The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1947 33,000 Motorists Die on Highways Death Toll During 1946 Soars Over Nation, Safety Council Reports CHICAGO. Feb. 4. (UP)—The nation's automobile death toll Jumped 19 per tent last year as moio than 33,000 motorists were killed on tlie highways and city streets, tlie National Safely Council reported today. Only two states, Arizona and 'Maryland, were able to claim re- ciuced automobile fatalities. Arlz- ) onn's deaths dropped 17 per cent, and Maryland's four. Council statisticians estimated the automobile and taxicab toll lor 1SMO at rfbout 100,000,000 IMssenger miles. The air transport passenger death rate was approximately 1.2 persons foi' the same mileage, wliile thai for railroad ftiid bus travel, not officially computed as yet, figured to be about .16' and .17 respectively.. The council, in its annual report on accident casualties, also disclosed that one out of every 13 persons ip the U. S. suffered a disabling injury in 194«. One hundred ; thousand persons were killed in accidents. The air transport death rate per 100.000,000 passenger miles in 194fl was the same as that of 1939, but a decrease of 43 per cent from The total number of persons killed in crashes of scheduled planes was 107, including 75 passengers and 32 crew members. The number of passengers killed in 1945 was 83. including 12 crew members. Deaths from all types of accidents increased by four per cent last year, the council said. A total of 10,400,000 persons were injured last year. All accidents recorded cost the nation $5,600,000000 the council said. "* The Ifl46 accident death rate was 71.4 per 100,000 persons, Hie council sftid. Lower rates have been ' 34,000 Killed in Homes More than 34.000 persons were killed at home, the report said riie council said railroad accidents i» Hie first 11 months of law killed 1 3,928 persons, seven per cent less than in 1945. Accidental deaths at home tn- ?i' C n™ 0< U 0nc! 1:cr cem ' from 33 . M ° 'o 34.000. Occupational accidents killed lb,o<H>, the same number' as in lQ4a; public accidents excluding motor mishaps accounted for 17000 deaths, six per cent more than in 1945, and accidental deaths ot '"'Wary personnel dropped from 5.SCO in 1!)45 to 2,100 last year P.dls killed 27.800 persons' in IMS, afooul the same as in 1945- deaths from burns numbered 10•MO. a three per cent increase- 7,^00 persons drowned, an increase of two per cent; firearms accidents rose..24.per.-cent- to-3,100-^-'-"- Among cities with more than 2oO,COO population, san Diego, Calif nad the 'largest reduction in fatalities—15 per cent. Memphis. Tenn., was second, .with a 88 per 'Leading cities in the population groups for 1946, on the basis or ""• ""*nber of traffic deaths per BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Fireman Gets All Wet . In Second Baptism HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)-Fire In- fp 3 .prt° r ,- R L ' McNa!1 <=y was bap- Inn 1° years aB °- He h! >s A f™" baptized again, this time without benefit of clergy McNalley W as inspecting the wiring ,„ the First Baptist Church v.lien he noticed a closed door bp-M L ' s '" therc? " he asked the building superintendent " T1 iiifs the baptistry." the su- dra! ncCdn " ellt rcplied ' " But "•'* been McNalley opened the door and niln"i C | " SCVCral steps r '8 nt into his second baptism. He got out shivering and dripping McNalley says h e is known as the pious fireman around hi s office Bead Courier News Want Ads. Tourist Camp Leveled By Tornado Fifteen persons were injured, two seriously, when a tornado struck this tourist cnmp seven miles south of Macon, Georgia. The debris shown in this picture represents four Telephoto.) cabins whlcli were destroyed. (NBA American Government System Faces Challenge, Fulbright Says HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Feb. 4. (Special):—The. American system of government, "the most successful the world has ever seen." faces the challenge of competition with "Communist authoritarianism." Hen. J. W. Fulbrjght of Arkansas said at Marshall College here tonight. To meet this threat to democratic institutions, the Arkansas senator asked for the adoption of "promising" suggestions to make the governmental system of the United States more effective. He called specifically for the creation of a joint legislative-executive council and a bi-partisan committee on foreign relations, for treaty ratification by a majority of both houses of Congress, for the development of a technique "that would prevent the legislative branch from being controlled by a party different from which controls the executive," and also for a question period in Congress for members of the executive brancli. "If our idtas and principles ol government are to survive and, I hope, eventually prevail, it is absolutely necessary that this nation furnish positive leadership to the war-torn world," Fulbright said. Our statemen arc handicapped, he indicated, because "they cunnot speak with authority until a long