The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 11
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WKDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 18-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION |i«ril'<wi:~~ '** * °* col " t<:uUr< lm " • Ululinun Ctargt „ _„._ 50c • l tins per liu« ~ 1,0 12 tlun fn ii» gti d*y ™ _ me Umei p«r lice p«r d»y Sc times per lln« p*c daj __ 7c 3 tllu*i p«r line y«r liay .. 6c Mouth p«r line BOC Count five average words to tin lln«. Ad ordered for tbreo or Ebc times and lltoppcl before expiration will be cliarg- •«d .for tb« xunjber of tlmaa the til aii- Iliearel ttid adjustment of bill made. I All Olas?!f!ed Advertising copy eub- • mltterl by persona residing outside of the • city must bo accompanied by casb. Hates • may be easily computed from tbf- above 1 table. J Advertising order for Irregular Inser• ttooa tAkes tbe oua time rate. Mo responsibility will ba taken for "AU one Imcoirect Insertion of any ad. For Sale |Coal! 100 L!>s. or Carload. We deliver. Phone 87S1). Wheeler Coal Co. % Co.i- pcdge Gin. l-8-pk-2-S Itecl ill birr,.l mc»«. niylketllle Mi. dine 8koi>. Osll 2828. ll|18-rk-lf 1-iATe knyer for yon Campbell. PLone 4i( 120 Boutfc Secoid. home. H. O. — 2tt30. OJfko 10|2.«k-tf piece dining room srt. 5 or ft room oil hrntrr; rivdlo Shi^pr fii^u-hi^ inn- rlilne. Kilfhr.n UMo nnd chairs— ODiiT lioiiKi-lioli] iU-ms. 701 W. Wnl- tiut. H7-ck-2|7 BLYTUEVILLE (ARK.) COUUIBK NEWS For Sole Alinldi bay. 2 miles »-i'»l on Hwy 18. lii'iulro nl Moorti Bros. Store. Leslie Mooro. 1127-|]k-'J!27 Hardy lllakcmore Klruw .Marie llirnlih. 1119 I'nir jiniU'?, ivn^-tiu aiul linrnpss. pl.inU'r, (iillivnlor tirrnklnc Jilo'v mlililu. butler. M«s I,. T. Kin-no Uosiicll. IT.'l |ik (J All coal healers Good si'lei'liou. Hardware. at cost. Planters 2-l ; ck-if uKi-li arid Hog Disc. (i. A. Hale, BurdeHo, Arli. I'll ™_2-_ _ _ 2-3-r-k-HI lrawtiiTrF, pl:llll< *l.;n) huniln-J. hi.. *'J.UI) Inilhrl. All Muili, 1, looming >lirill.-; iin.l IIII-IIP ( vci^r-i-n linli!.' ]j|nill<; liullis. Call A C llrii-ki-r Sr mil Dotlui' piekiili. Vim r!»«^ ,-oinll' [Ion. .lusl nvcrtiniilrd. Ciiuil ilri-«. Airb:isi>, A[.l. 11. l'i:f.iil<-l) We specialize in fruit Iren spray materials. Ask us what a net. when (o use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 1 120 W. Main, phone 515. l-Ill-ck-tf ini-iT Tir,' Co. IMiono 2201.' H'lO fli-2]C | (load used army combat tlioea. Shoes nnil uxfunla. Halford'a Slmo Khon. 100 fj. HnC'jnil. l!S.pli.2|8 !: ttjn Army DO<!K(! |il(!k ii|i [ruck. S7. r .O. Conlacl Illyllirvilk Curlj Mnr- kr;t, l!22-ck-tf | Vou'll enjov fonni rlffliiinf; upUoKtfry an-1 luns'willi thi' n.Mv Finn F«;i:n. ]><-.•>!•* I'aiul and W;ill|i;.i,i-r Slnro. I Com] K noo. liiiy. Phono Il2r,.