The Courier News from ,  on January 30, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from , · Page 10

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Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 10
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ireak in Prices in 1947 • Experts in Bucintss Field Anticipate Decline by Next Fall * By S BURTON HEATH (NE.\ Staff Correspondent) NEW YORK, Jan. 30 <NEA>. — That bieak in prices;.lor wnlch you hav* been asking, Is on 'the way. It might come next Spring. It is almost certain to arrive by-early -Full. There probably will ba Vrmny price rises before Die'break comes. It probably will not be sensational. But sou"can expect the prices of most consumer goods to settle down sorncwheie in the vicinity. of the OPA ccljlpg level >, • . . ' That is the consensus of .n lurge list of recognized experts that includes trade paper editors,.private and business economists and mer- chandiSB,'6v.ecut!ves. • .'...'• Tlie mtluted price level actually began t6 crack last Fall ,as shortages gave -way in a very few lines to moderately ..ample supplies. Buyer?, started getting choosy. 1 .-Then price adjustments begun.' That is'jiov, the real price break will eoirle^ the experts say. Take men's suils foi example. As the supply begins to balance* demand, so the .'consumer no . longer feels compelliSl to grab anything at any pries the "puce of suits will stop rising ahdVperhaps drop. Unless ''strikes or- unforeseen other obs^cles stymie production, most expects believe that the balancing of-supply . and demand in most consumer lines 1 should take place before .Labor bay. Composite Views Sought The picture docs not represent the view of any single economist, meicliandjser or trade paper expert, but Li n composite of the opinions-of dozens paged by NBA Senice for the Courier News. Editors were polled by the Nhtlona Conference of Business Paper edl- toi s More than 70 non-government economists were canvassed bj tre V W Dodge Corp. More than a score-;of-private and industrial and universljy economists Joined in a round table sponsored by the National Industrial'Conference Board NEA reporters questioned leading merchandiser's Out of this background comes some Idea what you have a right to expect of consume! prices this year. "There is a buyers' market too\ay," says Ben Gordon, editor of Chain Store Age, "but it is 80 pei cent anticipatory arid only 20 pel cent actual The genulnei article should arrKe in bix to eight months One sign is that panic and hoarc buying have virtually ceased. Ny Ions and men's shirts still are scarce for example, but you no longer se long lines waiting for chances' U buy them." "The buyer is beginning • to se the market price of articles tha are not in the. extremely scarci class," another editor reports. "Pri ces can be expscted to level off a about OPA ceilings, or perhaps i triflle above, by Spring." Buyers' Market Comini "The buyers' market is here al ready in some. cotton goods," said •ft spokesman for one of the blgges retail stores. "The bottom dropped out of tl chenille tufted bedspread marke last Pall," according to Editoria Director Julien EUenbein of tin lHaire Publications' home furnish I ings group.- "The American mar ket • was .flooded with millions dozsns of women's" linsn handker chiefs thatVhad- been hidden in | China during the v:nr. "The prices on some lines o , consumer goods, especially durables I cannot come down much because of replacement costs. Durable goods dealers now are getting rid of er- l sntz and poor quality goods, poor designs and unbrar.ded stuff. Many 1 are buying from hand to mouth in I imticination of new designs, better | quality and- lower prices in midi 1947." Says Darolhy Stole, editor of Infants' and Children's Wear- "It is generally believed in this industry thai .there has already been a psntianerit.-swing to a buyers' [market." Prices should ' be lower after mid-1947, prophesies the editor of Tide, magazine of advertising Iwho believes that there will be a recession in the third quaver of this year that will laat until prices I reach a "reasonable enough level I so that consumers have some In- BLYTHgVILLE-(ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY so, 1947 I Puzzling photo above "shows cracks Jn non-shatlerable glass windshield ot a Douglas C-47 "Sky- trnln" niter it was bombarded by goK-bnll-sizcd hailstones which dented the mctnl fuselage mid. tore strips of fabric from control surfaces. Plane, on routine mission from Colorado Springs to liapid City, S. O., hit freak hailslorm neur Greelcy, Colo., but made n safe, uneventful landing at Lowry Field, Denver. centive to purchase ap.aln." ! Farm Prlcrs lo OrO]i Says another trade fditor: "Cer- aln prices win come down, Agricultural prices .should be lower his