The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Ball Club Chiefs Will Meet Here Traveler and Chick Managers to Meet With Legionnaires To discuss the American Legion Junior Baseball program here during the coming .season, Dud..Casoii Post 24 will liold nii open meeting oj , all interested potential players Tuesday night at the Lesion'Hut. hand for (he meeting-, Bgin :it 1:30, will Uc three 'baseball men of this territory: Dill Dickey, former manager of tlie New York Yankees now managing Little Rock Travelers; Doe Prolho manager of the Memphis Chicks and \v. H. Voss, state director o! Legion junior Baseball. An invitation to this meeting ha: Ijeen extended hy Du<] Cason Pos to,all boys in Dlythevilte ana vi clnity interested in playing Legioi Baseball. Age requirements Tor. ell gibility this year state that play ers must 'have been "born in 193 or later nnd that they must have a line copy of their birth certificate on tile with the stnle Bureau of Vital Statistics. At Tuesday night's meeting, Mr. Voss will outline . the. Legion, baseball program for 1941. Fallowing ibis, a round table discussion on Legion Junior Baseball w ill be conducted by Mr. Voss. Mr. Dickey and Mr. Protho. During this'discussion, all questions pertaining to the pro- Brain will,be answered by them. Last season's leaton nine scored about n .500'winning average .and went to the state' tourney, though eliminated early. A bigger nnd improved program for the '47 season is being planned by Dud Cason Post and Legionnaires working on the program hope for a large turnout of material. The committee in charge of ^ucsday night's.session is..compos^| of Joe wiiitiey, H. G."Partlow an ( i E. N. Shively. thundering Hoofs Sentences Urged : or Sports Tixers Louisiana Lawmaker Asks Support for Bill To Curb Gamblers Entering Hiuleah's stretch, these thundering mounts jockey for position. Michael 13. (second Ciom rail), with L. Hansmaii up, eamc on to win ami a $22,70 payolV. Baseball C?ar To Wage War On Gamblers Sports Writers Sho\V Division Oh Printing Odch Texas U. Star Signs Contract With Red Sox IJOSTCN, Jan. 30. (UP) 'P Layrtpn. former University of Te lootbill star, has .signed a Boston Red, Sox baseball contract, bri ini! to 17 the number of players who have simietl for the 19n season, the 1045 American League champions said. Layclen batted .327 for New Orleans 'of tiie Southern 'Association last, year and letl the league ."in stolen bases. DURHAM. N. C.. Jan. 30—<UP> — Florid-faced George Trautman took over today as boss of basc-- ball.'s minors and bluntly warned the llllle leaguers to lay off gnmb- l|hg for the sake of the game. Trnulmaii promised I" ."do ev- tryllniiff humanly possible" to keep gambling out of baseball bceauRl thi game must retain public con firtence to survive. He, predicted, the minors' biggest year in history in 1947. A total of 51 leagues—an all-time high — already have, qualified'] 'he reported, and there may be more. The bush loops dropped to only 10 during tlie leanest war years, but boomed back to 43 in 104B. Traiitmau said there .was ."no question" thrvt "sinister outside influences" were trying harder than ever to worm into - professional baseball, but said he believed they could be kept out. "because the players and clubs know they, must depend on public confidence in the sport." His stand on gambling was direct. "I'm against it." he declared, "that's all there is to it." gen- j eral manager took over the helm of the minors' association from firm lint aging Judge William G. Bramham, who retires at 72 but remains a pensioned adviser. Tmutman was here to move the national association's offices to Columbus. O. Brainam had kept his headquarters here since he 'became the minors; first czar in 1S'J2. The'stern judge's last action was a blast at alleged game-fixing Louisiana's Tabasco-flavored Evangeline League, (and suspension of five players for "conduct detri- BY I/KO II. 