. Rocky. John Beardcn and W. O. Galyeon, Paw- hccir. Bob McKinnon, Manila; J. F. Harris, Lost Cane: Malcolm Griffin, Dell: Claude Duncan. Half Moon: Taylor Freeman. Calumet; Hlldrcd Bunch. Yartaro; L. G. Nash, Blythevillc: Chesler Caldwcll, New Lilxrrty; B. M. Itcgeiiokl, Armorel; and Eddie Hagan. Forly and Eight. Seek <;as Tax Refund Tn a discussion of the proposed gas tax refund of five and a half cents per gallon on gas utilized by farmers for non-highway use, now pending action by the Arkansas General Assembly. II was pointed out that the Farm Bureau was on record as favoring Ihis legislation. A similar refund bill, returning Sl.GOO.OOO to farmers, was passed 4 (yesterday by Ihe Tennessee Icais- ™ laturc. Mr. iiose pointed out lhat faniicv? arc now in a good position concerning parity income and that the Farm Bureau was due much for this improvement in agricultural income. A brief report on the Nationa Cotton Council meeting last week in Galveston Tex., was given B. G. West, Blythevillc cotton buyer who attended the sessions. Mr West brought out the nmtual in terests of the Cotton Council and the Farm Bureau in the greater US' of cotton and .further agricnltura research for new uses of cottoi and its by-products. Regarding new uses for cotton Bilbo Osbnrn of Manila slated tha building trades In the South wer trying to promote the use of cotto Insulation in residential and business construclion. Fireproof, this .cotton insulation is a -recent development. Louis G. Nash, vice president of the county organization, commended the Farm Bureau for its support of 4-H work in Mississippi County. Osceola Meeting Postponed Also discussed at the meeting was the question of better health and , hospital facilities for rural families. I Approximately 60 drive workers attended the annual dinner meeting given by Mr. Rose. Postponed because of conflicting activities, the "push-oil" meeting for South Mississippi County, scheduled to be held In Osceola last night, will be held in the Court House there Monday night. County Agent D. V. Maloch said today. Work towards the South Mississippi County goal of 2100 members will get underway Tuesday. About 80 drive workers arc expected to attend this meeting, held under (he direction of County Farm Bureau President John Grain, Vice President H. F. Ohlcndorf and C. F. Tompkins and A. C. Spellings, members of the membership campaign committee. •luge German Police Dog <ills Philadelphia Boy Who Was Playing in Snow PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 1.— (UP) —A huge Oermaii police dog at- ackeii R group of smnll boys building a snowman today and chewed the head off one four-year-old lot. The youthful victim was Walter Moncr. Jr. Police suld his head, severed at the neck, was gnawed almost beyond recognition, Tile dop, which weighed 150 pounds, was wounded neighbor and then trucked an<i slnln by police. about by n down Train Wreck Swept by Flames Truman to Name Envoy to Britain Secretary of Navy May Be Named to Succeed Max Gardner WASHINGTON. F?b. 7. lUP> — iecretary ol Navy James Forrestal nd several other prominent men u and out of (he government ^'ere mentioned today as |>ossib!e .liccessors to O. Max Gardner as ambassador to Br'taln. Gardner's death on the eve ol lis departure for London confront- d President Truman for the second time in four months with the necessity of naming an envoy to the Court of St. James. Others believed to -be under consideration Include former Sccre- iBry of Slate James P. Byrnes; Lt Sen. Walter Bedell Smith, now ambassador lo Russia; and former Sen. James M. Mead. D., N. Y. John G. Wlnanti who resigned as ambassador to Britain to become U. S. Representative on the Unllci Nations Economic ami Social Council,-was said to be only an outside choice to resume his former duties. He reccently gave up his UN post. Post Vacant Five Months There has been no U. S. ambas- [";'' sador in London since last Oe.tobcr when' W. Averell Harrimn" was recalled by Mr. Truman to become Seecretary of Commerce. Gardner, who died in New York yesterday, had. planned to present his credentials at the Court of St. James early -next week. . Mr. Truman is known to have