The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 13
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/ THUKSUAY, FEBRUARY 0, 1947 BLYTHBVILLB (AKK.) COUKIKU NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION zniJr rat* JHI Unt tot COBBCCUUT* !•• ••rtfoBi; Minimum Ob*rg« „.„„ 60c l tin* M* JJo« IBC 3 tUftM j*r liu« p*r 4*7 IKc a tiBM p« lin* p« d»y 9c 4 tlnmi p« Un* p«r day —-—__- 7c 12 tlojw per line per d»j . 6c Mouth p«r Una BOC Count five AT«JI(< wordi to tb« line. Ad ozdered for tlirt« 01 eU UIUCB au& •topped before expiration will b« clurg- •d for tb« mutiiber of tim«s the ftd *y- penred sad adjustmeiil of bill uiadi. All Classified Advertising copy BnV pitted by persons residing outside of the city ujust be accompanied "by cash. Bates may b* easily computed from tbo tbove ^ Adfertlsini order for irregular tuser- Mjloos takei the one time rate. ^T Ho ieapouBiblUty will be t»k«n for nor* tha.ii one 1mcorrect Insertion of any clMBiried ad. For Safe for So/e Alfalfa bay. 2 mile* wt?st uu Uw Jfiuniro at lEoord lirou. Sioru. Moor &. HsrJy Jl.ric Our Shop Gives You Ulakvuiure lljinisl.. 1719 3740. All coul heaters at cost. Good selection. 1'lanlers Hardware. 2-1-ck-ll liiisch and Hog Disc. G. A. Hale, Kurdeito, Ark., I'll. 702. 2-3-rrk-lt) hlirilln mi.l lul'st evu-jwn lie.l|;<- |il,ltils; liullis. Oil A 0. Uijckpy fir.. |ih. ai>3. Osu-oUi. Coal! 100 or Carloart. We deliver. Phone 3780. Wheeler Coal Co. % Cop 'tlnil. Jus! ovcrhiinlr.l- (ii.D.i lir AirbaiH'. A[.t. 11. •J!:i-li! We specialize in fruit li spray materials. Ask «* what and when to uso. Planters Hardware Co. Inc., 120 W. Alain, phone 515. ].!!l-ck-tf pedge Gin. J-8-pk-2-8 Keel r<ll birr^l radi. Blrtkevllla Ma" cklne Skui) Oill 'f.Ki» 11118-tt-if U>mpti«U 1'liont <19 — WO. Olhcb 120 Soutl Secoid. 10[2~ek-lf U piece dlnitiR room Ket. 5 or 6 room oil Lif*UT; radio. Singer sewiiij; um- cliine. Kilchcn tdbl« anJ clinirs— Other liouspholO it nine. 701 \V, \'v'al- nut. I|7-ck-'2l7 CJooit used arm 7 combat thoea. Blioes anil 01 ford*. Hal ford'a Him a Hhoji, 106 R. Second. 1|8-|>V-2|8 '/ ton Army Dad^e pick «p Irtick. ^7T>0 Contact myllicville Curlt Market. 1122-ck-lf nj'iy taam' cleaning IJ^H M-lih the m-w V' '"ully equipped tire re nail Ail-Around rn •l.r.1,1. Call 2908. l!28-pk.2i1>S See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our qual- ily chicks, halched right from selected |lc=ks. Hardy, [ast- yrowers. Low price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. '/. Block So. of Depot 1'liolie 433 shop. IJuiUlin^ 15x50, one 5 Vi h.p. hoiler, 2 recajipers. !) section molds for all si/es including; truck and tractor tires; one air '.•0/11- prcs-sor; 3 huffers; everything else needed for modern tire shop. One piece or evcrythinK'. MHO 13-11 1'ly- nuuith pickup with new motor and new tires; cor.i- binalion addiii"; machin and cnsh. register. Located on liiKhway and railroad. Wade Coal Co. & Tire Shop, N. Hwy. 01, phone 2291, nJKht phone 71)0. Reason for selling, ill health. 2-"i-pk-12 Wliilr c-nnmil Imljy crili ivilli 1:1:111 ri<M ],rn>lii-:ltli- til lr. ll):i.| U'l'Nl Mull!. I'll Miiii-'.. Mrs. II. L. Titil'r. \1 l- r il-™-- Your car deserves Iho best upkoop possible, lo knop it in K"0fl comlilion! Don't take chance's on in I'-"rior work—ov nm.iVoui' service . , . I'lxillips tvives you only the host, by expert met'linmc.s who lake prido in st'c- iiiK your cur in tip-top shape! FASTER- FINER- clean ID f A* a rep sir. A]) wora. ceil, Wo ulio LIUT old oil ilovo*. . . rinlrnl wllV iolct «n.l lirrll. .'l'-iirJ. llolliml't Slum Winp. blct ftuchlu* »«r?lc«™ '.» r.'i'nir ill trpci M-«iMn( viftrhlii" -riirillrii o< lln-1 of eouiflllon. AIlP n.) 4fll. plrVuii tild drllrrr l|l» M«ckli» M.IHV llll.i.b.11 'IT ironil k.nlnl ]il«nr.'