The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 3
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u * I 4 r PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.p COURIER NEWS : Int*w*t of Farm Families of This Agricultural Sectiorrt Published Every Friday in the FARM NEWS-PEA 7 FRIDAY, JANUAHY 31, 1047 Suggcstons For Better Farming Featured For This. Section's Pro- 1 gressive Farmers. Plantation Tests SoybeanVarieties Dortchsoy 2 Leads With Production of 39 Bushels Per Acre. BY G A (Burdette^ .Plantation Agronomist) Result^; lot the BurrteUc T-tanta- tions sort>e?n va'iety tests conducted lastVyaar' showed Dortehsov 2 leading*'eight otli"r varieties by three bushels, .-per acre. .The Dortchsoy ,2 yield was 39 bushels pw ?"re last vear for Ihe Burdetle test plot and next htgli- rit v.ns OgJe;i \ 1th a 'yield of 36 .b-isl'nl" -The trb'o below fives, the yields 'of Mi? 1046 tes'. (wd, "Hit: iivcrnse >1e'~s " the v"'-ftiC5 i that have been tested foi a Ulrec-year period'. i Dcifci [,ov Ojrteh DurMti BiruMte Ralscy A'ikscy r Burdette • git ti •'! One for the Record Land Boom Near Top, Experts Say Farmers Cautioned To Figure Production Costs fiefore Buying ; i-p tion siinE lhat the Congressional Kccor'l is "I he funniest publica- printed," Republican Hen. Alexander Wili'y, of Wisconsin, gels a good laujjh oul of the lalesl installment. 34 . 25 4) I ' "" ~ * ! Young- Killers, Facing Death, •n' Gamble 'on Who Goes First Surdt-ilc 20 ........ SI 31) £TJu- Dortclisoy 2 ami the Bur- dbttp 12 cm- G{c'crt S'jip.'tlons and tjicss varieties and the Ggdon are Rreen beaiv,. The others are yelluv/ Ckr/er Cops ' in Form , in IHK . Agent , : Indepciideitee cbitn'v farmers have incrc^svd : tiieir incoin^^ a qunr:cr ,pf :, million dollars .to pfenlli^rrill. i einjn for f-":'. wid ^winter.', Icsuine, ;Y:r seetli -i'r.! nt 'the i^nie/r.tUp,,- ^hese crop;L '.ived '•. toiis o/ toll 1 irOm ' eroding the raln.v, season, .coynty ' Bpii B. fimco- revealed i Farmers in' the county have developed a • crruKing system, recoir. • rnpnded by the Exte^-lon Se.-vV. .which cives them fvo crops troin .; land where they previously harvest e<( only .one. II-.. moiv'y from t rain r.nd^eed Just harvested can ^ cln.'^Yn-; 3 H;.:additiouiiI ..income, ^s niostife-Jh^^rarmcrj'will )mrvei!i J .;tTep 'this ye:ir. Mr. F , e " , :j JohnyJMqrrow, oil Trough, has already marketed IC.ono busheh nf pats, anaiFwnk T. Oiiffin, New- prk. haa.-ljarvested more than 5,000 ljiishels;y.j,iflny farmers nre expect- «B.t« reporl\bat yields of hiorc thpn ^) bushels, lo the acre, the county •gent sA!d; From many of these .litres IfC.lphs of jespede'za hay will pe harye*tc<3, a nA late in the full SCO to 50fl;pounds of lespe'deza seed .also will '^s'. harvested. Some fiiriii- er s planjea., corn mid soybeans fol- Ipwing -their fall grain. ..The "Tfarintrs are planning to double cithe.... 4,500 acres In small grain ana. -legume -crops this fall. ' because 'they lure will-rud seed for .planting fall grain. NASHVEU.E. T.'im.. Jnn. 31. — (Ul>i—Two youthful killers prom'^'" today 10 li rj;il" lo see w.-uch une walks first lo the electric chair for the hitch hinc slaying ct .'