The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 4
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m S%& BI/rrUBVILUB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Louise Wilson Wed To Bowan Thompson THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 10-17 Arian Feinberg 5f«J to Chicago Resident Ot Trtde fn<-!re<;t I the amio-m- n.aOc today of tin 1 marnnye Florence Arls'i Pclnberg to JBdnejr p,ntt of Cnlciao The \\ed- UJng iWus solemnized I3ec 29 in Ohi*»go it C-ngr^'S r tf 1 witli iAr «n of temptiis ,j h VK" Al rt W»3 her slst ' 1 A\\ ^ n I tron Jjonor ».nci i." oro t 1 Oliicuij • lerved his i i * mn. TheJ i>riec v. i- f, \\ ^ >lored Srcss i * Hli mat nin pc-rssories. 3B«r shoulder cor fpc was .f green brchlds_ | Following Uie widJu? ceiemoiiy, • ^reception lioi tiring t'u; bride uid |rt»»roini i •> J ti C oi „ ess Preview of Spring for Milady's Hats V : spent a honi*yit:cx)u <\ 4p'6i onilu Jo: Blythevlllr io make their hoiriu 1 ) »t 701 Wall a: i !; Mrs. 'Plait, tiaugliter << Mr. and: M - Wall Uiin ulll cent if i- rvln 11 J on shop in-''- Fuib i i * • • mis. Black Enteitnuis Budge Club J ash- i i ; Bt valentine \ <• ling je d:'.y hi'the F. E. 3:.v .>. homo. Plii West Heam. when Mvs. Black entertain- I ;*d tlie W -tne'd-n Ertt'gc Ino I [find othe v rues s with i ndgc'i AlthouKh most col- whlcli can he arranged de"-'rations formed ai i setting foi cMto men <.cr- inrt j |feuestr Mrs F f- G-t tnd fl<:..\ I tlarvin Rcblm-oiif Thev were reived , it the dining room t Dip centered i 5 kith an unusuilh tractl\<, red heart arrangement . , , ,.,..,,. \Vhen b-idtt^ -Ras Dla\ed hleh Sofl drapery and sumptuous IrimmlnRS liciRlilen Die roniaiilir. beauty ot sprln K lints pictured j[. 0 - e n < 7 -> »ent to M'S O A above. Black' Chanlilly lace over pink hairbrain' makes (he (laKerinj; halo, upper left. l!lack and k Cunningham and secrniJ lii'li ( I while plastic mesh veils the bowl-brimmed natural shaw hat. ujiper right, which is banded with Mis W J Po'lard rc<1 sroseraln. Huge roses are attached lo Hie "follow me l.uldie" streamers of the pert sailor, lower Jefl. Hro\vn srossrain ribbons Jonrr enough (n sit on trim Hie bisque salin sailor, center. At lower rlgbt, a narcissus is lucked hito each loop of pale ereeii orcam.a veiling the green straw pillbox. firs, Kirshner Reviews Book at Suppei Meet | Mrs E I Kirshner icviencrt thc book Now is The rine list night J»t'the final of a series of Family M'Night Suppers at Tirbt Pres^Uer- •i, l»n Church t i The^book covend piesenlnhons Ctanct y?ork m six minion fields; Bra?ll .China Jipan Ko- Africo., jt Mrs»*G W Hlfiglns give ihe de' votiorfjl •-. Mrs, Thad Nlcbl conducted the children's interest group and Mrs. Roy -Walton had charge of the jumor^group Burning candles and spring (low- ' leresl whi-h have returnee ers dfcoraled the tables ^here the'-{joaUvar profueinn spark spring 55 at*ndnnts were scived ; |- : T- BV EFSIK KINAIt!) NBA Staff Writer YOHK (NBA)—Thte sprine it's the (iruped hal. D.'apery tahas In everything |rom "little srirl' 1 