The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1947
Page 1
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PAGE TWO BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COULUEK NEWS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1047 Balanced Budget Promised Anew GOP House Member 'Says U. S. Spending Stashes Contemplated \fASHIX!3TC'NV Feb. 1. (U?) — Chairman John Taber, F... N. Y., of tli&; House Appropriations Committee! said today he hopes to wli?»'k government .spending Sn Hie next fi\a n'onths "enough to b'.ian:e the federal budget for the- current fls- "II will have to bs done -by cutbacks ol si'JoiU $i:600,Oi)S,CCO in proposed t-xpenditures for the lesl of th'.s year." he said. "We mig.'it also have to reduce deficiency appropriation requests." President Truman's budget for the current fiscal year calls for total ",p;nding of $42,523,COO,000 and anticipates u deficit of $2,233,030,003 \vhcn the fiscal year end's next June 30. At*- present the treasury lias a- sui.pltis of $4C3,OCO,000 for the 1 fiscal year, but this is expected to ,tc y.ipod out in the coming inonfhs. ' Taber estimated deficiency re- cuosts would tnta! S3.930.000.000. Ho said he already had warned a great many ew.cies that tlies should not ni&te plans to EPO-.K money they have not yet received. His remarks were made alter i meeting of a 1 congressional budge sub:ommrtiee \vhi:h is working on recommendations for ceilings a- federal spending during tho 1S43 They came cs Republicans backed water on their pie-session pledge to cut personal income taxes 20 per cent across the board. They Knid a 1", per cent overall reduction in tax IiKome still is the objective, but ts!an:ini! the budget and reducing the nntlonpl debt came first. Tr-b':r sold the budfret subcommittee talked nbout the federal 'budget both for (ho current fiscal year nnd for the fiscal year beginning next July I. He saiit Colin Slam, chief con- Brcsslonal trx adviser, estimated that government revenue Boxcar Figures Road ,Bid$ Await Train Wreck Appropriation tBlamed on State Ready to Let Contracts for Jobs To Cost $1,552,000 ALTA VISTA, In., Feb. 1. —Throe trainmen were cicud totlay alter a collision bctv/ocn a relief uniUnr- r.iul a stalled Chi::ai_;o and Great Wcstiirn relri^crator train cairinji a -biinrliUK snowstorm. ,,nn and maintenance contracts for i .^ ^^Sy^'T^ LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 1. cU!>>- Contractor:; held 14 construc- ;i!n'lwork i:'. Arkansas today, but •.vhctht::- or n«L tlu-y would keep Item was Hill undecided. the. ) ;ontta:ts, totaling $1,552,033. • let yesterday iiy the Stale iway Cn!!i:r.issli;n on a tcnta- bi.sir,, pending the outcome of commission's Sl.SSQ.COD cmei'-i •y apprepriaUon. a supplemen-' m,ueM now belore the tegtala-' fl/acft Market. Profits third fatality, died suffered in the a::i(!i-ni. -Wayne Ml!l«, 33. Iorme:!v oi HnyJieUl, Mian., was killed out:J!^ht \vhen the engine plowed into UK: caboose 1 of the Iroinhl yesterday, and Paul Hulterfieltl, Milntyre, died later of injuries. in 'President nil! Veeck holds head as Bob Feller computes •.« he can make with anlicip.ilc-cl Cleveland nttondancc. Sn l, kiiic is virtually certain \n top Balie Kvi'.li's record sahu'y b>- (. lectina ?8S,000. the award:; was :i May G.O to l/.S. Treasury !2-'5,Ct'0 ^rndlii^ untt drairmRe J3'J tov 11 milcM of loads hi Washington :i::d Mr.dison counties. Low blrl- t!;'i '.Ye:; the n^st Arkansas Cr>!:- suucUon Co. of Jonesboro. Another ol the lop Jc-bs went to the D. !•*. Jone'i Construction Co. of . L.'tilu Rock and the Southeast G'.'.v.suuction Co., Inc., of Pine Bluff. The contract was awarded jointly for nr.ulmg and drainage wo-k on the Mena-Uoard Camp roatl In i Polk County on n hid of Church Singers Get Sour Note From OPA Bosses Hy ritEOKKK'K C. OTIIMAN (tTxl'fil Tcss Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. -Til-; OPA has been accused at one time or another ot caiisinK 15II the ills of America, but f never expected it would be blamed for breaking up harmonious relations between a preacher and hu ovangi'Hciil <nuir- tette. 