Lancaster Daily Intelligencer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on July 21, 1890 · Page 3
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Lancaster Daily Intelligencer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1890
Page 3
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, MB -" i"rfn3 SMirrew PI. Frem the Londen Gleb. Although net Uie best fare. snarrewa are net be desnlscd m an addition te noer folks' dietary, it seetns odd, therefore that Uie bird should no abound in some parts or me kingdom as te be considered almost as freat a pest as the rabbit Is In Australia. IThy does net Ilodse sallr forth, gun in band, and bring home a flne meat meal for bis starving family T Simply bocause the game would net pny for the candle ; very sparrow bugged would cost mere than It was worth. A far mere economical method or making a bag is, however, re-comuiendod by a correspondent of u Yerk uire papni. jiiivuig sieeiieu a iuiimj of rice In whlskev or rum. scatter the grains about atseine place much frequented by sparrows. The knowing little bird has weakness rer stimulants, anu in -'j short tl me net a grain will be left tin-devoured. Hut the sparrows, shockingly Inebriated, cannot rlse en the approach .or the fowler, who picks them up at his Inlanre r.iMiin tha oneratien until be has secured enough for a family pie. The cost is said le no nexi. w "ul""7i "" success absolutely certain. But leek at the oLnberinoMnritf There Is the nanderlnir te an unholy craving, there Is a downright fraud en a confiding bird, and who sbnll ay T there Is the chance of eternal perdition for feathered sinners cut en in their favorite slu. And all this merely te pre vide feed for a few human bcintrs. The end docs net sanctify the means, and we icci assured inaievery uoage wnereapecia himself would faf rather drink the rum or whisky himself than put It te such un worthy use. Ills virtuous steumcli would revolt at snarrew Die. however deftly made, based en deceit and drink. It is taiu, novertlielosi, le be an appetizing ami nutritious dish when the birds are stuffed n-ith bread crumbi mid roM)se en a layer of steak te make gravy. Ho-Openliiic n Tlioreunlifare. In order te nuard nirnlnut results utterly sub versive of health. It. in nhsfiluti'lv essential that he grand thorough are or avenue or the system, till bewrplft. nlinulil h nvenened as SDCed- lly as possible when they become obstructed, f they are net, the bile Is misdirected Inte the Bleed : the liver becomes ternld : viscid bilious tnattcr get Inte the stomach, 'and produces In-lllgestien; headaches ensue, nnd ether symp toms are produced, which a prolongation 01 we bxcltlne cause enlv tends te aggravate. The Itperlcnt properties of Heitctter's stomach Bit- p.'ra constitute a mesi uscim agem in overcoming constriction of the bowels, and promoting a guiiir mum orueay. it is mnniieiy superior i the drastic cathartics frequently used for the Inirrxwe, since II docs net, like them, act vle-entlr, but produces u natural painless effect, ch docs net Impair the tone of the cacua-f organ, which It Invleerates Instead of vcakcnlnir. The stomach nnd ller. also, lu ll cod the entire sj stem, Is strengthened andreg- suaica uy it. jyiaie Olie TlieiiKnml Dollars. I will forfeit the above nmeunt If I fall te prove that Klornplcxlen Is the best medicine In I'xlstence for Dyspepsia, Indigestion or Bilious- liens, it is n certain cure, nnd nnerds immedl- lite relief. Incuses of Kidney and Liver Cem- lilalnt, Nervous Debility and Consumption. t-'loraplexlen builds up the weak system and Hires where, ether remedies fall. Ask your llrugglst for It and get well. Valuable book Things worth Knewing," also, sample book lent free ; all charges prepaid. Address, Prof. franklin Hart, 88 Warren street, N. Y. Fer sale by Ge. W. Hull, Lancaster l'e. aprl7-lyd&w A Spring Medicine. The druggists claim that people call dally for Ihe new euro for constipation and sick head ache, discovered by Dr. Silas Laue In the Recky Mountains. It Is said