The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1947
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1947- BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»Ui nt« *«r ua« roi eowcaBf* l»leujoni: JilDtmum OhArn _ DOc ! 1 tin* pit Uu« _ - - - 1W 2 tlmM p«r liiii p«r d»y II ilei a timti p« Up* ptr a» T »c 8 time* per Lint p« d*y — 7c lli timej per lice per day Be Month P«T lino 80e Count five average wordi to the HQ«- Ad ordered for three or elr tlm«« and Hopped eii>irallon will fe« chirg- ed for the •um'ber of times the ad »p- peaied and adjustment of bill mad*. All Classified Advertising cop? sub- nutted by persouj residing outside of tbe city must be accompanied hy cash. Rat«B may he easily computed from the above table. ' ,v\ AdvertislDit order for irregular Inaer- •|DS takes the. one time rate, T" T o responsibility will be taken far more than one iacorcect Insertion of «ny classified ad, For Safe Coal! 500 TJ>s. or Carload. We deliver. Phone 37SO, Wheeler Coal Co. % Coppodge Gin. l-8-pk-2-8 Ktetl (II barrel r»c*». TUytkeillle Ma- caliie Skop. Oalt 2838. llllS ck tf >i/ive fearer for yoir fcomo. H. 0. U«cuph«]i. 1'boD* «t8 — 28SO. Office 120 BouU Becomd. 10]2-ck'lf ft [•io* 1 fi dining room sat. 5 or 0 riorn Oil heal or; railio. Singer sfwinu 1119- cliirnf. Kitchen I fitly uml chaini— Oilier lioiiscliolil items. 701 \V, Wai- mil in-ck-217 (JimU irseil army comlmt ehoea. Shoes ami oxfor.lru HaUorJ's SIiou Sbo». 100 R, Beconil. l|8-pk-2[8 COAT, at Rlylheviile Gin Co. Fjiminll tractor; A model Jolin Dcprn; H KnntLnLI; II t'annall; 1! .folni II, '.T,-, AIL l:ile junili'l triirlnr.?. Kt>»i\ ns neiv, Ciillivnlor uilh tncli Iraclor. Kce Jtilm I'.nil Turner, "i milos wo si of Sloolo nt SiiHfor.l's Hlore. 1123-pk-ltO room hunse Chick. donLlB garage. 605 - l|7-ck-2|7 ^ ton Army KnilKC Itlck uj> truck. S7.10 Coritnrt lltvllicvlllo Curli Mar- l'ol. ' - 1122-ck-tf room residence, nice lol with chicken house, oilier outbuildings. Owner moving to Missouri. Price §2.- OnO. Terms. See H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. 2ml. _ 1-24-ck-U t oil lirnr.-: Complct,! linp of ' ' . . ii Levels 1'ollliry. 41!) K. ilain, 019. l|2:V|ik-:iO For Safe On* Moihe tractor, Universal Z. cultivator ami lanJ«iU disc. A-i condition. 1 U John Ueere traitor, 1—3 bottom 11" breaking plow. See Leo . Do ti- nt'r, Souib Manila. Ark, Jit. 1, Ii24-|ik-31 Baby Chicks! Quadruple A. ¥14.95 per 100. Jim Broivh'i Store. l| r >-room residence located on S. 20th Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-27-tt rUno. SJS-,.(HJ; Klrrlrir Wlulitne Jill- rhino. $r>o.l)0; ly:t7 l-',.ra S.'Jan • A-(' '1'rjU'ior, new rul.lier, J'lcm-* l\i]iivil- lory and Mowinjr Murliinr ti.MO. Ml .M:lllil:l, Arknnsas, Kenite 1. ' ' .irinnll [rnctnr cultivator, ilisr, humor. '1 Innilem aiKt-s, .Vow Imsicr-i for Vnr- innII nt A.II. .lotin IVi'm ir.,etor« W. U Pndi. Hi.- 3, Rlci-le, M.I. IjL'T-nkltt mull's nml r.-nilv iv. M. \V. Mcflli.-i. :i'i; 7 rm. liouso. Ijatli. 75 (t. front. HO hurl;. liimni! is all fnni. lint will lake mil reiriR. nml Im1«no pus *>Meni ir y<iu li.iv,. your OM II, A|||t fun front rE'licrt: s'! 