The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUAKY 4, 1947 Democrats Battle Rent Increases Key Men in Senate Join President in Opposing flat Hike WASHINGTON. Feb. 4 (UP) — Key Semite Dcmotvats, Inking their («c from president Truman, ucgan staking out a patty line today Bgalnsl any Hat increase in rents. Amid signs of strong Republican ' W/, four Democratic senators fell in Hue behind the President, in opposing su':h a move. Sen. Lifter liill. D , Ala., a mein- oer of the Senate Democratic I'ol- K'y Commitioe. said that although he lavorrd rnore ti'.ieial ceilings i" laiulloartl "hardship" cases, lie (•trongly r-;:u-:sed a ilai increase. Pirn: opposition also was voiced by Sens. J William 'Fulbrlght, U. Ark.. Glen Taylor, D., Ida., and John sparkniau. U.. Ala., -all members of the Senate Banking Committee which is considering extension ol rent control beyond June 30. More Republican members of tho committee have indicated they would' BO .".Ion" with somc form of Hat. increase. Three of them are :-Po:isorins! a bill for a 15 per cent raise in ceilings. Rent administrator Ivan Carson n-as called -before the committee today to explain how rent control works. Landlord witnesses have testified thai rent control U imfaii unAinertean. nnd a cause ol the housing shortage. Chan-mar. Charles W. Tobey, H. N. H,, wanted to know why OPA field workers c.on'l move faster on iiindloarus- "hardship" appeals for adjustments. He said his mal Tarries "a constant cry about the tardiness and lethargy 'of OPA." Opposes Any Tampering Hill to;cl a reporter that Congrcs. 1 •yhoukin't start tampering" will ^v.t control. "II you uu;e open the door tt a IP p;r cent;,e. the pros- Mirt! will start building up lo inaki it. 2o per cent," he said. "11 wil be OPA nil over again." Sjjarkman said he may offer a: amendment, to provide for com munily rent-fixing within tin framework of a federal rent pro cram. Fn'orighi also favors doin: tins. Taylor said a fkn rent increas! •.night "throy.- a monkey wrench" into isbor-inanateinenl " peace b; raising v.oikjrs' living costs. CIC Secretary James Carey warned yes terday that su?h a' boost migl weil engulf the countrv in a ne wrive of strikes. Sparkrnan said rent control more correctly a "rent freeze." nr. "we must thaw it out gradually He proposed setling up vohu leer local rent 'boards, simil: to selective service boards, 'to he: landlords' requests for rent ... creases—and then send recommendations lo Washington for approval. "If I were director of rent control. I would be very strongly inclined to accept recommendations from the various communities," ^parkman etielvecl. Atomic Manager BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS in Carroll Louis Wilson, above, 46- year-old engineer of Washington, D. C., \vas named general manager of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission by President Truman, lie had.been secretary to the Committee for Economic Development. GRAND RESULTS WITHOUT LAXATIVES! J'raiscs famous cereal for keeping her "regular" Even Puzzles Her Dog A freak 42 mite an hour B ale hit St. Louis aiv.l mace the second floor home of Mrs Anthony air conditioned. Returning from a birthday ccli.-Dra-. ion she and her husband found the see- their home rootless. Here, Lady. Mrs. Ortucr's ijct dot;. Is us perturbed as her mistress :it the si igc lying around. (NEA Telcphoto.) Orlncr well ond floor o! rcwn wrccK- Four Killed In Wreck jMock Battle To i Be Staged In [Hawaiian Islands I HONOLULU. Feb. -I. (UP>—Nearly 31)0 planes and Ki.ODa men from 0 ships will nltuck the Havallan Islands early in March in (he Unit large scale Pacific Heel maneuvers IIMT the war, the Navy announccVl I today. j The first phase of the Paclllc war ' Kames will bei!in In nild-February I when the While and Blue Tusk Forces, commanded by Rear Admiral P. vv. McMiihon and Ilcnr Admiral O. ]3. Harrison, will oppose L u:h other in a sen cnynncmonl. In (he second phase, to open clur- ini! Ihe first week of March, n combined »naval force commanded hy Admiral A. E. Montgomery will be hurled aKalnsl Hawaiian defenses ronunanded by Lt. Gen, John E Hull. The Heel mills will anchor at Pearl Harbor March 11 lor erltl- ciucs anil crew enlrvlnlninent. Thnv Mil leave March 18 for home bases or sea assiunmenls. Naval .ifiu-ialr, said there would be no marked deviation In tactics in view of possible atomic warfare. The best defense against nn \lomic bomb attack, so fnr. Is to knock dmvn the plane carrying Iho I'tinh before it reaches, its large!, the Navy men said. Hospital's Ills Not Confined To Patients BV JOHN HASLAM (UnUcil I'ress Stuff Correspondent) MTTLK ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 4.