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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Reading, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, May 16, 1883
Page 4
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1 J! lll'l .mil sign. t!,, - r pr;? b - 1 TTTR IATT .AlTp , TT0PArTOII. llBAnmo, PA., JJAY 16, 1883. F - ' &xmt& tmi Wxzip&tth. - WEDNESDAY. MAY 18, 1S88. rnuur T - la. . ' WttBiMOTOli. May 16. For the Middle At - intie Stater i Fair weather, preceded near eoatt by tight local rain, northwesterly wind; elation ury or lower temperature, mgner prcsewe. CITY MEWS AND GOSSIP: Maw FleKfXl Vm mmwm and Titer , By 1 porter.. . The ladies of Christ Cathedral intend to M ..irawharrv festival next week, which will be the first ol the season. At the regular meeting of St. Bonlfaolua nt.. - huv four new mea - bei - were elected. " Th Hrmherhood Is in a prosperous oondi - ' tion. q - k.Ai.mnf F. XL Blessine & Son, steam - .. - ... at ai 1 Rhastnut street, has been die solred, and two of Mr. Blessing's sons have formed a oo .partnership, the name of the new firm beini Blessing Bros. - The funeral or Mrs. George M. Ulmer was largely attended yesterday afternoon from the - residence of her husband, 1024 Washington street. Rev. Ktter held serrioes In .ion s u. B. church. The interment was made in Auien bach's oemetery. - .' - - At the sale of household goods at the residence of J. George Seltier, No. 612 Franklin street, all the goods disposed of brought high prioes, the spirited bidding sending some things beyond their value. The sale aggre. gated between six hundred and seven hundred dollars. Mrs. Christian - Stock, - residing at No. 846 T.onuat street, had a very serious fall down the stone steps at St. Paul's B. C. church on Sun. day evening. : She was unconscious for a short time. No bones were broken, but it is be - . lieved she is injured internally. Her face and bead are also bruised. Workmen have commenced erecting trestles between the railroad and Eighth street atOley for a siding to run into a new coal yard to be : established at that point by Daniel S. Francis. The shutes will have a capacity of about fifty Anna. - Mr. Francis expects to be ready for business about the first of July. Tha fliir&r make ni at Terre Hill, Lancaster county, are all on a strike and have been holding meetings this week They ask an ad - vane of five cents. They hare been receiving 25 cents per hundred. It is reported that veaterdav morn in it about a dozen men lett Terra Hill and their families behind thaw and came to Beading on foot, to seek employment. They say they are at present too poor to move their families. - Prom 11 0V New Musical OrKMrafaatloM. Persons who move in society fn Reading are nothing if not musical, and among the musical societies of our city, of which our citizens are justly proud, there are some that were begun very unpretentiously and yet to - day rank with the best. A new organization having for its . obiect the musical culture of those who have or may become members thereof is the Key - atone Choral Society, which holds weekly meeting in Scnwarli s Hall, No. 955 Penn street. The Society whs organized on the 17tu or Alar oh, and has 18 members. The officers are : President, Charles Kaufman; Vice President, Miss Alice Fies; Secretary, (leorge A. Beiswinper; Treasurer, John C. Uintz ; Musical Director, John Dersch : Assistant Musical Director, Albert Kaufman. The Society owns a Beatty Beethoven organ, with Ml stops, and is rehearsing a number of selections, with the ex pectation of giving a concert in September. In tne Police Court. Sarah Jane Gorman was yesterday sent to jail for thirty days on complaint of John' Finnan, residing on Cotton street near Eleventh, who stated that Mrs. Gorman vis ited bis place on Monday evening and smashed everything in the bar room that she could lay her hands on. Sarah threatens to prosecute Finnan for selling liquor to minors and on Bun days. Nicholas Franks, a tramp, was sent to prison for ninety days ai a vagrant. (Juicer Meuman testified that while on duty on Monday eve ning he heard loud cries of "Murder !" pro ceeding from the vicinity of Fourth and Itingaman streets ; that he hurried to the spot, and found that Franks had entered an outhouse of the dwelling No. 51 1 South Fourth street, occupied by Benjamin Gehria and family, and scaring Mrs. Gehria into hysterics, so that Dr. Keeser had to be called upon to re store her. Hale f slewee Brta'a EVeem, ' ' , Auctioneer Lyon sold at No. 1 1 North Sixth street yesterday morning the effects of James Barton, the commission merchant who suddenly disappeared about three weeks ago. Among the articles sold were boxes ox candies, and oil and flour, which Mr. Barton had accepted to sell on commission. Kverytbing went off cheap, and the amount realized y the sale will be insufficient to nay the debts of Mr. Barton. Constable Strubell conducted the sale? The sum of $140 was realized. J5. M. Levan paid $30 for a writing desk with paper oases ana drawers; ueorge n.. w turner, 3J for desk ; J. Warren Try on, Esq., $12 tor a lot of matting and oil - clotb ; Jacob U. Michael purchased a lot of candies and flour ; T. D. Baueher, a lot of flour in sacks : and C - A. Z. Griesemer. who will succeed Mr. Barton in the insurance business, purchased four signs. furcnasers were given an opportunity to sam ple the candies. Hen ate VocumeBtH Hfnt to Bents. The following public documents, embracing a number of great value, have been for warded to prominent citizens of Berks by Sen ator Cameron : - Bulletin of the U. 8. Fish Commission. Vol. 1 1HM1. Memorial Addresses : Life and Charac ter of Evarts W. Farr, Dee. Gth and 8th. 180. Consular Reports, No. 1, 2 and 8 1830.1. Message and Documents P. O. Dep't 1881 - 2. Geological and Geographical Atlas of Col orado and. Portions of Adjacent Territory. xiayden. Tornadoes. IT. S. Statutes, lat Session, 47th Congress. jteport or the Alt y ueneral. Finance Iteport, 18R2. A Nnddsii Dcain. Mrs. Esther Root, wife of George Root, No. 450 South Sixth street, died suddeuly at five o'clock yesterday morning, aged fifty - nine years. Deceased was subject to attacks of heart disease. After she arose yesterday morning, and while opening the shutter of the house, she was attacked with severe pains at ner heart, and going to the door called lir. Bowman, and when be came be found her lying in the hall war. She was taken to ber bed, and expired immediately thereafter. Deceased was born in Chester county" and was 59 years