The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 19-17 . CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rfc tertfosi; rit« lino tor couileuUt. 1»- OL»r|« ________ „ joe 1 time per Uu« ___________ 16c 2 tlu» »»r Un« pet itj ------ 1 _ lac 3 tla«i p»r Jin, jer d»j ____ Oc fl times per line per day _____ 7c 1- tlmei jier lluo yet day „ __ 6c Moull] pet Hoe ______________ eoc COUGI rive avcr£2« worda to the line. Ad ordered for Onee ur Mopped before exi.!micm times hud lie charg- . ed for the number of tlmCK the nd aj>- feared aud adJUBtDicnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persona resitting outside of tbc city must Lo.accoiiJiJanlea by cash. Hate* may be easily computed from tbo shove table. ArtYortifiing order lor irregular laser- tloijB tekcs the one time rite. No responsibility win bo Ufcea t?r wore than one tucorrect insertion of any ad. tlasiyi-d ad For Sale C'o;il! ]00 Ll)s. or Carlo.ul. \Ve deliver. Phone 37Wt. Wheeler Coal Co. % Coji- pcttge Gin. l-S-pk-2-b BLY.TUEVILLE (AIUC.) COURIER NEWS For Sale A] fulfil liny. 2 ml If* west on Hwy J?. iiMiulrti ;.l ilnoi-u llrutt. .store. Lci-lk' llarnis!.. 1710 I'ulr muK.s. Mt.Bun sn,|>»«. iJaiii riiltivnlor. liroaklnf )>!o» I.ii.l.l!,. bus- I«T. Six- I,. T. K,inu's (iusiii-ll. __ ____ _______ 2!:t-|ili-» All i-oal hentcrs n(. cost.. Good .selection. Planters Hardware. 2-1-ek-ir liusch anil Hog Disc. (!. A. Ilaie, Hurdetlo, Ark I'll ' Our Shop Gives You tt ' *74& &lm ^ ' '•',„!.'," ')'" Vli""!il '"]""'" '''• ''.''• ,' i '.',' 1 '•,',' ^ ••"•'ar ...... 'in', I ill linll... I all A. Cl. llri,-k,. v - K,-.. *>lecl cil bftrirl racks. BIyl "Hire Shop. Call 2H2S. r-rMre buyer for yonr home, II. 0. 1 0«mph*l] 1'hone 41C — 20BO. Office >2f> fionlk Kecond 1012-r.V-lf : _J_^ .7^11_ ^ I [.fire .lining room sol. S or G room L .: '"J;;,- [ i.SI >K-aU-r; rA.Uo. Singer Feuin^ ma- ; . , .'"^ l rMnc. Kkchf.i tfiUe flii.l t-liairs— | - llr "-^'' Apr Oilier t.nnsHiul.l ili'ins. 701 \V. \Vnl-.r_." ' . ~ ; jiui. ii7-,-k-2]7 i We spcciiilj/.c iiv fruit tree ' nr.,1 ojforjs. Haltonl's 100 a. finc-jnJ. I. Youiv car deserves Uie lii.'s( upkeep possible, In ki'on it in good condition! Uuii'l take ehanees on inl'erio'i- work—or :niii:ieur servii-c . , . Phillips jiives you culy tbe Ijeist, bjMrxpiM't meehaiik's who lake pride in seeing' your car in tip-lop shape! FASTER- F ur iniiU^ f:it rtn-1 r^ I'l;.;,!- M W MrCln'o III:, 'if <Mi-ii.'ll. oil travel. Army I)n,K'i> |.irk nn triirk. Conlnrl II!) Ihi'vitlc Curli Mnr- lOKAI, COMMERCIAI, SITE Comer lot, 300 ft. frontage on N. Ihvy. til, locaicil across highway cast ol (lamp Moult tie. Has depth nf -100 ft. Owner, F. K. 2<)57. 1-29-pk-2-5| spray materials. Ask us what and when to use, Planters Hardware Co., Inc., V2.C, \V. Main, phone 515. l-;!l-cl;.!f !l Klii.Miakfr lialMuii l.-i «i',-r Yiru' (?". ri'inji..-'''^'/!!. Strayed ilcl. Kl'rnyi-il ( S|in,i1i.|. C nioiitli) X. lli-wi-.y 111 r ,. ; i, ;|:i-i, l.- -2( Wanted to Rent - ,. , - Kinj.l'.y.'.l In *,vifl .V t'n. 1), ,ii, ' liloocl tested bnliy chicks. Poultry feeds of all kinds. Lewis" Poultry, -110 K. Main,'Ph. !M9. ]-2B-pk-2-5 _ _ Wanted to Suy DONT TAKB A Tf>is7 <;ei the top price for vour car or truck from PHILMPF MOTOR CO. Today. fi-3-ck-tl 'y7-2 ;••• j Cash for wrecked or junk .'."" ct -'1 | iiutomobiles. \Ve'll come li-nuim residence near busi- ! , and get it. AVade j\uto ness district. S3500. Own-! Salvage. North Hiwy HI, cr occupied. Quick poshes-j phone 37S5. 