The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 6
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snc (COURIM Ward and Belkas Win Mat Hatch Wrestlers Display More Skill and Use Fewer Brutal Tactics Ill a tag match unique in Us preponderance of scientific and cleaii- breakmg .-wrestling,. Tommy Ward and Chris Belkas -downed "George Curtis and Stocky Kneilscn in Iwo out of three quick falls to claim the evening's victory. Even Stocky Kneilsen. an inveterate rough-and-tumbler, kept his roughhcuse tactics to a minimum. His work W as generally overshrtd- o»ed by thc faster, more precise methods used by thc three younger grapplers. -liic first fall, although it lasted only 15 minutes, was the longrsl of the tag match. Thc fast-moving and hard-working learn of Ward and Belkas out-wresllcd thc re- latnely Inexperienced Curtis unti thc rough-tussling Kneilsen. in tlie final minutes it appeared lhal (he Norwegian was aboul lo |X)int thc way to a winning fall when he ! caught Belkas in a double jack- t knife j t Belkas. however, .suddenly rovers- j ed. thc lead by a quick leg. move- i mcnt that flipped Kncilscn to (he rhat. and left Belkas on top to pin : arid eliminate 'the Norwegian. j More Skill Displayed j Be!ka s and Ward then combined to make short work of Curtis as the.v took turns administering a series of body-slams until Ward caught the pay-off drop and finished the fall. Curtis returned; In the'second fall to open it with a scientific workout with Ward, catching him in a hammer-lcck. Ward shook loose from this hold by destroying Curtis' leverage in a pull-away maneuver that dragged the latter to the canvas. Curtis absorbed several hody- ;sloms from Ward but countered s»Utlv with a three-way combina- :tlon—a. head scissors, an arm-lock an,cl body pin _ that sent Ward from the ring. .Virtually re-enacting the last halt of Ihc first fall, Curtis and Knfilsen alternated in handing Bellas body-slams until Curtis ert.Oen up aton the lone foe to cud the fall in 10 minutes. Kneilsen and the chesty Ward opened the final fall with an exchange of arm-locks. Ward was loo . quick for Kneilsen and soon converted his arm-lock inlo a hend- scusors. Slocky reverted to Ills punching techniques but Ward re- ta'iated with a display of latent temper, clou ting and buttlnK Kneilsen until the Norwegian fled the ring. RtfercK Takes Punishment Belkas and Curtis met in an exhibition of scientific wrestling that exploded In a free-for-all, one of the unusually fe.v of the evening, that started when Kneilsen gave extra-legal aid lo his partner from .outride the ring. As Belkas nnd Curtis wrangled. Ward, In his onlv other show of temper, slugged it, out with Referee Joe Estes. Minutes later the beginning of thi end appeared when Curtis took » .pounding from both Ward and 'Belkas. who catapulted themselves off the.ropes In, flyipg body-blocks. Belltus got jlri llh'e? final blow to pin CUrtIs ':.' l - : '\\\\[ i! : J - Belkas softcnect up kncllscn with a series of ranid kangaroo-kicks •which Ward followed up with several body-blocks to soon put Stocky's .shoulders to thc canvas, ending the winning fall for himself and Belkas in nine minutes. In Ihc first preliminary bout, .Ward defeated Curtis with a hammer-lock after 15 minutes of some .of thc most scicnlific wrestling ever staged in the Arena. )i Uf There Be Light Motor Firm's Cagers Win Over Luxora A fast, casket-riddled contest saw Loy Elch Chevrolet Independents nose cut Luxora Independents 'Hi to 43 while in a strong .seconrl- hi If rally, the Paragould ludepcn- danUs hit their stride to slice a Una 33 to 32 victoiy from the Fitzpatrick Jewelers In lust night.':! twin bill on the high school court. The molonncn maintained ft XU lo 17 margin at the end of the firs thalf. A basket duel In the last half resulted In both quints more than doubling their scores. George, Luxora forward, amassed ILuxora Juniors Next on List for Blytheville Paps Gunning for their seventh win in nine starts, the Blytheville Papooses will play