The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, -19'r, BLYTHIWILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Atlantic Fleet Commander Dies Heart Attack Fatal For Admiral Mirscher, Hero of World War II NCRFCIK, Va., Fc-3. 3. (UP) — Admiral Mure A. Mitsfher. ISO, commander of the Albnlh Fleet, died nfc 1:20 a.m. ihi.s' inornini- in the Norfolk Naval Eluspita). The coimmtiulnnt ol the FiRh Naval District sai<; in «. Bulletin at 8 a.m. that he "deeply regretted to announce the death of Admiral Uijjchrr, "who won wartime fame a* A ta.'k force conmiiimli'r in (no Piicific. The wizened, wiry sea (iijlilcr was admitted to the hospital last Monday, following a Mean ntln'jk. Cause of deatli was uUribiiLuil to coronary thrombosis. Hospital oiri'/ials had not reported Mitsehcr's condition as serious in regular bulletins issued lust week. Since taking over ca:rnn»iicler of Jill Atlantic naval with hcael- riuiirtcrs here, the veteran naval commander had marie his hcrne at nrasby Virginia Ileach. •Mitscher was born in Hillsboro Wls.,- Jan. 26, 1887. Ho atlcndcd Kriwic and high schools in Washington. D. C., and was appointed to the Naval Academy from Oklahoma in I90S, Alter graduating in 1910 fie served for two years afloat aboard the battleships USa Colorado mid USS South Dakota. He Was commissioned an ensign to rank from March 7. 1912, and his latest promotion was to' vice- admiral, to.-rank from Mui-li 21, 1944. On Dec. 28, 1U15. he, was appointed «y the President lo the rank of admiral effective upon assuming command of the Eighth! Fleet about March 1. 10!6. A Gooey Time Was Hacl by All NoVV •.-_ . — "I- J., ' ',• " ' --—.- ... ..--^ . ... . ...- ......,._.. ^ ^ § Memory of Osceola Hero U. William T. ,Iiu-ks, USNIl, husband of Mrs. Flossie 1,. Jacks c! Osceola, has been pustliuinmisly awarded a penmnu'iu i-lt lie cjitm-mti'il (Inn contlmmlion of j llu' I'Hiiirols lie oulllncil Is ni-cos- srtry i ( , (] U . "ericctlve cmnpletlou of riu-uuv^rslan." Many High School Students On First Semester Honor Roll Lawmakers fake Hand in Rail Dispute LITTLE ROCK, All:... Feb. ,3. IUP) -'Efforts, to place the strikebound Missouri—'and Arkansas railroad back in 0!>?rnlion arc schodulprl to get underway at tho s'_ntc' c'npitol today. Ernest Nicholson, state senator from Harrison, has announced Unit he will introduce legislation intrj the Genera! Assembly'designed to "force resumption of operations." The first bill will ask Uie legislature to authorize i>ulaski Chancery Court to appoint a receiver to operate any intrastato raiiroail that shfi!] attempt to .ibiuulon its lines or does not resume ouera- ations, if ahamlonecl. within G!) (lays after passage of the lc"isla- lion. • . • . . . . .. A second measure will require owners of a railroad, suspended for more than 30 days without permission from the liiters'ale Commerc" Commission, to offer tlieir sto.k lor sale at a price not to exceed their investment or for the railroad's net salvage value, whichever is less. ^•, In a second distinct move a sae- TMai citizens committee, headed'by J. B. Lambert of Helonu, will mce't in Little nock Wednesday to ]>rc- pare its fight against the *I. and A.'E intentions to abandon the short-lint properly. A hearing on the proposed abandonment has !je>;n scheduled by the rcc in Little Ro.:;; on Feb. 24. The committee will discuss Plans (or employing an engineering firm to make a. survey of M. mid A. properties, including. rehabihtaliOM costs. Head Courier News