0 i,,&,,'"""""""'• Ij room ]ioii*o, nois- entyly. on strict hm lino. SI.SOO ilmvn. Term* on Imlnnn-. Osr.-ir A(o\;in<lor ll>7'W. Muitt 1't i> Sllfl. Hi's.'IH70. , rk-l|27 "tn Ij:i0 I'imipor Prnloxnl Inhte ' innli, c ra.l,. \. li-l'ly. m:i,1o lo fi| your lahli'i nml iwscrvv finlsli. Or.lfr Divin from .IIMIIIMI- Kilwnnls. no I K Mniu SI., liluuii- ->\KT. ck-l|'J7 |i ''r>7 \Mii_K- rnriml sweepers — liioitoil sii| [|,y nt Jimrnio Ktlwnnts, :!OI Kn .Mam. |ih,,ni! 21S7. rk-l|27 lo 1|:I 3 i-ooni oil luv.lcra, the famous Surc-U Kihvnnls. 301 Knit Main. I'liuno '"'l'*7. ck 1^7 lo ll:iO loiiiioii aulomntlc tonstprs. <;iiiii|,U.t& rini-'i'r, Rituals your rc.vh- toasl tl.ilv SIL'.7r. »t .limmio .Kilwnr'cln. :IOI Hint -M.iiii. jilioni' 2I«7. ck.l!27 to l j:in Alfiilf.l tiny. 2 miles wrat on Itivv IS Ini[inri! at Mnorp. Hros. ptori- l.nslir ^Jjoori". I|27-iik.'2j27 ^•n uio. „!,! ]iir,l"" I n,^i^r~" f Pltrrs7 I.Mc-llcn nintlipr for raMnf>. (',irl llnli- Pitu, Oscoola, Ark., pli. f,01. ' ton nuloiiinlir ^0" linr- " IDEM, COMiMER'CIAL SITE Corner lot, 300 ft. frontage on N. Ihvy. 61, located across highway tasl ol Camp Moultric. Has depth of '100 ft. Owner, F. E. lllack. 2957. lJ2()-i)k-2-5 Foril 1,1 pno.l mnilitton. "'!• '""«,' l .'° k< v - a " ''•""'". ''"Hi "itli ri',s, ^i.lul Inallior rnrrvinL- n^n lli-i-n firc.l ]] li,,,o, A11..||" 'ir,.,.tuvTv' _Tylor. Mo. ll'Ii'iik-"'! 1 1 1A NO S ~ ~~ Responsible party may assume balance on nice piano. We will transfer to your home. Write Little Rock' T'iario Company', 21(5 Main Street, Little Rock, Ark. _l-28-pk-2-4 » tooil list,] washin,. nfhthior 211 Sim _.~"" "• l||f nil,I y,i^^" U'iTl, Iho HPVV 1'ina K.uiin. ll.-iil'.^ E'nint anil \Valt|i:ipi'r Sloro. 1129 ck.n|l ^l;iti. Onro<! linfr. Rnlijort (r. rfj:i=tratroii. .^Willi or \villiont fiirnilun-. moilorn ^ romfonal,]^ liomrr \vitli pc-rffft hrnt- in^ [mil I'otitnis.' sy^tfm. Two l,fl- rile. ioni)4>rii kiiclirn. li:irk and ' ffunt root).. '» room "torvmil luinsi'i willi water nucl i-lri-lrlrKy. On Main Klrrct <-ouv,.|ii,-nt lo \Vrito 1V.M i.l hay. 1'Kono l|2f,.pk-2!2r, larfio. Moore's Circulator. 2'£ coal. 220 \\Vst I)avis_ n. Call 290S. l]2a-pk-2!2S 1—104.1 model H Farmall tractor. 1—1043 model T? John Deere, I—1!MG model II John Deere. We can furnish cultivators, middle busters, planters, disc, and breakers with these, tractors. They are priced to jf sell. Call or come, in, if we * don't have what, you want we'll get it for you. Urown Motor Co., Manila. Ark. Phone 31. j-23-ck'3Q Grocery store, market and fi-room residence. Close to Main Street. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ck-tf Oil Ranges, 4-burncr. Table top model SG9.50. Other models low as §15.00. Filec. Ranges, 4 nnils, incl. Thrift Cooker, light, clock—§225. Chas. liriirhi. Phone 2nfiG. l-27-pk-2-l BEING ON TIME is IMPORTANT Sometimes . . . being late just a minute or two proves a costly expense Or loss. Don't take chances on a faulty car every morning, make sure you'll get where you're going by having your car checked periodically by our service department. We handle only the best equipment, Esso Gasoline and oil and genuine Ford parts t PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Hlytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453-3721 Lost Ni'i- <j rm. hoi 15 p in colorr.l a.Iiln on !