te be Oregeu grape root i great remedy lti the far West for these com- Iilalnts) combined with slmple herbs, nnd Is nade for tise by pouring en boiling water te Iraw out the strength. It soils atSOcentsapack go and Is called Lane s Family Medicine. (1) Special letlcc. Bneklen's Arnica Salve. I Tun Ukht HA i.vic in the world for Cuts, Bruises ores, ulcers, naiiwieuin, rover Beres, reuer, haDeed Hands. Chilblains. Cerns, and all fktu Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or he pay required. It Is guaranteed te give per- et satisfaction, or money refunded. Price lent per box. Fer sale by W. T. ltecli, Drug- list, Net. 137 and 139 North Queen street, Lau der, ra. une-iya I'Wlmt Cnu't lte Cured, Must Be En- tltireu." This old mbme does net slcnlfv that we must lufler the miseries of dyspepsia, when a meill- I ine Willi iiiu ciiramu piepcrues or jiiiruccA. Hewl Hitters is ivullnbln It Is one of the most LibsUiiilhil and reliable remedies sold te-day. fold In Lancaster by w. T. llecii, IJ7 ana 13 Nerm uucen sircei. Mnthers ! Mothers 1 1 Mothers I t I Are you disturbed at night and broken of four rest by a sick child suUerlug and crying rllli the excruciating ruin et cutting teelhT II le, goat once and gel a bottle of MRS. WINH-liOW'S SOOTHING HYHUF. It will relieve lie uoer Utile sullercr Immediately depeud ipen It ; there Is ue mistake about It, There Is iota mother en earth who has ever used It, rhnwlllnei tell ou atencu that It will regit- .. ,1... ..n.l l.mvus. ,. , I, a rt tt tl OtlA ellcf and health te the child, operating like nagle. it is peneciiy sale te use in an cases una ileasnnt te the taste, and Ik the prescription et no of the eldest and best female physicians and lurscs lu the United (States. neia everywhere, 5 cents a bottle. luue2lydAw "Spout riftyDellnrs" In docterlnc for rheuiiiutlsm before I tried rAeninj' Eclcctrle Oil. Used a M-ccnt bettle of litis medicine and get out In one w eek. I or urns and sprains It Is cxcencni. jus. uur-aui, Hist Pembroke, N. Y. Sold In y W. T. Hech, 137 and 139 North Quien street. Kpoeh. The transition from lemr. lingering and p.iln- Iul sickness te robust health murks nn epoch In he life of the individual. Hueli a remarkable vent is treasured in me memory unu mu gency wlicreuy the, goeu ueuiiu uus ueeii ni- alned Is gratefully blesed. Hence It Is that se nnrli Is lie:inl lii ur.ilhc of Elfcti lu Bitters. He hmnv feel thev oue their restoration te health. le the use of the Great Alterative aud Tonic, If Feil are troubled with liny uiscase ei iviuney, ,ler or Stomach, of long or short standing, ou will surely Mud relief by use of Electric IIIU ers. Sold at 00c niul Si per Heme in w. i. loch's Drug Stere. 137 und 1$) North Queen Itreet, Luucustcr, Pa. (1 A AVerd orcnutlen. Railroad men. mechanics, commercial trav- .tars tinan tuillists. farmers and ethers Mho labor out of doers, lire peculiarly liable teaccl- ft.,... nn1 In1.iv.' "Vintim.1 f?l , ri fiil fllf Clll. 4,11V. IIIJillJ, i' "...- -.v.vv.. .v ....-.. hrulscs, eurns, lines aim sprmns nuiraei ine nne'l UPPIICIIIIOIIS yei uevisutl, nmu inumivan fcr by W. T. llecii, 1J7 and IX) North Queen Itreet. Thelr HiiblnesH lloeiniiiir. I'mitiiiiit- iw, nun thlni? h is cnuied such a ireu- nil reiiilef trnde nt II. II. Cochran's Drug Mere as tneir giving away i ineir cunmmum m e ninny nee trial bottles of Dr. King's New DIs- eery rer uonsiiinjiiieu. incir iruiietHKiiiiiuy normeus lu tills ery aluiible article from the root iimf. it nluaHcuresnnd iiecrdlsaiiiHiliits I;eilKhs, levins, AMiinia, ureiicnui", wuuii, niiu ill threat nnd lung diseases quickly cured, 'i en an test it bciore uu) nig eyKeiiiiiKuiti.u uuiuu Iree, large sue si. i.cry ueme wuiiuniruni II. II. Cochran s lirug oiere, tei mm ua .urui juccn street, ijiiiicnsicr. r.i. Houe.sty the Hest Policy. In advertising a medicine It is best te be lien-i. iiM-pnLleii will never de: the people won't htand It. Let the truth the known that Jluuleck lniwf nitien cure scrofula jind nil eruptions of the skin. This medlclne