The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEJ5UUARY 3, 19'J'i (ARIL?: COURIKK New Coal Strike May Be Avoided Government Officials Believe UMV/ Boss to Seek Early Agreement WASHINGTON. Fei). 3, <UP> — OiavcTiiiiicnl hopes rose, today lor continued peace in the soft coal fields. Ainitl si£:ns of a new era of "good feelings" between labor and industry, high offi-lals were confident that the national coal strike t^y-atcncd by John L. Lewis' Unit'•H'/Mine Workers, for midnight Miv^li 31 would bej averted. lint (here were two theories on what, course events would take. One official believed Lswis would aiuee to extend the present gov- rinincnl-unlon contract until June 30. tin- expiration date of the ROV- eriinient'.s power to hold properties .••eized in labsr disputes. A second official said government, optimism for peace in the coai fields wa.s based on a belief that (II the mines soon can be irturncd to private ownership and that (2) I,i\vls will sign n new ronuncl witli the mine owners bc- loro 11 ic M'.ri'h 31 expiration of the pv'\~,»nt truce. As evidence Hint the unpredict: :->!e Lewis would "!ike to settle I hi; time without, a" strike." this official pointed lo a statement siunpri by the mine IJOKS and other members of the AKL executive cn'incil at Miami last week. It said that "an era of good feel- ins is soltini: in on the industrial ,front," and that "unions and employers are showing a returning in their ability to cope with their mutual problems through peaceful collective bargaining." President Truman also reflected Sovurninent optimism on the strike trout when lie proclaimed the existence of "n widespread willingness to resolve industrial dispute without resort to force." Mr. Truman made this statement "s he announced a "no strike, no ••kout" ai;rct-:no:it between con- Ti-aclors and AFL building trades unions for the building construction Supplies for Expedition Landlords Fight For Higher Rents Angry Charges Hurled Against "Octopus" Of Federal Controls Eager hands reach for supplies being unloaded from tile USS Ynnccy o the Ice shelf at the Bay of Whftles, Little America. Unloading the upplies for the Byrd Expedition was halted when n sudden bltwur.i orced the cargo ships to leave for the more open Hoss Sea. In the lackground is the USS Merriek, another of the supply vessels. (U. ti. •,'avy Radio-Tclephoto via NEA Telephoto.) rocity Trials Bring 15 Convictions HAMBURG. Frt. 3. (UP)—An international military court today pyonounmf 15 men and women ariilltv of atrocities at the Havens- brnck Concentration Cn-iip where thev killed, tortured and dismembered more than 10D.C01 inmates in what the Nazis themselves called "the women's hell." The defendants were expected to 02 sentenced later today. A lIHirde- fcndant. Dr. Adolf Winkelman, the "cxnert" who weeded out the "socially unfit" slated' for the Ka.> chamber, was found dend in hi? cell Saturday. He apparently died of heart disease. .The eight men 'suid seven women all of whom face the dentil penalty tawcrc found Rnilty of the killing ant W!I treatment of thousands of women at the horror camp—the biggest women's prison in history—thai held as many as 4D,OOrJ inmates at one time. The concentration camp, eight miles from Berlin, was describee as the "private liotby" of ex-Gestapo Chief Heinrich' Himmlcr. Ir it women of all ages and nationalities were at the mercy of scxua perverts of tlic most depraved type The ramp staff found in their helpless victims an outlet for their pathological sadism. The worst feature of the cigh weeks of trials was the parade o. ih-ing relics of the camp's inmates The horribly mutilated women who Mil vivcd the surgical perversions o S. S. doctors testified against tin defendants before the tribunal'. British, French and Polish judges '•ood Mission Takes Hoover To Germany NEW YORK, Feb. 3. (UP)—Her- )ert Hoover, former president, was n route to Europe today on his bird post-war food mission. This time Hoover will study methods of