The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 7
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JTjlUKSDAY, FICBUUAHY G, IQ'-l?.' Ihicks !o Meet leSSletonTonig! Girls' Teams Also To Compete in Cage Games in B.H.S. Gym Following Tuesday nti;'it's dual |lj)sets at Haytl. tlir Clllck Boy.s • Hid Gli 4 ]. 44 squads will he seeking |viciorie.s toiiiuhl as tliey c-lush with 'A'!* Nottlcton teams in a return iisaKeinent on the h!-<h school H'ythe-.-ille nn,| Ncttleton Mid- I'eis-vj.jii open the evening's pro- ^.villi a clash In a eiirtnin- 'r at 7 o'clock. A big game by '!»• small boys looms as the visll"- Mldgets posses.-; •-. fast and 'lit ball club. In a previous ting, the Nctlleton Midgets Istcnin-rollei-ed the lilyihmlle lints I by :i 37 to 3 score. The first Blyihi'ville - Netlleton senior L-OYS tilt netted the Chirks a 39 to ->2-win ami the Ipi-nl Kirls :i 34 • to 20 victory. Both'piled ui> -•ate first half .mni-Klns, outshoot- |iti>! (he 4 visitors two to cue. '-'•oi'ds of Hie lilythcvillc teams nl at 10 wins and fmir losses I for HID boy;; and eight wins and | live losses for the girls. •olaljle starting line-ups follow: KLTTHEVILLB (ARK.); COURIER Giant in Fact Hoys I Chicks Ist-i-furrl . 1 Caldwcll . 1 Hardy .... I Foster ... In. Elliott, Inivthrvillc Ball Wli'huiit iciner Oveniiiin Pos. ... P F .../ C.... G f!.. . Senior Oil .' I'os. P... Nettleton j .. . Ncal I Williams i supervised by missus. Mary Louise. Clint Hnrlung, out of -\miy Air Forces, puts baseball in hand of and feeds two-your-olci :,'.fp- sc 4 .", Steven Lynn Hyrten, at Hrnrio, Tex., home. As l9-ye->i 4 -<ild six-foot four-and-a-liiilf-inc!i, 215-pouncl HartunR baited :!5i] iri Class C Northern League' in 1!M2, pitched and butiocl plicnomen- ally as oullieldor in service since. New York Giants jjavc Minnc- opoii-; club ^35,000 and four players for contract of inu;l widely hcraldijd pusl-war prpspcct. Legionnaires Lose Thriller To Jewelers Two (-limes tn the "Y" league oil i!ie HlRli School court lust nii'.lit resulted in a 41-30 decision lor Fitziuili-ick'-i Jewelers over Ihe L:v : Klmim-lres and a 18-31 41 om-> by llie I C'levrcU'ls ever Hays' Store. 1 Tlie same wns inn 44 ! 4 closer ! (linn iho score would in«U?n(<>. as ' Uio I^ri'onimlre.s tiire\v up u sloilt j (U-lense to complelely styinie the i Jewelers' iilj-l; ;;o« 4 c!'i's! scorln 4 ; com; bine In the opcnliiK halt, 'rile first j <|ii'.irler .score wns 7-. r ) mid I lie count I :u luiir time H-i) for Ihe wiiuie:- 4 !. j With five intuutes romaiiiln-; i;i 1 the third period, the l,?-',lomir-ires pulled up to a 11-13 (mint but I tlic .lev.-eler.s eotuUi'ieii In i!ie rio 1 :-' \ itiu minutes of the third nonon tj Inke a coiiiniai 4 <)in'- ya-l'J iidvan- tticc. Ijiptortt's J-J pyints \vore tor the giuiic. l.