The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE -THIRTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •crtloti: 1 tine tn Oi* Z 18« 3 tli&M per Hoe per <Uy~" ". tfe IX tlmei j>er Uae per daj _--- Cc Montli per l!n» —, SOc Count five aTerage word* to tbe line. Ad ordered for three or «lx time* end •tapped before expiration will be charf- • d for the lumber of tliaei the a4 ap- freared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persona residing outside of tbo city must be accompanied by cash. Rate* &iay be easily computed from llie above table. lertlalog order for Irregular losec- fakeB the oue> time rate. - rtiponslbtllt? will be taken "" uur« than oat lacouect insertion of t claislfled ad. For Safe One Mollo* tractor, Universal Z. c«Itl- valur and tandem dine. A-l condition. 1 1> John Uoere tractor, 1—3 bottom 1-1" breaking [ilow, See Leo . I>'un- ner. South Alinild. Ark.. Kt. 1, Baby Chicks! Quadruple A. llrown'a Store. I'tr 100. Jbn l|32-rk-tf Ti-room residence located on S. 204h Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second • 1-27-ti 'iario. $*.->.00; Ktfrlrir. Waohlii" M.I- rluiH'. -SS1UIO; 19:17 J-'urU Ni-.ltiii • AC! Trcn-Kii-. m'W riiblirr, Hows, (luliivu- Inrs iiJid Movvirif! Muslim. jfl.SUU ,\!l ill tfiml ronilitim,. Di.imlil Warh Manila, >rk:ir.«s. Hn For Sale IMir imilfj fnl ami r.'.nty lo trurk. CliMp. M. W. MrCli'f :!''• mil.-* wi-»l | ll/ (i ' on sn el. !i29-i.k ••->!.-. Coal! 100 Lbs. or Carload. We deliver. Phone 37WI. Wheeler Coal Co. 7" Co|>- jiedge Gin. l-8-pk-2-8 • Tin. hmisc-. ba\h, "i. r i It. front, l-io li:i Si-rv;im's :lnrl storaxi* IHMIM'*. 'I IIOIIMI i* all furn. Inn >vill ink,, h:iv<> your own, Attic f:m front pi'recuocl jiorclt. 40;i Xo. lirfvi\.lwjy. I'hono a3(JO. O. S. Krilllum. Btetl ell Wrrrf r«rt«. ck!u« Kkop. 0>11 2828. "We M»- llllB ck-lt !***. bu7«r for roar kern*, il. O. Oiiiinbeli. 1'bone 41* — 2830. Office 120 tioutk Beto»d. lo|2-ek-« 8 piece ilJniuK room ml. 5 or 0 r"° lr > oil litslL'r; radio. Wina^r BtnvuiK urn- tlJlnc Kitchen l»l>lo mill clinirs — Good useil army combat tlioea. Hlioea uml oiforjs, Hnlford'i Shoe SlioR; 10U R. .Second. l|8-pk-2|8 COAL at Blytheville Gin Co. . . ni:nl«' 1o fit yinir Intilis nui •vr fini^k. Or<li>r Ihi-in fnui V K<lwnrils ^1)1 K Mnin Si 24S7. ' ck.l[i7 li •>(•> ll:iir^ Ijn.v. •> miles «T: Inqulrn M Mimr.- Hrr lliMJr.'. :i.:i 1110. olil Ijir.l |iii|>p[M. sfllcV... ] l.ui-lli-n mntlior fi-r niisiii-: c ; irl linlr <-rts. n^ Arl.. t |.!i. (Kr.l. It K»ayo l{>'iuin^tnn nulnin;Ltir :tO' r.O ftill clink,- 2r," Inirrrl l<r>lli rill". Koli.l Irallirr rarryinit Il.'c-n fired II lijms. Allen Hri<r Tyler. Jin. (129. S room >ionse an'l double garaBfr. 605 Chick. UT-cV-217 Arn.y l)n,ti:n pl.-k "P trufk. C<jnlact lUytlniville Curb Miir- 4 room residence, nice lot with chicken house, oilier ^uitbuildings. Owner i:u;v ^ng to Missouri. Price §2,- OnO. Terms. See H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. 2nd. . 1-2'1-ck-lt PIANOS Responsible party may assume balance on nice piano. We will transfer to your home. Write Little Rock Piano Company, 216 Main Street, Little Uock, Ark. A t-nn.l us, 2tl.l st. \v.isliin^ iiuoJii m in oilorri] n.litn no nl.