The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
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j»A« TWO (ARK.) COUNTER KKWI Murray Sees 'No Defeat Sign PITTSBURGH W —Philip Murray a national steel strike. chief counseled ihrm: says Ihere is not a "sign or sem- Nearly 18.000 union members "Don't hn riisiruwprf Thf> mn TOT.T 1, INK PITTSBURGH U*—Philip Murray says Ihere is not a "sign or semblance of defeat In the minds nnd hearts" of his CIO steelworkers. who arc now In the .sixth week of national steel Nearly 18.000 gathered on nn athletic field at nonrby Durjiio.snc, Pa., yesterday to hear Murray sponk. The union Two 5-Sfor Generals Make Big Story in Chicago Today By BKI.MAN MORIS' pin the postwar years: CHCAGO (.11 — The two five-star I "We must fully understand that, generals arc the story in Chicago' once we commit ourselves lo the today. 1 defense of othof.s, the issue of war One of Diem, Dwtglit i>. Elsen- hower, came home a winner In the first, thrill-packed vote on the pence is no longer let our exclusive hands. 'We must remain faithful to the full convention floor. It may have | commitments we have made lo been more important psyciiologi-1 oUievs. so long as Ihey remain cally than materially. Neverlhe-1 faithful to theirs made lo us but f less, the consensus here today lhat it has Improved his chances of winning the Republican nomination for the presidency. As a man put It — a man who had been lo a black-tie dinner on the city's elegant North Shore — "A lot more people over there are wearing 'Ike' buttons on the out- i sirjn of their Inpels now." The other general, Douglas .MacArthur, delivered Ihe keynote most identical, wilti speech at the convention last niyhl. At the mere mention of Mac- Arthilr's name, the crowd nearly blew the roof oft tl"s big. bull- chesled auditorium. * ul then, as he walked down Ihe center aisle, an erect soldier in a plain blue business suit, Ihe excitement mounted to near-pandemonium. Whether nny political inferences can be drawn from the ovation and the cheers Is next to impossible to determine. No Reaction Shoivn A spot-check of the- Pennsylvania find Michigan delegations — where he is reported to have fervent admirers — indicated no uniform allure of the- principle of collective eciirity In Korea . . . plainly warns that too much must not bo expected from collective security elsewhere. In Europe, and indeed tliroiiBh- Jilt the world, our foreign policy ipproach has boon equally as vacillating and negative, and for the most part, sad to relate, under the domination of others." This Is very close to, If nol nl- what Taft >ay.s on foreign policy, It is prac- .ically the opposite to much of the Eisenhower point of view. Beyond .agreement that reaction. It was a good speech, and good for the Republican party, Ihcro seemed no other strong attitude. MacArthur may still be the X- factor In this GOP equation. There were some interesting things about that, speech. The American Broadcasting Company reported It put nn applause- gauge on MncArthur to measure the length nnd Intensity of the cheers. It reported these three peaks: 1. A sound-score ot 120—which if very high—lasting for 32 seconds when he said: "It Is fatal to enter •ny war without the will to win 2. A score of 98, lasting 21 seconds, In reaction to his statement: "Foreign policy tins been as tragically In error as has domestic policy." 3. And 96, for 24}a seconds, when he said: "While I have not been consulted with reference to Korea elnoc my retirement ... I can unhesitatingly say that a leader. «hlp which by weakness ntiri Jn- declMon has brought about such a military dilemma lacks Ihe soundness ^pfy.-.y^lslon, the moral cour*f«, .i'nijlti' ¥ei«Me Those, r aeSonBi« (.to •fwhat ABC «»id were electric sound-measurements, wire the statements that drew the heaviest applause. All three reflect some aspect of tfee foreign situation. Speech Is Divided MacArthur divided his speech equally between domestic and foreign policy. As he has done before, he accused the Democrats of responsibility for the public debt, mounting taxation, Inflation, corruption In government, the encroachment of federal authority on the slates and "the prerequisites lo a socialistic, or even a communistic state. At no time, in the large foreign policy segment of his speech, did he mention Eisenhower. But he made some points lhat conceivably could pertain lo Eisenhower's rol chief counseled Ihrrri: "Don't be dismayed. The com panics' resistance is an attempt lo undermine your union, non't let them divide you and victory will be yours." Over Million [clip More lhan a million persons have been Idled by Ihe sirlke or. the resulting steel shortages since,I 050.000 basic off the job June •!. The number of striking steelworkers has been whittled down lo about 600,000 by Murray's program of signing smaller companies. Bui Iho simple with the nation's big producers goes on with no end in sight. Two of Ihe. latest settlements Russians Nab French Official Berlin Officer Is Held Captive for 24 Hours by Soviets BERUN I/Pi — The French steclworkers walked] """need today Hint the Russians had nabbed one tif their high of!l- cials as he strolled nlont; the ;-:<>Viet zone border and licld him in captivity for 24 hours. Thn French MR], commission dlselo.'cd thai ncnolr, personnel rlllof for ll-rlin commander Pierre Carolet, v.