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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 3, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS \ ' 1 ' p 1 ;•'» ,- ' VOL. XI,111—NO. 2(57 ClythevlUe Dally Newr Blythcvtlle Courier lilylhevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HI.YTIIHVIU.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, KKBKUAKY, !), JSM7 Teachers Break With Governor Over School Aid Arkansas Education Forces Ask Laney To Prove 'Figures' LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 3 ill. P.) — A drive toward higher teachers' salarim; in Arkansas gained momentum today, following a mass meeting of educators held here • yesterday. MFC-ting nl the call of Mis!? Pearl . Middlebrook, president ol the Clnssroom Teaches Association, some 300 instructois in Little Rock's schools sent out a plea to nil other state educational associations to join in the lobbying action. Little Rock teachers yes- tei'rtay were joined ]>y delegations from Hot Springs, Eentou and North Little Rock. The teachers heard Fmresi, Roz- Mll, field supervisor of the Arkansas Education Association, challenge Governor Ben Laney to prove "with pencil and paper" that- his proposed legislation would provido a SL'CO annnnl increase in leacherV salaries. Rurzcll told the teachers that the maximum for the education fund under the governor's plan would be a "little ove:- $19.- CGG.OCO," which he termed 13.000,COO short of requirements. He also said that education would receive $22,116,000 if the legislature approves measures prepared l)5 r the' ABA and introduced into both the House and Senate last week. Public hearing on the ABA proposal will l>e held at tnc Hotel Marion tomorrow—and the teachers at yesterday's meeting votea lo attend in a body, Early Test Vote Souj,',it The teachers also decided to send their legislative committee to Wednesday's House session at whicl a "test vote" will be sought on the AEA measure. T. M. Stinnett, executive secretary of the AEA who declan "war" on Governor Laney and h program last week, yesterday outlined events which he said led to the brenk with the governor He also said that the AEA pro posal will be withdrawn "if 1 can he shown to us that the salary 'increase will be met by nn: other proposal satisfactory to tin governor.' 1 RoMcll pointed ou that Laney' program would set, aside .for puoli education SI'S.225,060 of fne :irsn $33,030,000 collected by the state. The clan would also provide for schools Eifi per cent of revenues above $33.050.000 and the combined surphus that would be distributed during the next biennium from surplus funds available it the governor's nine-bill program is accented. The AEA program provides that all revenues above $30.500.030 be distributed according to the basic percentages of distribution below lhat level. This would give the public .school fund 64.7 i«r cent of all money above the $30.500.000 —which bn.sed on estimated Income- of S39,BOn,000 would give the schools $22.176,000. Mercury Drops Within Degree Of Season's Low The mercury skidded lo :i low of 20 degrees during Salurdiiy nlislil, one degree above (he lowest temperature recorded so fur this sen- sail, according to Robert E. may- lock, official ^weather observer. Minimum •Icmpornturc during last nlglil was 31 degrees. Big Fight Looms Over Road Funds Legislators Ask for Data to Support Special Appropriation LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Feb. 3. (OP) —The Arkansas legislature opened its fourth week today and stcppetl cross the threshold of its half- i'ay mark. Behind the legislators lay a wccJ hat saw action on, and the intro- luetion of many profound, stranyc \nU wondrous bills. Ahead of then unfolds a week lhat promises to bi is jampacked with fasl-moving ac- ion as the old horse-opera, probably the biggcsl light this President Asks Continuation o! Special Powers Congress is Urged To Keep Controls on Sugar Another Year »Y MKKK1MAN SMITH " United Press While House Reporter WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.—President Truman today asked Congress to continue his sugar rationing au- Ihorlly and some other war (lowers for n not her year. He requested extension of hi powers to allocate scarce food and materials, and lo control the export aiur import of certain critical items. Sugar is the only thing on which individual consumers are rationed directly. Mr. 