The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUA'RV ftO, '10-17 BLYTHRVILLE (ARK.) COURItfR NEWS PAGE Task Force Frigid Fresdbms Urged UK's Human Rights Agency Agrees to I Set Up Commission LAKE SUCCESS. K. Y., Jan. riO. iTJP)-Thc United Nations Oani- micsloii on Human Higlits has ay.'CcU without cijeclion to set up ti sv.l)20inmi!:.sion wliich will point tho vvi-.y 10 \vorld Irccdctn of in- lonhalion. M The United Stales proposed tliat' "'II the new body b* granted powe: to bctdN work on tui inlei'nalional treaty for worldwide press irce doiii and that 12)' it map pluns loi n Corthcoinlng iiitcrnalional conference of freedom of i:ifurm;Uion, The press, radio and film parley is held this year, under terms of a resolution approved last month •bythe UN General Assembly. The United SUitcs also siiBgos?Jtl that "in the discharge of its functions the su'Jcommission shall have due re.spsn for t!:e functions or the UN Atomic 'Energy Commission." The *official iivler.:retation of this stipulation, was simply that. under the Anie.rican proposal, freedom of iiifoniiation \voidd not ox- lend to atomic secrets until intc 1 - nulionnl controls exist. K (oviiiul promos?; sunmlttccl to I he UN's Human Rights Commit s.ion by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt said the global "character of human rights" .should provide: "Personal rights, such as freedom of ^peech, information, religion and rijjlits of property; "Procedural rights, such as safeguards for persons accused o! crime; "Social rights, such as the right to employment and .social security nncV the right to enjoy minimum standards of economic, social and cultural weM-uelng. •'Political rights, such as the right to citizenship and the right of ^ citizens to pai'Ucipati; iu their gov- ^1 eminent."' •Meanwhile, it was revealed that the UN is keeping secret hundred: of 'complaints i-.bout alleged violations of human rights because their authors might be subject to reprisals if identified. mm anli-ahcr.iit !;un stand by their loni; barreled ismi tlimni; Operation Frigid: (Photo by Bt-it Brandt. NBA . I'huliiBrauhcr,' NEA Tclepholo.) U.S. May Yield On Atom Policy UN Representative Says Army Reduction Tolks May Start Soon Jan. 30. (UP)— Wi'.rrcn R. Auslin, U. S. vcprosen- lo the Diulet', Nations, hir.letl loslay Hint this rounlrv will yfckl in ils demands 1:11. llie UN cslc.i'olish world :\tom- ciu'i'tiy fafepAiimlB 'oelore dl.s- isslns n j'.enc'.'nl arms letlucvion Other sources suggested Hint Hit- United States will ui',:cc to ilis- Lrmumcnt <lirit us^lcn.s while Ihc ^o:k on atomic contvol contlnvies. "lie U. S. hope, it \\.is .said, is Hint he 'iioinl'.- dlsL'Ufsions will ITO on mill nBinemenl is reached on u ..rniv treaty. Austin told n rrpnrlei' lhat there is nothing to prevent (his double- IjiireJed ep^noai'li. Decisions of the UN General Asieir.uly and the ilomi.: eneiKy i'onin:l.s.slo:i, he said, 'do not force u canyini; (]iri>nt;h 3f the disc-nssion on one su^J;'ct I'iore sli.:tin^ nnolher." He said he won:.-, reiiiviu- l~> Ne'.v 7<:ik (o talk Inlormally with tilhcl' ."N security, 1 council't'S about the U. S. view, which up to no'v has -jeen that an i-.tJimtc control plan must be written before general disarmament Is taken up. iVf'jiinwhile tht; connressional alorni; uiiei'iiy coiuniitiee liromiseii an early hives!igalion tntct .Hie hecuiity of the atomic 'bomb and Hie activities of forelmi agenls in thii country. Legion Seeks To Expand Housing Plan WASHINGTON, Jan. ;tO, (U.I 1 .) 'itii- American l,e^lou -innt,u'.U'e<i 'liiu- it will seek lo -xti-vid llxl 't''iMi : ; houslnij pvogratu ID com- iii'.iiiir:: iluouiiluml the cinuitiv. 1 Tin' program has been tried In •luted areas, and the IAMIOII ".'