. Kchvtird Sprouse. wealthy Tcn- I nessee tobacco executive. t uas riddled with bullets 'as he pleaded lor his life tle ( j to j n tree l>v John Kelly, 20 or Mn- i rion, ill., niid Jame.s Sanclusky, 10 ; o.' Nashville. j Kelly an t i s.uidusky, befriended i by Sproiise r.liorlly bciorc the br'u-. : t:il slaying \VITC convicted last night l.v ii Illckinnn County jury ilml lucl deliberated only four minutes. The pair were tried nt Cenlcr- vlllc, Southwest of this stale cni;- Uol, where Eprotise had .stopped his mitr,rrr'':!te ou J.m. t; to give Snn- tlusky ,mi Kelly :i ride. Fi-.iiuiisky flre t i ho filial shots into Sprcuse's body. Kelly suBgest- '".1 to Satidusky the llrst rtc- >;rcc murder conviction was; returned Hint they mil "high dice" to see which cue should go lo his riealh first. The nuiidti' s were brought lierc to nft'ffllt seiilcnclng. The jury had recoiniiieiidcd dculh. - - r ' • Romonn - coy,' 10 of V bowl'sLon.'' Miss., former waitress and road- ! house hostess \vlio lias professrd her love for Kelly came here !n nn cffoit to marry him before lib dies. "I'll stick will) him to the curt." she said. Miss Coy said that she met Kelly in a Wiiuhegan, 111., J;tke joint, and that he had thre.i:encd to "go oul njid kill someone" if s he refused to marry him. They were, planning marriage, sh; said when Kelly disappeared. She read of 1ii s capture by police I in Athens. Ala., close to the Ten' ncssee bolder. Kelly and Sandusky lailrd to show remorse throughout th- trial t - - • ' The current lane! boom may Hearing ihe top. That, said couhi,y. Agent Keith nolbrey, is the or/'.n- ion of cconomis'is In tho the De- pnrlmenl of ABricuHure. .: Land values the ualion ove> more tlian 80 per cent above they were before the wnv; nearly 15 per cent above what ihcy were this time n year ago. and 'only about one-tenth below i!is iieak they reached In the 1320 boom after the First World War. • ' "•:• Most of the buyers arc fnruier.3^ nccordlnR to the economists,'" Miri many of Ihe sales nre rc-saKs; thai Is. Uicy arc sales of fni-in.; that have been sold 'jciove In the pust two years. More non-farmers are buying f;irms particularly near towns where Ihe housing n\\orlngciacrM- Howard CtlUlltians Save cal. A large part of the farmers' ,, , ., , ... ,, who nre selling land intend to | Money; iiuila Own Home keep O n farming but on n smaller i place. I - Tiu- J:inio... H;unciis of Ms. Ca l . K - Iiuyers .seem to be getting ri' 1] cl loinniuuity, Ilow:\;<l county, are I little more wary about wh it th-'y onjnyini! a new home as a result pay for farm land, the economists'""' 'pl«iinii«; and hnid work pins Super-Piggy-Back R'ide rotiiti-c-ii-inonth-olcl M:irion Wes-lwood hns a literully high time us F!K- sues pij'i>y-i>iieli riding on wlui is (epu.lcd Ihe lai|;tst p.ukc'i in Knaliind. Properly of Aluxtindci Provc-ll. ol Ueacons- tiold. 2-vc;ir-old piy we^hs nearly GOO pounds. Arkansas Honey Production Tops 2,125,000 Pounds LITTLE HOCK, All:., ,l;in.' ;}|. (U.IM—The Arkansas Crop He- porting Service said today .Uiai. bee keepers in the sttitc pvcd'tc^-'l MixOCV) pounds of honey in luili, in average of 20 per cent over •.he l'J45 crop. Thai was in s;)itc :( :\ ueiicriilly unfavorable noas'jr., !liu- rcjiorl .sakl. 'Ihe larger production \vos crt-d- .Kf! lo nn Inci'cBKe in tile niniilwr ;f colcnies, since the production .f 25 pounds prr colony was the ;itnie. as in 10i5. Movins picture houses in St. Calh;ir!ii:-s, Ont., have accepted Ttnilini? aiui crow le^s in payment 'ur tickets. •f l by Mr... r!