and difficult process of Inlrn-gov- ernmental negotiation and prolonged debate has taken place." "It is fine, patriotic and high- minded to talk of non-partisan cooperation, but it is difficult lor me to believe that human nature or politics has changed substantially since tlie last two years ol President Hoover's administration or the last two years of Wilson's. We all know how we cooperated in those Instances and how un- fruitful were the results." "Today tlie world, especially America, believes that anything; Is possible through science and reatl- ily accepts the most radical Innovations. In contrast to this, there has been no significant change In the art of government since the American revolution We must show the world that we arc essentially a responsible community and that we can fociia the enormous power and energy ol a free society upon the common probleai of peace with justice." The Surinam toad hutches Its yonuc In deep pits on the skin oi its bark. Promptly Relieve* Coughs From ACHING CHEST GOLDS Http. Break Up StirlK* Con ( «ttfonl TireCAII-ln- Listless Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do you get up In the mornings still tired, feel down-and-out all day? Have you chcckcd-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold, flu or other Illness often wears down the red-blood-colls. Every day—every hour—million3 of tiny rcd-bloorl-cells must pour forth from the marrow of your bones to rc- plRce those that are worn-out. 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Blandy Named To Command Atlantic Fleet WASHINGTON, Feb. i. (UP) — Tlie Nuvy announced today tlml vice Adin. w. H. p. Blandy U'lll 'be comm*ncter-ln-chlr( of tlie At- laiillo Fleet. Ulaiuly, commander of "Operations Crossroads" at which two tilomlc bombs were exploded at lllklnl, succeeds lAdin. Marc 'A. Mltschcr who died yesterday nt Norfolk, va. The Navy also appointed Vice Mm. Arthur W. Radford. now deputy chief of Navy O|)emtlons for Air. to succeed Blandy as head ol the'Second Task Fleet, Vice Adm. Donald B. Duncan, deputy and chief of state to the commander Pacific fleet, will lake over Hiul- ford's old Job. Uuncim'5 successor and Dlaiuly's new chief of .staff have not been named yet. Meanwhile, the Nuvy announced composition of the fleet which lias left for Atlantic maneuvers. Tlio N«vy Department, liere dirt' not know whether Blanriy was at so: lending tlie force. The mnnouvois scheduled to last from Feb 2 to March 19, will take place In the Caribbean. President Truman plans tentatively to Join the fleet aboard the Presidential yacht In March. Apple Orchard Opened To Entire School 'ANDREWS, Hid. (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Kccfer liavo an tin- wrltlcii agreement w m> (ho 320 pupils In (he Dallas township school next to tholr Mucc-ncro apple orchard. Tlie Kei'fers pul out u basket of i|)|ilcs » ilny from whluli each slvi- ilonl Is pcrmltlecl two npplcs ft '!r.y. The children agree to stay out of the orchard and not to hhake tho trees. This your, however, the apple crop was poor and the children were allowed to go Into the orelinrtl mid cut any apples they could find or shake from the trees. PAGE SEVXtl WARNING OltDKK In tli» Chiinrery Court, Chkkusaw- bn Dlitrlut, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Neal Shivers Pliilntlff, vs, No. 9941 Etta Shivers Defendant. The defendant Ktla Shivers is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of tho plaintiff Neal Shivers, Dated this 13th duy of Jan 1MT llAHViry MORRIS, Clerk. Vlrtfl G««n, Atfcr lor M F. O. rXughUn, Atty. wl Ub. TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Save ,v<iur (iri'scnt car Exjwrl Mechanical Service Alcmlta Oil and Lubricant* ; VI-H, wo wash ami B re«ss cam too! Motors'.' We Imvr now motara Ovrrlinul v relmtlil tlicm Tires and Tu'je.s Oli. Vc«, W« nalnt Cars Toft! Iti'IKilr lunl Itrllnlbli all bodies T. I. 5EAY MOTOR CO! Phone 2122 My, how she's grown; This is the snow-suit that fitted Sally so well only two years ago. It was a little snug last winter, but still wearable. Now: it's outgrown. Sally, needs a new outfit—fast! A lot of businesses are in the same spot as Sally. Their facilities Sre outgrown too. During the tight war years, they nursed old ,equipment along, patiently waiting for new materials and machines. And all the time they, too, kept on growing. But a lot pf things they've beeo needing still aren't available. That's why so many businesses —our own included —are like Sally, straining at the seams, waiting for the new outfits we need! This is a friendly apology to those folks who've asked to be added to our crowded lines. Though we haven't gotten around to you, we haven't forgotten you. We appreciate your patience, and want you to know that—as soon as materials become available—we'll be happy to bring cheap, dependable electric service to you, too. • lim* It Ilii New Electric Hour-fA« HOUR OF CHARM. Sonity:, 1:30 P.M., Mr, CBS. m-MOPOWERCO. 'z

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