a -high regard for Fonestnl despite their official differences over the pattern of the proposed merger of "the armed forces". He is the only oosevclt appointee • still in the abinct. P.orrestal handed his resignation O' President Truman soon ;after Ir. Roosevelt died in April.; 1945. ut agreed to stay on the jcb until id merger jjrcblem was -worked ut. Now that it has been solved rhicably, he is said to be ready to Mames and smoke arise from the wreckage alter i :ic itorthlxmnd San Jonqnln I-imitcr., .smashed into a l,i:ik route Ui San Francisco from Los Angeles, .struck 'hi: oil fourteen coaches into a bla/ing Inferno. Ninety pasrfeng Telcphoto.) Southern Pacific's crock passenger train, ill 1 , 1 truck at Kingsburi;, California. The Iraln. en trut-k nt a guide cro.'sini;, turning ten of Hie ei'. 1 , were Injured and three were killed. (NBA Final Kites ift Shelby. N. C. SHELBY, N .C., Feb. 7. (UP)—j 'uneral services for O. Max Garder, who .died in New York ycster- ay while en route to London to . up his oVuties as air.basador o the Court of St. James, will be eld at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at the First Baptist Church here. Gardner's boriy left, New York by rain at 6:40 p.m. -last night. His amlly accompanied it in ar. Opposes Boost in Rents WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. (U.I'.> —Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jr., declared today that enactment 01 pending rent control lcgisla:ion would face more than 100,OtH).OW) Americans with "the choice or paving higher rents or being evicted." The late President's son is housing chairman of the Amcn Veterans Committee. At a press conference he called on veterans Tax Redemption Hearings to Start Feb. 19 WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. (IJl')_ The -House Ways and Means com- mlltcc voled (oday to begin licar- ngs on individual income tax re- and non-veterans alike "never-ending stream'' lo send of letter. and wires asking congressmen to defeat nrcs." "these inflationary mcas Shuns Revenue Proposal 'NASHVILLK, Term.. Feb. 7. (UP —Gov. Jim McCord told reporter today (bat he would "hate to as veterans to drink enough to rais the $120.000.000 necessary" to pa; a proposed veterans' brmus. The bonus bill, introduced ill th Senate this week, would be finance by increased taxes on liquor. Governor McCord said also the tjonu bill docs not "fit Into" his Progran of economy. N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. Quotations: A T and T Amrr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward ........ N Y Central Hit Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel 29 1 Radio 101 Soconv vaaium 147 Studcbakcr 24 S Standard of N J 69 Texas Corp 59 1 Packard 7-1 U S Steel ..'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'... 77 5 172 382 140 797 1103 3155 30 164 363 321 779 10 1- AEA Promises Data on Salaries Governor Insists on Knowing Who Among Teachers to Benefit LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 7 — (UP 1—Officials of the Arkansas Education Association continued their work today lo present facts jures on who will get a raise when and if the legislature provides the extra funds for the Education Department. Tile research became necessary yesterday when Gov. Ben Lancy, after agreeing to an overall increase for teachers, demanded to know who would gel ajiay hike. And apparently he will gel thai information. T. M. Stinnett, executive secretary of the AEA said: "The governor is right in insisting that we demonstrate to. his satisfaction where this money would go. His insistence ive up his duties as 'ie Navy. Secretary of that a special on this point, iMjclivc.. 'may bring about some' needed cliahges In the present system of allocations. "We are noiv assemblying the information. The pressing need is for an increase in the low-salaried group a nd a s I understand it. thnt is Governor Laney's concern.' 