-' i nctt c<m: 'lined a mnr.bDr li' plan-, li> draw ii plan ifh fitted their needs. Mr. Bar- 1 M 'lie; most of the carpentry. I together they sanded and! t! iloors. built c> iineU. fin- : woudv.'o>k, and canvascd aiul IF YOU NEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Imim-fliale Delivery CALL Steele 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE i:i.[,l.S I'OOI.i:, Owner A Msr. Highway Gl North ill HOLLAND. MO. Arkansas Seeks Federal Funds For Hospitals LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jim. 31. ITJP)—Tl-c Arkans:t<i muse of Re|i- escnlatlve.s today will receive a ":io p'sss" rcconiincndation on a 1 p-.:pnsai thai would enable the I stale lo pai-tinipnlc in federal ' fuutls for (he cons!ruction of hos-i pitnls. ! The hili was approved bv Ilici House Cninnitttco on Charitable Institutions lar.t niuht nticr Inlro- rinclio]-. bv ricp. Glenn Wnllhcr of Pulaski Cnuni>\ Under Hie hill and Icnernl law. Arkansas could receive up to ?in.- .auo in federal funcis during (he nix'. live >cn:s hy milting t:p~S2'j.- i matchTiiR nioncy. pointed oul. The recent decline in corn, cotton and tobacco price may have made some potenli'il inr.'ers more careful. Some fanners figure producunn costs are likely to stay high' for ;;ome lime afler liie price's fann- ers gel liavc Bone down. Prospect's for net returns lo pay ror'liij-h boom a jimnmnm cash exiienditure. reports FranKLiU- Ki'lion. home de- inonstraLion ayeat. They -saved viiluo fnnn Iniuls are ml a.s yooa nP a few years a^o. This now Ejrov.-tli nf caution nny he a sign thrit tlu- eunxnl. Kn d is ntar FORD TRACTOR FERGUSON SYSTEM We have iff in sis-Ik this I Socialistic Experiment WASHINGTON. J.m. 31 iUD- Pen. .inhn .T.- - Williams, R.. Del rli:u-[!cd today that the Tennessee-; Valley -Authority linr, t>nen ouerntcrt' (IB; n '-sn;lnlisti: experiment ol the P'm4uf f Gets |;.-{/|pusTng Project; Site Purchased d that winter pas- ' cvc n during n dramatfc plea to than pay for the ' the jury by John p. Spiouse attorney and cousin oJ the victim, urging the dcaih pcn.U'.y. The youths tola of their plans for a career in crime hatched while serving with the Marines. Spiouse «'»•> t!.c:r ftrit viclim. An official of the 'IVnnessee Hurley Orowcrs A s s o c i a t i o n, fiprousc «-as on a business irip '•Vl-en Kt'i'.v and Santhisky hitchhiked a ride. H" irndc li-.o clKirijc during a Senate Piihli.: Works Committee heai'ii'i! while questionijig Gordon R. C!-r;- whn IKI.S bi-cn nominated (o be TVA uliainjiai:. week vecenlly out o( the bu Olle luiiiit'ltti trievcrl a w dtiuikenness. Said tin. p who do not ii out iiir those mii.scU-." Jhrce n:cn tunnel-il] llfllnp r\Md then sonic-! Into the J:ii] and ro- aiirr: "The only ones iei-m to !>.-- able to get too cirunk to move a CO. SALES STUDEBAKER Sales —. Service rat kilger •: f^r-^ I~^f 3 '*^^tr^_. -^ -v. ^ Here's a new rat killer., that does ' v \ ' \ 7> a bang-up job. It'sAriturat, aDr.Hcss product. It's tasteless—rats G^tn't detect it in baits. They eat it without being suspicious. Anturat is more poisonous to rats than other animals. It's, more effective than squill against the Norway or common brown rat. It's been thoroughly' tested—ideat for farm use. -' " ' Antjjrat is-least poisonous, lo chickens-it is not dangerous to livestock >or pets if used properly. ' i Anturat is aiv entirely new rat killer. We feel certain it is tlie best type of rat killer for every-day farm use. Get Anturat now. DRUG STORE 221 W. Main 507 - PINE BLUFF: Ark.. Jan 31 (U.P.K-A iiev 1.005-aoo nuhur'jnn 1 inr^^^d^,^,^ ^ L ™ ks ™**™*, announceiV:<?nt that two °i Blufi busincsMjiei: had the land from t'lr p<=t late Ben ThaltK-iim r. The buyers, D. p. Bridie :ir,d A. Cs.tit- ;n. bought tho un,™ known a.