'Ah me. If the isovci'mnanl only had kept Its troublemakers out of the Olcnpool Ornco Church nnd the Amazing Grace Rescue Mission, the Rev. WalL.^L 1 J. .\tiirphy would • ... the n't have hiul to desert his (lock In 1WS listM year will bi about $37..- Tulsa, Okla., to plend with the V. S. .'281.0,000 Mr. Truman estimated Senate for n little less fiovenmient it at S37.'73D.OOa,COO in his proposed budget. The difference of $198,000,- rCO cncournwd the lax-cutters. Tr/ocr said he was confident government spending :n fiscal 1548 can be cut down to between $32,076,000,003 and S33,OCO,OOa,000. Mr. Truman called for snsndmg of $37,- E28,00a 000 The Rev. Mr. I.:urphy. a t.ill. '.hiti with huh-, rimless eyeglasses, a small black mustache lufu a house for S.'iO a month. "It was a beautiful home," .she said. "( was In H. He asreed it was worth tlwt much m.-mey, hut, later he changed his mind. He cut his cjwn rent $15 a month." When Sen. Tobcy .spied (ho hu:K'.- somc Mrs. Margaret Spriivi:cr of Detroit in a white wool dre.s.-; and mink hut, he asked: "Are you a landlord?" She said, no. -she v;as a laiKllafiy, 01- would be if it \vcren't for the OPA. She rented out an apartment in her house for $1G :i wcc:k. The OPA decided three years after approving the deal [hut i! was woi'th only Sf( and hauled her to court. The judf;e siiitl the OPA was nuts, but Hi!- OPA Imd tlic -.nsi word. Tt );«t the case but It kept on (he $8 ceiling. Mrs. Spriir^iir said siie was Oilier cnntracls and the lov: lild- c'j's included: Gi;ulin(! nnd driiina^e ''stvucUires or 85 mites of the Dcrmolt-Mont- rose road in chicot and Drov.- -.•cunlies, D. B. Hill of Little tlo-k MIAMI. Fla.. Pel). 1. i UP)— More tlnin S3.000.0no hi income lax cva- "ion cu;<es from wartime black market operations have b'.'on prepared against 25 merchant:; and hotel ou- eiator.'j, J. J. Brown, chh-f <jf the Revenue Inti'lllecncc Unit, .sai-.l lo- day. Records have b^en srnt to Wash- inc;i'jis xs'licre the.' yovernme^.t mr.y uikc necessr.i'y steps for pi-o.sncu- I'.DII, Brown said. Th-j .histicc !3a- Ijurtinenl !tu:; rccnniin'-'iidcd court actitm in most <j£ the Gravel surfachisr, brkiiiC consUucti.,n fcr:l-Hut'kett Road County, E. E. Barber Company of Port Smith S113r,n- Bituminous surfr.clng of 12' miles on thi! Batesvillo-Cave Cily Rond in Indepeiuience County. Ben M Ho';nn of Little Rock, $104,640;' lir:r,dwoik and concrete bridge on the Scott-Brfri'o-.v Gin and Geyor r;rinf!s-South roads, Pulnskl Coun(y. Hen H. Hognn of Little Rock ?7G,C<>G; Reinforced concrete bridge on (he Harrison-South road in Boone Co'.mly, Hvuldleston an A Driver of Little Sock. $37,000; Rcoanvasslnf of bids was recommended on a grading and tlra'm- n-'C r.rrjfst for the Van Buren- road in Crawford Coimlv. Tr<*r-Aaa Jam * Gcfs Hot, ana t-ircmcn drainage, and fZ; vr , n Tnitfii-s on the Hai-l- 1 OUyn in Scb-isliaii Construction I Doctors Okay Plan Pre-Payment Idea To Be Inaugurated Soon for Arkansans CAMOE'N, /irk., Fc'j. 1. (UP>- Cctnlls of f. ".repayment insurance , medical and hospitalization pi • tor Arkansas Were revealed here today 'fcy Dr. J. P. Mv.Mislcr. ! The plan was adc^ted at a s: 'f.ial called meeting of the licuse of delegates of the Arkansas M™d- -ici'l Society Sunday in Little Rock, • Dr. M'.Mister said. i It w':U provide- an insurance p\?n j whereby the pconlo of Aikansas i cb'.ain protection covering hos- ' p'.tJVrz.ulon. sursical nnd clj5let!i::al services. Private insurance companies licensee! to operate in Ark- t r::as will Virt competitively for the h'.isiness. and the Arkansas Medical Society will endorse the co;n- ;:c\ny best mretintj the tests of fi- nanci:'.! stability, integrity of