Want Ads. Madame Mayor Names of students who madr the i first semester honor roll and the j third six weeks honor roll at Blytlic- ville High School have Ijaen" announced by Miss Rosa Haniy. principal. Heading the semester honor list were Dorothy Lmn ami I'CKijy Van Winkle and Vannye Whitley. Listed in the order which they ranked, others were Jimmy Lowe. Charles Henderson. Marilyn Deen, Ann Mc- Lccxi, Charles McDaniel. Dick Williams. Hosemary Johnston. Hobby Mlclliel. Maijoria Hale. Simon, Elwyn Caldwell, Carroll Ev- | ans, Owen Harrison. Wanda Barham. Jim' Lancashire, Shirley Kinij. Sammye Pernison. Ruth Seay. I'alsy Travis, Mary Morgan. C. O. Redman, Edna Rogers. Billy Williams. I Julia Woodson. Howard Bailey. Ar- I den Fcrgison. Nancy Shivley. Joi anne Shnnks. Lloyd Koonce. Mary [ Ball, Patty Bartholomew. George Pollock, Gay Carrlgnn. June Antry, Dan Caldwell, Larry Ashley. Betty Atkins. Mary J. Eaton and Bobbv Mullen. Those receiving honorable mention were Mildred Meador. Mary L. • Joynor; Sonny Lackma.ui, j'linc Stires, ; Doruiis, . Boljannoii,., Evpjyii Cunnin'gham, Charles' R. Thompson, Tommie Robertson. Billie Rodgers. Jaekie Phillips. Patsy Wilson, Bonitn Slankard. Vivian Taylor] j Dick .Smith, Nancy Pnrtlo'.v. Christine Austin, Joan Trinsclininnii. Jean Dcdinnn, Louise Sullivan. Tlio^ivr. Bell. Berl King. Alan Berry, Ruth Krccli. Vcrnell O'Neal, Marion Ma yes. Barbara Monnghan. Laura Swain. Mary Dowdy, Maxine Hill Thclma Rice, MaeBeth Rodgers. Freeman Jerniyan. Pat Burks, Maxine Hipp. Betty Ann Graves, Betty Ann Harhur, Patsy Besharcs, PaSsy Pope. Nancy Ilamillon. Margaret Hill, Buford Young. Gay Nell Cre- clitis, Ltirene Wilson. Stcwurt Gllr- ley, Robert Crafton and Luella Alley. Honor roll students for the third six weeks of the first semester were Marilyn Deen. Dorothy Lnrn and Peggy VanWinkle. Vannye Whitley, with the same average; Charles McDaniel. Jimmy Lowe. Rosemary Johnston. Mose Simon, Boubye Favc Michael. Ann McLsod. Charles Heii- derson. Mnrjoria Hale. Wanda Bar- naul, Ardcn Fergison. Jim Lancashire. Elync Caldwell, C. G. Redman. Carroll Evans, I,a June Aulrv Ruth Seay. Mary Ball. Edna Rogers, Shirley King, Owen Harrison, Jack Homer. Bill Williams. Lloyd Koonce, Gas OniTiiian. Betty " Grnvcs, Julia Woodson, Hov.'iird Bailey. Pnts: Travis. Mary Morgan, Mary L. Joyner, Dick Williams, Somiy Lack- rnunn, Nancy Partiow. I'atty Bur. tholomew, Maxine Hill. Maxim Hipp. Mary Dowdy. Charles Thomn son. Mildred Mcador. Sanmiyc L. Per ijison. Bobby Mullen. George Pol lock, Joanne Shanks. Donna Bo lutimon, Larry Ashley. Betty At kins. Louise Sullivan. Dan Caul well ami Glen Henry. Receivini; honorable mention wen Dick Smilh. Christine Austin. Nan cy Shivley, Bobbie Whisenhunt, Pat sy Wilson, Vernell O'Neal, Jackl Phillips, Evelyn Cunningham, Mar Jo Ealon. Bonila Slaukard, Free mail Jcrnitnui, Vivian Taylor. Mae EJeth Rodgers, Laura Swain and Bll lie Rodgers. Clarice Maxwell, June Stires. Rob ert Crufton, Thomas Bell, Tommi Robertson, Gay Nell Crcclius, .lea Uedmiin. Kitty Bell I'lunkett, Bill Ruth Austin, Betty Layson. Ala H'ITV Sle'varl Gurlcy. Charles Ur Ion, lierl King, Joan Trleschnmnn Margaret Hill, Pat Burks, Bufoi YoijiiK, Marion . Mnyes, Barbar Mbiihglian, Jim dates, Thelmn Ric Patsy Beshares. Betty Harbcr. Joa i Lul?, Lorcne Wilson, Maty i Gaines, Willaynne Daws and I,i ella Alley Final Rites for Singer P.