The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB <AULT, COUEIBK Former Hospital Head is Witness Dr. A. C. Kolb Denies Accusations Hurled by Two Bourd Members 'HY JOHN IIASI.AM (United Press Slafi Cmiespondi'iiil UTTL'E HCCK, A\k., Jan. 29.— The pint .House and Sfiiule Inves-' tisatiiiB Cam mil tee was (aced lo-1 day with conflicting testimony in its thus-far unsuccessltil effort to I *J|Cover "dissension" over manage- ';>Trit of tlie -Slate Har.pital for Nervous Diseases. At the third open hearing last niulit, Dr. A. C. Koli), resigned superintendent, clL-nied onc-by-one Ihe chi rges leveled against his ad- ministiation at tiie two previous meetings. He told the committee in a packed hcuring-raom that he had no official transcript, of the earlier hearings, but referred to a stack of newspaper clippings, lelteis and minutes of the -jnard meetings. Dr. Kolb denied emphatically that he had j»en insubordinate as churgctl by the Rev. Harold Sadler ol Rison. "Never at any time in my life huvr I been insubordinate, cither <ie!.3:~;iu>!y or accidentally," the doctor sahl. "J da not know the meaning of the word." Another charge was that he was not "patient-centered," as superintendent of tlie hospital. In refutation D.-. Kolb read a letter he had written former Board Chairman Henry Donham of Little Rock pointing out the need for improved kkchcm and serving facilities, icfrigeration and canning .eqnip- meiH and larger dairy barns and Irrigation facilities f'jr the hospital vcgetcale gardens. Kolb Denies Accusations •'All of thfse tilings were needed lo improve Ihu fare of the patient, " lie said. Another accusation against tlie gjwmer .sujieiinlendent was that lie ^|,enl S7.03D to builci hot; houses while patients died for lacu ol proper care in the hospital. He. testified that the now hog pens were built only after unanimous consent of the ooard ujxm a mo- lion by Benton publisher L. B. White which was seconded by 'Sad- i !cr. It was Sadler who made the, charge against Koto Answering the statement that he had made a motion picture of ho.ip:tnl conditions, lie said that then-governor Homer M. Adkin.i .suggested the picture, that Tom Mull took the pii-turc, assisted by Glum A. Green. "My only part was pointing out places ami items of interest," Kolb said. In earlier testimony, the doctor denied that he presided at board meetings, Ihnl he had been asked to resign, ami thnl neither he nor the toarcl Iiacl any responsibility in kce'piiig the' Bemon unit •-'-••• Frozen Fishes Senate Labor Group Okays Butlers Bill UTTL'E HCCK. Ark., Jan. 'iO. IUP)—The Senate Labor Committee todny rirporled its 0 lo U approval ol an imtblintr net Hint It, make operative the state's anti-closed shop amendment. The vote was lakcn al 'an npijn hen: nft last nlBht In which Iho proposed act was described as a measure to "outlaw collet'lU'c bargaining," nnd that would pul Ihe walking people of Arkansas in "peonage." The measure was inti'oiUiccd liist week Xv Sim. E. J. Wittier of Forrest City. -It would set up punishment for forcing a person to Join a inbir union as a requirement for employment and for iin employer to refuse woik to a person because of his union affiliation. A similar measure was teat down In the 1845 legislature. Speaking against the bill. Love Grunt, representing Arkansas mln- er.s. said that neither the proposed enabling act nor the anti-closed shop amendment would stand up under the u. S. Constitution, and Hint it was designed lo "outlaw i-oUucllvo bargaining." Also opposed to Ihe bill was J. it Wilson,-speaking-for the Hrother- liood ol Uaili'oud Trainmen. (AltI) Or THANKS We wish to thuuk om many friends for kindnesses shown In the loss ol our husband, and father. We are espivtully gnitorul to the Hcv. and Mrs. E. C. Brown, members of Ihe W.M.U., Walls Hospital stuff, iincl neighbors n iul friends who were so ihouKlitlnl. The beautiful floral offerings nnd words of cow- rt niiii sympathy nru deeply np- •eelaleil, Mrs. !