The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 5, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST AHKAMHAQ .»,r, o™,.™.o...,™ ..,,.„„ ^"^ VOL. XLIII—NO. 2G9 BlythevlUe Dally Newr Blythevllle- Courier Blytlieville Herald Mississippi valley Firemen Battle Early Morning Blaze on E. Main (i Owner of Business And Son Injured in Flight From Building Fire of an undetermined origin destroyed the "Farm- era Kitchen," a cafe and produce market owned anrl operated by Mr. and Mrs. Buck Meharg, 1 ' early this morning in the 800 block on East Main. Flames swept rapidly through the frame building, gutting it thoroughly and destroying restaurant equipment, furnishings and a large stock of food and produce. Damaye was estimated at $5000. The 'Mehargs' living quarters, located in the rear of the building, were also destroyed along with their personal effects and clothing. Mr. Meharjj, in escaping from the burning building, suffered flesh burns about the face a n d first-degree burns of the forehead, neck, shoulders and lower left arm. Ills condition Is not regarded as serious. He and his son, Billy, who received a first-degree burn on the iorehcad, w?re In bed when Mrs. Meharg discovered the fire about 6:20. While no cause for the fire was known, Mrs. Meharg said it started in the garage next to their living quarters and (juickly spread to their rooms. Firemen brought four streams of water into play before the fire was brought under control. They battled the .flames for two hours and 45 minutes, restricting Ihe fire to the one building, which was owned by the C. H. Harris Estate. A huge pall of smoke rose over the fire, extending nearly 500 fee into the air. A 1 $2000 shipment of fruit, vegetables and other produce had beel stored in the building only yesterday, Mrsl Meharg said. The building was said lo be partialls insured. Flames from the front of tin building leaped across the sidewalk endangering cars and trucks parkc. at the curb. Tiie vehicles were pushed out of danger by fireme: and bystanders. An unidentified Negro was said to have rusiied through the burning building to move a car parkec in the reaV'ttntf was credited witi saving it. Five Other Alarms Answered Four grass fires were extinguished by firemen yesterday afternoon and last night in the face of gusts- winds which fanned flames. The fires were at 211 West Davis, 212 West Roosevelt, 520 North Broadway and Ihe corner of Division and Ash Streets. Slight roof damage resulted at 318 North 5th this morning when chimney sparks ignited wooden shingles. Inflation Spiral Seems Headed Down to Earth WASHINGTON, Feb. 5—(UP) — Another government agency found evidence today that the'Inflation- iry spiral Is headed back to earth. In Its monthly price report, the Agriculture Department snid tlicre was evidence tlmt the prices of Certain luxury items and some farm and food products arc dropping, and that the prices of many other commodities are leveling oh. The Federal Reserve Board suld last month that Inflation had about run its course. The Agriculture Department, noted, however, that even though inflation may be lancrlng of i,, the general price level l s still high by most historical comparisons. THE TOMINANT_NEWSPAPEa OF NORTHEAST AHKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U B1ATHEVILU3, ARKANSAS, WIODNKSDAY, l-'KHHUAKY 5, HM7 GOP May Launch Jeweler Uses Fists to Subdue Move for States Wild Shooti ^ FlQrida ***« To Control Rents Leachville Tops Polio Fund Quota North Mississippi County Moves Nearer Goaf in Campaign The first community both to reach and exceed Us quota in the North Mississippi March of Dimes polio relief drive Is Leachville, It was announced today by Rosco Craflon, campaign chairman. Assigned a quota of $400. the citizens of Leachville contributed a total of $5G5 under the community chairmanship of Mr. mid Mrs B Howard. "I wish to lake this opportunity to express my thanks to the people of