The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY r v 19-17. Teachers' Salary MeasureDebated House Committee Delays Decision to Study Laney Proposal »Y JOHN HASI.AM (l)iil(cd Press Slaff Correspondent I MTTLE ROCK. Alk.. Fob. 5. —Action by the Flousc ftevenuc Ri'.d Taxation cominitu.-c stood postponed lortny on the Arkansas Ed- ULiition -Association's bMl that would revise the revenue slul)iltz:\tion act of 1945 anci Increase teachers' sal- ) cries. The committee, headed 'ay Rep. Talbol Feild, Jr., of HempsteiKl County, went into executive session after a public hcnring on the hill last night nncl brought out this slatenicnl: "It is the opinion cf the committee Ihat teachers .salaries should bs raised an average of S333 annually, but in order to obtain additional information It withheld its decision until all phases of the subject can be Investigated." Peikl said the committee adjourned subject to call and iliat a publi- hearing on Gov. Ren Lancy's proposed bill will be held at some future time. No date was ml. Between 730 and I.ODO school leaehers and persons; inleresled in ' passage of the AITA bill, designated «.s HD 159, packed the hearinc room. Rep. Marvin E. Bird of Critten den County explained the menw Speaking lor it were Forrest, Rcz z.'ll. field supervisor of the A'EA and T. M. sannett, AEA secretarj Bird explained! that the bill would revise Sec. is of the 1045 Revenue Stabilization A:t lo gi\c 047 per cent of nil revenues over $38.500,000 lo teachers to he eai marked for salaries. Lesser amount would je allocated to the Universit\ of Arkansa's and other state school ol higher learning. Rozzell said that on the basis of an anticipated $00,000.003 tin- niiiil revenue, tljc teachers still would receive onlv 32 per cent of all taxes collected fit ' the state He said the money would be ein- niarkcd for salaiie.s but that the distribution to individual teache"s would be left up lo local school districts. Stinnett told the committee that touchers constitute ono-tiiird of (he professional workers of the nation, ami that half O f them have (|iiit because of low salaries "If Arkansas wtis eve" able 10 ylve teachers a $3Co raise, it is now," ho declared. One Decision Must Lead to To Another LOS ANGELES. I-ab. 5— (UPI — Blind Pasty Ruth Fergus, IB iat in her trailer home today with her guide (loir at j, e r feel, frying to decide whether to give up her high school friends or the onlv eyes •>!><• has known. The cily Board of Education said It hutl to be one or the other She can t bring the genlle, pure white German shepherd to school any more. "The clot' is n potential hazard to other students." school rjoaVtl President J. Paul Elliott said. Patsy can't understand that. "All Ihe kids love Lucky," she said. "She loves' people, loo. and she's been especially trained to be (luiel jn classes. "I don't want 1 0 .stay home by myself. I like school." Hazel Hurst, president of the Foundation for the Blind which supplied the dog, said Ihc 1G- month-old clog had to be with Palsy 24 hours a day in order to understand Ihe nccrl for her services. ....... BI.YTHEV1LLK IfARK.) COURIER NEWS Indian Potentate Sits for a Portrait •:<- ,„.--<•-' HH me Aga, l.ibuluusly ivcallliy Indian potenhile mitt pictured burnt- interviewed by a Kix'iH'h ncwspuporwuiniin * ranee, villa lui a [Jurlrail by nutecl l-Yciu-li mlisl Va;: "r.r. trail lie painlcd of tiie Ana's Freni'li w spirlliuil' leader ot DOO.UOO Mosk-ms. Is (foreground) us'li'- s"s in his Cann,:a, Ki-n. llehiiul the arlist cim be seen pal - •ife, tin: Uesuni Aga Kliiin. Polish Envoy ; Gets Blunt ; Reception \v.y::ifX(vroN. p\b. 5. (UP), ''•< Mil 1 .'in Truiiuin, lu »n unusual 1 •.: -inn. u,!