-il jts 2 n|its. Kor quii-k .V2200. W. M. Hums rx- . nr, X. 2ml,. jpli, :i:ini BEING ON TIME IS IMPORTANT Sometimes . . . being late just a minute or two proves a costly expense or loss. Don't take chances on a faulty car every morning, make sure you'll get wh6re you're going by having your car checked periodically by our service department. We handle only the best equipment, Esso Gasoline and oil and genuine Ford parts. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—mythcvilte, Ark.—Tel. 453-.T72I Rent a Floor Sander At Wards •S:i« tnonoy liy rrlliilshlnfi your i>«» ItiKirs. Ailils yiMrs of Mt ;nul Blvcs llit'in now 'tn'iuily. it's c:\sy 1<| <li>, Inn! M-ck IDEAL COMMEKCIAL SITE Corner lot, 800 ft. frontage on N. Hwy. «1, located across highway east ol Camp MouHvie. Has depth of 400 ft. Owner, F. K. Black. 2957. P2<)-pk-2-5 Personal You'll enjoy fon'ii olrnmiij.' Ji|itiols1*'vy anil riif< «ill> UK' ">'•»' Ki " iL *'<nmi- Ili'iil'n 1'nint nm!'Cv Sloriv > ^ Will! or ivillionl fnrniliirr. moilurn coiii/<irtnlil(t lunilc w illi rH'rfccl lir;it- Ini; • ninl ro.ilinir sysloin. T« o U-.l- ronrns livinir and diniiiB room, din. HI.- 'inoili-rn lalHion. Ijntk ami Iront \vatfr nml flertrioiiy. <'n >i:iir Stre rnrivolii<-nl lo cvpryllii.i)!. \Vrile U ]"'! Cunrirr S«w». l!S4-cli-,ll <;n«i1 grass and lcs]>odczn liny. ' 2.->-, Anyone tiavin^ infornialitin nhnut \\':ilt(>r I'.iinrli. imp lr{;^cd v writ.^ Xnririirrt SlnnknH lios IS'J. I'll- mniilli N'. (7. ICeivunl for inronimliniL Icailiric tr» Ecltlomcnt of i-Rtatt. ' Tlie .Jnpuncse, shod tliclr horses will) straw slippers, until liio I9lh century. Montgomery Ward & Co. IO!J Slain rinmr r.dl it Bluvr* rh-nnlnt: «n.I ri-|>nlr, Ail work Wo nl«u liny tilil oil >l«xii>. I'll. Sirai. llO-lib-SIV llblHT louts, ovrrflhoi^l. Bnil ifnloib.'B. C6i» \>w rv<i>MnHl will) v*Av* nuA liai'l*. l.'pl'i'ri r,-|.,lr,l. [Ulloril'a Slxio Hlioti. 100 N 2nd. HH'iik-a K Wanted to Rent' Connlrv «r Hiilnicli.iM isvm-i-ry -.vilh from ! I Hi' ;t :i,-r.'s Ian.I. Writ.- I'. I). lln\ I :tIJ. A, r,'l. Afk:,NMI~. l|2'J-|ik-S|l For Rent No. Sill. Pliimr- 2:l:iS. HciTn I'lionc 354S. Com To I'urnii flMLI lil^ lieil room, niljoinint: lintli. 2510. 1017 VVnlnnl. I|l8-ck-ll 1129-pV-aII Found Coi-kcr S|.ain,-l ildf. Cati lie linrl liy furn- MiinK il,'MTi[ilii>u ILIII) iiMyiri^ fi>r ail rail -JHH;. i|:io-i>k- Monrc's Cironlnlnr. 2 Vj rhi-ap. Call 29nfl. e^cdnteb7 Poultry feeds of all kinds. Lewis Poultry, 410 ,. • T-.I nin 1 Oil .»! Main, Ph. 040. l-2!l-p Wanted to BUY fiO or iij) In 2 fid nrrcs l.iinl. fru- Irrj.-tor tun-in;,'. V.'riti' %-Cmirh'r Xcws. l! . :n -i. Ar,,,r,,..i .vr- " \V. .10 act Oil Heater willi nil 'I" .rSovthwoM of OoMM-11. nil Hanil li;i).y Carriairr. I'll DONT TAKE A LOSS. Gei the top price for your ca» er truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6-S-ck-tJ nsi.l I. C Ki>lll«in. fi»l<- - Ailihi.. ;it ICiilliMin Mill ' 1nm:i!i.- vvnlcr li<-:.l,'r. lili- |.ln>lii.pril|ih. M'Z All like ni-n. 1'lionc Klc'rlr ulniil'll :l 1 7'J ' "n'url Ilitirh and lint' .li-0. 0. A. Ilalv! lliiriIt-11' 1 . Ark,, jihotio 7LI2. l!:IO-rk- Grocery store, market and fi-room residence. Close to Main Street. H. C. Camp hell, Realtor, 320 S. Sec ond. 1-27-ck-t fnun Tin a^rncy. K t«\ ;n-1 Arjiinr.