-as arrested Sunday on the Frohnau border In ani area where the line is obscure. | Two Russian sentries took nnnoir to ned Army liendqiiartors at Karl- liotst. He returned to (he bcir- I der yesterday and rrlrrt^'ri Many Federal Workers Lose Jobs Due to Cut In Funds with small firm.s were completed ycslciTlny. tlie first in the Western New York area. Buflalo Forge and Us subsidiary. Buffalo Pumps, at Buffalo agreed to contracts containing n modified union shop and u 12!' 2 .cent hourly pny rnise. Sonic 1,000 Buffalo For SB workers returned to the job yesterday while 100 Buffalo I'ump.'i employes viilcrt approval of the contract last night. ' American Iron and Steel In.sti- Uite said steel production this week will bo about 14.8 per cent of capacity. French (.pokcsman said Henoir Hy WII.UAM O. VAKN WASHINGTON I* — Thousands of government workers throughout tin- country arc being fired as a result of sharp cuts the 82nd Congress mntle in appropriations for federal agencies, Although virtually all depart- [o , me/its feel the pinch, hardest hit | ,,, ld are the six euonomic stabilization I agencies which officials estimate i will release more than 9.000—or j over 50 per cent—of their 17,000 employes within 30 days. These agencies are the Economic S'Hbilizatlon Agency, Office ot i'lire Slablllzalinn, Wane Stabili- sation Board. Office of lient Stabilization. Salary Stabilization Board, and Railroad and Airline Wage Board. ' Operating on $M.058,315 during the fiscal year which closed June bepat) July 1. Other Kovernment department*, tlioir funds not cut as sharply, are not expected to trim personnel us drastically. State Department officials, for example, figure they would have to eliminate about 400 jobs hero another 20 in the American j mission to the United Nations. 'M. cut their funds lo BO Republican Platform Undergoes Final Revision for Unveiling , EDWIN n. HAAKIN'SO.V CHICAGO (A1 — The Republican parly's 1052 campaign platform underwent final revision today and may be unveiled to the voters tomorrow. Sen. Eugene n. Mlllikln of Colorado, chief architect of the OOP In sections, so that all of It will be ready, statement of principles, .snid he expects to have the completed version ready late today or tonight, a day behind schedule. He planned to call Ihe lOti-mcm- ber Resolutions Committee into closed-door session tomorrow to go over the entire platform and semi It on to the convention for expected approval. Yesterday, Minikin and his aides got clearance from Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, Gen. Dwlght D. Elsen- hower nnd other GOP presidential aspirants on the all-Important foreign policy planlc. Taft, who told newsmen he was not too keen about some points, asked lo be .shown the final draft when It Is ready. The plank, described as "Internationalist" by Its drafters, promises effective action lo curb Communist aggression and lo offer "hope of freedom" to peoples behind Ihe Iron Curtain., It lakes a belt at the Roosevelt-Truman handling of forelgn'nftnlrs. One issue still was unresolve.d— a split report on the civil rights stand. 'We had two different proposals so we tossed away both of them and are trying to write » third," Mlllikin told reporters. Clarence Budlngton Kelland. author and veteran Arizona Republican national commltleemnn, said in a separate Interview ttmt muny words still miist be cut out. "I'm simply groggy [rotn three weeks of this," Kclland said. "We've turned out thousands of words and still have to cut it down. If we don't, nobody will read them." j Working with Mlllikln, Kelland and John Foster Dulles, former senator and Stale Department consultant on international affairs, Is a staff of professional economists nnd technicians of the National nnd Senate Republican Committees. Millikin still Insisted upon complete secrecy over Ihe exact wording of all planks although his com- mitteemcn have disclosed .some ot the key points. The platform Is so lony that Millikin Is considering making It public Catholic Mission To 'Stop at Cooter The Catholic Motor Mission will stop in Cooter .Inly 7 to July 12, according to a schedule released this wcok. Five such mills will visit 30 Missouri towns during the month with the purpose of simplifying Catholic beliefs and attitudes lo nil cltisens of the towns visited. St. Louisian Marries Poor Girl After Search for $10,000 -. .................... ,,..„, was not mistreated, Just inconvenl- j millions for the. fiscal year which onicd by Ihe 24-hour wait while ihci -------- — ----Russians satisfied themselves of his Identity. lied border tactics struck a Wow at a tournliiK American slw.v which had delighted West Berlin audiences for the pnst two!:.s. Stubborn sentries outside Ihe city refused lust night lo permit eiriil truckloads of c-qulpnviit owned by a roller skallntj "vanities" show lo pass the liabelsberK checkpoint The trucks were cnroulc lo Kiel, in Ihe British -/one, for the next performance. The 7S performers and workmen of the big show had traveled lo Frankfurt by air, meanwhile. The Russians argued that trucks contained silk shirts and souvenirs purchased in Berlin and nol declared as part of the cargo. U. S. High Commission officails Intervened with Soviet headquarters today in an effort to obtain release of the trucks for their journey. normal turnover of per- and plan no Immediate through sonnel, firings. The Slate Department was granted TO million dollars for fiscal 1953, a cut of S2.MO.OOO from last year and S4,2.">rj,af)0 below the sum rc- que.