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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 21
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 21

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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ww Monday, July 30, 1931 THE EVENING CITIZEN, OTTAWA, CANADA Page 21 I List of winners are: Therese OuUbeault, Helens Dupuls, Lle Wagner Honored Current Movie Reviews Laroche Park Doll Show Berthelette. Joan Lecuyer, Jtinitwrinrv Roblllard, Nicole Seguln. I siderable talent. It's not bad Busmen's Bus Binge Bungled Br The Attocltted Pro SELLING England A London busmen' midsummer outing on a London bus was penis. Marguerite Lawson, Claire I By The Antocltted Freae stuff for summer, sn Daley, Linda Rocque, Gail Long- an otity, Linda Rocque, Gail Long- The wading pool made BAYREUTH The world of OPENING WEDNESDAY! Agatha Christie's Nest Thrilling Murder Mystery! "Ten tittle JhttfiaM Regent Ideal stage for more than 100 honored Oerman compos-girls who paraded their dolls Helene Pelletler Pauline i Richard Wagner last night broken up abruptly yesterday.

THE THING A Winchester film produced by Howard Hawlu ana decorated carriages to Bastion, Linda Deslaurler, Con The bus overturned. on the 75th anniversary of his operatic festival In this Bavari Elgin SIROCCO--A Columbia picture produced by Robert Lord and directed by CartU Bernhardt. Cast Hurt Smith HumphrT Birt Violetfa Mft Onl Orou1 3 tool) Oenoral Lafialle lerU Sloent Major Lon Ctrld Monr BtiUkJIan Zro Mnil Ratini: "Good" Columbia apparently wishes "Casablanca" had never been equal number of parents and admirers. There was quite a variety, big, small, rag, novelty. nie Bourgulgnon, Donna Gill, Carol Gauthier, Rita St.

Germain, Theresa Bourgulnnon, an town. Beethoven's Ninth lied upon to supply the desired number of nightmares. The case comprises a lot of and directed by Christian Nyby. Cast Nikkl Mrrt Bheriaan Ctpl Hmdry Knnth Tnbv Dr Carrlnvtoa Robert Cnrnthwalte Doujliu Bpenefr Rating: "Good" For a quick cool-off on a hot new faces but Kenneth Tobey Sandra Morris. Sheila Black, Helene Trottler, Nicole Levesque, Diane Marshall.

Sandra Grant, Claudette Goyette and Helene Charbonneau, teddy bears, ugly and pretty, well-dressed, and some unclothed, perhaps due to the heat. With no neutral onlookers present, Eddie Daughtery, playgrounds program convener. Symphony once more opened a Wagnerian festival the first since 1944. WHhelm Furt-waengler, Germany's greatest living conductor, led an orchestra of 135. ends conviction to his role THE LITTLE THEATRE King Edward at Rldeau i 8.45 p.m.

Tickets 75c i Lindsay's 900 to 9.00 Theatre box office after 7.30 An Ottawa Summer Feature Stage Hay the pilot and Margaret Sheridan afternoon there's nothing like a few chills up and down the la of such sveltness as to suggest another race for the pole might be In order. judged the various classes, and spine all supplied In this latest piece of science fiction about a Keep in touch with opportunity through Citizen, Classified Ads was assisted by supervisors Eliza Durocher and John Gougeon. The principal disappointment arising out of all the shots of -t a. k- blizzard-swept Arctic wastelands Is the memory of an Item once read In a movie magazine that V.l" GOLF RANGE MINIATURE GOLF Prescott Highway at Hogs Back PRACTICE CXERClSR RELAX Belle Starrs Daughter 1 Hollywood habitually photo House of Strangers graphs corn flakes for snow. RUTH ROMAS OEOROB MONTGOMERY The news, an amusing Donald EDWARD ROBino" 8'isan HV1 LEO GENN, Star of "Snake Pit" Returns to British Films! because they would like to make It now for the first time.

This being Impossible, they are turning out pictures like which bears a remarkable resemblance to the prototype, but doesn't quite meet the standards. It tella the atory of a gun-running Bogart who falls for Marta Toren In Damascus while doing; business with the Syrians during their fight with the French. Bogart la In it strictly for money, but as always happens In these things, he gets soft after the girl starts working on him, and gets involved with the French. Bogart la Bogart and Toren Is Tor-'n (fortunately) and Lee Cobb shows his usual and con Duck cartoon and a short on Richard Conw flying saucer which crashes, depositing a piece of vegetation In the shape of a man some 48 miles away from an encamo-ment of scientists near the North Pole. Not the least unpleasant of this "creature's" many unsociable characteristics is Its choice of1 warm blood as nourishment.

Just what a USAAF pilot and his crew make of the situation when they are despatched from their Anchorage, Alaska base to Investigate the strange goings-on must remain a secret. However, let it be said that this film la a cut above the usual run US. Navy flyers-ln-tralnlng complete the bill. P. W.

