The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 5
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TJ1UUSDAY, KEBUUAKY G, 1947 Textile Workers Fight Rent Hikes Congressmen Get Warning Thnt Hikes Could Bring Strikes • l t;; w . .VaSlinglon _ IU,YTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Captured After Jail Break UY ANN HICKS (United 1'rcs Stuff Col respondent! WASHINGTON, Feb. 6. — A spokesman for tlie Textile Workers Union ol Ainericii warned Congress today tliat n general rent increase provoke ".serious industrial strife." Eek'lJiinii, the union's representative, sounded (he warning in testimony be- fine ;i five-man Senate Banking Subcommittee wliicli is considering extension of rent control beyond June 3D The sub-oininiltee's three licpubliran members favor n flat int-reasc of anywhere from five to 15 per cent. A spokesman for landlords tcsl- ificrt that properly owners have up an rMitimtecl 500,000 rental housing units rather Uian sub- mil to "government discrimination." lie said they woukl be opened only when emigres provides a more ):b?r:il rent policy. Eiielman .submitted statements tintn tcxtne union officials in Mis- f.oiui, Cicoryia. Tennessee, Virginia A daring jail break In Tulsa, Okianoma, gained freedom for six Their freedom was short-lived, however, and police now have men tlVMll and ''North and South 'Carolina. a " ln cuslod 5 r - James Neeley, 17, right, of Dayton, Ohio, who has They said thcie would lie trouole if Congress raises thc rents that tpstile workers are payins Jor 5^0- a-:uonth "outworn shacks," M'.'anwhile there were these other rent developments: 1. Senators generally frowned on a proposal by three Republicans to junk CPA on April 30 and leave rent control up to state legislatures. Many senators thought the plan "ckay" in principle, -but "uh- wisre" in practice. i 2. OPA's now "hardship" regulations on rent ceilings were to go into effect npDn publication in the federal register, scheduled lor to- cUiy. An OPA official said they wc\i!d be equivalent to almost a '•(•"r cent increase In some cases. Wilder Hie new rules, a landlord can get a rent increase bv showing thill Ins present rent is lower than Ihe prevailing level in his area STO tS his piUent^t V. "P thc «='»' llfc she ««™ a lower than the prevailing level in The Cit 5' Board of Education his area. He also can get an In- snili sllc couldn't take Ihc pure crease by showing that, because of white German shepherd to school higher operating costs, his current nny more. It promised instead to charged in connection with the slaying of two Tnlsa detectives, come:; back to the police station shackled to Edgar Lee Miiyhngh. 30. Tnlwi. who is charged with car theft. Victor Lloyd Everhart, 23, who is cli.iryetl with Neeley in the shooting of the two detectives, was slain by olllwis wlien he tried to run through a (NEA Telcphoto.) PAGE F1V8 Blind Girl Gives Up Classmates To Keep Her Seeing Eye Dog BY PATRICIA United rress Staff Correspondent IX3S ANGELES, Feb. 6.— tUP>— Sixteen-year-old patsy Ruth Fergus decided today to give up her hifjh school friends and classes to keep her sceing-eye dog. The pretty little blind girl said she 'couldn't part with her dog Lucky, even if that meant giving net operating income is lower now than it was during any two-year base period since Jan. 1, 1939. send a tutor to her trailer home. "It'll be lonely staying home all alone," Patsy said, biting her In his testimony before the bank-' quivering llp7'"But I can't give up ing MrbMiinmttce, Edelman asked Lucky ever. She's the only eyes that rent conlrol be continued 1 in is get I Lucky ., , , , I've got. its present form for another year. .. A11 , But t'.vo landlord witnesses said 1 iijrouch Congress should authorize a flat' nf ,,,„,, 15 per cent increase and lift rent controls from new housing. The landlords wore William E. Russell, chnirnuin of Ihe -Metro- pjlitan Pair Rent Committee, 'New York