streamers which are long enough to svt iipou to mystery-woman vclll'.ii! which wraps \on up li):e Alariamc X. . Trailing elfccts which would liave :nudo lecnoiii, make driuna of the very] a scurf, billy Da::iie drapes n pill small or Die very large h:u. the. box of jjalc i;reen straw with in-b^two.'nn- ::!so i;cis in. li'dglim ,-liisnon poiiff of mat=tii;)K oi'sa.. forward notiro: b!y is the hat that's /a, exaggeratedly looped. Caught in 'je.'ii inrin-; ihr brow during Hiejcr-.cli lecip of veiling is a full-ljlown \\;M^ u'a.snv,>. j yeho\v and white nnrci.'jsii.s. Triinmiiii!. lio«'evor, steals I lie, '['his (lesii;ner niiike.s «s inncli ot Msctliehl, nnd lliaf.s .where drau-! rx.i(!gcra!cd streamers. On a f.iiiy ory tnltcs over with rilvbnn nnd the calendar cirl of tHree! vellliiK IcattiiiK the .siicw. s ngo sigh with envy ownj V'<:iti:i;: ;':inr:es from ciowns n^e '.vitchrry, lo heavy Mslincljn saterfnil or floati from arin:.s p!astls ifiesh. imported Ha-1 like n ia,-y skirt. The r.hiit veil cl their veils, inns, swags oi satin, clouds Chantilly. -loops of organza, sils flowers and fine feailicrs. Sumptuous trimmings like thene and hat materials of mai:hiii|> i;<In :''rk • Jolin-? T rcderifs' bisque satin sailor, for instance' siic lnvnys ".vooti bvown srosgrain tir'-'ioii lhat-'s ( lotli; cnonp.h lo sit upon. Walter Florcil also shows that hc'3 taken a fanny to sireamf. ers by Iringing "follow me Uxdctic" rib'oons to many iiats. The gasp- No, It's Not the Waldorf LUXC«A. Ark.. Jan. 30.—Mi'.-:. William L Wilson of Conway an- imnnces Hie ii!.i'riiu!e of her daughter, Miss Louise V/ilyin, to iDcwcn E. 'I'hompson. .sun of Drover E. Thompson and the late Mrs. T)ion:p;on of l.nnoni. Tlie double ling ceremony was .solemni^d at 8 o'clock Siitiirdtiy nijjht, Jan. IB. lit tho Osceoln Pri'sbyterlan Church, with the Uev. L. T. Lawrence of- Thp 'm'ide. 'A'earing au a(j;;a cutaway suil wilh black accessories, was altejidecl by Mv.s. S. C. liiciani of ISlythcville. Mr. Ingiain was bes 1 . man. •Mrs. Thom])son. a home c^onom- ICB tiradtinVc o( Ai Kansas State Teachers College, is affiliated with; the Arkansas Extension Service.! serving as county home demonstration ascnl lor South Mississimii County. Mr. TlKJinr.son, niter serving three and a hall years in the aimed sen-ice, is aililialch wilh Ho/.:ll;! After a brict wetluing lour Mr. and .Mrs. 'riiomiJson will be at home at Luxora. Yarbro Organization Will Purchase Lot Ynrliro Home D.'inon.strntlon votr<l 'i'lienliiy ; ,rlernooi! l t . chnsi! ;i lot for a new rliitjhouri? when 12 mrm'orrs met al Die home of Mi.s. J. P. Hamey. Mis. I.ce HLllcs and Mrs. Elzn \Vlieeh-r uern a)ipointe<l to pur- chusr! t!«' loi after the move had been discussed by Mrs. Spencer Bunch. Mr.K. Whf.'ler ^ave the devotional. "Kemcmber the Snbbntii Day and Keep j; Holy", and .Mrs. liaincy iTBd a pofiii. "S«-iiTii)iiiB." Mrs. Irene names' lopic was "Het,"i' Rural Uvm?,." i n \; nf . v: n\- t ' l ] 1 i s> each member answered roll call by tellln-; of one improvement in h,r.' liomi 1 . In eame contests, winners were Mrs. Ellis Whcelc! 