'minimi a lso asked authority for the Maritime Commission (o continue operation of certain dripping lines until the commission can settle with these companies whose vessels were taken over during the war. The powers the President wanted renewed will expire automatically Tornado Damage veek will 'be over an emergency supplemental appropriation of $1.- "jOO.OOO asked by the Highway De- !>artnient. The request was miide in the House Friday but ran into a roadblock set up by Rep. llcartsill of Sebastian County and rtep. Carlton Cnrric of Jefferson County. Ragon told the solons he had made an investigation and found the appropriation unnecessary. Currie charged that it was a .subterfuge to get higher salaries, and then he suggested an investigation of the Highway Department. Today the House planned to put Highway Director J. C. Baker and State Comptroller John Trucmper 011 the stand and ask them just why the department needs the money so urgently. The Highway Commission Saturday threatened to hold up bids on 14 construction and maintenance road jobs if the appropriation was hot apprcved. Tax Bill Hearing Tonight A hearing was scheduled tonight by the House 'Revenue and Taxation Committee on a use tax introduced in the House by Ren. Talbot Feilci. Jr., of Hempslcad County It is expected to bring out a rare display of fireworks. Feild's pro po.sal would put a two per cen IR.X- pri all articles .bought out o Arkansas for use in Arkansas Feild is chairman of the Revenui and Taxation Committee. A vote was expected March 31 unless extended by Con- rrcss. The President called specifically 'or the extension until March 31, 1948. or Titles 1. Ill and V of the See WAIl 1'OWEHS on 1'iific 3 $422 is Added To Polio Fund Citizens at Dell Win Praise of N. Missco Campaign Director More than one-third of the $1200 needed Friday lo meet the North Mississippi County goal in the March of Dimes polio relief drive nas obtained over the week-end, ROECO Crafton. campaign chairman announced Ihis morning. Of the S422.34 added to the fund in the past two days. $275.34 waf turned In by M. F. Brownlcy Jr. community chairman for Dell. Ir acknowledging these contributions Mr. Crafton said Mr. Brownle.y hac assured him that an ndditiona $125 was., to.ithgommg. from the citizens of Dell, Including theate collections. ' _ Tables set up In the business today in' district Saturday netted $147, Mi the Senate on an emergency clause Crafton reported. Manning Ihes' tp an enabling act to the state's tables were E. H. Ford and hi. anti-closed shop amendment. The' committee. Virgil Green, Carol Am "- = •— — • • Court Clears Farmer Who Killed Negro Charles Taylor, farmer of near Armorel, «a s freed of first degree murder charges this morning in the fatal shooting Saturday night of Ed Reno, Negro, when Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury ruled that Ihe slaying was justifiable homicide. Taylor shot Reno with a .38 caliber pistol when the Negro attempted to enter the farmer's home. Officers said that Reno had driven his truck into a fence at Taylor's home, and when the farmer investigated, swore at him and threatened his family. Reno's wife, reported as the only eye-witness attempted to dissuade him from attacking Taylor but was unsuccessful, officers said- Taylor fired at Reno four times, hitting him only once, above Che right breast, officers reported. Foi* the shooting, Taylor arrcslcd on an open charge released under bond. . act would set up penalties for violation of the frccdom-to-work law. Battle lines were forming for a fight-to-the-Iinish on at least one of Gov. Ben Laney's majar legislative proposals. Drawing most fire and criticism to date is the governor's suggested revision of the 194fi revenue stabilization act. The opposition comes from the Arkansas Education Association which says that the revised act would not do enough for the teachers. The AEA has set up its own bill. At a meeting Saturday Laney defended his bill by ticking off six reasons why he thinks it is superior to the educators' bill. Mrs. J. T. Powell Dies in Her Home Near Burdetle Mrs. Alice Powell. 76. died last night at her home near Burdelte. She was the wife of J. T. Powell. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, 3 o'clock, at Ccbb Funeral Home, with the Rev. L. G. Miller, pastor of New Liberty Baptist Church, officiating. Burial will follow at Dogwood Cemetery. Other than her husband. Mrs. Powell is survived by live stepsons, 1 four stepdaughters, a niece. Mrs. Orcna Bolden. whom .she and My. Powell reared, and four brothers, 'ornadocs have a habit of crcnllrfg tho spectacular. This photo, taken fter the recent, tornado in Salem', Arkansas, will prove the point. Mr. O. Qciilon was sill ing behind llic wheel of his ci>r when Ihe -itorni truck. A piece of 4 by 6 hurtled fight through the windshield anil lw< ihcr pieces forced their njurcd. (NBA Photo.) way hit* his rndlalor. Mr. lieitton Burglars Thwarted After Battle Over $7,000,000 in Chicago Bniley, Bobby McDaniels, Su Stanficld. and Ann Hester. "If everyone keeps working aiii there is no let-up, we will reach our goal this week," Mr. Crafton stated. In expressing his thanks for the Dell contributions, Mr. Crafton said "I wish to thank the people of Dell for their contributions lo tlie March of Dimes under the leadership o f Mr. Brownley and for the work done in this drive by the committee. "It is this kind of spirit which will help us reach and exceed our gonl. which we must rlo." The March of Dimes driv» was extended one week by State Chairman William H. Sadler because lagging contributions had left the campaign short of its county and stale goals by the end of last week. CHICAGO, Fell, s—(UP)— Thrcqf f five satecrackcrs, survivors of-" an hour-long gun battle with, po-. tee, were lo be qucslioned today" m details of their frustrated' at- cmpt to take an estimated $1,000,000 from the safety deposit boxes of a currency exchange. : 'the atlemptcd robbery, during which two of the safccrnckers were killed and three policemen wounded, took place Saturday night. The ;oal was a block of :if)0 safety deposit boxes within the currency exchange's vault. Each, according to police, was jamim>i!_willi the cash receipts of neighborhood mer- chuiils who closed their shops and; offices loo late to make regular bank deposits. The men also were to be ques-j Monccl about a $13,000 robbery of an armored ear several weeks ago,; The truck belonged to > 'ftnothi currency exchange and was used lo visit large factories and cash payroll checks. Six persons occupying apartments over the exchange were cow- erf by the bandits for three hours and ordered to remain quiet while drills and acetylene torches bu/zed away at, the vault beneath them. The bandits' near-perfect plims were smashed by Nightwatchmim William Weiss. 45, who entered tho basement of the exchange lo fire a t "urnacc and heard the men work- j n on the first floor. He notified »licc und a cordon or 100 officers, complete with searchlights, riot- guns, tcar-giis and bullet proof shields, was thrown around Aid is Rushed To Stricken Ship 199 Passengers Aboarc Vessel Grounded Off Coast of Alaska SFATTl.K, Fell. :i — (III 1 )—Al passengers were rrnuivcil am: tlie crippled "jinx" ship Alaska tU-d up at a dock hi Hie unprotected ('onlova, Aluskii, harbor today after an all-night battle against u lushing 40-mile gale. High Court Rules In Case Testing Chiropractic Act Violations Punishable In Criminal, Not Civil Action, Justices Say LITTLE ROOK Ark., Feb. 3. UP) Olvll [ti'tion Is not the rein- cly lor an allt'Kcd violation of the i:islc Science Liuv, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled today In up- Uldlni; un opinion ot the Chancery iurt of tMiIiukl 'County. The lowoi' couil had earlier dls- nlssed efforts ol the (hen pririccu- tni; attorney Sinn Robinson to u-evoiil the Slide 110" rd ot Uhlro- mii'llc rxntnlncis from Issuing II- rcnsi's by reciprocity without llrst .rqnlrlni; the oirt-of-.siale uppll- .'Riils lo obtain a bnslu sctcnre ccr- liflnilc. Robinson hud asked tin owi'r rourt lo eujtiin the board, headed by Dr. K C. Crow of 'Hope Irom Issuing such licenses. The high court, In an oplnlor written by .luntlce K. I,. MeHimcy took the position Llml If the chlr- opniclii' liouid hud violated the basic .science act then it should n punished by criminal iicllon, ant that an Injunction Is 'not I In proper recourse. "II is lunnllest that the basli .science act provides a plain an< adcquule remedy nl lnw for tin enforcement of Its provisions without any necessity of applying ti a court ol equity lo restrain a vl<> latlon of the art, the opinion sid<i "Assuinlni; wlllioul deciding lha ttie Stale Bond ot Clilropruotlc Kx iimlneis Is In error hi licensing u> reciprocity ..... wo think the a|) pcllanl sliould have pursued til enforced remedy In law." Tax linllni; Affirmed Tin- hliili court (Icscrlocd the enforcement remedies as "linn and Imprisonment," Tlie supreme Court, upholding n Garland Chancery ruling, held that Act 47 of 11)27, appeiirlntj as Section 1 37 il ot Pope's Digest., was unconstitutional us applied lo for'cib-n corporations. The decision prevents anrlnnd County Tux Collector Mack Wilson from collecting" assessed taxes from the Oklahoma Tiro and Supply Company and the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company. Wilson lind attempted lo collect taxes lor Intangible tsscls of the two compim- 8-r-r-r — It's So Cold Up Yukon Way That Indians Hibernate BNAQ AIRFIELD. Yukon, ' F*b. 3.— IUP>— H was 83 dcgiccs below I mo here today but tho 16 white j men nl this weather station liotle- d little chnnijc in temperature rom yesterday when tho official ending was -81. The mark was a new low for my place on the North American •ontlnciit. snug |s 300. nilles north >f Wlillehorsc. It l s used as ft vcallicr station by the RCAK and he Department ot Transport. There was Just one tiling ilia •csldenfs had to be thankful lor. I: can't get any colder. The S'J-dcgrc'o nark Is Die lowest the otriclnl jovernmenl thermometer will reg- ster. The indlnus In n nearby village were slaying Indoors. Youth Honored j^f-V SMTb Foi Starts Tomorrow Kick-off Breakfast Planned for 50 Workers Making Canvass Tho Blytlieville "Y",,Fi- iimcc Campaign for 1047/1 will Ijcgin tomorrow morning with a "kick-off" breakfast it Hotel Noble. A budget ot Ml,GOO has b'ccn approved lor 1!)<I7. A[:prcxmintcly 50 men "and women arc ' expected to --.'attend- , Ihe jrinfcfnst, when Learns will draw Tor tl'o Imiloiy Ihoy are to cover. General Chairman ip; D. Foster will preside. Mrs. W; U Homer anil:' Alvln Huffman, Jr., are leaden ijf the women's and men's divisions ri - spuctlvoly. Kendall Berry Is-chah- iin ol a f.-peclal commlllcc.'• Rcporl mcellngr, will be held at "Y" rooms n the City Hall al 6:31) o'eloi-k each evening of the c^m- ' p^lsn, 'luesduy through Friday M-'als will b" served al report sea slons by women o! Blythevillt churchei Tuesday night, FirstMwtli- odlsl Ol'iirch women will serve Wednesday hlglit, Episcopal Ohurc, Tlmrsf.'.iy nlghl, First;', Chr'lstlai Church rind Friday .night, Lak: Street 'Methodist Church, George Robert Craig, Craig. Craig, Craig. of West 'Memphis, of Texas, Luther Oklahoma Florida. and Chester was and Limit Invoked On Imports of Rough Cotton WASHINGTON. Fob. 3. (UP)— President Truman today imposed an annual import limitation of 70.000,000 pounds on rough cotton having a staple of than three- lourths of one inch in length. This type of cotlon was excepted from the quota limitation in 1D39. Tlie exception specified that the cotton would be chiefly used in the manufacture of blankets and blanketing. With the war over, steps were begun last year to rcimpose limits on rough cotton imports as a means of protecting the domestic cotton market. Mr. Truman baser! his proclamation on recommendations >by the Tariff Commission, which held hen rings last fall on the advisability of modifying the 1939 cotton, order. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. quotations: A T & T 173 7-8 Amer Tobacco 84 Anaconda Copper 403-4 Beth Steel 93 Chrysler 93 1-2 Ccca Cola 1531-2 Orn Electric 3D 5-8 Gen Motors 59 3-8 Montgomery Ward 61 7-8 N Y Central 21 3-4 Inl Harvester 77 1-2 North Am Aviation 10'l-2 Hadio 97-3 Socony Vacuum 14 7-: Studebaker 23 1-2 Standard of N J :.. 67 5-8 Texas Corp. 591-2 Packard C 5-8 U S Steel 76 7-8 Many Fines Assessed in City Court A good time may have been hr by all over the week-end bill for many Monday morning was a pain in llic pockctbook as well as the head as upwards of $500 flowed into the city's coffers thi s morning through Municipal Court fines for alcoholic misdemeanors. Public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor were the charges which snared the offenders and for which they _.„. cr paid in court or—as the majority riid-forfeitcd bonds posted when arrested. According t o the court docket nine persons paid fines of $10 and costs, one parted with S15 and costs and another anted up $25 Plus. Six forfeited bonds or $3025 while 12 persons under $20.25 bonds failed to appear thl s morning The south half of Ihe county too, had Its over-indulgent celebrants and more than were made on the charges, Deputy „.,, Young reported this rnorntn: Y Cotton Mar. May July ocl. Dec. open high 3222 3125 2&42 2B37 2 (MO low close 3232 3180 3143 3086 2952 2904 2715 2660 26fiO 2C05 1:30 3191 3100 2912 2670 2(11:1 ' SEA'ITl.E. Feb. 3.