City, and. Arthur. <W. Binns, Philadelphia, president of the National Home and Property Owners Association. It's a Small World 1'ULf.MAN, Wash. CUP)—Kryll Taconic, a Dutch photographer, .here to photograph campus life In « neiica, does not need proof that .. is is a small wovld. Taconic was Introduced to Johanna Kowcler ol" Amsterdam, Holland, a freshman at Washington state Colege. But thc two had oiet before. They had been home town neighbors for many years before the war. Lucky Sitting & want to do now my next three semesters :ollege. They let yon take dogs to classes there." Superintendent Vicrling Kersey assured her she could whiz through her studies .as fast as she was able, and ' mai'b'e her' quick' mind and ready memory would master the remaining courses under private Instruction even faster than in class. Partially blind since birth and totally blind for the last four years, Patsy sat alone and melancholy all day, afraid to play with other children, until she \vas given the gentle female dog only a few months ago. "Thc dog lias made such a change in her life," her mother, Mrs. Harry Fergus, said. "It lias made her forgot her handicap for the first time in her life. 1 hope she doesn't get thc feeling now that the world is against her." • Patsy's classmates al Alexander Hamilton High School petted and pampered Lucky. The dog took Patsy to movies and stayed by her side on streetcars and buses. "She never even barked ii> classes," Patsy said. "I can't understand ho«- they could think she- was dangerous." Patsy's school friends, who didn't think Lucky was;crous cither, petitioned the Board of Education to make an exception to its rule against dogs. The board snid it could not. Observes lOfUh nirllnlay MOSCOW CUP) _ Alexandra Phlllpovna Astreklina celebrated her birthday on n collective farm in the Siberian region of Ordzhon- kidzc with Jrer two . sons and . 33 other close relatives. The close relatives were grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her sons are 13 and G4 years old. Alexandra Philipovna is 108. Byrd Discovers Much New Land Maps of Antarctic Must Bo Redrawn as Result of Air Survey HY 11. I). <)UHU; (llniled I'ITSS Slilff C'tirri'spnmlcnl) LITTLK 'A'MmiOA, Fob. 6. (UP) —Hear Admiral niclmrcl E. Bvrd today announced KOOKtaphical discoveries so extensive Hint nil existing maps of HIB Anliirctlc must b? re-drawn. nyi'rt reported Hint Navy W1M flying bouts on photographic flights have dis:o\vicd unsuspected mountain nmnes. 'bays and Islands while maping 125.COO square miles of continent and 2.5M miles of coastline. The cxployei's discovered Hint an siren shown on present limps as thc Walter Kohler moun- Inln range really Is a bay of llio Iloosi-vrlt Ren. The Geornc Ooelz shelf lev "apparently is non-existent," Hyrcl said, and (ho 15800- fool Ml. Hulli slple appears to fland iibont ICO miles northeast of Us marked sile. 'Hyid aimoimccri these. Important discoveries: <1> A ocon foot hid, plateau In- Inucl from the Adelln const pn the western .side of the continent Terming this n innjar discovery. Uyrd said he believed it WHS the cdRc of n great inlnnd plnlcnu which may prove thc world's highest. b I2> The 21,600 square mile buy m the souiheaslern part of I he Roosevelt Sen-vn.'joiit 180 miles long and m w |<| c -oii the spot shown as Ihc Kohler Mountains, Byrd snid he first sighted the mountains in !Q<SO, extending Inland in u southerly direction. Somehow, he said, they were drawn on the map as running East and West, parallel lo thc const. i3) Three bays in Wilkes Land. on the western side of Hie continent. H) Al least 20 islands "comparatively small but substanliiil" nnd three peninsulas. 15) Eight mounlnin ranges from 1.500 to 15.000 feet high, three or four mountain t;ronps nnd several single mountains. Byrd said discovery nnd delineation ol thc const line wns "by far the most important thing geographically" the expedition has achieved. The planes mapped about 2,000 miles of unknown coastline and delineated another 500 mlies of little known coast. The interior legions mapiJcd were inland from tlie coasts of Wilkes Land, which lies West ot Little America, and inlnnd from the Roosevelt and Bellingshausen seas, cast of Little America. 