The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY G, 10-17 BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Air Safety Plan Presented Large Sums Needed To Provide Aids At Larger Airports WASHINGTON, Feb. 0—(UP) — The United Slutcs lias proposed all-weather landing systems inn! use of radar to increase the safety of intcrnnllonnl aviation, the House Inlcr.state Commerce Committee was told today. The proposed snfety program 'Jtv, outlined by Chnirniai. James •WLuiKlis of the Civil Aeronautics Hoard before the House group as a Senate committee studied a $38.500.000 program to Improve air operations at major U. s. cities. Uolh congressional groups, concerned over recent air disasters at Lome and abroad, are investigating means l<> make commercial flying safer. Landis is co-chairman of an I.'i terciepartmcntal Air Coordinating Committee appointed by President Truman in September to promote safety in intcrnnllonnl aviation. He safd his committee recommended to the inlet-national civil aviation organization use of glide path marker instrument landing systems, ground controlled approach systems, radar surveillance. ' and standardization of worldwide communications and weather services, j The nations scheduled airlines submitted detailed plans for improvements at IfiU airports in re-, spouse to a request after a wide range of estimates had. been made in oral testimony uelore n i s commerce subcommittee on air safety. The airlines listed the following as the 10 most important airports, from the standpoint of traffic and geography; Kllewlld, Newark, Douglas at Chicago, Washington Mines Field at Los Angeles, Mills Field « ' San Francisco. Kansas city,--At- f-.ta, Boston and Willow Run at •troil. For these a $9.250.001} program was advocated, it would include . 0.000 feet of high intensity runway lights, 3,000 feet of high intensity approach lights for two approaches, radif) instrument liya- ing systems for two approaches, ground controlled approach radar sets for two approaches and fido fag dispersal installations. The 15 next most important, traffic points were listed as La Ouardla Field at New York, Municipal Airport nt Chicago. Dallas Fort Worth. Cleveland. Philadelphia. Pittsburgh. New Orleans Houston, st. Louis. Tulsa, Denver Indianapolis, Buffalo and Seattle. The airlines proposed a S8.C25.- "00 program for these, including runway and approach lights, dual instrument landing systems ami dual radar sets. The : third set of "15 'airports included Jacksonville. Portland Ore. Spokane, salt Lake City. Abuqucr- tme, San Antonio, Memphis, Miami Cincinnati, Columbus, o., Milwaukee, Baltimore, Rochester Ciiev- and Billings, Mont. Under the prgoram, they would lanced, $5.3235.000 worth of etmip- TOnent—runway and approach lights single instrument landiiij/ systems and single rnrlar sets. Bewildered Over New Freedom Memphis Police tfruck Driver Seek. Burglars «• • , , Taking Morphine \Blained fOf PAGE -THREE MEMPHIS. Tenn , Feb. 0.— (UP) —City, comity and federal police today were seeking n uang or l>ox- slblc dope peddlers or addicts who Train Wreck KiNrisnniui c- .1 mi', r , ,' '" "'"" n i, ,, ,~ ">"'"'''»« l ~ o acs w have stolen quantities of narcotics , P , .),,, ,11, lu three <iru K Vobbcrlcs within the '" ''' '' ille < " S ''' M ,, last week Knn.y "in all .cases morphine and opium ! X^ were taken. , "' ' the slr "Those men were definitely looking for morphine and possibly otli- , nlay cir tomurro.v ayalnsl * l""^ 'Iflwr wluisc lank tt:ls <'*l> ! '«l<.''l Tuesday by nml:ned Francisco shamrocks hockey loam were described by dub officials us "Uiroinili for llw sunson" bocnusc of the Injuries suffered when Uio coach In whldi (hfy were riding came to n stop directly over the crossing whore thp oil flnmes were hottest. the lor you, the mole money you "Sa nobody ever wants lo u«t rid of any of his stall. It lie's IMI energetic fellow i:u's likely lo get his woikiiiji loive Incre.ised niul Increased ngnln. And thill makes some other bureau chiefs down ihe hall unhcppy and he wants more workers, too. "So It Is n niituii.l thins, trying to hold unto your helpers in Ihii government. ] t ' pays. Why, I guess I've done It myself. And II Is rnc <y Ihe f.ii«o« •>( this crisis." Sen. William Lunger of M. 1), asked It