—(UP>— Two CoiLst Guard cutters raced north- wrtTd in the teclh of a '10-111110 Bnlc toda to rescue 109 patsnnijers and c r cwmen aboard the "Jinx" ship Alnskn which was reported In a sinking condition In unsheltered water at Cordova, Alaska. The slricken ship limped Inlo the unprotected anchorage yc.s- torday nfter slv had run aground on Ihe rocks five miles south of Cordova and ripped a huge hole In her hull. Capt. Roy Selig, maslcr of the vessel, broadcast appeals for aid during the night, notifying Const Guard headquarters al Seattle that IPK. The lower court entered a decree enjoining the collection of the taxes. The court .'today uppoihtc'cf'Mib'w"- ard CorkrIH ol Little nock na a TICK b:r of I lie 'Bur Rules Commit - ec, succeeding Biuicnin PulKcr.sou. eslfjned. A. p. Triplet! of 'Pine iluff was appointed a member ol he same committee for the Sixth District, siiccccrimi; the late E 11. Wootton of Hot Sprln(js. lirnnle Johnson, son of Mr, am Mrs. G. R Johnson, who has celved numerous honors hi hi work with the floyal Ambassadors Baptist youth organization, hint boeh elevated to the rank of Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Highest rank In the organization. Tho lU-ycar-old was elected nm- bus.sudor-ln-chler O f the Royal Ambassadors of Arkansas at a stnlc congress held two weeks ago In Uttle Rock. He also Is president of the Intermediate Group ut the Fhva Baptist Church hero und temporary president of the Mississippi Comity Assoclatlonal Group. He has licen active in work with thu Royal Ambassadors for live y Robberf Victim Here the ship's pumps were unable to the .stem the surge of water Into her inning. | forward hold. One officer approached the door He said tlie pumps were holding if the office und ordered the men j their own against the six feel of to surrender. He was greeled by water In the number two hold, but shotgun blasts and was wounded. ' were losing ground against 20 feet State's Death Toll Mounts OverWeek-end Firing broke out Irom other windows of the exchange and two more policemen fell. As the cordon grew tighter the barrage became KO heavy three of Ihc bandits .surrendered. Lamar Houston, Who Lived Near Roseland, Dies Funeral services were held this afternoon, 3:30 o'clock, a I Cobb Fnnernl Home for Lamnr Houston, of near Ro.seland, who died yesterday afternoon at Blythcvillu Hospital. Me wns 50. The Rev. R. Scott Balrd. pastor of First Christian Church, officiated. Burial was at Manila cemetery. He Ls survived by his wife, Mrs. Siudle Houston; two sons. Claud and J. T. Houston; (our daughters. Mrs. Martha Taber, Mrs. Bva Mac Raper. Mrs. Mary James and Miss Neta Houston; three sisters, Mrs. Dona Glover and Mrs. Emma Sanders, both of Sulfur Springs, Mrs. Jenny I,. Richardson of Como, Tex., and Uvo brothers, Lawrence Houston, also of como. and Jackie Houston, Tupelo. Miss. 50 arrests above three Sheriff Dave Fire Damages House A two-room box house on North Eighth street was gutted by fire of water in Llic forward comp;in- ment. Lalcr lie riidloe<j Llml the 1 water had risen two feet hi Ihrj Number Two hold nncl wns still rising. Jf the bn3khe:ul hclwc:cn thr two coin- parlnicnls gave w a y to Lhc ircmcii- dous wnlcr pressure, the vessel would surely .sink, he said. Funeral Tuesday For W. A. Bartley, Who Died Sunday Funeral rites for William Alien Bartley, 75, who died last nighl. 6;15 o'clock, at his home on North Fifth Street, will be held tomorrow afternoon, 4 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel. • The Rev. p. H. Jernlgan, pastor of Calvary Baptist church, will of- E. E. Jenkins, County Farm Manager, Dies Services for Ernest liaslc-y Jenkins, manager of the MLs.sls.slpp County Penal Fnrfn who died Frl day night in Booncville, Ark., Hospital, were held this afternoon a the Swifl Funeral Home In Osec oia. lie was 35. Burial, was in Ermcn Cemcterj witli the Rev. E. Jones of Lu.xoro officiating. Mr. Jenkins had been a paticn In the Bonncvillc Tuberculosis Saul tarium for the past week. Loni> a resident of the Luxora and Osceola vicinity, he leaves his wife. Mrs. Myrtle Jenkins and a young daughter. He had been manager of the county farm for about a year. At lensl seven persons died unnatural deaths In Arkansas over the week-end. Two died from carbon monoxide poisoning, two from traffic accidents, one from gunshot imd.s and one Irom a heart attack. Two Stuttgart High School .students died ol ciiubim monoxide fumes in a parked car Saturday morning. They were Lois Wheeler, Ifi-yrnr-old (laughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Wnlton T. Wheeler, and Albert Edwin Crandall. 