13yid told n press conference that thc Navy came down here 'to find out how to conquer the elements in polar regions." He snH thc expedition was practicing under the "worst conditions in thc world" and learning a trctncndoiu .iniounl about polar land, sea nnc air operations. Sound-Sleeping Wife, Cold Weather Cause Hubby Much Discomfort CHAHI.ESTON, S, C., Kcl>. 11. — (UP)-Lt. Charles l^rbes arrived nt tin- police station with his cheeks almost the color ot his red Pajiiiiiiw liiinentinu his wife's tul- rnis lor sleeping llivough doorbells. & warm bed system in W|VS ^ I'Orlu's K0 [ ,,p out of lo '"m off the wnlev the yard. .|.|, c W catlu' bui'st'' 0 f "" Cl1 " mt 1|IC "' IH ' S wuul<l Tho door locked behind him. Mir 20 mlmiios he knocked ,,n Hie door, windows and ra n g die i,,,|i ">ul wimUiiK to nunoy neighbors lie walked several blocks lor tnxl "»<l drove lo th c police s Ion where he spent Hie nlghl, Jnafraid ot Irish NEW ORLEANS. Feb. (1 (Ul>> — lulmic University's Cireen Wavi cimie up today ns one fool ball lean "ot'rY '" '" CC;t " IC ""BuH'l'""""'! While most stliools arc nvol(ihi|! if lush, Tnlnnc again ineludei «•? I , e °" Us 1917 ll)ottal sciiuliile, and ininonnced II W oul< ay limn '-as long as •I" addition to Notre Dame. tw< *f bowl gnme wlnnci's, Georgia lech nnd Rice, were listed to meet he Orccnles, Amvets Plan Compromise Legislation LITTLE ROCK-. Ark., Feb. (!. (UP)—The Arkansas Department of American Veterans of World War II rwas rushing plans today to draft a compromise of disputed veterans' legislation now Pending in the General .Assembly. Amvet Commander Dnnsby Council of Fort Smith said here yesterday that his organization would attempt to combine the best features of bills sponsored by the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He announced the Amvcl plan after Senate ami House committees on veterans' affairs gave notice that an open hearing would be held next Tuesday night for considering thc Legion and VFW measures. In pointing out that the legislation would affect some 280,000 veterans of both world wars in Arkansas, Council said, "it is the aim'of Amvet to help unify divergent groups in the over-all interest ol American democracy." $iml3/i Marilyn Monroe, 18, of Hollywood, worked as a commercial model nnd baby sitler. One nighl she went to "baby sil" al the home of n movie talent scout You guessed it—now stic's got a contract with 20th Century-Fox. STARTS REltEVING All 6 COID MISERIES —IN JUST 6 SECONDS! urt furmms, J)r<M<:rt>ti'o«-lypc €56*. for tiircr-fprrtlv relief from coTJ miseries. Caylioti: Tnkc only as directed. tCOLD PREPARATIONS TABLETS OR LIQUID IMPORTANT! Save your prcsriit car Kxpcrt Mcrhnnical Service Alcmitc Oil ami I,ubr!canls Yes, \vc wash ami prcasc cars tool .Motors? ^^'e h;ivc new motors Overhaul *r rebuild them Tires and Tubes Oh, Vcs, WR p:iint Cars Too! Kepnir and Kofinish all bodies CiiarRc Datfcrics T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 POULTRY WJFIT* U. S. May Share Atoms Soon for 1 . Medical Research r,, » »r,,, FVU 0. (UP) LEGISLATURE Continued from Fife 1, Including n supplemental amount for county and municipal lurn- otlier. countries for -biological research and mcdlm) use, An Atomic Knergy Commission ol- llcl:tl said lodny tlioro seemed lo be no reason why these research tools "should not bo .sent abroad" If Hie supply continues to exceed domestic demand 1 . He pointed out I hul these by-products of the atomic pile do not have nny bear- nil! on the seciir.i.y of ntoml'c. ,bomb secrets. • \ liiulloaclive elements nre In cl- fert "atomic spies," lly menus ol Ihi'lr invisible rudlallimH, scientists can use them lo Irace- the course tlnom;h