The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 2
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ir Consumers GeJ Good News OPA to Increase Allowance .10 Pounds; ' GOP Seeking More .WASHINGTON, Feb. 6.—<UP) — Hous* Republicans cheered the OPA , today foi the projected JO- pound ! increase in domestic sugqr ratioiss, but demanded that it be >-aisec( fo^lS ^ "™ Houseulves can collect the first instalhiiept 'of the almost-certain bonus, on April J, *hen a nev, sugar stamp will be \alldated a month ahead of time Us number has not been announced OPA'said-the new. stamp will be good for ten pounds Instead of the usual Hie, and so Kill nil sulic- q.uenF'stamps, But it Old not say how ling the new stamps must, Inst. Upping the allowance per stamp, OPA • said, was a way to avoid printing nev, lation books Some JO.CMCOO replacement sugar books nre down to their last five coupons. Offienls ffld the mo\e would also Jit nicely into plans to raise the consumers jearly sugar al- lowniile from 25 to 35 pounds The Agriculture Department is expected .0 make the final decision on this £0011, OPA said an Increase was ' fairli certain' but thnt its size \\as still (J be fKed officials said privately the best guess was ten pounds. t Chairman '.August H. • 'Andresen, H., Minn.,,- 0 f House Pood investigating Subcommittee, was glad to hear this. : .But .he said he would fight for another. f)ve. pounds I'd be used for'domestic-canning. ' Another Republican committee member said supplies were available for the 40-ppuhd annual allowance recommended by Andresen but that "globsj do-gooders in the State Department" were holding it up., •'•.'.•' ' /OPA said no more canning stamps are planned. The new' 10- po-.ind stamps must cover nil uses That was the reason, -officials said, for validating . the next stamp a month ahead of schedule. •. Despite this explanation,, the housewife appeared to be getting n break, spare stamp 53 originally was to have been 'her sole allowance, for a four-month period that began Jan. i. Now it must oo hftrjTor only three montlis. World Bank Boss BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Rare Scene er, 33, on embittered man „,,., thought he • deserved n better fate than hanging. A military court decided otherwise, and today ;ih life expectancy Is 12 days. Even now he was living on Iwr- rowed time. His scheduled execution dale passed while lie wiiK<:d Seldom havs you seen a piiruirc shosving BeUy llullon, explosive bombshell" songstress, in suuh rejioso. Hetty quieled tlo\vn so she and husband, Ted IJriskin could gel in on Hrst picture lakcn of their , daughter. 2rmonlh-oUl ; Lindsay Diana !3 risk in. V'cshtngton sources report.that Tchn J IV.rCloy noted. New U to\ a'torney ind former ossjEtant secretary of war, will accept prcs.denry. of the S1Q,- OCOOCO ono World Bank He suc- L-tlE, in the tax-free. S30.000-a- c,- .job. Eugene Meyer, who • resigned in December. ; Pivotal Figure in Holy Land ' Bore Arms tor British JERUSALEM, Keb. B. (U.I'.j — , in the A former lance corporal In theilem British Army Was cast today In Die role of plvotnl figure In dial same army's expected central prison of j was the cast that Ihe Jewish Underground chose to' UFO with the Jewish underground in [Land resulted. uf<1 as a challenge to tho British Army. 'Die current crisis over the , Holy Palestine. 'Ihe ox-corporal was Branded by Uie British n« a 7enlot of the Irgun 'MM I.CIIHU his studiously <(iilet miinnor 1 j;[ public conflicted witii that l.-ibci UP was convicted and condemned for inking part in an uiidernroiinu laid on the ' Huinnl Clan police stcitlon. 'Die tall, brown-haired Gruner was trapped by police In the ,-alo, only five weeks after he had b«n •discharged f rom t he Army. .His version was that he was looking for a Job In the vicinity of the police station when gunfire broke jout. His war-developed reflexes cause him to dive into weed patch nlonjj the road, he hit his hr-nu on a stone, and awoke In n. cell. Throughout his military -.rial he remained tjiilet. since the irlal he has persisted in a refusal tj ask for n review of his case, lie nvicle It plain that he thought one who fought five years in the nrltiuii Army should fare better at IT, hands. • Gruncr joined t:ie Army MIOII after hi: came io Palestine :i? rm lllegnl Immigrant. With three' friends he volunteered for n co'u- ' maudo unit, Jjut was re-Jce'.ed. He; spent infiKt of the war In THURSDAY, FEBRUARY C, 1047 Thtee Children Fata My Burned In Miami- Home MIAMI. Fin, Feb. 6. (U.P.) — Three small boys were burned- to death .and their mother and brother badly burned, early today when their mother tried to start a s'x> ond fire in their small frame house. Mrs.' Ellxabelh Knowls. .35, was pouring gasoline Into .a stove to supplment the warmth of kerosene stove that was already bum- ing, county police niid fire - department reported. ';.'