The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 2
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•LzxagylLLB (ABK.X COURIER NBV.4 •THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1947 Shunted - ^-t"?\ ,. in Rents Aside Safe Slider Mytttry Surrounds Rumor cf IncrtOM; ; Order Was 'Prepared ' B\ FRANK ELEAZER (Unlttd Pntss r SUff> Correspondent) ..WASHINGTON, J<uj 30 — The Senate BanXin^, Committee set out today to find the mysterious ' higher up" who pushed OPA to the veij brink, of gi online an Immediate 10 j per cen) boost In all rent, ceilings. .President' Truman halted the order late yesterday only minutes be- fofe It was to have been issued. His action cllmaxedJibout thiec- houis of confusion *8ch as even Wasli- ington, au old hand at it) liad rprely seen. , Hearings'on legislation to extend lent controls—Including n bill to boost all ceilings by 15 pel tent— were started, by the Senate Bunking Committee tbday. "And at least one member was miciestcd In learning just who (in, the Truman administration gave' the signal" for. the 10 rter cent boost, that neVei materialized ' ' • Sert Homer E Capehart' B , Ind , hopedr'of.flclals of the Office of'.Tem- uoraiy Controls, Into which OPA has been absorbed, could cleai up the mysteiy ' We'll try to soKe It " h« said Surprise .to'OPA' .One pPA official claimed the 1m- ni'ediate sbiirce v who okayed, the 10 psr cent ordei was James W Fol- hn, deputy director of the OTC and acting 6hief In the absence of Maj Gen Philip B Fleming .Banking. Committee Chiihman Charles W Tolrej', R N H, said he'.hoped .the group could be ready bj this ^weekend to sit down and wrtie its own bill to extend ient controls. : As "parI "of the evidence," he said.' tlie 'committee will .consider (1) v Mr Truman'i request to extend fresenCcpntrols' beyond their .June 30'cxplratiprrarid <2> n Republican- sponsored'-'bill lo 'boost all 'ceilings 15 per cent immediately and end ill controls April 30, 1948 Meanwhile, 'many a government official, like the friends of the little red hen, was nnswetlng "not I" to the question about who ga\e the EO-ahead for that 10 per cent raise. .The story,, began early In the afternoon when CIO and eongies- siohal sources 'said they understood that the White House had appio\ed tlie increase arid that 11 wovtld be announced shortly .At. 3:30 p.m, OPA spokesmen told reporters to expect an announcement within" iv short'time. It was indicated then "that a boost had been* Ordered from higriei u|)—pre sumably"the White House—nnd that it came as a surprise to OPA Order Was Prepared OPA began briefing reporter's nnd passj!<l,6ut an estimate that a flat 10 ^per cent inciease would about 45f6,OdO,000 a jeai to nations rent bill At 5'pro the 01 del was sten- f cilled and ready to run But it never/ran. While House Press Secretary 'diaries 'Q Ross culled ic- porters in and said. -The President has not approved a general 10, per cent increase In rent ceilings The policy Is and lias been to permit j-ent increases only on;an ^Individual basis.' Jf any change IB to be made in present poiley, Ross said, the President feels that (t is up to Cong i ess to make it Officialdom from top to bottom shied off Direct comment CIO sources. *who first leaked nev>s of ths order, said the White House may _haye approved the raise, then changed its mind •,when CIO and others protested CIQ-pusidcnt: Philip Murray sent Mr. Tniman a protest letter about Bui rent bodst'that he "understood " Tf53 coming up He said the 15 per ' sect-Enereise proposed by Republi- i sac Delators would, add 'three to : fer rer cent to the cost oi living iff &t Average worker's family LEGISLATURE Continued from slnbillw\tltjn net. 