-itcd. There were no immediate re- pm-ls from other government but the total will run into additional thousands, officials predict. ST. I.OUIS !,Ti — F-lv.ard B'.irc- dor!. :*5, who a month aao was •rf',:iri» a wife wtili S10.0QO. has marled—"a girl as broke as I. am." The 220-pound railroad foreman eloped to Pi-'Kott, Ark.. Saturrtiv with Miss P.etr.y McMahon. 21. Both are from St. Louis. Iliirfidorf explained that he had c. The Bone with Bt'tty before, but Ihcv the loaded Iliad broken off. After his announcement lhat he wanted a wife with $10.000 to launch him in business, he got so many "nasty" letters, he said, that he decided he made a mistake. Betty thought he had made a U".1V'< up. "It's best tn Bw-'dorf added. marry for love. In desert areas, especially those with very -little vegetation, the range of temperature in a single day is usually much greater than In wetter areas. 294 Vietminh Killed Read Courier News Classified HANOI, Indochina f/D — French , Army headquarters announced to- I day that 291 Communist-led Viet- j mlnh soldiers were killed and 275 raptured In clashes In the Red Riv- 1 er delta from June 30 through Ads. July 0. Kcscrvc District No. 8 Charier No.'11383 Report of condition of The First National Bonk of Blyrhevilie In (lie State of Arkansas, al the close of business nil .Icuie .10 1!13" published in rcbpnnsc to call made by Comnlrnllcr of tlic Currency,'under Section 5211, U. S. KcvUcd Slalulcs. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance. and cash items in process of collection S1.R32.0M.07 United States Government obligations, direct and gu.nanteed 1.5.) 1,634 32 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 503.:iti2.7.. Corporate stocks linclucling 513,000.00 stock ol Federal Reserve bank! Loans and discounts 'including $345.23 overdrafts' Bank premises owned SSO.125.50. furniture and fvsturrs $25.133.25 Other assets 13,600.00 ,975,281.04 40.053.12 TOTAL ASSETS '. $7,001,310.05 LIABILITIES Drmand deposis of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Time deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations.. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savingsi '_ _ Dsposits of Suites and political subdivisions Deposits of banks _' Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, rtc.>. TOTAL DEPOSITS 56,412,514.73 050.^20.29 59.116.4!) 70M68.B4 2!).35-1.33 4-i.316.SO TOTAL LIABILITIES CXP I TAL ACCOUNTS . ,$ti,44!.514.';3 2no.nnn.oo 252.500.00 108,204,32 Capital Stock: Common stock, total par $200,00.00 Surplus Undivided profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S -, s -J<H 33 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $7,00li219.05 MEMORANDA Loans as shown above are after deduction o! reserves of 30,000.00 Stole of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, ss: I. Jack C. Owen, cashier of the above-named hank, do solemnly swear thai the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief JACK C. OWEN, Cashier. Correct—Attest: E. M. RECiKNOLD CIIAS. ROSE H. H. HOUCHINS Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3 day of July. 19;i2. 'Seal) Jesse Taylor, Notary Public. PENN NOW . . . wifh a lot of hot weather still ahead, Penney's has cool' slfmme^suits at sensational savings! -MAMA AIAKKS HUH CLOTHES — Mrs. Luella Koford puts fin- lyhini} touches on a balhing suit she made for her daughter. Actress Terry Moore, in Hollywood. at a cost of about 42. She also mako.s most of her dresses, many of which cost no more than $8. Mama got into the business of makina Terry's clothes via bath- In" suits because Terry needs H s:xe 12 trp and n siz^ 10 bottom. . c :h foi'nd it too expensive to buy two suits every time she needed one. (Al* \Vlrepholo) Sub Will Look Like a Shark Navy Unvcili M*4*4 Of Atomic V«M«| Hearing C»mpUti»n WASHINGTON «-> — The r»<H. cally new atomlc-pow»red mibma- rinc Nautilus belnjr built bf th« Navy will be a pug-nosed VMK«! that looks like a hammer-hems shnrk. This was revealed yeslerdnjr when (he Navy unveiled a 4',5-foot mode! of the submarine President Triimiin recently said would be able to trn- vel thousands of mites ftt top apeed on a few pounds of uranium fiiel. Although the Navy said the model gives away no .secrets—officials said It Is diagramatlc, and not Intended to disclose size, dimensions, or placement of equipment — this much seemed indicated: The atomic energy-producing reactor, or furnace, and allied equlp- | ment is placed In the center and takes up about n third of the overall length of the vcsel. Crew members will be able to walk around and over Its heavy shielding. American Samoa Is about 800 miles south of U'e Equator and ir.'t east of the International dat» line. MEN'S CREASE RESISTANT RAYON TROP NO SECONDS! EVERY SUIT FIRST QUALITY Pick from a big selection of palferns, fabrics, colors Don't simmer this summer! You can bo fresh as a snow flake and almost os cool—in Penney's crisp, light weight tropicals. 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Th. ,,tt« l.p M ,t why lt<* S««lr FMml foctflrtty, t>v*4 ft»cfcl EDWARDS 301 East MalrtFURNlTURE GO. Phone 2487

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