-1<I it liatl proved snco3!i!.''nl, I I'M mvs of (he program have >""i tried nl llrimswtek, N. J,, iuchi'ster. N. Y., Kenllle, Wash., irceiidnU 1 , Wis., and In Mwu- and tViinnt; the proBram'.i f I I/jcal no\'i-rnmenl's Itrtn'ide land Inexpensively, lartlal tax deferment. :!. ihiiiks would form a |;ii:iii company In hold idle i*'iu' mortijujies at low lntore^; r , rate.---. :! Local lepreseidaflvos of bank::. liiluir. the redei'i'.l llousliiK Agency, I In- Nallomil Housing A % .itlu'i'iiy, c')!jir;u:lorK and urchitect.4 \votiitt huhr* wi'rl;|y meclhms lo revl.AV connniinUy needs. House Approves Excise Tax Bill Railroad, Bus Travel, Telephones Listed • As Luxury Items WASHINGTON, Jntl. 90.—UJ1 1 ) — Tho House jestci'iluy pntsjUM 11 lilll lo continue. iiuli-nnlU'lv Uie liliili wartime excise nixes iiiiuninllnti (o $l.i:iO,OOU,000 u year oil inn;. Jewelry, liquor and other so-called luxury items, These:nlso Include taxes on some nul-so-l&Mii'loiis Ililntis like lelo- lilione service mitt -atlionil ami luis tickets. Young Hunter Kills Girl With "Unloaded" Gun Al IfkANDHIA, Jan. 30,— (UP>- I'lfteen year old Clordon atiln who borrowed n «nn tor wolf limiting fuced n murder charge Uidny In Ihe filial fihooilnn or 11 neighbor, is year old Elslo Mae Arnold. The Klrl \yfts «hot while thumb- Ing through'n mall-order: catalogue on her front jiorcli. Cmhi sMtl that hi- tlMn't know (lie gun was cocked when he pointed it ut Ihe (fill. Lumber Concern Suffers $15,000 Loss in Fire Sen. Varidenberg.May Decline invite to Moscow Conference Chinese Quints, And Mother Die Magistrate Says SHANGHAI, Jan. 33. (UP)—The quintuplet boys 'born at Yenchcng to the -wife. or a Chinese .sergeant have died and so has their mother, the magistrate of Yencheng officially informed the United Press today. The deaths occurred only a few daj's after* trie multiple births''oc- curred, the magistrate said in an "urgent" telegram which took 11 days to reach Shanghai from Yen- cheiiB, a town so miles south o! Chengchmv along the Pciping- Hankovv Railway. lie did not. say on what date the children were born nor the date they and their mother died. In his brief message the magistrate attributed tile deaths of the quints to "their excessively sina! bodies' and said the mother' dicd{ of hemorrhage. He confirmed Chinese Pi ess reports that the father's name is Sgt. Wang Sin-Peng. WASHINGTON, .Jan. 30. (UP) — Associates are hearing from Sen. Arthur H. Vandeii'ocrg. n.. Mich., today that he will reject President, Truman's invitation to attend til Moscow conference to draft a Bi, Three German treaty. The decision may not be fina!. Mr. Truman will not easily tako no for an answer. Sen. Tom Connally, D., Tex.. :.-; i:".'ler.stood (•> Je willing to mal:e the journey i! the President insists. Connrdly is (i'j years old and yesterday entered the 'Naval Hospital here for a ron- (tine checkup. Vandenberg and Connally have changed .places since their ioirj \ssignaient in Paris as aides '.o 'ormer Secretary of State James F*. Byrnes in negoltaUng preliminary peace treaty drafts. Vandenberg's new responsibilitie.s as chairman of the Senate Foreign Rcla- ions Committee and as president of the senate are factors in persuading him- that he should; not go to Moscow ; wUh (Byrnes" site-. •|W- n.T Rf-lt.. meeting annoyed and privately pro- lestin'.; that the administration was ap^casing. the Russians. The senator was r,, member or the American delegation headed by Byrnes. At ^T.'uifioii, Vandenberg anrl some olheis tell that ihf:_v "had no real participation in what was Kniny on. They \vcif more nearly fronting loi' the adminislration than Fidx'i^int^ \viih 11. \ In the Senate last Pc-'oruavy VuiHienlj=:'i: hatl his say. Wliiit is KussUi up lo now?" v,a; the burden of his speech. And ho warned that there was a line "ueyond which compromise could not (jo. From that time forwari U.'S. .foreign poiity began to shift •American • Communists charges: that Vanrcr.bcT'.: hiui .sold Mr. Truman a "get-tough-wilh-Ru.