Leachvillo for this line contribution," Mr. Crafton said. Mr. crafton also acknowledged three other additions to the March of Dimes fund, which brouriu the total collected thus far to $6140.75. These sums were S64.22 from Dell theater collections, $13.70 from the Homeland commimit yand $73.03 taken up under the direction of E. H. Ford at the Jaycee-sponsoral dance last Thursday night. Expected to lie ' added to the amount given so far arc funds from coin boxes located in the business establishments and school children's envelope contributions, not all of which ],ave been counted as yet, The March of Dimes drive, extended a week by the state cam- paign.chairman, w. H. Sadlevwlll end Saturday. Nebraska Senator Says Life of OPA May Be Ended April 30 WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 i UP) — Sen. Kenneth s. Wherry, R., Neb., said Ipday (hat lie and two other Republican senators are "considering" offering legislation thai would end federal rent conlrol April 30, The Ni-brnskan said he may Join with freshmen senators Arthur V Watkins, n., Utah, and John J. lllums, R., Del. In Introducing a bill to "terminate OHA" 30-and with rent ceilings. Wherry, who Is Senate Republican whip, told a reporter such a bill would "serve notices on slate it present federal legislatures" they would now have in session that to puss special Smo// Blazes Keep Osceola Firemen Busy OSCEOLA, Fcb. 5—Firemen answered four calls here yesterday, catching small blazes before more than slighl damage resulted. Fires in Ed Thrclkcld's Cafe on Highway 61 and a house on Broadway owned by Raymond Cart- Wright did slight damage. Burning soot ignited the roof of Mr. Cartwright's house. Firemen were called a second time to the Joe Applebaum residence, heavily damaged early yesterday morning w hen fire believed caused by a btilane furnace resulted in $7500 worth of damage to the house, which was lemporarily vacant for remodeling. Damage estimated at approximately S1CO resulted when the roof or a Negro tenant house belonging to Mrs. Nora Borum burned. Southern Bloc Scores Idleness Farm Labor Program Put in Jeopardy By House Members WASHINGTON, -Feb. 5. <UP) — Opposilion developed today among some House Agriculture Committee members to proposed renewal of the federal farm labor program under which foreign workers are imported for seasonal harvesting 1 he opposing members, mostly Southerners, said most states have increasing unemployment rolls with idle workers drawing unemployment compensation. Col. Wilson Ii. Biiic. director of the Agriculture Department's foreign labor branch, testified that a recent survey indicated 90000 foreign workers would 'be needed to harvest crops this year •'I can't^ see any sense to spend- in,, a lot of money to bring in foreigners when we have our own " rent control statutes If they want to maintain rent ceilings. The Senate Banking Subcommittee which will write rent legislation is presently; divided 3 to 2 along party lines in favor of a flat Increase in rents. The subcommittee would continue controls for a period yet to be determined. Sen. Homer E. Capebarl. R., Ind, a member of the Banking Committee, was one of the first senators to advance a proposal lhat Congress turn the task of controlling rents over lo the states. Capehart suggested that states might be in a better .position to do the Jcb than a federal agency working from Washington. S'ates Should Be Prepared Wherry said his contemplated bill would permit states to take over rent control before April 30, providing their legislatures enacted enabling legislation, And, he added, while Congress might vote to end OPA this spring it could enact a special rent statute "if they slill want federal rent control." • Sen. C. Douglass Buck, R.. Del chairman of the Banking Subcom mittce, said he hoped' to send the full committee within two week some formula for continuing rent control 'beyond the present June 30 expiration. "Frankly," he