'After tlie Senate had hoard lliu measure through, It ivus promptly referred to the Committee on Hcvemie. and Taxation. The approval of the enabling act cuinc In inld-aftcinoon, after It had apparently wall/I'll through the Senate without creating the furor nnd ' heated debulo.s lhat had been fore- cu^t. Tlie measure. Etutiiored by Sen. K. J. Butler of Forrest City, nnd ulreudy Bottcn the stamp of approval from OID SenaU; Liil Conimltlec nnd will now jjo to the Huusp. The act si'l.s up iH'naltics for ally- one who would require unfcn membership ns a prerequisite to employment Ju. this slat*. General appropriation men*ures were passed In Ixjtli Houses yJster- day, running Into obstacles only in Lite House of Representatives. Nine positions In the State Land lie- rmrlmeiil were re-Instated by the lower chamber tifler Rep. Tom Allen of Monroe County had, .succeeded In deleting them, diid the next move Is for the Senate and House to cx- lU'les In the smaller income brockets was Currie's colleague from Jefferson County, H. K. Toney. Want Assessments Revised ' Four members of the House yesterday sponsored n bill that would have all property in Arkansas reassessed before Jan. 1, 1918. The legislators—J. E. Lightle, Jr., of White County; Jess Carpenter of Independence; Robert Harvey of Jackson; and Tnlbol Fclld, Jr., of HcmpMsud—asked that the Aiktm- change their measures for approval. I s:is Publis Ssrvlcc Conmilsslon be Other (.•conomlsts in the House I gin nrir,c.'«mcnl, immediately of all were Rep. CVrltnn qiirrlc of Jef-1 real and iicrsonal propsrly in Ar- rerson County and Flop. P. 'Alexa'n- I kunsas. ' ' der of Pike County, whose efforts 1 'Ilic measure authorizes the com- of equalization. "• The bill recommends that the commission set up a supervision .'department, to direct the' .'work,. Incluiiing . a. supervisor, seven assistants and four clerks. Tn oilier House action yesterday: Hep. Lynn'Wilson of Yell County presented a measure advocating the elimination of a poll tax assess- irieni"as "a" qualification for voting in Arkansas; A bill designed to set up a t\vo- Daity. system, for presidential elections la Arkansas was introduced by Madison County Representative K\- bert L. Mitchell; . ,y Revision upward of the severance tax on bauxite was recommended ty authored a measure setting up working wage and hour limits for women, Including un 8-hour day, 48-hour week nnd 30-cent per hour minimum; The State Board of t.'ducallon was glvtji machinery fto administer (lie hut, lunch program in Ar- Uunsis i)l a bill . Introduced by Kep. I/. II. Autry of Mississippi . County;' •. . . , Rep. E. C. Plceman of Mississippi County and Rep. Talbot Fetid, Jr., Hempstcad County presented a bill requiring Arkansas cltiss to paint ',':^\f names in prominent spots for the purpose of guiding aircraft; Approval was given two supple- ,rent year, and $4,000,000 in federal monies for road construction. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms «f Olstrru Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID Fr*cB3«kTellsofKoiMTr*itn*ntth*t Must Help or It Will Cost V«u Netfainc Ov« tiro ml Ulan bottlcsof tliaWILLARD TliKATMENThavulRSinsolclrvr relief of symptmnsof dtatress arising from Q<«m*ch Ulil Ouadmil Ulcm clue to Eiceii AcW — roor L Dlvt*tl««; Sour or UpMt Stomach; Cistlnnt. Hautkum, UxpliMiwu, etc., duotaEn*» *cW. Sold onl5rl.-,vB' irl.Ml A«k for "W.H«d'. M.W.I." wbfcli tullj a Ilils t KIHBY HI-WAY DRUGS .to trim salaries of other employes j inlsslon la proceed "without regard! in a bill introduced by Rep. Talbol \ mental appropriations totaling more were down. Outspoke;i t« miy r:nmplalnt' by. any county ( Feild, .^r., o't Heiiipstead County; than 51,500,000—$3,010,000 for teapli-! Lusora: aijalnst a .sus't'estipn to lower h'al-' ju<li;i s. assessors or county boards lljj). Dick Wright of Clark Conn- c-rs 1 salary i|icrcnses. during, the cur r I PE'ITY'S PHARMACY Irving Dassctl. 05, slides safely to the ground in 20 seconds from the ninth lloor of the BiHrr.ore Hotel, Atlanta, Ga,, lo demonstrate the "Safely-Scape," device he developed for quicli evacuation ot burning* buildings. Women Unite To Combat Inflation NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 30.—(UP) —The powerful "United Women to Combat Inflation," a force estimated n t 100,000 clubwomen today added .dressed and drawn broilers to' n buyers' reslslnnce list suggesting to housewives that they' boycott purchases until prices go dov. n to 45^ccnts a pound. Women leaders have started an Investigation of the vent structure. communicating-with Gov. Thomas E. Dewey to outline New York's rent management plan for passible application in this democratic stronghold. the Hearing Feb. 3 On Arkansas' Use Tax Measure LITTLE ribCK, Ark., Jan. 30.