The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 6
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BI,YTHBV1LLE> (ABK.) ; COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUAKY 3, to Cost Millions 'Picture ContradTctIParents:of Hitler's Girl Friend HMQ**> V«ry From $70,000,000 Up to Possibly $220,000,000 WASHINGTON, eb if— (UP)— The main fact/turned up to date by tifo congressional committees Investigating ftlr safety is that millions of dollars of federal funds will be required' to impiove possibly e\en maisitafn, the present safety record / Thei congressmen appear In a mood; insist that U>c ; money be/maid available Scoies of »lt!ie>ist>s testifying before theSen- a^f and House committees have hod their effect. If Congress boosts civil aviation appropriations. It will reverse a trend of sexeiaLjears during which Chil ^Aeronautics Administration says ifr'htis had barely 00 per cent of (h«C|'tunds needed for safety en' foi ceraent, technical ' development and navigation aids. • Far -/example, this''month • the CAA fliut down 57 of the 375 aei- onauifeal communications stations it operates and three traffic control towers'* It reduced six other towers frdm ^24-hour to IB-hour a day op/eraUpns. It said it did not have | i\\e StoOOOO needed for these aids. ' ThettAA said the facilities clos- ied v ere those least likely to affect safe operation of the federal air-- wajs. .However, the agency askert Congr ' " funds ciliti communications sta- i supplied information on wealhMv. tralfic control and conditions at airports, not only to airlines but to private-fliers who now operate some 80,000 planes. The sounds, involved in the closed facilities are minute in comparison wih trmt-«hich witnesses told Congr^s Twill- be needed il air travel is to, be made as safe as train travel:'/ W A Pattetton, United Air Lines presidfnt estimated it might take up to $200.000,000 to equip. 200 airports <?ith .radar, radio, fog dispersal an3. lighting aids to bring about safe, all-weather flying. The!-'Air Transport Association, which ^represents the 33 scheduled minimum-program called for equipping 160'airports at a cost of about $77,700,000 WoOhds Cause Officer's Death In Mississippi WnJ. Vredeiich liriiun and Mrs tions in its budget request for reopening the closed fa- Flabbergasted Lady Ponders Foolish Professor's Doctrine j Sales Tax, Auto .[•License Fees , ; jHit All-Time High Of Hospital May Resign \ 1 ITTLK ROCK, Ark., Feb. 3.-, (UP)- 13:'. N. T. Hollh lias threat- i cried to "resign Immediately" as •"•linn .superintendent of the Statu Hospital for Nervous Diseases un-. less (lie legislature increases the lr>-' sti'.nlicns appropriation. ' i "Unless the legislature sees fit to give Hie liospitt.1 a sn'ifiinitially : Increased appropriation, I'm re- nlnif immediately" Dr. iHollls told Mm Joint House and Senate Committee investigating conditions at the hospital. 'Hie doctor's .statement was made after lio gave a. complete outline of needs at. the hospital, including more- money for. food-, shorter hours for • Attendants and additional construction. Tho hospital is a?kin3 for an ap- jircprlntion of S3.000.0CO a year— double the current operating budget. '1,'Iie doc-tor explained- that he bad been offered more money Ijy Veterans Hotpitab and by oilier slates, • ' ' He also (old the committee that he would not-accept the supesinlen- deitry of the institution unless he could have full power, over the (\vn unit's, (lie farms and yurchas- I Bilbo Leaves Hospital ! After Cancer Operation '; NEW CHILEANS, 1'cb. 3. (UP) — j Theodore O. BillK), Mississippi's 1 champion of white supremacy auci I netnr.cratic U, S, Genulor-nL-ct. 1 reiterated today he was gcliiK back to Washington uml ^atlla lev \'n> S3iiate sent lo which he mil the pcoplo of Ills stale are t'niitled, E'llbo. who Is being disch.ii':;oa from Touro infirmary here al'.ur undergoing an operation for cti'i- cer of the mouth, branded rumors . ho would f|iiit his Senate fight as "damned llsu—pur? Speculation." , He will return to his xilVo. Miss., "dream house" to nwalt n now call from nr. Alton Ochsner. surgeon who performed the. seiious operation on him Jn». 13. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS V. OR ANY "V-"- EXCAV/KTIGM Y FREDERICK C. GtllMAN T "I want my children to depend i LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 3: (UP) (United I'ress Staff Correspondent) ; upon themselves first and tlic gov- J —collection of sales laxss and au.