|ik-2125 See Us For BABY CHICKS You'l! like our quality chicks, hatched light fiom selected flacks. Hardy, fast- gro\vE;ts. Low price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. ','• Block So. nf Dcpol riinne J!13 Fully tM| nipped (ire repair shop, liuilditig irixfiO, <me . r >'A h.p. boiler, 2 recappers, i) section molds for all si/es including trui-k :uul (factor (ires; one air compressor; ,'i buffers; every- ihiujf else needed for inutl- ern lire shop. One piece or every thin;?. Also 19-11 l"y- nioiilh pickup with new motor and new tires; combination adding machine and cash register. Located on highway and railroad. Wade Coal Co. & Tire Shop, N. Hsvy. (il, phone 22<)1, night phone 700. Iteason i'or selling, ill heallh. 2-5-pk-U I.- iiroun.l m.-iil. Wr innLi. nny hi/c rhli'ki'n. .^;i.o.-| ji,-r iirU. Al-ci riiMiini iirin.linn. .Mill. :iinl .S M,. c . 1 st 2ir,-|,k-2-2o Our Shop Gives You PAGE ELEVEN 0i L"»™,!i c '';"",!! 1 * ««, "Ml work KunrMLit pj. \\ 0 &\ to j, u y 0 |j o n |(OYP». _ .' . "'•"•"• 111" lik-210 ""oaru- l! 7;i;;u"i l '"'^ r '-7'" 4 *' llo '''' > '' I«'' I R' ••,'i!i" lr ' 1 ' l"""<"J'«*'8*o» Wi;|"' Ail-Around ! Your car de.scrves tlic lies! upkoc]) possiblo, lo kci'j) it in good condition! Don't liiko c-hances on ini'prior work—or aimitour service . . . Phillips x\\'?:; you only Uio besl; by expert mechanU's who take pi'idc in seeing your car in tip-lop sluipe! FASTER- FINER- Wanted to Kent '/2 Don. postcard siz of you only St.SO. 3 5x7 pictures only S.'i.OO at Mason's Studio, .'{20 Lake St. 2-4-pk-H G-room residence near husi-: ness district. $15500. Owner occupied. Quick posses•: sion. H. C. Campljell, £ Realtor, 120 S. Second. | '-' 1-27-ck-tr Wanted to BUY High grade blood tested Imliy chicks. Special $12.90 per hundred. Complete line of feed. lilaylock Hatchery, N. 61. 1-31-ck-tf T.'ti ^moolli iiKiuth Vi,:nnii Art. Gilbi-rl l.vnrl,. l!.1l-],k-2|l I I'mti^^l Inlili; TimlK. L-rn'U' A. mad" tn fit ynur !.-vtilp^ nnil vc finiyh. Orilr-r Ihoin from i> K<lunr,l>- :ini K M.-iin SI.. 2.1S7. ck-lll? li •_' 27 T?aby Chicks'. Quadruple A. 514.95 Tlrown'a Rtoro. 100. Jim l!22-ck-tf ChlrV. anil iloulile ^ara^-e. 605 OONT TAKE A LOSS. Gel the top price for vnur rar nr *rurk from PHTLl.IPH MOTOR CO. Today. fi-S-ck-M Cash for wrecked nr junk automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy 01, phone 3785. 12-2G-pk-2-2G| SERVICE! P H I L L I S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ulylhevillc, Ark.—Tel. .Ir> Strayed mull- t'oi^.T Si.:iul.-l. n monllis Strjiv.'.! fmm X. Hi w»y III n-i'r i!.^ Anlo Sitivnx 1 ' I'liuni' :!7S5, 111, .ill* ««rflce— l,|, 1 ond and «i' r,-r«lr ill !.,,,,, »-,,l,|, 1 . r,,, ( .ki,,r. ii'k-aril!i'i, of kirn! of condition. AUo 1)17. fl. II '.ir (>.,.,! Kcdnk plflur.'V .end y.lur [i]"-^ «,,.! [l l •^.•l,^v^^ lo Tin- M.ulrl Sliul!.. ',l|| WitliaiU A vii.. M. 1 1» MONKY TO 1,OAN Do you need n loan to rcpiilr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tapis. I'll A approved ratt &"". Ask for details. Max 1'ORiin, lifaKor, phone 20S<. 