1 , Mrs. Hiiucli and Mrs. O. O. E'kill';. It «-as aniiouncetl that tile ne.xt nicelniR woul t ] be Feb. 11 at thc home of Mrs. Cornelius scheier. Tile hostess served a s."J:ul plalc. Pine Bluff Gets Possession of Grider Airport PINE BLUFF. Ark.. Jan. 30. (UI») —Tlic City of Pine lilufl prc|>iu'ccl today to take over all facilities nl Grldcr Air Fh'lcl following issuance yc.slerduy of an interim ptTinit. The* permit allows use of the fjekl by the city until U is linally cli.s|>o:;cKl of by the War Assets Administration. Pine.Bluff Is making efforts to gel permanent po^i'S.sion of the field. Glim wartime blackouts arc all but forgotten in liussia these days, as photo above shows. Building is the huge Hotel Moscow, in the Russian capital, ablate, with lights. Far beyond the means o£ (lie average liu-si;ni, the husc. inarble-craininccl hostelry will probably house many notables at tlic His Pour foreign ministers' meeting in March. Bits of News Announced pinstic mesh claims attention an:! he user, it to drape a. bis;. bowl-b:im- • getter o'. his collection is "little mi'd n-.ilural .straw, a co!le..-lloii! girl" streamers whiJli. swung from head-llnei 1 . Over a pink lialr^raid'n flower-trimmed sailor, spovt a '"uine. hat, .a.iliy victor finals a! matclung rose at sash ends that brl<lal=like veil nf' blfack bliauti!iy:| cn:i ; doi:b:c as a corsagc.- Mr. nnd Mrs. Silencer Alexander I ere parents of a daughter b.'jrn • Tilcsdav ariernruni at, Memphis Methodist UoE^iial. Tlieir first child, th'! ;i?.by has been named •3(tari JioiLssau. Mrs. A!ex:>ndci"is the formi.-r Miss Man- 'Elizabeth Borum. dauijhtpr of M;-. and Mrs. EcUa-.- P. B:innn. Her inother is in Memphis with her. .»ud Mr. Alexander, who has :b-cn with them, returned home this morning, John Paul liutler. of nnril.'.'le, was in Memphis last ni^ht. Mr.s. Clair Miller, Mis. Lcon'irci SmiUi. Miss l-'.diUi Eolliiigcr i'.r.a Mrs. Uonlln Ofborn spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. G. T. Morri.seHe, -vho now make;; her home in MoniU'.;:lo, Ark., i.s seriously ill. She is un-.ier- f, r i>jiiLC iicittinent in a Mmitici do hospital. Tom A. Little Sv., loft Tuesday ni^iu for Bait tmore, Md., v.'liere he will undei^c a c:lieck-u;i at Join H ;:kiii-'. I.'t'rpilMl. Ted Whitworth is at his home, year-uld r >""j \Vcst Kentucky, ailer under- George ^o^.ii- an ::;:]:ende:'toir.3'. Mrs. \V. H. Wilson of Somerviiie. ' T -i.n., \ - the ^ue.'.t til lier -son, Bakcv Wilson, and Mrs. Wilson, u'./j ^'e.s: Walnut. S:ie xvas a-jcom- i:ani;Hl here oy Mrs. Wilson, who had r:;rnL several days as her gue.sL in Sninervfile. G. D. Honnnoik is ill at his Uo'iie. 1317 Walnut. Gondiltim ot \V. !3. Wiison. who Iiah b^cu ill' for Mime time at t.'iL' ho: 1 .*^ oi Ins diiUclite]', Mrs. O. O. Stire. 1 -. and famil.v. 309 North fiftli. is :lit;lH!y itr.p-.oved. ' cd niu'se, is here to care for him. Weekend visitors to Memphis • were Miss Christine Calvert, MLss • Grctciien Barnes, Miss Maxine tin Bairy and Miss Emma Lee Kinniitier. Mis. Allie, Bpami left Tuesday for 'Marianna for a visit wilh her daughter. Mrs. Bliss Yancy, an<i M -. Yancy. Mrs. Hays Gov.