The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 4
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FOUR Officers Prevent Kansas Lynching Negro Faces Murder Charge After Police Chief Mortally Wound ' ' f — W FIAObA,' Kan., Feb. 4. (UP) — Authorities -planned to file a firs! degree murder charge today against George MUIei, Negro, who was ires- cued frpiiv nr) Infuriated mob in the liitje Kansas town of Osawatomle where Jojin Biown, militant abolitionist, launched hjs blood;/ pre- Civll W^r campaign against slavery. Miller, a .Negro section liand, narrowly escaped being lynched ycs- Jcrday ?S Ihc suspected shotgun , sln>er of osaw atomic Police Chief tyike Ouuchill MHlei was spirited to the jail nt I4*rence, In neighboring Douglas pounty, for safekeeping lost night. Miami Countj Sherilf Jim Eagle said he nnticipnled-no more trouble but planned to leave Miller nt the Lawrence Jail for a few days "until things quiet down." .' "A lot of people were pretty sore /or a while," Eiiglc sa^id, "but they've cooled down now and we aren't expecting any trouble." Engle said lie did not plan io bring Miller hare for n coroner's inquest today but would file murder charges against the mfdtllc-agcd Negro, Sheriffs deputies rescued Miller from n .garage loft at Asnwatoinlc where he,was trapper! by an awned band of 200 civilians and locai police authorities Miller surrendered aftei he was driven from his liidihg place by biungim and pistol nre and was seized by the mob. Police Judge A, J. whlthnl. said several or the younger men In the posse threw a rope around Miller and 'onlj the cooler heads of' the legal officers" saved the Negro's life Churchill MS slain from nmhnsh as he yicnt to Miller's home to serve a warrant charging him with wife beating According to Engle, Milter fired at Churchill from a hole In the floor of a shed behind the house. Miller's hiding spot.wns discovered &y a thiee jeai-old child two liours af'er the slaying and wns surrounded within minutes by the finned group which opened fire when Miller refused to surrender. Bl.YTHEVn.Lg (ABg,) qpUHBSR NEWS Macbn, Georgi.q, has Tprnacto Damage \Church Trial [Looms for jian TUESDAY,•FKRIUMUY <l, 1047 A lonintlo, ripiJli)fi,llij-oilgJi Hie Mncoi) circa, tor,! (W.yn p.n 4rmy linngnr nt the All' Base adjoining WliecU-r. NO one was in (lie building n'l.thc time, lull you can see liy tile wreckage tlint tho ctnm I <liikc complete. (NJTA Telephoto.) • . ] MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Feb. 4— (UP) ---'('lie nov. Vernoii Lane, forme) 1 limit of C-nilor Ifnll here, todny v.-ns notified yiat he must stand ccclcsl!)slical trial on charges <>! "Improper handling 1 ' of nffairs al tile bnys vocational Institution. Uuie, wlio was relieved of n ( j duties at Oalloi- Hair II) days ac>o, received formal notification of ills iK'iidliia trial from the Protestant M:iscop,il bishop O f »'•* IIT a Diocesan standing commit'i"' made a presentment folio-Mil',' iull iim'stiffnilon of tho charges. f'lHUTh iuilhorltlcs refused to dl- vi'l'je further lufoiniation on tho • :iir : 7«; oBHiiist Father Lane. II the rhaiBc.s nrt: siibstnntinted, !-':iiiHT Lime v.onki 1,11 imi'i'ouhecl 01- I'iven the privilege of resigning I'i'iiin the clergy. !fr v.-ill IJB ttlfcl by a fivo-inem- l.c:' chiirch court, selection of which \vi![ begin April 9. Trial will l:i Bin within the uiixt 00 days. American counties vary from 25 M 20.0CU :;t|Uarc milts in area. 'Whal-a/S. Costs f ' •% /"-' Official's Mother Dies MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark., Feb. 4. 'UP)—Final, rites were complct- | >.•<! today for Mrs. G. W. Lackey, ! 00. who died ill her liome here yesterday ndCTiioon fol'lowlnii .1 Ions illness. Mrs. Lackey w as the niollirr i>I Heiirtvix Lackey, executive director of the state Resources and Development Commission. Other survivors arc two (iaiig-.Hci-.s. Airs. Von Hosa ond Mrs. Julin L. Ue-nkin, 'until of Mountain view. Hfiiul Courier :,'ev,s v/niil Ads. THE TRUTH ABOUT fucL-j nre revcakd by recent ntedi* cal trportt. OMJ out of ci'cry Ujrey people t'xarouK-i) %v^« f<junti to lie n victim of I<n-V,o>ms—jflen without fliisj'rcliiii: ill And thio 'jaly [nfccliou cjiii I-EUJC real <2L>1rcss tf ntvlccled. K<, wati-h fcr lh,. v;arn!n!i slcns lliat imy jjir:ni rin.