of age. Her maiden name was Lahr, .ana sue came co this city in 18(H). Her hus band, who is a boatman, and four daughters survive ner. .Left - HaiMl Plre flnae. The existence in the city of several left - I handed fire plugs has occasionally battled our Bremen, and some time ago at a firs on Canal street the Junior engine narrowly escaped being bursted. The plugs instead of turning irom ngui to leu, turn rrom Jell - to right. were tnis fact generally known there could be no trouble. There are three aueh plugs, lo cated as follows : One at the - foot of Spruce . street, anotner on ropiar street north of Wal nut, and the third on Minor street between Laurel and Willow. .Lan canter Hoe) Carriers Ssrlkli . Taking advantage of the great number of nuiidtngs now oetng erected in Lancaster and . the demand for bricklayers, a number of hod carriers yesterday morning struck for hlghsr wegee. xney nave neen rsceiving 91, io per day, but demanded f2, which being refused, they struck and marched through the streets ' with their hods over their shoulders. Mors) Km - SrolfllcrlcS) for RrsSlpr. One of the Irxrgrmt nhlpfnmfai ot lfmlHirg telling to trdy, and thla morning thmy offer umo womlorful tMM - jfMiDii nil low irfc. . Thfwe snoda are mil worked un ftne carabrte, and monif them, are a Rru nny match pttrufl. Aliioft larifff rrtnty of Irlnk Polut Knibrol darlea, (which mrm vary scare Just now) at a vrjr mull prlro. A look mt tlirlr diapUjr la tho window, with imCM aMI - KMI on won pine, win how low la price Uwf ar onerlng tMr i household market review. The OtTerlwss mt Bamp Mnjr Wcatteer i n Mummer seiuwn leeoias iaatr Until farmers have a good supply of vege tables to bring to market, a slim attendance must be expected on their part. The frequent rains of late are having their effect, and it will only be a short time until there will be an abundance of produots of the soil of all kinds. The florists are kept busy just now supplying the demand for plants, as everybody appears determined to fix up their flower beds this week, the ground being moist and favorable to the setting out of plants. The reoent oool weather may deter some persons, however, from entrusting tender and half - hardy plants to the open border. Shawls and overcoats in the middle of May are unusual, and yet they have been found quite comfortable this week. Although the grass is growing amazingly, and the prospects were never better for a large and ample crop of hay, the price of butter has not been' affected, and still olings to last week's figures, ranging from 28 to 85 cents per pound. - If it does not tumble at least five cents soon, there win do some grumbling on the part of the averaged housekeeper. Eggs adhere tenaciously to 17 cents per dozen, being one cent more than is paid by the dealers. Butter, eggs, cheese, and dried fruit still constitute the principal stock in trade of a number of farmers. Of the different articles of food poultry alone is noticeably scarce.' Geese and ducks are out of season, and chickens must bear the bruut. Many of them are tough enough to stand the hardest kind of usag. Barbae ues will not be offered in any quantity for some time. Prioes have not changed. The prices of beef are the same as last week, and the same may be said of other meats. Fish of all kinds are abundant, euau lead on ana por - gies follow. Shad can now be had for 25 to o cents, and "hickories xor as low as io cents. Porgies sell at four for a quarter. Herring are 20 cents per dozen, with bones sticking in them at all angles. Other fish average 15 to 16 cents per pound. Sea bass are now in market at 15oeuts. Three more weeks will pretty well finish up the shad sea son, when blue fish and Spanish mackerel will come to the front. . That the summer season is ' - inching along is revealed to as by the decline of asparagus to 20 cents per bunch. Last week it sold for 25 and 80 cents. Radishes grow larger and more solid, and as they make this agreeable change they decline in price. Spinach at 12 cents per half peak is getting grass down to figures to suit every pocket book. Head lettuce at 5, 8 and 10 cents per head, helps tu make up the bouquet of green things In fine style. Cucumbers, scrawny and long weaned from the parent vine, are selling at from 4 to 8 cents apiece. Peas from Noi folk, the first arrivals, are in market at 30 to 35 cents per half peck. Vegetables from points further South are nearly at the - end of the tether. Onions are showing themselves full of vigor and strength, and are to be had for four cents per hunch, or three' bunches tor ten cents. Real spring onions, grown from sets planted in March and April are now in market and bring five cents per bunch. Most of the young onioos ottered at this season of. the year are not those planted early in the spring, as isgenerally supposed. They are known as "Hcallions" and are planted about the month of September. They remain in the earth over winter, and about the middle of April or first of May are ready for pulliug, providing the weather is anything spring like. Horrible AceltleMt In mm Iren Mill. William Ahrens, an employee of the Bethle hem Iron Company, went to work on Sunday cleaning gas flues in the steel rail mill, at that place and about noon on Monday, his corpse was taken out of one of the flues. His charred remains are the only evidence of the manner of his horrible death. No one missed him except the family with whom he resided until Monday afternoon, when bis ooat, etc., were found where he had lain them on going to work, The mill was started up ot midnight, and the gas flowed through the heated flues as uual irom that time. When Ahrens was missed, a search was made, and the flues were ex amined. In ono of them the dead body of the missing man was found. It was taken out, but in such a condition as to be scarcely un recognizable. Boyerteea Itema. Joel M. Grim was appointed watchman in the new bank building, in place of Benjamin Sell. A number of persons are suffering with colds and sore throats. The lioyer - town horse market has been unusually brisk this spring. The Keystone Cnrnet Band has been engaged by the Good Will Fire Company, of Pottstown, for next Saturday, the 13th Inst. Max Mtein, or Uroftklyn, JN. v., purchased a lot of horses from the Boyertown horse dealers. Jacob Wallnch re'urned last Saturday from Delaware, O.. with a car - load of fine horses. The Key t one base ball club was beaten by the Kxchange club, of Potts. town, by a score of 8 to 9. The5?cKwenks - ville orcbentra played at the band