— tUP) -L. '!). White, Uenlon publisher mid member of [lie Stule- Hospit:il Hoard lust ntRlu described »r. A. C. Kolb as a "Din I," us being partial to the Little Kock unit "lid more Interested in boss tlwn in iiiontnl patients. Ills testimony was given when n joint House i>n<i' Senate Commit- lec resumed Its Invcstlmulon lino conditions at Ihe State Hospital for Mental Diseases. Sen. a. Lnwrencc llluckwell ol Phie Blurt nskcd While his Vca- soiis (or wanting Dr. Kol'j dlschnrK- ed as superintendent.' The Henton publlslier said the doctor refused to give Up inannnc- ment or Hie farms lo the farm superintendent, ihat he was "more Interested in hogs than In Ihe patients," nnd that he built additional uiiiiy barns while there were vacant .stalls In cxlsthii; bulldinus. "Were Ihose Ihc only reasons you wnntcd to fire Dr. KolU." Blackwcll asked. "It li<T|!iin with (tin Ijtneycuse,' White repHcil. "He became A "Ulg In earlier Icstlmony, J. C. Markham. business manager, (old the committee Hint 13r. 'A. (J. Watson, superintendent of Ilia Benton unll, refused on numerous occnsloiis lo co-opemte with htm. The business manager «"1'1 that Dr. Watson scoffed at hts idea lit,, keeping daily reports on the move-' mem of trucks and automobiles, even though the mileage on one pnsscni;cr car dropped from 2.UOD to 800 a month after the system was put inio oiwralion. Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck Honored By LooK ilOU.VWOOD, Feb. 4-(UP) — A month ahead of the academy "Oscnrs." Look Magazine tonight awards its medala for the best pcr- lormances of hHa to Jennifer Jones nnd Gregory Peck, Miss Jones, cited In iuw by the magn- nine for lier role ns a saint In "Kong of Ijcrmiddtc," will be honored for her sinner role In "Duel In Ihe Sun." IVck was cited ror two opposite porlritynls In "Duel" and "The yearllnu." Other awards lo be presented tonight on Dub Hope's radio enow include: industry, sumuel Cloldwyn; producer, Durryl ].', Ziinucl; for "Tho Hnnor's Edge"; director, Clarence Urown fov "Tin' Yenrllnii"; cam- ermnn. Gregg Tolimd for "The Best Years or Our Lives"; outstanding newcomer Larry Parks In "Ihe Jolson story", and a special award ror Hnrold misscll, handless vcternn w h u nppenrcd lu "'Hie Uest Years," LEGISLATURE Continued from Page 1, qui'Sllims—the $1,537,000 requested .'•iippleniciitiil budget nliproprlnllon of HIP state HlKhwny Department, nnd Ihc cimljllng net lo Arkansas' anti-closed shop luw. The lilglnvny budget domtntiled Ihc (show yesterday, v. ith the de- iwilmt'iit unhung nl lensl it tern- pornry victory over ti House WoC led by lie]). Heiutslll nngon O f se- , Ark., rob. •! <U,l>.)— Registration mi- the spun,. .semester at the University «t went Into Its sccoo.l duy today and will continue Un-ough tomorrow. Clu.wes will iicgln Thursday ornhiK. but i-eglistrnlUm olflcluls •mid todny tluil total enrolliiiunt will not be known until the lullcr part of Ihc week. Tiiis was s scene from the air as the debris of a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train wreck was being cleared from the track r.t Walton, Indiana. Derailed by a bale of wire the train scattered ors about this small town, killing four passengers and injuring a score. Cl^TEA Telcphoto.) Ts constipation causing you a lot of misery? Then read this sincere, unsolicited loiter: ">? ;;n liinny other in'cplc. T liff-3 Irt •MTri- f> L'in (hi'mii- [-'.niUMUioli. trit im ™.ir! I f,,,;i,.l ihul ralins KKI.I.OCfi'S .H.f.-W.M.V cinily emliil thnt IvmiMr. ] • rm'l |ir;u..