host to Luxora Juniors tonight in Ihc high school gym. On the basis of their first meeting, this return engagement looms as a close contest, in their second game of the season about a month ago, thc Paps wrung a '24 to 23 win from thc Luxom quint. In this lilt the- Luxom Juniors made a .strong bid for victory as they staged a second half rally that overcame a hcallhy 20 to 7 Pap halftiinc lead. Probable starting line-ups follow: Paps I'os. Luxiira Iloncyeutl If Cockrell 22 points lo lake high-scoring lion- :Wyalt V Gray o;s while A. Bunch hit steadily to father 13 for the motoriiicn. A league lilt faces the Loy Eich hoopsters tomorrow night when nigh sSym St0re Ca8Crs in tilC ID was tlie Jewelers who appeared victory-bound in the first half us they rolled up a 15 to 7 lead by halftimc. Cunningham, Paragould Berry .......... C. Donner ........ O pi<rcifiill ...... G Gosnell -. _ „ , D will meet _ forward, sparked the visitors' win- twin bill on tl ning bid as he garnered 14 markers beginning at 1 to lop the scoring list. Pllzpatrkk Probable stiulers on the boys' forward Rakcstraw took second < line-no arc Harris and White, tor- spot with 11 tallies and Miller, wards; Swain, conter; Perkins o/nsl Faragculd forward, followed closely Ford, guards, wilh 10. Slated to open Ihc girls' game for 'Both Filzrotrick boys and girls Gosnell are Bevill, Grimes and squads journey to Paragould Fri-j Wisdom, forwards, and Bolin. day night for return engagements. Bright and Brown, guards Starling line-ups and box scores! ' 1 follow: Kilzputrii'k (32) j>js. Paragould (33) Rake-straw (11) P Miller (10) Lipford (6) P.Cunningham (I'D Johnson (2) ...C Farr (4) Hon G. . Hampton (5) Poff —,..i;..G. ,...;•. --o.,, Taylor Sutetitu'lions: <\ Jcwel,ers^Kul>ailks (2); Boles (2). Bell '(2), R'e ; £nn iS), Chaffin (2). Thompson. Taragould 'Brummill. Williams, G. Taylor. Lny Eich («) Tos. G. Bunch 19) •!'. Board Resumes Fight'Fix'Probe Rocky Graziano Called To Give Testimony On $100,000 Offer 11Y JACK DIJIJDY United I'ress Sports Writer NEW YORK, Feb. 4. — Rocky Ornzlano, "golden boy" of thc ring, wns geared for an all-out brittle with tile New York State Athletic Commission lodny n t the resumption of the commission's inquiry into his admitted $ltO,(iO<j brltio offer. Tills hearing was cVecined doul)- ly innxjri.'iiii in the commission's crusade against "fixed" flghUs; for its outcome was expected to serve as n precedent for the commission's second Inquiry on Friday Into n $25,000 bribe offer which reportedly was made last September to Ray (Sugar) Robinson, world wel- IcrwegihL champion. Robinson was directed to appear before the commission on Friday. That. Grazlnno anticipated the most desperate struggle of his career today ml s Indicated vividly by Ihc strenuous preparations he | and Manager Irving Cohen /and , their attorney. Jacok Rosenblum, ; had been making since Rooky's I hearing adjourned lasl Friday. j • Roscnbhnn, former assistant dli- j trict attorney under Oov. Thomas E. Ofvcy when thc latter was n t Kang-bnsting prosecutor, declined I to indicate his angles of defense. He did make plain, however, that he was prepared to fight up to the highest court any commission order ihat might prevent Gra2lnno from meeting champion Tony. Zale in a return middleweight title fight at Afadlson Square Garden on March 21. Faces ?90,G<Sn_l.oss That bo.ut. with Us probable $300,000 gale, was expected to net Rocky n purse of more than $90,000 Revocation of Rooky's license or a long suspension would cause cancellation of [he bout. No charges were filed against Rocky, either by the district attorney's office, which started the bribe-offer Investigation, "or by the commission, which merely I s in- cutlrlng Into events that led up to his withdrawal from a fight with Cowboy Ruben shank O f Denver 1 lasl Dec. 27. Rocky told District Attorney, Frank Hognn. as well as several newspaper men, that \\g had been offered $100.000 by a stranger lo Pirates nnd Hiratelfcs j lose the shank bout. He said he Dell