The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 2
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FRIDAY, JANUARY SI,; 1<H7 Documents Bare Fuehrer's Errors Hitler Had Expected England to Be Neutral •During Russian Foray WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. (UPl — Adolf Hitler gambled right up to llie deadline that Britain would're- main neutral or fight on Germany's .side, captured Nani documents revealed today. As late as Sept. 1, 1939—the day P Hitler's legions invaded Poland— the fuehrer insisted thai Engl would not enter llie war. Two days Inter Britain and Prance were fighting Germany. - v • As a result, Germany never was prepared for a naval war and the "war was in one sense lost before il began," said one of the Nar.i documents made public by the Navy." . At one lime—the documents didn't say when—Hitler even was ".striving for a political agreement with KIIK- land so he could concentrate bi Russia which he considered "the arch enemy of Germany and En rope." These and oilier disclosures were contained in three sets of caplui't'd documents: DlM-tlllz Bared Secrets One of the mosl revealing of them was written by Grand Adm. Karl Doenitz. last commander of the Nazi navy and the man who became the fuehrer briefly after Hitler's reported suicide in the last days of the .war. The documents also revealed that: 1—'Hitler, furious because his surface ships refused to light, ordered his battleships and cruisers scrapped in 1943 and tricked the Allies with n skeleton surface fleet of destroyers from then until the end of the war. ' German admirals, however, were able to save their big warships from the junk heap by one pretext or another. . • ( 2—German plans lo invade England were cooked up by Hitler as a ruse for hiding his real plan—the invasion of Russia. 3—Hitler expected to conquer Hussla in a few months. 4—Germany entered the war with only 48 submaries. Few U-Boals Available 5—When the United States entered the war Dec. 11, 1941. the Germans were able to send only six U-boats to American waters for immediate operation. G—The Germans were pre-fabricating scattered areas over, llie Heich in an attempt to escape heavy. .Allied, bombings. Hitler's order to scrap all''surface units of the Nazi fleet larger than destroyers was issued Jan. 1, 1943, after the Nazi admirals failed to deliver a promised great naval victory. ""This means the .passing- of the high seas fleet," Hitler'raged. "It is my irrevocable decision to do away with these useless sliius." He ordered capital surface vessels chopped up and the scrap inetal •LITHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEVttf PAGE SIDE GLANCES by Galbraltii StateDepartment rlsec!s Consdence Plagued by Leaks 'Thsy c v/o^rlB-ful lawyer, l.-ut I cotiiJn't stand . .having a wo; l;r-.j;v a!! r>Ucut rr.y person?! Texan, With Gleam in Her Eye, Blasts OPA for Rental Blunders Too Many 'Top Secrets' Qet Out, Endangering U.'S. Foreign Policy WASHINGTON. .Inn. :il. (DP)—i The Slnlt' Department Is engaged today In it major security drive to protect "leaks" of American foreign policy secrets. The drive wus started before George C. Marshall look over as secretary of state. 11 was Inaugurated by to'iner Assistant Secretary Uomild Russell when hi- nnd the department's security oft leers detected n postwar let-down in vigilance on part of both oll'lrials and lesser workers. Ill the present campaign, the department Is using all avidmrjle types of media—motion pictures, posters, handbooks,. lectures, etc.—lo pel neross the messuge: "He Security Mlnctcd." It stresses (lie reasons for security us well ns methods of gnariin- teelng it. For example, olliccrs lire cautioned against "bvcr-clnssltylnp" documents. 'It Is polnli'd out Hint lo classify a paper as "loi> secret" when not necessary breaks down Ihc classification system and lends people to have little regard for it. A special handbook circulated to all employes— (rum ofllcers lo messengers—emphasizes how rurc the top secret label .should b:>. It says that If the information, Improperly disclosed, could In itself lend directly to n break in diplomatic re- Lions or lo a war or huve cotnpara- .ively grave consequences, only Ihen Subversiyes VVor£ Harti in Novel Niches the ' WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, <U P.) —Former Sen, Robert M. I,n — - ..,.,. •.