. Tlie; fumes of the. gnsoline were apparently '.gulled by the Lther Stove. Mrs. Knowls was trying to warm up the 'house shortly after midnight,.• ns cold winds dropped the Usually balm Miami, temperature into .the 30s. . The three smallest children were burned, to death and the body ot only one, 'jimmy, 10, was recognizable,^ Fireman J. D. Matthews said, the bodies of Kenneth, [our, and Larry, 18 months old, wure horribly charred. Mrs. Knowls and Wayne, -.3, were taken to a hospital with second 'degree burns of the face, arms and', hands. ' "V,. Read Courier News Want Ads. while the Nazi Afrlka Korps, (he Italians mid the British were sm.f- ing back and forth across ihc Western desert. *] l " ally hc took Part m I ho Bottle of Italy, and eventually went with the Jewish brlg.ule to Austria and Belgium. Gruner was born In Hungary, a member of a middle class o.-'.!)o- I'.ox Jewish family. His father was an accountant in a Bu>iii|:cst store. He spent two years In rehcoi at Budapest and qiiothcr'lw'o years at a German university. llefore (he war a rimer's mo'licr ''.I'd. and Ills sister, Mrs. H« en Fdeiidman of Lancaster, Pa., irat- grnted with ;ier husband (o Ihe united stales. The rest of (he family, believed to comprise (wo brothers' and a second -sister np- parwitly perished during the •n\r In unknown circumstances as <ilct other millions of European j.>v. p s. Missing Man's Body Found at Base of Cliff YE!.-LV!LLE..A!k.. Feb. S. (UPI — Funeral .'orvlccs were held In the M'jil comir.unky, ni?ar here, this afternoon for Cliarley Davcnpoi't. ; inut 10, whose <body v, - as found ye.ncrtluy aitemoon after a 13-day seareh. O^venpott's son, Homer, made the dls;ovciy almost two weeks <f- ter the elderly man had disappeared from his mountain home. It wns believed thai a fall from a "litf had caused his death, and Hie lutfc sum of money,that, Davenport usually carried was found on the bcdy. Tlie accident occurred only two miles from his home, Eurvivci'.s inc'ucie his wife, .one (laughter and livo sons. WAItNJ.VG OKDKK III the Chancery Court, Cliii-k.i- saii'lia District, Mississippi (,'O'Jlllv, Arkansas. O'fcar Wallingsrord PlnimifT, vs. No. 9M2 Annie Walllngsford D»fcinJ:uit. The defendant, Annie WalllnsB- ford, Is hereby warned to Ai)i):':ir withiji thirty days in tho c.iu:t named in tiis raption hersoi '..mi answer the complaint of ih? pUi!i- lill Oscar Wallingsford. Dated this H day i/f Jumi.-irv, IOJ7. HARVEY MOliRIS. C'.'irk By Hetty Smith, D. C 10-2:j-:JO-2'G •< . KiC">n 2 teaspo fiankfurten* paw tier '/, ct.n finely cut l/j if»fioon »lt pjctte, dill fir tour 2 nbtt'itiooiis ooni P*I Milk 3 iuM?:pooiii warer up sifted, ail- 10 ',',-or. "" tun- jjurpoje tlour JACK SPRAT <!REAM STYLE CORK --- NO. 2 can LUZ1ANNE — 3 Lbs 99c LUirtt - - - !b,can VAN CAMP'S, No. 2 CAN SUNSHINE — 1 Lb. BOX STURGEON BAY, RED, SOUR, PITTED BALL CREST, No. 2'/ 2 CAN 46 Oz. CAN SWEETENED a m GRAPEFRUIT and ORANGE, 46 Oz. CAN urn on oven; sst nt hot {-125° F.). Mir to get tier f rank timers, picl:ln and 3 tablesp. milk. Sift logedser ftour, baking powder and snlt. Woi'k • shortening into flour mixcurc uitli fork. Stir in mixture of remaining 3 tablesp. milk and water. Turn out n 8x12 taesp. m an water. urn o on lightly floured bonrd; knead few seconds. Roll into sheet 8x inches. Spread in car mixture o;i . dough; roll up. Cut into inch slices. Ai range on greased baking sheet. BnSce 20 mm., or until brown. Heat soup •"'slowly; serve over the rolls. Makes 4 servings. *Iiclogna, htnch meat, ivicricis oc ham crtti also be; used. Vim Will Needs. Pet Milk 13c Frankfurters 49c Flour 25 Ib, S1.90 CONDENSED TOMATO Soup 12c No. 2!/j Can in Heavy Syrup Cashmere Bouquet or Palmofive -Ibarslk My favorite Oatmeal Brings Me TOUR GKOCU TODW MOTHER'S OMS PREMIUM MCMGE Premium of del,ciouj Mother-, u brings your family its {,. "» ro n. ener and vi «ric«ns.. • ' yu b ats MONARCH /%*&* JUICES AT YOUR DEALERS MUSSELMAN'S, No. 2 CAN BIG THREE, in Heavy Syrup WHITE CREAM MEAL - 25ib.bagM 29 PEVELY, Large Size MILK • - - case '/2 Lb. Package Baker's Cocoa - 12c - - - 25c !/2 Pound Bar PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO - - tinlOc » GARDEN FRESH TEXAS GREEN ft FRESH TENDER YELLOW SPANISH TEXAS 216 SIZE ' ORANGES - TENDER BUNCHES CALIFORNIA WONDER BELL PEPPERS SUNKIST 360 SIZE LEMOftt - - . IDAHO BAKING FRESH HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE CRISPY ICEBERG HEADS LFTTUd - - Her* H • ^> \x> Vtt PINK MEAT 54 SIZE GRAPEFRUIT - CRISPY JUMBO STALKS CELERY - - YORK or DELICIOUS APPLES - - Our Produce Is Always FRESH! . 23c each lOc 2ior15c each 15c Ib. 12c SHORT SHANK RIB or BRISKET PIECE FRYERS and HENS HOME DRESSED CLUB END CUTS K CHOPS- BEST BRAND NICE MEATY • -,-. f^ -"* . '- ji -• '*y^.*£-'\ V GASH CRocifc

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