Is sold c cry where by llrugglnts. Sold In Ijuicaster by w. T. llech, yst ana ijw erui itu,-fu nm-vt. QJavpctD. HIE LANCASTER OAUPET HOUHE. . HEADQUARTERS -KOH- ONE PRICE ! GROUND FLOOR ! SHAUB & VONDERSMITH, 18, 20 & 22 East Orange Street. Bugca-iyd icutiattu; mu NATHORST, DENTInl'. jUKTit4K mjUAiii;. Mlllllg ICCUl and Patulcs Kxlrftrthm Kim clalllcs. New Sets made, broken ones 1111 iiile' and remodeled. Teelli Inserltd without platen aud piveieu, eic. lei.eteryiiiinx (riiiining teDeutltry will receive prompt uttentleu, ui ery Jlnaernie erm. iieiuciiiuer inui nr Nnllinrstls the ONLY Dentist In till count) who Is a grnduate of Mcdlrlne ns well ns of l)( 11 tKlry 1111 K.Uautuge that It obvleut. warwyuiiw .. tv. .- sa&& Ut& lUitsbtx - l&Anj-rJ S. $t OOD-S 8ABHAPAIULLA. Dyspepsia Makes the liver of many people miserable, causing distress after eating, sour stomach, sick headache, heartburn, less of appetite, a faint, "all cone" feeling, bad taste, coated niatuaa tongue, and Irregularity of the LHSireSS bowels. Dyspepsia does net Aft6r t well of Itself. It requires .. careful attention, and a remedy Cming like Hoed'sHarsaparllla, which acts gently, yet efficiently. It tones the stomach, regulates the digestion, banishes headache, and refreshes the QSlr mind. Olll "I have been troubled He&d&Chfi with dvspcpsla. 1 hsd but little appetite, and what I did rat distressed me, or did me little Hpflrt. feed. After eating I would ricei l- havearalntortlred,all-geo DUrn reeling, as though I had net anything. My trouble was aggravated by my business, painting. Last spring I took' Heed's Barsaparllla, which did me SetJI an Immense amount or geed. . Itgave me an appetite, and OtOfTIBCn my reed relished and satisfied the craving I had previously experienced." OroneK A. Paue, Waterlewu, Mass. Heed '3 Sarsaparilla (i) ft BAY'S BPKC1F10 MEDICINE. QRAY'S SPEOLTIO MEDICINE. Tns Ukkat Ekumsii Remkey. An unfailing cure for Seminal WeakneM.Hpermaterrhea, Impetenry and all Diseases that fellow as a sequence of Heir-Abuse ; as Less or Memery, Universal Lassitude, Pain In the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature Uld Age, and many ether diseases that lead te Insanity or Consumption and a Premature Grave, nr Fer particulars In our pamphlet, which we desire te send free by mall te every one. - The Specific Medicine It sold by all druggists at f 1 per package or six packages for t5. or will be sent free by mall en receipt or the money, by addressing THE GRAY MEDICINE CO., Buffalo, N. Y. On account or counterfeits, we have adopted the Yellow Wrapper ; the only genuine. Held In fjincaster. Pa., by W.T. llecii. inar3-lyd W IINMCVKLOPKn l'ARTH rEAK, or the Human Bedy Enlarged, Developed, Strengthened, etc., Is an Interesting advertisement long run In our paper. In reply te Inquiries we will say that there Is no evidence or humbug about this. On the contrary, the advertisers are very highly Indorsed. Interested persons may get sealed circulars giving all particulars, by writing te the ERIE MEDICAL CO., 6 Bwan SU, Buffalo, N. Y.Patlu JUtde Her. fll-fydAw rpEETHlNQ SYRUP. TO MOTHERS. Kverv babe should have a bottle or DR. FAURNEY'B TEETHING HYRUP. Perfectly safe. NoOplumerMorphlamlxtures. Will it- lleve Celic, Griping In the Bowels and Promote ing. rrepurea eyunn.u. r NEY&SON, Hagerstown, aeerstewn. Sid. l'rnggls l'rngglats sell it; xacem. Trial bottle sent by mall 10 cents. lant-lvdeedAw Jciuclcr. rATCHES, CLOCKS, ETC. CLOCKS, HPECTACLVyt, ETC., SOLD AND REPAIRED. Ne. 1594 North Queen St. WEBER'S, -Watclics Carefully Selected ler Farmers and Railroaders. np21-Iyd. TEWELER AND GRADUATE OPTICIAN. GILL! Jeweler anrGraduate Optician. LARGEST STOCK OF WATCHES. WATCHES OF ALL GRADES. CALENDARS. CHRONOGRAPHS, Etc. t Examination of Eyes Free I Ne Dreps Used 1 CHAS. S. GILL, NO. 10 WEST KINO STREET, LANCASTER, PA. TTEltn, JEWELER. HERR, Jeweler. IF YOU WANT A PAIR OK Geed Glasses, Pieperly Kitted, call en us. done by a Graduate Optician. All special work REMEMBER, That for FINE WATCH AND