3 LADIES: "DLAl'VILLE ENGLISH OINNERWARK TONIGHT! ltMua JMTllSOT Entertainment Directory Stage Play ELGIN 5-9305 LITTLE lig-Agi DAILY FROM 8.34 P.M. ConOnuoui Saturday from 1 p.m. "California Passage" Forrt Adele TUCKER MARA PLlg 'Pride of Maryland" Stanley Clementt Peggy Stewtrt ADDED SHORTS NATURE'S OWN AIR-CONDITIONING of horror films and can be re- SMOKING LOGES TOP BRACKET ACTION BIG MONEY RACKETS! Damon Runyons "JOHNNY ONE-EYE" (Adult. PAT O'BRIEN WAYNE MORRIS OAYLE REED 2nd Hit "GIRL IS MY HEART" Lee Bowman PLAYING TODAY ONLY AT 2 P.M. HOPALONG CASSIDY HILLS OF OLD WYOMING" PLUS "GIRL IN MY HEART" Lre Bowman LITTLE THEATRI- "Th 0w Bum- Thtr prnu ita uuie; opening Wedceidiy night CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREEV I II CANADA'S NEWEST AND FINEST DRIVE-IN The New At a 46 p.m.

Movie Time Schedule ALADDIN: "Th Klll" Two ih8 nightly iUrtlnf duk. AOTO-6KT: "Kid from Two how nightly tuning duk. CAPITOL- "A toung Ai Tou TV, 1 48 3 4 i 1.43 43. Lut how 8 05. CARTIER: "Abbott CntUo Met th Invlilble Mn," 132 4-13 7 04 9 53.

"Al Jnnlng4 of Oltli-homi" 2 49 5 40 831 Lit (how tt a 31. mm 8 1: 3. mm I DOl'BLE FF.ATt'RE TONIGHT March of Time "The Nation's Mental Health" CENTRE: "The Thlrt Of Bgld" 1J OOJ Jl I 05 9 49. "Jungl Book' 12 32 4H 00. I.t ihow tt 7,50 Color Cartoon "Tall Timber Tale" "Molly" plu "Mystery CENTtTRY; BtrMt." "Enjoy Everything Thht's Neto in Drive-Ins" TWO SHOWS TONIGHT STARTING AT DUSK "The KILLERS" Adult Entertainment BURT LANCASTER AVA GARDNER MOKTT WOOLLEY THELMA BITTER 'Can't Help Singing Jul- CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE TONIGHT "KID FROM CLEVELAND" GEORGE BRENT LYNN BARI AND THE CLEVELAND INDIANS BASEBALL TEAM PLL'S ADDED SHORTS urivir.prTrDt -comt bowttt DRIVE-IN: "Ctn Hlp 81nit1ng" plut "Kid Dyntmltr'.

Two thowt nightly turtlng tt dutk. EA8TVIEW: "Johnny On-Evf' 7:00 "There QUI In My Heart" 1 COLOR BV TECHNICOLOR With DEANNA DURBIN TLl'S THE EAST SIDE KIDS in "KID DYNAMITE" 8:16. MAIN ELOIN: "Slrowo" 1 10 3:15 3 7:30 9 40. Lui how at 9:10. LITTLE ELOIN: "Thli Child It BT.MDALE: "Tht White Tower" plut TADS TO TWELVE FREE "Btellt." FRANCAI8: "Key Ltrgo" 1:50 615 9 35.

"Dtniel Boone" 4 JO 7 55. "Turpln-Roblnton Fight Plcturet" 1:30 5:50 9:15. Lut ihow tt 7:55. 1)1 mm -J Always a Color Cartoon 2 Shows Nijhtly Refreshment Booth Last Show at 10.30 Rain or Shine GLEBE: "Jty" plut "Men of Two Mttlnee tt 2 pm. Eve METCALFE RD.

BANK ST BILLINGS Phone BRIDGE ii 5-4126 ning! from 7 pm. IMPERIAL: "The Babe Ruth Btory1 plut "It Happened on 5th Avenue." LINDEN: "In the Good Old Summer ritakni a V5 I ON HIOHWAY No. 17 I Time" 1:15 3 15 (.25 9 45. "River Lady" 2 :00 5 10 8 23. Ut ahow Tnmv Tit! wrrNFnAY! roNTivrnra daily The Flrettnrki Shnw It Gonna Be Tfrnlfle I fZjjfc Friday, Aufu.t 3rd tt 8 10.

MATFAIR: "Where the Bldewtlk tndi' 1:30 3 40 43 9 50 "Bambr 2 23 5 30 8 35. Laat ihow at 8 20 MONTCALM: "She Wore a Tellow Rib i WMaMyiww'-'w nttiiirr bon" 8:31 9 40. "Bevond the Purple 'COOL COMFORT COSTINUOfS DAILY FROM 12 NOON huh a Ltet mow at 30. NELSON. "Edge of Doom" plut "White Tii I i Hear.

I I 4 i 1 I1 licoto ttoiwtcoioi Extra: BUGS ULAN'7 Color Cartoon and Latest News it ODEON: "The Dark Man" 115 3 2 tmiA m. wa I wr ww. urn 5 30 7 35 9 43. Lait ihow tt 9 ociock. REOENT: "The Thing" 1:30 3:30 i- forriooDAMAIDinri (ADILT) 5:30 7:30 9.30.