-] ArVi.iiis^ 1 ^. l|2'|.,ik-2H Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We T Il come and get it. Wade Autf Salvage. North Hiwy f,l phone 3785. 12-26-pk-2-2 tort f.-K-li Co.-ktT Hpniurl. lil.ilt'. Ifuillh.i,- ISr.-ii^- Xu il2«. I'liOlii' :iW.\ "r !lV:i. H:Ul-|il.-'2^ Read Courier News Want Ads. PRESCRIPTIONS rrcah Slack Guaranteed Boat Prlcca Kirby Drug Stores . For Hire nkinn hl«.vv. linMiiiir plin* r,.\v (':,,] It II. \V:iLl;i'-' »:,. ' V.'itt j.k-'ill Pritcfor rrpsln> and Elect rlc • n d «r«tylrnr welrtinK. KUckamith work. D«)U (niplcmenl Co. Phone HIM. 5-15-ck-tf M of kind ol cuiMllliim. Alici id Ifll. jil'ikuv KIIL) dntU-T ille Uaektne Hhori, til7-ok-l Fudential FARM ^ LOANS / Low InUr**l / Long T»rm •/ Fair Appralu) / Prompt S«rvloe> RAY WORTHINGTON Scrvtn« Tills Sccflun Jor t\ Vi-.yrs 115 So'. 3rd IllyllirvUle. Ai'k. ru r,*4~>M (>««>«. Ctoru; W aJli,> Tune in I'rutlcntiul rroi(r.iiii Sumlay ut 4 p.m. «vcr WKKO Dependable USED CARS A Buyer's Best Assurance •» Is the Seller's Good Name, LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 40 CIIEV. 42 DKSOTO 41 CHF.V. SB CIIEV. S7 BUICK OT1IKKS TO SE1.KCT FROM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION Phone 028 110 K. Main "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 VV. Main St. Phone 3647 RADIO ELKCTKK: HE ATOR WAS!IIN(J iMACHlNi: VACUUM CLKAN15RS AND RANGES RKi'AIR AND SBItVlCR ON ANY WAHD APPLIANCE KXPKRT WORK M ANSI! II' MONT(iOSIKKV WARD & CO. •1(12 Main HI. Plume iitll 29-ck-l •'or coo,! kodak plrtiiri'*, snui ynur Mini* mi i;nllv<-.. to Tl,.. ,\ I S:ii'lio. MM Wiiliailn A vii. f^l. LoalK 12. Mo. \Vo tiinrninri. nr(iiii|il «IT- Gateway Service Sta. Builders of Guaranteed Generators and Starters MONKY TO LOAN Do you need n loan 1o repnlr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FIIA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logan, lleallor, phone 20S-4. Lynch Uldg., UlytheTllle. 9-23-ck-tl Weather strippinK. Save fuel l)y having doors and win dows wcnlherslrippcd. C. K. WifUjirts, f>12 N. VOth. I'hoiic 22f»:i. l2-:n-pk-:i-i iV!.nls J.ili n>nvi,i K |IIIII; [ii rii'Uci (I. l>li-nl>- ol . i|vU|HIM- II. Unrr.-ll. pl>. u^tlt'i. li^ I 'ianos in any condition Adams Appliance, phon 2071—night 2059. l-l7-ck-2-17 Wanted to Trade Oil Kanges, -1-burner. TabV top model $69.50. Othe mmlcls low as $15.00. Elec Ranges, 4 units, incl. Thrift I Cooker, light, clock— $225. Chas. nrij?hl. Phone 25fiO. l-27-pk-2-l (!-room residence near business district. S.3500. Owner occupied. Quick possession. H. C- Camplicll, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ck-tf »-rnnin moorrn liou^p in l.iltTn wrll Inraleil. Will tr.i.l^ fur Imme in Illvlhi'villc. Fr,-.l I'linnc' 401. Z house close in. 1'rico reduced (o S3250. H. C. Campbell, Realtor ( 120 S. Second.' 5-27-clc-fl Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 'ANYTIME Day or Night ANYTIME Day or Night 2089 Old Relii G. O. POETZ 'The Old Reliable" Tocr Snare* of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OfSc« KR at Chtrrr OUR HANDS ARE TIED WITHOUT YOUR HELP Every year there are thousands of accidents that could 1)0 prevented through foresight and corrective measures on the pnrt of the car owner. Literally thousands of cars that are now being driven are in need of inspection and maintenance by qualified mechanics. r.nrnl & Long Distance Moving Competent TIclp anil egnlpmant. Adequately iDfttircd GoQlrict liiulluK Phone 983 J. O. Lcntx Dub Siscmore Hoick Specinl \dour Sedan. Rmlio ntid lionlcr. A hentily. 