fair Grim's hall on Monday evening. Dear Madam, our own family has tested the marked qualities or Day s Soan with entire satisfaction to themselves, andV we do not hes itate to endorse all the proprietors claim for it. Once tried, it will always be used and you will pause to think of how you ever managed to get along without it. Fact. Vnliom - Ullne Nuptial. William rulton snd Miss Katie Kline were married on Monday evening at the residence of the bride's father, on Cedar street near Spring. The nuptials were solemnized by Kev. ltenrv Mosser. of the rirst Reformed church, in the presence of a few near relatives of the contracting party. The brides maid was Miss JHary levan and the grooms man Miller M. F.vans. A reception was sub sequently held, and yesterday morning the newly - wedded couple leu on a weddmtr trip. extending as far south as Virginia. During their absence they will visit all the leading points of interest along the route. Upon their return they will take up their residence in this city. Going Fatt our Mail Brand of clears at $1 .00 per box of fifty, and the ' celebrated Brick at 81.13 per box of fiftv. for sale at the same place where No. 13 Is sold for a nickel. UI.ASRB & FRAHB. It 13 South Sixth street. roatrlbnilaas for Home Mlmilaas, The Treasurer of the Home Mission fund of the Reformed church acknowledges the receipt of the following contributions : Rev. Thomas S. Johnston, D.D., Treasurer Leb anon ClASsit. from Trinity Reformed church. I'ottsvuie, !('; Wt. I'rtul s .Memorial church. Reading, thank offerings of catechumens, son firmed on Good Friday, ffiO; D. R. Manger, mo., Ireuurer Uoshenbonpea Cians. from Rev. C. Z. Wciser, D.D., $187 tO; Rev. L. J. Mayer, $00 80; Rev. A. L. Dechnat, $182; Kev n. Al. II fiber, 10U; Rev. D. E Schoedler. $85; Kev.' KM Keller, $40.05; Rev. C. II. Herbst, $10 62. Last performance, "Dutrh Pinafore." next Friday, May lffth. Grand Opera House. So cured seats CO cents, at Ringel's book store. it A WeiMaawllli I7T DeReeadnefa. Tbcrs was lately burled In Rockland town. ship sn aged woman, who was the mother of seventeen children and had the large number of 177 descendants. Her n ime was Dinah Barto. and she had residence with her son, William Barto, near ths village of New Jerusa lem. Deceased was born In 1800, and was the mother of seventeen children trine sons and eiarht daughters. She had 114 crand. children and 40 great - grand children, her descendant being scattered over a considerable portion of Eastern Berks. fUti Cigar Parte (t as, 8 for 25 cents : Am. Surdanes, 4 for Ho cents, and the great No. 13 rand at 6 cents straight, all our own manu facture ; warranted pure goods, free of all artificial drugs or flavors. Glaskk A Framb. It No. 18 South Sixth street. drnatsl aiaiv sansr K.ftir.lna To Fblladolpbia on Thursday. Ma 17th. Konnd Irln tickets, tood for three divvs. onlr 1.70. Through train Reading at 8.05, and parlor ear attached. 6 - 7 - 10 - 12 - 14.10. , OUR WATER SUPPLY. t 1 ; r't " J Atim Aral 1HIM.1 will serve as a monument to the projectors for all time. A nice cottage has been erected on a hinh bluff, overlook! on the lake, whioh is ocoupied by Adam Bloob, watchman; a retaining wall will be built neiow the res.aenoe.aioug me public road. Publfo roads extend around two - thirds of the oirou inference of tha lake and the whole nrooerty is surrounded by a pale rence. eight feet high, over a mile of fencing having been required. The narrow gorges inrougn whioh flow the streams emptying into the lake, will afford excellent situations for the ereotion hereafter of impounding reservoirs. From Antietam Lake the party proceeded to the Mineral Spring properly, belonging to the Water Department, reaching this place before yesterday s rain storm set in. Alter an inspection of this property, and refreshing the inner man, the party returned to the city, ar riving at seven o clock last evening. BAT, GUN AND ROp . Continued from Arat taaA If Hani an wins all his engagements for 1883 he will clear about 20,000. Captain Paul Boynton is bard at work get ting up a new nte - saving suit. The American team for the international military match at Wimbledon will be chosen next Friday evening. Harvard's chances for winning the college races this year have been seriously impaired by the forced retirement or Curtis, stroke from the 'varsity crew on account of a strained ligament in bis right leg. AMUSEMENTS. Ornud Opera Hon we. Dutch J'inafore" at theGraud Opera House on Friday evening will be the last perform anoe ox the opera in Reading this season. Re served seats can be secured at Ringel's book store without extra charge. Academy of Hasle. The Social Glasa. The Belles Lett res L. and M. Society presented to quite a good sized audience lost evening. T. Trask Woodward's temperance drama et titled 'Ttae Sooial Gloss. The drama is a maudlin effort, but our young friends did the beBt they could with it. The characters were assumed by Messrs. Christopher Hoelloin, A. U. Uomig, C. M. Reinert, C. A. Kiefer, F. F. Boas, H. C. Dale, Mrs H. F. Souders, Miss Puuline Breeze and Miss A. C. Fisher. The drama was closely listened to and frequently applauded. Minor Aecldetiisu Monday, while Mr. Kuser, residing at No, 017 Kim street, was repairing a clothes - wringer, he got two fingers of his left hand in the cogs and had the tips of them badly squeezed. Monday, Charles H - Frederick, employed at Delaney'B gun shop at the coruer of Seventh and Walnut streets, severely cut the index of his ielt hand with a chisel. .Latent An to Marya .Lamb. Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was black as ink. And Mary had dyspesia so She couldn't sleep a wink. She suffered both by night and day, With pains and aches, until her Kind friends suggested she should take P. Davis's Pain Kjlleh. It quickly turned dyspepsia out And made ber good as new, And just the way that Mary did, Should all dyspeptics do. 5 - 15 lwa&w The llonton 0HnVr says : The sudden popularity achieved by the n - w proprietor of the reconitrucu - d "Pm'MKk'h w Hotel, opposite I ndendeDce UhII, t'l - tlndtdpliln, urpriua only thuae who were unacquainted with itie Intiillurd. of who ability to restore the Hw - ient celebrity of this ouce fatuou bttel, there was iio quoalioU. Dnteb Plaalere Kxenmloo to Lancaster on Saturday. May 19th. Tickets good for three days, only $1.40. Special train leaves Reading at 4 o'clock p. in. Trains will return same night. Ish dot so. 5 - 12 - 1G 18 ly - tfd S;ecitl Bargain in Harris Cass i mere Suits, ready - made. These