Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 7, 1897 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1897
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPGRT PHAROS. 23D YEAR. TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 7. 1897 NO. *2 WE MOVE Part of our stock into our Kew Wall Street room about Dec. 10th. Until then we will Cut and Slash Prices throughout the house, in order to reduce our stock. Every department will he altered and enlarged/ for example: Our loak Department and Domestic and White Goods department will be placed m the Ne^r Store, onr Ladies' Furnishing Goods -stock will be moved to our Fourth street store room, and so it will be lilV V f-* V\J vl4.i.A-*'V"-« — _____ . ^ through,ut the house. All these changes necessitate a reduction in stock, and to do it we rely on OUT" PRICES. "Your Store's" Underwear Prices . Children's blue, grey, derby ribbed, lined Pants and Vests, winter T.eighte,si/.es 1 and 2,12-ic;si/,es 3 and 4, IDc; sizes 0, 6 and 7.. Misses' Union Suits, derby ribbed, leece lined, soft as silk, ankle lengths, a good purchase at 50«, our price tor this sale (Five better grades just as cheap.) Ladies' derby ribbed Union Suits. amkle lengths, fleece liner!, double yoke, fancy edges, a Toe gar- j»ent for (Many other values just as good.) Men's "ray, random mixed shirts and Drawers, heavy weight.the rcgu QQp lar 50c garment, in this sale.. ** wv/ Men's heavy derby ribbed, Shirts and Drawers, fleece lined, form fitting, a 75c value for If You Want to Buy a Cloak! Buy It of Us This Week. Owing to the moving of this entire department to our new Wall street store, we will make this a memorable week in CLOAK SELLING. Our sole object will be to reduce OUT stock and if you need a cloak this winter you'll heed our warning and buy now. The prices which we will name yon now will not hold good after we a.e moved. An ele- _jant Plain Beaver Jacket, Velvet Inlaid Collar, Kersey strapped seams, fly front. E THE EVENT. Hearing the Reading Thereof Was All the Business Congress Did Yesterday. LAEGE GSOWD AT TEE OPE1TO.&, Both in the Senate and the House— Chicago .Statesman Present* Bank liill—Bt-presenta Hurt — l'rt-*i(Ient I,ea Secretary Alfr«r Kepri tailored back, a garment we marked $8.50 early in the season, QA QQ our moving price will lie Tj/~- *^ ^' I At $6.08 a light tan mixed Covert Men's heavy Jersey Knit, fleece lined ,j ac kct, large inlaid Velvet Collar, fly Shirts and Drawers, knit in one piece, | front) buttoned high at neck, close fit- an S5c value 50n no seams to rip f»r only (No more when these are gone.) We are Sole Agents for ihe ' ting back, woll worth $10.00. At $7.48 a plain Beaver Jacket, black or blue, storm collar, tailored back; half ! silk lined, thoroughly well made, a real $10.00 value. At $0.48 a handsome Novelty Mixed Jacket, trimmed and bound in braid— the new effect—a number of colors to select from, truly a $12.50 garment. I Don't let's forget the children. Here j is a Navy Blue Jacket, sizes 4 to 14 ' years, well mad°, stylish in appearance, well worth $3 aO.our Up- <B 1 QQ 1 building price is V X . er V-/ 'Your Store" Will be the Christmasptore. 409 Broadway. Through to Wall Street. 306 Fourth Street. Use Logan Milling Co. s Flours Patent and Automatic. These Flours are the Purest and of Highest grade on the Market Ponlal Savings ive I5el1ew Badly es for Canton— nands tlie Court Martial That Tried Lo cring, as Well as the Captain- Senate Restaurant Is Dr}% Washington, Dec. 7.—The opening of the regular session in the house passed without unusual incident of any character. The formalities attending the inauguration of the session are dry, and except as a spectacle hardly repaid the crowds which thronged the public and private galleries. Dingley. Bailey and Grosvenor enjoyed the honor of being appointed to wait upon the president, whose message was the event of the day. Its reading was long and tedious, but it was followed with close attention. There was no demonstration until the reading was concluded, when the Republicans joined in a hearty expression of approval. Immediately after the reading of the message the house adjourned out of respect to the memory of Senator