-,sin" pol icy. However Mint may have been Hiinps went better at the Big Foil meetinn las'. Fall alter a hecti: Summer at the Paris Conference. Task at Home Ki'.nt'll'iU), Ark.. .Ian. r.O. tUPi —'or the more i;' main pl.inl of the- Blurgls Muu- in- (vii'lns 1 . On. at Heiish-y, Ark., ni-ur '-i'-. v/;tK a smouldering muss ioday, ll.-r ;i lire lie.l nluhl leveled th" hiniiit-r mill. 'Ill' 1 blnv.e broke out shurtly afler '1 p.m., and responding to (lie (Mill wen- ]iic-!ii;hlim', units from Llltle Hud:, I'liiu Ulnff ami (he Pine ninll Alri'ital. would wllh u I House imssuiio oi (he Dill, tinted uoi' Prcsldenl 'rnuunli, was Ihe first major IcKislntlve net, of tho new CGI'- controlled Congress. The measure now uocs lo IHe iienale. There w»s no effective- o|iposr,'on lo Ihc excise lux, extension Init Hop. Albeit j. Kline!. It., Mich., . sharply criticised, his own imrly's leadership for proposing to cut per- soiiiil Incoiun luxes acioss the Imiird, lit 1 said U inllihl cost Ihe Kopubllciins the llHll.cli'clloii. Fov passing n.s (heir first nuijor legislation a liluh tux bill Inx I'MlvicUon, the Hcinit>licniis hat iin rxplurmtlon. They snlil the) wanted excise taxes lo cohlhuic hlftli so pcrsonnl Inxc.i covikl be en Inter, . Tlie wiirllinc excise lax rate nndor present law «onlil revert t heir prewar .itiitus on July 1 lr no extended. (alki'd-ahout Tired Often Sleeptess Mights oi ' tny (ut>« or filter* whkbhdP to purify th blood »nd Itwp ybu b«ilLhy/ Wteo tlrtd ai>d don't work H^bt (rt.t^« A many iwptqp havo V>Ket up n or»cantyp«aanKe»wIUi^Di«4 «ODi«Umca khowi there U vnottJainy j with yourkJdnejra or bladder, l)<)a't rez I*ct • Wlionitlsordcrof liltlncyfuneiloh'pemilti poisonous iriqtCer to ixmaln Jn your JJIqwi. It' ralni, l«r pnins, loss of pco end-tnerw; Bweltlntr, puffinCBo under the er* »> hcodach«»- anil itf i sine as.- : ,- : ,-.- •"•'.'..-_ '••^.. ' Pllli, n Rtlniulant dlti reUe, ut«d 8Uec«9aful]v by mUttonx tor over 60 y^kri. Do»n'« i hkUDv Tvllcf &nd will Help tta 16 raikL T - h out po!<onoua waat4 froia CHAMBLIN SALES CO, STUDEBAKER Sales CHICK , .. "Where Ha'ppiness Cost i , ., So tittle" '... .;„,-. Box Office Opens K:4i \i. Show nUrU 7:fl» p.itt • Service i • Wo liny nnd Soil GOOD URRI) CAIIS reaty the United Stales want.s. Having succeeded Connally ns 'oreign Helalions Cominltleeehalr- lan, Vandenberg's position has •hanged much .since the Paris ifcrt-nce. Ho Is now the uc- inowledyed and fortnully cliosen "oreign relations spokesman or the opposition party which controls will houses of Congress. That fuel uore I hair any other is influencing Vandenberg against personal participation in the makim; or Hie cnnan peace fcrealy. Vnnder.'ucrg Is. not miming out on the bi-partlsfin foreign policy of the United Stales which ijcne- lly Is acclaimed alfte by lie- publicans and Democrats, in a Senate speech yesterday he wont out of his way lo acknowledge the administration's leadership In loreign policy. Tlie occasion was* Vandenberg's hard-bitting endorsement of Mr. Truman's objections lo the vigglng 01 the recen! Polish elections. The tnialor said he awaited nnd was prepared lo follow Secretary Mar- shiill'.s leiuleishiu In making the American cbjettlons stick. , STARTS XELUVINO All 6 C01D MISERIES-IN JUST 6 IM fniiiinii, i frticttvtion-lyiw i i'i,]J ml SECONDS I I.L UKU- ll<inl Tnkt.' uuiy UN ill COLD PREPARATIONS TABUTS OR nouio HIM Clniinlillil — I,M Ch«mh Railroad & Ash Stv Phone 2W . l.yn Scrlnl: Time SHOCK" i'lnuiibin llltlcr" Also Shorts chiipi. i.; toVbur Prl.liiy »<nl , Billy tho Kid's Range Weir with '.