told reporters, "1 think we should provide for som across-the-board increase, and fix a definite time when rent control. wili end." A survey showed the subcommit tee snlitj along party lines on a fla •ent hike. Buck and his fellow Re Reserve Officers Plan For Election of Officers Officers for 1947 will be elected at the next meeting of the Biythe- villc Chapter of the Reserve Officers Association Fcb. 4. Russell Farr. president of the chapter, announced at a dinner-meeting of that group last night at the Rustic Inn. In his address as principal speaker, Col. Otto Ellis, state instructor of the Organized Reserve Corps for Arkansas, pointed out that the nation's defense rested with each individual who served in the recent war and depended on his interest and activity in keeping himself fit for any emergency. Major B. J. Hussey of Jonesboro, senior district Instructor, expressed his thanks to the chapter offlccis who had served during the past year. Two films were shown by Major Hussey. Twenty-three reserve officers attended Ihc mecling, held to increase Interest' in the organization in obtaining new members. Bernard Graham, formerly of Jonesboro. was introduced as a new member. Col. John Buxton of Jonesboro was a guest at the meeting. Weother ARKANSAS—Fair, not quite so cold lonight. warmer Thursday. Low temperatures tonight 24 to degrees. publican senators, John W. Brlckcr O., and Harry p. Cain, Wash., tar orcd one. The two Democratic members, S;ns. Glen H. Taylor, Ida., and J., William Fu'.bnght, Ark., were' against it. Fill-bright, added, however, llial he would have to vote for a rent boost if subsequent testimony proved that relief for individual landlords in hardship cases "can't be worked out effectively on any other basis." ' Stcphcn D Other committee members told inw n H W ° rk was Ilighl 5' seasonal, 1 3nd Cfrcred Iittle in duce- L ' Towson . President of the r > y! ? 11Cl Labor Association, •i , St lmem Pl°yed Persons hr^ki,, n W - cre llot interested "in " bacfc > I0 It0 «" » U Talmadge Pushes His Negro Vote Measure r, Oa, Fcb. 5.-(UP)- nHm u n n an Talm! "ise. his white primary bill at stake, goe,, before a Senate committee today to urge •t« passage and disfranchise Nc?"!* n " a " «n exclusive "private Doling club" for whites The measure, topmost plank in the state Democralic. Party advocated by Young Talmadgc's father, the late GOV. E iect Eugene Tal- Uln 1 8C ' i h "l bCen temporarily blocked in the Senate by sunport- crs of GOV. Melvyn E. Thompson. Thompson forces seek adoption of another white primary bill but vigorously oppose the Talmadge- sponsored measure drafted by former House speaker Roy Harris of Augusta, Ga., a dominant figure In Georgia politics spearheading Tal- madgc's gubernatorial fight against Thompson. N. Y. Cotton 1:30 r. !\r. Quotations Mar 3233 3254 3233 May 3H4 3164 3143 July 2947 2070 2042 Oct 270') 2723 2098 Uec 2U4H 3057 2C30 SINGLE COPIES FIVE MIAMI ISEACH, Fia., Feb. 6. (U.P.) — A mlddlc-ugcd jeweler was n a hospital loduy after succ'Uis- 'ully nmU-hlUB his fists wllh Ihe jlazlng revolver of a holdup man who ntlemplcd to rob his store. Police ipile wllh Louis Shnfkln, dc- I»B to Ragonn, nnd ordered Iho store's personnel to Kit down nt several display tables, As Demers stood over them with his cocked revolver, said' Uimom;, Blinfhln shouted "look bchlnrt you!" Demure fell tor the ruse and when he turned, Shaikh! dived ai him and begun n slruuttlu lor Iho tun, Tlie bandll wheeled nnd shot Hharkln In (he shoulder, bul JIQ In Illuin . the ensuing souffle nnd Goldman svoro Mrs. bolh n shoulder wound, grippleu the younger gummm during the attempted holdup last nujht as wild bullets felled Uavld Goldm.m, Shalkln's pnrlncr, nnd Mrs. Cell Ilium, a clerk In the swank Miami Bench store. The Jeweler finally gained possession or the gun una used it to bludgeon Ihe bannlt unconscious. When police arrived, Shatkin as still en his reet «ml li-ui gunman, later Identified us Ri>y- moml Demers. 