- WA3HINGTON. Feb. 3. — Hold cr.nment afterwards. I want them r tome bile license fees reached an all- evei'ytliing. Congress. Don't liothei'•[ to realize that they are the gov- i liinc |,| K)I lu . jaminry, State Reve- eminent." • i nne Commissioner O. A. Cook an. Tltnt docs it, choppers, of the! nol , nce( i toriay. I'oudget. Tills lady , obviously does] 'sale* luxes r.bomud to .51.723095 not, know what is what In matters: lol . tl ,., month, approximately $400,of high finance. She admits it. She] OQQ m0 i- c ii, ni , W n s collected the Is one • or. those- peculiar people i , silnlc month last /ear: who.pays her bills when they come; The auto license" fees brought In Bnlh ArlSsts (?) I K;ihor Williolni 11 and Adolf Hitler' bJth 'aspired to be artists. Some of the Kaiser's paintings were rct>rodu:od on post cards, Read Courier News Want Ads. and Hitler's sketches were exlii'a- itcd' after his rise to power. Relief At Last ForYourCough Greomulsion relieves promptly foe- ' - t cause li goes right to the seat at the trnuble to help loosen and expel (Mrm laden phiegm, and aid nnturo to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you i a bottle of Creomulslon v/ith the understanding you must like the way it i quickly allays the cough or you c r z to have your money back. GREOMULSION for Coughs, ChesrColds, Bronchitis \ S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEVILL^ARK., CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS We are Dealers for 12 Indies up lo 48 Indira about firing 1,000,ODO federal Job holSers. Quit worryiiiK about taxes. Forget tlie national debt. It's only money, isn't it, that we nln't got? Hand me down. my checkbook. I'm nearly as flabbergasted as the laiiy In Great Harrington. who asks me to keep her out of 'this. "I am '.vriting yov -rom my heart," she says. "I have just had a. letter from one of my children— a veteran of World War II—who Is taking a college course in Chicago. He is being taught not to worry about the public debt anil he goes* on to say: " IMontlier, I article on name due. | iS2S45,7B6 riiirhig the. month. She's never asked her congress-; $30D,000 moic than last. year, not even in tlte old. days, for a • Friday midnight was the deadline free package of flower seed. She ; ( O r payment, of automobile license am sanding you an j the , lt | lt - rirlllg ,. , ,— „ .. few useless gov- functionnl finance which I crn)n( , lU , workers, and going easy will explain why we don t consider „„ t | lo approprintlons. There's only has looked agliast at the skyrocket- : f cc ,, without penalty. Ing cost-of .government, but she; The report showed total revenue has foregone the coat sho has ad- collections for the first seven months mired in the store window, and o f u,c present fiscal year stand at paid her taxes without a .whimper. js33.212.40S, or m.>rc than 55 COO OM You can make her happy, gen-' highe,. than the s'.une ptrlod last tlemen. by paying up a little on year. Miss.. F*.. 3. (UP)— J M iBarrj, 32-year-old state hieh r 'way patrolman, died in an .infirmary here Saturday, the second victim of a gun ba,ttle on the highway south' of here Tuesday night. Barri was. shot twice by Alfred L. Degtller, 27, Columbus, Q.. when the .patrolman and Sherifl s. A. Castle 'stopped a speeding automobile.; Diigeller was shot by Sheriff Castle, and died five hours later. His wife, Mrs. Roberta Arlene Degeller, 23, Columbus, her two small 'daughters, arid two teen-age companions, Cecil Tusing, 18. Albia, Iowa, and-Homer Glenn Waite, 18, .Milah.jIU.,. fled the. shooting scene but were captured later near Ma-con, Miss. They, admitted burgla- .ries in; several states. Mrs:*Degeller and the two youlhs were t)eing held today in jail at Jackson, Miss., awaiting riling of burglary, and attempted minder or j v/aaut il. murder charges. ! to me: the public debt of paramount There you arc, Messrs. Tad, Knutson, Taber et al. Quit bothering your, pink iiogRlns -about. Ue^ ing S2o'J,831,101,20D.13 in the red. My correspondent admits she's old-fashioned.. She sent her son a simiicr. "I! amazes mn that anyone should take valuable time to teach people not to worry n'Jout the pilblic de'ot." sho wrote "So far as I can see, an increasing number ol people 'just nacherly' oon't worry about it. That is ttiitlerstnmift'ale, ior People never, .worry, about debts unless faced with the immediate necessity of oayin£ them. ' . ; ; "Your father and I would be glad lo pay more taxes (and we've certainly sent the federal government a sizeable chunk of our income this year), but we'd like to have confidence that any contribution we make is building characr ter. rather than demoralizing It. Of onu rub. to that. Do it, and you make her son's prOIessor in ; Chicago so sore he probably won't pay any tnxes at all o r so she fears. are at Walnut Ridije, Ark., Altus, I Oltln., Augusta, GIL, and Ontario. Calif. YfAA Offers War Planes Stored at Wo/nut Ridge WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. (UP) — The War Assets Administration today set a price range of from S10.