-'i'ton's 11 to i Legion und B.'U's 10 (Or Fit/,;- ]ila:o<t tlinm in numcr-up ' Arinslroni-'s ^imrtliiu; was i help to the Lp^ioti team, ! The I/jy El:'h Chuyrnlet (iiitttt, look i 4 n eiirly tend and was never leuiotely threatened in this htj-h s:orlng same. A. C. and Glenn lluirjh learned up in tile forward positions totally 10 points eucli i an<i tnke SL'orin 4 ,' Du-rlos and Simpson e;u-t). Injuries Hamper Razorbacks for Tilt With Baylor '' 4 ' (IIP) O Unlvi'-'Mi . sqiind v,,is • In l With :i lor co:rl,'. week-end, lis 4 - 4 :-]-!):.,-!; then- Afk., c[ todm pcisonlliril today, i his ivnsuns. -uiiiiie series with U:\Vi)., n, Payellcville Iliis l,.i!i'bi-MV iini'cscllln-j :.,-!;;, ,e-.jwl MI-V to uc- :it'M level so f-n tliis Confident Smile Iiinrlrr! tvicalril ycsterdny ilvi Kf.xir It-n'liiii and lied Wilson. re?. . glai tonv.m'.s. both' out ol j Mcuri-.-r.s pnu'llcr session with j fpi-iiinvil iinXli-s. Ai-ol!i-'t- Hn/oilmnhi spark;. In: , li.>|.> h-tli-rm-ui nobi'ii ! Hoi'C'u. MuU'it U|) Tvll'-.-Llil-, 's :i:-riin-j IIUU'I 1 'U':l :i '-"Ukl'll I1O31'. ! tin 1 til.-K .^pot. tali.! And K 4 '";U! hard ture. . v. it!. Mulviu Medulla Ml- ut lor all of I no C 1 "'i.'! 4 . L:uiib!>rl was liuiitlii;- : :: lirL'.hl side of Hie pit 1 Four Cage Teams To Play Benefit Tilts in Osceola la tiefll perf(>r|)iailce I'layuroinid for Hie Ar- thc Hnys beys with 8 i The line-up: ponts i-uci . .. - honon. J:i:'kj k »' ls ' 14 - !il«!e lucels Mem-ilils Hlnte were hlub tor toiiiftht u» ihe Osceolu illuli sehool - All-Star Play 'Burdette Cage Teams to P|Q Y P. P. c;. W. Wii'lmnt . C 4 .'. S. Doulliitt I . Z. Dorton , . . Brumley j V. Douthitt | ..,.. . Cole j . :C. Dorton Oh'':Mariila*TeQm JGosnell Tonight Filipiitrlck (44) I'ns 'iukest.raw i2) F. Lipford 112) ...F. Joimson tO) . .C. Pott (2) G. •liiifMn (8) .. .C. |Leqchvi!le Wins Games. Over IGosnell Cagers t.eachville junior cagers won a will bill over the Oosneli Juniors I last night at Lciiclivilic, taking tlie I toys' game by a 24 to 18 count I and trouncing the visithi'- purls "2 I to 11. The l-otst squads commanded I both game.?, taking Jicavy. lialftimc I !c;:ds. At intermission, the Leach- Iville boy.s i«l K; to G the ijirls were | in front 10 to 2. Welch. «f Lenchi-ille' was high scorer in the boys' lilt with 11 I points, followed by Erov.n of Oos- I nei! v.-ith 7. In tile girls- 8 :une, |Byrd of Leacliville was high - with A streak of talent rimniii'.; through, tin; .M-Aiiila American Lc- j (Tien Junior Baseball club backs | any prediction for a successful • r,ea:;on. i 'One of the stand-out, players re! turning this year for" his second with the M.inili'. j niiu- is 15-year-old lirst Jimmy .Smith, a seL-onU-geiiei-raion U-dl-'^luyer 1 . Jinimj- is the son ol Frimk - 4 Sinck-!.v' 4 S:nilh. who for- Burdette S:h<iol makes it basketball debut. 