enabling the Germans and Austrian* in the Anglo-American Zones of Occupation to raise more ^ood for themselves. Basically, he will attempt to de- ermine how ttie Anglo-American occupation forces can carry out their iromise of boosting rations in their Dories from 1550 to 18M calories .hilly by July 1. Hoover, now 12, left New York yesterday aboard a foitr-engined 3-54 of the Army Air Transport Command. NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery Landslide Claims Lives Of Two Small Children KIHKiLAND. Wash., Feb. 3. (UP) —The housing shortage caught up wilh Nicholas Oieanic, 33. former GI, and his wife, Eleanor, 30. A rain-loosened landslide, spearheaded by a 40-foot tree stump, crashed down on their makeshift home and crushed their children, 12-year-old Allison, and his threc- and one-balf-year-old sister, Judy Ann. under 12 feet of debris. The house that -Bicanic planned to build for his family when material became more plentiful' was only a. broken dream today. Neighbors and relatives dug in the mud that covered the splintered apartment, searching for tlic clothing and household possessions of the grief-stricken parents. Truman Sees No Need For Big 3 Conference WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. tUP>- Prr-sident Truman said today he sees no need for another Bin Three conference, but that he would be happy to confer with Prcmici Josef Stalin and Prime Minister Clement Attlee in Washington at any lime. The President was asked at news conference if he agreed with statement attributed to slallr that not one but several Dig Three conferences would be helpful. He replied that he would be very much pleased to see Stalin and ] Attlce in the united Slates, but that he did not intend to leave Washington. He was asked then if he knew of any particular need for a Bis; Three conference al Ihis time. He replied that he did not. The Dig Three have nol met since the Potsdam Conference a year an c | a half ago. up WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. <U1 The nation's* landlords stepped heir drive for abolition of rent ellinsi-s today with an angry charge lint the ."control octopus" WHS »lrniii[lliiB co us I rue (ion of new 'ionics. Herbert U. Nelson, executive vice >resldcnl of (lie National Assuuln- lon of Real Kslate Hoards, urged .he Senate Bunking Committee (.> •ecominend Immediate iibollllon of on new homes mid nt least in across-llic-honrd Inorcnse on cx- Ing rental units. The committee, considering legislation (o extend controls beyond June 30. Denouncing OPA's "lion glove" rent rule. Nelson said Ihe housing udustry accepted controls us a necessary thing during (he wnr but was now being impeded by OPA's 'persecution altitude" against landlords. "It Is so near to (he things wo heard of Na/.i Justice thai we wonder how lift American people endured it so long." he said. Despite statements Unit OPA ts allowing Individual rent ruises. Nelson snld, '•confiscation of private property still goes on today." Ewell !•:. Hranscome. representing | ?"™ tlic Florida Slate Apurtmenl House "? 5U , Associates, nlso charged that controls were causing n "chnotlc condition" in housing. He sntd wealthy tenants had no incentive (a build homes of their own so Innn as they could rent nt "depressed values." Furthermore, he said, rent controls are "wasteful" becajiso they permit single persons PAGE FTP*, Jap Laborers Bow to Ruling By MacArthur TOKYO, Fit). 3. (UP) -A second schi'duled strike by Japanese launr orga]Hz:U!oiis was called off again Saturday nt the Insistence of Clou, Douitlns Mac-Arthur's headquarters' when leaders of 100,000 express workers cancelled Uielr wnlkout "in order to save our union and to'we the iiuiirc of Ihe labor movement In Japan." A union spokesman told (lie mem. worship, however, to be prcpum! lo respond, to n second strike call at nny time. Allied hciidqiinrlers forbade walkout on (ho bnsls of MaivUlhur's cdlc-t whic.h prevented 2.650.000 KOV- crnimMit office, trnnslxjitntlon and utilities workers from singing general strike. Clcctric Co-Op Litigation Reaches Supreme Court Ijl'lTLE «CCK, Ark., FeJ>. 