suits are at least 15 per cent, below ths market value. Call and see tbom. Jamksom & Co. 4 - 28 - tf My em A Helm. 508 Pkmm Strckt. have the finest assortment Overcoating in the city. OTV TtlRM A T"?AT.. of Suitings and Sua. UltOrpK On Sunrtav, Slav 13, nt the resrinc of his . in, ieo Rt VV. rnuiHA, 224 South Sixth Mtreet, Itead In k, Fa., Uaniel Croutte, agedhM yean, A uiouths and 7 day. Internum t In tho Bedford Cemetery at Bedford, P., on Wednesday, Itith iamt., at lO.:tO a. m. K At" KM AN. Un May 11. in Ulandon, T.villa (Mert - et) iff t Srttuwt G. Kaufman, Kd C7yac, X luootha aim ut dae. The relatives anil friends are respectfully invited tu attend her funeral from the resident of her son, Wlleou F. Kanfinan, In Blandn, on TuewUy morning, the l.rth Inst., at 0 o'clock at the House. Interment at St Peter' chur - h. 5 - 12 St fTIHE OLD FA8HTON ''MINERAL 8PRINO a wanie iron" iorsaie as me nar 'ware store or uvr r br(w., ft - 19 4u3 Penn Street. CARD. In regard to the huaineas uao a7A eiatln lam etfmt to form with lr J O urussctip. l would s ate lo my iMtients that my itusineas noun will coiiuuu precisely as nereioiore. umn nonra : a w v tu. I to 2 and U t - i 8 p ni: while the patient of Ir J (roasciip can consult him during the hours from 11 to 'l a m. and llolom IW this arrangement in rases of enierRfiicy, a pliysian can le found at ourofflceat all Hour or uietiay. Jb. itv. m;ii mi - ik mc. si. - i .ft in soutu rutnstreeu CRYSTAL CAVE, V1ROTNHVILLK, on line of St'hiivlklll A Thtsh R. R . IS miles from nean ng. la now ohd for tie eswjn. ? n:rystai a;vi House suuiii'nir can acrunimonHte noariieas ai tvaso hie talea. Fine, ptrtnreaiiu scenery; pare, wbulaauu air. Fur patUciilara, addreas S.'D. F. KOIILER. . - 1 tf VlrglnsrllK. Pa. . Spectacle and : - Kye Olssse Mountol In Uold, ggrsr. ' t.1, Bnbbsr aud Csllulold snnn. SMC.I attnotioa paid to tbl. dharUnept. SCIILCCUTKH & UENliY, MS Corner Sixth and Psnn fltrseta. J - OW IN AT LAING'S KEWS . - STAND,; ilaaPKB S MUNTULY, ' i - " LADIHS' JOt ilNAL, GODEY'8 LAUY'S BUCK, AND MCSMf - . - g POPttAK MOMTIILT KOK J0NE. rUHI.IC SAI.K Will ba sold at puhlle a. ni". un hai I'lti'Ai, oin.Y ii'. ten., at I tie w tide llmse Stable, ourur "h and WasdiLngaon streets. Heading, Pa., SO head of Iowa lire. o 1 is a double ttwm of datrk greyswull matchcd.flna driTfTs, single or doultJe, Ituth irooil sadtlle iiomn.' So, U is a line, up,iie grey iiure.. 0 ynsrs mu. junt from the rami and never bi - en handled; this Iftnm is hard tu ltt for s)tle and action, and is tUlet lu double aud siittfle harnem. No. II Is a line grey, (I years obi inttlug burse, tail drags Ut the rreund, caunot lo leat furstyle, Is nuiet In single or doul.le harness. No 4 Is a dark bay trotting horse, yars old, can b - at S m(nat"B to harness. Ko. 6 Is a dark grey hutse, extra Well built, h years old, tfnut action and tub - t in slnvle or double hameM. N. ti Is a mac - a nisre, n years old, stnimtti and nge, tall to the Rtuiiud; a goMl double worker, nut so well Lreku tu stole htu - tuss. No. 7 is a line 4 - year old lir.iwn . tavnii t.itiit i,.a - idk tail to tue ground, quiet in sIiikIs aud double harness. Ko.ftfsa tine blood hey mars, A years old, well Itred, V, - ry stylish and tall in the grn.utid, well broke, sin Rlsordouble. No. 0 U a fine ei.rml horse, ft years old, fast d.lver tu sitigle or double harness, and an extra aaddle horse. Mu. 10 Is a (In sorrel horse, 6 years old, gimd worker and driver. No. 11 ts a Intel I hay horse ft years old, extra long mane and tall, f..e saddle and driver, suit well for ptuetun, a lady can drive hdn. No. kt are twnirood, nice 4 jeer old lav horses, well broke to double barnesa, ne of which shows gootl pml and has all appearance to in - ike a fatt trotter. The balatice are fod workers and drivers. Tbl M rsnges from 1.'4 to D.hsotl bitfh, and from 4 to 0 years old. Pedtsrsea given on day of e - .le. A credit of W days will b rnlrmo No postponement on aeoonnt of the weather. Hura. e will arrive on Wednesday. Mav Ifl hi in Mn.Kn. at JiiO p. sa. KV1UC1I STUI" KLK r. fKAiK . avavia, AQcuosteer. & - 10 ts ACTUAL FACTS. ,:' ' '.; - ,. ' AT TUB .: - ' MISFIT PARLOR IT 31 Nor tli 6th Street, That we sail m wool suit, Cheviot, for $6 0 Fiat that we sell Knickerbocker suit for 10 0 Fact that weselloustom - made mellon for 12 00 Faet that we sell diagonal suit, all wool. for 14 00 Faot that we sell worsted suit, custom - made, for , 16 00 Faet that we sell eustom - made punts for' 8 00 Faet that we sell a nobby wool suit for 4 00 Faot that we sell blue Grand Army suit for , - . 8 00 Faot that we sell cheaper suits than . anybody in town. .. Fact that we serge suit for Fot that we sell f 8 00 pants for Faot that we sell a handsome suit for 15 00 4 00 7 00 Fact that we must close them out for want of room. Fact that we sell wool pants and vest for 8 GO MISFIT PARLOR, 21 North Sixth Street, RBAD1NG, PA. PERSONAL. LAUies. nave you been there ? Right of the finest pnrlora 1. the city, .daptr tl for drtnkinK purncMe. Mt Suhocb'., M7) - Penn atrrot. K.urybody i. invited to call. 5 - 4 tf - Novelties for Haud Paintiui; AND Silk Transfer Ornaments, YEAGER'8, 5 - S If M3 PKNN STREET. KVE MA from fig lei MADE ADAM'S FIRST SHIRT leave.. It did not fit and he called it apron." llut you always get . goud - ntting shirt McCUT.TlUOH'S, 9 South 7th Street. 512.14 SOUK MASH WHISKY, 8KVES TKAR8 OLD, AND BOURBON KTB WHISKY, The bert In the market. THE FINEST CALIFORNIA HOCK WINE, Bod aud White, only 5 mats a glass, at HARUGARI HALL - , fi - 7 4 Ponth Gth St. jfor jfcalt ot attnt. "TOK SALE. Two cases ot minionette type A for sale, at a bargain. Apply at TIMES OFFICE. TfOR BENT. store, dwelling and stable, m flos, auy ana ail renn street. Apply to HORACE A. YUNDT, 29 North Sixth streot. ROOMS FOR RENT. Two rooms, suitable for offices, and one large room, 20 by 40 feet, fur n .shed, auitalile for lodice room or draftlua - room. Ai - ply to A. K. STAUPKKR, it - o m o2i uoari srreec FOR RENT The store stand. No. 432 West Penn street: one of the oldest dry troods houses in Reading. Possession given on the first day of April next. Apply to JHN S. PKAKSON, 1 - 6 tf 115 South Fifth street. FOR KENT. A 12 - room dwelling house, with large groundavWlonsius: to the T A R R. H. Co , beautiTuIly tdtuated on River street, below Franklin street. The house and property are all in first c us or der. Apply to KENDALL JONK3, 420 lisr Real Estate Exchange, fill Penn street. FOR KENT. The mnnNlon and ground, be. tonicina to A. Sh nfelder's estate, ar olTered for rent; u neuireu, tne msusiou win ue reniea sparateiy. The bulldins; onniains twelve rooms, baa all the modern convenience, is situ tted on a high bluff, overlooking the city, and la one of tue II nest houiej in the city. Ap - P'V w Tj"0R f ALE. One tbree - tory brick house. JL 418 Franklin street. One two - t.rv brink house. 