management and ability to sell the lovfiase hi nil counties of the 1 slaty. I Similar types of voluntary pro-: p: yinent sickness and hospital isi-j surance arn available in most of i the other states, Dr. McAlislcr said.' The- development of this type of [ voluntary Jusui-ance reduces the iHcti nnd the argument for social- -z:il incdirinr: under a compulso'y it-cirri 1 ! insurance plan, t!ic doctor (.xoh'h'.ec;. fii 1 ; ;:crtcr:i of the plan hope to I have it in operation within a few i months. COLUMBUS. Miss., Feb. 1. (UP) —A jam session really Rot Hot at Lee High School here lust ni^hl. Twelve students were, giving out with hot lickr, v:iic-u (ho uun session »ot too hot and the door was opened. The place vvas on five. Foui- aip.rms brought all available firemen and the blaze was over- j ut auction after come. No damage estimate was; made. i Roa<:l courier Family England, Feb. 1 ' George, Queen Ellzn- bsth and the .two princesses waved goodbye to England 'from the snow- covered- 'deck. of the H.M.S. Vanguard today and sailed away to South Africa. The battleship salled-on the morning tide for a 17-day voyage across the-Equator to Capetown. There the Royal Family will start a 65-day tour covering almost every part of Southern Africa. Well bundled In mufflers against the far)y~mdrhln"g' cold,' trie King cxchaiiRsd farewell salutes with Admiral Sir : Geoffrey Layton. commander of-rthe Portsmouth Naval Basj. Princess Elisabeth and Princess Margaret wore scarves on their -.VS t-yL'tilila^V.-l, ,t ftl:lllll UUIHV nil*',- ^^t.,,. t .. I*...:. .J t .*.l,$^. .JIUV! J.l^ l».l.l , .^ -«;,l c , rrt I ache and a red and white necktie, keeping her aparlmcnt empty ur.til I':'] :' ••.•''^ ';...'..p'.'; ,,?.f,d e n , 0 " )h " U-o r, n inudl'.nl. That is where I ho OPA saw the light. ' "in-i A r\ nol , lcl ? lc b ", clBe °" tht ,ta OPA troubles started. What's wnvrylng n er Is that Hvc ^.m "'" '" Mi "''°" He. owned a IUHII:D. When Tnl:,a yovonunc'iU lawyers spjni ;ua,-1 J . ;' ! became n boom town, ho felt he'd be doing IKT h\s duty ta hi:i follow man if he didn'l turn the upstairs into an npartmcnt for war- \vorkevs. , "So four young ladies moved in," he told the Senate Bunkinc and Currency Cummlllsc. "Nice young ladies. I v.'us ths niinlslor. yes, and ''. the pappy. ,My .wife WHS llu> lioness. Kidnapers Sought 'and^ths' nurse. T'np'^-'irls sani? ti^ ' • my evangelistic minrlett?. Wo were NEW YORK, Feb. 1 living in harmony. Then csme tho gt . lU , Polico tm , ny s( , n( o month:; working up their case nj;ahisl iicr. Ar, :\ laxpayer, she put up hr-r share of their \vnij<;s and slrj dofsn't like it. "Would you?" sh? dc-nr.iniletl. Tho senators, who als;i jxikl part of tiie costs of OPA vs. Mr;;. HjjniiBCr, were sympathetic. Higdf Diamond Auctions Oppose.-/ hy Legislator LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 1. (UP) —Tho Arkansas legislature yesterday received si bill that would inako it a miEdetneanor to sell diamonds p.m. News Want Ads. OPA. The first tiling U did was post a sign: 'Don't let your landlord client you.' " "What?" demanded Sen. Charles \V. Tobey of N. H.. chairman of tho committee which i.s wondering whether renis should be boosted and if so. how inuch. ' "Yes sir." tho Ri'v. Mr. Mnrphy said, ''that is what the: si?n said. This led to suspicion and tnlk. were calls from OPA people and it wasn't long before my tenants withdrew from the church. They quit singing in my quaitette. Three ot them moved out. The fourth wouldn't move out.- The OPA upheld h;r." tatc- alarm for four kidiuwrs who iwti'hc;! the h!ci!!(lc \vifc oi Max Hi]], MnC rufiio commcuLalor, from :4de in tMidlown Man- hatian and <[rove her to Loi Island \vhcvo they altada-'d si- robbed U?/. Mr;:. !=h(i:b:> H1H, 26, a bride ol ;\>:o mcm'.'.ii \vlio married HiU ;v<le! 'nst Nci\'. 10. \va.s icloi'.scd by her attcickc-vs early ycsttrd.\y n'.'