1 tonight when its Junior and Senior teams take to tlie flcor !oi- the time in a con- lesi ul Gosnell with the host ca;;- crs. These . [;nme,s, .slated to open at 1-egioii [ 7:15. urn i-eiieved 10 !;e the first. ' pluyi'd b; Bu:tivite leain^. Tlie toaijis were r.rganized by John 1'alll Butler, a iL-:-eiH -uUlition to the Binclette fatuity, who also coaches l.oy Klch (7S) ros. Hays Klori- (:lll G," Bunch ..(19) F. .J:-;k Duclos (U) A. Buneh US) P. .. Simpson (8) Johnson (lilt ..P Jaeger I.utcs (15) G F. West, Chainnun 112) G. .'... Taylor IRI Substitutes: Hiiys — Brents 12), Clause (21, John JDticlos (0). It. West. n-erly played under the niiinai;ei-1 ihem. Siiuads are composed of' junior and .senior b->ys, but, no Despile r> late start. .Co--- 4 h i .shlp..ol. Eddie Dyer nt Springfield. 111.,-and llonston, '1'c-xas, itinl in, , ^ ^ ~ v ... l!ic Northeast Aik-.msar, League. I w:u;ts' to p!;:y his sciiiiuLs"'t'iirouB And, to make Ihe tolio'.v-up eum-; nu 4 . the •••inaiiuliT ot the :;eas jilete. Smckey was also a firs' ! " of Picked by the Arkansas Gazjtle for its All-Leaioii team last Jinnr.y i:; a sei>iov at. Manila lii-'h E'jiiocl, where lie is also captain a.'Kl stellar guard on ihe basketball cquad. ATmti-icr of the It-am is Harolrl "Trigger" Wall, v.-iio begins hi.s si:"O]!ct year as head of the nine thp.t won liiirci pla^e in state | play '.fist year. Trlsger is a veteran i of L?gion Junic,r Ba^.t'ball and was playing on the Stcele.' Mo.. "Ls} gion team .when h»3, v:as scnuted • ! 4 tor" :>'''catcher's .berth''to'Hh the !•-'! f Dorado Lions. f Pro.-pe^t. 1 ] are E'.ooci lor the com. Tenn., FC.J. H. fUP) : -Mn!< season, he feels, ns his l!Hti I Clnuds p.-xsseau. Clncr.:;o Cry-right-1 rquad- returns -this year shv only h:ir.ded pitjher, will undereo an op- j two pitchers and a cat:her whose 1 elation for a ;wck ailinciit in the j increased ii^e Went over the iti- | C.\:npbell FDlin;i.ltir>ii here \vitii-1 yeor limit, few days, it \vas disclosed to-l One. .oi' his JD-I5 players. Car! * Threlkeld. ;i sciil.]:;:a\Y hurler, was I la markers, followed by swain I Gosnell w ilh five. I r •) . Cuh Hurler in Hospital to Fri-j-Jj'.c starting line-ups follow: SiMlinr Boys Durdcllc I'HS. Onsiicl Shaw p Harrii Wiirrin^ton ... F WiiiU Autrny c Swnii Woodman G CaldVc-i Easley Hardctle lUndcn Tomlin G Junior Boys Pas. P P C G ...... Pcrkin: Ciosnel . Ilrowi .. Wes _ il court. In a (iiilnln-nilser at 7:30. tlie IIC Culu Bottlers of Joneshoro tangle wit), the Coca-Cola- live from Mttnptns. -. Trlger Wiill of Manila and Melvin Laiildi-s of Osceolii will referee 'both Kimies. Slnrilni! line-ups follnw for the Substitutions:- Flt'-patrick •- K I( . i collf-j-! 