-MII3, Ff,b. 3. (UP)—Fiinre; services were held at the America Cathedral today for Grace Moor American ( opera star killed Jan. in a Danish plane crash. Valentin Parera. the opera sini e:'s husband, and Mme. Sehiapn elli. the Prenim d^si^ner, we among the first to arrive. U. I Air.'jasMrtor Jeflerson Cafiery.Ma lenc Dietrich. tliQ Amcj'icah :'il I sta.'. anri two French actresses a so attended. When she decides lo divorce h l)iji.l;iind. a Navajo Indian womn sets his saddle and other person effects outside their hut. "FOR ng in IJerkcley, Calif., has a woman mayor who'll serve unlil June 30. She's Mrs. Carrie. Iloyt. above, 8J. recently elected uy the city council lo succeed Fitch Robertson, former mayor and cily mnn- n;;rr. xvho resigned. MIS. Iloyt had been a council member for 23 years. *ELPS~K!IDNEYS ' Remove Harmful Impurities • Uackaclic. loss of the old pep, get ting up mghis, and headache are often caused by nuihing more improper kidney action due lo cjc-tCFS acid in the urine. The kidneys arc one of Nnlure's ways of removing impurities from the blood. And when these impurities back vip, trouble may stait. So if yon have these troubles, give your kidneys and bladder n good flushing out by taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot. It works on Hie kidneys lo flush them oitt . . . increasing the flow of urine to help re- licvc thai excess Aridity and cnsc that b-.irtiing sensation when yon pans water . . helps lhat bladder irritation that makes yovi get up nights. Made of 10 herbs, roots, x-egetoblcs, and bnUains. Swamp-Root is absolutely non- liabit forming. Millions have (nkcn it for three generations . . . often with wonderful results. Caution: Uke as directed. For free trial supply, send to Dept. X, Kilmer fit Co.. Inc., Box 1255, Stamford, Conn, Or—get full-sized bottle t>f Koot today at your drugstore. UrtlTED,IHSURANCE DIETRICH, Mgr. TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE 2—New John Deere B 1—1945 John Deere A 1—1943 John Deere B 1—1946 John Deere H All these tractors have starters and lights, new cultivators. Also can furnish discs and breakers. See these before you buy! These Tractors and Ktniipmcnl Arc Pi-iced Lower Than You fan ihiy Klsewhere BROWN MOTOR CO. Phone 31 ;_: Manila, Ark. s Dlslinuuslu'ii IMyii rtliiig to n Navy a celvcd licrt 1 lotlny. LL. J:\cks euvnetl this dlvo Uunibor pilot quiuh'on B4 ultuchcd anker HiU for hi ick on an uii'i'i-nl okyo Fob. 17, lUl ritiuton 1'uv ;:, t't'o;;s, :u-- Hiiunu'rtiH lU uwunl whllo (if Iloiubiii-t lo ih? US.S part, hi mi ul- cn«;itie iilunt In Officer Killed PEN=ASCUV Fin.. K,). :i. (V?)-- ugino Calhtrc was blunnul loUyiy. for dentil of C'nulr Hubert Uoyil ion, of Norl'olh. Va , ulr oKki'r bonrcl Ihy Nuvy ulrciiitt nu'i'li'i* ITO chuu'tird Fridny wJien is FUF Hellnil JlyilUei- pliuu^ orash- I In the OuH of Mexk'i> U-n niHos uutli of liiM'o, Is .survived by his wUUnv, Irs. Iltu'iU'l ILntknuy lltuclon, und no cliiltl, of Norfolk, und his fftlh- •. Clyde HiUcU- i n, x of lown Fnlls, own . WAR POWERS rcqnc-stril exli'iislons wuiilil |)i-ovlil« biislnoss uiul Die Diiblic «•»]» pasilive iilds "which w p <> unist nol wUlulrnw iirrtnnlnrc- I) 1 -" 111' also niiulL' (he polnl llial con- tlniiniiuit or ci'i-lnln eonlrols woiiltl l»'l|i ilii.s coiinlry nu'ct [| s "luti'nm- tlcii'il uiHli-i-shindlnus unil obllsa- lions, 11 On :lio last diiy of 1U1U, Mr, Tni- IHIIII |)l'llf!nilUI!ll II ionillll ClKl Of hosilliUcs in Iho sorond world wnr. 