•;. M. En Ion Mr. imd Mrs. c. 13. Eaton and family . Mr. ,,riii Mrs . „_ c ninnkenshlp "'id fiimlly Mr. nncl Mrs. John Tyrone nnd Klltni Geta Laundered OKLAHOMA O1TY (.UI>)—Workers nt a laundry advertising "we elcnn anything" were surprised to find a kitten In onn bundle of clothes. But |hc laundry lived up la Its slomni mul returned n clean .kitten -wllli n bright red bow around her clothes. neck homo with the Not Mrang Yt» TOI.SA, Okla. (Ul>)—A Noe who iiicanl "yea" nPlilled (or n mar- I'lituc license here. Harold Lee Noe, of Broken Arrow, took out a cense to marry Mary -Franc i Olentlne, also oi Broken Arrow. B«U«r Approximately 72 per cent' United Elates butter,, w»s on furnis in 189«; today, It to only ubout 17 per cent. While residents of other sections'Of the country were mourning tlic damage clone to livestock and coal bins by the recent frigid wave. Texas Gulf Coast fishermen were.-just beginning to count the CCMI to them. This scene is a sample of what, happened along GO mllw 01 coastline in lhe : Laguna Madr,\ a narrow shallow body of wale.- between Padre Island and the mainland south of Corpus Chrisli, Texas. Hying Game Warden Bob Tanner, checking over n small ,slrar> ol buarli, said this scene was practically uniform for nearly 100 miles. The llsh died of cold when the Gulf and Lnguna waters dropped to near frec/.- ,inf;. Estimated 10 million pounds of fisti died and washed'ashore. <NEA Tclephoto.) Too Late To Classify For Sale ; lilootl IcslM luihy chicks. Poultry feeds of all kinds. Davir. Poultry, .119 E. Main, I'll. 949. l-2M-ph-2-5 pied for lour struelion. years after cnicc^n- its con Steady .lub is Correct ROCHESTER, N. Y. IUP) — George Lanterbach hns retired at 74 after el years on the job at Eiuisch & Lomb Optical Co. Asked TOVV he happened to choose opli- cal work as n trncte he replied: "I had my mother and six younger brothers and sisters to support so I wanted to work where I'd be sure of a steady job." 11. ills,,. MM- 2II1K *I50. finality Shii|i Wonted to Rent es land. si \Vrilp Ih ihs!,l<- c .\A Once Important I Tombstone, Ariz.. a boomlrig I mining town at that time, was as | important a western city as San Francisco during Ihe last century. For Hire Wanted to Buy •>J. Wril.. I'. (I. llox Shrjhe Leader Warns Against Communism 1 MEMPHIS, Tenn., .Ian. 29. (UP --Communism is making n stalking stealthy, but .stend'y advance ! the United states, shrine .Imperln Potentate Gegrge •!! .RoVc wanic today. Howe, justice of Ihe New Yor State Supreme Court and a res! dent of Buffalo, N. Y., spate t Shrine members here. He cited previous warnings t the American Legion and the Oath ollc Church and said that Shrlnei and Masons now must Join boinj! "alert" lo the dangers Communism. For Rent Hugged Bridge An ancient covered woode bridge on Iho Pepper turnplk Scott county, Ky., has wlthstoo flood waters Hint destroyed spans above and below It. Some dnrk restaurants Illiiminated menus. now us OKDUt n Hit' Glipncvry Court, Olilcfcu- (inwliii Dlslrlrt, Mississippi Ciiunly, ui:di'iiiuis JONKS, Plaintiff, vs. No. 095!) \NNII; MAI: IIAHIUS JONES, i>t>- fi'intant. The delemlnnl Aimlo Mac Harris }ia's i;, hereby warned to appeal thirty 'clays In the court in the enpllon hereof am thf complaint of the 1 plaln- Iff Tlieophlhi.s Jones. Dated this 21sl clay of January. A. U. io«. Harvey M'jnls, Clerk. Uy Molly smith, u. C. II .O. 1'arllow, Alty. for Pltf. Get Welcome Relief FromStomachGas, Sour Food Taste Do ymi reti bloated «nd miserable ««« «vcry mcnl? ir ao, liorc li how you may rid yonraolr of Uilt iiervou* dutitus. •Tboumiuli havs found It tlw w»y to tin Well, cliturful >pct Imppy nKUln. Evwytlme fcxxl enters the