<| the new Polish umUntt- •^•'."i Jilunliy yesterday lluil Iho ivii.ii pn.,vlskmal eovrrnmiml hnri ...i!:.'ii ils pii'iUio Hi hulil free elcf- 'Ihe Piv'jldi'iit inn .to ul-i unlh* i ''Ml !-i .I.;.:.-; Wliile\vli-z al their •' ' iiii'iHiiut us the iiinbtiK.KUlor "'wnlrd his e'cilchllnfs i\l Ihc' U'jiite U(iu:;e. U:;iu'.l!y. tlv ^xchuiiLies of rciuurks j-".worn Hie l'rcsl<l,'iil and u new :m b.i!.:ador nre routlni> illi'asiin- "'''s. liul this firne. Mr. Trlniiiui. "v.i>IMn}( Ihe 1'ollsh uoviMument's "Ic.liu- lo curly oil' Ihc Ynlln iincl !'.>tvd:iiii anrei'iiH'nlK on Iroe elpe- 'i lt "s, .sulil t-UL'lly: "It is a caiiuc of .!«']! concern !» :ne mul t:i ihc American iH'oph- ''hat Iho pciish provisional i;oV- . "The ijoveinmenl, of the United •••it"* has not !«;,i Intcriwl in I he of iiu- polish pccpk-, 11 l« nit I ills in mind thiil 1 oiler to en the riii;:n'ullan ot the officials ! this itlrternnii'iit." PAGE THREB 'Task Force' Frigid Is Just That Men of the Army Ground Forces' "Tusk Force Frigid," on Arctic maneuvers near Fairbanks, Alaska, are dueling out what "friglu" really means. Above, Mnj. Delmnr Frazier, of Milwoulice, Wis. examines weather report on .heavily icicled headquarters shncit! He wasn t happy lo learn previous day's low of 51 degrees below zero would drop to 51) below. U. S. Grand Jury Indicts 17 Men In Little Rock LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Fob. 5. (UI'l A total of 34 Arkansas persons ficed federal vhnrges today following indictments returned yesterday by a Fi'dcrnl lOrund Jury. Hay BcylaiKi, 19. of St. FrinKli County was charged with pla^hi; a railroad lie on the Rock Island tracks In si. Francis County laut Sept. 23 in nn effort lo v,-ro::k the train. . Other ImllclmeiUs returned included: Claude Christopher Clifloiv nf Jackwm County, postofflce ra'Jbcrv. Kills Hale nnj Predrilf Parker of Pulntkl Coiinlv ond William 'Hay Sanders of Crlltendcn County. fo; ; - gery of endorsement tin government bond. Willie Scott of Pulaski County, nllerallon of postal money order. Prank Monty of Pnlnski County, milking counli'iieit US-cent pieces nnhdolph P.iulkner M 'Curly tiahspDiilng stolen cur across a state line. Max Pershil mul Frank Dedniir- chik. transporting stolen en- nt-ro'is ;i slate line. Clarence Lconnrd Clrecn of Crlt- tcndcn County, selling a Thompson sub-machine gun belonging to the Army. Read Courier News Want Ads. State Distributes $7,955,000 to Various Agencies i-rm.B HOCK, A'TK., FCU, o. — cui'i—'iiic- iiublu- fchiioi fund in .iitnuiu-y received ,,n .Ulolinunt of 5.l,.ta7,oon from ihc stale apportionment fund, according lo a i-o- 1'urt ri'k'nsed here by Htiile Trertii- urer j. vance cliiylon. Tin. toinl fund of $7,055 for distribution to the various slnlc Insll- liiilons and tleparlnicnls Is Iho largest, luimunt ever disposed of under (he 19-15 revenue ulnblllim- llon not, Clayton snld. The public welfare funds ' go t SSHl.CCO; pubHe lnsll|ullon., $760.liM: m ,il hlKliwnv iniiliilciinncc, S i 1 C,!17l). Hint 1 .: JJOM- center. Pi'p|)er Former Manila Man Wounded By Kidnapers MANILA, Ark., Fvu. 5—RL'hnid G. Hillhousc or Manila, recrntly was notified Hint his son. Richard, •Aho is livins? in Benton Ilnrbur. Mich., was kidnnped and w-ounded ,Ian. 