>. I.alii', rrnH'(] as •> F<jr .iiiirk •nlo jjrire f>-l(\0. W.' i| Hums .x- iusive n»i..-iir, x. 2nd.. |ili. :nf,l 'Personal nTiOnl Anyono having informn Walter linncli. onn lcfei-,1. Marpirrt KlanVar,! li,,» Ia2. 1-lv- moillli N. <;. Hfvvanl for inforniMiu'ii Iradinf; to sc-tllfinoilt of estate. For Rent lli-flrooln. :i I l Xo. Modern. steam linalril >»rilroom. airs. Simmons KIS W. \V»lnn!. l|27-iil.:tn iti'ilrLi-ni, ulose in. 1'honc II.'itH l|!S-pk.^l (,'omforta>»lc hed room, niljoininfr hutli. 1'lionc 2510. 1017 Walnut. 1118-ck-tf Wanted To Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your ear or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. _ 6-5-cIc-tJ Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy 61, phone 3785. 12-26-pk-2-26 Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2059. l-17-ck-2-17 Wanted to Trade Red Cocker Spaniel dog. Answers to name of Taffy. Reward. Mrs. Meyer Grabcr Phone 2715. 27-ek-'i}U Wanted to Rent PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Bwt Priced Kirby Drug Stores The olive-backed Iliiush repent Its call several thousand limes clfil' Rent a Floor Sander At Wards N'Ui 1 money by rollnlslilnj; your »wi) (Inins. Ailils >p;\rs of life nil A Rive's tlinn now lieiutly. ll's i>.isy I" (In. dm! 29-rk Montgomery Ward Co. riumc Ml (III Movn clrnnliiK •«<! ropslr. All worV pinnitileeil. \Vu Bind tiny ulil oil bloVQB. Itnt.ti.T hoota, oTcrehoei. Kinl icaloalefl. t nn l>n rt-pntri'il witU Bolus jiliil liwl«. l'l'er» riii>a!ril. llallonl'i Khoo »lio]>. Kiti N Znil. l|8.iik-2IB tractor repair* ud Mrriee. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Helta Implement Co. Phon* 8C4. 8-16-ck-tf «o rofilr »l| lypfi wl.klni KuklnM teiorJIcii of klnj ol condition. Al«o , iitrkuti >nd dellTer. cklno BhCp. 8|7-lk-tl ,,\\, i Mnckl LOOK WE HAVE CARS All Makes & Models 40 CltEV. 4Z DEROTO 41 C1IEV. 3S CIIEV. .17 HllICK OTIIKRS TO SELECT FROM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATJON Plume 928 119 E. Main "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious 75* BONN/f BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2000 W. Main St. Phone 3fi<17 RADIO El-RCTRIC RICFRTGRR- ATOR WASHING MACHINE VACUUM CLEANERS ANT) RANGES IlKPAIR AND SERVICE ON ANY WARD Al'I'IJ- '• A'NCE EXPERT WORKMANSHIP niON'l'GOjMHRV. WARD & CO. •102 Main St. Phone 501 29-ek-l PAOB SEAT COVERS •I —SIZES and PATTERNS FOR ALL CARS— "QUICK INSTALLATION" LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W, Walnut Phone 578 'nr tnnil k.nlnk' ]ilclnrcs, 'Rrnil your film™ on,l iii'tnlivi'S In Tl... M.,,1,.1 Klmllo, Ti-lll Wnlimlii Avo.. St. l.ont» 1'J. Mn. Wei Kimrninr/. prnnlpl BIT' vim. ' IIT'|ik-:t7 MONRY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repnlr Or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red • tape. FHA approved rate , 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch Ifldg., HlytheTill*. 9-23-ck-M Weather stri|minfr. Save fuel by having doors and windows wcnthcrslrippcd. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th. Phone 22!).'I. Iii-,'il-]>k-,'i-l Kx-OI in', i,-. 11. (in I'.-.W. Valuable lo Crops Ten cnrlliwonns In n cubic foot or cartli niny llic crop out- pill of that soil by ns ranch ns 300 cent. By tunneling Into Uic roiincl with (llBCstcd vcRclnfole mltcr, the \vonns enrich mid «cr- te inijirofiiictlvG toil soils. i-rnnni innn^rn linnsp in T.iltlo Rork. well lornto.l. Will Imdc for lining in niytlievill^. Kr^.l T)ivis. Thonv 1RI. 27-ili'^O (i-room residence near business district. S3500. Owner occupied. Quick imsscs- sinn. II. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 3-27-r.k-tr £i •— Ti-room house close in. Price reduced to S3250. H. C. Camphell, Realtor( 120 ,S. Second. 1-27-Cli-tl Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL ANYTIME Day or Night 2089 'The Old Reliable" ANYTIME Day or Night G. O. POETZ Totr Sonrcc of Dependable Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Offlca RR it Cherry OUR HANDS ARE TIED WITHOUT Save Money ToOny, STOP AND SWAP ELBERT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP \ 401 E. Main Y6n Musi Be RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model 1 1 to 2 Days Service We Call For and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales and Scrvlc* IOC South First J. LOUIS CHERRY ReprrMntlrjff York Life Insurance Co. nijthevlllt, Ark. Mountain Valley Water Is Rccomm.cnded fot Arthritis, Kidney and »lnd<W Conditions inls nitlnntl mlilcrnl water from 1. Stimulate Klrlnoj rnnc- 3. ttou 2. tiootli« BUildet Irrlu- tloii Call or Wrilc for Hooflp,^",^ CROSSTOWN WHISKEtllfep Mnln nnil Division BlyllicvMlc, Ark. It'll Pay You to always follow, the crowds to * The Home of Famous Brands PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. YOUR HELP Every year there are thousands of accidents that could be prevented through foresight and corrective measures on the part of the car owner. I,lit orally thousands of cars that arc now being driven are in need 6f inspection and maintenance by qualified mechanics. Act quickly now to prevent injury to some unsuspecting person, help make Blythcvillc's streets saio for all. Bring your car to l.angaton-Wroteil for export work clone reasonably! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BUICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 Read Courier News Want Ads. RECTAL DISEASES (AH Types SPECIALTY EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" KOYAI,, SMITH, COUONA and KKMINOTON POUTAISLK 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Tmnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) 126 West Main St. BY EDGAR MARTIN It Looks iind From Here BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES S'OU'U. PRV ObUOlA FOR TH14.'. No,TRIPLE-! JiifeT VD evjt vou f\ cpiRD 1 DON'T FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEND3 BY MERRUt, BLOSSfifl Catch On. Pop? THEN wwo WOULD Be CHUMP,, }GEE, POP.i HARDLY ENOUGH TO PAY K5OO TOR If? ) HOW to ANSWER. THAT Wt OUT SEEMING DlSK£SP£C BUT isw'r THVT THE GET A L L THAT MOM EV? /CAB. I REBUILT CAR YOU OFFERED TO SELL us FOR $ 4so?

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