^ .l/./.-/,'f.M.V loo HcMy. ] h:ur stniu-'l n^ny olh<n- ]ico;>li* nil <M* Wral.lasl n-iral —nil with ertmO vcMills." Mr*. Lrona Marklcy, Si. Cl.nir. Mo. Yes. catinir KK-LLOGG'S ALL- /.'A'/l.V reirularly often brinirs Instuift relief from constipation due to lack of bulk in the diet. If this is your I rouble, you, too, may (mil lasihur ii-liel" if you eat .!/./,- /•Vi'.-V.Y cvci v ctav — anil drink plenty < P f v.'aUr." Try it for 10 days! If by dial thm- you are not roiiiplctflii satisiird with tlic ro- Miits, L>eiul Ihe empty cmlcm to tliu Kclloprpc Company, Rattle (-'reel;, Jlii'ln^-an, anil gel double 'JVlil' HlVttCU bitch'! . 1 f,7*-/.'AM,Y is not .1 purprntivc but :i \\'liolc.;ome, ready -to- ent i'l-ealifnst. food made from the j vital on lev layers of whole wlieal. ' - Knt daily eillier as a cereal, or in : Dunlins. Ask youv m-orcr for i yW-/,.«AVI t V lotl<i u . \ New Libel Suit Filed Aaainst Crittenden Paper , MARION.' Ark., Feb. 4—(UP) — IA S-m.OOO libel suit against Ihc Crittenden County Times today I! ntl hncn filed in circuit court here by Richard Sanders, who was de- jf(atcd in the election last year j when he ran ns :i candidate for ^hetiff on n veterans'-supported : ticket. ' Sanders stiid an affidavit i»;ib- Ilisiied by the Times during th» : campaign made him "appear as " common criminal." Town Plunged Into Darkness By Balloon FREDERICK, Wls., 1^,'b. 4 — (UP) —A (inmigc balloon drlftlni; over Frederick short circuited M power Hue and plunged the entire city Inlo darkness, police chief Reuben Slicslnnd said todny. Chief Sheslnnd said the balloon iippenred over the town lute yesterday, but thai he had no Iden where It came from. Shetland reported that all electric service was cut off to the town's TOO Inhabitants. Service was restored nftcr n half hour. . of A. Pupils Register For Second Semester county. amendments, which would have done nwny with unliiry PAGE ehancelloi In PuUskl'/cwu..vj;v... Approved.,pn<i fonf»rd«d 'tjfttw :he Crittenden County faieutt; jv And received' two znewure* &- tlfened to force the Ml«»ourl.''ind Arkansas Rallro'ad frorri' !U V rtrilie- Ijound status back Into operation The bllb were Introduced by Ben. Ernest, Nicholson of Harrtaon,' Other measures tossed into, the House hopper would malce the owners of livestock responsible for highway accidents caused by their stock; would no(, allow chauffer's' licenses to anyone convicted of » felony within five years of »pply- liig for the license and »ould provide for the appropriation of »25,000 from the state welfare TtCids for ti'cnlnicnt of tuberculosis patients Deeding pncumo - thorux treatment, liutler .Smuggler A wainuii simiuglcr In Germany A plantigrade animal Is one that walks tint-footed, hikes for highway department workers lor the remainder of the; current bieiinlum. went down In defeat 57 to 32, Although the Sc- Lnstlau loulslator withdrew another nmendnicnl thai would have ul- j so cancelled Ihe (1,313,001), malnlu- _. mince Hem In the hlRhwiiy liudifet, j Wlls " cycling inn. She was i^rrest- Ihc lower chumbcr d'<l "ol vote otil 0 '' for smtigellns; five poundji of that sum. - 'is'^WJl' 1 " 1110 '' '"to Ihe country from Llth- Thrce oilier representatives v,Tio| llnn la In Ihe tires of her bicycle, joined Raijon In his fight against I the hlBliwuy omcrgoncy iipproprlu- I tlon were Carlton Currle of Jctfer- j i son County, w. I,. Ward of Lee, ' and w. R Hector of Pulaakl. The eiiLibling act mude Us way lo Ihu House Just prior to adjournment yesierday.' niter nil emergency clnuse had received n i>r> to 8 np- provnl acra.s,i Ilia rotunda In the Senate. The measure, authored by Hen, E. J. uiitler of Forrest city, was referred lo the House Labor Committee, Committee Chairman Itngon (if Scbrt.slrinn (IDS announced that open hdiilngs on the bill will be held. The Senate nlsor Approved and sent to the House a bill setting up $0,000 as the nn- nutil salary for members of the Arkansas Supreme court; Sent to oov. l.nncy a House mnisurc providing an nddltlonnl GIRLS! 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