cagcrs tonight in a i regarded the offer as "a Joke." and Qosnell hardwood I therefore did not tell any one. not ill- Head Berlc White Gosnell Cagers to Play Two Dell Teams Tonight i therefore did not tell any one. even his manager, about Its He sifted that the bribe offer had-no bearing whatsoever upon the cancellation of the shank fight. Man* ager Cohen withdrew him from the bout on nee. 24. he said, because he had a sore back. Hogan still Insisted tlii:i C!ra!l- ano knew the would-be briber and TUESDAY, FKBUUAKY 4, 1947 Chick Cagers Travelling northward to Investigate thc likely possibilities of another pair of victories, Chick cafj- ers journey to Hayti, Mo., tonight for a return engagement. Just a week ago. the Hayti cag- ers opened this particular two- game scries as they Invaded the local court to bo. turned back In n dual defeat. The Chick "A" squad sent the Missoiirians home on thc short ciut of a 31 lo 21 score while the Chirk Girls squeezed out a 24 to 22 victory over the xislting six. Neit'iicr game was fast or even hard. But bath were sleaciily played with the Missouiians displaying a slow persistence and "sliow-me" attitude about being defeated. Tho JIaytl lads play n cautious «anic, Irctzir.f; the ball when uncertain, and slay clear of the fast break. Probable starting line-ups follow: Boys' Game Tears Flow as Baseball Commissioner Calls on Babe Ruth in Hospital NEW YORK, Feb. 4. — (UP) — Babe Ruth, baseball's all-time home run king, wept when base- wall commissioner A. B. (Happy) Chandler visited him at French Hospital ycslerday. The two men greeted each other, «uth with tears In his< eyes, and the sight of Ihc once-mighty slugger helpless In a sick-bed caused Chandler to break into lears. "Habo," the commissioner said, you are Mr. Baseball. I am going to say a little prayer for yon—God bless you and may you' gel well soon," As- the nurse led Chandler from the room which Ruth has occupied for more than three month-, la his light Against a condition which necessitated a serlou.s neck operation, the nabe turned his 1'iice nway and \vcpl silently. •Bunch (ID) V. Mcharg HO) ..C. Lutes 121 G. Johnson (4) ..G. Substitutions: Loy Luxora (43) George (23) . Baker (7) B'.owu 110) ... Koch (2) Permcivter (2) Eich—Chap- nihn (2t. Stewart (2). Luxora— Spicer, Smith. Referee: Pritchard. Kneilscn. however, set an equal- A II A .„,-. r '. _ _„ rough pace in thc semi-windup. I J /A I I -/Arnt3riCQn Bel! after 13 minutes. with Kentucky Wins Over Alabama In Cae Battle cra bhold I ,— f. iLage Stars to jPlay in Osceola j Northeastern Arkansas will s« i three All-Americans in action Thursday night in Osccola when Arkansas Stale meets Memphis I Slate, led by Ail-American Leslie '•^^_' D J.J.I Steclc. Ihc nation's leading point- L age Battle m f cr , m mi -. -* In lac semi-pro clash between "^w*. ' ,,„ , ! Cocil Cola Bottlers of'Memphis and 1 •NEW YORK. Feb. 4. _ <UP>-iRC Cola of Jonesioro. there wii: '...Two teams dropped from the lis! i be two former All-Americans on .of undefeated college basketball thc floor. They are the McKcel squads Iqst night—Alamaba as per | brothers who played for Murray expectation and Seton Hall quite State teachers college Leslie M-unexpectedly—and today only live Keel, Ihc younger, is six feet, three teams remained with perfect rcc- inches tali nnd was named on the ords, Kentucky, the nation's No. 1 leant until proycd differently, stopped Alabama alter the Crimson had won 14 in a row, ^>it It wasn't until the last few minutes that the Wildcats were out of All-American AAU team in 1911. This program is b?iiiR sponsored by thc Csceo!a Kiwanis Club for the bencllt of the Children*' Day- ground Fund. ---... ..... •TH\JI,.» I ^ isuie OUL. ot —. trouble. The final wore was 48 to j Thrace Ramsey To Play .. u the il-pomt margin wns i With Sacraiyento Club onds. Alabama trailed hy only two points at hnlftime, 20 to 18 and sta>ed within four or five points of Kentucky for most of the second half. It was Kentucky's 21st win in 22 starts. Their only