lie had nny suggestions on ho-,v the government could quit .»,*>, .jtin \JVI,I^IILH 1^11}mini m :< folllMnn Unit causrd four deatlu. , Klvrlel Attorney James M. yon have working Tlmwn said Iho chargcx would hit ' "'"' "|''d agnliist Philip I.. Mayor, 21, Wim i Inline,! his view was obstructed and (tie cnis.slng wigwag slij- lial wns not fitncllnnlni; when 1u> oi'fli'e his fuel-nil laden vehicle In- I" Hie path or the Southern Pn- elflr irnin, "I am pretty well wiil'sflud," tlie • I dlslit-t allorney said, "thai the I'.IS j driver never slopped at the crowi- hil-'. i:li:ht or 10 witnesses also tes- tillfd that the wtgwiig was Work- Ing." The oiujlncor, Hi ['111:111 and two .women passengers died in Ihe jlames ih:\l v >U'pl (In, en«ln» and 10 nf M coarhe.s of ihe sleek orange "ml red .slreamllner. .Sixty-four Hun's » VV-jmler The rlilnoccros has a wonderful horn. II Is not made of bone nor hosn, bill ol hair libers, ll«IHIy piifk.'d tOKcthor. cine o( iho longcsl on record was more limn 00 liiehes In lenalh. The anclenls bellevod the hon.s of n rhlno?eros lo 'i-u'e dilative jioweis, und paid fabulous prices for them lo grind Into inert- The i;olden .tiiuw ofli'n .seen In Clli'.cter iKitk Is made of email, yellow Insret bodies. d lorrez, 5, right, and his sister, Louise. 4. .sit In Jackson County larenta! Home after their rescue from the Kansns city. Missouri enen-.em basement, where they were found wilh their hands mid .inkles.' bound. The boy's swollen lace shows blackened eyes and there aie numerous bruises on his body. The girl's nose is broken, and she -.ul- fers from bruises and malnutrition. The parents. Mv . and Mrs. Mike rorrcz. are being held, by police for investigation. The mother -inn father reijorledly state they have been keeping the children lor two mouths because "they sometimes throw things and mess up Hi- house." (NEA Tclephoto.) Lay/makers Seem Surprised To See VV/jere Blame Belongs •Mild Capital Jimcau. the capital of Alaska only had 53 days of zc io jvealher in 33 years, although Alaska usually is thought or as beJni; a cold country. TRY MANHATTAN FINER COFFEE AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS Found at PICKARD'S Phone 2043 1044 Chkkasawba I!V FREDERICK C. OTHMAN (Unllccl I'ress Slaff Corri'spnmlcnl] WASHINGTON, .Feb. 5.- You know Rhout Congress trying lo save tax money by reducing tlie federal payroll. And how every federal Wg-iviK tries to prove ' that his department is shon-handed. So^ it was that tile Senate Civil Service Committee glumly summoned Attorney General Tom O. Clark to leil EbDu', 25.000 people working for him. The senators sx]x>cted lo hear some more dcublc-ttuk. Never have they been so badly fooled. He even had the Republicans congratulating him. "1 have b?en in the ,Tusti:e. Department now for \0 years, kind of working my way us," Clark saici, ur.'auttoning his vest and scrunching down ..In hi.v chair. !n a "vairt's 1 . Search for * comfort. "And iho thing that impresses me in the government is the fact that a fellow always likes to have ns many' people working under him !.' he can." If I'd hud a; n;n ai ihi s Jiiiicuire nnd droupe:! it. the noise would have sounded like a firecracker. Ihe senators wees stunned They'd never heard ttnylhing like this Delore from iinv cabinet member "In fnct." Clark drawled, "wrieh' the government sets a fellow's salary, they always ask him how ."any jieonlc he's got working under him. it isn't like In business in the uovernment it seems like putting a premium on suuh payroll others were injured and 'Ifl .itill pactdini:.'Clark said yes, he certain- wciv m ],os|illi\h (oclny 'uilferlni: ly did. For a starter Congress from burns and broken bones memljcr.s of the Sun might Issue a Mr.lemcnt uf policy. saying thai Ihe number of >tcnn- graphers ci federal brass-hut Dosses lias nailing wnalever to do with !'}'. 