The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 5
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TUHSUAY, FEBRUARY d, 1947 Building Boom HitsOsceold New Homes, Business Buildings in Process ^>y Of Construction OSCEOCA. Feb. '4— Both Indus- i Irinl and re.sidenilal buildings nre j on the up-grade I M Oscecla will. ; new homes goln tt U p -i m | additions ' being made (o old ones. Industrial builciinsr underway in- i eludes the erection of a ' Ing plant by c. D. Ayers, Osccola.; (firmer. The new plant j. 5 located next lo the Brickcy and Ayers Oh: on Enst Keiser Street. Louis George. Plymouth and j Dodge agent here, is constrnctins i a brick and tile addition to his ! showroom on Highway Cl to house IILI line of Allls-Chalmers Cnrrn implements. A five-room house In the new- i O.adlsh subdivision I.s bein« built by Mr. and Mrs. Dixie Montagus nn<! Mr. and Mrs. Ben Warbritton nre building a residence at M er- nate Highway 01. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy are ridding four rooms and a biUh to their home on West Semnies rtve. and •Mr. and Mrs. John Binford White nre adding n room and bath to their country home on Highway 61. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGregor and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Godley ' have moved into their new homes on Broadway and West S--r streets, respectively. Distinctive Masonry Exterior Adds Charm to One-Story Home 15-Year Prison Imposed For Car Theft FT. SMITH, Art:., Feb. 4.— (UP) —A 15-year prison sentence, awaited a 27-year-old inteiniitionally- known car thief, Jewell James Williams. Williams, reportedly wanted in 12 states for his part in the. operation of car theft rings, was sentenced yesterday h, Federal Court here by Judge John E. Miller. In addition [ o his automobile' theft acth'iU-s, 'Williams was allegedly wanted in Illinois for questioning („ i[ lc ( i enth 0£ an (,],,„,.. ly Negro chauffeur. Williams' conviction was based on five separate counts. To Hear Libei Suit In Craig head Court Today JONESBORO. Ark., Feb 4 IUP> —Charges O f libel, filed by Cn't- teiKlcn County Judge Cy Bond against Paul E. and John u Cou°h- 1m of West Memphis, will be he.-rd in Craighcad County Circuit Court !Home Owners Given Warning Insurance Company Offers Timely Tips On Repair Contracfs MfNNlTAPCLIH, Minn., Peb. -I. — Home owners need to be doubly on their gimvd ilt;ht now a^nlnsl shndy ojiernlors rioeklii-j Into the bnlidliiR repairs mid niteratlons ili'ld because ])resent chnoll L ' conditions in the ImlldliiK Industry which have prnc:tral]y c)l!n(na!ei( fixe<l bids, tilve such shmpi-rs a goldi-n opportunity lo noum> Uic Pioj.erty owner .several limes what a job Is worth, acconllni; to ex- pert.s In tile family economics bureau ,,f Northwestern National Life Insurance company. Hises in cos; of brilh materials aiul labor, plus di'llnihlcs In snt- ihn; supplies of cerliiln essential Hems, make const ruction , : usls so uncerlain 'thai sciiie Icj.iilmnte tonfractoi's i!avo practically sns- [Jindcil their 'former lUactice of giving fixed advance bills, and mi- deriake even small jobs ell her on •n cosl-phi.s busts or O n an V-stfmnte thitt is only approximate. At thi- :•••>!»<• time most of (he established "'ins are far behind on compiellou , "1 |)re.sent contracts. ! llcllc, llnslncss lliucaiis l|rl|i i " (1 M'" opnatois di-e largely ii' c 'i 11 iroin the comiietltlon and oiuk-up „( fixed bills by lejflli- ;! con.iactors, while V.vopprty owners are beronUnii iiiriisloincri lo accepting approximate estimates. • .'•tier Business liureiius In varl- ."ii 1 ; iliic.i report a mount Inn llnud I "I «'mpiiunl-i iro m properly owners who dei-lan- Unit niiirniii-iins • piifi-s nre Ijelng eharced them (or '"''i'"' leiwlr Jobs on uliMi ncn- . eiiilly a iai 1 lower estliuiite. wini '•i-i'ied [in ,,i[,i quoliillon from an :iil!iii!ii!,. s'riinsri' and hus loirihlm ;'•' , rl " alicad wllhoiit liotlierliiis lo ' ""'k him lip. And |:rueriillv the Jtropi'i'ty owner Is "stuck" with (he >»'i'liarj.e, an c | must pay to avoid •lUIVILl^ ;) |j(.[j n.'.'tL'cd £|| hj • hOtil ' "'e one siifejitmrd is lo know •your conn-actor, the. \v a r n I lit; i."tn;v.s; Unlay y 01 | ,„.,,_ mo| . ( , e]l|l|1 , ove) lu-loie, dependent upon D|N . lloni s!y. \)im'l (i,|.