The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 2
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.Seeks Easier Way to Fire Reds ;"'' Presidential Board . f Ready to Submit •'I Its Recommendations J By WILLIAM F. McMENAMfN <). United Fr*»s Staff Otretpontl >nl 't WASHINGTON, Feb s-^P:vsl- Jdenf Trflman's special board on .loyalty of go\emment aoikei-s tin's •prepared a rciwrt lecommemllng Jsimpler procedure foi dismissing < ,Ccmmunlst find fellow travellers, «a reliable source said todny. ' * The report \\as said to piopose .that- Public Law 80S, a wartime .measure, be continued as n peaco- »time statute and expanded jo In- Jclude not only the Wai and NaVy vDepartments as at present, but nil •branches of government. J Thp statute gives the secrolarieE y>f VVar and Navy tha jjower" to •fire any federal civil service ein- ^plpye whose removal is warranted i"by the demands of national pc- icurlty."' ' , ' — tTi)de r that law, the.,'Government JS not required to revail to the accused the ciidcnce whlc'i lids been compiled against him It does provide, ho»e\er, for prefiiinticn of the accuseds side of the story to the Societal y or War 01 Navy. Eilstlng civil., service regulations give federal agencies authority "to Uei.y ''employment to (iia oynl. per- 'on^-'But dismissal or persons nl- rc?dy hired can .taVe place only through open hearings in all agencies except the- Army anrt Navy. Army officers said the advantage ot Public'Law 808 lies-In the fact, that. Jt ..eliminates the• necessity for icxcaling the identity of secret bpsratlves who work agiinil s'ub- versives. The Army has" icinoved fil |>er- ?oiis from federal service under t!ic law since It wenj. Into effet.t, June..!), 1942 Army officials expressed hope it would l>e coulliiuctl by Congress.'at least for the War and Navy Departments. The presidential boaid's report was prepared for lelcase lost Monday but was so certain revisions might be made Jt is now expected to be out about Feb. -in. Rep. Edward H. Rees, R., Km., who made the original p-qucst fur an investigation of. s'ubvevs'Ivo ;ic- tiUtles In the government, has been pressuring for action by v>ie board. He is a member of the House civil service Committee. Secretary of War noberc p. t Patteison recently, issued Instructions .to all Army commanders lo carry out a vigorous' campaign against subversives .under Public Law £08. ^ BLYTHBV1LL& . All That's Left of a Queen of the Sea • . /. ; --"i •-. < ;>v^;^'•"*;*•**?.•+«; What is apparently a Junhyord. above, Is-'actually wJvifs left of the fiinious l-rcnc-h sleamshi.) Norinanclie. onetime queen of (he transatlantic luxury liners. Ship is Ijeing trapped at NCwniii, N j. Must Have Looke'd at Long Shots William Green •JS-J"nfli^^.T I l?jrWfK«n».*^?^^ir«B-'^.S^\v.»'M»?ri';r^.:->T-~:<.--^.«r,. r-M . ,-» : Libel Hearing ''Gets Under Way In.Jonesboro i JCi\ T E£,HORC, Ark, F^ 5 (UP) prlttaidon County Judge Cj Bond's 4tAonn > i.-ii _...i __ ., , ... 1 bel su'it n«ains"t West publishers John ard Paul '^gh.ln was resumed in Craighea'd The 32-power binoculars seen above were used, 'sny : Los Angeles police, to get race results from Simla Anita racetrack, so operators could plncc "last-minute" bels and be sure of winning. Eddy Koplansky, nlms Ed Smallcy, of Chicago, and his son-in-law Dppiel Shcchan, were arrested while using the glasses In a covered' truck, a mile from the racetrack. Above, Waller Lentz, of district attorney's office, examines the ginnt glasses. _ ^ ____ i- "';* RN1N ' G ni f? Ti',. , «"«• ' " P Plans to 'Remain As Head of AFL MIAMI HKACfl, 'pir,., Fclj. 5. — (UPi — AFL President. William Green doesn't entertain any thought til retiring from union activities. He was asked at, the AF1L, Executive Council's winter meeting jr he recalled a report circulated last Fall that he might retire In'favor ol United Mine Workers' President John L. Lewis, Green said: "Fantastic. 