'I his meant Hint u numbi'i- or \viu- Hini' Kuvornint'ul. powers I'liik'tl lin- innl::i!i<ly. and ninny more will mil Crm United from I. Second Wnr Powers Ai't. for the hnited purposes which lie i-num- crMcd. Other (unvej's would bi 1 II»M - - nlltcii to lapse. SlH't'inl I'owers AsUnd lie asked continued power In: 1. Retain current export aikl Import controls on funds .still in crlt- -cally short supply throtiuhuiiL the world. This would include oxpnrt- .niiiort controls of fats and oils, and import controls on meat and meat products, dairy products, (leas and beans, canned fish, and protein foods. 2. Continue "some conirou 1 ' on domes!Ic use and distribution of grains and grnin product:;, rki-, :;u- . and edible molasses. HuBtir i.s the only Item rationed at retail. The aulhority over fii-nin would. for instance, permit cunlmui'i'. restrictions on use of grain In liquor. 3.' continued allocation control ] over imports of natural rubber; ; maniln, abaca anil ngiive riuei and I cordage; tin and antimony: and | cinchona bark from which quinine | Is made. j 4. Allocate railway froighl cars | which »re increii.singly scarce as domestic product ion increases in this country. 5. Allocate s'.rcptoinycine. tin- new "miracle ilriiij." for civilian use. I). Limit export oi. nulnmohilrs and tractors. Simie Cnnlruls Slill Nerdcil Mr. Truman said he wanted the nation to be freed of eiimrucnc.v restrictions as rapidly M possible'. But AinnnK the powers Mr. Truiunn lost, when he declared the end of (he shootiiiK war. was his rluhl to neitf struck plants and mines. He has not since asked Congress to it-store- this ixiwer but lie did m-k tin- House iind Senate to demise Mime method HI coplnn with nutlonvvide strikes m -Ihe so-fall«l tmlii-nui or basic Industries. '11 his me.ssaue today, Mr. TUI- 111111; i\ske,| conllniintlon or the ijov- uriiiin'nt poner (<> operate ships i under less re.slriiHIve rules ns to , uiiiHent and crews than other- e would be the case. !' 1 Mild this wits necessary for lrno|(s slatloned abroad In eoiinw- '.-fcvllii transporlallon O f their KUppHos, Ihelr (lemoblli/allon "in! rclaied Kiimlilnllnn ]>rogrimis. Act to Ux|ilie March :il The second W nr powers aul, whuli expires March 31. originally , •"'iitnlni.'d H buslc siTllons ov "lUh s." Willi the exception of the throe Ecc;iims for which Mr. Truman nsked n-nennl, the others Imve ex- Plii'il. do nut wnrrnul further extension or luive been inncln perma- eiii legislation. >tr. Tiiuuan. In discussing food nrtrijiefi, concenlratei) on grain d tttiitnr. : ." ,' In dlsciissliiB the worldwide grain shcrtnee, the President said Hint "the most careful nllornilim of the nvnllublD supplies" Is necessary avoid extreme ha.i-d.shlp in thi! war- devnstnti'd" areas. Tlie President said that the. Unlled states has u sjiocliil responsibility to maintain food supplies In cicriminy and Jnpnn "at least at a litvel sufficient to prevent disease ami unreal." "If this Is not done, our troops I would bo Jeopardised and our policy of encouraging the yrowlli of democracy in these occupied conn- Ivies would lie In danger," he said. Tlie President siild ilml unless cunent controls »re cuniliiiicil- on siiKnr and related products, (here would be Ineiiullnble distribution of i lltnlleit supply. He foroanw the | withholding of siigui' from the market, for, speculative innposes II decontrol W imi lo come prematurely. He aiUl Hit. cost of susai- used in the United Stales In 1047 will b« more limn $1.0011,000,000. Too I early deeonlrol. ho sold, ni'lfthl I mulitply this coat several limes. I The present su«iir rutlon Is 25 pounds per person „ year. Hecre- tnry of AKi-lcullnri! Clinton p. An- SPfASMINT . PfPPlRMINI PfPSIN • HAWAIIAN f*Ull CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service TRY MANHATTAN FINER COFFEE AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS Fount/ of PICKARD'S Phone 2043 1044 Chickanawba It Will Pay You to Sec Jack W. Powell; Insurance Counsellor Mississippi County The professional man need.'