^ ,„.,,,. nv( . n |( miii"r Jul) in a strainer, p.irticulnr- '.v ii he (.onu'a lo your ,l mv solicit; m/. Midi work; Hie airy es;lnmte ol Sh' cini an ( |. ollcn dues brrmne $50 "••' ;•"•> when tin- bill arrives, jf yon cant find all established contriic- . ir| i "1 knonn lepiilaliiin W | U) | s pHaildtj'.e for yum- „.„,.)(_ ,| n nand H.i'KiiciK trorn the stianticr nnil : !ool; them up. ; OVMKT Liable fill' i.lens i Check with your local llet'er | Ilnsliu-.sti iturenii to .«.,. n u,ere I.s I any record of Justifiable complaints ' amiliiKt him. Luck or Mich com- h.inlnt.'i Is noi conclusive; a fast I worker will mien i;o Inlo :, nelxh- Lurlipdil, "clcim up" liiintlsnniely nnd move yn to :in»ther locality before complaints t:nn lu'c.iimulute iiiiuliiKl him. /\n;| finally, even a | written, fixed bl,| | S no assimince. ! of snlisfiickiry materials and work- I imuishlp. Head any wrluen order 1 "r contract curetuily biifore sH;n- ; Inrt, and be sure jou umiersliintl cverythhiR in |i. u,,n't p ; , v for the i.teb before |i-| s coinith-ted'sutlstin-- torlly. Cblnln a sluiied \"U3le.isu of I.lens" from tin coiurnuior before he ijeniiH work on any sizeable tob. Itcmeinber also lhat If he doesn't l>ny his workers or i>ny for male- rials used, the workers nntl tlic i Mil'lily liouscs can file Hens on your | liiuiie nnd force you to pny them, i even though yon hnvc ulreacly puld | II"- contractor la (nil. I The most e*senlln| safeguard of I «ll, llirri':<!M', IK to to let i even n minor repair or nllcninltuu j job |o anyone unless he enn fur- ] . nlsh sntisfnclory evidence »r Ills j honesty, coiniieteiiro mnl responsi- | hlllty, tile warning coiu-ludp.s. ! Eggs uontaln 00 per cent FOR 7 SALE 1 235 Go). Oil Tanks with Steel Rotks arid Fittings (I'HICKI) AT COS*) 42.50 JESSE W. PROVINCE *'• 127 1C. Vino I'hono 271ii an immediate touc'h to the front pullo- j porch. The attached set-back ga- ~ udds width and spaciousness ; desire for possession in ihe mind ol ! to the home. The plan 'for the in: the hoitu-scektr who is looking for : terior calls for combination tliniiiB hou.s? that i s distinctive nnd clif- ; and living roam, kitchen nrul three bedrooms and bath. Ample closet room is provided for in the bedroom section of the house. ferent in exterior iittractivcness. : Note how the wrought-iron ra and charming simpl? entrance nive Of illne ss v West Memphis, Ark.' The two brothers will , that charges they printed nuam Bond in a heated election campai-n last Summer were true. Bond is asking judgment for 510,- Atlorneys for the Coughliif brothers nre D. F. Crowder aud Clnudc Cooper of Blythevillc. Bond's nt torneys nre D. p. Taylor and Wi] B Davis of Memphis!' Too Late to Classify For Sale Attractive, high quality floo"s onk or other hanvood are ;'.])l>re- custed bv hoaic ov;iiers th- 1 year 'roimd. b-it particularly during me cold while:- months. V.ulriuv, rx- pcns .mint out. H is then that we.nn. rirv flc-ors arc most iin;::»r- t:.nt to health nnd comfort. Persons in homes \jjrth Rood hardwood floors are better protected against drafts and chills, and therck-rc k-'s likely to suffer'from cokr; -mil This is especially true of small children who play on the floor imuli u/ the time. Because some types o( HOOTS are cold and damp, contact with them l-rodui'e.j a chilling sensation. Ile'p.s Insulate r'lonrs Wood is naturally an ex:ellcnt insulating material. Modern floo~- • ! ing calls for a sub-floor fccncath •' | the finished floor. :<o that the home owner rc:eivcs not only adde-I Minimize Danger Cold Weather . , ntaKCS "' """"V wooc, " L ' ts , - 1 ". 1Ellro i;° 1 , octa - v lll ' a lna "- ; wo '* 1 =-', U " es stl ' '" usc a » l< --, r sc> '"™ Centuries of service. O.ik and f'f »»«.™o : l (ioor :: , t , of^n o.u- " Sts ^ llfe cf ; ' lumsc - Oa: ' hus 'Deeii kno'.vu ti. ictaiu its S'_':uit..v and uti'.ity for scvcrr.i him:irc:l \ears. Hend Courier Want Arts. i T)t>7., n of you es. of solid lumber. Additional pro- i iection is pained from the Saver I of buiitiii!.: paper between the I floors. This construclion ;jrovl^"5 j -in effective barrier against the passage o; air and moisture. Known for their dina'jiliry. hard- weed floors thai are properly eared for retain both their protective | qualities and their beauty for the i life of tlic •buildln?. They have [ b?cn known to last for generations. ! I" the eastern part of the United • SiiHcs the oak floor.s in ninny I ho.