1|IIIL !V Uelectlves Chief M. A. his wages. .. " <ls Kftltl - "They may be drug As ol now, Ciark said, he's trylnj;.', _ l ''* ol l"-(U|lcrs or oven bnlii." to-get. rid of as many .spare clerKs ( ~" as he can. but he's having his 1 troubles keeping down expenses. Some of this Is congress' fault. For one thing the lawmakers lunied the 40-hour week inio law Jar federal Workers. So what happened? The prisoners In Ihe 'J.I federal penitentiaries got Saturdays and Sundays off from their wtirK How To Relieve Bronchitis ., in the mills. This made 'em rest-.' trouble to 1: less for 48 hours every week and they had to be guarded especially, fl"am~cd' arefully over week-ends. Only the ' J llimc " Oreomulslon relievos promptly bo- we li Eoes right to Iho teat of tl rouble to help loosen (term laden phlegm, r.nd ,, m imiuro to sootho and heal raw, lender. In- loosen and expel , . mtiuous mem- Tell your druitulst to sell you .. s o se you n bolllepf Creonu.Mon with tho un- *f s "'"""a you must Uko tlio way it Quickly nllays thu cough or you ore to linvo your money back. CREOMULSION guards were oh a 40-hour week, loo, and Ihls meant hiring more guards. One thing seems to lead to another, Clark said. Take the atomic. bomb. Congress snid ttie PHI hud I 7" / I**" L>l f/™ v *-^ ' V II to investigate everybody who work-' "OfA-ouchs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis eil on that. So his Hawkshaws are, ' in the midst of making 100,000 Investigations on bomb-makers and contractors, Msans more G-mo.i. Sen. I/anger said lip thought the government had too many lawyers. For u while, lie said, the OBA had 3.0CO ol the same paring over the lefeal : boe-kii. Wouldn't H bi; bettor if rill federal lawyers worked ior Ihe Justice Department? "aenltcmcn," said Clark, "yon establish the policy. Then I try to enforce it." Touche. Try Mis'Julia's £v.i\ tio''Jx . Roll M is' Julie's Pic Crust, very thin, I brush wilh butter. Spread ground cooked meat I filling evenly within 1" of the , sides. Roll and cut into %' I slices. Place on greased pan, | dot with butter, bake in hot . oven 450" until pastry Is done. Pie witti a Southern •Accent" TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 2—New John Deere B 1—1945 John Deere A 1—1943 John Deere B 1—1946 John Deere H All these tractors have starters and lights, new cultivators. Also can furnish discs and breakers. See these before you buy! These Tractors ami Equipment Arc Priced Lnwcc Than You Can Huy KIscwhere BROWN MOTOR CO. Phone 31 :_; Manila, Ark. Presenting a New line of DRESSES IN ORIGINAL DESJGN ft Washable, Butcher Linen 2-Piece Date Dress In Spring Colors of Aqua, Coral and Gold. $16.95 Other Jo-Doc DRESSES in a wide range of Materials, Styles & Colors. FEINBERd'S Auditorium Feb. H thru 'H Nllo i B::ul_Mtt. Hun, 2::\u A V»!,-i,Ur,o Hlig'l ' Ronoinbe: MAIL MHDUK S»ul CUck,' AJi!r«st- ti\ ALul HUiniiiiV £11- vctop — iHt «rid '^llit Uliolco Untu At D re if us No n««d to poirpon* thot propoial t(e<iaO*e yo»'r« ring shy. Cho<}i« her lovely dUxnord engagement ring and wedding band from ovi Iqfge ilCKkl'of ihlmmertng dlomondi... rak« oil 1947 vfi^, to poy, for: th« <xi|»tai " ' value you've »«l«led. $49.95 Brilliant diamond toll- latr».. .tailored wedding bond to' match. $152.50 ' WA , t0fAY lovely du«H* «och ring te» with 3 glowing dlamondi. Thrilling wedding duo btue-whlt* dlamondj. popular fUhrall mounting. Mt v/l* 8 'Charm Of Miami' Hcjiitlirtil 100'- Wool CJabardine, featured by I lie new loiiKcr CnatH, hixtifioualy lined—(11 Spring Colors $39.95 OTI1KR STYI.KS FItOM S27.50 UP ! Use Our Lay-Away Plan in Buying Your New Spring Outfit \ 21!) Uli VOUR CRIDIT 6-dlamohd pair . fiery dlamondi In ELGIN , $29.75 Here's th« handsome Elgin you've waited for" .timed to the irari. BENRUS - S 29 7S ';, Dainty Hcnrus . , . ex- ijuisHely, styled. Amer- the Finest Conies from DREIFUS Fon DH those v\'Uo treasure fine silver Kolloxvwarc, unsxir^ passed for ics beauty a nil work' mansliip, it's International Sterling matching in urn ^'mentation Intci national's popular fl.itw.irc pattern.' NTERNATIONAL STERLING I is tlie solid silver whose impcrisliahli; Iwaucy rcOccts a century-old tradition of craftsmanship and Jcsign. SUGAR and CUEAM Gcncrous- tiztd and practical, this "sugar and cream'.accents International's reasonable prices Set $42.00. SALT and PEPPER Fiv»-in=h salt. and peppers arc afractive eximple^ of International's full holfowware '' nc $18.00. CANDLESTICKS Th t « <«i g i,tc4 candlesticks measure a full T l /t' in height. $2€ M All Prices Include Federal Tax OH ELF IS Mnnl llrnihis . Wrnr llinmnnris | ViTTNtVUU, » 316 WEST iVUI\ ST

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