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Crau- dnlt. The ulrl was d'cad when a inssim; motorist examined the car. Crandall died a lew hours later. Tommy J. Cniullr-r. two-wcck-olrl .son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Condloy of Oln, died In a -Pine Bluff hospital Irom Injuries suffered In an aiilomol)i!c accident. The car, driven by his father, figured in a collision with a truck driven by H. p. Tatum of Monticcllo. Tlie accident was on Highway C5 near tlie Dollar- way .S-l.ool. Al Gurdon. an unidentified Ne- Kro mis killed in 'the second trnflic faUiity ol the week-end. His truck was reported to have figured In a collision with two other trucks. •A heart attack proved fatal to Clevc J. Yancey. a fanner living near Qiiiunan. n e collapsed while i lighting a forest fire near his | home. Two Negroes were killed in Mississippi County. Ed Rcyno died of Here Succumbs Rites to Be Conducted Tomorrow for Miss Ada HarringtonDonoho Miss Ada Harrington Douolio, telpher of foreign InuKuages In niytheville High School for VI years, died late Saturday in Nashville, -where she had lived five years. Funeral services for the 73-year- old teiiehcr and musician will We held tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock, at Cobb Ftinenil Home by the Rev. Allen D. Stewart, pastor of First Melhorlist Church. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery. In her 41 yea-rs of teaching foreign languages, she served in high schools in Tennessee and Mississippi before coming lo Arkansas. Shc taught al Corning and Joncs- boro prior lo inoving->ticrc in lUKi to teach Latin. German and Spanish In Blythcvllle High School. She played a domiminl role in school aclivitics here and was a lender In church and civic affairs. Elm served as organist of First M-'thodisl church, where she participated In various clinch aclivllies.' West Memphis Truck Driver Tells of Losing $17 Near Stata Line A 35-year-old West Mcinphh mirk driver, J. D. 'Barnett. -is In niythcvlllc Hospital today in-.serious condition with a. fractured rkull as a result of a beating he suffered Saturday night at the hands of two''unidentified assailants. ! ' Bnrnett, who suffered lacerations about the head, and faco, told officers .that two men robbed- him of 417' after Ration him as he slept In:his Irutic-nmr the state-1 Vine .-l(t2)$i9iicliH.;4bout ..(We,miles L • I lily tlr<IM*| \ifiif i?«-'J- ,'4-**(•*i.ypil •'=!'• I • En route from 81. Louis ^with a load of corn. Barnett salrl he pulled off the road near ft filling ; station and went to sle^p. Tal-l madgo Huey," another truck driver,! drove Into the service station when lie attack wns In progress, he said, ut the robbers fled. , Chief Deputy Sheriff E.'F.clax-l n of Caruthersville said this lorning lhal the case wns still nder investigation but the assail- | nts remained unidentified. the Camp Blylhcvillc. was educated .Tire at thls morning as the result of a' ficlate ' assisted by the faulty flue. rcsided on Mac the was owned by Mrs. Rella. Spain In another nan last night, firemen exlingulshcd n. small blaze Williams, Nepro I Scolt B »l«l. pastor of First property, which 1 ! tian Church. Burial will be In ------- ~" Rev. R. CDris- Elmwood cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jauddic Bartley; a slsler, Mrs. Bill in the rear seat of a. car belong-' Anderson of Horncrsvlllc, Mo., and Ing to Bill VanWInkle. Slight damage resulted to the sent cushions. The blaze was believed to have been caused hy n lighted clsrire'Jo. two brothers, Ed Hartley of Owensboro, .Ky., and Richard Hartley of Stanley, Ky. Cotil) Funeral Home U in cli^rjro. Elderly Woman Injured Mrs. Lclta Moore. 80. wr.s under- eoinr; treatment in nlylhcvlllc Hospital today for a broken hip she received yesterday In an accident al the home ol her niece. Mrs. Jack Robertson, and Mr. Roberlson, witli whom she resides. 