\V»rmj—ojioclall/ l!if m- vravatitiir ructal lu!i. On. JAVHE'S P-W TUht . away. P-W It n ninlicnlly tmiaj. trralmcnt bafwl on nn cfiitiully rvcour.iri!<l iitnl hn;h]y c-llVctiv.- d.-(ja clt-i/ienl. 'I'he t:uulJ,.ca-y-to-tul:o f-W loMrta wofl; ir( a. EjJi-cI;,! v.-uy to nmava I'in-Wormi <Ml!y (JtiJ i:tfL'!y, ' A;k your dru c i-lst: P-'.V for P.'n-V/orniil I'ro-ident Truman cs'imnliisi tlint it will take $37,528,000,000 to run iho U. S. during tlic l!M7--l!i Tisral year. If Americn's K,0,000,~ 000 people chipped in.cquaiiy to pj:y this, it would co'-'l every •man, v/oinnn n.nd • child $203. Mltscher To Committee Shuns Be Buried In , I Stand on Liquor NORFOLK, on Vn., Pell. CulOI -HlltHllU'SS Men are said to be color-blind more olten Ihun women. The r.i- tlo, according to nil eminent scleii- • list, is nhoul, four to one. -.Proposals- .. AlomlB J!rlck , I LITTLF ROCK Ark T.'P!I 4 — < , T '' C , lie ""'°". "atomic brick." . . , .. .... <«P™oTS^.^ "'•«' The body of Admiral Mare A. Mil-i vide the stale with Kdcllllonnl rev- ; | mlc i i ,,„ ' / 3n ' nb ™B", EIIB- scUcr, who led Task Force 5S in its i cnuc. fi;o ln wholesale liquor d.cajors , thc ' n ™,,ti v n , , HI "" clm '" n ' rclcntlcis, attacks aguinst'tlie Jnjj-i will, be'unsscil back to the Senate matter :,,,,, „,„,, ',. '',,', o> ' " nlt " f nnoso fleet, will Icavo the- Norfolk'; "without recommendation" todny.''ton -, n! , ,, !in<1 " l >n) Naval Station-by train this after- they Vcre'coiwitleiVcl by the Sen- --—-!!._• ° f !Josltlve charge, nooii nnd be burled in 'Arlington hilo'Committee on revenue and tax- National Cemetery tomorrow. j ntion last night. • died In his sleep early i The first proposal, introduced uy Yesterday morning 11 week niter •" — -•- - — 4. (UP)- sufTerlng a heayt nttuck on his COth - . The train taking Mltscher'.s body to Washington will leave here nl 2:40 nils afternoon. Funeral S erv- ces w II be held in the Fo,t Myer, Farm Produce Prices Drop Two Per Cent j reta«-y, Lioul. Comdr. W. D. Big- j ijcvs, will escort the commander on I his lust journey to Washington. j Besides Ills widow, the former I Prances Smnllcy of Tncflmn. Wnsh., , Senator L. Wcems Trussel.1 oj For- <lycc, would raise the annual priv-' liege tax on wholesale dealers from $700 to $10,000 a year. The second liili i'nii-n/iii . i i \ Sena ,,r 'Tr I i M" e, o7 Ho i springs, would levy n 25 iiei- cen '" '» ~ ' " cnlling for slandnrd serploglcnl tests for syphillis In pregnant women. Such H measure «,.•,„ n n,;,^,,_ «l by (lie Senate . . Committee last niglit. •-* LITTLE OCK, ,. Ark., Fell 4 CPP;— Prices received by Arkan-. -v.^., sas farmers on Jan. )5 .wero ;,hout.1 licet' for six wc'eks of strenuous miT- t«o per cent lower tlian the pre- t Mitsclicr is survived by his motiiei , - | Mrs.. Oscar A. Mltschcr of Hills-! site selectioA committee exnln bovo, Wls.. nnd :t sister, Mrs. Hugo | that the college would hc'-jhi I Hoevcl of Okiimlgec, Okla. resume sessions in the hosiilHl Admiral w. H. P. Dlandy. who j of the comp next Fall !f tne ,• I (lU-Bcled the atom bomb tests on < quest receives favorable action Bikini Atoll, succeeded Mitsclicr in: The'decision to move the school command of the Atlantic fleet yes- | from Comvny to Little Rock an, terday niifl saijccl with units-of the. ""'-- ••---• OCR "'"' ied e to „,-£ re . monlli the Arkansas Crop Reporting Scnice revealed totl^y The picsent |)riee level of rtirm products, ho^eier, wns still 33 per cent higher than it was n ytnr ago nnd onlv one per cent below the all-time high for January established in 1920. Poultry -inrt eggs dropped 13 per ncnvers In the Caribbean Sea decline of r'ny cent, the sliarjiest ccmmodity group. Meat animals and dairy products declined five ptei cent, feed grains and hay \<.cie down t«o per cent, and cot- .ton less than one per cent. On the other side of the ledrj-r, fruits were up 10 per cent ami miscellaneous commodities up one per 