George, of Mississippi, and Representative Wright, of Massachusetts, who had died during the recess. Saving* Bank Bill Introduced. Probably about the most generally interesting measure introduced In the house was one for the establishment and regulation of a postal savings bank system, introduced by Lorimer of Illinois. Under his scheme money order offices selected by the postmaster general are to be made branch postal savings banks with an office in the department to be called the central bank. Any person may become a depositor under this act, including married women, and minors above 12 years of age. Depositors are limited to $1 and its multiples, and not exceeding $300 each, and deposits accumulating above $1,000 will not draw interest. Postal savings stamps and cards of the denomination of 5 and 10 cents are to be sold. Interest is to be at the rate of 2 per cent, a year, to be added to the principal on June 30 of each year. The secretary of the treasury under this bill is required to invest in interest-bearing bonds of the United States, or whose principal is guaranteed by the United States, or in state bonds and bonds of municipalities and counties under stated restrictions. Deposits will not be liable to seizure or detention under any legal process. Proceedings in the Senate. Washington, Dec. 7.—The attendance upon the session of the senate yesterday, both on the floor and in the galleries, was notably large, despite the well understood fact that little business beyond the presentation of the president's message and the proceedings incident thereto would be transacted. Prior to the convening of the senate the members passed half an hour in exchanging greetings. Hanna, who has been ill for a week, was given a cordial reception by his Republican colleagues. Wolcott of Colorado, one of the members of the international monetary commission, was also givan a warm greeting. When the senate convened after the usual opening day recess, Money, the new senator from Mississippi, entered the chamber, but the oath of office was not administered to him during the session. The reception and reading of the president's message wa.3 l-lic only feature^ of the_day. REPRIMANDS THE COURT MARTOJL Which Was Not Hard Bnough on I/overing to Suit Gen. Alger. Washington, Dec. 7.—Secretary Alger yesterday made public the reprimand administered to Captain Levering by sentence of court martial, as follows: "By order of the president the proceedings, findings and sentence in the case of Captain Leonard A. Levering, Fourth infantry, are approved. It is, however, disappointing that an offense so grave and as an example so far-reaching as this should have been visited with so . T. W. a thoroughly np-to-dale pcriodicsl for women, will enter upon its thmy-firii volume in iSoS. During the year it will be a heretofore A MIRROR OF FASHION Paris and Hew York \ Each issue will contain carefully pio . p.ired drawings of the advance fashions rasntons \ ^ Paris and New York. Once a month A Colored Fashion \ the B.-::AK will issue, free, a colored _ . . j fashion supplement. Cut paper patterns Supplement ^ cena i n gowns in each number will be Cut Paper Patterns < made a feature. These will be sold in . „• u, LI a~t*-,, n • connection with each issue at a uniform A Bi-Weekly Pattern , price Thc B . IAR ^ n ^ lio publish b- Sheet ! weekly, tree, an outline pattern sheet. LONG 1SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES " ' WILD EELEN WUlian Black J!7 ;f7ii/.<J- SLACK RAGGED LADY .Sy «•'. D. HOWELLS K-th«i« I* Fortst Two famousj.ut-iorsw.il contribute long serial stories to the BAZAR in i&jS. The first deals with Scotch and Continental scene*, the second is a story of a young cirl, versatile, »nd typically Amencm. M « F Wilkins I These and a scon of other equally Mary E. WiIMns Drom i nen t writers will contribute Octave Th-.net g^ stories , 0 - hc BAZAK in ,5,8, H. P. Spofford making the pajier especially rich in Maiy E- WittSns M. S. Briscoe fiction. DEPARTMENTS! AND SPECIAL ARTICLES OUR PARIS LETTER THE LONDON LETTER f? JCXW..JVA-? DE fORfST & Mr,. fOULTXSY £'«£££ SyUARC<<K£T ». U'l-LCff f, JO11X KEXBXICX BMXiS , "There will be k series of article on Etiquette, Music, the