31, of Uuvrunce' fm^ ioViurT^T^o^llirlr **"*' , , hideout. Police, however, said he Another clerk, Paul Rngona, v/osluul Invented Ihc compi.nljns, unharmed by Ihe fusillade of )>'.!)-' hoping to miikc >\. break for live- lels. He lold police lhat Di-mos dom during Ihc chase, entered the slore on the preuM 1 Demcrs was being held on an of having some emeralds apprtils-innned robbery charge pending ilie cd. no drew a .-15 caliber revolver recovery of C-oldnmn and Mrs from u small leather case, accord- imitn. 's Abuse of Sir ike Privilege Can Lead U.S. to Civil War and Financial Ruin, Lawmaker Says wounded critically in the stomAch and ran lo the street whore (hey collapsed. Police wild lhat during ((iicstlon- ItiK ill headquarters, IDcmcra clnlm- c-d he had two accomplices wnHInt; outside Ihe store, but who escupiHI Engineer Killed Jews and Arabs In Train Wreck i. Passengers Escape Injury When Six Cars Are Derailed LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 5. (U.P.)—Engineer George E. HuB- gard, 57, of LItllc Rock was killed instantly early loday when a l?ork Island passenger Irnln was derailed near Mauincllc, 15 miles norlh- west of here. Company officials else was injured. said no one .Fivc of the six- cars on Ihe steam Irnin en route to Menvm"; from California were derailed but remained upright. A turned rail was believed Ihe cause of til,; wreck. Haggard was thrown from tho cab and pinned between it and ,a mountainside around which the track turned. Traffic wns expected to be held up for 10 hours on the Rod; Island track. Trains \veie being rc-roiiitri, however, from Little Rock to Van Buren over Missouri Pacific tracks, and from V Okln., over. Haggard . one daughte crs and one WIsler, wife, wo broth"- Russia Favors French Plan on Disarmament NEW YORK. Feb. 5. (UP)—Russia dropped' Its own disarmament procedure proposals today in favor ol a French plan which came closer to satisfying Die United States. Russia lor the first time indicated its willingness to compromise as six United Nations security council delegates met behind closed doors to dratt a plan outlining how the council should tackle its multitude disarmament problems. Andrei Gromyko of Russia, it was learned, promptly moved that the delegates adopt the French plan as a basis for the discussions. The French resolution called for an Immediate start on genera! disarmament talks and a study "as sooii as possible" of how to control atomic energy. The French plan also would have security council members report on disarmament possibilities within three months Girl's Dream Of Walking Nearer Reality- A year ago, Jean Mnrlin. Dell I'outii who was born without legs, .liought it foolish to dream lhat she might someday walk. But today she was four Inches nearer the day when that dream will come true. Several months ayo, Jean's handicap was discovered by E. II. Ford, tireless worker ror the undor-prlv- ilet'cd and handicapped. \Generous citizens contributed enough money to buy artificial legs for the young girl. Yesterday in Memphis four inches were added -to (he pegr in April, the legs will be completed. , Jean used the pegs in beginning tout slcr Sugar Rationing Extension Bil! Is Introduced WASHINGTON. Feb. 5 (UP>Sen. Edward V. Robertson, R., wyo introduced legislation loday to continue sugar rationing until March 1, 1948. The measure would put the program nnder the Secretary of Agriculture. N. Y. Stocks M. Quotations 2 P. A T & T Amer Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Han-ester North Am Aviotlon 174 5-8 84, 40 1-h 07 100 1-: ..... 153 33 5-8 03 3-H 61 7-8 21 1-8 r /9 1-2 9 7-8 Republic Steel ...'.' 28 5-( Radio Socony Vacuum 14 7-8 3250 Studcbaker '.'.'.......'. 