«. *rn.l y.Mir lilni" ninl nrriUlvt I" Till) Mu'lrl Mil Wr-liail» \\t. SI. l.Ottln r.'. MM \V,. fi' i.roinix •<•'• lir.. 1.7 -iilc.JiV ' ui,,_- ,,,,1 «!:,-,«Hmn M-.I Mi'». :illi N. Si-.-mi.l. SERVICE! MONKY TO LOAN Do you need H loins to repi\1i or romoiU'l? No down payment, no m'jrt(;i»K e > no roc Inpc. FHA approved rate li*. Ask for details. MM I.'.IXHII, Kejiltor, phone UC Lynch UUlg., HlytltOYllle. p L L i P S Vil« l.ln.nocr, All liku !i. M ..h I,,. cri.iiii.l i"i.'! <-li<i|iv r.n «uy i-iff flil.-ki IHII |:l*lllllll. AI..I I-IIMI l.nni;l<-i-'i. .Mill. :«>» S. S,- ,1 M'll J II [III- Wonterf to Ren* fi-room residence near business district. SV»0(). Owner occupied. Quick possession. H. C. Campliell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ck-tf Wonferf to Buy : r^^lonvT TAKI-: A LOSS. <;<• Hiph arrade hlood tested baby I the (np price for vmir en chicks. Special S12.»0 ptr | nr truck fmtn PTTTT.T.IPP liundred. Complete line o! feed. Ulavlock Hatchery. N. (il. 1-31-ek-tf MOTOT? CO. F.,r li.iv. Call l.i- ;li-f[ric *Vsliughtnisr range: pns stnvl, rctlalirant .si^r. J'lin ' «i.1li nifiTit]] mulo' in. Ark. - Cash for wrecked or junl uiVilk'i'r nwlomobilcs. We'll coms and gel it. Wade Autf Salvage. North Hhvy (51 phone 3785. 12-2G-pk-2-S fiilhrrt l.yncTi. ll.ll-pX-2! 14 I'i'm.-.-r I'rnr.'xal Inlile mnts. cr^tlf Ali 1>ls- rnrulo In fit your tn>>IOK nn.l pri-s.-rvp finish. Orflcr Hi«-tu Trim .liininir F.ilmrds 301 K Maill SI.. l.l.onc 2-IS7. ck-li27 li 227 fi T-nnm liouso anil double K Chick. 605 S-room residence located on S. 20th Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-2'Mi en" John Drtrt- trarfnr nuil '.: p.-rfi'illy .I.-U- A .lr.l.n IK-cr.- tr.-i Inr^ villi ri|iii|,iu,-nt: 2 nru- II. Ka ni:.ll traflcts 11'ilh . l.<itloii> for oacli: -i fuoil II Kannnll Iraclnr* ivith oiillivatnrs 2 Imll.nii l.r.-:ikers ivilli cafii. Th^c fivn ntf Ir.nn 1311 in 10-tti HKi.lf 1 non- I! Moliiu. Irarciir: I H Jo D..TO IraiUir wirli rnltivatf.r. lU lnfi.l.-l: 1 F Knrtnall Iracl'ir v-itli n rul.hcr. in ti'.«i-\ Also li .-iliiiul SI) 1..-.1.1 of imi|p< for an arranceil nn all these -Unrlors. I will laki; in on nl- ['lUKt nnyOiinir on (ln-^. 1 Irarl.irs F f. f'r.nie. "l mile sonlli of llrnvi!n.lot:n. Mo. 2l:i.,.V •- I'ianos in aiTy condition Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2059. l-17-ck-2-17 MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at FtftU—Hlylhcvillc, Ark.—'I'd. .liiU-M Joh Wanted For Hire Local & J-onj; Distance Movi CouipoLcnt Help and equipment. A quatd7 Insuicd Coctvact "Bau anil Misc. .Services, Uomo Scnricc A HtorafB Oo. I'Liunj 2801 00 K PRESCRIPTIONS Prt.-sh Ksrby Drug Stores WE HAVE CARS All Makes 8c Models '42 Dutlfcc .(-diior '42 I'lyniuiitli '42 C!MC Pi lim '12 !>;: Snlu Tiuck •30 llulfh "18 Clicvrolcl OTIIKIIS TO SKI.ECT VUOM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION Phone 928 11!) K. M \'oalher stripping. Siive 1'ue by haviiiK doors and win diiws wealhersl ripped. C K. Wif?Ki"s, B12 N. 10th 1'lionc 22i>:(. 12-.'H-pl:-.'! i'e us for nil eslivttnle he- fore you have your tractor overhauled. We speciali/.w in steam cleaning nml painting, electric and acel- yh'iie welding. Itnssell I'tiillips Tractor Co. Iliwuy lil Smith. 1'hone 217J. 2-1-ck-tr Personal ,\l)- t - I I'li.lill:, n llriK'iirn-.