The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 8
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Rjr?gACE EIGHT ' CAlK.r OOimiKE US Shows Alarm / Over Spy Activity Boruch Urges Greater Military Participation In Atomic Controls BY JOHN t. STEEI.E United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 5—Reports of new soviet spy activities today spurred senate demands for greater military participation In the nation's atomic energy program, They gained impe'lus after Bernar-i Baruch told Senate members of the Joint Atomic Energy Committee that he was deeply disturbed by leaks of atomic secrets. : Baruch suggested that Moscow may have revived the atom spy ring which Canadian authorities unebv'ered last year. Later, in a closed committee session, he said there were Indications of Russian espionage even as Soviet delegates to the United Nations wre urging early world disarmament. Some senators felt Baruch's trs- timony supported demands that military men gel a more active role In .protecting this country's atomic secrets. They pointed in his expressed "astonishment" Dial Congress set up a fivc-niim atomic control commission which specifically barre<j the military. Other senators, however, maintained that Baruch's stand simply highlighted*.a "planned attempt" to give the army control of the atomic program. They noted these developments: 1. Reports that the Army nnd Navy nlan a joint command to supervise use of atomic and other mass destruction weapons with Maj. Gen. telte R. Groves In charge. He headed the Army's wartime atomic program. . 2. Baruch's strong endorsement of Maj. Gen. Thomas P. Parrel], Droves' former deputy, for the job of, general manager ot the Atomic Energy Commission. The post now Is tentatively assigned to 37-year- old Carrcll Wilson, n civilian. 3. plans of the congressional atomic committee to appoint a former army associate of Groves to an important staff post. Several senators doubted there would be any move to amend the civilan control features of the Atomic Energy Act. Rather, they looked for continued demands for military-type security measures, military men In key positions subordinate to the civilian commission ItFcli, and army leadership In developing new atomic weapons. Baruch himself pleaded that the military .be given n stronger voice in direction of the atomic program, asserting that the primary use of the new force Is in military fields. He added that he would have "liked to retain" Groves on the atomic commission. ' But Barmri's remarks about "leaks" iii atomic secrets formed the. center of committee Interest. He said he believed the Soviets already had obtained secrets from operations of the Canadian spy ring uncovered year. Lumbermen's Spokesman Pessimistic WASHfNOTON, Feb. 5—(UP) — Joseph T. King, counsel for the National Retail Lumber Dealers Association, said today portal pay suits are the spearhead for back wage litigation that will bankrupt industry. "If the congress merely outlaws portal-to-portal suits today, it will be obliged to outlaw other classes of suits tomorrow or. the next dav " King told a House Judiciary subcommittee. The group is considering legislation to limit portal pay suits to cases in which bad faith of the employer could be shown. The portal pay suits ar c based on an Inadequate definition of "work week" in the wage-hour act, King said. Should they be upheld by the courts, unions w lli se i zc o n other vague definitions to Institute other types of back wage suits, he added. Good Hews For Folks Who Suffer From k'sTOMACH GAS V SOUS FOOD TflSTE VMMD INDIGESTION _Also, SSS Tonte'hclps build-up non- organic, weak, watery blood In nutritional anemia—so -with n good llovr ot Uilsjpistrlc digestive Juice, plus rlchrc-d- blopd you should cat bettor, sleep belter f«l better, work belter, play belter. Avoid punishing yo'.ireelf with over- aosra ol sod* and other otXalizcrs to counteract E« and bloallng when what JOU 10 dearly need la SSS Tonic to help TOU tfiqest food for body slrength and Don't vrtltl join the host ol rj-, people SS3 Tonic has helped. lltons ot bottles sold. Get a bottle ot ^wo Tonic rrom yo\ir drug store tocth SSS Tonic helpi BiuVI Sturdy u>allh Soothes India's Rioters This Is the latest portrait of Malintinn Gandhi, 70-year-old spiritual leader of India's Hindus. H was taken In East Ucngiil, where, wearing only a loin cloth, he went on walking tour of strife-ridden urea to hcln prevent recurrence of Hindu-Moslem liolini,'. HV FREDERICK C. OTHMAN (United Press Staff OuroJondMit) WASHfNGTON, Pc-b. S^_ one way to tell a brave man is bv his necktie. James B. Oarey, secretary treasurer of the CIO, wore big yellow sjiols on his cravat. I knew he -was fearless. And a good thing, Bearding a lion was nothing to compare, Carey marched into a room full of embattled landladies, sat himself down in front of the Senate Banking Committee, and announced that owners of this nation's flats .were getting rich on OPA rents. Said their income was up 30 to 40 per cent above what It was before the war. charged that an increase in rents would hamper Industrial production and cause divorces. Accused the landlords (and ladles) of trying to destroy rent control and, in passing, got Into a little lulu of an argument with Sen. Joseph R, McCarthy of Wls. End session. The landladies swarmed then on the bravest union chief of,them all. They grabbed him by the lapels, shook him until his teeth rattled, and called him names that do not ordinarily appear in family newspapers. When it looked like a large lady In rea with gold bangles on her chest was on the verge of pinning his shoulders to the floor with a half-Nelson, Sen. Charles W. Tobey of N. H., the chairman, cried out In alarm. l "Mr. Carey, do you need some U. S. Financier Gives $500,000 To Restore Bombed Cathedral WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.