24 j.i 3166 Standard of N J .. GB Texas 2707 Packard 2040 i U K Sleel to learn lo walk. The added inches constitute the socon in a three-step series. She y,a s accompanied lo Memphis by Mr. pord. In Mass Protest British Requisition Homes of Natives; To End Terrorism JERUSALEM. Fcb. B. (UP) — Thousands of Jews and Anita lo- day Joined In a protest against British requisitioning orders which will cause them to be evicted rrom thrlr homes. The mass Joint protests came as siiiiHv reliable sources reported that the execution of Dov Uruncr, convicted Jowlsh underground member, has been set for Feb. 18. Jews and Arabs marched to Hie dislrlct commissioner's offices In Jerusalem. Halia and Tel Aviv to protest Ihe requisitioning. Lines of men, women and children extended for blocks rrom the office of Commissioner J. Pollock In Jerusalem. Pollock Informed the demonstrators lhat the whole affair was outside his Jurisdiction. Public Information officers said the requisitioning wns "the direct result of terrorism." - : Gruner sent 'word to the prison superintendent that he did'lint want to see anyone. He hns turned aside all pleas from Jewish religious leaders and attorneys lo appeal hTS hanging sentence lo the privy council in London. The execution of Gruner, originally expected last Tuesday, lias •been regarded widely as the starting signal for violent retaliation by Irgun Zral Leumi, the underground organization lo which he belongs. V. was uncertain whether he knew that his sislcr(' Mrs. Helen Friedman of 'Lnncaslcr, Pa., was fly ing here from New York this week. She plans a personal plea for hl:n to seek clemency. He has refused similar requests because he docs not wish to acknowledge British legal authority in Palestine. British authorities went swiftly ahead turning sccllons of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities into fortresses. They are consolidating their position lor a death battle with the underground. In Jerusalem. 7CO 'Arabs nnd Jews whose homer, were within the British security zone or canlonmcnt areas received eviction orders lo vacate Ihem by noon Thursday. Solicitors, for' Turn in'$2393 First Day's Activity During Campaign Gets Excellent Response A'total of $3,393.60 of the $11,500 budgel for the Hlytlievllle "Y" Flnnneo Campaign was turned In lasl night, at Iho first report session, held In tho "Y" rooms. Of this amount, $2,[M8 sviis In cnsh. Tenm 1, with Otho Stmiflcld and I'. J Hirtlcy, pledged $2fi5; Team 2, Jlmmle sunders and Tom Lltllo Jr., $ltl(l.!iO; Team :i, o. E. Knud- Mn, $75; Team 4, J. R Stevenson and w. II. Pease, $217.50; Team 6, n. A. Nelson, $301; Team 0, the Hev. K, C. mown and Olmrle.s Ultt- ncr, $201.50; Team OA, E. D. Feruson mid Harvey Morris, $ Tenin 7, A. R. Welenkamp, o. S. dwell and Lloyd Sllckmon, $90; TLMIIII R, Phillips Robinson nnd Jack Mclfnney, $11)7; Team 0, L. IS. Old Jr., and Jack Thro, $71; Team 10. the l)ev. Harvey T. Kldd nnd Hoy Walton, $117; Team 13, [ho Hev, H. Scotl nalrd nnd Samuel F. Nnrrls, $241.50; Tenm 14, Dr. Alfred vise $121 and Tenm If), Worth Holder, $20. The lust hvo learns are speclnl divisions, Supper at last night's meeting was .served by women of tho First Methodist Church and tonlijM 1 ." mcnl will be served by women of St Stephens Episcopal Church. Fire Near Luxora Fata! for Three Children of Negro Tenant-Farmer Die As Flames Raze Houso LUXORA. Fob. D.—Three NO'jrc, 'hlldren burned to dcalh yesterday when fire destroyed their lenan house on « farm six miles north mist of here. Children of Rnllesh and Manila Lcc Wllllnms, llicy were Uorolhs Ann, four; Annie Mny, Iwo; nut ol^inn I,cc, Iwo-monlhs of ace. The llirec children were In uc< when flic, believed caused by ar ovcrhcaled stove, broke out. Thch mother hnd gone lo visit n neluh- For Repeal of New Deal Laws Anti-Labor Bill Wins Approval In Tennessee NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Feb. 5. 