421 south Fourth street. One lot of around on Oeut re Turnulke. 73 fent front. aru teec aeep, locatea oetween .kick a ana vacKttou M pro(ortiea. IV'lunging to estate of the late Mrs. R. E. Kerer. Inquire of TllOH. TAYUilt, 4 - 3 tf No. A17 Peon Street. TiIILDING LOTS FOR SALE. One bun - X dred and eighty - nine Building Ixts, on the Ieini inger Farm, on North Tenth and Mulberry streets, be - tweerr IUbeeon street and property of the Heading R. H. Co., city of Reading. Tonus a small amount In cah, aud tlielatlance In inunthly ur quarterly ptiymuut. Jor further uiformation apply to HOKACK A. YUNHT, Attorney for 11. II. and H. A. Muhlenberg, - 8 - otf No. 2 North Sixth HtreeC Macliiiie and Tinman's Tools AT PRIVATE SALE. The following machine and tinman's tools will be sold ar pnvste vale, at ( I'm on street, via: i Ki - oovingraa. chine, it f .rtner or rollers, S brakes, 14x2(1 Inches, 'I swetrliiDK mach;nes, 1 burrlnir. 1. wiriuir. 2 stMldiutc. 1 treetlhkx and l.hniNlle - machine Also a larire 1. t of Hand tools, tall at Mo. 6U3 Puun street. nelrs old a 'and, and secure faergaiue. - CilA KLluS K. 8N KL.U 5 - 11 6t . . : JpOB a?XLE.' . : A VALUABLE MATE QUAJIRY, sltnated In Washiagton wsMhlD.ehlgh county, Penn - ylvanta. The slate Is oftnebeel quality and the quarry iss. - jse Bissy alvautaires for a proli table In vea .went. Thertj is an anlrine. Iioilei. Ac. on the ground, aud the I quarry can hejmt in working condition la a short time. 5 - g - l.w ' V f lTjtaTPPMKK, Reading, Pa. A Sif HmeowePVfirlwal Engine - : - . - - t.4 - ' - - - . . With Oorersor and' Pntnp. Alaf, alotof wnctt and - - . a w'4uartr pipa, b anw prepared t fusnish chflublie with alt styles of PAhytH ANIJbbg. ROOM PIT ITH, DUftNO - stobM AJSD K.ITCHErrTKNlTlTRK. vhlck will be avid cheaper than the cheapest. Also CABPETg, OH QUOTHS; VINIOW 8IIADK8 AND LeOOKINU GIjAflMBS, all new deslgna. Also, upholster ing and repairing M furniture dona at short notice. XI. U. Mattresses sonde to order.. ? 1tfdw s . FAtrrOKT.gl2 CHKRRT8T. $Utt mi gttatHe gBRnntfiir. Readlner Slate and Marble Co., II. C. OEISSLEK Sc CO., MAKUrAOTUIlEBg or JL SLATE AND MARBLE MA NT FT, SHFtiVKS, VRSTIHITL1M, FUUNI - ' TtTRB A Nil WASI1HTANO TOPS. Manufactory and Show Rooms, 022 AND 1124 COUKT RTRKKT, - HTtr - AND 731 FINN BTKKttT, Reading, Pa, inmamw - esji !, , 1 ..1'ij.s , 1 . I PROF. DREXEL'S EXAMINATION AND AMNUAL MAY PARTY, ... at ' MNNBKOIIOR HALL, . u THURSDAY EVKNINQ. MAY 17. Admission Geutlemen,ouo ; Ladiee,2oo.: Children, loo. 6 - 1 4t . QRAND OPERA HOUSE I Friday, May 1 8th THE POPULAR COMIC OPERA H. M. S. PINAFORE, To PnnnsiylvaulH Gfinian, by A. C. ft. OSS, E , vndur the KUni)lccfi of ttie I'liitliarmuiilo Bociety ef this city. This will positively bo thq lost product. uti in this city f DUTCH PINAFORE! Same Company, Scenery, & c. as upon fts former pros entntion. Every persop should sets this highly ttiuuttiuK NOTE THE PRIOES: Art ml Bui on, 85 nd f(l cts Jtosorvttd Seats, fin eta Secured Seats at lunar. Vh book store 5 - 12 15 17 Is Wants. "TXTANTED A girl to do general bouse - T T work, at MO. 106 IS' OUT H 4th ST. TfTANTED Throo rooms or a "nmll house. ; T T suitable ior ugnt nouseKeepinif. Address; tf L. It., Tim lis oliteo. "lfTANTED. - - A boy to do office work. A p - ply o tr X I IY1 It OITPlUlS. "VKTANTED. Several good boys to sell the T T tihcb in tue morning. TXT" AN TED I M M EDI ATE L Y 20 cheroot ft makers; stendv wotk at increased wages; experienced tobacco Mtri.tutrs. Ainlv to also. - Ift at CIKO. W. lKHIi, Post Office Building. w ANTED. A good carpenter or cabinet maker. Call at ouce at H. 0. HE W Ht - FTNGKIt'S. 6 .North Eighth street. ANTED. Aonve news agents in towns where we hare no agencies at present. Please least i. write for terms, fcc, to l aWMI U Readitiii, Pa. NTED Two young men. from 21 to - who will sell our lwoks for three months.nnd then hire And train men for us. Will pay lance salary when coiutjtent tn truiu others, tiive age. experience I (li any;, auueena mis. 4 - 7 11 H22 Broadway. New York. lifciaT 2Jotircjs. moved tu No. 31 North 6th street, opposite the jupigcopai uamearai. s - m u "T"OTlCE. Why go to Philadelphia to buy mirrors, iranie. on paiuttDfCS, steel engravings, albertypes, lithographs, Ac, whu you ciin purchase tuem 'a pur cent, lower at 11 - 21 ti 5 North Eighth St. HOSK1NS & GILES, FlorM Depot, 37 NORTH TENTH STREET ALL KINDS OK FLORAL D ECO RATIONS. Orders taken for surinir ptautinir of fruit, shade and ornamental trees. Specimens of winter keeping grapes chu u seen. O - o TF YOU WANT WEDDING OR F0NEKAL floral dsiens. choice plants, cut flowers, bonouets maae to oruor in artistic style at snorz notice, can on Cor. Schuvlklll Ave. und Greenwich St. Orders can be left at Jlous & Sou's ollice. Fifth and Court. S - A tf D. S. KOPP, PRACTICAL Tuner ind repalror of pianos. Heat of reference given. Charges vry reasonable. Orders by postal Mill rocoiv prompt attenti Reading. EOUTOR'S NOTICE. Letters testnmen - Schrack. late of 8'iriujr tow nub In. Berks onntv. Ph., liMving been taunted to tl. - undersigned, all pe sons iu - debted to estate of SHid dcoilent vill make immediate payment and those havinie c'ttinn. will tinniTit them for settlinuent to Ufe:itUUA Ull Kxecutrix, Sinkitijr Snrinirs. Berks coitutv. Ia. Jacob S. IjIVINood, Attorney. ' 6 - 3 (' weds ! No Cliincso Employede WE UPHOLD AMKBICAN LABOR anil so does the Unrrinbn rjj H(ar Steam T - aundry. Prancb office, 4'iS! P no, wbere satisfaction in workmannbip and - price are guaranteed. N. Ii. Wagons will collect and d - liver h(1 iootln daily free of chaige. Telrplioue connected with office. I'etiu. Pli - a - e ctdl or send for lri. - e list. J. H. K. KXMKU, Mr.uo.Tur 4 - 24 lm4p For J. H. Keuke J. Co. THE FURNlTCUfi SA LB nnnounceu for May 2 - Jd, ii abandoned, all auits having been sold butUie following: TWO FINK WA I - TO ITT CHAMRKR 8lTITi, 1tw1ie. - sl fr.itn In Sl.Fn. TDUKE FHKNCH DKKKSKR M1AMHKU 8lflT!, Reduced from ifrM to frlr.. The above are reut bnrgHiiiH. all st Furniture WnreruuiiM, No. 4tt South Kiith at root, (Fifth and Bing - aman ). irnamen leu Uottagu b uita ana u piiwlstery a specialty. A. K. DKYSHKR, 5 - tO Per Jacob H. Peynhcr. Ait'y. EQUITABLE SAVINGS AND LOAN Association. Dues, 91 ler share. Par value of sliarea, Stiu. This association will itwue Its 14ih series of stock In May, 18Ki. The attention of im cb - nun and workinfcmeo Is paitioularly lnvittti to its bcnetirirtl work in Premiums io the Fqul table are HtyaMe monthly. A nteniber buying out rere:ves SJiH lull value of share. The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, at the otlic - of Aldnnnan r - meutrout. No 14 North 4tb street. Persons wisliins to sutM - rile van appl 'to Frauc a Roland, Treasurer, 40 North Mb stree. or to any ol tlm directors lhrerl - irs : John U IInlNrat - ker, l:io South 4lh streot; Oavid lliil.No 61ti North !tth street; li.mff ! lloUpnira, l.'itv HitH; J Keely. 