—(UP) — The British Embassy announced oday that Thomas W. Lament, New York financier, has contributed $500,000 to the fund for restoration of bomb-blasted Canterbury Cathedral In England. Lament,, i n a letter to the Arch- jlshnp of Canterbury, said the gift '•as "an evidence of the good will :hat countless Americans bear to- vards the British people." "We Americans, of all others," ie v,T9lc, "can never forget that n the darkest days of 1040 and 1941 It was only British courage and the blind faith of free men, undismayed by disaster, that saved the world from the evil of the Teutonic onslaught." The archbishop acknowledged the gift "with sometlng more than gratitude." He told Lamont "It does honor to you, sir, nnd doos honor also to those spiritual realities In which the true lite of our nations and of the fellowship between them consists." .Lament's gift, p hi s $323,000 rai-- ed In Great Britain, left the restoration fund onlv $372,000 short of its $1,200,000 goal. The ancient cathedral, begun in 1070 and completed in 1503 \vns badly damaged May 31, 1942, during n German air raid on Canterbury. Radio Clinic I • 430 W. Ash St. ; Phone 855 or 2291 ! WE j PICK UP and DELIVER | Paroled Convict Enters Ministry; Then Takes Auto DENVER, Pea 5. (UP)-Jnck Brnden, IB. who was paroled fi-r-m the State 'Reformatory on his promise to enter the ministry, was sought tocto.y for the theft of dn-Bj'inan's automobile. The cuily-haired youth, who has server! sentences in federal reformatories from Texas to Colorado, had been drawing large crowds with his sermons from the Pulpit of the 'First Assembly of God. He was sought, 'however, for the theft of an automobile belonging to the Rev. V. Shannon Sanders The clergyman's wife told police that Bnulen had agreed to buy the car. which was left in a downtown garage pending completion 01 tile sale. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. attention I welders ... ! • You can now purcltustt a | complete arc welding out-J fit for (>2. This is Ilici latest type medium size ! genuine Harris Calorific, • the oldest manufacturer of • wcldinj; equipment. ! i BLYTHEVILLEj Machine Shop ! 5211 So. 2nd Ph. 2828| CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Cost! So Little" „ WEEKDATB Box Office Opens 8:45 p.m. Show oUrti 7:00 pjn. Fearless CIO Official Floored By Ladies Ruffled by the OP A WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1947 i Wednesday & Thursday "Don't Gamble with Strangers" with Kane Kiclimorul, Bernadcne Hayes Paramount News & Comedy New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Boi Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. 8at,-San, 1 p.m. font. Showlnj Wednesday & Thursday "DECEPTION" with Bcttc IJavis anil Paul Hcilrcid Also Sliorts Wednesday & Thursday . DOUBLE FEATURE "Behind Green Lights" with William Gargan, Carole Landis "Pan Americana" „, R «bcrl Ecnchlcy. Eve Anlcn serial: Phantom Tlider" Chant. 2 Also Short Open 6:30 p.m.; Show Start* 7 f.m Wednesday & Thursday "HOODLUM SAINT" with William Powell, Kslhcr Williams News of the Day and Shorts protection?" The ladles' victim gasped an answer, but It was drowned in shrieks that reverberated In the marble halls. The senator banged the table. He banged It again. "Now ladles," he pleaded, "no violence, please." The landladies reKictantly let go of hero Carey and he got out of there while the getting was good. The net result in my cranium was confusion. Somebody's trying to stuff a wad of old rent receipts down the public's throat. After a week of conscientious listening to the evidence I .f.tiil can't name the villain. Numerous spokesmen of the landladies, such as Herbert U. Nelson, executive vice-president of the 'National Association of Real Estate Hoard, insist that the OPA's figures are phoney and the housing shortage Is nearly over. "In about a year from now we're going to be looking' for tenants," the elderly Nelson testikcd. He said that by next month, tBe shortages In building supplies would be history and new houses would be going up at record rates. He urged that In the meantime the landlords be given a 15 per cent rent increase. "Though many of them will not avail themselves of it," he addi!d. "They, too. are looking forward to the time when tenants are going to be scarce." Came then labor leader Carey to deny every last thing Nelson said Navy Arranges Cruises for Young Arkansans Young Arkansans by the scores will take cruises to Central America this Spring and Summer—with all expenses paid, in fact, they will be paid to take trips to Cuba and Panama Canal Zone. And, officials say, there Is room left for others who have not yet applied for reservations aboard U. S. Navy ships. Tiiese two-week trips are open for Arkansans between 17 and 40 who are qualified for the Inactive branch of the Naval Reserve. To qualify, a m an ha s only to be accepted for the Inactive Reserve, In this organization, a member will be called to active duty only In case of national emergency. No other and add a few charges of his own. He recommended that rents be controlled as is for at least the next year and a half. "The housing shortage Is worse today than ever before," he testified. "There is simply no rental housing available In America today.' The sHinaion Is getting no Better fast, he continued, because the landlords seem to believe In the theory that the fewer the hospitals, the fewer people will get sick. That started it. Sen, McCarthy said this i didn't make sense to him. The I landladies finished it and some day I hope to introduce Mr. 'Nelson tf. Us. Carey. I will crouch behind a sheet of armor plate I will have brought along and maybe learn which side is right. sitings are attached. Such membership entitles one to make a training cruise each year, with uniforms furnished and full (my for such time on active duty. A member of the Inactive reserve Is not forced to take the cruises- lie must request them. Those eligible arc men between 17 and 40 w ho have had no previous military service, as well as former members of the armed for-i ces. Former Navy and Coast, Guardsmen may keep the rate held; at time of discharge; most others will bo Seaman 1st Class, which Pays 590 a month. Full information may be obtained'' 'ram the Navy Recruiting station n joncsboro or Memphis. Read Courier News> Ti'dnt Ads. 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