< .-Heri.uale." half We Huy conn i and piurhrisea, '.'.e. of the] Complains CASH l.'.KE, Minn. ,(;;>> — ' U:l The mi s Oh^DM. ,; seven mli ..Brciiic ' WOUld bv sale. Tlii. OCO soulVwcat of \V::isn U. S. H.; ; iuv.iy • SCU;':V.;.,L T. here •*•* '• ->t th ? nrr.- r 1 : '-v :IK! i -.v-,.,1 j '•" .i on-.- -.vas '$2 :hr C.i^i l.-.ko lim-s :n LdiiDi-i.-l. r^ilitC';! out thai or.a' Soil i CARS .I-T Chiimbllri Railroad & Ash St-,. I'luiHo 2105 GST UP TO .Tuore .ire 21.930 mile.-, of locf.1V. opcnteci air ;erviceo ,•• Asia, and I 24 *>0 miles of liner coii.icctiiiK !l;c Crier; •, , n FII.,,,» Mlks's t <Ccr.tiins Cvke r.czitis inc;L-d.n^ Rcttncnt, 5- ' A c:icnl : ii: jtf. .;..i cn „„,; , i IS 1C. '1 •- li'. •-• nn-mtuj- " ,S/Uo : . ,- , : .,;,.„•,-,; v ; - Ji «( G]-.!,t -.- CM pzik, 0[ ti '.fir.lrcltfi-i cilil; f>rti< riflre ' ii-ike f«:-r tri r.i<-re pt«fit»b . 5^Hic; in t O Wdods Drvs 5tore MORES DMAW BAR PULL TilL VOUR TSACIOR TISCS WITH 1^4=%^ E/aea •-:p :ir.y i racier !;ro v.-i;!i you gel cr Iraclo: €i!i . nzirqly i X* "^ ~^L"a* SERVICE STORE 110 W. JJiiin I'honc 2102 Our new plont is nov/ equipped to dclint your-coM'on seed tor plant- ing and treat l!iom with CF.RESAN. Our screens one! fans lake ouf oil burs, trash ond light ininiafurc seed, insuring better cm! more even stands. All Stotc Experiment Siaiion rcr.- ords indicate that CERESAN will kilt all seed borne diseases cir\d protect small seedlings from ad- verse bacteria in the soil. Call Us for Details — or Come Sec Us Concl coll nn soc-d with hi-rh K crmin;ii ion for DELTAPINE 14 & STOh4EVILLE 2-B •'!'>(» Sit. 2nd SI. DOVI.l-: HKM)i;i!Sf)X, Secretiiry-'IVojisi I'liniu-.s 2s(io_2:i7f)—:MIR—itisu VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME tlie Kt'iu-niiis rcKpoiisi: lo our opening, «•(• thank Din 1 man.-.- ciiKtoniLT-s and iViendH. We're Rratel'iil for hope that in the we nuiy bo ;i!jl« to .serve your cominjf years. Fool i'rec to call on us any limo for counsel on any farm problem. TRY OUR.REPAIR SERVICE If your IriK-toi- is in need of expert impair work, brii«K it to us. Jjon't wait until you need it in tlic i'ieltl and lusc Got off to a K<>ud funning ywtr today . . . phone and call 2171 for all valuable time, picl; up your service needs! tr< TRACTOR COMPANY. BLYTHEViLLE, ARK. DOUGLAS LAWSON, Mgr. HERE'S CHICfiC H WITH A . . . ih-il'sall a baby chlclt ft cn!s. Thai** why if* im- p,^ poilnn! to |<"--J n feed with " ff CKQ-.VTH POWER. 9 ICk'STABTENA rt,lK?rf?*' The rtghl ingredients, properly mixed give JPuiina Chick Startena GROWTI-K POWER. Takes only two pounds of Sturtcna to gel a cluck off io a llyiny start. America's favoztic Chick Starter. m For Fasf Gofnt HOG CHOW Goes with grain lo make pork quick and thick. Supplies v,-hal grain lacks. Fasf Gains on Rabbit Chow Comes as complete ration ot supplement Jorhay. Easytoieeci —economical. RAISE YOUR OY/N PORK... io raise at home K. Ashcraft Co. M Blk. 8. of Frisco Depot rhoue 493

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