CLOCK WORK, and all kinds of JEWELRY REPAIRING, we tan promlke 3 en the best results. Walter C. Herr, 101 North Queen St., COR. OK ORANGE. llcfvincvntevB. H AHDVAHE,dc. GEO. M. STEINMAN & CO. Continental Lawn Mowers, New Quaker City Lawn Mowers, Hydrant Hese and Garden Hese. R E F R IGER ATORS ! JEWKTT'8 hae the lilglicst-epiitatlen, gle meru eatisfactlen with less consumption eilcc, than any ether Refrigerator I11 the market. Jewett's Water Coelers and Filters, Gem Water Filters, Hammocks, Wire Window Screens and Wire Screen Deers. Hardware and HousefernisMog Goods. GEO. M. STEINMAN & CO, id Ai SO WEST KING STREET, niyl7-3mdM,W,H Lancastfii, Pa. (ffavviance. s TANDARD CARRIAGE WORK. EDW. EDGERLEY, CARRIAGE BDiLDER, 40.12.43A45 MARKET HTIlKKTr. (Hear of Uie rosterhoe), DANCAHTER, FA, All the latest styles In Uucglc, Family Carriage, Fhietens, Hurred, Cabriolet, Fha'teim, lluckbeardii, Tretting V aKonf.Htatleii Wagons, Market Wagons, etc., new ready ler the Spring A tine line of Becend-lliuid Werk, New Is the time te order for Hpring. Htrlctly first-clans work and all work fully guaranteed My prices are the lowest In the county for tli inequality of work. Glverueacall aud examine my work. ... Repainting and Repairing promptly at-tended te and done lu n rirl-ca manuer, Ont Ml of workmen especially emloel for lb it purpose .. 4 - i-iXSt Aif nlmwyA mi. J, H TU - V TCTatclies I 9ht. B OOTSANDSHOEat HAVING GONE -TO- TUCQUANCAMPTHISWEEK -THE 11 BOYS "IN THE STORE -AT- Nes. 28-30 East King St. CAN- Knock Prices As Thej Please, BUT THIS " PICNIC " WILL LABT ONLY ONE WEEK. STACKH0USE, NOS.23AND30 EAST KINO STREET. H ANDSOME, DURABLE, LOW INC09TI LADIES' $2.00 SHOES!' Very stylish, handsome, attracthe. Made of Fine, Bright Dongola Leather. Have sole-leather counters, Sele leather Inner soles, Solid leather heels and outer soles. One-lap vamps, worked button holes, Fly-plcce bucMkln lined, Medium Opera Tee, pretty shaped. Handsomely finished In every way. Mnde right flighted In no manner. Butten-holes strongly stayed won't rip. Are easy and comfortable In wear An excellent shoe, warranted for service. Ne 12.00 Shee anywhere te match It. Ladles se tell us. That's the best proof. Come and see what you think of It. SHAUB & BURNS, 14 North Queen Street, Lancaster. Pa. s UMMEHHH0E4I TENNIS OXFORDS! I have one of the Largest Lines of Men's, tallies', Misses'. Beys' aud Youths' Tennis Oxfords In the city. Men's Brown Checkered Tennis Oxfords. 40c. Bey's " " " " 41c. Ladles' " " " He. Misses' " " " " Hc. Youths' " " " " 3llc. Men's Second Grade Light Tennis Oxfords, M)c. Hey's " " ' Mc. Indies' " " " " 5r. Misses' " " " " 50c. Youths' " " " " 60.-. Men's Best Grade Latest Light Hlrlpe. Ox., f 1 00 Bey's ' " " " jc. Ladles' " " " " 5c, Men's Best GradnTennls Bals.ln Light Check and 60. I ha e nhe a Large Line of Men's, Bey's, Ladles' and Misses' Ciiiiviu Tennis Oxfords. Willi Rubber Heles, having Leather Heles between the Rubber Heles and Insoles, at 11 00, tl 25, Jl 50 and ti 00. See Large Display in East Window. The One-Price Gash" Heuse, Ohas. H.Frey, (Successor te FREY A ECKERT) the Leader et Lew Frlces In BOOTS AND SHOES, NOS. 3 A 6 EAHT KING HTREET, 1.ANCA8TEH, FA. 49-Btore Closed Every Evening at 0 o'clock ExccptMenday and baturday. get; girtlc OV eJtCttt. F OR RENT-HANDSOME FRONT ROOM en 2d fleer. Ne. 12 West King street; fluent loi-atlenln the city forelllrn or I Inoulreef W. W. ir iikii III builmwi. V. AM OH, in26-Ud Allcr's Gallery, T7I0K RENT-THAT LARGE CENTRAL BUSINESS STAND, NO. 2fl EAHT KING HTREET. Inquire within. mlltfil CIOR MALE CHEAF- 'ATwo-SteryBriclt Dwelling Heuse, 20 by 2) feet, with two-tery brick back build-lug 12 by 91 feet. Hall ana se en rooms. Let 20 by 215 feet. JOHN II. MET.LKH, "u H, DukeHU CJECURE A nOME FOR YOUR FAMILY. Secure a Heme for Your Family. FOK SALE ON THE MOST UIlKKAh TEKMS. Twe-story brick dwelling houses, lets 120 feeldeep, en Lancater acuue, between Walnut ana Lemen streets. Two-tery brick dwelling houses with mansard roer, perches In