'UP) —The Tennessee Senate today passed its second null-labor" bill within two days—this one a measure which has the effect of making Inbor unions subject lo court action. A third "anti-labor" hill, this one an "anti-closed shoi>"mcasurc. loomed in the offing as Sen. James H. Cummiiigs, Woodbury. and 17 other senators introduced It into Ihc Senate today. Rep. Damon Hcadclen. Tiplonvillj. has said he will sponsor H in Ihe House. The Senate also passed Ihc ad- niinistratlon's general education bill after a surprising lasl-minute decision by rural bloc leaders not to fighl a provision under which Ihe Another Low Of 76 Degrees Recorded Here The mercury skidded again dur Ing last night to Ihc seasonal low of -1G degrees, also recorded yesterday, according lo Robert E. Blaylock, official wealhcr obseiv- cr. This Is the lowest temperature recorded here since January, IS-ltj when the mercury reached 12 degrees. Tlic Little Rock We^lhor Bureou this morning predicted that lem- pcralures would not drop so iiv, tonight. The forecast wns for readings between 24 ami 28 degrees. Chlorine Gas Fumes Send 43 Firemen to Hospital CHICAGO. Feb. 5. lU.P.) Forly-lhrce firemen were treated nt three Chicago hospitals loday after they were overcoine by dens-j WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. (IJ.T'.)-Kcp. Clare E. Hoffman', , MIC i., said today that unchecked labor strife ultimately would load the nation to "civil war" and ^financial ruin'; Ho 1 1 man, lonjr a critic of New Deal labor legislation m>pose< repeal of the Wagner Labor Uclntiona Act and tiibslilulion of a measure thai would "be fair to both sides." The Michigan congreankini tes- Llllcd befoie a Houao Labor Committee which opened hearings on null-strike lugMiUlon Th'e .Senate Lr.bor Committee also Is holding hearings. TuUlmony before, the '.'committees wns highlighted byii 1. .Charles E. Wilson," president or Gcncial Molois Corp, who told the Senate Committee that the privilege of sinking has become a means of aggression" against the national welfare 2 Rep. Howard w. Smith, D, vn., co-nu:iior o( the Smith-Connelly nnti-atrlke.act, who piopos- cd hnt Congress bar nitons from holding loapomlblc union positions 3. Chairman Fred A Haitley, Jr.. R., N j , of the Houso committee, who talrl ludusliial strife has proved ' beyond contradiction' that present labor laws aic Inadequate for lunlnlnlnliU! labor peace. Hoffman sahl that the 55 000,- OW.OSO In porUl pay su |i s were inspired by racketeer)]]); i a brjr Irmlcrs, unscrupulous a tlorne)s and "no ,j., u |,l In SO ir.e cases bv coimnmilils H ho desire to wreck Amerlr.i," Hoffman's communhl charge. wits echoed l>y Smith who said, a "great deal' or labor doubles couldsiie traced lo "communlsllcally - con- unions, often officered by Economy Move In House Fails Arkansas Lawmakers Reject Proposal to Provide Information HV BOH II It OWN United Press Stuff t'urrmponileiit LITTLE HOCK, Ark., I/el), 5. — The House locliiy defeated a move >y an economy bloc to keep mcm- jers ndvlscd from day lo day of the amount or money available to meet appropriations. Hep, w. F. Ilcclor of I'ulnskl County Introduced n resolution that would have directed tho House clerk to post rlally tho unUclpiitcd revenue ror the next two years, the amount or money appropriated to dale, and thn balance available before new taxes would be needed. lie)). James Ciunpbal] of Garland County declared thai, the mcnsuve "Insinuates that members of the House arc voting blindly." .no;). Curl Hsndrlx of Horatio, chairman of the Budget •Committee, however, termed It a "slrona" resolution and requested that It go to the Resolu- waa lions Committee. His motion defeated. Another effort of the economy u-.lmlcd mqmbera lo trim a. supple trolled -.. ........a, wnir,, oiiiccreo. by Communists and fellow 'travelers who arc aliens." .Smith proposed that both em- ployes ai)d employers should be , .,.-. - ...„..„-,P. umsllcd for unfair labor nraotl- . menial budget request of Ihe Wash- 'y 5 ', * I ° "> ld l°rce »nd violence J Ington olficc of the Resourscs and ? • " g "Wkes, boycotts a nd picket- t Development Commission was-dc- "" ll " """ '"" ' — • -• *-— -™ Allu £jjl;&ck- • . — — ~™., „,.., ut- .