1IH 4 , 4 toiik-i. Dill, Bell 110).-Holes (.|), Ark. Stale I'os. riiompson. U'-iion — Cunningham, i VVIlhclm I'...' Wakefleld, Burnette. Snott Too Late To Claisily W it t i- r hi'iikrs, )>nthlu1w, sinks, flosels, htvntories, soil pipe K I'ilUitKM, .jr-ils 1 . X- -'(ippi'r pipe i-< Htl Oi'slmm's l'lumt)in({ l»h. S7fi. a-fi-j Case pii'kup hity Imli 4 - 4 . Intcr- nnlioniil 7!! Disc, 2 hoftom 11" l))ii(.'k land lulenialion- nl N«. S hi'eakiiiH 4 plow. 15 hultoin )2" mixed Itnul Case Iji'i'tikinj; plow. Cull IIS (HI Wlllll .V(P11 WIIDl — we'll uef it for you. I'siiil 1), Ahbott Sales Sei-vicc, Yur- I>i 4 o r(o!id, phone 1 15 '.I. __ _ 2-0-ck-il Dvlco KnUovlos, ni\y si/e. Don't rrmik your car for want uf u jr<K)(l Ijatlui-y. See Sliellon Motor (Nun- puny, 121 \V. Ash St. iinj.|,k. He/p o work jn liTKIfil tii H. fnnl. "rural ' " -u,, 21" !«)••» Bih-or Klnx iiiiln)-. llcirnnl. I'll. :i2<2. Wonted (o Rent l.-Kinn crll . Kiir.'jro *TO McOliee <ll MaNidr <9l . Hilton (11) 1 Armstrong: (4)! 1 l-'r!d!e Hyer. muiutj-cr of Ihe 81, i I.ouls Cnrdlnals, arrived ut Unnn 'Slntloii. St. [/>uts. Mo., from ms home In Houston. TOMIS, wilh • u wide 1'i-ln which seemed- to Ijelk' his s'.ateniL-nt Hint "The Cliirdlmiia will nave to Improve runslilrrably to icpi'iil last year's pi-'fonnniicn." Miller .... Pai'kin.son wii'eulely HO Cola Tliley Me Call ... Uolton ... AfcC'arlhy MeKeel .. C! ci.. :. l>os. 1 ; '.. ' p... M'phls Stale i ... . Wilson ... . Ken 4 ,. MNVon Lucas '. . l.nlr Coca-Cola •Slrliliirollow .. . Shelton Wad c | Jewelers to Paiagould Kitziiitti-l.-k Jewelry liidi-p-'Mlcnt : biys and uirli; Mquads meol I'ani- 1 (joulrt Independent teams toid'-lit on the Piimju'iild couil. Tires! Tires! Tires! IOHK nuluiiKe- tires Slieltoii Motor C Klvc you protection unlimely ncciilent!?. 121 Ash SI., I'l'one 1.H8. 10x1 ra from . W rill HIT ink Bayei'.s ' Ihe cones ( ,f Bobbll : Ivces, be mnde frotu i California bin Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. 0. Lcntz Dub Sisemore Lead the Way This Spring Airplane Mi-i/vice. 'i 1 ssniti •tikinf! innix 1 (h;i!i ::'*nii!lian worth of business ; from ra ontc'iin<; Ncv: Yoik City. limn 1-,) ba pd i'n by Cnvdinai scout Freddy n uiul i.s now \vorUing Ior the Lotus Cliir- NO FINER BEER IN ALL THE WORLD! ORIESEDIECK BROS. BREWERY CO. • ST. LO Ul S 4, M O, FRED S. SALIBA and CO 223 W. Ash, Blytheville, Ark. WORSTEDS TWEEDS YM sir men, they're here! Tluw fine ((unlily virgin woolcn.s that'.von litmgh! in pru-wnr (lays . . . Tn Caliardinuf-, Wnrsl.ods, Tweeds and FhunielM, in smnrl. slripcs, smooth solid colors, colorful iiluids iintl cheeks.- What's more, they're: offered in those handsom; do- s-ifrns. thai "hit the .spoL" with hard-to-pleaso men. 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