'cent. Food grains were 1111- nlianged. Read Courier News Want Ads. Blandy sailed on the Battleship i Missouri. The training fleet, ri- i vailing in power thc fumed Task j Puree 58 wiucli Mitsclicr led. also | contained the Carriers Franklin D j Roosevelt, Randolph and Leyte: two slroycrs and eight destroyer escorts. Baptist College May Move To Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 4. (UP) —Some W acres within Camp Joseph T. Robinson is being sought as a site for Central Baptist College, now located at Conwav, Ark College officials yesterday announced their decision to request thc property following a trip to Washington. A. N. McAninch, member of the nn make It a co-educational school -,va's made at the Arkansas Baptist stdto. V °" STARTS RELieF IN JUST 6 SECONDS attention welders . You i now purchase _ are wi'Jdiiiff < tu (- - fi lor «2. This is llu-'l lalosf type medium sbo ! i genuine Harris Cul.mi>, | j Uje oldest miuiiifacliii-er BLYTHEVfLLE! Machine Shop | 211 So. 2nd I'll. 2Sis TRACTORS & EQMPMEHfv F©RSALE \ 2—New Johrs Deere fl 1—1945 John Deere A 1—1943 John Dee?e B 1—1946 John Deere H All these tractors Jiave- starters and lights, new cultivators. Also can furnish discs and breakers. See these before you buy! These Tractors awl Equipment Aro Pi-iced Lower 'I'hjin You Can Htiy Elsewlierc Phone 31 Manila, Ark. COLIX PREPARATION J IAHETS OR LIQUID IOS/M SOMTHWG, If yonr car is getting a bit loose in the joints, we know how to make her act like a two-year old again Our famous Chrysler-PI ymou th Tight- enmg-Up Treatment may prevent costly chassis and body troubles later on. Here's ! A\°ri, Ve i eran . mechanics wil1 do: ! >. i. Ch ?5 k 5prm S fa °lts and shackles T!l?Vi en lf nec e«ary. (2) Check shock absorbers. (3) Check body bolts. (45 Adjust door bumpers and locks. (5) Check rear-axle U-bolts. (6) Tighten bal- «fe card "" S ' (?> Ti ? hlen r . ear bolts. (9) Check engine mountings. (To) T. I SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 E. Main Phones 21-22 Tighten front and rear bumper support bolls. (11) Check front wheel bearing adjustments. (12) Check exhaust line system. (13) Check sway b.irs. (14) Check steering mounting. (15) Check dash panel instruments, rh- Iet our e!< P crt mechanics check up your car. WTII YOUR NEW CAR COMfS ALONG KCfp YOUK OLD O N£ GOING STSONG/ CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH TODAY! Drive in al T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. FOR fi<L.TiCH..STHFA T G'm EASY-CHAMl HIDING '.i'lTH BY DAYTON. Sufo^y in your tiras iics in l>.c ru-tngih ol the . iii:utr tilt. 1 ti'cml. /:y/ocrcls t-jVo- you 6-p/y retting. This i.s nchicvcd l>i Iluylox fortified Con!;. .1 military truck type, far f-'rou^er than Uio?e used in oidiiuiry rayon automobile tin 1 . 1 *, You get a smoolh, easy- cfioiV fide since only •! plies (>i 1'nis i'uncr-titrensjL!i cord r.rf? ric.y<Icu to givo Autoeviits OUK^: straight-lino sfops. 'i rye-action tveiid with IHIII- rond film for positive cor.~ trol nt' vour c;u\ TH2 TiRE FOR i Sfgnof a Dayton I n« j £ujt-K~i ?'t*=)Si5«^F OP TODAY'S MOTORISTS LIN.COLN'K'BIRTHDAY, "FEBRUAK\ A 12TT-I LINCOLN'S PRINCIPU (SO ARE QUALITY PRODUCTS—AMERICAN— TRADITIONS) PLANTERS HARDWARE . . . HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS! \Vo nplmlfl thn theory llial Lincoln hold . . . that i;>'nil things arc always in dem;m<l l,y everyone. Our stock <xv.- .si^ls of n;:mo mcvcliandi.s,- . . . items that have boon irifi and I'oiiIK! to bo in keeping with all expectations. You can't tri. wrong when you buy our name merchaiulios at honest value prices. PLANTERS HARDWARE ... AN FHA PLAN FOR EVERYONE! If there aro certain things you need for your 1';irm or homo and you fee] (hat you can't afford to'pay cash for Ui_em . . . c:>me in and asl( about our FF1A plan. Undor this pl;;ii nvi"' r.iany items (hat can be bought without cast) payment. For farmers we also have a harvest, plr.:\ for hityinp merchandifo with up to J!G months to pay! SCO UK .HOW. TERS 126W.MA.N COMPANY, INCORPORATED PHONE sis

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