^ U J' » or >-eniployes of a s'niok'I u:ilrjd by th.e house sitting as a n1nnl should be amons? the tmnwj I ommltlce of ihe whole. - <}ellncd n s unfair action,by labon -. Rep. Henrtslli Rugon of Seb'a'S- " T< | s H f l l l n R'before the Senate' IM-- linn Counly lost his attempt to ™ 1 ' Committee, Wilson said Con- ellmluate *3,150 from the request. 8rc *- s """t write new labor laws ik insuranco mil r«« s 23, l «L tbo . !P™rnment" f rom |ffi bor a quarter of a mile away. Three other small children I the hoitne at Ihu time, run rroi Ihe house and escaped unmlurec Ycslcrday's high wind wcilppe flames through the small housi destroying it before thu filu coiti be stopped. The father and an older brother were picking cotlon when the lire started. The Negro family had been on the farm, managed by E. I.. Holes, for nbotil a week, having moved here from Houston, Mirs., four monlhs ago. Sheriff Deputies Splcfr and p. s. Stanflcld of LUXOM Investigated Hie dcnlhs. . . ... , ••••-- - auer iney were overcome jy c ens ,lale will earmark or school pi.r- clouds otJ chlar|nc whllc5 „ ,, t poses 10 per cent of surplus funds •• • the counties will receive fro mine two per cent retail sales tax. Rotarians Induct Three OSCECLA, Feb. S. — Thrco new members were inducted into the Rotary club here yesterday. They were A. C. Spellings, planter west of Osceola; A. C. Martin, manager of Cotton licit Farm Loan Association; and Sam Hodges, editor of Ihe Osceola Times. Due to lack of, proper heating facilities the program scheduled to be held was dispensed .with. Dinner 59 5-8 was served in the Community'House T 1-8 7fi I-2'Missionary Society. ing a five-alarm laundry supply and tire shop fire. , Forty-six pieces of equipment, manned by more than 300 firemen, fought the blaze in llvj zero cold for three hours last night before bringing It under control shortly before midnight. The ruins still smouldered early today. Presidential Succession Proposal is Renewed WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. (UP) — President Truman today renewed his request that Congress make t.he speaker of the House first In Jaycee Leaders To Discuss Plans For State Meeting Plans for the slate convention of the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce to be held here will be made nl a meeting of the Stale Board of Directors Sunday In IJI- tle Hock. Th convention will be a three- day affair w llh the dates set for April 18,1!) an ( | 20. Several national Jajcce figures and distinguished guests will be invited to attend.' Otho filanfleld, convention chatr- ninn. 5 ald today. Blythcville Jaycec.s who will attend Ihe Board of Directors meeting Sunday with Mr. stnnflcld arc Jim Smothcrmon, Jimmic Sanders, •fames Roy, Jennings Bailey, Jim Stevens, John McDowell and 'William Wyatt. Appointment of convention committees will be marie and announced at the LItllc Hock meeting. Welding Torch Starts $250,000 Furniture fire SUMTKH, S. C., Fcb 5. (UP) — Fire swept through a furniture manufacturing plant here today, fed by a bitin? sub-freezing wind. Damage was estimated by officials of the Korn Industries at, $250.00U. The blazs was belicvecd by firemen lo have started from an acet- elync welding torch. by the Women of Ihe Presbyterian | Ihe line of presidential succession ! when (here is no vice president. Meanwhile, the senate approved 25 to 4 a bill providing for the regulation of rate's for certain casualty Insurance including fidelity, surety and guaranty bonds. Sen. F, J. Butler of Forrest City declared tlmt the bill had been "drawn up by large Insurance companies. He had earlier Introduced a similar hilt which he «tld favors the small companies. In other nolliyi. Iho occaie received 17 budget bills, Including one for $;I8-1,950 a year for :.he Ar- '<n!isns Slate Police. The House adopted a concurrent, resolution recommending thai con- press out up for sale or homestead federally - owned land adjoining stale nnd federal highways. The House also approved a bill appropriating $25,000 to give pncumo- tlinrnx treatment to tuberculosis piticnts who arc not in slate snn- nlorlums. 