— (UP)-^Monday, Feb. 3. has been sel as the cia'e for initial discussion by the House Revenue and Taxation Committee on the "use tax." one of the first, revenue measures to hit tlie floor or the general assembly. Tlie' measure.' introduced by Rep. Talbot Feild. Jr., of Hinipstcnd County, was presented as a companion, bill lo Arkansas' sales lax bill. It w o«Hl levy a (.'Xo percent tax oh all goods bought out of the state for use in Arkansas. I Sen.^Bifbo Will Undergo Second Cancer Operation . ORLEANS. Jan. 30.— (UP) — Sen - Theodore. G. Bilbo will- be ..; forced to defer his fight to be seat,-•- ed in the' 80th Congress because of V>: another, operation, on his mouth it .] was learned. today. • j D L_ A!ton Ophsner, the surgeon <; ^hp. removed: cancerous .bone and ;?; tissue from Bilbo's mouih more !'•:}. *•?»«,• two 'Weeks ago 'said that an M operation "to : replace the bone I look-out" is now pending. Bilbo's condition wns pronounced as "very good." lie declined to see reporters, ignoring messages sent inlp his thivd-Iloor room at Touvo Infirmary. Ochsner said that he did not know whether Bilbo would remain at the infirmary until he Is ready to operate again, or if he would go lo his Poplarville, Miss., home to return later. Bilbo has declined to comment on reports that he would give up Ills fight tor the Senate scat. -To UN for U.S. j!S to, solve knol'y prob- what to do with former and disposition lormer enemy-held be the Job of Francis ibovt, tormet High COTJI- r»r to Uw Philippine!. He's jwwU.'S mcntwr of United i, Triut*etblp CouncU. FOOD BUDGET? ADMIRATION MAXWELL HOUSE FOLGER'S OLD JUDGE PET MILK Tall Gan — 13c FROZEN, FRESH/SLICED • STRAWBERRIES--I?ox67c FROZEN, FRESH, WHOLE , E$.. ; .box69c FROZEN FRESH ALL-GREEN MA BEANS pkg. 46c "' •. i . • - . • ' ^ . . - > -. * : .,. PROUTS.box3Jc CRISPY ICEBERG HEADS LETTUCE . . CAPE COD CRPBERRSES GARDEN FRESH TENDER GREEN SPINACH . . . MARSH SEEDLESS 54 SIZE GRAPEFRUIT . . RED RIPE SLICING QUALITY TOMATOES . . Ib. 23c bch. 5c Ib. 12k each 5c FLORIDA Ib. 25c ORANGES.. 8 Ib mesh bag 37c CRISPY BLEACHED CELERY ..... stalk lOc . lb.12c 2 bchs. 15c . Ib. 15c . . lb.5c . . lb.5c . 4lor27c . doz.33c YORK APPLES . . FRESH CRISPY CARROTS, . . . SNOW-WHITE HEADS CAULIFLOWER . YELLOW SPANISH ONIONS .... TEXAS GREEN CABBAGE ... PINK MEAT LARGE 64 SIZE GRAPEFRUIT . . SUNklST 360 SIZE GRADE A FRESH GGS - - dozen 5 '""' CAN 13.75 GREAT NOTHERN PEVELY case 4 Oz. Cellophane Bag BIAGKPEPPER ,.. . . . pkg.25c I ; - • . -. '••'•.••• ' • '' • ; Hunt's Sliced or Halves PEACHES, in kavy syrijR, No, l\ can 35c Kraft's Miracle Whip MAYO^AlSE,8oz.jar25c;16oz.jar47c V-3 Vegetable JUICES . No. 2 can 16c; 46 p? a can. 32c Plain or Sweetened - • ORANGE JUICE . . . 46oz.can23c Plain or Sweetened, 46 pz Can ORANGE and GRAPEFRUIT JUICE.... 23c Jack Sprat 46 Oz. Can GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ...... 20c No. 2 Can GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS . . . 19c PURE WHITE BULK LARD.,.!b.28c GRADE"A"CHUCK BEEF ROAST - - Ib. 3§c FRESH COUNTRY STYLE PORK SAUSAGE Ib. 45c SLICED RINDLESS lb.55c • •• « . , : -. AMERICAN or PIMIENTO CHEESE .21. box 99c TASTY Bacon Squares.. lb.28c . Ib. 12c LEAN and MEATY BEST QUALITY£ FRYERS ^ND HENS ... Home Dressed HAASES SPANISH STUFFED OLIVES . Ige.jar55c Downyfloke Don UTS Ihieft Mdrnl II Junior won'J drinV hit milk ly bribing him w!lh o DOWNYFlAKE Dorxu! -Q3od and good fot him) Eoiy to Oigcif liing him orownd ond fcl him ice ihc donuli nod* by lha DOWNYFLAKE machine. Plain Donuts I> Sugared Donuls, 30 C or Frosted Dozen 40 REX IMITATION JELLY.. 8 oz. jar 55c CALVERT'S NO. 1 TALL CAN Pink Salmon.... 38c SUN MAID, 15Oz. PKG. RAISINS 1BERTY 29c Put pancake flour into mixing bowl. Stir in diluted milk gradually. Do nut bent until smooth, ns ovcrbcrHmR toughens p,in cakes. The lumps arc bits of shortening And will disappear in ihc b.iking. B.ikc oil hot, flighily greased griiidlc until bubbles nppMr nnd edges ntc cooked, *hcii turn and. brown on other iTde. Serve wi'h sausages, butter, syrnp, honey, )<?lly or prciervcj. Makes IS four-inch JMU- cakes. Yon ITiH Ntcdi Pet Milk 13c rREPARF.n tPANC.VKK Flour ........ 14c LINK PORK Sausage 53c Butter 72c ROGER

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