year, also the prices of some durable foods, such as textiles nnd apparel. Look at the production of such items as radios nnd soft ;o!Kls, at all limes high, with supply already balancing demand last Pall." Of 12 non-KOVcrnmc'nt exports checked by the P. W. Dodge Corp., i3 felt that the price peak would uc passed some time In 1D47. The NICI3 forum was concerned irimarily with industrial activity. They foresee n recession this year, rather than a depression, and think it will be brief. U will Include, in the opinion of several, price reductions. "Pood prices are past their peak," said Jules Rackimm nf the New York University School of Commerce faculty. "I think that cloth- Ing prices are near their peak. Nonfood prices are (joint' higher because of higher cost.s. both of raw material and wages." His associate. Raymond Rogers, predicted thnt if waye demands are moderate "I expect lower average prices and lower total production for the entire year lsl-17 than for 19-10." Economist Julius Illrsch said: "1 expect that In some sectors of the economy, partly owing to strikes. 1 the upward trend of prices will t continue for a while, and even uo' fartlier than necessary. Then a break of considerable size Is likely this lialf i break will occur In the first I of 19-17." And Economist Alexander Sachs thinks that "I9-1V will be a year of recession and readjustment in prices, led by agriculture." Historic Texas Oak Tree Owns Its Own Site HOUSTON, Tex. <UP)'--A mammoth cul; tree, sinking Its rooss citep into Houston's soil and history, has Ihe distinction of beitii; I he owner of the liiBtorl: site it shelters. The great cak, where Houston's founders once parked their Bii'.;- yies, cannot be cut down as long a.-i it lives. A leijal document filed In Harris County i-ourthouse by the Cullinun t'.stiitc stipulates that the tree'ii branches musl be permitted to j;rovv in their natural way, A Jence must 30 kept around the ayet tree's trunk. Few Approve Compulsory Arms Training WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. (UP) — Legislation for uitiversril military training .still faced rough going In Congress lotlny despite the aclrniu- islrnllon'fi latest plen for quick action. A poll among tlic 10 members ot the House Arme<] Services Subcom- mittee'on universal training showed only two now, flatly in favor of such a program. The majority indicated they would back it only If It were proved vital to national \ t- fense. • According to Wnrren R. Austin, U. s. rr-presentnlive to the united Nations, tills proof already 1ms been demonstrated. He said after a conference with President Truman y«>- terday that universal training is essential until world atomic controls have been established. Ho was expected to enlarge on Service on the Double _. Identica ntical twins are Clark and Richard Green, 1C, who left Long Beach, Calif., to become Capitol ;;age boys m Washington. that .statement today, when, lie i Senate and House Amiccl lines before a joint meeting of the 1 vices Committees to outline Scr- this country's the UN. world obligations under u, NERVOUS If functional LOOK OUT FOR PIN-WORMS Rffcrit medical reports reveal (tat on Bitia*]njc number of children (and Kiown- UPS too) may bo victims or Pin-Worms— °.'"j n """out «u«>«:line what u wrongl And these peals, living Inside the human body, can cause real distress. So watch out for the warnlne »l»ms that •nay mean Inn-Worms—especially ih» Mliravathw rccbl iteh. Get JAVNE'S P-W and follow the directions. '-W is tie Pin-Worm treatment due!cp<:d Jn the l&bnratariE-s of Dr. D. Jayne & ton. after years of putlcnt research. The '?*>!•.mr-to-tol" '•* tablets act m . • pecial way to remove Pm-Wor/na Ask »our OrujjitUt: P.W for f in-Worm*I COLD BUG WHIM? Sr HELP EASE ACHING CHEST MUSCLES RUB ON „, i MENTHOLATUM &**£/, Public to follow, and I think that (JHAKI.KV LUTES will offer for sale on the Home fiin Yarn located four miles South of lilylheville on Illehwawy til, the following ilcst'i-Ibcd properly, FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 1947 THIS SALE WII.I, START AT 11:00 A.M. FRESH BLOOD A MUST FOR FREE ENERGY to a »lng? If .old yon • , - . J ct » lo» blood count hold yoi. I i,?i T cn you "^y release vibrant I cnirgy to ercry muscle, fibre, cell. diy—every- hour— millions or . . .. -U-blood-ccll3 must pour forth I from the marrow of your bones to re- IPtace .those that nrc worn-out. A low I blood count may afreet you trr several I ways: no appetite, underweight, no I *ner£y r * run-down condition, lack of IresUunco to Infection and disease • To got real relief you must ki ,,-—i strength: Medical - o by analysis ot.tse Blood, have bTpol- ItlWproof shown mat SSS Tonic Is IKS? 1 , strength Jj» n6n-orgnnlc nutrl- l«ooal antmli. ThU Is due to the SSS I Tonic. loriaut* which contains special laid t»ter,t Ktiwtlng Ingredients. ?