front, lets Hi f-et deep, en North Flue, between Clieiituut and Walnut streets. Twe-story brick dwelling houses with front ards. Iren fences, lets ISO feet deep, en West Waluut, between Mary and Flne hen-etn. Twe-story brick dwelling houses, leU 115 feet deep, 011 vet Lemen street, between Charlette and Mary streets. Three-story brick dwelling house, lets Uflfetl deep, with all the modern Imprewments, front )ard, en West Chestnut street, between Fine aud evln streets. Alse houses en East Walnut, North Lime North Mary, between Walnut and Lemen, and Lemen, between Mary and Flue streets. All the above houses urn In geed order, newly nairwi, gas fixtures In all the rooms, water I41 the kitchen, and the cellars warranted te be dry. Call aud see for yourself, 110 trouble te show you. JNO. F. fHUKM,,,-,,,,,,,. J ACOll URIEL, J Kuers. airl.lyd.M.W.H. VJ) North Mary HtreeU Jv -S. .-.l-. ffrg runr trices. Nes. 25, 27, 29. 31 JULY PRICES! OUTING SUITINGS. , 12Ke QUALITY REDUCED TO 8c. 15e QUALITY REDUCED TO 12Kc Wash Flannels. 650 QUALITY REDUCED TO 50c. 500 QUALITY REDUCED TO OTKc- !Sc QUALITY REDUCED TO 2.V. All Short Lengths and Remnants ATLKHHTHAN COST. M ETZGER A UAUGHMAN. Irletzgrer St Haughman. WASH - DRESS G00DS.te OUTINO STM.FKS AND WiAIDS, . DHKSS GINGHAMS, TLAIN CHAMHHAYS, SEKUSUCKEIW. WHITE DRESS GOODS! INDIA LAWNS, VICTORIA LAYVNH, LACE STKirES AND PLAIDS, HEMSTITCHED KLOUNCINGH, ALL AT TH K LOWEST l'MCES. Metzger& Haughman's Cheap Stere, 38-40 West King St., Lancaster, Pa. (OPPOSITE THE COOPER HOUSE.) N KXT DOOR TO THE COURT HOUHB. YOUR INTEREST. Our 6-cent Challies reduced te 5 cents. Te-day we clear the Center Counters for our Sale ok Dress Goods Remnants, consisting of Challies, Ginghams, Zephyrs, Lawns, Chambrays, Organdys, Mulls, White Goods, Outing Cledis, Sateens, Beiges, &c, &c The prices en many are just one-half their value, and the lengths run from 2 te 12 yards. Fans, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 17 and 25 cents. FRHNESTOCKS, 35 and 37 East King St., Lancaster, Pa. B aru Mcelrey. BJLR23 & lVIcELROY, Net. 33 and 35 Beuth Queen Street, WAHH DHEHH GOODS-Hpeclal Valuesln neraercu uiwm. cmnreiucrva or Jicmsiuciiea Flalil Hecrauclcer. FleurcU ljwii, 3c per yard: One let of Ine quality Lawrm, brown ground with white figures, eer sold less tnsnlOc; only BUcpcrjnrd. Extra quality, fast lilnck, I'lnUI Lawn enlv 18c: reetilar nrlcp. 35c. Challies only ttvr. nlcestvlcs anil flne eualllv. Indlcn lllitn Calicoes In neat or large figures, only (c. HOSIERY Ladles' or Men's Hem 1, 2, Ulack Hese, all sizes, 'i pairs for 25c. Tills pari black after being wnMicdas wlicu new. it FLANNEL HHIRTH-IlnrgaliiH lu Demet and I Trt II lier, .in ISV, lt 4-u, - REMNANTS-Remnalits of Me Rugs or Doer Hlc, Heavy UliislmiiilU'inmiutii, HUMMER IJNDKRWEAR-drcn. Uullcn' from 8e up. Our prlccH low RICYCLES-Tlie Premier HnrelylllcycIcK, 7 nurse, i:rrv wheel eunrantced forenn sear, loiene jear. eflTercd In the United Htatcn, ball bearing te all bard Sc Mcelrey, Neb. 33 and 35 Beuth Queen Street. Opposite Fountain Inn RHOKDS. R uby, garnet, onyx, pearl, H ere are gems te please your girl. J xidized and silver plain ; JPL rt goods that will fill a train. T" iamends, tee, and each a gem ; JS elect stock. Come, leek at them. H. Z. RH0ADS & SON, 4 Fine Jewelry, Watches & Art Goods, NO. 4 WUST KINO STHEICT. Utly T7IL1NN DIIENEMAN. Cut Prices te BABY CARRIAGES! Our Lew Frlccd I 7.00 Carriages ., .. Reduced let liO Our Lew Frlced tin Ul Carriages ... .' Reduced tot 8X0 Our LewFrlcedll2.0 Carriages ..Reduced te 110.(0 Ire Bexes, I 7.W.... . Ittdured tel 0(0 Icclloxen.g 8 60 . ... Red ucej te I 7.U) ItcfrlKcniters,tl2.uu . Reduced UillOXO ... Reduced tell.'UO Relrlgeraters, JlS.ui Reduced UitlS.CO SVA1I the above are Great Uargalns and are only offered te reduce stock and make room. & NO. 152 NORTH QUEEN Vnfrtoelo. R OHE IIROH. & II ARTMAN. SPECIAL SALE OF PARASOLS On Bsturdny, July fi, 1K0, ToCentliius for On Week, ending mi Baturday, July 12, IK). U)T NO. 1 i-erui . 