-! 000 to $15,000 on G35 surplus Curtis! Commando C-4G A and D twin-i engine heavy transports. The planes simply very course, this attitude may prove that our education remiss." She is none too hopeful of results. One of her problems concerns the fiicf'lhat her son's education is being financed in part by the G. L. Bill of Rights. The nation is going stil) further into debt, the way she figures it, boy not to worry added in her note Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj Size T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. Vl\. J6i7 teaching her Come T»: U-bO-lT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes Open 8 n. m. .Close 5:30.n. m. and Thursday Nights Oncn Till 9 o'clock 323 North 2nd St. • EXPERT REPAIRS • GENUINE INTER- • CHEERFUL That's What You Get "T always lako my Intcrnnlional Truck to Delta for all work done." Implements FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile , Size* 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb llwy. 61 at State Line I'hnne Blytheville 714 sciAt mi IXX Be Sure! INSURE With The FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 491 :uui your order will bo on it's way in record time. Our. Plornl Arrangements tell a complete " story. T JH FLOWER SHOP , F.T.I). Service We Bellver Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams,, owner Glencoc mdg. CALL 2611... STOP AT 2611 Don't Hesitate to Ask tor Free Service Listen—We can wash your c«r in .'JO minutes. \Vc use (ienuine AVcmHe Gttnse to luUric'iite your cav. Yus, we have the tires—Dayton — Hooil — (lOodyciiv. \\'e also have New Hatteries. Standard ESSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State, • MARR'S I'hnne 2fit1 AUTO SERVICE Second and Ash. Sfs. THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Gsceola Tile & Culvert Co. OSCEOLA, ARK. Phone 691 Yes, We Have I^ew Cars You Can Get Yours Today! \VIU, TRADE FOR'LATE MODELS We have on display for immediate delivery—Brand nci 1,—Pontia'c Streamliner 1—Chevrolet FlccUine Tuilor 1—Chevrolet Fleetmaster Tmlor 1,—Chevrolet Stylemastor Tudor 1—Chevrolet Stylemasler J Boor 1—Mercury 4 Door C'urne in or r;iM, \ve will try-to trade with you. BOO .-.WILSON-AV TO SALES 2037 Cor. Franklin «»<» ..Main . St. j FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. Phone 2407 BRING YOUR POULTRY! We l':iy Highest l'ricc.» for nil Hens. Kooslers, Ducks anil Clr Save That Middleman's I'roftt. Our Prices Governed liy Market Value Highway (>I North Phone 3762 W T DAVIS - Y*«ir Exclusive International Dealer PELTA IMPLEMENTS .:. INCORPORATED No Waiting! No Delay! . In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION If TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG J-INE FARM DITCHES Wm. R, Overton — county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years I'tinnc ' vVviU' — Ho:il House. RoseUind, Afk. !.;ike Reunion- I f'SI lTfe MEN WCt WVkWG TO ] vOJj CAPTWM EASV. HOPE , V. DIDN'T BOSIE VOU WITH THAT LONC STOSW ABOUT 1 OAO'S VtlTH THOSE OKiSES 1 CW f-NC I , KNDVJ THEWi ANVVVHERc HERE \SE Alislnken hlcntilv ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-President PHONE Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas ' 250 ALLEY OOP Good Spot? DOC SURE PULLED A GEOGRAPHICAL/ A BONER, L*NDIN>-^ ERROR IN THE I US IN PARIS / SO IT J TIME-MACHINE'S V '8TEAOA NEW/ BUT O^ OPERATION SEEMSV ORLEANS! OTHER HAND, IT COULD I TO HAVE GIVEN | ALLEY OOP AND OSCAR BOOM A BAD START ON THEIR QUEST FOR • POSSIBLE SAL- 1 VAGE OP THE I SIXTY MILLION I FRANCS PWD f RANGE FOR. I LOUISIANA. 1-J -~>;\ A BREAK! '•V IL THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE TRANSFER OF LOUISIANA TO THE UNITED STATES WERE MADE RIGHT HERE PARIS'. V. T. H AMI.IN „„ ,.-L'RE GOING' SEE THE CHAP WHO -MADE TH

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