The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 6
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PACK SIX legionn (ARK -> COURIER NEWS ares Discuss Baseball Diamond is Sought Her* for Juniors For Night Games First active step in the promulgation of interest In the 1947 Artierirari Legion Junior nise&nll program ttis taken lest night when \etc an and prospective iili - trs heard legion uascD.'ill offinfus at i> meeting ot Dini Cason Post 24 In the Legion lint. Chief problem facinq crganiz?rs of jumoi uase'oall o! securing a playing field— appeared pirllall) ioKed last niijhu wh.'ii Post ^^Csmrnander H, O. ParMo \ 'announced that permission hud Ixcn obtained from Tom iltlli; tor me use of a lot adjacent to tlm Hut A bull-dozer and cartli inoviii.! cqXiipment is ready for \vo:k nn leveling of -the Held, Mr. .Pnrtlow jsaid. Plans (ire in the making Concerning installation of !i(;>H= lor night play, he added, ' fh Jiis address .to memuers nnd Jy-outhful Imioall enthusiasts, \V H. Voss, 'state dlreitor of L-jyion Juntcr B.iscball. emphasized the rc- tiuiremenl that delayed birth CM }ificates> of apnilcants for playing Flatus "must have bjert filed before Dee -io, 1946, with the Arkausis Slate Board of Health in order io T>« accented For players worn In fther states they must have been jfl'ed jj the same dale with lira states Bureau of Vital Statisti-s or othei office authorized to handle .birth registrations. Must Register by June .30 This, plo\lsioii was madi;, it was fxoliuned, to cover certificates acquired years after aclunl birth •fince this slite was late in passing legislation .requiring registMi- tlon of olrlhs The deauiinc for registering teams n June 30 Mr Voss pointed out By this date, an tea:n certificates complete iuth names o! plnvcrs their signatures and fingerprints must b" filed *-ith him. . Abolit the only two changes in 1347 rules over last year's regulations Mi Voss said; Included advancing the birth dale for cli<jibiliiv Houck & Houck Hayti Cagers i: Gosne\\ [Cagers . \pfjp s Defeat LKk'Chkks, ^^^ \Luxora With 30-21 Score WEDNESDAY; I'-EUKUAKY B, Gosnell High Schtio] copied two \:.".orlcji over Drll cagers last night assnell court as the Pi- s. Too A rovc'iHc-lj^iil IIayt.1, Mi nui'i* ?,<:>. what th<y w,-,-e looking lor last ^Urs «'l:crt out"n 24" "to 23 Win niul 'P?. nl j lll)ev m;Mt w.'ion tti(> ; - i-on:pi.(t over the- "-'»' Piratettcs scored p. M to 13 P" -'«• Luxor sur—i.;ed Ohhk< ;v a -!i to sa count '-i'"-"'!'- i last nl|fht °" tllc WB' 1 school court l '" " : —" I The fj-y^ staged ft close foulest ' les l jlle hc '"g oulscorcd by thc vis "thrciiahoiit the same. Dell over-' s ' sccon d half rally. The niythevllle Papooses drop' Georgia Tech Wins Over Home State Rival A'lIIENS, Ga., Ft'): §. (,l'P> — aiwgln "Inch staged a iasl-quartc'.' ccmt'>.ck last nlijlil to defeat Its nrjine slate rival Georgia 51-44. : Wes Paxsoii, [shni'p-shootlng Yellow Jacket forward, paced the at- »ra -jun.«. M to 21 ( "•<>< »'«? '?- points, fresh- the M:.'---/iii:i ; oiut, Has u Cii,-:,; f -.: so Ktl(Sccl : v. A,,,,, Kivih :"'!' i: :-°' "T .U to ,, :nirl (UK, -i J-! io : 2 the ttayti | turn-; :oiit in ihi'jr :r-Lurn {\'i !jy :.'j;ue i. nnnow 13-1] Gosnell half-' Tlle Pill's worked up a safe 22 to 3;ilL'k Gi:!s 23 to 2f>. I l> ;1 >e l« B rt to hold i). 