1 or no. 3 1 or no. 4 I OT i or no. 11 1 OT NO. 7 I J" . .V, .. .- . 1.(1) 1.25 l.'1 2.00 ATTHE MAKERS, ROSE BROS. & HARTMAN, 14 East King St. aprl2tlmd West King Street. Egyptian Cotten, Persian Mulls, 14 Cents Per Yard. INDIA PONGEE, FRENCH BAT1NE4, FRENCH GINGHAMS, BCOTCH GINGHAMS, AT JULY PRICES. BLACK BILK rlETS, BLACK LACEKLOUNCINGH, BLACK CAMELHA1RGRENADINE8, REAL INDIA BILKS, AT REDUCED I'RICEM. Opposite Fountain Inn. India Llnuns. Victeria Lawn, Flalil IMutlln, Halln iioeck, iiuihir cieins, urrns uintiinmi, Main or 3, 4 and A pairs fer?5c. Ladles' and Children's Fust Irular lirand Is perfectly fimt,aud Isjutt as geed a Hummer Flannel BhlrU for men at 31c, 40c, 60c, r w nitrnln Carpets, only 25e: of 7xirade. eulj-M,Vi : suitable for He per yard. oiiHuminer Underwear for Indies, Men and Chll- dirrerenl styles, from H1! te ta. Price In milliiiiv lbe Unlverkal I'rem cr HtsDSIsthn betxulun parts, and for easy running Is unequalled. .1 V-'J'UIRJ '' H. gilticnurtcc. (iTncrittnce. Reduce Stock. T ST. LANCASTER, PA. &lour. EVAN'hi-LOUH. LEVAN'S FLOUR ! In the manufacture of this Fleur great care is exercised in the selection of the wheat, and by geed milling it is kept up te the highest standard and pqsj sesses all the qualities necessary te make the Best Bread and I Iandseme Biscuit, 9vectvttm. THINK OF THE HARGAINH CLaRKF. IS OFFER1NO. THINKOF IT I We can sell you a geed Mixed Tea at IS cents per pound. We can sell you a regular 1D Cent Tea for S5 cents per pound. We can sell ynu a regular 00 Cent Tea for 40 cents per pound. n e can sen j 011 a regular 7 cent lea ler en cents per peu nd French dlclue Hnap, per cake, 4e. Hell A Ce. , Octanen IlumiloHenp, 4c. licnneiia ncan,4C Heap. 4c. Hr-plleld Uiini. ... I...,.,.. .... "'.l, V. JK,NICItl .V l. Heap, Hc ijuccn Toilet Hosn. Juc slre. enlv 2c. Avt. 3c IjiiiU's Acme. Sc a cukes Debbins' M IISI11I1K 1 "W" ElcctrlaHoaprer2oc. Try Geld Dust Washing INiwder, 4 for 2.". Twe pounds Hhredded Oats or A vena for Pe. Htandanl Bugars nnd Hest Cedecs at AT Samuel Clarke, Agt, Tea, Coffee and Grocery Stere, UA It Seuth Queen HI., Near Centre Square, Lancaster, ilv. "Telephone anii ym, ilhcry. AT IIUIISK'H. HAMSr HAMS! M'aKiiella, Hwtft. and IhA Ilsvls Dlnniend lirand. Ecrr limn nuuninteil. Alse, the California Ham, or short cut shoulder at 10 rents a pound-tliese are small Dried lleef-and llolegtia by the piece and rlilpcd. Picnic Plates and Picnic Goods. Vis! Hanllnes, Flcklcd and Frch Oisters. Fettetl Ham, Tongue, Chicken, Uenelrss Chicken and Turkey, Fickle, Jams, Sauces In Hmalt llettles, Flcnle Mite Ketchup and Kuril I ne. NO. 17 EAST KINO HTUr.ET, LANCAHTER, FA. T HEIHT-M. WANTED T HELP! HELP! HELP! -AT- The peeple demand It The world moves and womeowlth It. Thirty competent salesmen cannot begin te rope with the trade we havn. SEEING IS RELIEVING, Loek Inte our storeroom Saturday. Aregulsr beehive. And, bcllevn us, with all the trade we have, we will net keen you waiting hair se long as ether sterei will where only half the ilcrlcal force Is employed. uur siore is check run or r rein uoeas neui tngstale- things meve tee fast. We always did claim, de new, and always will, that we have thn Largest HUire, Heavlcsl Sleck and Rest Location, -!N TO-DAY.- Ten-pound buckets Ne. 1 New Mackerel, tl 40. A let of New, Fat Family Mackerel, 10 Itis. te the bucket mid 40 Mackerel te the bucket, alll. A let of Dried llecrat lOuanil 12UetR. A let or Hummer Ilnlegna nt De a ft. A let of flne Flcnlc Hams at 10i a D. A let of Ilrcakfast llaceuat 12140 n rb. WO ilerin Finest Canned TematiMs you ever saw, 3 for 29c. 25 half-chests or 60n lllack Tea, as a drive, nt2Sc 11 lb. One barrel of Frcparcd CoceaiiiitallHRa It). A let of Flcnle Flates, all sires. 60 barrels Fresh Water Crack, ers, 4 Its for 23. 