1 Stinnett continued to .say "the AEA is also concerned eachers who have spent years prc- laring themselves for their pro- ejsion shall not suffer discrimi- lalion in favor , of teachers with ittlc or no training." Following several days of so-call:d "open war" between the AEA incl the chief executive, Ihe govcr- lor acrccd'io amend' his proposed cgislation so as to continue the d valorem or property tax for one more year. And moving swiftly. ancy inlroduccd such a bill in both houses of the legislature late •cstcrday. Truman Plans Jackson Day Talk to Nation WASHINGTON. Feb. 7-~<UP>—• Democratic National Chairman Hobcrt E. Hnnnegan. who kicked off a boom for President Truman's election In 1943. announced today the President will addrcs-s the party's Jackson Day Dinner here on April 5. •Hniincynn P"l in another plug for Ihe President in announcing the theme of the dinner—"Peace and Prosperity." In 1000. Thomas Jefferson declared "on (he useful pursuits of peace alone, a stable prosperity can be founded." "On that theme." Hanncgan said, "Piesidcnt Truman's record of achievement qualifies him as the best anthorily in America today." Mr. Truman will deliver his address in r.ersou at the headquarters dinner at the Mayflower, T-Io- lel. (It will be broadcast to dinners lo be held .throughout the country.) iicarings ductions on Feb. IS. Chairman Harold Knutson. R., Minn., said the committee voted to S to keep the closed, Kmilson said the hearings would ! on his bin to grant .1 20 per -cut cut in individual income axes to everyone earning up to ;3G2.CCO a year. However, he said >ro]X>sals to reduce taxes by other methods also would be considered Rep. Aline Forand, D., R, I. charged that the Republicans were adopting "steamroller tactics' n voting closed hearings and limiting witnesses to representatives of the Treasury Department, the Bureau of Internal Revenue congressional tax experts. Many Coses of Measles Reported in Blytheville 'I can't come to your party, can't go to school. I can't evei look at picture 'oooks. I got d mcflslcs." The lltlln red 'bumps, matcri.i for many a joke about the tim Joe had the measles and all 111 •gang' came to see him so they 1 ' take it too and not have to go t school, aren't very funny to aboil 100 children in Blythevillc. They' much rather 'be in school and don mind saying so. And the childhood disease caugh up with some of Its victims scvc ral years late. One may also hea "I'm-sorry I won't be able to aUcn (he meeting, r have the mcasle and I'm so afraid my children ar going to lake il." 'Y' Fund Tola! Reaches $4,754 Figure is Near Half Of Sum Needed to Finance 1947 Program Reports of workers in the "Y" Finance Campaign at the supper meeting lasl nlaht at the "Y" rooms brought the total amount pledprd to $1,151 at conclusion ot the third day ot Ihe drive. A budget of $ll.f,M has been set. The supper meeting that was lo have been held tonight was can- Coal Shortage Acute in London Power to Industry To Be Shut Off in Many Areas Monday LONDON, Feb. 7. (UP)—The government announced today lhat because of a grave coal crisis no electricity would 03 supplied to Industrial- consumers In Ixindon. the Southeastern, 'Midland and the Northwestern areas utter next Sunday. Fuel Minister Emmanuel Shlnwell announced the paralysing blow to BMllsli industry In dc'oalc in the House of Commons on the crisis caused by thu fuel .shortage. Shinwell suld merely that ''industrial consumers" would >be affected without making precisely elc#r the scope of tho power suspension. Domestic consumcis In the same areas will have no electricity from ,0 a.m. to noon and Irom '1 p.m. Lo 4 p.m., Shlnwell told Commons. y He said powe.r slnlions In Hie iireas were unable lo-sny wholhci ihey could cany on the ncxl 111 days, and as a result It was necessary lo iir.posc the draslb re ductions. Only by curtailing industry, he stild. could vital service: . such, as hospitals, sewage and bakeries toe maintained, soon as coal slocks to (hi power stations permit. Shtmvc] said, the restrictions will bo mod Ifled or removed. He declined t forecast when that might 'be. Prc sumably Mi:h action could not b expected until the wcalher brci milking possible a rcslornlion of normal train srii-vicc. House Members Vote Road Funds To Aid Counties $2,000,000 Annually to Bo Made Available Out Of Highway Turnback )IY 1)011 I1KOWN (Thllcii 1'rcss Slaff I'onTspimdcnl L1TTLK