Tonopah Bonanza from Butler, Nevada on March 18, 1905 · 4
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Tonopah Bonanza from Butler, Nevada · 4

Butler, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1905
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RHYOLITE IS A GREAT PLACE New Town in Bullfrog DintrU-t in KapHlly Taking on City Air. l'KKSONAL. MENTION. Rhyolite, Nev., Mar. 11, 1905. To Tonopah Bonanza: I Rhyolite is one of the most active towns in the Bullfrog district, being situated at a point most convenient to the many mines that surround it and at an . elevation of about 3000 feet. It is midway between Beatty and Amargosa. In thirty days it has grown from half a dozen a place containing Tour hundred people and that number is increasing every day. ? " ' Rhyolite is not as far from civilization as at first supposed. On March 1st, Mr. H. H. Clark arrived in his automobile, and the rodometer registered 65 miles from Goldfield, the distance having been covered by Mr. Clark to Amargosa in four hours and twenty-five minutes. The telephone line will be extended next week to Rhyolite and Beatty, which will fill a long felt want.'""- Applications have been made for a postofflce, justice of the peace and constable, which appointments are looked for in the near future. At present mad addressed to Rhyolite via Goldfield, arrives twice a week, tne citizens of the town having made arrangements with the stage line. The only drawback Rhyolite has experienced is the lack of water which at present is hauled from the river at $2.50 a barrel, but this difficulty will be overcome in the near future, as several parties are now figuring on bringing water in from different sources and the first sue cessful effort will be received with open arms. All present wants have been very well satisfied, but the con stantly , growing population brings new demands dailyi and there are now several vocations that are not represented. There is room here for a doctor, a drugstore, a shoemaker and tinner. Real estate is active. Corner lots are selling at $1000 and inside lot from 1300 up. The mines are all working and the results are of a most Batterinc nature. A more detailed account will be given next week. The Amargosa Trading Co., (Jno. C. Lynch and T. E. Edwards) has established a lumber yard here and the demand has been greater than the supply. I Mr. Lynch states that they have plenty of lumber on the road between here and Los Vegas, and two or more teams are arriving daily. i Cushman & Elliott have been here recently, and are as active as ever, if not more so. They have secured some valuable mining property and also have several good stunts up their sleeve, which will be made public in the near futuie. Mr. Cush-mau . and Mis.,, Elliott have each erected subsUuiiul frame buildings which will be foremost when completed. The towusite Co. has also completed a frame building which would do credit to Touopuh, and is occupied by Mr. Frank Hunch, who presides over " towusite affairs. Across from this, N. M. Simons has completed his office, which lie opened to the public on February 22nd. , He has a most thoroughly equipped office and the style of architecture is in style with the spirit of progression. ' ' JV-' ' -' Some of Tonopuh's " most active businessmen and the towusite h-u- pie are about to launch a telephone and telegraph system, to lap all the mining cumps in Southern Nevada, and to muke direct connections with San Francisco. Fifteen thousand dollars wus subscribed for thU purpose in Rhyolite alone. John O'Kecfe was a recent arrival und expressed himself in a most sat isfactory manner. It is his intention to put on u stage between here Goldfield within the next thirty days,' which time he says it will take to prepare relay stations. Riiyoute. BUSINESS CARDS. V.' E. Mollis of Belmont, was in town this week. , f . - i S. L Poage of Portland, Ore., is a guest at the Palace. Edwin Arkell of Colorado Springs is a recent arrival in Tonopah. J. F. Connors of Helena, Mont., is a guest at the Merchants' hotel. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Hall of North Dakota are at the Merchants' hotel. S. L. Prager, of Portland, Ore., is spending a few days In Tonopah. W. H. Young and Harry Bonhain of Sodaville, were in town this week. H. H. Taft of Goldfield was at the Merchants' hotel this week. II. Brinzer and wife of San Fran clsco, are guests at the Palace. A. H. Manning of Goldfield. was at the Merchants' hotel this week. Henry Hall of Washington, is reg istered at the Merchants' hotel. R. H. Bailey of Denver, is spend ing a few days in camp. F. H. Stickney of Denver, is a guest at the Merchants hotel. O. F. Riebel of Goldfield, was in town this week, . 1 , , Just received a large consignment of new and up-to date stationery at the Union Drug Store. u Charles H. Wethei bee or San Francisco is spending a few days in tOWn, ; , - " '-' The Mizpab cafe and grill is Tono pah's best eating place. Try it and be convinced. g C. R. Weymouth of San Francisco, registered at the Merchants' this week. In case of accident don't forget we carry a complete line of surgical sup nliBK TTninn T)rui? Store. u L. Humphreys of Yerrington, Ne vada, is spending a few days in town. Doc O'Toole, who owned ihe Chuckawalla group of claims, in Death Vulley, sold the property last week for 150,000. E. R. Marriott and A. Roland, well-known newspapermen of San Francisco are in Tonopah in the interest of the News Letter. H. S. Hart, a prominent business man of Goldlield, cume to Touopuh Monday to meet ' his wife, on her return from California. , . , R. - G. Armsteud of; the Sacramento Goldlield Mining company, was in town this week, and reports things looking fine at the mine. Another new thing just out!! A Waterless Hot Water Bottle. You simply attach to the electric current. Upon display in the Miner's Drug Store window, Golden Bldg. d Fied Esselbruegge, George Cliilds and Will Walker of Eureka, Nev., arrived in Tonopah by private con veyance this week und may locale here. Rufus . Hepburn of Sun Francisco, arrived in town Monday to assist- in the management of the business of the Continental Construction company. II. H. Pierce, of the 1'ierce Cash Register Company of San Francisco, spent a few j days In Tonopah this week. Mr. Pierce is one of Sun Francisco's most popular young men and lias a faculty of making friends wherever" be goes. S. K. BRADFORD. CIVIL BNCHN12ER J . .. . . a --- Ulnln BlirVftVP fOt U. B. Mineral aunojer, .z' V"ivi pitents i specialty. Three competent civil a wotiiiA Timn rifth. NCV DIUUUC , N. M. SIMONS . .. A8S8yer .. Upper South Main St. Tonopah ALBERT 8. WATSON i ; ' ' Tonopah and Goldfield Mines , .. ........ Knurs a propbbties ANT MWINO STOCKS TONOPAH. NEVADA MISCELLANEOUS j NEW FOOTWEAR j FOR MEN AND BOYS The latest, up-to-date Shoes in tine calf, patent leather, i box calf, with flexible and invisible ' , cork soles LADIES, MISSES AND CHILDREN Here we are with bur new Spring styles in the latest lasts and fashions. Good Shoes at Moderate Prices No trouble to show goods WM. ENGER,- County Clerk and Clerk District Court. BELMINT, NEVADA MISCELLANEOUS. a Apex Meat Market . i WATT MOUUUKT, J-rope. - RYAN & STENSON ...Wril" O'NEIL CO... : Tonopah - - - " - Nevada . -Beautiful and Moderate-Priced Xmas Gifts- 5 STATIONERY V NOTIONS V CUTLERY, CHINAWARE and TOYS CHINAWAKD and iuy& UtAl.IM IN t FINEST BEEF, MUTTON, VEAL, t PORK AND SAUSAGE Coned Beef and Pickled Pork UPHOLSTERING 2 TWO DOOMS MOUTH or HANK, , J S MAIN STREET. Tonopah AND IMMflfMn MINI1NQ STOCKS Send tome, with prices you want, and I will sell them in the great Pittsbuiy district. Want Tono-pah Extension; bi demand for it here. References Homestead Na-tiunul Hunk, Monotigahela Trust Company. J. H. KENVIN, BOX 838 - - HOMESTEAD, PA. MESSRS. E. MARKS & CO. Having secured the services of a firsl-clas Diaper and Upholsterer, are prepared to , Kive estimates on all