-. : ';.'../..•;,.•, Bob NlMlennd Al (Fuzzy) St.j.Tolin Serial "Itlack Arrow" Chapter 2 ..Also. .Cartoon ,; - : EVERGOOD or KREY'S ccssor, -Secretary Marshall.. te George C. Vandenbcri.; returned Win!-,-:' j fromMhc Unitctl Nu'.ions' Asscmily races iiiffge If Vanclenhcrg Jails to njipcnr at, Moscow :l \v\\\ r.ot 'oe bc-ausc he i.s tlis.s.ttisfied. II i>: more likely Lo j.: '.n' lie kels h(? caii do mure in il'.c Soraln thnn in Moscow tbvarrt pelting tlic kind of Gernuin N«xt time you haTC nciiraltla or.hwil... ache get Quick rcller with Cnp'J'Ull?. Acts fast because it's Ikiulil- ia tin\5 loet TJaitlnn lor ita insTeilisiiti .iolv«. ATI druiiKisl3. Use C^ivutlinc cr.l? . : ej dtreclcil, lOc, 30c. 60s citcl. ta SWIFT'S UROOKFIELD or 92 SCQRE GRADF.,"A" Washington County Plans \ To Build New Hospital FAYETTBVILLE, Ark.. Jan. 30. — (UP) — Construction plans for a new Washington county Hospital were being: rushed today, following nn announcement hv County Judge Witt Carter yesterday. Judge Carter said thai the planning would begin immediately, after a ruling by chancellor John K. Butt that a one and one-half mill tax would he enough to finance the, institution. The levy was vote<: |in : the general election last No- veraber. Several weeks a go, the Arkansas Supreme Court lield that the hospital would have to be abandoned unless the voted tax would completely cover construction cosls. Oldest Bank? London's oldest bank is'Hoa-y's. tile age of which cannot be ccr- lainly slated; but there i s n receipt dated IGSrr for money deposited there willi Lawrence Hoare. a goldsmith. Why Buy Car & Truck Insurance? Hnirbreadlh Harry Careless Charlie Long-Chance Louie IWal-the-Train Hcnnio j| Wrong-Side Willie Hit-nnd-Run Horace and Sppcinp Sam are nil hack on (lie road since the war UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY .Our rates are lowest for Arkansas and Missouri Write, Call or Telephone 209Kj \V. Main—Over Guard's :- .A. F. Dietrich, Mgr. niytheville Phone 510 ROAST-lb.43^ HALVES in Heavy Syrup F1GS----4K - No. 2 sieve • UHK;E - ; Cut 6r Beans No. 2- Y ;lge.10c Pet Milk $m.7<;lge.14< ARMOUR'S AND I'EVELY MB«| llri'.IFns . . . \\Kitr IlinmninN Across the Street froi>> Graliers Mullnen Saturday A Sunday Boi Opens Sat.-Suh. 1 p.m.. .Co.fil-- 8Vf*>fin?,,V ; "The Dainty Cooking Fat'' HUMKO - - - lb.39tf GRADE "A" FRESH EGGS - - - PURE FRESH GROUND BEEF - NO. '/, SiKE Am. Sardines- — JHAKA1IN kitchen Tawels--- •IHI.I.H'S Veg. Beef IUMUO iii ox. JAK Peanut Butter—-- i!I.UK PLATE or CiHANl) PRIZE Coffee r ih glass jar 35< CANOVA IN CLASS JAR COFFEE - - - - 44* NO. 2 CAN PIE CHERRIES - - - 38<f il OZ. JAR liOSCO CHOC. SYRUP -- RICH'S FOIl SAUCES and SAL HORSERADISH - - - 23* ..-. l.asl Time Today "OutCalifornia (Iu TeoHtilcatorV ^, : '-.i^... with Monte Hale i> • Short r Subjects .'.-.'••.. Krfdiiy and Satbrilay "'•'" "Lost in a Harem" • .. /with'- • :'"•'/.' Vail Ahboll arid Lou' Cosiellb ' 'Also Ejhoris ..: THEATRE Manila, Ark. Lust Time Today ''Practically Yours" • With :•: •. . vV V. Clnuclcttc Colbert, Frcfl MacManay News and Comedy .- ' c riday and Saturday "Gunman From Bodie" with ' '• "••.' Tim McCoy and Buck Jones Cartnun and Chapter 3 of ''Zorrd' Black Whip." v FROZEN FRESH TAFT MOODY FOODS VEGETABLES ICECREAM L NABERS GROCERY PHONE 501 MFLV7N HALSiLL, Owner —WE DELIVER— MAIN at DIVISION Open fills p.m.; Show Start* T |u Last Time Today "? "SWING PARADE" with . Qalc Storm, Phil' Regan" News of the Day and. Shorts Friday and Saturday "" ; "Firebrands of Arizona" < with . ; Smiley Burnetlc, SoTistt C»r*»n Scrlsl: "Son of the GmrtLstaan" .AIM Shorts

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