- Lot! Ilc-iirl Courier Mows Wnnl Ads. Situation Wanted lii[;h srli.i.,1 L-irl xvill enrn fur rliil.l FARM LOANS « Low Interact </ Long T«rm Fair Appmlul Prompt Servlc* RAY WORTHINGTON -ing This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Blftlicrlllc. Ark. TU Pr^Mi.1 lu-i Tune In Prudential Sunday at 4 p.m. over WKEC KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 Old Relis G. O. POETZ ANYTIME Day or Night ANYTIME Day or Night The Old Reliable" 7,«r 8«« e .t PETROLEUM DepeniUbl* Serrlce PRODUCTS '" "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. T>!lone 3(V17 The car you're driving now may he a death trap for both your family and yourself! "Who knows what .sliapc if is in ... vintil given a thorou<cli check hy expcrlK. Don't (ake chances hy drivini; a car th<<! hasn't been inspected for traffic hav.ards . . . Ijvinji it to us now for a complefe service check with cnr- vective measures. Walk 5n Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator fin' liimirfliulr llclivery CALL Steelc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KL1.1S, Owner ,V Mcr Ili'4ll«'liy fil Norlll ill HOLLAND, MO. REMEMBER! It was only a little while ago when you had to have a certifi- cate from your Ration Board to buy a new tire | . . and after you got your certificate you were lucky to find a dealer with the size and type tire you needed. TODAY ITS DIFFERENT All you have to do to'get any size or type tire is call on us. COMPLETE STOCK . . . IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! DON'T DELAY 1 LET US INSPECT YOUR TIRES AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENH-NCEl 10 Y E CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phono 578 Save Money Tmlny, Any Day STOP AND SWAP I:I.IU:KT HUFFMAN'S 1«1 K. Blnln Vhonc 859 Von Must lit- Happy or No Drul QUICK Our Hndio Repairs arc fjiiick and our workmanship finer wi: iu:i>A ANV MAKK— ANV Phone 2642 FRED CALL1HAN 106 South First RECTAL DISEASES (All rj-p::s K«r« DRS. NIES Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Thoso Dirly Clothes Open fi a. m. Close. S-.-IO p.-m. Tuesday nnd Thursihiy Nijllils Open Till «.) o'Clock 323 North 2nd St. BRING US YOUR POULTRY! UV r-iij- rriKln:s( I'rdvs fur nil Ileus, [(costers, Ducks nnil Qccse Suvo Tlmt .irldilli-inan's Trodl. Our Prices Gnvcrneil by iM:nlirl V.ilup. iw.'iy (il North I'hone 1)762 W T PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A:-TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down ('nnl-Alru Atltc P;tns .Siin-ncun Anlonindc Oil IliMl.-is NorRi: !':loc(rir lint \V;itrv IK'ati-rs Sin-ruin Williams Paints Shcttlitd Field FcncinK fioiilil's ^V'atci- Pumps GuU)£i'soii Kitcli^n .Sip 36 MONTHS TO PAY • "T)ic TyilPwriUr Man" HOVAI., SMITH. COUONA ami 11KM1NGTON 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST DE SATISFACTORY) ASK US AHOUT FARMER'S'TERMS WITH ANNUAL 1'AYMKNTS P R A fe>v S "W 31 FF" f^i / rf* L A N I. fc R S HARDWARE CO., Inc. Wesl Main St. Our Shop Gives Your CAR .. . New Life! LANGSTON-WROIEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 i mmm**tmm*Hmjimmmm>a*mt* rr n in i IHIBMI i i' TI SOOTS AN'O HER HIIDOIKS fvitvc. VV.V"DO int <K&i sou'GET « Dvt'.t BPICK 'OM VOUR lttMt<=.TMtH \|»1VA. B'i ft WROCV-t! Help Wanted P.V KTIOAR MARTIN COtAt I ROO, Pl.tR=>t GO UP TO DUD 1 VOU CSW DO :_!©•• BY MEKRU-l. BLOSSEf FRECKUSSJlNp TI1R FRIRND3 T.r^'A-\=r ALREADY ' j ^ YOU VVERB SWRT, YOU VKOLADNY , AS VOU\VOu'.D SAY ROGER'/ Bur^ 1 BAMKCO sr WtW| UNDER YOLld DtO MAME.WlTH YOJ ME AS . IXI TRUSTEE ! If xViTVI WILL HELP It? PAY FOR.\DUft y CCLLME •\

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