° Ton ! c ha P" »°u enjoy tho n. f** by '""easing the gastric Idfcfcstlve'Juice when it Is non-organl- IHJ! y '?? IltUe pr scanty—thus the stom- Ikeh will hart little cause to get balky ISJS W b!oat «wl-Wv* Off that sow . • :•' Cnorr-iie your body with oa BS3 Tonic now ur K" tl»r»uj*out traut treikMii an M»:u make j»u «at-*ett*r reel b«tter, work bettor MIS' JULIE'S FRUIT TART5 Cut Mis' .Tulle's Pic Crust In Gcnmre:;. place slices of council or cooked fruit on each square. Ijnlher up corner. 1 ; ntul press to- i;ct]icr. Hnkc In hot oven -ISir ror 15 mlnutc.1. Mis' Julie's is a famous okl Southern recipe, with plenty of goad pure sliortcnini: to make it "short" and delicious! Just add water. Get n package next lime you shop. fi Gnoil Mitch Cows •1 Guernsey Bull 10 Mares, some \vltli roU nt side 2 Black Mules, cumin;; :< yrs. olil 1 Iron Orcy Mule, cmmrifr S yrs. del 3 IIa>: Mules, coming 2 ami :t yrs. nil! : 2 Black Mules, -1 yrs. oil). !i Jacks, black wilh n-liitn lip 1 Snirrl Sliul Ilnrsr 1 Saddle Horse 10 Spotted Poland Cliina Gilts, llrei'd 10 Spotlcil Poland Chim 11911) 1 Clicvrolr-t l/j-lciii vlicli Shoals 1 IHC Pickup Baler Sows 2 Spotted Poland, Cliln.x 1 I^irge Storage Iliii 1 AC Vninlunc 1 John Deere 3-I!nttnm M" I'liuv 1 A very 2-Dflttflm 12" Brvnk' Plow 1 John ncerc Side Delivpry on ICubber I IHC Sicin Deliver 15 \A'altting > Cultivators 10 Middle Ullstcrs 10 Tw<!-]Iorsc Breaking I'lons 8 Onc-IIorsc Breaking Plows .1 One-How Ridinp; Planters 1 1!1{: Z-Kow Mule-Drawn Stalk Cutler S Galvanized Steel Walei Troughs 2 Paris Calnnel Hin 2 Two-\vheel Trailers uu li ubber 50 Gai'lntRO Cans, 32. -?;.il. I AC :Mmlloni IV Breaking Pln\v 1 .Tolin !>ccrc Two-lt't\v Pla_»ler 2 Trader Tandem Discs Lots (if Collars and Wuv)< llarucss. MANV OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION IN THIS SPACK! Any farmer wlio lias any farm (ools or livestock far sale can sell tlK'jn on this day. All :.uch items should be listed the (lay hefore the ^ale. j CHARLEY and IRA KOONCE, LEO SWiFT, Auctioneer LUTES Owners Our Plans City Passenger & Truck License Wll Be Past Pay at the Office of the City Clerk Before Then and Avoid Payment of Penalty Frank Whitworth City Clerk B LYTHEVILLE is growing rapidly and more people are getting telephone service than ever before. Today, llie local telephone system musl handle 25,000 calls a day — a record vol- ume—qompared with 17,000 in 1941. » In the past eleven months we have connected over 1,000 telephones, but there are siill 362 Blylheville residents waiting for service. Here is our best estimale on when Ihe various phases of our 1947 telephone program for Blylheville can be completed. The dates, of course, depend on an uninterrupted flow of materials and we will make every effor! to get the job over sooner. for Waiting Customers: By mid-summer we hope lo complete the inslallmenl of a large amount of dial equipment in the telephone office which will bring service to everyone now waiting for a telephone. Our expansion piogram, requiring gross expenditures of approximately $85,000, got under way almost a year ago and we're not through yet. Last summer we connected over 200 additional telephone lines to our dial equipment. This helped us provide service to many waiting. This summer we plan to connect 240 more new telephone lines. Two switchboard positions are on order, too, and we expect delivery on these in October. More long Distance Service: Each day over 900 long distance calls are made here in Blytheville. This represents an increase of over 100 per cent in the past Jive years. The new switchboards we have on order will help speed your calls (o other cities. Ten new long distance "highways" leading in and out of Blytheville are on order, too, and they will help speed your calls lo Memphis, Luxoia, Osceola, S'.eele. Caruthersville, Kennett, Jonesboro, and other places. A Dial System for the Dell Area: New dial telephones are coming to the residents in the areas of Del!, Roseland, Wilson Junction, Shonyu, Petlyville, and Lowden. Somft time ago a canvass was made to determine how many people were interested in a new type of service and about 120 people signed up. A lot has been purchased al Dell and we are going lo build a new telephane building to house the dial equipment that is needed. It is hoped thai these telephones will be working this summer. More Farm Telephones: A new and improved dial telephone system brought service to 40 families in (he Huffman community, east of town, last year. Lcitar, other rural telephone construction will get tinder way lo other areas adjacent lo Blylhaville, but this cannot be done until next year. P. J. Poe, Manager SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

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