4ti South 4th street; John Moil. 4M N'o - th Kith street; C Stotz, f - h'i North fi street. U F00, rr - siient. Gko M Krmenthi'UT, So - . 4 - 11 VnHp EVER9INK UUILDING AND SAVINGS Monthly dues, S2. 1 ixed premium, S.V. milwcriptrDn lee, si cents for earn sbare. A naw linlKlliiK and Snv in irs Asaooiatlon under tlie above name aud style w sraiiiaed to till the ulace of the uid Neversiuk very auc - eessfully tetminating within a short time. A meeting 01 tlie new association will take place on t riuay, slay a - 'tth, at 8 p. m., at (iretci'ry H - ine's Uot - 1. M N'evemiiik , street, lor the puruse of receiving and coniderinK the ! rejMirx 01 - ne ittumuie on (jonstuution nno iw - imwi. eihares muy be si!id with (Gregory Heine, &S Never Dink Ktroet: W. Kosfutluil. 710 Penn Ktreol. Jos. O. Flutt. U4, Pino stn et; P. 1 tady, H Fiauklin etreet; F. X. Wolf, SOI Uuth Sixth street; 8a tit u el J. Fil.l, ttrf) South Seventh street: Theodore Ik ni. Penn street: Michael Mev.'uHounh, JVI4 toutb Sveatli stre - t; It. lIutntiia,Tenth and Wap - hiiiKton streets. A. T. C Ketfer. 17 North Ninth street; 1. Kremp, 14 rtortl nlutn street; l. is. Ivan, 714 Penn street; M. Streng, 7 IS Feun street; A. Uellman, OuU lenn street. Hy order or tlie A nsociat ion. CALVIN UOOlMAN, Pre. px tern. I. XattMp.Sec. pro tern. ft - l td .ZMrir. 2.uii.;;ng and sav - itina . 1 TKiv ti.i. - . 1 1.1 j .... 1 iniim Association is now ori.auir.ed Moitthlv dues. ! i pfr - nurp, rnr vaiue 01 miT", no nxeu ir miuni. ciliares ntay be enlncribed for by m'.inc a stil - ciition tee of ii5 ce. - tn our share with : J - r. mieh H w - ntau, corner 6th and Kim streets: Fred. idian. i!4 N. ttth Sre - t; llt - nry K. UeRenfuse, Ml') Walnut street; Thomas PfalTman, 9th and Uievn streets; Wm. F. Rrtndt, l(i7 North Uih stre t: John K. Htelnel. U'h and Wa'nut StreeU: James I tow man, SW Ash tr e; J .hu W. Fiiti - , Tenth laud W - ilnnt streets; ltenaeville Klemtner, Tenth - aud . Ruttonwood stre Is: Charles Fink. - s North 9b street; Mlwrt lli - rrg, Titi - ourt stieet;teorKe Hart. aiJ (JtNlar streot: wiu.M. Pnv - der. 111 Poplar street: "Frank t - 'ertuann, Walnut and Bl streets; J. e - w Srbuinailicr. UHH klm street: Auer, iit7 North mh slrett; Curit ph U .ntT, lth and HutMnw.Hwl atrswela - S 'It. - l.s - IT hi. . ail. wi. ii.nrmupDr mckef, no. ll ISortn lentil str - et. Hy o - r ii II Be AaM'ilA I l( Run. STKfHAN.Si'c'y pro tem. 4 - 2H li4p " ood ana eoau , Oo to Villi L. Hliomoi4 New Coal Yarl, NO. 4'J6 NORTH ElOHTH 8TRKUT. for the very beet White and Rid ab Cal for summer use at tlie lowest cnS price. Also, Flour, Fe - d and 1 wu. nwm cents por uarrei or a Darreis tor SI. Telt - idtone connections. P. 8 - Order left at Menzel A Hhr.m, lwu..H tii iB - unii nt, urmj it - HiuoiK - n, I IV ol til KlKlttU Street, Will rect - tve prouti t attention. - ! 1 A1AM Jtl RIKSI'K, ATTtl UNKV - AT - le A W 11 - 14 ly No. 27 North Siath tree Unullns, Pa. D a. 1). u. lAimt, 1SS SOITH SIXTH RTRK1CT, Pn.illng. Hpoolal attention Kl.en lo lS - 'w& CHRONIC AND VENKKIAL DISKASEH. I) R. FRANK H. Ol7T. Cimduate of Hnivn It. nfHn. NO. 341 SOUTH TII1UD HTHKBT. Ue tin.. Honrs 1 7loa. mla UI., and 6 to S n, I - - a ij "TkR. 8E1F8 EYE AND EAR INFIRMARY. B.W. oornsr th and Ponn. Spnolal treatment or n. tarrh, and all diseases of Kjre ltP, Throat and dhsat 1 S3l. " " TNHALATION OF MEDICATED HPHAVH aau vapors. A HAND - BOOK ON CATARRH AUD DIIAn OP THR THROAT AND LCNOg, anil their treatinrnt hy lohilstlon, designed for ths atranUUeaand iniallds, by IR. HENRY LAND1S. Li 7 Tr EIn,'1' '2 '' sUee. Prloa, lUoaoU. I AddnN, 3 - 13 3nj Our wsttehftal Oosvrdlnn and flaltbfol Protector reatortxl to mctlve duty sraln. Mb. Henrv A. Watbbman, of the city of providenoe, K. I., for many years, the faithful and vigilant night watchman of the Bare tow Stove Company's very extensive establishment, having been confined to his home several weeks by a very distressing Illness, on resuming his duties again avails himself of this early opportunity for stating briefly a few plain facts. Mr. Watebhah says, " A few months ago I was taken down with a severe sickness, whioh. confined me to the house quite a long time, and much of the time I was so very lame as to be unable to walk, and my left leg, from the hip to tho toes, became monstrously swollen, and I Buffered extremely from the constant intense pains prndiined by so great inflammation ; I was trying she various so - called cures, all the time, and was under the treatment of a physician seven weeks, but getting no substantial relief. At this time an old time friend, a police officer, called upon me, and during our conversation informed me of the great benefit which he had obtained by the use of Hunt's Remedy, and urged me to try iv, as he considered it a wonder ful medicine. T commenced taking Hunt's Remedy, having very little faith that it would do much fn such a stubborn ease as mine, but my doubt was soon dispelled, for before I had taken one bottle 1 began to get better, the severe pains disappeared, the swollen leg gradually decreased in size, and I was encouraged to continue the use of the Remedy; and the improvement to my health continues, my appetite is good. I have regained my strength, and I am now performing again my duties as watchman at tho foundry. Every night I go up and down stnlrs more than one hundred times, and am in good condition, and feel that my recovery is due to Hunt's Remedy alone. My sev "e sickness and terribly swollen leg was caused by the diseased state of my kidneys, and I think that it is a most valuable medicine that will so speedily relieve and cure such a severe case as mine. I therefore most cheerfully recommend Hunt's Remedy to all afflicted with Kidney IMseoses, as I know it to bo a safe and reliable remedy PltOVIDJUfCK. .Dec 5, 1882." JOSEPH CHRISTOPH, Merchant Tailor, No. 0O4 Penn street. Beading, Pa, Obarifcta rea - 1 soaaMe and a ood fit guaranteed. !) - ! ly EIGHT it will CENTS A LINE 18 ALT. THAT cost you to advertise in this paper for one TANIEL A. YODER, Wholesale Dealer in JlJ Koreiirn and 1omestic Wines and l.lniiors. Pure Cder Vinegar always on hand. tM5 PKNN STREET. MRS. RULER, 104 SOU I'll SIXTH street, will open her spacious Toe Cream Parlors on Saturday. Slav Mh The oarlors have beoii hand - tomely furnished, and cents a plate. pure ice creaoi can be had for 8 TU" U. SCHOLL, D. D. S., (2d floor, J. S Pearson s Bui Id my). 