12-26- Kion. II. C. Camplicll, S B" Ft* /( rf^* If J r K V i C r * Em C % T I ^eJ RIM • .11 Hortlco— }V?i wtililiiK fiicklavk of kjn-.l oC rondltian Mia >,-U. i.lclim .,,,1 ,1,-IU,-, Ml'..-. r,,,l i!rr«(l'vrs"'ln' T"" M'MI!'I S-n.ll.v, Mil W.,!u,|, Avc . SI.» MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lilyfhcville, Ark.—Tel. 'If^-HT?! ^ During Hie lost 24 ycai'-s, the Accidental dcnlli rate to clilhlren under five ycitrs a! ngu hw, dropped 27 per cent. Local & Long nislnncc i\Tnvin(j Comr c tcnt Help and erjulpruent. Adequately Insured ContraM Hnullug anil 2.I1&C. !3erTlcc3. Home Service fc Stor&«o 00. 1'liono 2301 For Hire Ht-allor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-eVc-lf Iliirli jjracle lilond lested hahy c-hicks. Special S12.!)0 per hundred. Complete line o! I'eed. liluylock Halthcry, N. (il. " 1-31-cls-tr lun « s :lnv comlition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night- 20f.9. l-17-ck-2-lV Help Wanted rit-urrt] m,-.-.t sa^-.stjinn nn,M hnvu -. I'.UICTNt; I'ACKINO I,VI\|1M-;V ll.S'ny. .UIKANSA.S. Ij-lK ck-L'!:". Situation Wanted I'ii,n..-r rr<il<-™l tn>iln mats, i! r r, ply. ni:,,lr- to fil your liihlps in'l t.r.s.-rvr- (ini.h. Onler tlirin from -limiiii,- R,!, 301 1-: Main P'.. l.lKin" 2JS7. rk-1:;7 II 207 Uahy Chicks! Qn.-Hlnlple A. 5M.9o per 100. -Mm r.ruv,ri'* Slorp. , If22-cl;-(f r..r.ln Louse nnd donliTo RBraL'p. 005 Chirk. HT-cV-217 '<1??ioiu residence located on S. 2flth Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Camplicll, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-27-1! 'iniin. 5.Sf..on : Klr-.-tric Wnsl.ini: .Mai i-liinr. ?.-,n.firi; 19:17 Fnr.l A O •l'rn.-mr. ... w nil.licr. J' flultiva- l,.r.< :ir,.l MnivinL- Macliin.' fl.f-IJO. All in tnu'l rorulillou. l)r»ni!.l \Vncli. Manila, Ark«!»n<. llnmc l. 'Jl 1 Sou. V2S r'K-tf It's a ncarinr Aid SprnScrs an- heard ljc;tcr by male listeners tli:tn b-.- women, b«- rmji men's liefi^'y clothing .ibso souW' \vr\veR. iiiKlca<i or rcfl^cli them, as docs (be licht clolhing of \vomon. ' Why Gamble with Old Man Winter JUST CALL 940 and linvc your Coal delivered. Guaranteed to Satisfy We nlso buy poultry at all times. Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main Freah Stoct Guaranteed U«»t Price Drug Stores V/E HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 4<i CIIKV. •13 I1ESOTO 41 CIIKV. 3)! fJIIl'V. ^7 I'.lIlClv OTIIKItS TO SEI.llOT KIIOSI BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION Plume S2S 11!) K. ?-/l:ihi SJONKY TO LOAN l)o you need a loan lo repnlr (ir remodel'.' No down payment, no mortgage, no nul f'llie. KHA approved nite *'"', Ask for details, MBI , Realtor, phono 203i. Hldfj., UlylhcvHIc. 9-'2i!.ck-tl Woathi'r sd-ippiiiR'. Save fuel hy having dnorri and windows weathers'! rijipetl. C. K. WiKKins, fiia N. 10lh. See us Cor an estimate be- Cure you have your tnielnr oveilianled. We spceiii'liiri'! i" steani cleaning :ui,d Piiintio!;, eleelrie mid ncei- yli-ne welding. Russell Phillips Trnctor Co. Hiwiv <il South. I'hone 2171. _ 2-1-ck-ir For Rent .li-rn liiiUiliiiu. I.U-iil linu lu.lli. ]:i8 rk-lf Personal "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main St. Phone 3(VI7 FARM LOANS <l Lew Interest / Long Term 4 Fair Appraisal J Prompt Service RAY WORTHINGTCW Serving This Seclion for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd Rlj-llieville, Ark. Tune in Priiilcnlinl I'rosnim Sunday ;il I p.m. over VVIIEO KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL The car you're driving now may be ;i death trap for both your family and yourself! Who knows what shape it is in ... until jf'vcn a (horou^li check hy experts. Don't take tiianccs !