60 kecs Orangu Cider, Just the thing for rampmeetlngs. Uiiient arn high, and this takes the place and contains nnalco-hel. Chase A Sanborn's Famous lloslen Coffees, thn largest house In thn world. We are their agents. Cotlces uniformly roasted and put up In fiO-nalr-llglit rans whllu het, se as te prevent the aroma from escaping The electric fans again In motion. Ne het weallur with us. See Morning New and ether daily pnicrs. J. FRANK REIST, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, CORNER WEST KING AND FHIf'CEHTH. Dlrrctly Opposite J, 11. Martin A Ce.'s Dry Goods Stere, and Next Doer te Serrel Herse Hetel. ifLoek for the Ulg Sign across the pavement. gmmmcv tC0etrt0. QT. CHARLES, ATLANTIOCITY.N.J. Ocean Kud Delaware Ac, New Open. JuneI0-2ind JONAH WOOTTON.Ju. TTOTEL1IRUNHWICK, X'L AThANl'IO CITY.N.J. New, Modern, FlrsUCIass, Complete. Facllle avenue, between New Yerk nnd Tennessee au'nurn. Accommedatu'JUO. aprjNima jutr.rn h. iiavim. riiiiKesiiuiiNh. Cor. Arkansas and Fadlln Avis., ATLANTIC CITY, N, J. New Heuse. Medem improvements. KleviiJ ter, Electric Hells. Terms mixlrralc. juiie2-2md MRS. II.USHOUNK. 11IIEMINNF.UUA, " ATLAN I'lll CITY. N. J.. T1 aclfle Aw.. Ix'tweeii Arkansas mid Missouri Aves; central location; refurnished under iiewiniinagemenl; every thing rlrsUclass. Write for circular. inyllKtinil C. A. IIROWNE. riIHE MANSION, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Enlarged I Remodeled I - Refurnished I llrephy's Orchestra from June le October. Finely apietntcd Cafe and Milliard Roem. Couches te and from depots and le beach dur-Ina bulbing hours. Ojienull the Year. junel4-2md CHARLES McGLADE. A TLANTIC CITY. HOTEL CHiTWOODE Faclrlc Avenue, near Illinois, Atlantic City. Newand FlrsUCIuss, Steam Heat; Call bells. Twe minutes walk from beach. I2J0 and W.U0 wrday. NOWOFEN. mlOJmd MRS. ANNIE ORU1H1. rriHECHALlONTr., THE CHALFONTE, Ati.antie Cnv, New Jkiiskv, SITUATED ON THE I1KACI1, NORTH CAROLINA AVENUE. in2-3md E. ROIIEKTS A SONS. rTOTKLUAMIIItll)GK HOTEL CAMBRIDGE NOW Ol'EN. OCEAN UND OF NEW YORK AVE. my21-2ind S. II, LEWIS, Proprietor. auto. IT OR YOUR INTEREST. A Fine Light Fer Stiff Hat Fer 11.00. Fermer price, I LOT. Ne old stock, but New Goods. Greatest Bargains In STRAW GOODS ever efTered. TRUNKS and TRAVELING HAGS) Vir)"Lew. Stauffer & Ce., Nes. 31 and 33 North Queen Street, LANOASTER. PA. Pttovncue. TT UTHER B. KAUFFMAN, ATr0UNUYAT-LA W. Second Fleer Eshleman Iji North Diik"inet ulldlng. Ne. 43 nr:M)rt.H- TENS10NH. PENSIONS TheNew Pension Hill Just iianscd eutltleiall Soldiers, Widows, JUner Clilldran und Depen. dent Parents te a pension. 1 will attend te all applications placed In my hands promptly. I have had feurcar'cxcrIciiceln the pension oniceatWush.g.o,,.D.CiAHWHinHiCt Jti-Wiml IV North Duke St., Luiicutler, Pa, Gvtwclctm' tSutbfs y- -i- PENNSYLVANIA ItAILROADBCHKO In nffViM rAn v..v ,n laea .Trains r.K.VK LANaisTka and leT art ''"'"' ...enu-uiiaaeipniaas ioiiewsi 1rfVII Lmt WE8TWARD. FacineEspressf..... News Kipresst .. WSV PftJISIncrnr Philadelphia. n: n. m. 4.1) a. m. 4.1) a. m. 7.-00 tn. la"1 MalltralnlaMUeyt Na2MallTraluU..t. fcM. m 1 rjn a. m s-JMa. SB via Columbia i.iKgsra jiispress.. Hanover Accein Fast Llnef . Frederick Accem Ititcaster Accem ...... Lancaster Accem Harrlsburc Accem. Columbia Arcem. ...... Ilarrlsburg Express.. Western Exprcsst...... Lancaster Acce......... B-iu a. m. via Columbia 11:40 a. m. la Columbia il: s. m. KkH a. SB j. U.tlOSWBl 1CTOH.SB. 2:40 ST ssl VlaMUJey. sst"-: z.-f p. m. 4:14 p. m. 5.22 p. m. aep. m. SKSV i:au dl mm. 11:10 p.. kvu p. m, Ar.rvtijuist Leave Lancaster. 2.20 a. m. 4:M a. m. 8 20 a. m t:10a. m. ).. m. MOs, ra. 11: a. m. 12.58 p. m. .M p. m. 3.ip. m. I'M p. Id. : p. m. 8-40 p. m. K'.Mp. m. ArrtT) v .Ui ....KAHTWARD. Lancaster Aoce.., Jlarrlsliurg Express. Lancaster Accem.. ClOllltnhla A Ann... nun saasv se.' tMt,a R.MB. smf Mta.B ??" ms AtlahllA Knritiar"'" USSSI t Weasliore Express..!" Philadelphia Aeeem.l I:iaa.i7 nuiiusy Aiau...., , Day Express!..... Harrlsburc Aecem Mall Tralnt- Frnlerlck Accein... 5-SJb.bu' :..'; MSh. aaJ llkUB. SB." v TlllOnillV tfAltis wtilnt, run lallv. ? i. On Sunday the Mall train wsst runiby wa of J v.xiiuminaeiil-. ; j. r. wool), General Passenmr AmU, CHAS. E. PUOH. General idanacer. T KWANON a JjANUAHTEB JOINT LUM ' JM UAlbtlUAUt A t Arrangements of Passenger Trains ensuutaAtrt eunday, amy 11, low. y . NORTHWARD. ... lave a. u. p. m. r. t, Klug Street, Iaiic. 