— •.« Follclle has n piece In collier's lo ll 'e Senate. Labor Colhlnltt«$ by loilay .which may help Hlmmitiuu "• 1'aiker Sharp, general counsel ii mystery which '1ms lu<l tho '<"' U'«! •"»>?* & LaugWIn St«*i capital guessing sliicc-w.iv back Corp., and o, E, •••-•"last April. I dent I Tho mystery was why « number of LxmuKrntlc senators c.nd congressmen ^vere playing Coolie wllh an orgnnluuioii wlileh has been he writes in collier's. "In nil ff- widely acc!a|mcd an a Communist, fort, (o stamp out the Influence front, ui FulieUc relates In Col- vyllhtn my own committee." - < ller's thill- fit hmst flv,i ^ongres-' The other , M u I' .-Foremen Unions Throttle ot »upervi*>r»-now '^ftrf^ieA or Km**-. CAA VJ L.< f - * ! the N&tlonfcl LAbor Rfetatim&lkjftni free enterprise System '-voui^L^^^Sagt^^: ,'-„„,„„-„.' ; '' ty to'niincnmenfr ja&t&uie thcin WASHINGTON, jan, 31. (UP.) W depend «n the vnita to nto- —nopusentallvcs of Ihcitwl nnd tctt theh"Job« U Ihclf work, tra» auto industries told Congress to- lijis-'tlsfRctcty,' ' -" f*" v dny It must ban forcmeuM unions i-L lo preserve the efficiency 01 Air bubbles dent the fcronz* pro- America's free enterprise system', pellers of rating sp3edbc*t» .The iirguments were . submitted T~ ;—*—: n-45 BIclih EeSoto Division . o1 of - cl "' yslel ' ' • • _ s l""'l> testified tlmt unionization STARTS BELIEF IN JUST (> SECONDS 'colj whlc BY FKEDF.UICK ('.. OT1IMAN (United 1'rcss Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Jan. 31. 1 checked with the fenmle reporters. Some said her was fuschia-colored. Others' insisted it was shocking -pink. Her blouse, they agreed, was chartreuse. The gleam in her eye (I sought no opinions about that) was electric. For hours she squirmed on aj hard-bottomed chair while mere! men offered the dullest possiule' testimony to the Senate Banking and Currency Committee Rbout rent control. The lady in the fancy get-ni> ignored 'em. She clipped ,to her nose a nair of eyeglasses with -black silk ribboh attached and she studied her notes, written on cards the exact color of her dress. Sen. Charles W. Tobey of N. H. even- used to make "tanks and guns for his land armies. Doenitz disclosed, however, that German admirals managed to -hang an to the big warships in one way or another, usually by claiming they were being used for training purposes. I In any event, only one German battleship ventured out into llie high seas after lhat—the ill-fated Scharnhorst, which steamed into British trap off the northern of Norway and was sunk. tually called for ev&en:e. "1 live on Bust Lovers Lane." she said in a voice that was a little loud, because she was a little nervous. "And I'm just a little country gnl from Texas and 1 don't know whether I oan think fast enough.." "Your name. Madam," said Sen. Tobey. "And your address." She said she was Mrs. Prank Morris. "Ami East Lovers Lane is Dallas in the great state of Texas," she added: "My house, has three bedrooms and two baths." Sen. Tobey said perhaps she could tell him which was bigger, Dallas Houston, he'd, always wondered. She said she was not sure; ail she knew, Dallas was better. She said she ramc to Washington to demand tho end of rent'control. Two of her bedrooms she'd like lo rent for cash, but she lend; one to her cousin and one to r friend for f:ce, because she doesn'i want to with the OPA The OPA, even what';: left of It in her p'Jitiion, is the to criminal. . ;. "And what can the landlord Jo i-bout it?" she cried. "He can always vote Republican," obierved Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. '. r '*.'•' . 5Lrt tsss ?rr f «~ ^"^c ^ $$£,£ t ta , i " "- -^,r cfe •_i__»y lorcca to take mesuue.-i,"• mlttee on Small Business. •-•'". MllvrEtc. Eojor reiiilu iiaVu'faid* ffW* th* Itao^ br '<>' • tuailnt l» 45 yt*rJ. Cputlom Tik* onlr u <Ui*t4«d ,.