19-18 pial-gln ° lcnct ° s thli half'culled. Tile Lux- '"<:h'B inlo tiic last period Hoiaid olri cnB<"'i> returned in the last two Dr-ll foiward, |e<t scoring with 12 P crio<i s to bucket a dozen markers <;:i'its. followed by teammate Yct-: whllc lh e Pans were fretting ciqht. (he looul j>ir] s ek'ccl '•''•'''Ion with nine. Peiklns got sev-' Pil l> forward Honeyculi and Lux- Jctory ovjr the Mh- f » r °r Gosnell. °ra guard Martin split )ilgh-s?or- TnkitiK an early lead, the Pi- in S honors by annexing 10 points ::ucitcs heki a safe is to 5 half- each. Johnson of Luxorn KIH! Inue rmii'sin, boosting this to a 28- Wyall, Pap forward, shared run-10 lead In the third quurtcr. Sophia nev-up position with - ci.»ht tnlites Bfvlll amassed L'3 points fo>- Gas- apiece, ueil tti ten scorina. Blair of Dell' Siai-llni was nniner-up with nine. follow: ^ starling line-ups and box scores Paps (30) - tr 1V: - i Wyatt (8) .Senior Buys man 13:.b Henley dumped in to 21 here yesterday. equal tally for the Bulldogs. With llic score lied 40-4'J hi tho last two minutes of play, ihc ii)- vaders lock advantage of free throws and uncler-tlic-baskct opportunities to turn on the last stage rally. Georgia led 22-1C at halftime. Tornadoes always spin counterclockwise in the nortlu-rn hemisphere, and clockwise south of the rfiuator. v.- (iiiinn dnta follows but i!:ff,;iimimii on the bovs' U>t nv:ii ' Ay -"- '••'J ."''ess tlino 'nit- Hlyiiu-vllle pin ciigors made r. sli-oii ¥ |)i;| ]•<-,,. vit'toiy )„ t| 1( , «•.!•-•. hall, ii nd puilod u;i within one nci::t n! thf v!sitr:i.v roiint wncn tune run nut. Al iinlitlrnc. ti:p stx'et Ind . none .-ilu-ad lo n 1(1 tn n load NiUi<.lson ,-...-«! b Like falhcr, like .so ti is the ichiUonship of Loo Ilouck, Jr'.,-ri|jM, 175-poin\il .i'tfjliter for Univci'sity of Miami, ;js ho receives con gratulntions from his fathiu', Hc-hn, Slnle's .boxing couch. Yoimfj ' Leo won decision over HoUok-Uilorod Wilberl Greene. Graziano's Bribe Bout Goes Four Hours Without a Decision YORK, Feb. 5. — (UP) — :r .the commission decides' liocky The New York Slate Alhtelic. Coin- is guilty, ii c might bp suspended ' hoiiots. Plin -.11 of Hnyti and Wllso i of K:yth<-ville rharm runner-u;) i «in,,r.-, with !: > ,,,ai!:,..,-f; ariece. fol- j lowed bv in.nnlc n ill wiih II | ^rlln* mro-L-p, a,; ; , b,x scores SMilm- Girls Illytlii'villr iir>) 1' IIS . Hnytl (2O •3. Hull (11) ...l-\ Nicholson* (13> "• Wn! hunt 121 F Plieion (12) W'lson. .12. ...P fmutl \ W. WhssonhuiH O McAmmlly '^ i "^' li '' Martin I;. Overman ...O p ov;cll faiilstuiiiOiW: Ulvlhcvillc—Widncr. While. L Ovr: 111:111. 3»ry. Havli— F.uell (ti. Gwinn. aiicltou. Juniors at Gosnell to Play Lcaclivillc Team mission's inquiry Into the $100,000 , indefinitely or liuv bribe offered Rocky Crnzinno, mid- ' vokcd, ' dlcwelfrht challenger to "throw" a ; c- his Ucrnsc re' fight in December continues today niter almost four hours of verbal "clinches" between clashing alior- ! D&teat VVr/SOU CfJf/O Team "cys al llic opening session. today i /"»„_- I i j j verbal i "SCCOIO Independents Gosnell junior cagcra tackle two j I.rachvllle squads in return cngngc- incnts tonight on the Lcae'hvillc court hcginnlnf! at 7:30. In IhPir first encounter the Gos- iii-ll Junior hoys trounced I each- villo by » 22-12 count , m d the J.