1'ETEIISEN United l'ri\s.s Sports Kdltar NEW YORK, Jan. 30. — (DPI — The Nation's sports editors and writers are almost equally (Uv on. the question of whether newspapers should print odds In Iheii' lirc-jjHinc stories on iillilctlc con- I tests. , . A United Pre.s s poll on spmis gambling revealed .that 518 per cent of them are against publishing the odds and 48.2 for. By ' an even nniTower margin, 51.4 to 48.C. they felt that sports gambling coulii, be curbed tp some extent .by not. publishing 'tlie odds. On the. question ,ol whether odds are important • to the • pre^gam stpries,. the vote was .55.3 to 44.7 tliatuhey are not. • - . ' A large majority of them, how ever. '. believed thtu newspapers shqultf. carry tlie lii'obable inajor league pitchers. Tlje , pcrcenlngc vote,'was. 84.2'in favor anil- 15.8 against. Ih tiie event the National antl American . leagues : formally a5k .thpin. not to ..carry llie probable pitchers, nearly a third nf the sports editors and writers sai<l they would not accede to such a request. I ewelers, Eich earns Win in 'Y' _eague Contests oosnell Juniors Win in Game With Leachvilte Co.sncll Junior men's divided win nine honors with U'lirtmlla 1» night us the Junior I'irales too ail easy 21 lo 12 virtory und th vislliiiK girls i'.nncxiM a 21 to 1 count, on '.he GoMieii -uuri. Neither loam had trouble, wii niiiK their t-'iur.e;>. The Junior. Pirates held a safe Hi to ,(j. lead , at Kill time. Ward, Ciosnell guard, wns iltOi-scorer with I'.l points, followed by •Mr.l.heny, Learbville .sentinel, H'ith eight. The l.L-iu'hvjlIc sextet held the CJisnel] ^ii'ls to four points in ilic first half as th^y ^aMipred 1U. Roe o( Leachvllle led scoring with It, tallies. Lucius of Gosnell was runner.-up with sevun. Starting line-up and box score for th-3 Junior Boys' s»mc follows: Qusncll ' (21) 1'os. LraHivlllc (121 Brown 12) ....!•' -McCilnwn Sellers F Keei Ledbjlter <•!) . .C Smlll Ward (13) . ...O; ... Mi;thcny (U. Hail (2) G. .. iM.'Adains <2 .'Substitutions: . (.iosncll —, Unnn WASIUNfiTON, Jim. 31),—<UP> —IU'|i. It. Kdwnrd lli'bi-rl. U.. alleil on icuilcrs of I he sporl.s \orlil tnday ID support his ull nukiiu; it a felony to oi'iVr b o ntlilct.'-, or nlfldals in inti'rstalc spnrt.s niinuc'.llliin. lie u-.:|H'aH l il for b:ic't;ln« trull Albert II. (.'handler, baseball com i!!'! 1 ; lievl Hell, professlona foottoli commissioner: will iliu rldgo. Aincrtctui l,ei>V!«i> picstileiU i-'nck. Nutionul Lniiiue pir.' idem; Clark Gi'lfttlh. iirestdent the \YaMiUiKion Ht'tintor.s; chiiili Hurih. president 01 tliu Souther I-C«li«i'; an,; jack IX'inpM'.v. ai Gene Iiinney, former liouvyw buxlnx cluunplons. lu Identical Icller.s (o each, II bcrl s.ikl hr- inu-ndcd to ask ( every urtloii on his bill'and a bom in appear before the proper :i>iini<5s:on:irco!)iin!ttce lo .su|>|ioi'l The Kebi'rt bill would provide a fine ii]i io and Imprl.son- inciil up (» to ycni's or, both, for nticinptlnit In bribe any alhlelc, D et Bear Bites And Mauls Small Maryland Girl Flt'/.vmUlck Jewelry and Lo.v- Elcli hevrolct eagemen continued tlielr iiB ways lust night as they efealed Hays Store 50-38 and Hie merlenn Leijlon 01-20. respective- Ill lc<m;ue i;niiu\i in (lie high eiiool iiyin. The Jewelers had a comparative easy ' time downing the lluys Store 'lloys. nt!h<mi»,li the l.itto: howed spurts of good basketbal \nd at one time In the second lull! vere within live points of u tic erratic, ivldcd by poo lnii led to the defeat of th lays boys. Tn this encounter, Ku ninks led scorlnji ullli 17 polnla Ji\cl; Dnelos was hlsli for Hay with 12. Ioy Kleh's til-at) victory over til American Legion nave them lh favored .spot to win the second hal championship. They already hav ll\e first half won. The Legion nalres took early command of th name an { | It appeared that a clo.s content was In jiraspccl, n.s the led the chevrolels by H-4 aft five minutes of pl;>y. However, tl better condlllon of tin; whine IS'Al.TIMORE, Mil., Jan, 30 U.1M—A four-year-old Bh'l. inaiil- d and bitten by n full-Brown ilnck bear, lay flxlitlng for her fe today ; In University 'Hie child's leg was 'hyslelans said her battle tp llvo vill on "touch and 80" for oil is hoihii. . The, hew svns llio deli^!