HOCK. Ark., Feb. 7, — (DP) — 'IVo bills were. approved by Hie llonso today before Us weekend njourninenl thai would give counties $2.000.00(1 out of present highway sin pluses and jiuariintce I IK-HI n n additional $2.000,000 nil- nuully In the tiUnre. And before the Senate uiljouriietl until i:i>xl week. It passed an ( i will to the governor n bill Ihul \vriild require expectant mothers to dike serologli: le.sls for venereal dlacn!;os. The Home approved and .sent lo lie governor u Senate bill provld- n $7.000,000 supplemental ap- irnprltilion («r (ho Highway I)e- Jardnenl. under mi amendment ai-kcd cm I lie lilll u few days IIRO. ••0.00(1,000 will in; used for hlglvvav con.slructlnn and tlin rcnwtnlnr • l.COC.noo will UP allocated la coini- les for rural mnil mill school bus •Ollles. The Mcrond bill unproved by (hi: House and rent to I ho Senate appropriated $1.000.080 lo counties mil of priwiit highway funds. Hpp Hal Moody of L:irciice County pointed out Him (he money will hi available Mnreh 3 1st.. A third bill upprovpd by the lions. mid Kent lo I ho !!>rnulc revised til Highway Refunding AcL anil guar anteed Ihe counties $2.(K)0,OOf] [in inmlly If highway revenues rciifl %:'.'.!, 000,000 11 year. The Ihree bills were supporlei b.v the County Judges' Aramdiitl'ir Tlu-y were improved on an oinnlhn vote along with i\ KUbslilulc nppro- ' prlnllnn ol $lGO,;tor> [or (he SMitu Police and an annual appropriation •>I $1(17,001) for the Slate Comptroller. Pas.siigc of tho comptroller's budget was by (i vote of 7-1 to 10, nmf wits challenged by Hep. W. L. Wurd of I/'c County on (he grounds IhiiL Thompson Wms Court Recognition in Battle Deadlock Over Disarmament Plan Unbroken NEW YORK. Fob. 7. (U.P.) — American-Russian differences over United Nations disarmament program were underscored today when Warren Austin of the United states and Andrei Gromyko of Russia made a short-lived and vain attempt to reach agreement in private. Authoritative sources said that Austin conferred with Gromyko by telephone but made "no progrt.^s" in his effort to wipe out Ihe or.f remaining obstacle to formation ol a new UN disarmament commission. The two delegates differed over the place of atomic control celed because of previous ;enpa mer.l.'i mt'-de by campaigners. A total ol Sfl53 was turned i" ver KOAIK, Gn., Kul>. 7. (U.I'.)—Judge Claud H.'Porter'to-' 'liiy ordered I wo ulale officials l o submit budgets to 1W.' K. DiomiMoti, I" offuct i'ocoj4im.iii(r hi m (18 acting governor! , __ Uiompson had-filed niandamu.s action against Grover ! j .>. Myiu'.s and Helen W. Coxeii, statinp; that they cohstit'uterL i majority of the Stutc Pardons, and Paroles Board.'- ' I'ortur (ii'di-rcd that Thompson's petition l>c jfi'antnd. . -. . . • ^ Heads U. of A. DR. LEWIS WEBSTER JONES Dr. Lewis Webster Jones, a niein- upr of President Truman's Commission on Ulnhcr Edneation and presi- dpiil ol Ucnnlnuton Collcec In Ver- inonl since 101 i, has been selected presldenl of thi? UnlverBlty ol 'Ar- Q thrce-fnui Ills of 7!i-mcmbrr vale was necessary. No action wns taken on Ills exception. Heforc adjournment, (lie Unnsc. received :i bill by Hrm-esontaltvcs Tmn Allen of Mnnriic C'mmtv and Jefferson Kppck* nf iMlssls*h)rii rminly (hat would prohibit dry dimities from participating. In lirmnr p-rvcnncs. In other action, the House: Hccelved n John resolution designed to raise (he limit on appropriations passed before n throe-fourths vote of membership becomes kansa.s Dr. A. M. Hauling, retired. Jones Is n native of Nebraska. I'nyHlcvlllo, succeedlni! Dr. New Deal Offer Made to. Jews Restrictions Modified .To Permit 100,,0,0^.. To Enter Palestine. Another C'nurt Batllc Stared • . M:nCNOUG'H, Ga, F 4 b 7 (UP) --S'lilc Attorney General ''Eiipe'iin rjirk. Kerkiiiij a declaratory juds- '"ci'l to oust-K;;man Tnlmadge its O:or[;l«. governor, declared .'..'today that Talmadge'ri continued' oc'.u- p-incy i;f the cx'::uUvc office, wiis crer.thi" chsos end confusiin and -.orlrusly disrupting slute functions. CJ'oK's 'iull sut'ks to imc U. Gov. M K, Thompson named legal "gpvf ernor, mid to cnjojn ; Taimadgc from lilrlher cxe::ise of executive (Mites. ' Tndey's courl session was L ro'lin^ r ne In Ihe main legal action 'iii- Icmptlng lo disqualify TalmidRO and II was expected lo go slralght to the Stale Supreme .Court. Cock and Defense Counsel B. D. Murphy faced Supra lor Court Judge W"ltev 0. Ilendrlx in a:-packed :omtroom of the -small.