Voice, An, the Play, Women and Men, Ladeni among Women, Gardening, Housekeeping, life sad Health, Indoor Details, etc. lOc. a Copy (Send lor Fr*e Pro«p--Uis) Sufc.. $4 * Y«*r Pataftfra it tJu United Stata, Canada, ami Stf^iai. M4r*M HAIPEa A.BIOTHERS, Prtltafcifi, »«» York City o<n«Ttoet light a penalty. There is no Question but that Private Hammond deserved punishment Tor his conduct, but he should have received It in a lawful way. The military laws governing the army are explicit. They prescribe the duties of officers and enlisted men, with the penalties for their violation. Under them both have rights and obligations. "When, therefore, an officer with the intelligence and experience with which Captain Levering is credited not only violates these laws but exhibits such a lack of humanity as is shown in this case he should receive a more severe sentence than a mere reprimand. Com- miting such acts degrades the officer more than the soldier he punishes, a.nd shows unfitness for the care and command of men. Under excitement men frequently do things which in cooler moments they recall with sorrow and regret, but this case is aggravated by the fact that after -weeks of deliberation this officer evinces no regret for his wrongful acts." BEUOEX HAS A BAB FAIX. rr<>oi a beep gasn in tne forehea'd 4iiO another across the nose, which it was believed had broken the nose. He was carried to the committee room on accounts, where two doctors attended him. Belden was conscious, but not rational, and did not know his friends about him. From the hasty examination made by the doctors it was feared that concussion of the brain might ba brought on. The wounds in the head were bound tip and the injured man was taken in a carriage to the Arlington hotel. Protective* Are Flfrbtin;; JfcKcnna. Washington, Dec. 7.—President Echols and Secretary Palmer r.ave issued a special address to the councils of the American Protective Association. The aidress says it is the duty of the association to protest to the president against Attorney General McKenna's elevation :o the supreme court bench; asserts that the government departments are being-' "Romanized" and Romanists given more than half the offices in certain departments; declares against the president's latest extension of the civil service, and urges all members to write co their senators and representatives in opposition to the appropriation of any money at the present session of congress to sectarian purposes. Peace iii Guatemala. Washington, Dec. 7.—The last mail brought reassuring news about Guatemala vto its legation in Washington, the letters received stating that peace pre vails throughout the country, there being no indication whatever of future revolutionary outbreaks. Capital punishment has not been applied to political prisoners, and contrary to reports circulated abroad by the agents of the suppressed uprising .flogging or lashing are not- used in the country. Business activity is reviving, and the currency, it is stated, will be re-established on a metallic basis on Jan. 1, 1S9S. Real Mawuiians on Hand to Protest. Washington, Dec. 7.—The delegation of native Hawalians who have come to this .country to present a protest against the ratification of the annexation treaty reached Washington yesterday. "They are Colonel John Richardson, James K. Kaulia, William A.uld and D. Kalaukalani. They are not ready to make any statement concerning their mi.-sion beyond the fact that they were here to present a protest, ad'ling- that they would be able to say more in a day or two. Needs $463,647,883 to Eun Vs. Washington, Dec. 7.—Secretary Gage yesterday transmitted to congress the estimates of appropriations required for the service of the fiscal year ending June -30, 1S99, as furnished by the several executive departments. The total amount called for by the estimates is $462,C;47,SS5, which is about 832,000,000 in excess of the appropriations for 1S97, including deficiencies and miscellaneous, and about $41.000,000 more than the estimates for 1S9S. iSerwtors Denied Their "Snifters." '"vfishlngton, Dec. 7.