- - [ |ei,-nt<. (1 ^'' < S tl " SEUftC1 ' 0dllcW21ln 1*1*111 the rest of the session block- of winning ' games bmU ccmcd On develop mental alertness and p'hv- a ,-\° , WI sica! cocrd-lnntlon in its players , S , c ," tti to Started in 1!)25 by Lt. Col. Frank i nllorhr!J ' s ' y occasion'; that h<- had lo warn lioth Rosenblum and conduct themselves like liaiuiiierpel nt Ihe dlB* rict nttoi'iicy's "hidden reason" for rtn "bting that Grnmno had told 'McCcrrriack, this baseball is sponsored by the' Amer^im" Le- i aion Americanism Commission to aid m icaehinc thraiigh practise' lh " w ' holc tl ""'h about the ntleinnt- the principles of Atnciicanism to • «' bribe offn-. the nation's youth. Mr. Voss con- ! If slender, limwn-linlrr-i scotll ^ J'"i le ^ e ._ 5 . ta ! ed . thiH5.0CO t COOb 0 .v.s|-l'"d some official, private rcnson line-ups and ! jox srorrs Ramsey Martin Blackwoccl 12) G c. Kelly (3) Substitutions: Osccola — Whisen- i (•!>, Driver, Wilson classified Automotive valves -J- ncn-y , 2 ., w. nnu.nS-^ ». Pl or - a ?' < il '"™ ;it '>* »« ^"'' : An instructional film on L-eion Junior Bastlxill, entitled "Play "flail Son. was shown by James Neb-' Introduced as guests ivcre Ernest M->Daniels, of the Stale Dcp.irt- Titl 1 ";, thc Ame - can Legion: Jiira.o Ramsey of Osreola. center •H»™?I W ^ h - thc Sac "' i '-ento' Salons: Ha.oid (Trigger) Wall,'manager ot uic Manila Legion team; Fred's. Sal.'oa and J. p. Friend I'lness prevented Doc Prothro. colti had brouqht out that the reason he look no written transcript nf Rocky., testimony a! ihr rti-trict altorne's office 'was because "I never Ukc a transcript until I am confident that the person hein R micsMoncrl is ready to tell the whole truth." ,HC .saki he was convinced that nccky w ns lying uheii he said he did nn t know • lie names of Ihc men who had offered him |,dbcs on two occasions to lose hi., bout with cow'bov Kitten Shank, scheduled for M,,d- Square Garden on rif.c ->7 The .bcut nevo,- Was • held" ' for Vonfcces to Fly ~~ NE\V YORK, Feh. =i. 'U P »Manager Bucky Harris of Ihc .\ev York Yankees has des : ,5n;tlfd a squad of 33 players Lo' fly ' O Puerto Rico for the ope.iin* ct the Sphhg training season Feb 1-1 i-r they drain dry during periods of • inactivity. i •.- • 'school gym tonight, •brglnnlii" •>( Two Games Here Tonight fc^" Jli^' l -S"fe , r „ Legionnaires mul in the scconifi ivin games will be played in the Uu- Lo-.- Kich quint tiU-cs on '!-u- v s i basketball Icngue in the high Store cngcrs ' crcu: Dcwey s.atls (Ark. State). 'Y' Leaguers to Play ^ $falijtffl#%fc f . TI 0 ^i*&:. .cod, related that Rocky had lot only entertained a bribe' offer back in Mny. i(}4g : bu; , h t , , ("ncl told (he would-be fixer ''let 1 iur „,, the hundred sra.irl til mv i The fixer i^cl offcicd hiiii Hie Yankee Sixteen others on Roster, plus outstanding fnrm players, will report at the Yankees' "Florida Cnrrm at si. PC [IT sb iron Feb. 20, Harris said. to lose Ins bout t<, [he | :«•!• Al cBummy, Davis. Thc briber I toy Rocky "sec you Thursday." 1 but he did not return to Rocky ' on Thursday, and Rocky knocked ' out Davis in thc fourth'round. n-, , iv... i in 1 (Jl| t lt(. The inquiry sreks ,„ determine if n,.f r'f° ^' a f, 8 " 1Uy or wlo'aling Jtuie 04 of the commission 1 -, box- bcler°re')o F rt"'- C4 1 ' cq " lrcs tllnl a ^Read^Courter News Want Ads. commission any offer" o/ a^ribe. Joe Marsh I If's Important To Your Welfare Arlr,.!"n a ol^s!° l l° r la ' k .^ Can>i mcasurc ! " <!o " nl ' s ' T' 1 " 0 rtcr\,\n--,^^T~ M ' ! ' C '"' con<lilio; 's have r.lrcatly i-cttini^l I, Wl" ; J 1' r° rC , m "" Ci r ° r to " dl '>'" al ' ras ! » Arkansas. »<iloois. go<xl ro.-uls ami t-li'arilakic ii Miiuiibiis. Hril ire rnh'i h mc sncl, injpror«m«-;rts iVitfioliI (n'trr. Yet sonic 'folks arc willing to t Kacrifiecltheniillion ami a quarter ' <lollars a : yehr which the state receives from the legal sale of beer »nd ale. • I remember "Prohibition" and from ,i-hriv I, it's n far fry (ran '.ha:ir hoallcaycr iliacs (IM flom-Mia! ><r.