• red; brick. The laic. Eugene Talmadge,,.whoso turbulent political career spanned Lwo decades of Georgia history, was not fi->ei!t from today's .proceed- In^,. The ouster suit against .his son hinged on tho- argument of whether n. dead person Is still considered "u person" In: the state.'.. .'.. Talmatlge'r, counsel ',' contended I thai the hit'- governor-elect w:is not actually elected In lar.t •November's ceneiiil election because, .the. IcBislaturq dirt not complete ' Ihc election by declaring htm governor; Instead, Mg-.-r.hy said ,Ihe' assembly elected young Tnlinarigc who had 675 write-In voles in the shrhc election. •',-, ' ,: ,, ' Litigants Use Similar Tattles Talnmdge's altoi heys''. -were usiht; the same line In today's case that hud marked his campaign and sub- . sequent Yovnig' Tslmitd'iic based his cluim to seek trio, office . on the argument that-his? father, bjiiiR. dead at the time; could : ;rt6V ,,,_ , . '- ••- • .-.-.•• i-"?*^ .rr^TTH . "*Vr... •110 (1 Tlfc announcement coincided the arrival In London of coal ships care.oe.1 (or home consimiption. II. wns the first appreciable shipment to arrive in more than a week. But nnlcsi the cold wave breaks soon, the coal was no more last night when Team 1 pledged S150; Team IB. $180; Team 2. $25: Tcnm 3. SM); Team 4, S125; Team B. S2S; Team 7. $145; Team 8. $25; Team 11. SISO; Team 12. $20; Team 14. SCO and Team 15. $15. The woman's division of llic drive. under leadership nf Mrs. W. L. Hornrr. will becin next week. Siipj-.ers at the report sessions were -served bv women of First drop in the bucket. Hundreds nf plants were closinr: tor lack of fuel, throwing upward of 250.000 men out of -work. Methodist, Episcopal Christian Chnicii. -St. Church and Church. The Stephen's the Kirst Woman's Two Engines Bought for Power Plant OSCEOIiA. Fell .7. Purchase of two 1250-horsepower Diesel engines Society of Chrnlian Service of I ''I" the Osceola Power ot problems in the broader field universal disarmament. The sources said the brief (tic- phone conference left only the faintest glimmer of hope that cither the United States or Russia would give enough ground later today lo break the deadlo::*. Austins telephone call to Gromyko at the Soviet Union's United Nations Headquarters here was depicted as a iast-ditch attempt lo reach agreement. Temperature Drops Again Sub-freezing temperatures returned to Blythevillo during nighl as the mercury dropped to a low of 28 degrees, according to Robert E. Biaylock, official weather observer. • Tire Thief Wounded CHARTHAGE. Tciin.. Feb. 7. — 'UP)—Three men, one believed lo be wounded seriously, attempted to break into a store here early Ibis morning but were frightened away by Night Patrolman Gus Maddux Maddux said he fired at one of the men and saw him stagger. Police snld they later found blood by the store door. The thieves were believed to be seeking some of the 1,000 automobile tire? stored in the building. City Council to Meet The City Council will hold a •routine business meeting Tuesday night In City Hall. No specific Issues arc slated for discussion or Lake Street Methodist church had volunteered to serve tonight. Gentlemanly Bandits Get $40,000 in Jewels from Vacationers in fl'orida MIAMI BEACH, Fla.. Feb. 7 — (UP) — Three gentlemen bandits early today took Jewels and cash worth about $40.000 from four winter visitors here, after forcing thctr car to stop on a lonely stretch of beach road. The victims .said the men. n'.me ( l and masked, fired three shots to make them halt, but were cx- ircmely polite and courteous. Members Of the group saved other jewels valued at $43,000 by Hiding them during the holdup. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ruciiuck. of Hrookline. Mass.. lost jewels worth $18,000 and $300 in cash, but Mrs. Rudnick slipped an S18.000 necklace into her dress without being detected. Mrs. Harry Engleman. of ton. gave up bracelets valuer) at 525,000 and Mrs. Harry cooprr, if Buck's Cavern, pa., lost S65 In cash but concealed a 525,000 ring In her mouth. Light Ben R. Ncblett Dies Funeral services were held today in Seattle. Wash., for n?n R Neblctl of Seattle, brother of H. K Nebletl and uncle of Mrs H. O Partlow. Mr. Neblett died Wednesday. Mr. Ne'JleU's survivors ln:i«de two other brothers, H. R. Ncb'.rlt. of Forrest Cily and W. W. Ncb- 'o. at a cost of $IG8.o:o nounceri here today. Installation of the engines expected to be completed by March This addition to the $500.033 plant makes It one of the largest and best-cciuippcd utilities in Arkansas. Osceola's new "White Way' .street-lighting program on Wnlini Strccl will he started next wcrl: The new lights will*he inslall'-t from south "I Hale Avc. to Keiser Slrcct. necessary for passage of any iip- urpprlntlon bill, The resolution. Introduced by Hep. Claude Coffell of Uenton County, would submit an amcndincnl of (he people- raising the limit from $2.500.000 to $10,000,000. At the present lime a three-fourths vote Is necessary after appropriations—excepting those for education, highways and Just clehlfi—reach the $2,500,000 mark. Received a bill placing a sales inx of I wo ccnte n bottle on hcer. The revenue would he divided equally between the general revenue fund and stale-supported schools. The Senate dcfcnlrd ivllh a tic- vote a rc.Mlhitinn which woillil have a.sltnl Congress (o placo farmers and farm laborers under the Modal Security Art, The rrstilution wns opposed by Senator J. J,cc Ilcankn of I.cnch- vlllc who said the move would rc- tpilre "every 10-arrc farmer to liire a bonkkrnimr." The original resolution passed the House handily and a motion lo reconsider by Rep. L. H. Aulry of Mississippi County wns defeated. The Senate al;;o approved imr sent to the governor a hill allowing Arkansas colleges lo issue bonds for construction of housing facilities. Tho bonds would be rcdecmi with revenues cnllcclcd from sti dents In the form of rent. LONDON. Feb. 'I. (UP)—The British government today ndppted a new tentative policy for Palestine, reported to be a compromise relaxing the rules on Jewish ImrnlHia- on nnd shelving any idea of pnr- llonlng the Holy Land now or i Ihe nenr future. Whitehall sources reported the iblnet agreement on new nropo- als for Palestine. They will be dls- Ibuled to Arab and Jewish Icnd- rs tonight or tomorrow. Informed onrces wild they were, regarded fi proposals, not a final decision by ho cabinet on the Palestine Issue. No forcible Imposition of the ten- iilivc policy wns contemplated, In- ormnnl.s reported. 'Hie diplomatic correspondent of he Pully Express reported that the lovernmenl. would override Arabic ipposlllon Id further Immigration Of ewfi nnd admit some 100.000 at once. The cabinet was meeting In spe- Inl session today lo consider the •arlonn proposals for Palestine. H ailed lo arrive at « decision ycs- erdny. President Congratulates Boy Scouts on Anniversary WASHINGTON. Feb. 7. <UP> — President Truman today congratulated Ihe 2.C63.3S7 Boy Scouts ol America for their svork in helping "lo relieve suffering in war-torn countries." The President senl the Bov Scouts r. personal mr.sMiKc on the opening of Boy S:out Week (Feb. 7-13) marking the organization's 37th anniversniy. Or, Dec. 31. active Boy Scout membership passed 2.000.0CO for the first time. action, city officials said today, Ictt of Morgan City. Miss. Two War Vets Operate Lion Service Station Thurman W. McGcc and M. ID. Rambo have taken o\-cr the opcr- alion of Ihe Lion Service Station al 5lh and Main, it was announced! today. Both are veterans of Army service. Mr, 'McGee sci vcd two years i;i the Pacific Theater and M'' Jlrn-bo served the same length ol lime in the European theater. Princesses To Appear In New Court LONDON, Feb. 7.—i UP) — The traditional Initiation of novice crossing th c equator will be hcl( Monday morning on the Battleship Vanguard, carrying the royal fam ily to South Atrlca, the Exchangi Telegraph Agency reported froii the ship today. Klny Gcorrjc and Queen Eliza hclh ale veterans, but Princcssc Elizabcth and Margaret will (ak part in the ceremony at Km Neptune's Court. However, the will not be ducked, as is cuslomar in equatorial initiations. Wants Synthetic Rubber WASHINGTON. F(-'.