loss was to the • Oklahoma Aggies. | Loyola of Maryland nipped Sc- ' ton Hall, 54 to 53, ending a n IS- 1 (tame streak. The.loss hurt Selon I Hall's chances of participation In' Jtne National invitational tournament at New- York, although they remained a strong candidate. Still undefeated were Duqucsne. (1J-0) West Virginia (10-0), Wash- infcton <t Jefferson (8-0), Kirks• .Mile, Mo., Teachers <19-0) and !i Trinity. None played last night. * i'- Kentucky's victory virtually sew*> , W up thc Southeastern Conference i Jfclwft for the Wildcats, and In the •f* "^8*ulh l .ve,stem Conference,- Texas * *".«'.long slep Jowarfi the chain-. OSCEOLA. Feb. 4—Thrace Ramsey, former o-ceola athlclc nr>w Playing pro baseball, is slated to begin spring training Feb 23 in Anaheim. Calif. w ith the Sacramento solons. managed this year by Dick Bartell. former Giant'in- i fieloer. | Games for the Solons' training | season have been booked with thc ; Chicsgo White Sox . ti, c Cleveland ; intnans. the Chicago Cubs and tho I «c»- York Giants. Tlie Pacific • Coast League season opens Apr! , 1, running through Sept. 29 j Ramsey played for the StMttlo , Kcmcteers last year as center fle'.d S. 61 to 41, FlH&u recpjv.•<!• ii jaW!' 1 i-"-'' • ' ' '' ^fe->-.. Eclipses Timed Each eclipse of the sun i repeal.., itself at definite 'intend' If there were an " there m/iA>i ° Texas a I 18 ycar». 11 _j ' Ii'j.., would you like to show your friends? U your kitchen looks something like this . .. Change it to a modern, attractive work-saving room with Youngstown units for monthly payments of only $1118 MULV.INS ' are made to liigliosl quality slnndnrds, of sterl; gloaming \vliitc. You'll appreciate the well planned "Kilchcuuidcr" cabinet sinks with acid-resisting porcelain cnnmclcd tops, the roomy floor and wall cabinets that give you plenty of handy storage space for everything. Conic in and see how this smart new equipment cau modernize your kitchen at low cost. Mississippi County Lumber Co. CaUKvell P Wells Hardy C Gctlings Foster G Clawson B. Elliott G 'Nelson fsirls' Game .tlythcvlllc I'os. Hayli 3. Ball K Nicholson Wilson !•' Phelon 3. Whisenhunt P Phillips Seay G McAnnallyl 1. Overman ...G Powell Travis G Shelton Shav/nee Loses In Tournament Marked Tree Speed Demon Accused LONDON. Feb. 4. (UP/ — Sir Malcolm Campbell, who once drove an automobile 301 miles an hour and now holds the world motorboat speed record of 141.7 miles an hour, pleaded guilty in West Ham Court yesterday lo a charge of speeding. A police complainant said Camp- oetl cliovc 38 miles an hour in a congested district. CnniFtiell pahi 10 shillings IS2) costs, and the summons was dismissed. The Shawncc boys squad' dropped into consolation play as Marked Tree cagcrs staged a strong fourth quarter rally to win by a 41-28 count last night, ii) Ihc Lcpanto invitation tourney. Shaivncc girls advanced to semifinal play by defeating the Lcpan- to sextet, 38 to 21, In first-round consolation play, _the Shawnee -boys meet the losers of the Dyess-McCormack tilt tomorrow night. The girls meet Marked Tree girls in semi-finals tomorrow night. By ousting Tyronza Ixsv.s 51 to 41. thc Oseeola quint moved up to remi-finals play last night, at th'j Lsuanto invitation tournament while the Osccola gnls dropped a 4o to 25 loss to tiic Tyronza sextet. Thc Osccola boy: next tilt is Thursday night when they meet Ihc winner of the Lcpanto-Missco game. Dyess Cagers Talc c Two Games At Luxora Dyess senior cagcrs took twc victories over Luxora boys and girls teams last night on the Lnxora court, the boys winning 39 to 23 and the girls topping a 31 to 22 count. In a curtain-raiser, the Dyess Juniors defeated Dycss 17 t o 13. his associates. Rocky contended he kne\v the men only by sight. What concerns the commission particularly is that tho Brooklyn slugger failed to notify thc commission of the offer. Rule No. G4 of the commission's code requires that n boxer report an attempted bribe "immediately" to the commission. Schools Fix • Dates for Cage Tourneys from tliis week through the first week In March, a profusion of basketball tournaments will be In all stages of progress throughout this district. Leachville, Lcpnnto. Mark c cl Tree. Jonesboro and Bay were all named sites for District Four cage tourneys at a meeting Sunday of district school representatives at j Marked Tree, in addition to these, (dates have been set for a countv ! junior team tourney at Lcachville and a senior meet at Osceola. j An invitation tourney got underway at Lcpanto last night and will . run through Saturday night. '. From Feb. 11 to 15.