.rl tcln their first trip away from the Unit-' ed' Kingdom." ' An aircraft carrier, two cruisers and a destrover will escort the Vanguard on the first leg of its vovagc. head,. .Both were <^-^\^™™£^^«^l mauls, he ntkkd. "No heat?" q\i?ri-:d l'.n\. Tobsy. "I will say," iT-pUfti tin 1 Hcv. Mr. 1 Murpby. ''thut thi lip:U i;?npv;\tt:(\ by the landlords helped keep things wnrm." Othcv Inncllortls \vii:i othrr trnu- blcs also told their t;ik\s of woo and it wasn't long bMoiT ov^n Otliman, nn okl landlord brut::'. w:t» b'l.i^in-; buck the tsars. Th<jiv \v-". :v:is^ M. L. »Pritclinrcl. i». roiretess Is-.dy \i\ n trown .^uit wiUi h:,; to iiiLiicn.j Shc reported (hat sbr cUur, i ve:\lly i^ct nind oboist rcuial r^miitic^u in L :, Mich., nnii 1 . \^ vcr.l rlirno- tor there (.she I;;>:I ; -.L! ::i:ii- movrcl Surprise Customer McCRORY, Ark.. Feb. 1. —(UP) —Tbi= term's .main street gas sla- ticn boasted a customer from the sky today. A pilot delivering a cub niiptan from cklahcma to North Carolina landed, taxied up to owner J,ifi-rore, savin j "seven gallons. ' FOR SALE Concrerc Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. ro 36 irv. A. H, Webb Mwy. lil nl St«tc l.tni- S'hont' HlyUievillc 7M i BRING I s Photographer ven 10-Yebr Sentence MUNICH, Feb. 1. —(UP)—Adolf fitlci-'s private photographer. Icinrich Hoffman, was sentenced o 10 years at hard labor today ,by Munch Denazification Tribunal .-inch deprived him of' civil riglits or life and confiscated almost all f his personal possessions. Be Sure! INSURE 1 A w;f>, FIRST MHO INSURANCE AGENCY 1(18 North SiTonrl DIAL 2311 for Complete Protection C11AS. U1TTNKK CULL 2611 ,.. STOP AT 2611 Don't Hesitate to Ask tor Free Service i—We ciin wash your car in 1)0 minutes. We use Genuine Alcmilc Grease lo lubricate your car. Yes, we have the tires—Dayton ^— Hood — Goodyear. \Ve also have New Unlleries. Standard ESS9 Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State AUTO SERVICE CONCRETE BUILDING' BLOCKS Also CULVERTS Wo ore Dealers for 12 Indies up to -IS Im-lies THE FAMOUS VSATERPROOFING wt Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. Phnnp 2B11 Second and Ash Pis. Yes, We Have New Cars You Can Get Yours Today! W1IX TRADK FOK LATE MODELS \Vc havp on display for Immeuiatc delivery—Rraud new 1—Ponlitic Streamliner 1—Chevrolet Flccilinc Tudor 1—Chcvrolt'l Fleetmiisfer Tudor 1—Chevrolet Slylcmastcr Tnilor 1—Chcvrolul Slylemastcr <t Door 1—iMercury 4 Door Come in or rail, we win try (o trade with you. f-o»oe "II37 ilSOB ftOTO SA! Cur. Franklin and Ma'n !jU. FELIX A. 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No Delay! !n Arkansas*- Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONJFY PAID ON * DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY -\NM1UF.W .1 FLORIDA. Virt--('resident PHONK 210 Mississippi County Bank Building OsceoSa, Arkansas Radios and Appliances 320 E. Main St. Phone 2407 IF THEV FAILED V VES. BUT WHIL6 =^Rf^HC> / BOTH HWc FRISCM DEFEND THE SUITt / RE<:ORDSi NErTKER WOU'-DH'T I VSIN I WE Wf\NT6O B¥ IT B 1 ) DEFAULT i \ POLICE NOW. I iv> vnnrf-u=riiw \ QUIBBLE 7 ,,\ AFRWO THEV'LU WiO WOT GVPTUNV \7 / \ cumM HP 1 . HAME te'iH NOTIFIED V7 m - TO AFPE.VR IN COURT ' - " } NEXT ssoyra TO REP ' I'M WRMD CAPTAIN E^SV \ COUIPM'T HEi-P VOU MUCH AMV WAV, 3.R..RECOVERIES VOUR I E is HXVEN'T SESW OLD 318 LUTHER POPKIN'S HV53E HELD UP W5 .'XRLSV E JOS' SO'.-J f I HAO1KE CR YOU SEE,CAPTAIN, W6 ARRIVED ONLY TONIGHT AND STUPIDLY LOE.T OUI? WAY: I THOUGHT IT STRANGE AMERICAN GENTLEMEN IN THIS QUARTER OF PARIS...YOU SEEK THE EMBASSX Ol- COURSE? SES, BUT TOMORROW WILL DO...MEANWHILE. LET US ENJOY THIS HOUR OF GOOD FELLOWSHIP! DAWN: PARIS, iao3?| Aire SEEM T'BE ON fe -^f- T'xTH' WROMG SIDE OF A'. 1 PEVOIRA 6O LOMG, \rn' OCEAN T'GET A AMEKi«_KlNS!) CAPTAIN- y THANKS TOR A SWELL EVENING; VES. BUT WE'Ll? PLAS' THE HAND PAT....IT COULD BU

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