'Somebody's dream." Lewis withdieiv from the CIO taking his mine workers Into the AFL organization. Committee Schedules j Hearing on Labor Bill L.l'ITLE HOCK. Ark., Feb. 5. — (UP!—A public hearing oil the enabling act to Arkansas' anti-closed shop amendment will be held Feb. 12 by thc House Labor Committee. The bill ivas passed by Ihe Senate earlcr this week. Agrlcultui-ril Departincnt of Holland. Mo., High School, ln thc f" 1 " 0 ""' '^Ive THEOPHItUS JONES, Plaintiff, VJJ. No. 9SS9 AVNIE MAE HARRIS JOXES, »e- femlanl. The defendant Annie Mae Harris Jones Is hereby warned to appeat within thirty "days in the court la the cnptton hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff TheoDhllus Jones. Dated this 21st day of January, A. D. 1947. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Betty smith. D. C H .G. Partlow, Ally, for Pltf i" 1122-29-25-12;• part or their National Service Life Insurance before the deadline. February 1, for reinstating without a physical examination. R. C. Hawkins of the cvternns Administration at Caruthersvllle, MO., cooperated with the Instructors by lecturing to it group O f Va veteran-students of the Holland High school. Read Courier News Want Ads. Realtor Sees Recession Starting Soon MEMPHIS, Term'., Feb. 5,—(UP) —Roy Wenzllck, St. Louis real estate dealer, was on record today •wild a prediction for a 1947 recession and a major depression by 1855. "I think that all conmuxly prices will have reached their peak by this Spring and then will start lo decline," WeiiKllck told the closing session of the Tennessee Lumber, Milhvork nml Supply Dealer Association. , jf lie coupled his predictions with lite assertion thiu veterans have keen given a "shabby deal" housing. LEGJSLATIJRE CIui tinned from Fasc 1. Highway Department, out with that $1,500,000' item di.,,,...-™ • of the highways still caiued n.ore ' delay in both Houses. Legislators j n ti lc JI O , IKO .i im ! Senate presented simulumeousi amwulmenl.s thai would earm:ir;:' $1,COO,COO of' Biiothcr S7COO,Q'iOf emergency appropriation.. Of. this!.' ni:prciniation, requested so thai I £ federal funds can be iiiatchc-l, tnc: 1 Sl.OGO.GCO would go to (he cuiuuits • for rural school bus an-l inni- roules. Prior to iw.ssage ft tlv> ;i;nc:i.!. incut by the Senate, Sen. j. Qr- villc Cheney of Calico lly;).: trln j the upper chamber that hall ol the fund would be divldod equally among the counties: 25 per cnnl according to area and K per CCT.I according to rural populaUon. r'ni the House. Hal Moody or Lawrence! County snld the moncv woiilai come from "surplus , iiiglnvay ; funds." Aulry's School Bill i'assts The Senate, In an nlfiimativ^ mood, approved measures 'ranging' from a $10.000 yearly. license lor wholesale liquor dealers in sas to allowing Garlan.l County 1 Prosecutor Sidney S. McMuth lo apjioint another deputy prosecutor ' Also passed nnd sent to Gov. B«u • Lnney for his signature was n b : IT establishing :i mental hygiene pro-j WEDNESDAY, FEBKUAUY 0, Star Gets'Picture Hat' 7 , the Senate was authored by Rep. L. H. Autry of Mississippi County, and would allow school districts to boost their bonded i'.idcbtcdn"fs from 7 to 10 per cent of their n;.- sessed valuation. The House also flooded the governor's desk with paperwork, tending In ten appropriation mcasiues and Senate Bill 15, creating a practical nurse division o" the State Board of Nurse Examiners. Foreign cor|x>rat!ons Qperolnie in Arkansas without, a .-liarler from the secretary of-state came under fire in a measure I'm reduced In the House late yesterday afternoon by Rep. Hnrry Cobiy ol Columbia County. Advocating a $5,009 fine for such firms, colay observed that the measure wou'o. force all foreign corporations to register and pay taxes, if they do business in Arkansas. 