—The senate- com- -rnttee on rules yesterday instructed the sergeant-at-arms of the senate to en- orce the rules of the senate prohibit- ng the sale of liquor in the senatew.ng if the Capitol. There was no liquor on sale in the senate restaurant during the day. President (Joes Back to Canton. Washington, Dec. 7.—President McKinley left Washington at 7:20 o'clock ast night to return to the bedside of his mother at Canton. With him were Mrs. McKinley, Miss Mabel McKinley, Miss Barber, and others. _ MRS. M'KINLEY HAS A RALLY. Comes Back to Consciounesfi and Kewog- nizes Those Aronnd Her. Canton, Dec. 7.—There was an unexpected and agreeable surprise to the children and friends gathered about the bedside of Mrs. McKinley yesterday afternoon. She regained consciousness sufficiently not only to recognize: her children but extended greetings to them, to her aged, sister Mrs. Osborne and to others who were near. Nour- shment was given her about nooia. It was soon after this that she manifested sign:? of returning consciousness. The first nourishment received for several days- had a telling effect. There was strong hope that she might recover enough strxmgth to survive any fatal attack until the president reached her bedside this morning. There was even an increased hope, and in 9ome a belief, that she would somehow or other regain a sufficient degree of consciousness to recognize the president when he reached her today. It -was not thought, however, that she will ever retain complete consciousness. German Vessels Arrive !n the Harbor of Port au Prince with an Ultimatum. HAYTI GIYEU A SHOET TIME LIMIT Rcy*l nwko the food pun. Veteran Sew York Member Plunges Dow» a Stainvay Head First Washington, Dec. 7.—Representative Belden, of New York, one of lie veteran members of the house, was seriously injured yesterday afternoon by falling down the marble stairs leading from the floor of the house to the basement of the CapitoL When the reading of the president's message closed BeMen started for borne, going by the stairway. His foot caught an* he plunj;ed headlong down the stepi. •One of Our'Coming "B«st Citizens."* Blackshear, Ga., Dec. 7.—Rev. S. A. Hearne, the principal of the Pierce county high school, was seriously stabbed yesterday by Harry Harper, a 16-year-olfl pupil. Hearne was punishing Lattimer Harper, a younger brother, when Harry arose from his seat and slipped up from behind and stabbed him three times in rapid succession. Harper immediately after the stabbing went home and securing a gun left town. Shot for » Cast Iron Medal. Chicago. Dec. 7.—Rolla. Heikes, of Dayton, O., challenger, defeated Charles Grimm, of Cedar Lake, la., yesterday for the Cast Iron medal toy a score of 91 to ST. The shoot attracted a notable crowd of local and out-of-town cracks. A strong wind which blew, cutting the snow into the faces of the two experts, interfered with their shooting-. The feature of the day was a straight kill of thirty-four by Heikes in running out. president's Con>™ G«t» » PeMlw. Munde, led., Dec. 7.—John VT. McKinley, a. cousin of the president revived -word Monday that he had beea granted a monthly pension of Jl*. H« i» over 70 years old and qnite feeble. Sawmill and Two Factories Burned. CnMrfordsvme, Ind., Dec. T.—Fire at Newmarket. Ind., aestroyed the sa-wmll-, tile factory and slate fence factory at Armantrout ft Childeis. with 11*0*. In Wticli to Make Up Her Mind Whether She Will Be Bombarded or "Pay Up"- People of the Capital City in Great Com,. motion, but the Authorities Prepared to Ouell Disorder—Remarks in the German Reichstag. Port au Prince, Hayti, Dec. 7.—The trouble between Germany and Hayti, the result of the arrest and imprisonment of Herr Lueders, an alleged German subject, reached a crisis yesterday. Two German cruisers entered this port during the morning, and an ultimatum from the German government was delivered to the Haytien government, giving the latter eight hours in which to grant the demands of Germany for an indemnity to Herr Lueders. The members of the diplomatic corps here believe the government of the republic has decided to accept the conditions of Germany. In anticipation of trouble the citizens of German nationality sought refuge Sunday on board two steamers which were at this, port, and. the French steamer Vllle de Marseille has been