'Mrs. Moore was injured when she started to sit down and fell. Judge Hears Civil Cases A Common Pleas Court session was convened in Osceola today for the hearing of civil suits with County Judge Roland Green presiding. Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer today and in extreme East and South portions tonight. Colder Tuesday and In Northwest portion lale tonight. . bullet . wounds after he was said to have threatened a farmer near Armorel, jind in Osceola, a self-, styled bad man, Gussic Lee Waric wns killed by a cafe operator. Wade was said lo have threatened patrons in the cafe. Trifck Driver, Who Failed To Heed Warning, Fined James Wickersliam, st Louis truck driver, was fined $50 and costs for resisting .nrrcst and $25 and cost for driving while under the Influence of Intoxicating llo.uor In Osceola this morning. He was arrested Saturday night by Deputy Sheriff Dav c Young after the officer had told him to get. his truck orcck on the riant, side of the road. Wickersliam. driving a largo freight van for Hie Piaza Trucking Company, WHS weaving across Highway 61 aim snarling traffic, Deputy Sheriff Young said. The truck driver rejected the officers orders to correct his driving, ' ,„., Stic organized Girls' group In 'Miss Donoho Seoul College in Murfrccf.boro Tciin., University of Colorado an: Columbia University. She is survived by a 'brother Ribcrl Donoho, of Los Angeles. Self-Styled "Iron Man' Killed After Routing Osceola Cafe Patrons Preliminary hearing York. Osccoila Negro, for Gcoi' on charg of murder was sel for this afternoon following the ratal shooting early Sunday morning of Gusic Lc? Wade, £0-year-old Xcgvo, ii York's cafe in Osceola. The shooting occurred aflc Wade entered York's cafe and or dcrcd the customers lo leave. Pro claiming himself to be the "troi IVfan," Wade forced the cuslome to line up and file out. ordering York to join them. Wade had nc gun, officers said, but kept Iv hand In his pocket while routini the customers. When Wade Insisted that Yor leave, the cafe-owner 1? sai to have fired twice wilh a .3 caliber pistol, the bullets strlkin Wade above the right eye ond J: the left Jaw. York then drove to the count jail and surrendered to officers Deputy Sheriff Dave Young reach cd the cafe as York left and To] lowed him, believing the Kegr was trying to escape instead o giving himself up. The preliminary hearing will h held before Justice of the peac William Hale of Ooceola, 3ud Cason Post roposal Wins Okay Fifteen members of Dud. Cason 'osl. .24 represented Blythoville at, Fifth District American lisgloii icetlng yesterday i in Jonesbdro. J vherc'morc than 400 Legionnaires' rom the district's 10 posts' gath- irccl. .• . •»- , The resolution initiated ark | Klopted here last week calling foi 31vi! Service examinations f6i nany state employes with extr: wlnt awards for veterans was ap- "roved at the meeting. The Fiftl aislrtcl also adopted the state; leg- slntive program for veterans. The rtev. James R. Sewell, Ar fcansas state Department chaplain ,vas principal speaker. Clovls Copal and, assistant adjutant of thl State Department, spoke. " ' Claude Brtnton. past commands' or Joncsboro's Pickett Post, gav the welcoming address with re pousc by Ed Rice of Blytheville. The meeting W as opened t Frank Schmuck, commander t Picket! Post 21, and Boyce Dicl TOIL FKth District commandt presided. . ...... S*. Louis Man Arrested After 3-Way Accident Arrested as the cause of a thre ' car accident, 1. Anderson, St. Lou truck-driver, was placed under bond thi s morning i n Mun clpal Court with his hearing coj -Inued until tomorrow. He : fac charges of driving while under H influence of intoxicating liquor. Anderson was arrested yesterd: afternoon after his truck strui cars driven by Clair Miller of Bl- Iheville and okl a Malloy of Oosni on Highway 18 just outside of De As Anderson rounded a curve i the highway, he veered to U wrong side of the road and M Miller pulled over to avoid tl' truck, striking a sign post. I? w: reported. The truck struck the Mi ler car, then crashed into Mr. Ma toys car, which was following tr olhcr, officers said. The truck then careened off tl highway and stopped In a c<N'< field more than 100 yards away, c fleers reported. No one was serlou Iv Injured although Mr. and Mi Miller and their two sons Ve: shaken by the impact.

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