666 EASES COLD MISERIES A Chicago hat shop has.' something new fo artist makes „ portrait sketch of (he custome Ervh, i-nm t!;o customers. An L-ustomer. and then designs ,-i :at face. If customer.likes ... . - —- is skelclied. "Above, arlist wonts out a personalized bonnet for famed 'actresj Gertrude Lawrence. •. •* - r, •• ° sln; °' (o "iper- men'. , , ' y "~ Stale Heair.i Dcpv.f-i Another bill sent to 1,011.7. frwn' , :l. IMPORTANT! .Suvn your iiresent car Uxptrl Mcc)iunical Service Alcmitc Oil and Lubricants Vcs, we wash mid grcasi! cars ton! .Motors? \Vo liava new motors Ovcrliuul •: rebuild them Tiles mid Tuoes Oh, Yes, U'c paint Curs Ton! Kt-pair am! Ki-fmliih nil f,odli-s Cliargc lotteries T. I -SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 BLESSED RELIEF INJUST6 SECONDS! Mi NOR THROAT IRRITATION -COUGH OUETOACOLO- •Don't fool with edits! Oet fninous ' /i<-e.s'ei-i/)()oii-tyi>e CliO for fnsl rc-lief j fmtn «ii<l misi'i-ies. See why lilili has been the favorite (if niillinins of colil I sufferers in 45 years! Try fi(i(i» __ tn- I day. Caution: Take only as ilirei-tftl. COLD PREPARATIONS Tablets or Liquid e Aid " ational start The suit' arose out of statements puo ished ay the Coughhn Brothers m the West Memphis Nens during tho heated political "campaigns of last sumrrtr \ Change of veniie \-as granted for the proceeediugs. .attoni * este ' t!n3 thc Coughlir.'s thil' S i? id "?, an 0 P =n » ! S statement tnai nis clients will O ff er ,j;. oot ina^ Judge Bond bought huge ^,* c l" ° ss.ampj lond near Gll- buildm ' l hC hCd " SSCl COUnl 5 roart ' construct roads through the area ^nc-fDj'_enhan^ m g the value oi Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly SS*fi^^^B^3fe I" 1 lands i'n to $PO an acre. Wilf, : Davis of Memphis, counsel lor the judge, said that he would ask $10,CCO damages for the llbclous «t«|p!'yants.'anrt would further press pumtive action against the Cough- The Instructors of the Veterans \ ( Agricultural Program of the Voca- ' TRY MANHATTAN FINER AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS found at PICKARD'S Phnne Zn.1.1 TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 2—New John Deere B 1—1945 John Deere A 1—1943 John Deere B 1—1946 John Deere H All rtes* tracers have starters and lights, new cultivators. Also can furnish discs and breakers. See these before you buy! TI.W Tractors and Equipment Arc Priced Lower Than You Can Buy Elsewhere BROWN MOTOR CO. Monilo, Ark. 31 fyuttim THIS VALENTINE'S DAY VlSfnH '49 50 GIVE HER A HOPE CHEST The Keal Love Gift • Feoturtd in LIFE tor your swccihcart, no B if, compares «-;,!, I.anc, love', own \alconnc. InwM on a genuine Lane, the only prcssurc-tesicd Ar<m,<:--r, s l>t Cellar C.hcsc in the world. Many other exclusive -anc features, in :,d,ln,»n, make it thc world's hex and mow fccaut.ful buy! Tor hcsl selection, come in now. Come in and let us oiitor youi- ordei; for a LANK Ciicst. You will bo snre\to jret. one out r>f llic next shipment. Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Home Furnishings Moderately Priced /' \ when your home is furnished with well siyiod, luxurious covered, and durable constructed' furniture like this KROEHLER "Cushioniztd" living room suite. It's years ahead ofcompetition yet designed for present day living. •"^ - ~ / ~ fe*i4 k ^l^ V < && NEW r.vl Stt txr.v »nj t CONSTRUCTION Fur t i^ t?i: bj.l. KRUEHLER c^w^^^/ G»OUl»|N(J in selecred Quality Covering Fabrfc. •->" lunsinMion. A.woJ \aluo [ocl $253.50 .C« mare far )-Mrf,,,,l, me , Mlar ,,,,„, „.,.. p . . . iffj/ . ]<>|( ^ p . OTHER KROEHLER SUITES $169.50 & $215.75 Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Home Furnishings, iViotfWofe/y Priced

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