requisitioned by the French minister in order to serve as a place of refuge for French citizens. The Vine de Marseille has arrived here direct from Porto Rico. The population of this place is In a state of great excitement, but the Haytien government has strong forces of troops at its disposal and is resolved to maintain order. Demands Made by Germany. The population of the city, late yesterday afternoon appeared cairn, and the indications seem to confirm the supposition that the government will accept the conditions imposed by Germany so far as money indemnity is concerned, and it is also probable that yielding to superior force and in order to avoid international troubles the government will accept the other conditions. The exact nature of German's demands on Hayti is as yet somewhat in doubt, but it is understood that the German government asks: First, an Indemnity of $20,000 (American) for Herr Lueders; escond, the promise that Herr Lueders may return to Hayti and there sojourn without danger of any kind; third, a letter to the German government in which Hayti will express apology for the proceedings toward the German government in the whole transaction; fourth, that the president of Hayti shall graciously receive the German charge d'affaires at Port au Prince-.It is this fourth demand to which the most serious exception has been taken by the Haytian government, as affecting Hayti's honor and involving a deep humiliation; for It was Count Schwerin the German charge d'affaires at Port au Prince, who went before President Simon Ram and rudely submitted the demand for indemnity and apology. Statement in the Reichstag. Berlin, Dec. 7.—In the reichstag yesterday Baron von Bulow, the minister for foreign affairs, said referring to Hayti: "We are not satisfied with the mere release of Herr Lueders, and have demanded satisfaction and compensation for his alleged illegal incarceration, which was contrary to Haytien and international laws. "We hope the government of Hayti will accept our legitimate and moderate demands, as in addition to the justice of our claim we have the will and the power to enforce it." During the debate in the reichstag on the naval question Count Limburg-Stirum, the Conservative leader, said: "We have no guarantee of peace and must arm ourselves for the eventuality of war. Why should a German charge d'affaires be obliged to submit to be treated with shameless arrogance by the blacks of Hayti? And how was it that the American minister carried his point? Because he had only to telegraph in order to at once obtain efficient support." Minister Leger Has Xo Xe-ws. Washington, Dec. 7.—Leger, the minister of Hayti to the United States, when asked yesterday concerning a cable from Germany stating that Hayti had agreed to pay the indemnity asked Jn the case of Lueders, said that he had received no advices of any change in the position taken by his government, namely, that it stood ready to pay cheerfully any proper indemnity provided it had the opportunity to demonstrate whether this indemnity -was properly collectible, The minister said he had received no advices from Hayti since last Friday, when the reported approach of two German naval cadet school ships caused rumors that they were men-of-war coming to blockade the island. It was predicted then by the minister that great excitement would follow the approach of the German vessel, but he has no reason to fear that the stability of the government is endangered. Trouble for President Simon Sam. Kingston, Jamaica, Dec. 7.—Advice* received here yesterday from Port au Prince show tltat serious trouble Is Imminent in Hayti. The streets of the capiii! are placarded with "Down with the gciverss-^: 1 and__b,e troops have been ordered into th^ *AKlH* POWDER X3VVU. BAKING KJWM.H CO., NtW YQRK. EXPLOSION IN A MINE. Will Cos-Three Men Their tives—Oth«r« Have a Mirarnlouii Escape. Philadelphia, Dec. 7.