! a plnn for cnpllnllitlng his caminB ivmor and setting aside money for future delivery. Lire Insurance offers swh a plan. Office—ii Lynch lildk'- Phone 3702 Residence Phone 3SOJ Post Office Wox 001 Rlylhcville, Ark. , NATIONAL 'LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY -~^; E %< VERMONT We liny nnd Sell fiOOl) USKT) CARS 1111 Chiimblln Ch.imbtln Railroad & Ash Sts. t'ltone 2195 IF STOMACy BALKS Ml GAS AND Help Get Food Digested to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress Do you feel nil pufTcrt-np ft ml mlirrilil- tilt IT every mcnl, taato sour, Ijltlrr filod' It so. hero IH hO\v you may got Uli-a^-i relief In holpLiiK yunr Htomncli ilo Hi Jol) —Lt •lioum bo tlolu|j---lii tho cl!i;c( Uoh of Ha fooil. Kvurvtlniu looil ciUf-rs t!xo stomach r dtiil KrtHlrlo julcu mutt now norinnlly tt tiri'nk-up curtnln fooil partlolus; olhi- Uu f^od tuny rornu-nt. Hour footl, nulil hull. K fall on itnil UUH frrjt|UonMy cuiiso ti innr- t>l<l, touchy, fretful; pcevlnh, nyrvout cutulUlon, loan of nppolSto. uiulcrwtil^ht rralU'sn Blcoi), \?rj(kiKMiB. To KCt rcnl relief you must Ineroncf the Ilowof Llila vltnl ni^tflc >ulcu, MivlL- cnl authorities, In Independent, Innorn. tury ter.ts on hinnnii sloinurhc, hrxvt- by pusUlvo proof sUovv'ti tlmt fiSfi Tonic l>" ninir/.liHily ollcctlvo hi lurronslns tlilt- How when It In loo lllllo or nnuily tint to a iiou-arRiuUc alotnaoli cllalvirbitnco llsla is duo to tho BBH Tonlo farmult which contalim D|>QC!E| and potent coll- vatlny !n[;rcitlont3. Also. BSSl Tonlo liclpr. bullU-up non- orEinnlc. wenk, wnipry bloo^l In nuiri- tlonnl rvtieinla—HO with \\ good How m thlagastrlo tllucath'o I tiler, i>lm rich re •' blooil you atioulil.cAt better, ak-nu bctf Icoliljcttcr, wprk better, piny btttcr. Avolil luniSshhift yourjiOtf \vllli ov\ 'JOKC3 of aocln anil other nlknllnei-a L counteract, eus.arid blojitlhK wboi whti ynn so tlcuriy ncrtl Is SES Tonic to lirl 1 yonidlBost footV (or body strcuntlt nn- repair. Don't wnltl Join tho hc-rt- o. htippy peotllo BBS Tonlo han l»R!iie«t Mllllonb of boUk'S EOld. Oct ci l)otL1i> o ' RSS Ton la from your tlrnu Rtoro today BBS Tonic holp huLlcl fiUirdy lioa^h. -/,''- CUBTiSS CURTiSS CANDY COMPANY • CHICAGO 13. ILL., IMPORTANT! Si.vo ynnv jircsi'iit car. tixpcrl Mcchiinlnil Hurvlce Akinl|o Oil ntul I.ubrlcnnts Vcy, \vy wnsli untl proriKy our;* (ool Motors? \Vu liavr> new molin\s Overhaul or rclnilltl them Tires :ni(\ Ti.brit Oil, Yes, Wi! |i:ilut Cirs Tnol . Uciiiili- nnil Ui'ihihli nil bodies t'luir^o Ilntttrles T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 BABY BEAR AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 31/2 Gal. - 5 Gal. 7Gai. ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE li:i tt:ist IMuin Phone 211V B H • and the )sauiy lies in the FINISH! Our Men's & V/omen's Suit.? Made to Order Dys Alterations Restyling Hat Cleaning Moth Proofing (10 Vr. f)u»r;>nl(f) Storage LEADING With Yours For the Asking HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. PhoiM 2612

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