3. — (UP) _ The Arkansas Supreme Court today line! before It an up penl from n Polk County Circuit Conn mling to the effect'(lint (ho state, under Act 342 of 1037. waived Us right to regulnte (he 11 Id Mountain Electric co-Operative. The suit wns brought by Ally Cicn. any K. Williams who soiiRh 1 to remove A. P. Belts nnd Join Faulkner of Menu us corporatlni directors. The removal request wn. snsed on a provision lhal director: of the clcclrlc co-opernllve mils be bona [Idc residents of (he nrcr served. The Co-Op served rural column nltlcs in Polk nnd Montgoiner counties. Small Girl Dies A/hen Fire Razes Her Attic Home NAfjllVlLKU, •IViiu., Fob. 3. (UPI A four-yiNii'-old girl, lielly Louise ll>py, wns biuiu'd to death In her .(iul) night when flames lined Ihrounh n IB-room frnino mrlnienl building. Firemen, hem-lug her tcrcnins, al- inpli'd lo mu'li ihe nuiu girl on >o Ihlid Hour u( tin: building but ere provenled from doing S o by ihe umi's, llw sevrii-yi>iir-oUI brother, .iinuel, said ln> nltempled (o tiwak- i his slslcr when Mimko llllcd (he ooin but wns uiismvessful and run own (lie sliilnviiy. Her parents i'1'c not nl' home nt (he (line. •1'hlrly other pi-r.sims i-scnped In- iry In the. lire, Iwlleved to hnvo .iirtcd in n Ural Hoor apartment, •liicli caused, nn csltmnU'd $10,000 \ dnmnge. 1 -:. Hcnd Conner News Want Ads. ii-:w i:sTA'ci;s ox \vmcn AII- AIIMSTIIATION HAS IlKKN to hmm on to npartmenls Hint could house ciilirc fiimlllcs. Since uiiitcrlnls nnd nmplc credit nre available now for home building. Brnnscoine snld. "there Is no justification for continunnce of Ihis rent contiv. oelopus." He joined Nelson in ntlncklng OPA's policy of the "lash and discourtesy" against landlords. Nelson, who said his organization represented 35.1111(1 property owner* presented n survey contending thai rent control had been an Important The porpoise and panda are the most playful animals. McA>,innvi//e, Term., Has $730,000 Sunday Fire M'MINNVILLE. Tcnn., Feb. 23. (UPI—Property owners redded up lo $130,000 today Ihc damage caused by a stubborn fire which burned through five stores here Sunday. Some of the loss was covered by insurance. Damaged by the blaze, which wns believed lo have started in a basement storage area, were a flve-and- len ccnl store, n grocery, a produce store, an ice cream parlor and a bank building. Several nearby churches suspended services to permit members of their congregations to help firemen from McMinnville, Manchester nnd Sparta combat the blnze in Ihe subfreezing temperatures. In Java, thunderstorms are almost a daily occtircnce. $ownuf/ake g=-»"T7^CTi ^f m^mmmucM llilcn Monl II Junior v.on'l drink Nil milk *y bribing him wilh o OOWNYfLAKE Oonu: -g3od and 9ood Tor ^icnl Eaiy lo Oigcil. Jring hin around and Tel him ice Ihc donvl: nod« bj Ihe DOWNYFIAKC fnachin*. 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Eslnlo of Moso'smlili. ilcceiisccl, U'ltcrs Icslumciiliiry Is-' sued (o Percy A, Wright, KxeculorJ ot Klytlicvlllr, Arkmisus, on Jun-' miry 23, 1911. No. ITO. Kstnli) or Jerry P. Mller, ileceased. Lcltcts tcalnnienttu'y issued to O. W. Hinhani, executor, ol lllythevlllc, Arkiinsns, on Jniiunvy IS, 18-17. * WII ness my Imiul us such Clerk uid HID snil of snld Court this the Isl (lny of Kehniury, imv. E!.lV,AHKn[ BLYTJIE County & Probntc Clerk. i I attention I welders .. . You can no\v iHirdiiise n j Jcomplolu nrc wcldinn out- 1 •fit for «2. This is I hoi i lypi! medium H!M> | Harris Cnlorlfiu, J { (he oldrst nimuil'acdirvr u r i ' ci|iiipini'nt. • ! . ; Two things drew them togstber.J Tlie memory of murdur..,ind f * wild emotion (hat rased , . •lave and hatel BLYTHEVILLEJ Machine Shop No.ilriln cl(i|;f;c<l up—lirenllittiR diflkuU? (juiek —rau-h for Munthulnliiin. Iiialnnlly itHiml.sIDliKiHeiimngcMlion, lliinoutinncim. 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