\t 01 liildren and a nel^hborlu.O'J at- traction for several years' a Seven-Mile House, hlstoile"tavcrr at nearby plkesvllle. The child, Anna Louise HasUntys and her six-year-old brother James, were walking 6y the bear rape .vstciilay when the' aninn suddenly reached out a piw. Th i.tar grabbed the girl's left and dragged her screaming to th bars of' the cage. Read Courier Kcws «"int Ads. West. ri:\>; h';i'ry, 1'revosl. Ilocott, Mi-Miillm. L-jai-hvillc Wortham, I'lOKis U).. carter ll>, Ulaekwell, Wilson. Thorn. manager .or official'In Intcrslnlu athletic competition. lip Introduced the measure af- ler tin- attempts to bribe New York Cilnn! foot bill I 1 player.s I'Yankic l-'llcliock mid, Merle Ilapes In the ,s<.'t\son'.i eiciniplon^lllp game. (ion began to have Us effect nnd hey et\me up to tin nnd then push ihcad for an easy triumph, n.lho opening .slices of the MH> ond half, the,. Legion rallied .lirlcf- y. Billy. Mehai'K und A. C. Hitnch with 10 and 18 points, 'respectively were top scorers while Nenl chalked up 10 for tlu' Legionnaires. Tlio line-up: Plf/.pati-lck (SB) I'os. Hnys ^' ,F.. • J. Diiclon (111) ajmftln 110) . v.. A. Duclos <2> finkcslrnw ill) O Taylor <7> Uou 112) O.. I,. Duclos (81 Thompson *.. <.t.,.. Simpson (7) Substitutes: Jewelers—Holes "!•• Hays—Brents, Clous« tat.. 1.0.V Elcli (01) \'o«. Legion tl. Hunch (12) !•'..., Kllubfi A, Hunch lilt) F... Meluuj! .0«> . «... , Jo]inson (1i . O .,, Oli'tfln (f)) Cl, (29) Hi) Enlnn '5> Neal UO) ay^on (V!) AnnsM'ouB tt'i tultfm bake wiih THE MAGIC MILLER'S BEST FLOUR! AndyjuMn' uso th« colotcd purl lick In mtrv w?yi around the houio Suns: Elcli— Chapman. Leijton — Wnkofleld. Uuntctt, Mahon,.Cun- nlnghom (2). ^ y[mc . ,,,.llehatd, MAGIC out that 06.4 would full in line, 33.6 would not. Those balloting against the publication of odds did so largely on the theory that such tiction inijjht tend to cxirh gambling. Most of them were not at nil sure lli.woulct, but believed it was worth n try. They agreed, however, that, the story should point .out, which teinn, or mnti, is favored. mentnl ' to baseball" - during--the Evangeline's 194G post.soason playoffs. . Kvcr-since the flrnl of the yciu 1 , housewives tlio country over arc • L'uU'rin^ niort'. (.«, (|unllty foods und to stores that hniullc this type niLM'chuiull.'if.'., More.til. Clly SupL-i 1 Market uud nt our new store, l.UU(. k 9M|)l'r Mni'kct, we ulwuy.s liuvc lor you—QUALITY I WE TAKE PLEASURE OPERATION OF THE STORE ATTHE VETERANS HQUSINQ AIR BASE - TO BE KNCN LITTLE SUPER MARKET. THESE PRICES GOOD IN BOTH STORES: Got Something to Sell? or Do You Need A Second Hand Car? Advertise In Our Classified Ad Section . . . j I.IiH.—NO. S3 STAMP SUGAR •<L— -NO. 2!/ ? CANS SAUERKRAUT 2-^NO. 2 CANS' < ; ORANGE JUICE JACKSON'S—:! CANS TOMATO SOUP •i— ti OX.'TINS' ! BLACK PEPPER COl.IJNS Hi ()/.'GLASS JELLY NO, -'/r-SI/K TIN SARDINES ,„„ MONARCH •und CANOYA COFFEE £ FKANCO-A.MKUK'AN SPAGHETTI o£ \~IKL HAVKN BLEACH Q , SiM KKAI'T'S MAYO i>W'VKI,F/Y di-erv can i>tx/ii i i j MAYONNAISE '£ 47 MILK 5 l.iij BAG 12 OMEGA FLOUR 51 35 L 27^ 17^ 25 C 25 39° 15 35 15 MONARCH NO. 2 CAN 10 CORN Xr 17 JACK SI'UAT MEAL ,,, DISI'HNSKK TYI'K TOILET TISSUE 10 I OX. TIN VIENNA SAUSAGE 19 SAII,O1( MAN NO. 2 CAN '.••-' HOMINY ,25 10AN 0('' ARC KIDNEY BEANS THRU''!'—1 1,H. CAN HOTTAMALES 25 ir> 1C*: o/. Lb. Pkg. BORDEN'S CHEESE 25e t < ! - •/ FRESH GROUND BEEF . . 1 37c BEST QUALITY Ssipge % 37c CHUCK . BEEF ROAST . . !b. 35c A QUALITY RATES A^E (_OW-RESULT^ ARE GOOD! Bring Your Order In Today -FRESH PRODUCE ALWAYS! • - -• - - each NICE SIZE FRESH GARDEN RADISHES . . 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