Ltat Ihow tt 9 Robert TAYLOR TAYLOR 1 ki ADDED HIT clock. rann tuisn jbar us t-4 mm mm REXY: "Conspirator" 8 2J. "Btrrtctde" 7.05 8.35. Laat Ihow it 8.20. RIAI.TO: "O-Men" 3 IS 8 9 50 in "CONSPIRATOR" Twice At Terrific Together JAMES CflGflEy 777 bomuwl VV.

Fa. 4-49 IS -ADDED TECHNICOLOR HIT "BARRICADE" (Adult) RUTH ROMAN DANE CLARK "Mr. Perrln tnd Mr. TttlH" 1:40 CONTINLOIS DAII.T 1 F.M. BULLETS CANT KILL IT! FIRE CAN'T BURN IT! Everybody's Talking About 5:00 8:15.

Iat ihow tt 8:00. RIDEAO: "Redhead tnd the Cowboy 2 10 4 45 7.20 10 00. "Father Taket the Air" 1:10 3.40 8 15 8 55. Laat ahow tt 8 45. SOMERSET: "Kanaat Ratdert" 12:45 THE THING" TODAY! YES! OTTAWA AT LAST HAS A "HIT" DRIB I VIRGINIA MAYO 3.30 8:50 10:00.

"Mlater 880" 1:50 TODAY! M-G-M'i fatc'inalmg thxy (ova and crime! -r- 2nd LAl'GH HIT! 5:15 8 20. Lut thow tt 8:20. STRAND: "Calirornlt Ptnage" plut Pride of Maryland." WESTBORO: "Home of Stranger!" 1 22 4:47 8:12. "Belle Starr'! Daughter" 3 08 8:33 9:58. Laat thow tt 8 00.

Dancing Floor Shows LAKESIDE GARDENS Dancing Tburtday, Frldty tnd Stturdty nlghtt. .11 BY ssWo W- COOL )KINTHtl06E3 CBATEAO LAORIER DanSlng nightly 7 f. FAIRMOUNT GOLF CLUB-PI nor thowi im (inniTinw to ritu ora ao nightly tt 10 tnd 12 pm OATINEAO COUNTRY CLUB Fleer ii amino thnwt nightly tt 9 30 tnd 13:15. SURPRISE PlCTURt AT EVERY MATINEE! AIR-CONDITIONED OL1NLIA GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB RICARDO MONTALBAN Dancing nightly. will fct wfMyMW -in ST.

LOUIS HOTEL Dancing nightly SAUYFORREST from 6 pm. ii Dally i 3 if BRITAIN'S TOP FEMININE STARS IN TWO GREAT COLOR FEATURES ITMtM MM- STANDISRALL HOTEL Dancing mna WITH WILLIAM BENDIX CLAIRE TREVOR WELLINGTON NLAI MOOANO p.m. rm." MARGARET I 7 iv I if I LOCKWOOD IT HAPPENED on 5avenue', fatricia oc INNIS FIICI)T tenet vaitt i ADULT 5 (NTEITAIMMIMr HTJUIIUfTTl STARRING DON DEFORE VICTOR MOORE CHARLIE RUGGLES' it YOU SEE IT FROM 'W. THE START AT 1.30 I A 3.30 5.30 7.30 AND PHYLLIS CALVERT ERIC PORTMAN in mm A COLD BUFFET Served Daily (except Sunday) from 12 to 8 at (GOLD ROOM)! of the mm vSjvS Men of Two Worlds rrz-n rrv EVENINGS FROM 7 P.M. IN TECHNICOLOR Wjiijk vffia -M coot JSP msnfm .1 IP) an i i 1 11 1 1 1 I efcrt terror ot i fi I ACTION AMD THnrt YVONNE DcCARLO irrrfi three ouio mi in Big Bipry FnlldtT Show! VAN JOHNHON JUDY GARLAND In "In the Good Old Summertime" la Taolsalcoio'? Tf rr I 1 1 fe i I "RIVER LADY" 1 In vcs svjecping ooSor ino Dubarry Dinner riate Continuous Daily from 1 p.m.

-rrTUraPNOA "v-T' irb I i for the Ladies tONVW'i'M fit If Am i nnt. fif iw Ate if we-i. OH fWDA i CHEZ HENRI HOTEL at 50c per plate HOTEL Adult Entertainment) JAMES CAGNEY in "G-MEN" 2nd BIO HIT "Mr. Pcrrin And Mr. Traill" DAVID FARRAR ORETA OTNT MARIOS OORWO ll I When the cowboy CLtAR THf 5lflf FOB itJOMTf ff I TO mm mm rf tl E.1 19 I -va I tl tvt that furflarwltl 1 1 iri'jy -Jf .1 1 lAOl'LT) aTOX! mix urn xs-4i-iwi.

fi i 'i7 FROA 1 J- BURT LANCASTER DOROTHY McGUIRE EDMUND GWENN Bargain f.lalined 30c 'il 2 p.m. Msli iyLLrJk Bargain Mallnea 33c 'lil 2 p.m. fnaurf iten 4.45 7 JO -Feature shown at 110 3 40 .15 1000 55 i.

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