nnhiuil bodies or plant tissues of siib.danccs containing them. The radiations can >ne detected and followed -ivHh (U'luer counters, Through these elements science hopes In discover among oilier things hnw cnncer develops, how plnnts turn sunlight Into matter, and what happens to sugar In persons mulcted' with diabetes. of funds of school districts, and a t24,U50 supplemental appropriation for' tho resources ami development commission HUhwny Appropriation Voted The House, nlso defeated n resolution by W. P. Hector of Pulnskl County thnt would hnvo provided for a detailed financial bulletin lo be posted In tlic house cnoh day. Tho report, to be handled by Hie House clerk, would have given the nntlclpatcd revenue for the nexl two years, tho amount, of money apnroprltiled lo dnte, mul also Hie. balance avnllnblc before new tuxes would be necessary. Thc SeuMo cnnic In for 1U share or generosity In glvlnu a :il to 0 vole of approval lo tho $7,000,000 "Tlic St:ir-S|)iii>i;lrd Dnnucr" was U'Hiilly made Hie national anthem or the United altites In Mureli, 11131. emergency appropriation» tate highway dtpftrtment, TW measure, as approved and «tnt to he house, providej M.mtf) for he construction ol »Ute hithw»yi and »1,000.000 for'dMrlbuUon' tot work on county ro»d«. *AU of HM " sum.will be used. In matching fed-" eral funds, «, . .,„• Action on Insurance me«sur« Kt a fast pace in the Senate yesterday, with three measures jettlnf an approval. Sent to the Hou« were a bill by Sen, J. E. Smith 61 Reyno. that would allow the 'state to Insure its own property; "one by Sen. w. W. nancy of McCrory thnt would regulate casualty. Insurance; and a third bill by; Sen, P. 0. Ciow of nope requiring that all group life, health, accident and hospital Insurance for employes residing In Arkansas be placed w|th n company licensed in this state PIN WORMS Now TranflMvc; Gets Red I I.CIljjllly Hull CHll Move Hinn live weeks were required for (lie 204 roll culls of the U. S. llousD of Representatives, Hindu during thc last session of Hie Mill Congress. Only eight members of Ihc House were present nt every roll cull. ' ft A I VVl Don't let >-our child taSa tte torattnt at rln-Wt>rn»l Tcxl.y. thuiki lo • Healthy and Vigorout! • Grow and Dtv«lop • Selected, Fir.t Quality 1 • Have Hl 9 her Liability I • From Blood-T«t«d Flocks I • Rock Bottom I White Rocks White Giants New Hampshire Reds Rhode Island Reds Barred Rocks Price I'cr 100 H.!)5 Special Sale I'cr 100 . , mollcilly rccoi;nlud drw. • klcUr ««•»• tlvc trcjitmcnl naa been ta*d« powiUft, f>o watch for HIE wamlur mlrni. «tp«- fl'lljf Iho rmb«rr>ull>K rtcUl Itck. 1 Art JAYHI'S P-W right .w.r wid foUow tb. illrrclUin*. Thcao pm«l], eu7<to^alu UUvU were developed Bftcr yean of prtlgnt r*> •ecrch In the liborktorle* of Dr. D. Jv A Son to *ct In « cpecUl w&y to I'in-Vfoiini. ll'i euy lo rcmcmlxr 1 ^W (o |JtoO COATS and SUITS play a delightful mu Costume ' Complements '£ ^-(T^V ^ to ' '-T GLOVES the'll love. Trim fabric «Iip-oni in' while, black, brown^and .Soring shades,: ~~~." • .98 t.. NEW SUITS with' clipped' cut-away- frontn concentrate a beautiful full- nc«« in dipping, flaring hack pep- 4 lumil For effective balance,' ikirls arc glim. Gabardines and other all. wool fabric) in tcaaon-ncw color*. 9-15, 10-20, } ~V ^^ 3 | NIW COATS, long or short, have very full back lines lo harmonize effectively with new pcphim-prctly suiti.*"Thi> "welcome- fiOlncas ji« echoed in fabulous push-tip sleeves and-deep over-suit armholcs, Won-' derful all-wool fabrics in basic darks jam!. Spring-new colorn.' Misses', women's, juniors'." nj 95 Other null?, coats Ii OQ.9U 7C HANDBAGS. ing plastic patents! ' Spring (tyles in nary,-. brown and red. . A Oft • • -» m ~»WU ' PIu« T« HANKIES.* Brightly printed cotton gquaro ^he will wear every-^ .where I," DICKEYS.'A lo~rely Vil- entinet Rayon crepe* and sheen; .white,,and ,fre»h paitclKj 2.98

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