1011 Chrysler Roya! Hc(Inn. Radio and hoaler. See this one Imtny. liKIS Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan. A uoot! cheap car. I ill 2 Var t \ noluxu Sedan. Radio mid lusilvr, A real liuv. 1011 Plymouth 2-door. I{ii(iii> jtitd Iieafcr. New sciil covers. Mnrooni color. \ 1012 Studelinher Sky- wny Communilit 5 pass. Coop; . Riidio. Clean. 1 Low niilenjjc. l!)ll Ponliac R Sedrtit. ,| Riidio, 5 mind (ires. IMS Kurd VR DelUxoJ . Tudor Sedan. A bargain I 1!)-I1 Ford VR. T.OIIK wheel base truck— till) Ford VS :!-1 ton Hlake trlick— li).|l Dodge 1-2 ion panel truck. Many Other Older Models to Choose from LO Y EIC H CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phoii. 57i , Texaco Gat It OH* Stive Monty Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP EI.1IEKT HUFFMAN'S 401 K. Phone »5» VDII Must He Happy or No Deal RADIO REPAIR SE'RVICE Any Make or Mode! ] 1 to 2 Days Service We Call For and Deliver! PHONE 2642 Fred Callihanl MOTOROLA Sales and Service 100 South First J. LOUIS CHERRY Itcprrientlnf New York Life Insurance Co. Bljlli«TllI«, Ark. WUV) Mountain Valley Water •••••• Is Recommended for Ardirilis, Kidney and Jflnddcr Conditions hHpsTo-" 1 " ll """' Waler ' rom "»* Sl" 1 ''!^ Ark., I. Humiliate Kl.lnoj rune- .1. Nentrillie Urlc-Acldltr "°* '.. D!=chari» syatciulo A .soothe Bladder Irrlta- Wastes lloa 0:01 or Wrlic for nonklei CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main nml Division Blytticvlllc, Ark. , PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS — F. H. A TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down Conl-Alrr. AHIe Fans Stin-Bc:ut Automatic Oi! Heaters Norse Elcclrlc Ilol Water lli'ntcrs Shcnvln \ViIII:tms Paints Shcfflclil I-'lctit Fencing Ootilil's Walcr Pumnh ^lutlvrn \Vnlpr iinflclilrs Giiihcv.snn Kilchcii Sinks, 36 MONTHS TO PAY , ASK US A HOOT FAKMKU'S TKIliMS WITH ANNUAL I'A DON EDWARDS "The TyprwriUr Man" KOVAr,, SMITH, CORONA nnrl REMINGTON POKTAIILU 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3M2 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 Weal Main St. Act quickly now to prevent injury lo some peclinfi: person, help make Ulythcville's streets .safiT for ali. Bring your car to LangHton-Wroten for expert work done reasonably'. UNGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service S U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Wftlnwt A Broadway Telephone 553 RY P.nfiAR MARTIJfl MOTS ANT) HER The Thundcrbnlt tt'5 MOT VOUft DVlODVlUUt '. PROWBYUNG Mt FROM TRESPASSING ON MY OVJKJ BUODVlLLt flNO i'M VJftRWMC, VOU vv» OUT ! FRECKLES AND HIS PRITCNDS . : rX'J y,f.?0!.y >••'•"•' IU ll't-t Mf: t YOU r.EMCoei n! oo YOU X [MATS RIGHT ! I R J THE CAR A REAL PROFIT OM ~~J>.L "[DO, FOP / II SU1I Hiirls I'M FORCED TO ADMIT. ,\WRV.TH'\T I Ar-'T IMIMK OF ANVONe ID RATHER , HAVE C'-TSMART ME/ 4 BY MERRII-L BLOSSEfi i* BUT IN VIEW OF FUTURE FATHER-AMD SOM RELATIOMS, I'D BETrETR FIND A WAY TO H*VE THE LASTWORO/ ' i -Jo

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