-junior boys and girls teams will meet in eotni- , ty play at Leachville. 1 The Mississippi County tournament for senior teams will begin in Osceola Feb. 19 and continue through Feb. 22 with games nightly phis afternoon tilts on tile last two days. These are also the dales of the county tournament. Three tournaments will be running concurrently from Feb. 26 through March 1.'These will be the senior girls' meet at Marked Tree, the junior boys tourney at Jonesboro and the junior girls tournament at Bay. Senior Fx>ys "A" and "B" teams will meet in district tournament play March 5,0,7. and 8. The "A" squads will play at Leachville with about eiglit teams enterini;. The "B" tourney will be staged at Lc- panto «ith" about 16 teams participating. Climaxing county nnd district play will be the slate tournament for which Ihc dales of March 13, 14 ond 15 have been set. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, Alt- KANSAS. !•', G, Jones Plaintlir vs »958 Axallne Jones Defendant. WAllNl.N'G OKUKK Tlic defendant. Azallnc Jonns. !s warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba Di.ilrjcl of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and finswcr the complaint of the plaintiff, F. G. Jones. Witness my hand as clerk of said court and Uie seal thereof this the ntli day of January. 1947. ,^ HARVI5Y MORRIS, Clui'AY By Mary Lee Jarra'.t. i;2i-28-2;4-u Fibrous structure of leather soles permits perspiration to evaporate more easily than does any other solo material. Your feet will feel better —slay better if you have those shoes resoled properly at our Quality Shoe Shop. Longer wear for Jess Money! HALTERS QUALITY SHOfe SHOP 121 W. Main St. CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost' So Little" WEEKDAY* Box Office Opens 6:45 p.m. Rhnw ntarii 7:00 D.m Tuesday "DEVIL BAT" ' with Bela Lugosi ami Susan Kareenc j Also Shorts RltZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today j Two things drew them together.., ^ The memory of murder...and a wild emotion that fused love and hate! DOUBLE FEATURE "Behind Green Lights" with William Gargan, Carole Lanclis "Pan Americana" with Robert Beiichlcy, Eve Arilcn Serial: "Phantom Kider" CJhupt, 2 Also Short Phone 445 1801 W. Main So Few of Us Fully Realize the importance of GOOD WAT But What Would We Do Without It? Use Plenty of Water - - It Is At Your Command ^ Day or Night H stands to reason that perhaps we have let many years of "Water From A Faucet" dull our appreciation of a service which is so vital to our ability to live together in health, comfort and safety. And water is our cheapest com- modity. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Man«fer " "Water /« Your Cheapest Commodity!* '" Kirk Douglas Judith Anderson RKO News and Comedy Wednesday & Thursday 0 "Don't Gamble with Strangers" . with • Kane Richmond, Bcrnadcnc Hayes Pnnimouiit Xeivs & Comcdv New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Sat.-Snn. 1 p.m. Cont Showing Tuesday Lone Wo!f in Mexico uith Gerald Mohr, Sliirlry Ityail Also Short Subjects Wednesday & Thursday "DECEPTION" with Iletlc Davis and Paul Hcnrcid Also Shorls Open 6:30 p.m.; Show SUrU 7 pj» Tuesday fa I Night IVnny Kinglclon, Arthur !,al<c "Life With Blondic" with Serial: "Who Is Guilty" Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "HOODLUM SAINT" willi William Powell, Ksllier Williams News of thc Day anil Shorts

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