-nes L'uilr durini; colonial times Mason's SI. — . .v ..^vji.o ,,t jii<in_> 'Slfarrf size ijicfHro-:'" 0 -"" 03 ' Jl " l! <i»rilli; colonial times onlv S1.50 3 -,v7-if, 1 ' 11 - ; ' re '" "sellout condition. n,,l c'>nM '=«i-o|-« boasts fu;h strictures as 011 '" ^i.OU ill! the historij Pa'-ot !() t.iiko ' where the exquisil 2- l-nlt-C ' - f!o<) "'i!: has resist •__. i wear. only Sludio, Rent Tink Job Wanted Fa'.acc o; Versailles, .e patterned oak sted centuries of Scientifically Dried Tiie o:ik flooring manufacturer! ncwar!ays is s::cntifi:nlly dried ae- fore i: leaches the home owner. ^I^sl^ of u :s l^ngiiei: and ^rooveci st (he factory, but edged Mock .ilso i s available for tho.'ic- who ]M-efr.r it. Due to heavy de- iv.ancl. oak flooring remains in short supply despite increasing production. •M.\inifa;turers, however, fxpect this condition Lo improve ia;:k!ly within the rominp year. Hardv/ood Fhors Retain Beauty for Many Years Durability is one of the chief Day by day now merchandise is flowing back (o the market—and \vo feel ccr- tniu tlial \vc .will bo abk to lake earn ol' your plumbing nacds very ;ioon. So. il' .rotrre plitnniiiir r.o build a homo . . . \vu ssjy —let 'or rip! See us first for plumbing estimate ;HH| order! The Plumber 109 No. 1st St. Phone 2731 This as Yours! The only thiiiR Hint's hoidhm up Ihe building of lhal home you've ;>\ways wanted is YOIT! \Vc have the go ahead signal inui arc ready In build t:i \'our spf-cificn- '•ions. Ask about our lonpr term loans that include both taxes and in suranee! Buy now . . . beat the housing r-iiort- age. WK'U, HUH,I) KOR YOU— urcan AWAYJ ESTATE AND INVESTMENT COMPANY 112 N. Second Thotie i a( (hwe nov.- patlerns at Deal's re-minds mo llnil sprinj.- i> jusl u round the corner." YcyHir. spring is jusl around (lit- corner, and mnv's the (ime, to plan I'or now l)i'aaly in yuiir home. |,el our wallpapci- stylist show yon the man:, now coliir sc'liohu'.'i atxl pat ferns that ^yill maltc your home a reiil home! You n'ct real one slop sorvici- nl Deal's.- Kvcrydiinjr f ()r y , m ,. needs. PAINT AND WALLPAPEk STORE "Your Wallpaper Stylo Center" Isl. " Phone As each paffc is torn from the calender, you're one day nearer accomplishing that dream house you've always wanted. When I lit' time comes—rail 209:1 for competent workmen lo do your electric wiring. Our men are trained lo do (he job vijjlit aud according lo your specifications, llnn'l lake chances—sec Chnnio for your house wirit;}- 1 . SEE US FOR FIXTURES! QUICK ESTIMATES ON ALIf ELECTRIC )VORK SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 116 N. 1st St. Phone 2993 MONEY r GOESMUCH FURTHER AT HUB.BARD. HARDWARE a J \Vi- SM.V inonuy j^ocs rurlliuv ;ii rdililmnl llnnlwuru nnd \vu menu wlir.t we- say! Our \w\ci.\n iii'i- iilwnys KOnri'd to the low-list iiruviiilinif miu'kpL prii't's in Uio hni'dwiu'o lino . . . Unit moans on many items you gut low'ov pvitTK ul llubbinxl licl'cin- corro«|Hniiliiijr nnees K« down tlic- lino olsn- wlitTO. Mako up ynur mind now U) shop luul suvi: ... At IIii)jl)flvd'n llanlwaro! SEE US FOR QUALITY GOODS AT LOWEST PRICES! Hard war 213 MAIN STREET /•/,„„. 2 oif BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS --^ V^VrlTll y\l \ I ». Seec ^ s ' H (irn ess' Farm Supplies t&m E ^ CILE ST AMPS •*u^/- YOU it I M* A. i » fRKK] ASK LiS KOIlOUll 1047 COl-Oli HOOK O!-" TIIH YEAR YOUR POSTWAR DREAMS COME TRUE! Nearly every good lliinjr wo over i;ot, i.s planned in advance. That's true ol' a pretty home too! \,,,i probably have many dreams of what you'.! likif to have in the way of a homo, but if you're wise you plan before ifr .sto|>s lo build. GORGEOUS PATTERNS OF FINE Anothoi' parallel lo planning is llic .-.election of better quality wallpaper, wallpaper that is found in Die host brand names at Arkansas 1'aint, Glass and Wallpaper Store. U you're planning on redecoration . . . see us before; you buy! ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY 105 E. Main St. Phone 2272

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