4 - J m rflHE "TIMES' 13 THE BUSINKSS PA J,. ier of per of Heading. wellfl led columns of anuouncemtmui. tf tteauqoa rters for good flour - sV J 2l South Seventh street, Is the only plaoe in the city to Ket a genuine fancy flour for fine bread and cakus, that la, without extra, rlwrtr. Try ft. 1.18 Hm J. W. PA INF, 112 and i South 6th. S1, first lot of vonnc flnrta Mountain Canariea. Ala lot of young Parrots. Mocking Birds, 3tc. CIKI. o IU ItH, R - 10 O 40ft North Sit!i treet. IF YOU NEED HELP, DESIRE MOXEV, money, or want a situation, make your wan ts known I throiiKh the Timf - s. tf "TTEADQUA RTERS FOR GOOD FLOUR. a a lily Hour is manufactured or only one selected arade of fine wheat, and tiutnufacttired in a n rut - eta s inipruvea mm, wmcn must prove eats)iiu:tory in an re - kcb. vours, J. W. r A 1 iS ft. 1 - 1 3m Via aud 112? Hontb Sixth wtreet. 192 COLUMNS OF MATI'KR APPEAR In the Tim KB every wek. 'rice 12 cents jver week delivered to all parts ol the city. tf AVE YOU LOST A DOG t I0 YOU wait a situation f do you neel any help T do you ueMire to borrow mouv 7 do you want to no into oust' ness? M - ike your wants known through tbu columns of tnO TINKa. lour. rANTED. Everybody to know that we win bacK our Hungarian Itoller Flour ' Against .any Flour In the market, or refund customers their money. Ask your grocer for It. J. O. SINGER A CO., tf Zil Poi.lar street j. b - lOUGLAS, THE POPULAR DVER, has removed from 210 North Ninth street to IS Suutb Seventh street, a here he will be pleawd to eee his numerous customers. He still produces the most beautiful shades on silk, satin, velvet, and woolen goods. Also, an entire suit cleaned for fti. 4 - lu m n wed sat ly Spring Season Opened. The nnderaifnied announces that he has engaged a practical pressor direct from Paris, expressly for the Straw Goods trade, and I now ready to bleach and press hats In the latest Spring styles. Special attention paid to gentlemen1 Puuama, Manilla and Mackinaw Hats. SICBAKTIAN HiKlINI.KIN, No. 31 South Seventh St. N. B. Ostrich Feathers cleaned and dyed in any bolor peslrod 4 - ' - - fl tf lCead.iitg I ndustrial Works, MILLER, rRIMZ & CO., Manufacturer of enrlnec. brasa and iron castinn and tu. ohiuery of every deecripUon. Particular attention paid to rolling mill brass s and ear box ea. Dealer in machinery and machinists auppllea, such as globe valves, pipe munga, ao. NINTH ST. BKLOW BINOAMAN, REAPING. Patterns made to order. Repair! nir promptly attended In city and county. Enirlnes, horizontal and vertical, in stock, from 4 to 40 horse power. Also seoond - hand en - ginea, Irom 6 to ao horse power, cheip. 5 - 26 tf JJBA&INQ CITY ENQINB WORKS, SNELL & MEIIARG, OO0BT 8TBEST ADOV - BIO0NI, BEADING, PA. A.inrAvTvans or VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL Engines FROM 6 TO 100 I10RSK POWER. KsttniAt'. mrnlstiKj. Watrhfg, fflnrlig, gcweltrf. Wakhrsl (IKSIUCL NIIU. - U, Jewelry 1 Watches 1 - ols Agents for the Jewelry I Watches! BOOK FORD QUICK - TRAIN Jewelry 1 wMche., Watches, Watches t Jewelry I HIS PKSN 8T11KKT. Watchss i g - I am Jewelry I Tim I - INEHT LINK or ffBRACELETS oaa mm rovmtt at thk aroma or JOHN F. BEYERLE, JEWELER, HO. Tl 1 - H PEMN MTRCET. . CALL AND mcAMim. BRKABTriHSl KAB - niljOS. TIMES BEFORE BREAKFAST. The Kmd la Ti.ns Is mpplM b - for. brMtkfst to rabsorlbs sn. u.M,of riuffif M H IMS m wsss. BONDS AND STOCKS. BssslTsd bj Jmccto sk BhMds bw print, wlrs.1 Phii.adki.phu, May 16. The market has presented few 'features. Prioes sagged off somewhat during tha mdrning hours, but strengthened in the afternoon, when the market had a greater appearance of strength than for a week past. The North Paoifios were an unsettling in fluence during the morning, .being for a time considerably depressed, the preferred declining to 87, oommon, 60. Pennsylvania was also somewhat aS'eoted by liquidation, de clining to 67, but what appeared to be a London order to buy rallied to 67. . Reading and Lehieh Navigation were both .quietly firm, Reading advancing from 26 to '27 1 - 16, Lehigh Navigation ruling 43 to 44. Buffalo keeps very steady, 14al6. The Pacifies recovered in the afternoon to 60 for common and 87$ for preferred. The condition of the market seems to be the natural result of liberal shorts selling, and when this element disappears a relapse into a drooping oonditloa is probable. ' Naib & Gkbxach. New York stock Marker. May 15. Uiostng prioes of New York stocks. Reported dally by jwvo.. a, j.u. - nuB, w uv. tu - i.tu .tree, jaeaoina ra: Cauuda Pacific Lehigh Nav txyt m 6v r VI 98 Uaaaila Southern... - Ooi Goal Ohe. A Ohio " 2d prof. " 1st " O. N. West Central Pacific Del., Lack. Wn.. Delaware A Hudson UeorerA&lo Grands Erie valley.......... North Pao M " pref....... Psnna - - P B Beading - Gpu'I Mort London. Erie I24;i 109;;6 Illinois Gontral. ... - 147 ... r - m .'J; I Pennsylvania ., 36 Reading 27JJ Kansas di Toys. ...... iVu Oularlo and WnMtMrn u - a. ouwra. fys, w,l nouw. Lake Erie Western W - Ji per cent . 103 Lou dt Mash 4ui ;fi per cent - KKi - MichtRan Central... 6 4 per cent 112 Mauitoba - 127)4 per cent lis aUssonri Paciac...... C'iy Si. - i.. Y. Central .... 121 - X F.rmers Mat Bank. Norfolk A West pref 40V4I National Union Bank 49 170 a. J. antral. .... 77 1st National Bank..., Ohio central.. Ohio Miss , rvinmecil Nat. Bank o Ont A Western......... 2G:Penn National Bank.. 1(10 Omaha 47iKeystone Nat. Bunk.. 1IHI rer. - KM'C'ity Bonds, 6 per cent 11 PadSc Mail 40 R'W.hester A Plttsb'g. W at Panl KBVi " nref .. 120 107a " 4 " Kfia Heading Gas Stock... :17a Read'g Fir. In. tock l:t W. A N. It. U. Stock.. n Texas Pacific - Dnlon Pacific....... Wabash . " prof Western Union PM,.rH. Bnf. Pittsburg A West 94K'0th8t. Pass. It. H. B. lOlta 28 Stock 4A . 8. A L. R. R. llondM.. (jo P. Ave. 11. R R. feitork 40 Klectric Light Co.St'k 6b .0 Floor Aud Uritla. May IS. i 8 60 B 21i 6 20 T Ml 8400 1 211 72 Flour UlnneMta Kxtra Family. - ... Penna. Extra KaiuHv Western Extra Family . ...... Patent ............. Bt. Flour - Jn 50 m 6 00 , S 2S ..... - . 