__J»«MkATl6NS ; _ jri«i»ittj;p|i My conscience is always getting me iulo iheso things," salt! Jl e V- l.usworih lieisncr ot Milwaukee, succeeding where others !i{iv« liiilurt. lie hrouglil oflkiids of tho Allis-Chnlmurs furm equipment, jil.inl ami CIO nulowoi'kcrs' Itil- i'-n lenders logelhcr In Ills par- M.nngc. Tii'.tiiiB tho lead In sot- tlini; the violent nine-month UAW sliilse. the 37-yenr-oid M'jlliodisl r.iinislcr cxplalneil tiirit he became acquainted with CIO officials while pastor of Ford Church. Detroit. removed there'd be plenty of places for veterans .to live in Dallas. She suld the Texas veterans were be- lilni'i her. •These boys want a house with fence around It," she said. "A place for Molly and the baby." 'Mrs. Morris got Her notes mixed with the ribbon on her spectacles The gallant Sen. Tobey sought to cover her confusi'm. "Oh tell me pretty maiden," l-.c asked, quoting from the Floiudorn song, "are there any more like you?" She Jumped to her feel, strewing her notes hi still further disorder, and curtseyed. "1 thank you sir." she said, "but there are no more. I ,\m an only child." She blushed. From thereon she denounced the OPA extemporaneously. A magnificent Job of denouncing it was, too. "Now, I'll answer any question." she said, "but I hope there'll bs no - - /rote like the senator's last one next, thing about pretty maiden." I There seemed to be no .further questions. Mrs. Morris pouted her lips. "Remember the Alamo." urged Sen. Tobey. "You're .right." agrcart Mrs. Morris. There were more wil-J nesses, but they, wore punts ami compansffh .. — .....j —... j-;r,st Lnvers controls were "Texas did it once, brother, and , .^.,^*. Texas can do it again." Mrs. Morris ; s;;cuted statistics JM •ast retorted. w | lh tllc |,,,, y from She said if rent -- • • the New Make It A Point to See This Newest Chevrolet at Our Show Room SATURDAY, FEB. 1 LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO Railroad and Walnut Phone 578 '. h 'Mi!d it be labeled "top secret." Ttmt would appear to place a vrry few papers in the top secret category. Nevertheless. Marshall labeled Ills announcemfut about'U. S. wilhdrawal from China as ''lop secret" for 12 hours before It was finally released earlier this week. The State. Department's handbook. on :iecurlly would Indicate lhat was uvi'icliisslflcatlon. . , Other specific Items that em- ployes are warned to put Into the tap secret category are sources of Intelligence and material on existing or new dovlces of warfare. The security campaign Involves even messengers, who are classified. Some can deliver secret documents; others cannot. The department, despite perlodl- uil .^Ocurity drives, has been plagued for years with inmnUioit.'.td :iks." Each secretary In the last five or six years has taken special ensures lo try lo stop them but. they continue. HE'S DON'S Misnomer? Spring tides occur at all seasons. They arc the excessively, high and low tides coming at the limes the new and full moons. This man knows K IMH\ food at reasormble prices arc always! fouml nl Dim's Cafe, l-Yoin all over town you'll fin.l r*op'le who have'enjoyed the utmost in cntlnjf satisfaction come back a^ain''and a!?aini Knjoy the many treats prepared liy »nr 'culinary experts. They make even (he simplest fart- Hmtkk of Don's fiimousi fine food'ioucht 409 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 3900 of Mr, and Mrs. Furniture Buyer Your Home Address PEAR FRIENDS: Now that conditions are more nearly normal than they have been for years, we'd like lo make ii siiKKCsliftn . . . thai you lake an inventory of the livability of your lionip. It is time once agnin, lo consider yoiir per-: Konal comfort nnd Hjilisfaction, to nink'c your home llie plnco of easn ami charm lhat is its real purpose. And 1 this is our KQOI.\ news—the things you need and want are becoming; increasingly available! A visit from you would be very welcome, and we think you would enjoy Hoeing the smart new things that we have to dress up your home. Scores of ideas, loo—room and color sch«mcs| decorator touches—see them soon. Dependable quality is evident also-— that's somelhinu; that doesn't change with the times here. SINCERELY, WADE FURNITURE CO.

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