-.ui and daughter, Sue, of 'Mcr^pbi'i. were weekend nui'stri of Mrs. Gowan's mother, M-'s Sue Brown. Marvin Spaim Wilson has gone to R:;:ley. Tcnn., whore he will be asst.'Ciated \viih his father in farm- in::. Miss Eva Coolie is spenciing this week in Blytheville as thc guest r,f her sister. Mis. W. J. Wunderlich. Stealc News Condition of Dale Wilson, >: son oi Ma' mid Mrs. Wilson of Sleelc, who broke his leg recently, is improved. D:ile's let; was broken whe:i he v-as .shuck by a bicycle while playing at school. Hospitals Crowded Mt.M'I-'HfS, Tcnn., Jan. 20. (UP) —Present crowded conditions Mer.-.phis hospitals have causet them to call upon each other frequently lo care, for emergency Pa titiits which cnn'l be handled a Louisiana Slayer's Case Again Before High Court WASHINGTON, Jan .30. tUP> — The Supreme Court today studied a plea that it reconsider the recent 5 lo 4 decision which gave thc Slate of Louisiana -another cbaucci to electrocute Wiliic Francis. 18- yenr-old Negro. Tile court was told ;>y J. Skelly Wrighi, uttorney for the St. Mar- linsville. LSI., youth, that it should give some weight to "humanity" and not rely upon "executive clemency" lo save Francis. a particular institution it was disclosed today. ' The interchange plan has been working om satisfactorily thus far, hospital officials said. iuncfey School Class With Mrs Lewis (Club Is Entevlained Mrs. Dill Moreland and Mrs. Buck Roush played bunco Tuesday afternoon with members ot . Linwcod Le»l wi hostess Ayalon Bunco, CJlub when Mrs. Iruesday ni?hi lo members of the'" Bill Gilbow was .: hostess to live |\Vm-Som aunf'aj School Class of 8 r ?"P- ' ' j First ; 4 BapUst Church (ov . the " Mrs. Roush won hlgn icore Imon hlj business .and program prize In the afternoon games. !uw |meetlng T!ie . class "name was wSs; awarded Mrs. Cieorge johangtd to Win boni at Tuesday »iid biincp 'wdnt nlght»i m"etmg it »aa (ormerly Mahon.; to DUVJU Mrs. Paul i oha BoHQUets 01 red rose n d tulips a •nti.rtn nmg IOOTI [_.. .. _ , L« E-i i the '-notional I < nree New* 7 eachers Thc hostess served I |t '~ playing VllS KOaClIOStl^ To CLb at Rcscland •,'R. C. Rose wns liostecs at r hor e i "os n-1 jp terc ; af- nooj) lo men , of he Town i G'puntry ciuij and four other Guests v " Mr. Q I Knck, 'rs. §olin i O'een Mi W. C. gates-and sti George Greiu. U In ottrt v Tanio^ M li ->CP - p;i: rs. Glco LanesJon. Refreof^nfiit« were serv " tn; " K iGet Assignments Here Re a b" Courier News Ads. Throe nfvv teachers have accepted positions in Blyllicvllle ele- ,re i.nry schools. Miss Winnie Vir- s;!l rurnt-r. simervi.sor of eieinen- 'irv schools, sulii today.: "•'os. M. R. Saminons. who recently moved lo Hlylheville Irnm Fgypt, Ark. has accepted t!ic \a- Kition of second grade teach°r at Sitdbucy ami Mrs. George Wig^s of DyersburK. Tenn.. the position of third nrade lonelier at Sutlbury. Mrs. 1 r.inces Oommell. .ormer- ly ot Gvoenvillc, Miss., has rei.lae- ed .Mrs. Cecil Branson as fourth !'