<ltrrr,,l,ibilion to It,?. rest-lute,}, lc,,<,l sniff: 1>>, rrsflmist- <>!<• liisincR.iiiif-n u-l,o pat/ ntc,le,l tnxcis. lf s m-,1,1,1,, i mi , ortnni ,„ , all the evils that went with it... fay Infest < bootlegging . . , speakeasies ... •rime . . . damping losses you , of onr ii'tilfare is at stal^f. Remember: noot! effgcrs (lon < t • Hcaltliy and Vigorous 1 • Selected, Firtl Quality] • From Blood-Toiled Flocks I White Rocks White Giants New Hampshire Reds Rhode Island Reds Barred Rocks • Grcw'and Develop Fattl • Have Higher Livabililyl • Roclt Bottom Pric««I l? C ,v. I'er Price inn" Special Saic I'fl 100 J. L-!Wis (U Harris il) Oiisnell I 1 " 1 '' 15 (GI P .- Ilcu'urd White (21 .,. .F. v/.ivn.-i,,.- Swain (3) c Caldwell (4) . .G Perkins'(7) ...a'. SiiOitltutions: Gosiicil—Ford' D:ll—Storey. Seiiinr Ciirls Gilsucll (3:i) Grimes (Gl H'eutt (10) . Berry (3> .. Donner (2) . Pei'clfiill .3) Pos. F . F... C ... G .. O ... Luxoi'ii (21) i . . Ellis II) . Stanford ; . While 12) i Martin clOl Douglas Substitutions: paps— Klrschner. Broke, beer, Calchvell, Bunch, Phillips. Luxora — Johnson '8'. Martin. llrtviil (23) Wisdom (2) liiixlit . .p. ..F. ..F. G. G. G. Dell (13) .. Dyl-e (3) mlair (0) Shelton < 1) .. Howard -Markiiiaii Duncan i Tiger Cagers Win, Holill . ,. . . :;--• " LJI &i Ktilutions -Gosnell—Cain 01 Moody, Donner, Swain White n">li —Alexander. ' Boston Players Honored BOSTON, Feb. 5. LITTLE riOCK, Ark.. Fell. 5. — i 'UP) — The Little Rock High] School basketball quintet today j held its llth .straight conference I victory after defeating Benton 50' Join A Famous Fighting Division * The femous 7th Infantry Division, now guarding the peace in Korea, has opened its ranks to hand-picked, .keen young men capable of meeting ito high standards. First to recapture American territory from the Japanese—heroes of battles on Attu, Kwajale'in, Leyte and Okinawa—the "Hourglass" 7t!i offers the rigl'.;- kind of man a'chance to join a top outfit. A three- year enlistment for service in the Far East will enable you to pick the 7th—and to join it overseas after initial training in the U. S. A Private starts at $90 9 month (overseas pay), with plenty of opportunity for advancement. Many olher advantages make this well worth discussing with 'your-nearest U. S. Army'Recruiting Station- US N. 2nd .Street Jr. Chamber of Commerce NOTICE- Now Showing Men's Spring & Summer Temporary Location, 123 No. Broadway, Noble Hotel Hex,- Door to the Little Shop See My Line of Suits Before Buying! EVERY TUESDAY m THURSDAY. THEREAFTER —RASN OR SHINE!— At Holland Auction Barn on Highway 61 Across From Dixie Land Service Station Over Vz million dollars worth of cars, trucks, farm machinery, tractors and hundreds of other hard to get items for sale on opening date. Bring What You Have to Sell and we will sell it. Don't miss the opening date of one of the biggest auctions in the S&Uth. If you are lookinq for any thing to buy you will find it ot HOLLAND AUCTION SALES. These auctions will start at 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday and continue until everything is sold. Food will be served on the grounds. Come early and buy what you need. Plenty of room and parking lot to accommodate over 1000 cars. We have plenty of inside room. Registration fee $2.00. a —RAIN OR SHINE!— At Holland Auction Barn On Highway 61 Across from Dixie Land Service Station J. B. HOLLY ELLIS POOLE T. F. ."DOC" DEAN T. F. "DOC" DEAN, Auctioneer

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