9-23-ck-t! Weather stripping. Save fuel liy having dotirn and windows weal horst ripped. C. 1C. WiKKiiiH, SI 2 N. 10th. I'lionc aanri. iz-iu-pk-;i-i See us for an estimate before yon have yoiir frnclor overlianled. We speeiulixo in sli-ain cleanini;- nnd liiiinliiit;, ek-flrii- and acol- ylt'iic welding. Itussell 1'liilliiiK 'I'rtu-lor CD. Hi\va.\ (il Sinilli. Phone 2171. _____ 2-l-clf-lf Personal f.ocal & Long Dlstauci; Movlni; Competent Help and equipment. Adc- rjUatcl? luaurcd Coutract Haullnx and Mlgc. Services. Homo SoTvlco & Storace Oo. 1'himo 2801 PRESCRIPTIONS Freah Stock Guaranteed Best {M«B Ksrby Drug Stores For Hire llUr,,.- 1,1, WE HAVF CARS All Makes & Models '42 Ooltiro .1-ilofir '12 I'lymoiitli ''IS r.MC 1'i Ion '•12 He Si>ln Truck •Ml lluick '38 Chevrolet O'I'HEUS TO RKI.ECT BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION I'lione !)28 119 K. Main Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 20f>9. l-17-tk-2-17 Situation Wonted -nin.-rd fni'nilnrf nnil nr. Call ,1. \v. I-:. ,1 I!,,,,,,, I ;| viy II.HI. Glonci, Hold. 2M- l ,k-2V, 5-room residence located on S. 20th Street, convenient to highway and bus line. 11. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-27-tl |*.l,,t,n IVnc (Tartar », ^ |i,Tr-,.|ly II, .\v A .lf,h Mill, (qnipm.nt: ; inrilL (rac{ftr< \vitli c 'i-n-iin Lrciit-'iir^ for r.Tc Knrmal! Irsclnr.s ,,ilh '•<•" ..... breakers will, . five nrc from Ifill In i'llc ,,,4,lcl.-. 1 „, AV It Molh,,- tr.notrtr- I J{ .'n]v.i IliTn- lrj,ci,>r xi-ill, rnltivatrir. I'.UJ i, mil..]: 1 V Fnnnnll Irarlov will, 1,,'W rnlilror. in k-o,,,l rnn<lili<m Al«,> hnv^ nljinil Kn l.on.l of mi.l.'s fcir -all-. T.irn. ran l.o ill-ran;*,! nn nil l!ir.«i- Irartor... I will lali,. lr:i,lr in oi> n!- nio^t anvltinie on llifsc F C'. ' H. Fn ull i . 21 I Sov 1'28-fk-l >ot K(.!lr l,,l." Ki. Il flirvrolel IIr.ii"!,nM fiirniln Aii'limo. i.h. :lfl For Rent t- ino.lrrn lj nr Till M K1<U. I'hn IK- ilint-. Iiloi ri' : . :!ll No. Dili. I'lione 2.1-T.S. or 2 vnrliinB a\rh. Mr irti. :i:is.t. 2|:i-nic- llo Help Wanted h TIIIJI, N.u.i:sM.v\ I.,,,I ,!,.;,] i u |] Molor I' inn,,- 1. C.oiri.-l- X.'nv [or I'l 2! l-r!i- '" "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G W. Main St. Thonc 3fi47 1'lin Me Ijetl room adjoining balh 251C. 1017 AVnlnnl. lllS-ck-tf Kx|.r Job Wanted nl mnlo rrvnV 1« joli. \Vmil.l ri> ^^:iti 2!|.;.v-7 Road Courier News The car you're driving now may be a death (rap IM' bolh your family and yourself! Who knows what shape it is in ... until given ;t fhonijis'i check by experts. Don't take chances by driving a car that hasn't been inspected for traffic hazards . . . brini; it lo us now for a complete service check with corrective measures. . Atls. | Why Gamble with Old Man Winter JUST CALL 949 nnd hnvc your Coal delivered. Guaranteed to Satisfy We also buy poultry nt oil times. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main Our Shop Gives Your W Ydll WEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator Tor Immt-rtiiitc Delivery CALL Steclc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.MS I'OOI.i:, Owner ,t Jitijr. llisliwuy fil Xnrlh nl HOLLAND, MO. It was only a little while ago when you had to have a certifi- cate from your Ration Board to buy « new tire . . . and after you got your certificate* you wore lucky to find a dealer with the size and typo tire you needed. TOD^V IT'S WFFERBNT All you have to clo to get any size or type \ is call on us. COMPLETE STOCK . . . IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! DON'T DELAY! LET US INSPECT YOUR TIRES AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE! L 0 Y EI C CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Bave Mnui-y Toflny, Any Du STOP AND SWAP EU1UKT 401 (I. IMulii Vou lio I'lione 850 or Na Dcul QUICK Our Hadin Repairs are nnick and our worklnan^hli) finer than anvwlierc Wi: ItKI'Allt ANY IHAKI-:—ANY MOIIKI. Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First RECTAL DISEASES (All Types Kn DRS. NIES J. LOUIS Itcprrnentltir New York Life Insurance Co. Blytlievllle, Ark. Sudden Pain Or Stiffness What Is l.t? . . . n niiiy imlluite n niicuniitUc Cmicllllun—Moun- Inln Vul|(.y Minrrnl V.'.di'i' 'rum Amci[cft'a «pa—has helped nl. Hoi H[)i-Inf;5, Ark., ami nt HOME. We (IcllvcT <llri;r:l lo you. Order your aumily today Free - Ijookliit on rctjUOKt. Ciill nr Wrllc for lloolclcl CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Miiln :IIK] hl^isiuil Ul.vtllf.vllle, Ark. PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down CNlnl-Alrc Alllci Funs 'Sun-lliriili Anlimi.iUc Oil llc:lli-is ^<iri;u Klrrlrlo Hot DON EDWARDS "The Tjiirwrller Man" ROVAL. SMITH, CORONA and REMINGTON POKTAHLn 110 N. SECOND ST. I'HONK 3382 (Every Transnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) Slu-rwln Williams Paliits Slicfflclil I-'lclil F(in6lhR tSouUl's Wiilqr I'umps ^luilrrn Wnlu-r Sliilcncrs Ciiiilicrsoii Kttciien Sinks 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK'US AliOUT FAUMKIl'R TERMS WITH ANNUAL 1'A^'AI PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12G West Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME Bay or Ni ANYTIME Day or Night 2089 Old Relin G. O. POETZ 'The Old Reliable" Your Source of Dependable Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Office RR nt Cherry New Life! LANGSTON-WROra BOOTS AND TTF.T? BY EDGAR MARMN THRT 1W=. OftlAftftCB. ".tl 1 1 tXC HOOVES IW TO \"e\ . fM-JS 1 RVSHTS TO Trtt VX.T5 VOT \f -VVSfi VOW. "( >a SOKS. \_(\U cXl ftNAt, STCSfTVED CO\ WrtOI RlGWb IN rtl'b HOU^W, ORMF\&t^> Pf\V TO »S" *te-O? OV> "QTb" (SOOO\ViSVSC> VCSV>-0\ FRECKLES AND HIS FH I R N DS BY MERRIIT, BLOSSEF EPECS .' POP DIPPED INTO MY WALLET AMD VAWKBD AO. THE FOLDIMS IVEGOT IS TO PAV m OWN CHECK, AND A NICKEL LE!T L MIGHT AS WE-LL PUP THIS IM THE JUKE-BOX' Sales—BJICK U - S - Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553

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