'Another bill was passed abolishing tlic five-member 'bauxite board and transferring its cln- lies lo the Resources and Development Commission. Teachers Throng Capitol Galleries or the house wcrccrowcl- cded as school teachers Ihrongod Ihe capltol anticipating action on tlic Arkansas Education Association's bill tlm 1 , .would raise teachers salaries $300 a year. Rep. Marvin Bird of cmteiKlen County said he would not call up the measure loday because the House Revenue and Taxation Committee last night deferred making any recommendation on It pending further study. After a four-day wrangle the House yesterday gave a 12 l o 22 vole of approval to the emergency supplemental budget, request of the Sec LEGISLATURE on Pago '?. Four Burglar Suspects Held In Jonesboro JONESBORO, Ark v Feb. 5. — (UP)—Four Tulsa, Okla., persons were held in Cralghcad county Jail loday on charges of possessing burglar tools. They were arrested last night. Named In charges filed In Craighead Circuit Court were John I^c, 19. his wife Laura Fee, 34, Leroy Echols, 27, and Lee McOce 21. Arresting officers said the quartet had burglar tools and a pistol lhat had been slolen from Sheriff Lloyd Yarbrough of Olarksville, Ark. U.S. Attorney Confirmed , - government"from defiance of "pressure 'groups •• Proposed a 10-point labor refer.™ •>ro B rnm. Including a ban on Indus-' .rywlde bargaining and the closed shop. Wilson spoke as the House Labor Committee opened Us own hear- ngs on Republican 'strike-control CKlslntlon. Rep. Gerald W Lan- Ks, R., Iml., the first witness, 'said Congress must wipe out the "inequalities, legal Injustices and dam- IKC" wrought by New Deal labor laws. Discussing "abuse of the strike Sec STRIKE on rage 5 Ministerial 'Alliance Elects Kidd- Lions See Football Film Members of the Lions Club held their weekly meeting yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble. Motion pictures of the Ark an . Feb. 5. (UP)— sas-Oklahoma A. and M. football The Senate today couHrmcd the" game were shown by James Neb- f The Rev '. Harve :y T. Kldd, pasloi'' of First •Presbyterian Church; wll hend Ihe BlyUievllle Minislcrk Alliance for 1947] . ^ The Rev. Mr. Kldd was eleclcc head of the organization at s meeting Monday f,t the City Hal He will succeed the Rev. E. C Brown, pastor of the First Baptis Church. Other officers who will serve ar the Rev. Allen D. Stewart paste of First Methodist Church, vie president, nnd the -Rev. D. B. Blec spc, assistant pastor of First Bar list Church, secretary and trca' urer. • • • ' ' Plans for a future meeting ail the year's work was discussed brie. Father Suffers Severe Burns Trying to Save Sons in Burning House CROSSVILLE, Tenn., Feb (U.P.l _ Four-year old Preutl; Rnnkhorn was burned to deat nnd his father and brother receh cd painful bums last night whe fire destroyed the residence t Mr. and Mrs. Ulcstus Kankhorn Mrs. Rankhorn and three othf children escaped without ir.jiir The father was burned whir: uj cuing his sevon-year old son, He mcr. Navy Plane Overdue WASHINGTON, F«b. 5. (UP): The Navy mcbilizsd 32 search plarf loday to scan a fivcstnte area ft a naval transport plane missir since late yesterday on a fllgl from Portsmouth, N. H., to -No' folk, Va. The last definite radio conta' with the plane, carrying a ere of four, was made at 7;05 p.r yesterday, the Navy said. he Senate today couHrmcd the" game were shown by James Neb- 1 omination of Joseph E. Brown to hut. Quests at the meeting were ) Admiral Byrd found plants grow U. 3. Attorney, Southern MIs-J John Buxton o{ Jonesboro and R. I i»g within 2W miles of the Soul 'sslpul. A. Movrov,' of East Chicago, Ind. { Pole.

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