0 on 3 '.) . 1 111 70 No. 1 Bed, amber Bye Cuttle Msrkfl. At Philadelphia the arrivals of livestock at the dlf. ferent yania were: Beevea. Sheep. flos. For the week........ ...2,7UO lo,(hif. 6,(HK Previous week 2.7UO i)Q 4aXl Reef Cattle wereiu fairdeuiaud, nd prices declined xAc the extra heavy icrodrs, hile tha other stock ih but a tth - tde lowor. Fidlowine are the Quota tion: Kxtra at (iG7;j'c; good At o.aitfjc; wedium at 6itt4c; common, t 5gSc; fat cows at 4(giSJc; slip - t.i rows hi - lu. - , - c. JVlilch Cows were inactive at f35a65. Sheep were active, and prices, in sympathy with the western market, were lc higher on all grades. No ex Ira wool sheep ariived. We quote: Uxtra wool, lo a - rivals; Rood at :Ja7c; medium at fi;;a6c: com mon at fa.r extra clinned at 54aGc: irood dn fiw'c; medium do at 4a4c; summon do at 3a 4c; ai vme tu. urc: apnuK iunus ai .tai. Hogs were active, as prices declined in oympathy with the wester n market. We give the following quoraiions: r.xira at ttJ - Janc; fcwa at lUalOc; uihuuhu iirinc; conimun at jusiuc. ymiincra. REMOVED To Our New Store, G14 & 616 Penn Street, And are now showing a choicjtock of NEW SPRING GOODS HATS AND BONNETS TKIaMKB AND ONTBIHMKD. Latest Millinery Materials. CORSETS, GLOVES, . LACKS, COLLARS, RUCHINGS, AndalnrM line of LiuIIm - Cambric ndrwtr. Chil dren s unMsusan - Uluaaa, Ac.,ac All at Tery low prions. 8 81 tod D. M. KAUFFMAN. OPENING OK SUMMER L LITE BY A Orand .Display of TRIMMED HATS AMD BONNETS, TUESDAY, MAY 15th, WEDNESDAY, MAY ICth, THURSDAY, MAY 17th. All ar. invited to sirs us . calls S - StO CARDS. MO CARDS. - C II. It. & A. S. BOYER, 528 Penn Street. ' 5 - 12 frlssat tnp MRS. M. W. RODGER8 (VORMKRI.T M. W. DONKLK), fashionable: miluneb HAS OPENED II KR NEW STORE With a large supply of TUE LATEST STYLES OF TRIMMED HATS BONNETS, ARTIFICIAL FliOWJEKS, LACES AND FLUMES, &C. V CREP - WORK A SPECIALTY. MRS. M. W. R0DGE11S NO. 632 PENN STREET. (Formerly 0t Penn.) 4 - 14 2m DEEDS, MOKTCAQE8, u4 aU other LEGAL BLANKS, for sale at tha THE TIMES OFFICE. BETWEEN TWO FIRES. The sick. If they are poor, are wrestling with great hardship. They are between two fires. - On the on aide Insatiable disease moves up to attack hud destroy white ahead of them are the flume and flare of medicinal humbuggery, quackery, and extortion. It is a piece of gross injustice to deceive the sick; they merit our aympathy and asHistanee always. Thomaa Eclectrlc Oil was never sold upon the strength of a false - hood; the quality of its work aud the thousands of testimonials .received from those whom It has benoflted are Its sole recommendations. For sore throat, colds, asthma and catarrh, Thomaa Eclectrlc Oil is no miatake the butt known remedy the world. "A few drops snuffed through the no Bsv. JE.F. Crane, of Corry, To., writes, "will clea and cure the very worst form of catarrh.' Mrs. Perk I us, of Creek Centre, K. Y., takes the pains h that she "was troubled with asthma for four j Thomas1 Eclectrlc Oil ultimately eflectod a complete cure." In a very pleasant communication from P. O. Sharpies!, a druggist of Marion, Ohio, he states that "with one bottle of Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil a neighbor waa cured of soro throat of eight jours standing.1' Theee are only average samples picked from hundreds of tee - timonials on the desk before us. S - 14 lweod JUFFALO MEAD FREE. To - day, May 5th, we will dispense BUFFALO HEAD FKKE OF CHARGE to all our customers. 6 - 5 STKIN'S CITY DRUG STORE. THE LATEST kinds of AND MOST APPROVED TKUSSES carefully adjusted, at H. H. KNEEDLER & CO.'S DRUG STORE, 8 B corner 4th and Penn Streets. gTODDART'S BUFFALO MEAD FREE. This excellent coolinar and heal Mi ful lnvnrir, ( verv Donular. aud in order tu intrtMlucts it miri on. mally in Hi - ading we will didpeuse it FttKE Ol? CHAttOK to hII our cuntoniiTs, TO - PAY, SATURDAY, MAY 5T11. Call in and try it. ft l b 1 IN 3 u IT I UliUU STOKB, S - fi sol Penn St. GUM CAJMP1IOR For preserving FURS AND WOOLEN GOODS AGAINST MOTH. There la nothinir better to be found. If nuH mrlv mnrt abundantly. Sold cheapiy In lare or small quantities by P. M. ZIEGLER, WHOLESALE AND RUT AI L DBUGIST, 4 - 14 tf fl26 Penr. Stroot. Rendlnjr, P.. JAMPHOK, CAMPHOR, CAMPHOR. INSECT POWDER, INSECT POWDER. Use these articles freely aud you will have no tx - o - to with moths. Sold wholesale aud rutuil at STKIN'S CITV llliUO STORK, ll I'enn St. TO L Oa 11 rat mortgage aeenrit? , la any amount, from 9500 to $30,000, for a year or a term of yoan, on city or ooud - try property. Parties wialiiug mouey for April aeftla meats can make their arrangement now by calling mt KENDALL BROS., No. 511 PENN STREET, 1 - 18 4nd&v ItKAniNci. Pa JNSURE IN THE Fidelity and Casualty Co. Or MEW YOKK. for you know of Steamboat TlMtera, Railway (.' - I Won, Boiler KxpIiHiiona. Kunaway iiorttee. Hiirnlar Hhuoting - Knemies Oluhbiiin, 1miuih Exploiling, Theatres Hiirniug, Anioinls Biting, ftw - inimerri iJruwnfag, Bricka Falling. And all can recall thoiiHamta of accfilenta where men were prevented from Bttntling to t)ilr daily duties., therttfure the wtee tiling todo l to innure in the" Fidelity and Casualty Oo. iiKO. P. ZIKUKlt, Agent, ti no. rui .soihh aitn - "tieet. gtottln and SUsttaurauw. s. 8. KINDT HAS tXiPI.ETED RENO - vatlne the 8t.?loud Hotel. 73A Penn street, whioh now ranks as one of tho leading hotel of this city. Tha bar Is stocked with the Rnet brand of winea, liqnora and aegitrs; also fresh beer or porter, together with a flna lunch every morning. 6 - 4.U dm KLXSSIAN ME A DQUAKXEKS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE CITT where yon can get Oimu Skkvkd or in all 9nxaa any honr during tha day, and In tha daintiest maaasr. Alwaya aomethlng good to drink on hand. Jacob Walters, Proper, v 11 - 28 ly 14 and 16 South Seventh Street. AriHLNOTOX UBKAKY RESTAURANT, 638 PENN STREET. BIKAJLS AT ALL HOUItS. SMITH'S PHILADELPHIA. INDIA PALS ALC . LAUEB'S ArBTBALIAH ALE, LAUKB'S, EABBET - S, CI - KISS AMD KKLL ICS'S BKKU ON TAP. Harry "Whiteside, Pwormreoii. Hats ana Cap. vats HAVE THE NEW SPUING STYLES gnatly Improved, both In apiearanoe and qusllty. Tha ShoiiiiN list is the fsroritst It la sslf - walo rmtn aflordiag aaea and oucufort te tbo wesrer. Cell and see. j no. j jtunuugi Mia aaon wad set dp MONEY OAN I . .33B 1 kSiUA.a. - wii - 1 t: tw - ; f . j

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