—A special to The Press from Pittston. Pa., says: An explosion of go.s in the Clear Spring mine will cost three men their lives. The remarkable escape of seven others from a living tomb forms a thrilling incident of the accident. The injured men are: Adam Donavitch, Peter Donavitch and Alexander Dorbrastey. How the accident occurred is not clear, for the men who figured in it are all foreigners and unable to tell a coherent story. The first jntimation of a mishap was when the earth shook and caused whole blocks of houses to sway as though an earthquake was in progress. Masses of coal and rock obstructed the work of the rescuers. The seven entombed men escaped bodily harm and were rescued after several hours' work. One of the men who escaped said a runaway car had knocked loose a prop. This fell and with it caved in a mass of rock, the deadly gas escaping from the opening thus made. The mine is damaged. __ Caroline Bid Not Want Him. New York, Dec. '.'.—The wedding of Caroline Davis to William Thomas Brown at Wayne, Pa., has brought to light one of the most pathetic romances of college life. It explains, too, why Winchester Dana Osgood went to Cuba. Osgood. when a student at Wilbroham. fell in love with Miss Davis. She scorned him because he was not an athlete. From that hour he worked like a beaver to become one. After he had achieved glory as the greatest half back on the gridiron he again asked Caroline Davis to be his wife. She spurned him. He then went to Cuba, where a sharpshooter's bullet endod his life. •Ultimatum to Miss Wlllard. London, Dec. 7.—It developed yesterday that Miss Butler wrote to Miss Frances E. Willard last week resigning the superintendency of the purity branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union unless the latter, as president of the World's Christian Temperance Union, unequivocally pronounced against the six propositions of the vice president, Lady Henry Somerset, sent to. Lord George Hamilton, secretary of state for India in April last, relative to the Indian army, which. Miss Butler describes as being an "extreme form of the regulation of vice." Working Hard to Save an Embenler. Lincoln, Xeb., Dec. 7.—The attorneys for Eugene Moore, the embezzling ex- state auditor sentenced last Tuesday to eight years in the penitentiary, appeared before the supreme court yesterday and on a showing of possible errors in the trial court secured an order for his release on $25.000 bail pending: arguments for a new trial No bond has been secured up to- this writing, but his attorneys declare they will have one ready in due time. Barry Wins the Bantam Cbmnptomthiy. London, Dec. 7.—The battle between Jimmy Barry, of Chicago, and Walter Croot, of Newcastle, England; for tl>e- bantam weight championship 't>f the world, which was postponed from Nov. 15, came off last night, and was won by Barry in the tw«ntleth round with a blow on the jaw that put Croot to sleep and gave him concussion of the brain. Should H*T« Been Already Deed. -"Kansas City, Mo:, Dec. 7.--Charles Denneller, a gardener living on the outskirts of the city, shot his wife yesterday morning as she sac at the breakfast table surrounded by her children. and then shot himself. Both will die. Denneller waJs^drunk- He had threatened to k-I! his wife on several occasions. , __ Dry Good* Failure's* De» Molne*. Des Moines, la.. Dec. 7.—The dry goods firm ofBlotchky Bros, has filed chattel mortgages for $44,987 covering their entire stock. The firm is one of the oldest in the city. It is thought that the financial difficulties can be settled and the business continue. Australia:. Barvwt Prospect*. Adelaide, South Australia, Dec. 7.— The harvest prospects of thU ootony »re not favorable. Silvitr champion "Bryan Galveston. Tex., Dec. 7.—Hon. William Jennings Bryan reached here yesterday and left with a party of Mends for Lake Suryrlse to hunt ducks. The party will be gone three or four day*. Bryan expressed himself as follows on the president's meiisage: "The message indicates an intention upon the part of the president to ail! in turning theJjsue of paper money over to the national "banks, and in the meantime a purpose to give gold a further superiority »T«r •ilver a A WHEAT XOKTH. We all murt bare w.me- thiuirto give forCnriftnuu Hauk CVltbOWTOU Acre, tod «t lew price too, Bnr •om*- tUnjr thm* will Jut a lift time. Pirn and WstohM tor *• ten*** •* 410 Bro*4w«y ; . DUmoofc » •pMtrtlyv D. A. HAUK. Jewekr&Optidia

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