kinds of House Furnishing Work REA&ONABLK PRICES GUARANTEED Three Carloads of FURNITURE Received this Week Also car of CARPETS and DRAPERIES In finest qualities and latest acHigna We will be pleased to show von the largest line of OA RPETS, LINOLEUMS. OIL CLOTHS, CURTAINS, COUCH COVERS . and fine FURNITURE in the Slate of Nevada. E. MARKS & CO. Stewart's HoteU Sodaville, j Nevada. At Railroad ii Robert Stewart Depot rr Prop. old-time and well-kuown hoiulery and hot uprinKH, l Klian i-onauet me wmrnp d up-m ilt pln. Tli thle in nuppllrd wUb The Very Best in the Market The hr In Ifilur. ot M niu and l t all tlmuH It. paimna will l Her?ed with cbolis Wines, Whiskies and Cigars. .Enterprise Latrer Beer on Draught. t ann.onntlnH with ttim hntal k. Ih. lanutll. mineral Kodarllll Hot Sprlnuii. Thme watfir am laiucu iur vimir u un-iuai (jumii.iv. u.iuf at an oour. . , . t DO YOU WANT A SAFE? Write to U We Do the Hst. GARY "V um m o o" SAFES Htl Uln.d aw.lara Snf.a, fty UPlt Vaults or Hank. VAUUT. TIMtS ANO COMltlNATIOM L (I t. K 8 RICHARDSON BROTHERS a R. RICHARDSON San Fanclaco. Cal. I23-12B !S'ew Montg'y St. J. B. Cooke and J. II. Price, min-hK men of Tnkup, were in Touopuh Moniluy, on their way to California. Mr. Cooke has been under the weather for gome time and he hopt 8 the ti ip to the count will be of bene fit to him. Diamond Held is the one town of the district where lots urecheup and are Ixuind to increase in vulue. Uuy now before the rise. Jai k Davis, Diumondlield. I Cliaiiiplon Liniment for Klieti-inntlNin., Chas. Drake, a mail carrier at Chitpinville. Conn., says: ''Chamberlain's Pain Halm is the champion of all liniments. The past year I wus troubled a Ki'eul deal with rheumatism in my shoulder. After trying severul cures the storekeeper here recommended this remedy mid it completely cured me." '-There is no use of uuyone. suffering from that painful ailment when ' this liniment can be obtained for a small sum. One application gives prompt relief und its continued use for a short time will produce permanent cure. For sale by all druggists. R.T.ZASPEL Ha. moved hi mock of iwrchandl from Main ureal to bin Dew place of buinetia in ; COLUMBIA, NEVADA and UaHHng ererythlng at Very Low Prices If you Want to Save Money GIVE HIM A CALL W D RICHARDSON Tonopah, Nevada, Box 03. THE TWO ClOARS OP QUALITY! LA 1NT5RNACI0NAL AND CAPHFVILA... : : , : They Arc World Renowned. Everybody Smokes Them k l-v T"? T'1 affl i Ask Your ueaier ror i nem . . - " - 5 ! HALL, LUHRS CO., ' Wholeaala Oreoere 8ACAMBMT0, CAL. NYE AND ORAISBY COUNTY BANK. CAPITAL, 20O,CXK).00 T. L ODDIE, I'hkhiduit. li, M. nl AH, v ll'l-rnlniniHT. (. j. turn... t 't K. B. MKDEU, Asst. Cakiiiik. ; ( UW), S. NIXON, Uiniral MAMAitm. V k lli , i, ....... A : , ( Prompt and Careful Attention Given to all Banking Matters Entrnstei to as. ONLY FIRE-PROOF VAULT IN TOWN. SODAVILLE & TONOPAH TELEPHONE LINE (IMUllHruHATIUI.) Telegram Received and Sent to All Part of the World. C0NFBT8 WITH WESTERN liMO T SODAVILLE . . . , OFHCES AT LOTHfiOP i DAVIS' STORE Sodaville and Tonopah. THE aUICKEST WAY TO TONOPAH FBOM TBI EAST. 1U5TIN & TONOPHI 5TAQE LINE THOMAS TATE, Proprietor. Carrying U. S. Mail, Passengers and Freight bet. Austin and Tonopab Leavit Austin on arrival of Noal Central Kiillwey (rum Battle Mountain every WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SUNDAY Arriving In Tonopah MONDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY Thin In the nearettt and quickeHt way of reach-Iiik Tonopah from the Kaat. lt off at Haiti Mountain and take Nevada Central Railway l'UHWlay, Thumday and Saturday at ?:8U a, n. arrlvluK at Austin at 1:10 p. m. leaving Uie fol-lowing day for Tonopah. Good Road Good Slock Careful Drivera. - ' f If ARE ll.U0 TO TONOPAH. E. If. SHIELDS DEALER IN General Merchandise - INCLUDING- Groceries, Dry Goods Gents' Furnishing Goods Boots, Shoes, Etc Next Door to Valley View Hota).

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