7.-00 12:0 6.25 Ijincastcr.... ..,.... 7.W 12 60 fcje 'eliliiiblft....... laM S-4S manneim 7.13 1CT Bfll Cornwall M 1:46 8:28; Arrive at Lebanon :li ):5g .e t-M 5:11. nuuiuwAiii), leave a. m. r. at. P.M. a.m. r.a 7:55 1:4 8:10 4.1 8:40 4J ueoanen... 7:12 Cornwall 7:27 Maahelra;. 7:M Lancaster.......,. , S:27 Arrlxeat. King Street. Lane. 8:1s. 12.0 12:41 1:18 l:IS 1:511 7:15 7:28 TM 8:18 R.-2S t-.a M 0:39 a. nil Columbia tf.22 2.W MO fclSJi A. M. WILSON, Sunt. It. A C Railroad. n. m. a Ktr, supi, u. n. u It, .' "PHILADELPHIA A READING RAILROAD HEADING A COLUMBIA DIVIBION. On and after Hnuday, June 28, 1889, tftdM? 1...... I .....ut... ,1 .. .. .1 ..... , . . .!,.... . ' Fer Reading and Intermediate points, days, 7:40 a. m., 12:10, 8:48 p. m.; Suuday, m.,.oep. m. "v Fer Phlladeliihla, week days, 7:10 a, m., Uh," 3:48 p. in.: Stiudavs. a:55 11. m. .. f Fer New Yerk via Philadelphia, week ., x 7:40 a. in., MM, 3-18 p. m. i..' Fer New Yerk via Allentown. irnss- slasB 1 ' 12 10 p. m. . Fer Allentown, week days, 7:40 a. m., " m. : Sunday, 3:55 p. m. ' , Fer Pottsvllle, week days, 7:40a. m., 8:4t p. tu 4 Sunday. 8.55 n.m. . Fer Lebanon, week days. 7.-00 a.m., 1&M,MH f Sunday! " . A.M. P.Sfc Ml B R.-05 Mi 8: ti p. in. ; nunnay, n.-ue a. in, a:aa p. m. ' n rr i&urrisinirs;, wres uays, rivu Ski 4.25 d. m. : Suuda v. 8.-05 a. m. Fer Quarry vllle, week days, H20 a. bl, lVf st, 1HW l. IU. I nUUUHJ, UilV I. IU. f- TRAINS FOR LANOAHTER. IiSTa Reading, week days, 7:20, HAS, 5.55 n. in. : Sunday. 7:20 a. m.: 8.10 u. m. Iave Philadelphia, week days, 4:10, in.. 4KB 11. in. $. Leave New Yerk via Philadelphia, wtsdctertL , ., n. i,.. .., ,'. ,ti. ...t iiijKw ueavenew xers 4.-00 a. m l.-flOp. m, fork via Allentown, wsak ten 1. m. - -. t I .cave Allen te' n. m. own, wuek days, B:47 a. m.) fc'. Leava Pettsvllle, week days, f50 b, bl, n. m. Leave Lebanon, week days, 7:13 a. m., 7:15 p. 111. ! Sunday, 7-M a. in.. 3:45 u. m, Leava llarrlsburg, week days, 8125 a. as. Leave Quarry vil!e, week days, 8.60, 11 JO B, m, J AMI , OU11UKT, ,;iw II, ui. V AlUAilllULllI viv lams Leave Philadelphia. Chestnut strati Biwt Umtltt aifrsAAt wliflrr Fer Atlautle City, week day, ai Nd), H.00. 10.43a. m. and (Saturdays only t: 2.-00. 31)0. Saturday's only 3.W). 4.-09. t!.. p. in.; Arcommudatleu, 8 00 a. m. bh4I 4s il.mi p. in.: Sunday, Express, 4:1ft, 7.-QB,- W K: w, ft-00, s. m., Aoceraraodatlon, Mt in., 4:ti p. in. w Heturuiug leave ausihie city, aepet t AUantle and Arkansas Avenues. Weak ( Kinrau 7.00. 7:l 8-00. 9.00. 10.00 a. 11 4.00, 010,0.15 li. m. AccontinedatlOD, tM,l SB. ail. Illlll SlBS SI. 111. niSIIUI tf.SSTiUdaiBBBBB. t IY rt-rtl '1 7-Isli Kilrt II VC" tn." t ?: dnlien. vJa . m, anil O-Ofii. in. ...b- k t...4lMl slln.A. l.l,l. a.s. ST.. .- -.. off.ecs. MdOHljr sf A, A. mciiWiii, u. u.iiArjay, n, lma A ri.n'l M'er. Ikin'l ?"' .W snaMtW U the ltlltMB. i death. It -"til,, In-WU- -xTF.W LAM FN AND ART UOOJ,.. ,. tnrmJ (arvlsuasl si Wund'i ; Tfjall anrl CSi" &M9?-a 'mm.m.m. maak'sm, rmm .,,.-tn.. "b.?;i HRT ON SECOND FLOOR thk '--;fr FINE M LAMll AKI) sjA ceeds M JolmL.Ameld'sBi4ildiiig,f N0RTU QUEEN STREET. j!j -pLUMlllNO.OAS FllTING,Ac Jehn F. Scaaum & Seiui I PLUMBING, ! GAS FITTING AND ROOFING. 26 SOUTH QUEEN 8T., LANCASTER FA. S yitoteuravtliB. TtVERY PERSON IS ANXIOUS TO HA VKWj THEIR PICTURE. Among the Daisies. Is the Latest Blyloef PHOTOGRAPHS MADE. Call and see them, at BOTE'S, 50! N. Queen St., LANCASTER, PA., an7-8md Next te Postelloe. l)litaiuurc. H' lGHdk MARTIN. China, Glass, -AND QUEENSWARE AT- Chiina. Wk are new opening our Spring Importation or Queeusware and will be prciured te supply our customers with the very best grade of ware at Ixiwest Prices. Heusestlres receive esKn.lal attention. HIGH & MARTIN, IB East King Street. . ,1. J.. . r V. rf PS&Z, M m m I ; fc."-"""

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