.'.':de teacher I'.t Lange. Mrs. Pinnson resigned to accompany her sister. Mrs. W. A. Afflict, to St. AnsiUo. Texas. Club Women I Elect Officers for 7947 Mr-;. W. I,. Smith was hostess 'to thf Armo:e' Home Demoi-.stra-'; tion C:ub Tuesday at iier home on Hlphwuy III. Guests included Mcsdamcs Floyd Davis, Clarence Davis cf i Dogvroott Home Dcmunitration Club; Mr. .lamei Belle of St. Charles;'L. C. Dorris. W. D. Jackson.. Odisc Jar- retl. - c. F. TiiAec, K. L. Davis. J. M. V?-a?y, nnd Hubert Mitchell of Promised Lincl. In Ihe forenoon I ho guests cx- eliitn^tid "Household Hints." Tliosi: iur'.udcc. iclorts on h(.w to pievenl .'.ccidonl.s and methods lor" cnrnvj meal. •A pot hl'k lilni-:'.cnn waa s»rwd' cafi'lcria style. The meal was a pood « sp.mpu- of "The Seven Hi-- j sic Foods." it consisted of meats, salads, hot roll.; and butter, coffee, nu'.it, pics, anrt cukes. | Mrs. Smith save a demonstration on making tHp covers. She cut the Jaycees Expect Record Crov/d at''Dance. Tonight Luxora Society—Persona! pattern and mafic a slip cover tor an overstuffed chair. Each member presented t'ne problem in niakins slip covers. After the gucsls left Ihe clnD 1 i helti a. short business session when thc new officers toat: charge. They are as follows: Mis. Tuft Metier, piesidcnl; Mrs. Dyer Garner. vi<:et president; Mrs. U. C. PnttersanJ secretary; ar.rl Mrs. W. L. Smith, reported. Gifts of eo'iiume ^e'A'elry were Riven tile retiring president ami s'"rctprv. Mrs. W. O. Anderson and Mrr. Robert Hodge. The treasurer's report showed ;; b:ilniicc oi 55301). The next ch:-'5 meeting will be held Feb. 10 at the home of Mrs. ('- A. Vinson \s'iicn Miss I 3 e^[:y Vinson w\l\ r,ive a demonstration in the correct way lo put in a zipper. Pot luck lunch will ae served. : Mis 1 ; Mary 'Evelyn Martin leii A record crowd is expected to- Tuesday for Northumberland. I'eiin.. nicht at the Junior Chrtir.bsr of where she will be bridesmaid'in the Comnierce sr.nnsorcd dance at the wedding 01 Mis -. -Np.ncy riilw. Armory. Joycees said torioy. 'Musi:- Moore, to her brother, Corp. E:nest will bn by'Bobby Meeker and his w - 'Martin, Jr., oi Baltimore, MO... orchestra, which |:luycci here for Pe b. 1. the Cnt.lon Ball in 1045. | Mrs Shack I-Vank'.i:! is in L-lxorn •JFrom here, the orchestra will po v -' il: ' h( "-' si >ter. Mrs. Sue Brown, bol Jefferson Hotel. St. Lnuis. for, ; ''" a » s( ' "' th(v serious illness ot ' their brother. Graver Driver. W eiifragenieiu bun'iiinu"' ihere thni thcir brotner. Grover Driver, ; i«.il week ot F.'b-uarv They n- underwent a major cp.-iutipn at cshlly completed an 'ciiaa'-einniit Wall's 'Hospital in Blylncville. Jan. a!} the Mulc'oach Hotel in Kansas M - Mr. Driver's niece. Mr.s. Ammos ' Qpttonwooc/ Paint Girl Will Be Wed in Summer Mr. and M:>;. Thomas J. Tucker of CoUcuuvoo;! Point announce thc engageuier.t of their daughter, ?,tiss Dorris of who is a train- Mik.'. I'd Tu-ker. to Carl J^e Kvans of Chino. Caiil.. :;o;i of Mr. and Mrs. Eulon C. Evai-.s of near Co.