Daily News from New York, New York on May 16, 1988 · 32
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Daily News from New York, New York · 32

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1988
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RIOT Inlfnoltonoi Award-Winning Muskol Cats NOW AND FOREVER CALL TELE-CHARGE (212) 239-6200 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Weed GROUPS: (212) 239-6262 Also at Ticketron WINTER GARDEN THEA. 50th & B'woy c, TOtilGBTttSPM SHARP! He's America's most powerful weapon. '4 i 4 V AW aW AVAV ' t 'l'ate rucTlTTVR.of CineTelFilms s UA. 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CMEMA CERTRAL PLAZA 8UA TONKERS 763-3232 TW MOVIES AT JEffERSON VALLEY TOWKTOWN NTS. 2-0226 CfVATIVS EWTEWTAINAUNT NEW BROADWAY PARK Hrll T IMPLEX TOWAEJW 42S461S PUYr0OSEP0R PROCTORS TWM NCW ROCHC1.LC 432-1 '0 WESTCHESTER NULL QUAD KEK6KIU.424462 A CINEMA 304 TWM NOW CTTT 434-0260 UA MOVIES AT SPRrwS VALLEY SARINCj VAUT 426-000 TRANS-LUX CUKMA 0AN6UNT 740-2923 TRANS-tlfX CINEMA 6TAM0OAO 324-3100 I ALSO PLAYING AT THEATRES IN NEW JERSEY THE MOST STYLISH THRILLER IN A LONG TIME!" -leffrey Lyons. "SNEAK PREVIEWS" Released by New CnmiryVisu Film Co. CII66HrarluulCTO0M I CMffiPLEXODCOW COMMIT (33AVE.ATS6TW6T.SS6-166S 1?0C 2 30.5:1X1 1:3. It 00 CJNtriEK OOf Off I34TH STREET EAST 34THST MAR2NOAVE I 112:00. ! 30 b 00 1:30. WW cmcwtEXODCOw 60LYMPIA CINEMAS 005-6120 I2O0 215 S 71J 65 NATIOAUU. AMUSEHCfT6 WHITEST ONE wMM-TIPLEX OOLDCN ALPrSlf SEVENP1K r-444l4flJU CtNCTOOCOH ZS3-I1IO UA ,WfSAT SntEPSMEAO RAT LYHMWOK QUAD t-t6 MAHHAtrcrrTMPllX AI0Ha666TT 027-7667 tSHZ1tZrn mMTSI0f QUAD 220-77.. OMOVtESAT SPRHMVrUUT SPWiia VALL4T 426-1006 C0IITmENTU3 OWST HH.LS 794M UAtl t iKrSSTHiJkTIIE tftNrVWWMLD tELkfnEX VALivCY 9TMAM m-fTOO W svossrr m Mto PlAT'0Ai. AlUS-StMT lwxATimXCrttIU MOFOW 29900 NATIONAL AMUSEtMf NTS commacii Mvirirux m movies at Coram ALSO PLAYING AT THEATRES IN CONN., WESTCHESTER, ft NEW JERSEY. THE MOVIES AT PATCH08UE 13 343-3,04 TOW AT ft WEtK AT M 1S AN EVENING OF JOY!" - in Smith, Oaitg Vrora 42, ND STREET Tue-Sat at 8L .5; Matt Weil Sar T:li .Sim ) TELETRON 212-246-0102 24 Hrs7 Doy GROUPS 2121 398-8383 6) Also of Ticketron ST. JAMES THEATRE, 246 W. 44 St. Normnoted for 5 Tony Awards Including BEST MUSICAL LINCOLN CENTER THEATER iAmf S ARAFINA! 7 jie tfUimtimm B40. H wit and Lgritt As- M8ONGENI NGEMA Additional Snnqn by HUGH MASEKELA Tues- Sot. 8, Wed. & Sat. Mars. 2, Sun. 3 tCORT THEATRE, 138 West 48th Strwo TELE-CHARGE 212 239-6200 T GROUT SALES-TO 889 4J08-1 ' HISS'S - . ... A er Miaical Won. -So. & Wed. i Sa! 1 TELE-CHARGE (212) 239-6200624 Htvi7 Days Grouos 1212) 239-6262 Also at TkAolTon TSTOtTiiooi'Bci for 3 Tony Awuiiif, Including BEST PLAY LINCOLN CENTER THEATER t7V6Cflto JOE RON MANTEGNA SILVER MADONNA QJ in OPEED - THE - PLOW o DAVTD MAMET DiFTded bt, GREGORY MOSHER Tuas.-Fri. 8, Wed & Sat. Mots 2. Sun. 3 at the ROY ALE THEATRE 242 West 45th Street TeW-chorge 2 1 7 239-6277 Groups 212 239-6262 TOMORROW at 8. WED. at t (OTARLIGHT EXPRESS . . 7 At: hmadvau Mwiicat Spectacular! Tefetrort (712) 246-0102 24 V7 day GROUP SALES: (2 1 2) 39B-8383 Gershwin Theo. SI St. W. of B way 586-6510 ' 1 EXTRA r 1 n OVE LOST COSTS, JUST ASK 1 1 rock star Eric Clapton. Wife Patti Lw-aBoyil, once wed to Beatle George Harrison, has been granted a divorce in London, and we're told Patti's settlement is half of Eric's estimated $45 million fortune. A tidy sum. Wed in 1979, the marriage is said to have fizzled when Patti. did not have children. Clapton had a son with Italian model Lory de Santo in 1986; another woman, Alina Morini, recently claimed she was carrying his child. This was, however, a hoax. Alina faked it by stuffing a pillow under her dress. It shifted. According to Clapton's friends, he may marry de Santo. Art patrons Bobo and Arthur Patterson filled their Fifth Ave. pad the other night with an assort ment of talented folk. The occasion was a dinner for artist Carl Apselschnitt, whose work is in a just-opened exhibition at the Katzen-Brown Gallery on Broome St The artist,, who normally confines himself to his studio in a ghost town just outside Santa Fe, N.M., enjoyed the Patterson's fussings. Guests included Judy Auchin-closs, Mary McFadden, Kate Simon, Alan Rish, Gil Shiva, Jeffrey Hogrefe and Joshua