->. 7. (UP) — President Truman today asked Coi tM'e^-s to assure maintenance of th U. S. Synthetic niv'oer industry a IhoURh natural rubber prodiictlo will return to normal "almost cei tainry" by early 1948. N. Y. Cotton May. July, 0:1. Uec. open 3258 3161 2967 269S 3280 3105 3000 2740 2IJ30 21J60 !ow 3230 3158 20 SO 2692 2622 1:3 326 319 300 273 266 nf votes Murphyf gntlon tH vurlcd" the "executive '• "SepiiftiSent offices tho morning of Ills flection by the legislature. : :'.-'.':', . Talmndjje. preceded by his fo!- Icwers, entered the executive offices before dnwn Jan. ip, and there he had n brief, tense talk with Ellis Amnli who refused to give up the office until a lieutenant 'governor • could be Inaugurated and put In line for the governorship. The next day Talmadge took over the office and gradually worked Arnnll out, of the Capitol. Strung Argument for Layman Cook denied that Talmadge lost he election when ho died. Although ' Ihe elder Tnhimdjje was physically dead at Ihe Itlme (lie legislature declared the, election M-esVlt,' Coot contended, he was not "dead'-' a,s far us fcing elected went. law, cook argued. In Graziano Loses Boxing License In Bribe Probe NEW YORK, Feb. 7.—(UPV — The New York Slate Athletic Com- nlssion revoked Rocky Graziano's JOXlng license today for his fail- ire to icport three Inslances on which he wns offered n J100.000 even n dearl person sometimes still has rights .and obligation's. And if the legislature was bound lo -dc^ clare Eugene Talmadge elected gov^ ernor in tho November balloting, it was argued, then under law Thompson should have succeeded to the offjcq lo fill the vacancy 'caused by Ihe death. . /, Talmaclge's attorneys at opening of the session sought to have Cook disqualified. They contended.that as attorney 'general he cannot" r? present anyone but the legal governor. '. . . i Murphy also filed a ri'einnrrer on •mmadgc's behalf. ; The motion to disqualify Cook came as a surprise, but the, demurrer to the enlire case was expected. Superior Judge Bond Almanri of of the commission, announced also lhat the scheduled return tltlj fight between challenger Graziano and middleweight champion Tony "••"In at Madison Square Garden. March 21. would be canceled. In announcing the two-man commission decision, Eagan made clear Ihrft it had decided after a threc-rlay luarlng that Graziano had been guilty of violating Rule 61 of the commission code. U.S. Grand Jurors Clear Higgins of Fraud Charge NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 7.—(UPl —Andrew .). Htgglns, his Industrial enterprises, and three of his associates were cleared today of alleged violation of federal statutes by a U. S. District Judge who ordered a grand jury Investigation h.iltcd > Judge Wayne G. Borah In announcing Hlgglns had been cleared snld a federal grand jury convened last May to investigate the wartime boat builder had been dismissed. The grand jury reached a conclusion. Borah said, that there was "no basis for prosecution." The boatbuilding wizard' had faced federal Investigation In connection wf!h alleged wav frauds, for a smt he must hear tomorrow ... involving S94.CCO.COJ in executive It department funds held by an At- lanln pant. : The (Fulton. National) oans named belli governorship claimants in its siiil to determine which one Is entitled to spend the for executive tion.s. department money opera- Fire Victims Remain Under Care of Physician Buck Mcharg, who received /i-si degree burns Wednesday morni-i- when his cafe and produce mark?!, on East Main was destroyed by fire, was still under a doctor's cure this morning although h c was reported as "doing nicely." He suffered flash barns about the face and first-degree bums of the for-:head, neck, shoulders and lower left ami. His son. Billy Meharg, also under treatment for n first degree barn on the forehead, was also Si'.la to be "doing nicely." leather ARKANSAS—Partly rtcooy, scattered snow flurries North portion today, colder tonight »nd mueft colder Saturday.

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