ntuinnch a jllnl i;n»trlo Juice must now normally to brunk-up certain food puitlclM: cite th« Ttxjtl mny lennciit. Sour fond, acid Indigestion nnd B«--i frei|U«ntly CRU»O a morbid, touchy, fretful, pecvlnh, ncrvoiia condition. loe> of apjictlle, underwelilil restluss sleep. wcuki\cs». ,. To -I!" "»l rellcl yoii'miist Incrtiu* the flow of this vltnl nuilrlo Juice. Medical autliorltlea, In taiileiienaciit laboratory tcita on tinman stomnchj. have by positive proof uhown that SSS Tonic Is .arowslncly effective In Incrxulnii tlm flow when It Is too little or scanty duo to a mi:i-oTci>nlc otoninch dlnturunnce. ThU is due to the 8SS Tonic formula which contain* special and potent activating Ingredients. Also, SSS Tonic helps buUd-up non- orgtmli:. ivcnk, watery Wood In nutritional anointa—BO with a of this smtrlc dlKestlvo julcu, plus rlchred- lilood yoUKltoulcl eat betlor,sleep better feel natter, work better, play bolter. Avoid punishing yourself with over- aoseB of sodn s.ncl other alkalize™ to counteract yas and bloating when what you so dearly need Is SSS Tunlo to help you digest food Jor body strength and repntr. Don't waltl Join th( ho«t of '""'.TO' people 888 Tonic h»s htlptd. Millions ol liottles sold. Get a bottle of SSS Ionic from yonr drug storo today. SBS Tonic holm Build Sturdy Health. BOBBY MEEKER DANCE TICKETS On Sale At Public Auction CHARLEY LUTES will offer for j-.nlc on the Home Oin Yard located four miles South of Blylhevillr on Hlghwawy 111, the folhuvine described property, FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 1947 THIS SALE WILL START AT 11:00 A.M. 6 Good Milch Cows 1 Gueriise.y Bull 11) Marcs, some with colt :lt side 2 lilack Mules, coming :s yrs. ohi 1 Iron Grey Mule, coming 3 yrs. old 3 nay Mules, coming 2 and S yrs. old ?. Black Mules, 4 yrs. olil. 2 .larks, black with whiie tip 1 Sorrel Stud Horse 1 Saddle Horse 10 Spotted Poland China Gilts, Breed 10 Spotted Poland C'lniu I Chevrolet l/ 2 -lon ruck Shoais 1 IHC Pickup naler Hows 2 Spirited Poland China 1 Large Storage Bin 1 AC Combine 1 John Deere 3-Bnttom 14" Plow 1 Avery Z-Bottom 12" Break Plow 1 John Deere Side Delivery on Rubber 1 IHC Side Deliver -15 Walking Cultivators 10 Middle Busters 10 Two-Horse Breaking Plows B Onc-Horsc irreaking Plows 3 One-Row Riding l'[au(ors 1 IHC 2-Row Mulc-Dr.uvn Slalk Cutter 3 Galvanized Steel Watei Troughs 1 Parts Cabinet Bin 2 Two-wheel Trailers on Kublifr SO Garbage Cans, 32. ial. 1 AC 3-bottom 12" Breaking Plow 1 ,!ohn Dcerc Two-R-iw Planter 2 Tractor Tanrtcm, Discs I.nls of Collars and Wu-'k JIarness. Rustic Inn Camp Moultrie Phil Applebaum's Russell Marr's Barney's Drug City Drug < Owens Drug Woods Drug Rothrock's Drug Kirby Bros. Drug MANY OTIIKR ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION IN THIS SPACE! Any farmer who has any farm tools or livestock for sale can sell them on this clay. All such Hems should be listed the day before Ihe sale. CHARLEY LUTES and IRA KOONCE, Owners LEO SWIFT, Auctioneer BUY ADVANCE TICKETS AND SAVE MONEY All Table Reservations Available at KIRBY BROS. Main and Broadway City Passenger & Truck License Wll Be Past Due After JANUARY 31st Pay at the Office of the City Clerk Before Then and Avoid Payment of Penalty Frank Whitworth City Clerk Wij«lj» 66 Motor Oil KOVID.IY 6ft BIUION INSPIRATION BRiSSMAKING Just to soe tholr <;xc!llng how colors, lo fool Oioir v/ondorful lexluros, to drape Ihoir gonorous 54 inch widlhs ocross your orm Is to crools a whole now wardrobe In your mind's eye! Those aro the Inspirational woolens ior v/hich Wards are fdmousl Theso ore the economical woolens that moke new stills, coals ond dresses within Ihe reach of-the most budget- minded! They're herel Nov/l At Wards! Come see and sow Iliom cs your Inspiration demands.

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