Mailman. Meanwhile, the junior committee fete for the Irvington Institute for Medical Research provided a few interesting turns, especially the raffle. Laura Tisch Steinberg bought one ticket and won a mega-silk dress by Hanae Mori. Heiress to the Leslie Fay garment fortune, Andrea Pomerantz, won some lingerie from Naton. Just the perfect thing because Andrea's getting hitched next month to Mitchell Lynn. Taking, perhaps, the lead from the Steinberg-Tisch tying of the knot that attracted so much attention last month, Andrea and Mitchell will marry at her family's estate in West chester where the high hedges will probably keep out the nosy. And, Christina Haag, main date of John F. Kennedy Jr., won a $25 gift certificate to shop at a lingerie bin called La Grande Passion. That $25 won't buy a lot of lingerie these days, but in this department less is probably more. VILIwIaAIWI NORWICH Gotham glamor girl Laura Montal-ban, daughter of suave actor Ricardo Monlalban, was guest of honor recently at "21" at a dinner given by Tony Manning. Laura, who works for Bill Blass, was surrounded by an impressive array including Greer Garson, Alan King and Debra Raffln. "How far can you go? What are the unwritten rules, the questions you never ask, the sacred cows you mustn't milk?" These are some of the questions raised in the current issue of London's glossy monthly Tatler. The article, called "The Rites ol Wrong," is written by Michael Ver-Meulen, an American now living in England. - Here are a few of the things Ver-Meulen suggests one never attempt: Never ask "Arthur Miller what Marilyn Monroe was like in bed ... Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 'How's your driving?' ... Teddy Kennedy why still waters run deep . . . Kurt Waldheim what he did in the war . . . Nancy Reagan about the first Mrs. Reagan . . . anyone if they want 'another' drink (always 'a' drink, even if they've had 71 already.)" The rest of VerMeulen's list is for British consumption, but the article got us thinking about sacred cows and the questions that, if asked here in New York, would be considered acts of social sacrilege. Anyone out there care to suggest a few? Today's power invites include Bruce Springsteen's opening night concert at Madison Square Garden But first, why don't you trip into black-tie party land at the fourth annual Rita Hayworth Gala at the Waldorf-Astoria to benefit Alzheimer's disease. The do must be news because among those scheduled to attend are such media bigwigs as Liz Smith, Anne and Chuck Scarborough, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters and Connie Chung and Maury Povich. Other guests expected include Kathleen Turner, Yoko Ono, Susan St. James, Lynda Carter, Catherine Den-euve, Patricia Kennedy Lawford and Willem de Kooning. MIGUEL PEREZ All Over, Accent's on Art r-a HE SPLENDOR AND DIVER- 1 1 sity of Spanish and Latin Amer-U ican art, and that of American artists with Spanish or Latino roots, can been seen in several major exhibits throughout New York this month. Take your pick. "Visual Art From Spain," a show of works by several major Spanish artists, including Joan Miro, is at Casa de Espana (314 E. 39th St.). Sponsored by the government of Spain, it's part of the monthlong "Festival Casa de Espana." (212) 689-4232. "Rafael Montanez-Ortiz: Years of the Warrior, Years of the Psyche 1960-1988," a comprehensive exhibit of the work of this New York Puerto Rican artist, is at El Museo del Barrio (1230 Fifth Ave., at 104th St.), through Sunday. Through thei .UtI years, the art of Ralph Ortiz, a former director of El Museo, has taken many forms from the 1960s' Destruction Art movement, to multimedia works and film construc tions, to the exploration of video and computer art Admission is free; however, contributions are accepted. (212) 831-7272. "New Voices From Mexico," an exhibit of paintings and works on paper by Mexican artists, is at the Scott Alan Gallery (270 Lafayette St, Suite 204.) through July 14. "Latina," a photo exhibit featuring the work of Sandra Eleta, Gra-ciela Iturbide, and Marucha and Freda Medin, is at City Gallery, Department of Cultural Affairs (2 Columbus Circle)., through June 3. ' Open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mon-'i day to Friday. rtT jia.'i-. u --,;... - .

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