>-,- fr. Mo. Thc wedding will tukp place in late Summer. Plans will tie announced laler. The Beauty Bar "your beauty Is onr dnlj" Helen Cuilis Cold Waves Osilvic Sisters Hair 1'rcparattons /"tos Imperial $20.00 Tluni ?Tatl Polish 'ilcncoc Hotel Phone If YOUU skin lias broken oul wilh ugly .sni'fat-c pimples — rasho<; —• caused liy local irrilations, or it you Hliffrr from an externally (Mused Itching, hiirniriir f:;i;in soreness, K<> to your itriiKKlsl anil i;el a small tjntlle of .Modiio's Kmor.ilil Oil ail'l as (lircrtcd. .' J-OH'H rin.t H Ktarl HUM in to nirl iiiilnro clear up the IrouMo—pi nrnolhiK faster lioa]- Inp. Use fnr ion d ;I y H ., m i if ,],„„ yon ni-o diyKatisfiofl. Mfmr-y U:n-k. illles-s—^rc'a.sck-s.s—all drafa'yistH. CITY DRUG CO. Blyfheviile's Baby Headquarters! The Tot Shop The common water flea is the best food for aquarium fishes most experts agree. I G^SP^L MEETING at the = CHURCH OF CHRIST f ^.12% -W. Main St. Tilrlti^vlllc. Arl;. ~" V Daily -liadin Service—12-.15—12-.SO - Niphl Scrvirc—7:.'!0 P. M. 1 Sun-lay Service—In v, A. JJ. 7:30 I'. Jl. feiltri Ark r. Evangelist n> ~ w . T . s ,, r , (nn Song Dim lor \. Rtovall. Minister SPECIAL FROM NOW Til FEB. 28 t> * Card Size S1.r,i. ;? '-j x( ; wilh cilslcs S2i50 Card Siw 2.:>0 fi -| x (i with caslcs l.dO *. caslcs n ' nn ! Sxl ° w »!> easlc :i.0(i with easlcs 1.50 3 SxlO with easles (i (Ml Phone 2597 GROCERY MARKET 211 South First Street Bollard's Oven Ready Can 5 I !! JAR While Syrup 1 wi:i.rn's Grape Juice Pt. 29c Save Box Tonj Tor im; .TF.M wASiiiN'c; i FII IN/, CKOSS c'tM POWDER pkg. 28c j Dill Pickles Jar 26c Cil'.) .H'IH',1' I .1ACK SPUAT \VIIlli: Coffee 3 Ib jar $1.42 | iViEAL 5 Ib bag 35c 320 So. Lake St. { I AIIRK t'Tfl'.SH Tl.NUI-K CELERY Ea. 15c MI-RKISIAC I xiv. i Salmon i-2 Ib can 33ci Red Potatoes Ib 'i Grade A Chuck Ib. •SUGAR CIMIK1) i Slab Bacon Ib 53c I Round Steak Ib 59c BUTTER Ib. 68c | Leg-O-L&mb 55 Ham Hocks Ib 29c J Lamb Chops Ib 59c 8 , long-wcariiv;, heller-fining 5'i>ll- I'.irrot Slices arc just the shoes lor your boy or girl. I'oll-I'.irrots arc Prc-Tcstcd . . . and leaturc C.xtr.i rtinlurtcmctits in vital p.irts, plus 10-\V:iy Built-in l : it. Bring your children in today ! Phone 2342 312 West Main St. ittttv 1947 collection •Continuous Shows Every Day ]!ox Office Opens 1 :<iy Show Starts 2:0(1 LISTEN TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday ASK FOR YOUR 1947 BOOK AT OUR CATALOG DEPT. NOW . . . Wards have a complete assortment of al- tractive NEW wallpaper! Conic in nnd sec our big sample hooks . . . beautiful decorator-approved collection of papers for every purpose! Then ask for your copy of our 1917 Wallpaper catalog—you'll save li lo J-£ on Wards paper' Selected Short Subjects Continuous Showing Everyday Boi Office Opens G:»5 Saturday. Opens Sunday 1:00; Stnrfs !:l.'i C'ontinunus Hbows Sal. and Sim. Bargain Niglit Every Night Kxcnpl No passes hunnrol on bunilay al the Ko.\y. Thursday and Friday mn;i!i,r. FKATURE

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