25 by four Negroes who robbed a filling station where Young Hilihouse was employed. The kdinaper uandlls were reported to have forced their victim into an automobile', slashed his throat and threatened his life before he was able to open the car door and escape. He suffered additional injuries when he fell lo the pavement, but now is reported to be recovering. The Negroes were arrested within an hour after the robbery was reported, according to reports here. Young Hilihouse married Jerry cly of Blj'lhevllle. jD/es When Clothes Ignite FT. SMITH, Ark., Feb. S.—(UP) —Ftmcnil arrnngemenls \vcre be! in;? completed here today for Mrs. ; Ada Mae Dempsey, 00, who was jUiiined lo death at her home here yesterday afternoon. I Firemen said that Mrs. Dempsey (lied almost Instantly when her , dressing gown caught fire from a j gas s :ove «llh n ii open flnmc. She I was apparently alone in the house ! at the time of the accident. ! Survivors include her husband, lone daughter an<| three sons. worth of electric inolorq, -portable radios, tools, lhcrmo.% Jugs, fishing tnckle antl other hardware Items nnd articles of clothing. Your feel will fi'd bcU«i —stay hotter if you lmvi> lliosl' shout; refioleil c'fly at our Quality Shiip. 1,oiit;x'r wear for Money! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 1 :-, • 1^1, \V. Main SI.. ; VV Utchmatl Accused ! ' LITTf E Ror-K Ark Fob -i — \ (UPi-H. o. Campbell 25 b'f Little [Rcck . today faced eight larceny I charges following his arrest Monda-- .iipht c «'»!'»ell, a commercial district ! night walchmnii. was accused Of ; taking several humtrert ilollars Young Americans (teen agers, that is) go for the telephone in a big way. School work, dates, gang activities keep the lines humming. Telephoning helps keep the guys and gals hep to the score. And that's O.K. with us. Don't shy away from the phone. It's there to use. But we'd like fo go into a huddle with you undergraduates on one point—Party Lines! The general rule is "Give the other guy on your line a break." Xnlk, but not too long at a time. Hang up for a while between calls so he can get in his nickel's worth if lie wants to. Thcold golden rule works pretty well on party lines and you'll be in the groove ifyou follow it. SOUTHWESTERN DELI. TELEPHONE CO. Girls! Women! Who pwicfll with its nervous cranky feelings ... 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T i* because our mechanics arc uiinc*) to factory srandardi, and we hive the fatcjt posi-\var equipment for sll ty\)is of renair and rccon- diifoniiift work. Whrlc \ve )p«ciatiic on Naili, we hive a complete Service Library on oih:r makes anJ we seivfce cji* of all makes and'niodel yestj. Come in and £tc an cuirr-Jte on (hit wotk you bar* jxisiponcJ for a IWIR time. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 121 W. ASH PHONE 43ft a master 66 gas sure is beats my fast ttick y . the we c %ther is freezing and icy/ ff So drivu with Phillips 6G Gnio- Inio lliciio co!d.(l(ij«B. Wlml u tlmll you 11 got when ynit slop on Iho ntnrter and you licnr your motor Hiuip into (ictioti. Try n tnnkful at tlio n'onrosl nigh of "GG"|, AS -THE SEASONAL | TEMPERATURE 60E6 POWN...'PHlLLl'PS 66 VOLATILITY €OES UP,' For good semce...Phillips 66/ COMPLETE NEW LINE I0 c to69 c ^' Hundreds of new pallcrns lo chooso from .. . gny colors lo complement your furnishings . . . designs lo make your rooms look distinctively modern! 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