>y tlriviiif; a' car thi't hasn't been insju'cletl for traffic hazards . . . lii-ins; it to us now for a complete service check with corrective measures. Our Shop Gives Your jf** A r^ CAR... New Life! Walk hi Boxes Dry Coolers Kce Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator fur Iiiiir.r-{imc Drlivyry CALL Sfeelc 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE vooi.i;, owner .t Mjr. IliBluv;ij (il -\orlll at HOLLAND, MO. U was only a little while ago when you had to have a certifi- cate from your Ration Board fo buy a new lire . . . and after you got your certificate you were lucky to find a dealer with the size and type tire you needed. TODAY, IT'S DEFERENT All you have \o c!o to get any size or type tire r i is call on us. -- COMPLETE STOCK . , . IMMEDtATE DEL/VERY? DON'T DELAY! LET US INSPECT YOUR TIRES AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE! L AV El if O U I t S 1 II CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W, Walnut Phono 578 Snvc Mnncy Tunny, Any nay STOP AND SWAP UUIEUT 101 K. IMiiln I'liunc 85!) Yuu Must Ho llniipy ur No l)c:il Stefcli* &mm Any Moke or Mode! 5 to 2 Bays Service We Call For and Dellvezl PHONE 2642 Fred Caliihanl MOTOItOLA Sales and Service 10« South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typi: 3 Except Cnnccr) DRS. NIES& HIES Clinic 514 Miiln, nlylhpvlllc, rtrlc.. Phone J. LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Stisurance Co. Ulytlic.rlllc, Ark. Sudden Pain Or Stiffness VV/Hlt Is It? . . : it luny iudlrate n Hhciiinnllii Condition—Mountain Valley Miluri-al Watl.-r Sruiu AlllL'riCH'» bpa—llttS lll'lpl'd lit Hut SprlllK-'i. A'rk.. mid i,t HOME. We tli'llvcr direct to you. Order your supply today. Fice boyklL't uu rcnui'st. Cull or Write for nuiiklnt , CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M:iln niul Division Ulyllicvillc, Ark, PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down DON EDWARDS - "The Typewriter Mnn" •* HOYAI,. SMITH. COKONA lliul ItKMINftTON I'OHTAIII.F. 110 M. SECOND ST. PHONE 33B2 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) ('nt)i-Alra Alllr Fans Siin-ncnii Autiiniallt; Oil ilrnlcrs Nnrpja Illcelrlo Hot Waler Ilealirs Shmiin Willinms I'altits Slu'fflcltl Field Fencing Gniiltl's \Vnlci' rumps .trodrrn Water Softeners (liiilieisnn Kilchcri Sinks J 36 MONTHS TO PAY ASK US A HO I IT KAUMKH'S TKUiMS WITH ANNUAL PAYMENTS PLA K, Inc. 126 West Main St. HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES If Come A BY EDGAR MARTIN •you DID BUH.O ON tm<; MR. AV.V- CONSTRUCTION S T PP. l*> ANYTIMK Hay or Niif "The Old Reliable" TOW Source or PETROLEUM Dependable ycrvlce PRODUCTS ANYTTMB. Day or Niglil Office RR r.l Cherry Sales—BU1CK—Service |U. S. Tiros Mobilgas and Oil , VWKCK13R SERVICE | Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 KKl'JCKLKS ANT <•» i i PC?, FPtf.K IS PUN'N(M& JHMMM/ ,V;LO WITH THE MOMW •z S-.MJE CM HIS CAR; ^.W'fe% ^..\^ mi^' v$®&*3 'op's Round THATiOOMES | <3OSI4,'WHAT TO $4-8O, / HAPpliMED TO wy MOMEY? RY MKRRlI-tj BLOSSEr W~'"< •/%fo, ' l <//''. JATHEf

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